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Full text of "Stockdale's new companion to the London calendar; or, Court and city register .."

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England, Scotland, ireuma, and America, 

Including a Complete and Corred: LIS]T of th^ 
prefent Parliament ; more extenfive and ufeful 
than any other Book of the Kind yet publiflied. 



I, Correft Lifts of both Houfes 
of Parliament ; the State. 
Law, Revenue, and Public 
Offices, at the Court, in the 
City of London, and diffe- 
rent Parts of the Kingdom ; 
the Army and Navy ; Ba- 
ronets, Univerfities, Semi- 
, naries, Medical Societies, 
Hofpitals, &c. &c. 


IL All the Peers, Baronels, 
State, Law, Revenue, and 

Public Offices, Univerfities 
Phyficians. &.c. 


in. Both Houfes of Parlia- 
ment, a complete Lift of the 
Baronets, all the Law, State, 
Revenue. and pu^blicOffices, 
JBankers, Deans, &c. &c. 

IV. The Military and Civil 
Eftablifliments ; Governors, 
Law and Revenue Officers, 
&c. &c. 

Carlfully corrected at the Refpeiflive Offices. 

L O N D O N : , 

Printed for J. S T O C K D A L E (from Mr. A l m o n ^^;, 

T. Carnax, St. Paul's Church-Yard ; J. Fielding, 
Pater-nofter Row; J. Sewell, Cornhill ; A. Don- 
aldson, Str^aul's Church-Yard ; R. Faulder, New 
Bond-Street ; D. Steel, Tower Hill; J. W.-vli, is, 
Ludgate-Street ; and J. Murray, Fleet-Street. 

*^* Alterations or Cor rections for improving 
/^fj Kalendar, travfmitted to any one of the above Boi^kfft 
Icrs. zOill be gratefully rccchcd and carefully ivferied,^ 

America, United Slates of 

Ainic-\ble Socieiy — 
Amelia, Prfs. her Eftah- 
Antiquary Society — 


Army, Lift of — 
Artillery Company ^-— 

Alviurn ■ 

Auditors of Land Tax 
Au'mcntation Office 

i^jC^uiiki, King's, & Serj^ 
80 Cumber!. -D.'ohhisEftab. 
- - '^uftonis — — 
Patent places 


Dilpenfiiry for Poor 
Inf. Poor 





ANK of England * 22c- 
Bankers. London 221 
Er.nkruptcy, CommiiT. of 98 
Bartholomew's Hofp'ital 238 


Beth! em — ■ 
Bifhops - 

Board of Works 
Brititli Mufeum 











Drawing Room in Tower 159 
- • •-■" , -,. ^. .-, ^^^ 






Britiih Lying-in Hofpital 241 

Ir^A.MJBRIDGE Univ. 24' 
^^ Capt. of the R. Navy 126 
;(:bamberlain, L. his Ohice 70 
C hancellors of Dioceics 
Chancery, Court of 
Chaplains in Ordinary 
Charter Houk ~ 

Chelfea Hofp'tal — 
C.hriit Hofpital 


Co!'! of Dotfors of Low 
Col!, of Phyiicians 
Commiffioivrs of Sc\;ers 2 1 1 
Committee of City Lands 2iO 
C')j-n:non Council 264 

20 1 






2 "O 

pA.ST India Diretlors 
Eaftcrn Difpenfary 
Equitable Affur. Off. 
Eton College 
Exchequer, Officers of 

• " Court of 

Excife Office 

Cj^Uazers to Com. Pleas 

Einfl)ury Difpenfary 
Firft Fruits Office 
Foundling Hofpital 
GENERAL & Staff Off. 166 

Gen. Medical Afylum 242 
General Difpenfary 
George's. St. Hofpital 
Glouceikr,D.of;his Eftab 
Governments in America 

— in Africa 

— Gibraltar, &c. 

— in Gr. Britain 



1 12 

Greenwich Hofpital 
Greftiam College - 
Guv's Hofpital - 
U-'A C K N E Y 'Coach Of- 

^ fi,e 163 

Haslar, Hofpital at 152 

Hawkers & Pedlars Off, 163 

Heralds-College ^ 85 

Hofp. i'or Fr. Proteflants 239 

^ _ _^ Hotr'ckeepers, &c. — 73 

^u!!:inon Pk-s, Court of lOB'HouIhold; hisJ^lajrllN-'s 77 

2 25 Paymjrfter of 
— t,6 i'etrSj Iloufe of — 

^ inruvanceOii. agft. r irc 225J , H 

Jullices of Wales i'05 i'et-r 

JIiulfoa's-Bay Co- 
Impi'wil Chcts 

THING'S Bench, Court of 101 h^'^'^^'^^^ „ 
i^ T.^..., Kitchen '-~'P^--V Pod 

oi; alphabcticail 

their Umccrs 


Knights of the Garter — 

: — Bath — — 

— -' Thiftle - 


renlioixers. Band of — 

"'* Pipe Olfice 

:;„ rivmouth liofpital — ' 


Foil OKice 


; i d 





TAncaft^r, Duchy Court 105 :^ . , 

■^-'-Oificersof the C^urt 106 Preachers a" Kin^;; Chapel 7.6 
Laudable Soc. forWido\v3 23.5 t^ieocnoancs 
Laud.-Soc. of Annuitants 239 V'>' ^^^^ 

Levee Davs _ 76 t/'':>' ^^^^^'^ 

g rroctors 

Lieutenants ^ Counties 
Lieucenanls:of the Navy 
Lieutenancy of London 
Lock Hofpital' 

UEEN's liouiKold 







208. "-^ — Ouecn 
2411 OiSce 
London Difpenfary 244-13 AXGEP^ rnd Pleepers qo 

London Lying-in Hofpital 2415 Rett, andVicarsLond. 233 

Hofpital 240'Reg. of Deeds Middlefex. 104 

Luke's; St. Hofpital 242 Rcgifters in Doc. Com. 

]\^/JAGDALExN Houfe 242'Royal Academy 

Marine Society 242J- Chapels 

Maritime School at Chelfcai^gj Military Repofitory 

Marfhalfea Court io6j— — Nurfery 

j Mailer of the Horfe — 79 Society . « 

Mafter of the Robes 72jRufiia Company 

Maflers and Commanders i30.«;^ ALT-Oliicc 
Medical Society, Lond. 


Middlefex Difpenfary 
Middlefex Hofpital -— 
Militia of London — .— 
Million Bank — — 


Mifericordia Hofpital 
Morden's College 

Mufic, Band of 

AVY Office 

Navy Yards -— 

— Royal, Lift of — 


Ordnance, Military 
Oxford LTniverfity — 
pAY of. the Army 
Pay Oflice, Navy 

243! Secretaries of State 

|'^-"j and Kind's Couriel 


72ji>erj. and King's 
44'Sco:s Hofpiiai 








2o8|Sick and liurt Office 
2 20. Sixpenti)- Receivers-Office 151 
^54'-ignet-Orfice — — 108 

244'Sion-College -- — £32 

loijSmall-Pox Hofpital — E40 
721S0C. of Artiits oi Gr. Brit 2 2ii 



Soc. for Chr. Pi.nov\/ledge 237 
Society for Golpel — 237 
Soc. for Med. Knowledge 23?, 
— for Encouragera. of Arts228 
— lor Recovery of drowned 

Sovereign Princes of 



Paymaitcr of Land Forces 16^ Stamp Oifice 


SButT^ca Company 
su'peran'uated Officers— 
Su?ry Difpcnfary 
JSurgcoi-).': Court of AfTiic. 

'yALLY Court — - 
Tax Office — — 

Tenth's Office — — 
'i'homas's, St Hofpital 
To of London — — 
Trade fm &:c to the King 
"'rreaftirer of the Chamber 

Trinity-houfe '~— 
'I'urkey Company -~— » 


Admiralty Court -— 
AnLiquarian Society — — 


Royal — 

Baronets — — — — 

College of Phyficians 
CominiiTary-Court — 
Court of Seinon — 

■'■ " Exchequer ■■ 

Cuftoms, Salt Duty, Sec. 
Excife Office ■' 


Artillery and Engineers 
Eankejfs ' 

Earonets . ■ - — ■■ 

Battle Axe Guards 


Clerks of H. of Lords 
College of Phycians — 
Commons, Houfe of 



244!^ A L E S, Pnnce of, his 

2451 ' ■ Eftablifhinent 
g'War Office 

^g Wardrobe, Removing 

j^,. Welch Charity 

^^o Weftminfter-Court 

" i ■ « ■ ~-> Infirmary — 

^1 Lying-in Hofp. 

^ i— — ■ ■ .. Gen. Difp. 

^'iV/ids. 5:ChiI.ofClerg. 

?^ Wine Licence Office 

100 Tr- -, ■ , A ■•. •■ » 1 

^ ^^1 Y £ O M E N o f the G uard 8 1 

T LA N D. 
ss^Fifheries, &c. Truftecs of 256 
25 7 Great Seal-Office 

258 Mint 

251, Officers of State 

257!Pcers — -^ ■ 

2 5 7|Poil-Office 
256jPrivy Seal — 

255 Re.sfifter-Office 



Signet — — 

Stamp-Office — 


Univerfities — 

-■'' — - — ■-- - -. 

-Alphab. Liil of 271 Peers 

LA N D. 

277 General-Officers — 
s8i Governors, Sec. 2; 
283 Impreft-Office — 

278 King's-Council 

272'Knights of St. Patrick 
276 Laboratory — — 
282'Ordnance ■ 

266, Patentee-Officers — 

Comnriffioners of Cufloms 2 79iPoft-Office 
Counties, Governors of 278 Prerogative Court 

Court of King's Bench 273 

Common Pleas 274 

■ ■ Exchequer • ibid 

of Admiralv — 277 

Rangers, &;c. 













L .TJesus 

of Delagates — ibid Trinity-College Univ. 28 
282' ■ 

I — 



For the Year of our Lord God 1783. 1 

Being the third after 

Bissextile, orLEAP-Y ear. 


Printed for the Company of Stationers, and Sold by 
J. WiLKiE, at their Hall, near Ludgate Street, 
[Price Eight-pence.] 

Common Notes and Moveable Feasts in 1783, 

Dominical Letter E 

Golden Number - - - 17 
Cycle of the Sun - - 28 
Epa£l ------ s6 

Roman Inditlion - - «• i 

Shrove Sunday • 
E after Day - 
Whitfunday ,- 
Trinity Sunday 
Advent Sunday 

2 March. 
20 April. 

8 June. 
15 June. 
30 Nov. 

VerM% will be an Evening Star from the 4th Day oi January 
till OBoher 22dj afterwards a Morning Star to the Year's End. 

Jupiter is a Morning Star till the 20th Day of Jul^^ and 
then an Evening Star to the Year's End. 

SixEcLXPSES will happen in X783, inthcfollowingOrden 

I. March 5, the Sun will be 
eclipfed about 7 in the Morn- 
ing, invifib^ nere. 

II. March 18, the Moon 
will be eclipfed, vifible and to 
tal. Beg. 7h. 32m. Beg. of 
total Darknefs 8b. 3am. Mid 
9h. 23m. End of total Dark- 
nefs, loh. 14m. End of the 
Eclipfe iih. 15m. Afternoon. 
Digits eclipfed 210 28'. 

III. April I, the Sun will be 
eclipfed near9atNightinvifible. 

IV. Aug. 27, the Sun willl 

be eclipfed near half paft 10 at t 
Night, invifible. 

V. Sept. 10, the Ml on will . 
be eclipfed, vifible and total. 
Beg. gh. 44m. Beg. ot total 
Darknefs loh. 44m. Middle 
iih. 35m. End of total Dark- 
nefs rah 26m. End of the 
Eclipfe ijh. i6n->. Afternoon. 
Digits eclipfed 2I0 20'* 

VI. Sept. 26, the Sun will be 
eclipfed near Noon, invifible. 

TERMS.] The Days on which the four Law Terms begin 
and end are mentioned in the feveral Months of the Almanack 
en which they happen. The firfl and lafl Days of every Term 
sre the firll and lalt Days ©f Appearance. No fittings in Wtfi- 
n.'mJier-Hall on Feb. 2, Afcenfien Day, aad Midfummerpay, 

rBt BIRTHS, MARrJAGE?, atiJ ISStJE 0/ ths % 
EORGE III. b. June 4, 1738; proclaimed King of 

Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Oft. 26, 1760. mar, 

Sept. 8, 1761, to the Prs. Charlotte, of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, 
b. May 19, 1744.. Crowned Sept. 22, 1761. Their ifTue are, 

I. G.Aug. Fred. Pr, of Wales, b. Aug. 12, 1762. K. G. — 2. 
Pr. Frederick, b. Aug. 16, 1763 j elefted Bifhop i)f Ofnaburgh, 
Feb. 27, i764,K.G.andK.B.— 3. Pr. William Henry, b. Aug, 
21, 1765, K. G. and K. T.— 4. Charlotte Augufta, Frs. Royal 
of England, b. Sept. 29, 17J66. — 5. Pr. Edward, b. Nov. 2, I757.. 
— 6.Prs. Augufca Sophia, b. Nov. 8, 1768 — 7. Prs. Elizabeth, 
b.^May 22, 1770.— 8. Pr. Erneft Augullus, b. June 5, 1771. 
— 9. Pr. Auguftus Frederick, b. Jan. 27, 1773. — 10. Pr. Adol- 
phus Frederick; b. Feb. 24, 1774. — 11. Prs. Mary, b. April 
a5,'i776. — 12. Prs. Sophia, b. Nov. 3, 1777.^ — 13. Pf. 0£ta- 
vius, b. Feb. 23, 1779* 

Brothers and Sifterto his Majefiy. — i. Her R,H. Augufta, b. 
Aug. II, 1737J mar. to the Hereditary Pr. of BrunfwickWolfen- 
buttel, Jan. 16, 1764. — 2. Pr. William Henry, D. of Gloucefter, 
b. Nov. 25, 1743. — 3. Pr. Hen. Frederick, D. of Cumberland, 
b. Nov. 7, 1745. 

His late Majefty's ilTue by Queen Caroline, now living, 
Princefs Amelia Sophia, born June 10, 1711. 

FRANCE.] LEWIS XVI. K. of France andNavarre,b. Aug. 
23, 17.54, mar. Apr. 19, 1770, to Maria Antonietta,Archduchers 
of Auftria, b. Nov. 2, 1755, fucceeded his Grandfather Lewis 
XV. May 10, 1774, crowned atRheims, June 11,1775. Their 
ilTue, Madame Maria Therefa Charlotte, b. Dec. 19, 1778. 

Brothers and Sifters to the King. — i. Lewis StantflausXavier, 
Count de Provence, b. Nov. 17, 1755, niar. MayiS, 1772, to 
Maria Jofepha Louifa, Sifter^ to the King of Sardinia, b. Sept. 
2,1753. — 2. Charles Philip Count D'Artois, b. Oft. 9, 1757, 
mar, Nov. 16, 1773, to Maria Therefa, Sifter to the King of 
Sardinia, b, Jan. 31, 1756, by whom he. has ifTue, a Pr. ftyled 
the Duke D'Angouleme, b. Aug. 6, 1775.^ — 3 Madame Mafia 
Adelaide Clotilda Xavi era, b. Sept. 23, 1759. — 4. Madame Eli- 
zabeth Philippina Maria Helena, b. May 3, 1764. 

Iffue of his late Majefty Lewis XV. and Maria Lcfzinfki, only 
daughter to Staniflaus, late King of Poland. — i. Maria Adelaide, 
Duchefs of Lorraine and Bar, b. March 23, 1732. — 2. Maria 
Louifa Therefa, b. 11 March, 1733. — 3. Louifa Maria, b. 15 
July 1737 } went into a convent of Carmelites, and took the 
veil, 1770. 

SPAIN.]— CHARLES IIL King of Spain, b. 20 Jan. 1716, 
fucceeded his half brother Ferdinand VI. late K. of Spain, Aug. 

im^—nrmtHMiMiiiii i 


m)m^ ~»a^gJtmmH 

3 7he BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, and ISSUE of the 
10, 17595 hath Iffus by his late Q^ Maria Amelia of Saxotiy^ 
1. Maria Jofepha, Infanta, b. 18 July, 1744. — 2. Maria 
Louifa, b. 24 Nov. 1745, "^^''- ^^ ^^^- ^7^4-> ^0 the Archduke 
Leopold of Auftria, Great D. ofTufcany. —3. Charles Anthony,- 
Pr. of AiLurias, b. IS.N0V. 174S, mar. 4 Sept. 1765, to Louifa 
Maria Therefa, Prs. of P.arma, b. 9 D:;c. 175 1, by whom he 
hasiffue, i. Charlotte., b. Apr. 25, 1775. — 2. — ■ — , b.Sept. 1 j, 
J 779, — 4. Ferdinand Ant. K. of the Two Sicilies, b. 12 Jan. 
57515 man 7 Apr. 1768, to the Archcuchefs Mary Caroline. 
Louifa. — 5. Gabriel Anthony, b. 12 May, 1752, Grand Prior of 
Spain. — 6, Antiiony Palcali, b. 31 Dec. 1755. — 7* Francis 
Xavier, b. 17 Feb. 3757. 

Brother and Sifter to the King, — 1. Don Lewis, b. 25 J'jly* 
1727.-4. The Duchefs of Savoy. » 

17 Dec. 1734, mar. 6 June, 1760, to the King, her uncle, Pedro 
Clement, F. R. S. brother to the late King, b. 5 July 17I7> 
by whom ihe has ifiue, i. Jofeph Francis Xavier, Pr. of Brazil, 
b. 21 Aug. 1761, mar. 21 Feb. 1777, to his Aunt thelnfanta 
Maria Francifca Benedi£la, b. 24 July 1746. — 2. John Maria 
Jofeph Lewis, b. 26 Sept. 1763. — 3. Maria Anna Vic'oria, b. 
15 Dec. 176$!^ A Princefs b. 23 Dec. 1776. liTue of the late 
King,— I. Her prefent Majeff-y. — 2. Anna Frances Antonietta, 
b, 8 0£l. 1736. — 3. Maria Francifca Benedifta, married to her 
nephew the prince of Brazil. 

Denmark, LL. D. &F.Pv. S.b. 29 Jan. 1 749, m. to Princefs Caro- 
line Matilda of England, 8 Nov. 1766, who died 11 May 1775, 
and has iiTue, I.Frederick, Pr. Royal, b. Jan. 28, 1768. — 2, 
Louifa Augufta, Prs. Royal, b. July 7, 1771. 

The King's Sifters and half brother, — i. Sophia Magdalene, 
Prs. Roj'al, b. July 3, 1746, mar. Otl. X766, to the King of 
Sweden. — z. Prs. Carolina, b. July lo, 17475 mar. Sept. i, 
1764, to William hereditary Pr. of HeiTe, b. June 3, 1743,— 
3. Prs. Louifa, b. Jan. 30, 1750.-4. Pr. Frederick, b. 0£t. 
28, 1753. ' 

JULIA MARIA, Q^Dowager, b. Sept. 4, 1729. 

SWEDEN.]— GUSTAVUS III . of Holftein Gottorp, King 
of Sweden, b. 24 Jan. 1746, mar. Nov. 4, 1766, to the Prs. 
Royal of Denmark. Their llTue, a Prince, b. Nov. i, 1778. 

Brothers and Sifter to the King, — i. Charles D. of Sunder- 
mainland, b. 7 Oft. 1748 ; mar. 'o the Prs. of Holftem Eutin, 
July 7, 1774. — 2. Frederick Adolphus, D. of Weftgotliknd, h, 
18 July 1750 5 mar, to ths Prs. ofHoiftein-Gottorp,Nov. 1773- 


I.Sophia Albertina, born 8 0£t. 1753, eledled in 1767^ 
loadjutrix to the abbefs of Quedlinbourg. 


13 Mar. 1 741, crowned K. of the Romans, Apr. 3, i764,fiic- 
eeded his father as Emp. 18 Aug. 1765. mar. ihe Prs. Jo- 
;phina Maria of Bavaria, 23 Tan. 1765, who died in 1767. If- 
je by his firil confort Elizdbeth, Prs. of Parma. — Therefa 
lliz^beth, b. Mar. zo, 1762. 

Brothers and Sifters to the Emperor, — i. Maria Chriftina 
ofepha, b. £4 May 1742 ; mar. 8 April 1766, to Pr. Albert of 
■axony, b.July 11, 1738. — 2. Maria Elizabeth, b. 13 Aug. 1743. 
— 3. Maria Amelia Jofepha, b. 26 Feb. 17465 mar. to the reign- 
ng D. of Parma, 27 June 1769. — 4. Peter Leopold, b. 5 May 
747, Or. D. of Tufcany, gov. general of the Milanefe, and 
ol. of foot in the RulTian fervice ; proclaimed Grand D. of 
Tufcany, Feb. 16, 1765 j mar. Aug. 5, 1765. to the Prs. Maria 

ouiid of Spain, b. Nov. 24, 1745, '^y whom he has iffue, i. 
Vlaria, b. Jan. 14, 1767.— 2. Francis, b. Feb. 12, 1768.— 3. 

, b. May 6, 1769.-44 , b. Sept. 5, 1771. — 5. , 

Dec, 19, 1773.— 5. Chariotta Louifa, b. 13 Aug. 17525 
■nan 7 April 1768, to the King of the Two Sicilies.— i-6. 

erdinand Charles Antoine, b. i June I7''i54; mar, to the Prs, 
Maria Beatrice of Modena. — 7. Maria Antometta, b. 2 Nov. 
1755; mar. to the King of France, 1770. — 8. Maximilian 
Francis, b. Dec. 8, 1756. 

EL't c TORS.] — Three Ecclefjailical Eleflors, called Eleftcral 
Highnelies 5 and fix Secular ones, ftyled moll Serene Elefloral 
Highneffes. — Ecclef.] i Frederick. Charles Jofeph, Baron of Er- 
ha^ Archbp. and Eleftor of Mentz, b. 18 July, 1764. — 2. Pr. 
Clement of Saxony (fon of Aug. III. K. of Poland) b. 28 Sept. 
2739, Archb. and Eleftor of Treves, 10 Feb. 1768, alfo Bp, of 
Treilingen and Augfbourg, by difpenfation from the Pope. — 3. 
Maximilian Frederick, Count de Konlgfegg Rothenfells, b. 1 3 
May 1708, Archbifiiop and Eledlor of Cologn, April 6; 1761 j 
Bifhop of Munfter, 16 Sept. 1762. 

Secular.] — i. The King of Bohemia. — 2. Maximilian 
Jofeph, Eie£l. of Bavaria, b. 28 Mar. 1 727^ mar. 20 June, 1 747, 
to Anna-M.u-iaof S-sxony, b. 29 Aug. 1728. His Sifter Dow- 
ager Elea..°fs of S.xor.y,b. 5 July, 1774 — 3. Frederick, Eleft. 
of Saxony. — 4. Of Brandenburg. See Pruffia. — 5. Charles 

Theodore, Count Palatine of the Rhine, b. 1 1 Dec. 17x4 6. 

Geo. III. K. of Great Britain, Eleftoi of Hanover, &c. 

Saxe-Gotha.j — Erneft Lewis, D. of, nephew to the late 
Pr. Dowager of Wales, b. 30 Jan. 1745 } mar. 2X Mar. 1769, 


5 7bs BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, and ISSUE of ths 
to Maria Charlotte of Saxe Meningen, bv whom he has, i Erneftj 
b. 27 Feb. 1770. 2. Emilius Leopold, b. 24 Nov. 1772. Hi! 
brother Auguftus, b. 14 Aug. 1747. 

Mecklensurgh.] — The houfe of Mecklenburgh is dfi! 
vided into two branches, viz. — MecklenburghSchwerin.— Fredei 
rick, reigning D. b. 9 Nov. 1717 5 mar. in 1746, Louifa Fre- 
derica, daughter of Frederick Louis, Hered. Pr. of Wurtemburgi 
Stutgard, b. 3 Feb. 1722: They have no iffue. — 'Iflueof thi 
late Pr. Louis, by the Prs. Charlotte Sophia, of Saxe Col 
bourg Saalfeld, FreuerickTrancis, b. 10 Dec. 1756. Sifterto th! 
reigning Duke, Prs. Ulrica Sophia, b. i July i723,gove-rnefs c 
the convent of Ruhne. 

Mecklenburgh Strelitz.' — Adolphus Frederick IV. reigning I 
('Kt. of the Garter,) b. 5 May, 1738. — His Brothers and Sille 
are, — i. Charles Lew-is Frederick, a Lieut. Gen. intheHanovi 
rian fervice, b. 10 OcSl. 1741, mar. 18 Sept. 1768. His ifu 
by the late Frederica Chariotta Louifa of HefTe Darmftadt,— 
Carolina Georgina Louifa Frederica, b. 17 Nov. 1769.— 2. Th 
refa Matilda Amelia, b. 5 April 1 77 3. — 2. Erneft Gotlob A 
bert. Major Gen. in the Hanoverian fendce, and governor 
Zell, b. 27 Aug. 1742. — 3. George.Auguftus, a Major Gen. 
thelmperial Service, Kt.of the Danilh order of the Elephant, L 
D. b. 16 Aug, 1748. — 4. Chriftina Sophia Albertina, b. 6 De 
1735. — 5. Charlotte, Queen Confort of Great Britain. 

1732, (late Connt Poniatowfki,) elected King of Polar 
Sept. 7. crowned Nov. 25, 1764, F. R. S. 

PRUSSIA.]— FREDERICK III. K. ofPruflia, andEleft. 
Brandenburg, b. 24 Jan, 1712; mar. 12 June 1733, to Elizabe 
Chriftina of Brunfwick Wolfenbuti .-1, b. 8 Nov. 1715. — T 
ilTue of William Auguftus, next brother t® the King, and 1 
Pr. Royal of Pruffia, by Prs. Louifa Amelia of Brunfw^ick W 
fenbuttel :• — 1. Frederick. William, Pr. Royal of PruHia, b, 
Sept. 1744? mar. July 14, 1765, to the Prs. Elizabetha Ch: 
tina Ulrica of Brr.nlwick Wolfenbuttel, and fecondly on 14 J 1 
17G9. to Frederica Louifa of Hefie Darmftadt : Urue by the i 
marriage, Frederica Chariotta Ulrica Catharine, b. 7May 17^ 
by the latter, i. Frederick William, b. 3 Aug. 1770, 2. Fre 
rick Louis Charles, b. 5 Nov. 177 3-— 3. Frederica Sophia "Vi 
helmina, b. 7 Aug. 175 1, iJid. Orange. 

Brothers and Sifters to the King, — i. Frederick Henry 
18 Jan. 1726. — 2. Auguftus Ferdinand, b. 23 May, 1750,- 
Frederica Louifa, dowager of the Margrave of Brandenbu 
Anfpach, b. 28 Sept. 1714. — 4. Amelia, Abbefs^of the 1 
teilant Abbey of Quediinbourg, b. 9 Sept. J723. 


RUSSIA.]— CATHARINE II. Emprefs of all the Rufllas, 
Pi's, of Anhalt Zerbft,) b. 2 May, 1729, afcended the throne 
) July, 1762, upon the depofition of her own hufband, Peter 
II. She was married to hira (whili^Dai^;^'Hqlftein Got-» 
orp) 1 Sept. 1745, by whoni fhe has ifTug^^jil^etfGvvitz, Great 
). ofRuffia, b. 1 0£l. 1754, Tadr.Q^.,^-A0:^,tc V; lihdmina, 
I daughter of the Pr. of Hefle Da^fei^^&^ii teco^Iy on 7 
)£t. J 776, to the Prs. of V/irtember^ ^gft^ ^^^ Aft flue. 
[. Alexander, b. 23 Dec. 1777. -. Coi^^^^^^^^ay 1779, 

SARDINIA.] —CHARLES EMAN^^Jf H?of Sardinia, 
.nd D. of Savoy, b. 24 May 175 1; mar, Sept. 6, 1775, to the 
'rs. Clotilda of France, -vid. France. 

Brothers and Sifters to the King, — i. Maria Jofepha Louifa, 
). 2. Sept. 1753, mar. to the Count de Provence, 'vid. France. 
—2. Maria Therefa, b. 31 Jan. 1756, mar. to Coynt D'Artois, 
/id. France. — 3. Anna Maria Carolina, b. 17 Dec. 1757. — 4. 
^laurice Jofeph Maria, due de Montferrat, b. 12 Sept. 1762.' — 
;. Maria Charlotta, b. 17 Jan. 1764. — 6. Charles Jofeph, due 
le Genevois, b. 6 April 1765. — 7. Jofeph Benediftj comte de 
Vlaurienne, b. 5 Oft. 1766. 

ORANGE.]~WILLIAM V. Pr. of Orange and Naflau, b. 8 
liar. 1748, Hereditary Stadtholder, Cap. Gen. and Adm. of the 
)evenUnitedProvinces,andKt. of theGarter J mar. 40ft. 1767^ 
the Prs. Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina of Pru^ia, by whom 
le has Iflue, i Frederica Louifa Wilhelmina, b. 29 Nov. 1770 j 
I.William Fj^ederick, hereditary Pr. b.24Aug.l772: j 3. William 
jeorge Frederick, b. 15 Feb. 1774. 

Sifter to the Stadtholder, Prs. Caroline, b. 17 Feb. 1743 | 
nar. 5 March, 1760, to Prince Charles of Naflau Weilberg, b. 
[r Jan. iy35. Their Iflue, — 1. Princefs Augufta, b. 2 Feb. 
[764. — 2. A Prince b. 25 0£1^T768. 

ITALY.] Count BRASCHI, born at Cafena, 27 Dec. 1717^ 
:reated a Cardinal in 1773, elected Pope 18 Feb. 1775, and 
00k the name of PIUS VI. 

FERDINAND IV. King of the Two Sicilies, 3d fon of his 

]!^atholic Majefty, b, 12 Jan. 1751 j mat. Apr, 7, 1768, to the 

S A.rchduchefs Charlotta Louifa, by whom he has iflue, 1, 

::IVlaria Therefa Caroline, b. June 6,. 1772, 2. Louifa Maria 

f Amelia, b. 28 July 1773. 

TURKEY.] ACHMET IV. .Grand Signer, fucceeded to 
, :he throne of Tu-rkey upon the death of his brother, the lats 
-Sultan, Jan. SI, 1774. 

January hatii XXXI Days, 

New Moon 3 day, at 

-riril Quarter 10 day, at 

Full Moon 18 day, at 

Laft Quarter 26 day, at 

8 morning. 

9 niorniiig. 

2 atternoon. 

3 morning. 



2 Sunday aft. CKriftjn, 


I Sun. after Epiphany 
Cambridge Term beg, 
Oxford Term begins 

Qiieen*sBirthday kept 

2 Sun. after Epiphany 



Hilary Term begins 

Converfion of St. Paul 

3 Sun. after Epiphany 
Pr; Aug, Fred, born 

K. Charles I. Mart. 


7 5^ 
5 fets 

5 ai: 

OldChriftmas Da^ 

^ 5 

3 55 

8 4 

3 56 

« 3 

3 57 

8 ^ 

3 57 















8 i: 

9 3^ 
10 4.! 



I 11 

Old New Year's D 
Hilary. Plow Mon 


4 7 



4 9 
4 II 































4 20 
4 22 
4 23 
4 25 

4 27 
4 28 

4 30 
4 32 


7 ' 

7 . 4 

5 - 






February hath XXVIII Days* 

New Moon i day, at 7 at night. 

Firil Quarter 9 day, at 5 morning. 

Full Moon 17 day, at 7 morniiig. 

Laft Quarter 24 day, at 1 1 morning. 





Holy-Days and other 

• Remarks 




R& S, 

D fets 
/. Mary 

4 Sun. after Epiphany 

7 27,4 33 




7 23 

4 37 




7 22 

4 38 

8 17 




7 20 

4 40 

9 35 



7 18 

4 42 

10 51 



7 i6 

4 44 




7 15 

4 45 




5 Sun. after Epiphany 

7 13 

4 47 

I 22 



7 II 

4 49 

2 37 



7 9 

4 51 

3. 47 



Hilary Term ends 

7 7 

4 53 

4 48 



Old Candlemas Day 

7 5 

1 J ^ 

4 55 

5 38 




7 3 

4 57 

6 15 



7 2 

4 58 

6 42 



Septuagefima Sunday 

7 :o 


7 1 




6 58 

5 2 

D rifes 




5 4 




6 54 

5 6 

8 I 




6 52 

5 8 

9 22 



6 50 

5 10 

10 47 



6 48 

5 12! 




Sexagefima Sunday 


(flavius born 



St. Matthias 

Pr. Ad, Fred, born 



6 42 

5 18 

3- 9 



6 40 

5 20 

4 24 



6 38 

5 22 

5 15 

1 j8 



6 37 

5 23 

5 50 

March bath XXXI Days. 

New Moon 3 day, at 

7 morning. 

Firll Quarter 1 1 day, at 

2 morning. 

Full Moon 18 day, at 

9 at £ifi;iit. 

Laft Quarter 25 day, at 

6 at night. 




6 35 5 25 

6m 14 



Quinquagefima Sund, 


6 32 



6 31 5.29 

D ieis 



Shrove Tuefday ' 

6 30 

5 3» 

7 a 12 





6 27 

5 33 

8 30 



6 25 

5 35 

9 48 




23 S 37 

11 6 



6 21I5 39 




I Sunday in Lent 

6 19 5 41 




6 17 5 43 

1 34 



6 15 5 45 

2 43 



Ember Week 


3 38 



6 II 

5 49 

4 19 



6 9 

5 5« 

4 Si 



6 7 

5 53 

5 14 



2 Sunday in Lent 

6 5 

5 55 

5 28^ 



St. Patrick 

6 3 

5 57 

5 40 



Edward K. W. Saxons 

6 I 

5 59 

D riies 



5 59 

6 I 

7 a 1 2 



5 57 

6 3 

8 351 




5 55!<^ 5 

10 51 



5 S3 

6 7 

II 35 



3 Sunday in Lent 

5 55 

6 9 




5 49 

6 II 

* 5! 




5 47 

6 13 

2 22 



5 45 

6 15 

3 221 



5 43^ 

6 17 

4 2 




5 41 

6 19 

4 28 



5 39 

6 21 

4 47 



Midlent Sunday 

5 37 

6 23 

5 3 



5 35 

6 25 


April hath XXX Days. 

New Moon I 'day, at 

9 at night. 

Firit Quarter 9 day, at 

10 at night. 

Full Moon 17 day, at 

9 morning. 

Laft Quarter 23 day, at 



5 33 

6 27 

D fets 




5 31 

6- 29 


3 Th Richard 

5 -9 

6 31 

8 51 

4 F Amorofe 

5 27 

^ 33 

10 10 

r S Old Lady-Day 

5 25 

^ 35 

II 26 

6 E 

5 Sunday in Lent 

5 23 

6 37 


7 M 

5 21 

6 39 


8 iu 

5 20 

6 4c 

I 36 

9 w 

5 ^8 

6 42 

2 23 



5 16 

6 44 

2 56 

I F 

Camfcr'dgeTerm ends 

5 H 

6 46 

3 21 

2 s 

Oxford Term ends' 

5 12 

6 48 

3 42 


Palm Sunday 

5 10 

6 50 

3 54 


^ ? 

6 52 

4 7 


5 6 

6 54 

4 19 

5 W 

5 4 

6 56 

4 .31 

7 Th 

— "^ 

5 2 

6 58 

D rifes 


Good Friday 



9 a 18 

9 I 


4 58 

7 2 

10 51 

D E 

Eafter Day 

4 57 

7 3 



Eailer Monday 

4 55 

7 5 



Eafter Tuefday 

4 53 

7 7 

I - 24 


St, George 

4 5^ 

7 9 

2 10 


4 49 

7 II 

2 41 


St. Mark, Prs.Maryb. 


7 13 

3 I 

2.5 S 

4 46 

7 14 

3 16 

27 ■£ 

Low Sunday 

4 44 

7 16 

3 28 

? 5 M 


4 42 

7 18 

3 38 


4 40 

7 20 

3 48 

3b w 
5 , 

Oxf. & C^mb, T. beg 

4 38 

7 22 






May hath XXXI Days, 

New Moon i day, at 

11 morning. 

Firft Quarter 9 day, at 

3 aitcrnoon. 

Full Moon 16 day. at 

6 afternoon. 

Laft Quarter 23 day, at 

8 morning. 

New Moon 3; day, at 

2 aborning. 



St, Philip &St. James- 

4 37|7 23 

D fets 



4 35 

7 25 

9 a 1 . 



Lnvention of the Crofs 

4 33 

7 27 

10 2; 

11 3 




2 Sunday after Eafter 

4 31 

7 29 



4 30 

7 30 




St. John A. ^. L. . 

4 28 

7 32 




Ealler Term begins 

4 26 

7 34 




s ' 

4 25 

7 35^ 

I 3i 



4 23 

7 37 

I 5 



4 22 

7 38 




3 Sunday after Ealler 

4 20 

7 40 

2 1 



4 18 

7 42 

2 3 



4 17 

7 43 

2 4 



4 15 

7 45 

2 5 



4 14 

7 46 

3 .^ 



4 12 

7 48 

D rilei 



4 II 

7 49 




4 Sunday after Ealler 

4 9 

7 51 




Q^ Charlotte born 

Dun flan 




4 7 

7 53 



4 5 

7 55 




Prs. Elizabeth born 

4 4 

7 56 




4 3 

7 57 

I 2 



4 1 

7 59 

I 3 



Rogation Sunday 



I 4 




3 59 

8 I 




Venerable Bede 

3 58 

8 2 

2 I 



3 57 

8 3 

2 2 



Holy Thurfday 

K. Charles 


30 F 

3 558 5 


31 S 

3548 6 

D fet: 

June hath XXX Days. 

Firit Quarter 8 day, at 5 morning. 
Fall Mocn 14 day, at midniglit. 
Lail Quarter 21 day, at 5 afternoon. 
New Mooa 29 day, at 5 afternoon. 










































Sun. after Afceniion 
Eailer Term ends 

K, George III, born 

Whit Monday 
Whit Taefday 
Ember Week 

Trinity Sunday 

St. Alban 

Oxford Term^ begins 
Corpus Chrifti 

Trinity Term begins 
I Sunday after Trin« 
St, John Baptift 

z Sunday after Trin. 

3 52 


8 9 
8 IP 
Pr, Erneft Aug, b, 

10 a 17 

10 59 

11 30 
II 52 


47 1 8 
47 1b 

III om 9 

12' O 23 

13 o 34 
13I. o 43 
Prs. Amelia bom 

St. Barnabas 
3 45 8 15 I 23 
3 45 8 15 I 45 
3 44 8 16 2 19 
3 44 8 16 D rifes 
3 44 8 16 10 a 34 
3 43 8 17 II 4 
3 43 8 17 II 24 
3 u 8 17 • I 39 












St.. Peter 

3 45 






a 28 

July hath XXXI Day s, 

f irft Quarter 7 day, at 4 atternoonT 
Full Moon 14 day, at 7 morning. 
Laft Quarter 21 day, at 5 morning. 
New Moon 29 day, at 8 morning. 

ixji Cambridge Comm. 











21 :M 
22 'Tu 
24 Th 






Vifit. B. V . Mary 
Dog Days begin 
Cambridge Term ends 

3 Sunday after Trin. 
Thomas a Becket 

Trinity Term ends 

Oxford Aa 

4 Sunday after Trin, 


Oxfo'-dTerm ends 
5 Sunday atter Trin# 

St. Mary Magdalen 

3 45 
3 46 
■3 46 

8 15 
8 14 

8 14. 

St. James 

St. Anne 

6 Sunday after Trin. 

Tr. ofSt. Martir 

3 48 



3 55 


1 1 









7 59 











7 57 

7 55 





7 47 
7 45 
7 44 
7 42 

August hath XXXI Days. 

f irft Quarter 5 day, 

Full Moon 12 day, 

Laft Quarter 19 day. 

New Moon 27 day, 

at midnight, 
at 2 afternoon, 
at 7 at night, 
at 1 1 at night. 




















) W 


: F 

I S 


' M 
■ W 


I F 
, E 

Lammas Day 

7 Sunday after Trin. 

Name of Jefus ^ 

8 Sunday after Trin, 
Prs. Brunfwick born 
Pr. Wales bom ■ 

Aflumpt. B. V. M. 
Pr. Frederick born 
9 Sunday after Trin, 

Pr. Will. Hen. born- 

10 Sunday after Trin, 

St. Augulline 

St. J. Bapt, beheaded 

.11 Sunday after Trin, 

4 19 

7 4^ 

4 21 

7 39 

4 22 

7 3« 

4 24 

7 36 

4 26 

7 34 

4 27 

7 33 

4 29 

7 3« 

4 31 

7 29 

4 32 

7 28 


8 a5i 














Dog Days end 
O. L. Day 


4 39 7 21 

4 41 7 19 

4 43 7 17 
4 44 7 16 
4 46 7 14 
4 48 7 12 
4 507 10 
4 527 8 
4 54 7 6 

4 55 7 5 

4 57 6 3 morn 

St. Bartholomew 



a 5 



D rifej 
8 II 

8 23 



6 59 



f> 57 


6 50 


6 48 




September hath XXX Days-, 

Firft Quarter 4 day, at 7 morning. 
Full Moon 10 day, at midnight* 
Lafl Quarter 18 day, at i afternoon. 
New Moon 26 day, at noon. 


















































London burnt 1666 

1 2 Sunday after Trin. 
Nativ. B. V. Mary 

! 3 Sunday after Trin, 

Ember Week 

14 Sunday afte^ Trin. 
K. Geo. III. crowned 

St. Cyprian 

15 Sunday after Trin. 
St. Michael _ 
St. Jerome 



















6 26 










6 a 


Holy Crofs D:^ 







5 Si 

1 1 
















D fi 


6 1 1 5 49 

October hath XXXI Days. 

Firft Quarter 3 day, at 
Full Moon 10 day, at 
Lall Quarter 18 day, at 
New Moon 26 day, at 

I afternoon. 
[ I mornine. 


9 morning. 
I mornine. 

W Remigius 



I s 






23 Th 



27 1 M 


it 26 



16 Sunday after Trin. 

St. Denys 

Oxf, & Camb. T. beg. 

17 Sunday after Trin. 
Tr. K. Edw. Conf. 

St. Luke 
18 Sunday after Trin, 

K. Geo. III. Ace. 

19 Sunday after Trin. 

St. Simon & St. Jude 


5 47 


5 45 


5 43 


5 4^ 


S 39 


5 37 


5 35 


S 34 


5 32 

7 a 35 

8 32 

9 47 
II 14 


o 43 

2 12 

3 27 
<; I 

Old Michaelmas D. 



44 5 

5 28 j Drifes 

. 26 
5 24 
5 22 
5 20 

^ 18 

5 a 47 

6 9 




K. Geo. III. prod. 





4 57 
4 55 
4 53 
4 52 
4 5c 







D fets 

5 a38 

6 30 

7 41 
9 5 



November hath XXX Days, 

Firft Quarter i day, at 7 at night. 

, Full Moon g day, at 2 morning. 

Lail Qaarter ly day, at 5 morning. 

New Moon 24 day, at i afternoon. 



All Saints 

7 124 48 




20 S^unday after Tnn. 

All Sou 



Prs. Sophia born 

7 16 

4 44 




7 18 

4 42 

I 2 



Papifts Confpiracy 

7 19 

4 41 

2 4 



Mich. Term begins 





T). Cumberland born 

7 23 

4 37 

5 2 



Prs. Augulla Sophia bo. 

7 24 

4 36 




21 Sunday after Trin. 

7 26 

4 34 

j) rife; 



Lord Mayor's Day at London, 

7 28 

4 32 




St. Martin 

7 29 

4 31 

5 1 



7 31 

4 29 





7 33 

4 27 

7 I 



7 34 

4 26 

8 2; 




7 36 

4 24 

9 3 



22 Sunday after TrijL 

7 37 

4 23 

10 4 



Hugh Bp, of Lincoln 

7 39 

4 21 




7 40 

4 20 



7 42 

4 18 

I I 



Edmund K, and M. 

7 43 

4 17 

2 3 



7 45 

4 15 

3 4 



Old Martinmas Day 

7 46 

4 14 

5 > 



23 Sunday after Trin, 

S. Clement 

6 4 



7 49 

4 11 

D fetj 




7 5^ 

4 10 

4 a I 



7 5^4 9 

5- 2 





4 s 

6 4 



Mich. Term ends 

7 54 

4 6 

8 \ 



7 55 

4 5 

9 4 




Advent Sunday 


December hath XXXI Dayg« 

Firft Quarter i day, at 4 morning. 
Full Moon •S day, at 7 at night, 
Lafl Quarter 16 day, at midnight. 
New Moon 23 day, at il at night. 
Firft Quarter 30 day, at 3 afternoon. 












2 Sunday in Adveat 
Conception B. V. M. 


3 Sunday in Advent 

Cambridge Term, ends 
Ember Week 

4 S. in Advent. St, Thomas 

Chriftmas Day 
St. Stephen 
St.- John Evangelifl 
I Sund. after Chriflm. 


7 5; 

7 58 

8 s9 
8 o 
8 I 
8 2 
8 2 

8 3 
8 4 
8 4 

8 5 
8 5 

8 6 

8 6 
8 7 
8 7 

4 3 
4 2 

4 1 
4 o 

3 59 

3 58 

3 58 

3 57 

3 56 

3 56 

3 55 

3 55 

3 54 

3 54 

3 53 

3 53 

3 52 


q 32 

I , -52 

3 9 

4 27 


D rifes 

3 a^5 

4 5^'- 

5 59 

7 9 

8 23 

9 3'J 

10 48 

11 59 

1 14 

2 32 

3 55 

8 8 

8 8 

8 8 

3 52 

3 52 

lortell Day 
'3 52] 6 52 

3 52' ]) fets 

3 521 4a o 

3 52 
3 53 

8 37 


Holy Innocents 


8 6 

8 s 

. 54 
3 54 
3 55 


■inBuC3r - 


31 uVar:# 

of the^ 

_^ and 





^ a 

Printed for I.Pieldino:,Tir?23,Patei*-uoJ\:er Roir. 


iii:^€i: OF iiTAi^iis^ 



►^ 1 





E.\RXS . 








,i..,j iii-sssssmss 














BUSTEiroiL . 




2JA '-it? ZI3 " 

siaxisjBirjijr. jsrojnncii . gzottcesi^ 


iiiiiir^ 7 

THESTEJEi. arft^TCJOFlELn. ai.sJB/n^^GOK 





^ -1782. -. I 

\.77iofe H'/nch hair En^Ujli IIonours\ 
ur hi fated aniofi f fh7^Ji!/wii/Ii Peers: . i 


229 * 

Weird man kMttdov. ffuip 








MYJvnro:R iK ._ 





283 *« 


I :, 

1 2 92, 








ofthe"^ — '^ J 

:er s, ^P ebre s s 


R E L. -A 

ThaJ- are not Tlrers'JfJfid 


Woodman i.'MiUlnn'. 




^^ J^ 
















400 kilmob.:e 


BARO isrs 
















:mea th 


450 : 451 







rhe HOUSE of peers: 

^ K E R , Rt. Plon. WILLIAM Ear! of MANSFI ELD.- 

^j|^.;K. G. — K. T.^-or K. B. Kt. 

of the Garter., TfvjVe, or Bath. 

LL. D. Dollar of Laws. 

f.R.S. Fellow ojthe RoyalSociefy 

Inch jed thus [ '] arc their 

Country feats, 
married, zvidower. 

Thofe zvith this Mark 
e Pnvy-Counfellois. 

dtr Age. 

on' t fit in the Houfe. 
Oman CathoHck Peers, 
znerally refide in the Country 
b. m. w. batchclor 

»-III. i762.@'|_f IS Royal Mighneis George Au- 
.Aug.iy. i~i gustus-Freder I CK, Prince of 

'ales, Duke of Cornwall and Rothfay, Earl of Chefter 
d Carrick, Eleftoral Prince of Brunfwick-Lunenburgli, 
iron of Renfrew, Lord of the Iflcs, Great Steward of 
otiand, and Captain General of the iion. Artillery Com— 
my of London, K. G. b. 

. Nov. i4> f|J His R. H.Wm. Hen. D. of Glouceiter and 
imbjirgh, E. of Connaught in Ireland, Gen. of hisMaj. 
)rces, Co), of the ift Reg- of Foot-guards, Ciianc. of the 
nivcr. of Dublin, Ranger and Keeper of Windfor Foreft 
d Cranbourn Chace, Ranger of Hampton-Court Park, 
'arden and Keeper of New Foreil, Hampiliirc, &c. and 
ef. of the London Infirmary, K. G. \ ah road] ???. ' 
• Ocl. 22. ^PIis Royal Kighnefs HenryFrederick Duke 
Cumberland and Strathern, and Ean of Dublin in Ire- 
id, R.anger of Windfcn" Great Park, and an Adroiral 
the White Squad. K.G. \ Gr. Lodge in U'inilfvr Park, j m. 

D U K E S, 22. 
III. 1483. 7«^?£28. % Cha. Howard, D.ofNoifolk, E. of 
rry, Heredit. E. Marflial-, Premier D. &• E. -f>f Eng. 
Iruj-.dcl C-ifile, S'[[ex, Workfop Manor, NottinghanK 1 w, 
U VI. 1546. Fd. 16. ^.Edw^ard Seymour Duke oFSo- 
srfet, Lord Seymour [Maiden Bradley, and Scrnd. IVilts ' b. 
II. 1675. ^^S- 9- Charles Lenox, D. of P.ich- 
>nd in England, of Lenox in Scotland., and of Aubigny 
France, E. of March. Ld. Lieut, and Cull. Rot. of "the 
). of Suflex, a. Gen. of his Majefty's Forces. High- 
:ward of the City of ChichcUer, Col. oF the Sufftx 
il..K. G, and E. R. S. \Goodvocd. neor Cki''--ficr 
fex.l m. ' ■" ' 

. Sepienileri^. 4^ Auguflus Hen. Fitzrov. Duke of 
aiton, Ear! of Eulton, Hcredirarv Kang;i ofWaiule- 
A ' ^ 


ft HOUSE ^^^ PEERS. Dukes. 

bury Foreft, Northamptonfhire, his Majefty's Ga&i fe 
keeper at Newm. Receiver-General of the Profits s if 
the Seals in the King's-Bench and Com. -Pleas, Cb 
of the Univ. of Cambridge, Lord Lieut, and CuQ:. R, ii 
of the Co. of Suffolk, High Steward of Dartmou 
Recorder of Thetford and Coventry, one of the Goverbii ] 
of the Charter Houfe. and Pref, of the Small- Pox Hei lit 
K. G. [Eujionhal/, Suffolk, Wakefield Lodge, A'orihaiup?.] 

1682. Dec.i. Henry Somerfet, Duke of Beaufort^ MarcM 
of Worceller, Ld. Lieut, and Cull. Rot. of the County 
Monmouth. Col. of Monmouthfh. Mil. aVice Prehdeu 
the Wcllli Charity, LL. D. [Badminton, GlpucefteijOiireY' 

1683. T'^''^' ^*^- George BeauclerkjD. of St. Albans, E. of B 
ford, Hereditary Grand Falconer of Eng. Hereditary R 
of the Court of Chanc. L.Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the i 
of Berks, and High Steward of the Corpor. of Windfor 

|0if{. III. 1689. -4''- 8- Harry Powlet, D. of Bolton, 
of Winchclher, & PremierMarq. of Eng. Vice- Adm. of 
Counties of Southamp. & Dorf. L. Lieut, and Cuftos ] 
tulorum of the County of Southamp. Gov. of the Ifli_ 
Y/ight and Carirnrook Caille- and an Adm. of the Wl \\\ 
i^^quad. of his Maj. Fleet. [Hackzvood, Hunts] m. L 

^694. ^^itjv 4. |5J Thomas On>orne.D. of Leeds, (Vifc. Diijoj 
blaine in Scotl.) Marq. ofCarmarthen, LL.D. and F.l^C 
\Kivtton, Yorkjli. North Mims, n. Hatjield, Herts] K. G.42 

1694. Miy II. * Francis Ruflell, Duke of Bedford, Marq, Id 
Taviiiock [U\iburn Abbey, Btdjordjk. Streatham, Surrey 

1694. AI^^' 12. Wm. Cavtndifh, D. of Devonfhire, Marq 
Hartington, Ld. Lieut, and Cuf^. Rot. of Derbyfh 
Ld. High Treaf, of Irel. Gov. of the County of Corkr|: 
that Kingdom, and Col. of tlie Deryblh. Mil. K, 
[Chatfuorth, Hurdrvick, Derbyjk. \ Chifcvick, Middlcfcx] ;i 

5lnnC t7c2.0c'«:. i4.^^Geo. Spencer.D. of Marlborough, 
of Blandfovd. L. Lt. «S; Cuft. Rot. of Oxjordjh. Range 
Wicliwood Yoreil, Oxjord/ik. H. S- of the Corporatio: 
■0\.f. a Gov. of the Chart.H. Pref, of the Radcliffe Infi 
fnf. HighStew. of the Corporation of Woodftock. on 
the Eia^M- Brethren of the Trinity Houfe, K. G. & LL.. 
{Bler.htim H. ncirWoodfiOck, 0>J. & EaUng, Midd.] % 

1 Toj.A/ Charles Maimers, D. of Rutland, M. of Grar 
-a Vice Prtfideat of the MxddlcfcX, London, and L. 

HOUSE 0/ PEERS, Dukes. 5 

)fpitals, Ld. Lt. and Cuft. Rot. of Leicellerfn. and Col. 
theLeicefterlli. Militia, a Vice Prefident of the Vv-'elch 
;arity,K. G. {Haddon Hull, DtrbyJIuB BelvoirCaJlle,'\ m. 
.Douglas Hamilton, D. of Brandon in England, of Chat- 
[hera^ilt in France, and Hamilton in Scotland, Marq. of 
vdefdale, Hered. Keeper of Holyrood Houfe, Keeper of 
e Pal. at Linlithgow, and Caftleof Blacknefs;and a Capt. 
the Army [Hamilton, LanerkJIi. and Roehampt. Surrey'^ w. 
.1. 1715. July 2.<^. Brownlow Bertie, D. of Ancafter and 
efteven, M. of Lindfey, Lord Lieut, and Cuftos Rot. of 
incolnfh. Prefident of Lock Hofp. [Griwjlhorpe, Lijic] vk 
. July 6. ^ William Hen. CavendilTi Bentinck, Duke 
Portland, M. of Titchfield, FirilLord of the Treafury, 
le of the Truftecs of the Britifh Mufeum, Prefident of the 
riitfli Lying-in Hofpital, & Medical Afylum, LL.D. and 
R.S. {jVclbeck, Notts.'] m. 

)..'^y);-.3o..^Geo. Montagu, D. of Manchefter, Vif. Mande- 
llC; Lord Chamberlain of His Majefty's Houfhold, L. Lt. 
uft. Rot. & Col. of the Militia of Huntingdonlh. H. Stew. 
f Godmancheiler, Colleclor of the Cuftoms outwards in 
le Port of LLVidon,LL.D .]^K/ mhltim Cajlle, Huntingdonfk.yn, 
g. April ^o. ^ James Brydges, Duke of Chandos, Marq, 
f Carnarvon, Ranger of Enheld Chace, H. Steward of the 
!ity of Winchefter, LL. D. [MincheyidonHoufc, Middle/ex] m. 

0. June i3.^Jn.Fred. Sackville, D. ofDorfet, E.of Mid- 
lef. Captain ofthe Yeomenof the Guards, Vice Adm. of the 
'oafts, Ld. Lt. and Cufl. Rot. of the Co. of Kent and City 
f Canterbury, Col. of the Weft Reg. of Kent Militia, and 

1. Stew, of Stratf. upon Avon ^Knowle n. Sevenoaks, Rent^h. 
o. June 13. Francis Egerton, D. of Bridgewater, M. of 
Jrackley [IVorfl^y-Hall, Lancajtdre, Afkridge, Bucks] b. 

0. IL 1756. Nov. 13, ^ Henry Fienes Pelham Clinton, 
Dukeof Newcaftle, Earl of Lincoln, Lord Lieutenant and 
Cuftos Rotulorum of Nottinghamfhire. Steward, Keeper, 
nd Guardian of the Foreft of Sherwood^and Park of Folc- 
v'ood, in the County of Nottingham, High Steward of Eafl 
letford, Auditor of the Exchequer for Life, Comptroller 
ii the Cuftoms in the Port of London, High Steward of 
Veftminfter, and Prefident of the Wellminfter Hofpital, 
V. G. LL. D. and F.R.S. [Oatlands n. Weyhridge, iS«?T^y] v. 
Ojn.i766.<9(r7.2 2. «|tHugh Percy, D.of N'or^humberland, 
"arl Percy, Lord Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the CouniKS 


4 . K O IT S E of PE E R- S. Ear l s. 

of Middlefex and Northumberland, Vice Adm. of Nc. 
thumberland, Vice Adm. of all America, Pref. of J 
Middlefex Hofpital and Weftminfter Difpenfary, a V ' 
Preftdent of the Small-pox Hofp. and a Truftee ofl ; 
Bntifh Mufeum, f.R.S. \ Ainzvick-Cajlk, A'oitJium.] K.G. 
3-766. Nov. 5. 0Geo. Montagu, D. of Montagu, Marq..' 
Monthermer, Mafter of the Horfe to the King. Gov. ai 
Capt. of Windfor-Caftle, Pref. of St. Luke'rHofp. ai 
F. R. S. [Dean, AWthamptosJhi re, Richmand, Surrey'] K. G. 

EAR L~s; fs: -^ \ 

CfCrt. VI. T 442. May 20,] % Geo.Talbot,E of Shrevvfbury,!^ 
Talbot, E. of Waterford andWexford inlT&\.[IJlezjuortii\ 

iil32a,Vn. 1485. OB. 27. Edw. Smith StanlevjE.^of Derby, 
Stanley, Groom of the StoIe;Ld. Lieut. Cuft.Rot. and C( 
of the Mil. of the Co. of Lancalfer [The Oaks, Surry} 

if en. VIII. i,r,29. Dec. 8. Francis Plafting.s, Earl of Hu 
tingdon. Lord Haftjngs, /. i?. S\ [Dunnington Park] 

<£'tJttJ. VI. 1 55 1. Ocl. II. Henry Herbert, E..of Pembroke ai 
Montgomery, L. Herbert, Lord Lieut, and Cuft. R( 
of the County of Wilts, Gov. of Portfmouth, H. Stew.i 
Salifburv, and a Gen. [Wilton, Wilfs] m. ] jo 

3iam^ I. 1603. 7''/)' 21. John Howard, E. of Suffolk aiJilf 
Berkfnire, Vifc. Andover [y^/f<^; near Epjoyn, Surrey] ai^- 

1605. May 4. ►IJ James Cecil, E. of Salifoury.Vifc. Cranburii 1 
Ld. Lt. Cull. Rot. and Col. of the Mil. of Herts, and HiM; 
Stew, of the Bo. of Hertford [Hatfield Ho. Ceal Lodge] vkA\ 

1605. May ^. Brownlow Cecil, E. of Exeter, Ld. Rurleigf ] 
F^R.S. [Burleigh Houfe, near Stawfiord, Lincclajliire] tt'.IJ ( 

1618. Aug. 2. Spencer Compton, E. of Northampton. Lon; j 
Comptcn, Lord Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the County ojt 
Northamp. Recorder of the Town of Northamp. and pet^igi 
petual Prefident of the Northamptonfh. Infirmary, w. pj 

1622. Sep. 14. llJ.Earil Feilding, E. of Denbigh, V. Jeildin|iiJ! 
a Lord of the King's Bed-Chamber, (Earl of Defmond 
Ireland) [Ncwnhain Paddox, near PCiighy, IVarwiehJIiire] 

1624. Max 29, John Fane, Earl of Weftniorland, Lord Burgj {; 
herfh, a Captain in the Northaraptonfaire Militia, [Api 
thorp, Northa777ptonJfiire, and Erimptor-, Somerfttflure] m. 

Cl)a» I- 1627. Mvjtr. g. Charles-Henry Mordaunt, E. of Peter 
borough &: Monmouth,V. Mordaunt, [ Dantzey, lVilts,]b 

1628. Mar. 26. Geo. Harry Grey, E. of Stamford^L. Grel 
lEnulk Hull, S'tajordfr/^^ m. ] 

HOUSE of PEERS. Earls. 5 

8. July XI. Geo. Finch, E. of Winchelfea and Notting- 
am, Vifc.Maidftone, one of the Lds. of the King's Bedch. 
,d Lt. and Cuft. Rot. of the Co. of Rutland, a Maj. ofthe 
7th Reg. of Foot, and Pref. ofthe Afylum for the Re- 
ef of the Infant Poor \Burldgh on the Hill^ Rutland'] b. 
8. Aug. 4. Philip Stanhope, E. of Cheflerfield, L. Staa- 
ope, and F. R. S. [Eytkorp, Bucks] m. 
8. Aug. 5. Sackville Tufton, E. of Thanet, L. Tufton, 
lereditary Sheriffof Weftmoreland, and L. of the Ho- 
lour of Skipton in Craven [^Hothfield, Kent.] to 
a. II. 1660. July 12. ^ John Montagu, E. of Sandwich, 
''. Hinchingbrook, Ranger of St. James's and Hyde-Parks, 

Gov. of the Charter-Houfe, andranks as a Gen. in the 
\rmv, Rec.ofthe Corporation of Huntingdon and God- 
nanchefter, LL. D. [_Hinchivgb rook Hoitje, mar H.anttng~ 
'.on] VI. 

)\. Apr.2o.\\^m. Anne Holies Capel, E. of Effex. V. 
Vlalden, \CaJhioberry Park, near Watford. Hcrtf or djh.] m, 
h. Apr. 20. ^ Frederick Howard, E. of Carlifle, Vifc. 
VIorpeth, [Cajile Hovjard. near Multon, York/Ji.] K, T. m. 
32. fei. 15. Henry Scott, E. of Doncafier, L. Scott, (Di 
51 Buccleugh in Scotl.) CI. of the South Fencible Reg. and 
Pref. ofthe Scotch Kofp. [Adderbury, n.Ba7ibury,] K.T.ot. 
72. Apr. 23. *Anth. Afhley Cooper, E. of Shaftefbury, 
L; AOiley [ JViyibourn St. Giles's, Dorfetfa.] h. 
79. Sep. n.Fred. Aug. Berkeley, E. of Berkeley, V. Durf- 
ey, Confl. of St. Briavell's Caftle in the Foreft of Dean, 
JL. Lt. Cull. Rot. and Col. ofthe Mil. ofthe Co of Glouc. 
Cities and Counties of Briftol and Glouc. Keeper of the 
Deer and Woods in the Foreit of Dean, and H. Stew, of 
the City of Glouc. \Berkeley-CaJlU, Gloiicefarjh.] b. 
82, Nov. 30. Willoughby Bertie, Earl of Abingdon, 
L. Norreys, H. Stew, of Abingdon and Wallingford. vi. 

1. Dec. I.Thomas Noel, E. of Gainfborough, V. Camb- 
den, H, Stew, ofthe Corporation of Chipping-Carabden, 
Gloucefterfhire [Exton, RutL] b. 

82. Z>a. 6. Other Hickman, E. of Plymouth,,!: Wind- 
for, L. Lt. and Cuft. Rot. of Glamorganlhire, and F. R. S. 
\ Hewell-Grange, Warwkk/Iiire] b. 

)in- III- 1690. Ap. 15. ^ George Auguftus Saunderfon, E. 
of Scarborough, Vif. Lumley, (Vifc. Lumley, in Ireland) 
[Glenwortk, Lincolnjh. Sandbeck, YorkJIi. Lwnley Cajile] w. 
95. May iQ. William Henry NaiTau de Zulellein, Earl of 
_Rochford,Vifc.Tunbridge.[£^7?0K, Saf.B St.Ofyth,Ep[ex]b. 
hS.Feb. 10. * Wm. Charles Keppel, Earl of Albemarle, 
Vifcount Bury [(luiddenkam, Norfolk] b, 

6 H O USE 0/ P E E H S. Ear is. 

1697. Ap. 26. Geo. Vvm. CoveutrV; E, of Coventry; Vj 
Deerhurit; Ld Lt. and Cuilos Rat.otWorcefterlb.and "" 
colder of the C. of Worcefterf 0(7,7if Court, near Woraf.] 
1697. Sep. 24. h|J Geo. BuffyVilliers, E. of Jerfey,Vifc:. 

liers, Captain of the Band of Gentlcmjen Penfloners [MJ3 
• dleron Stony, 0>jvrd/k.'] m. 

%n\n 1706. Dec. 2gSVcre Poulett, E Poulett, Vifc. limto^ 
Ld Lieut and Cuft. Rot. of the County of Devon, aic 
City of Exeter, Recorder of Bridgewater [Hinton 
George, Somerfdjii. and Twickenham, Middlefex\ m. 
1706.^. Geo. Jas. Cholmondeley, E. Cholmondeic 
Vifc. Mai pas, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guards, 
Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the County of Chefter, and 
of the Cbefliire Mil. (V. Cholmonley ofKells in IrelaJ 
\_Cholmondelty, Chejh.'\ h. 
1711. July 24. Ed. Harley, E. of Oxford and E. Mortimt 
Ld. Harley. a Ld. of the Bedch. to his Maj. Ld. Lieut, 
the County of Radnor, a Truftee of the Britifh Mufeuii ng, 
LL. D. and F. R. S. ^Zyavod and Brampton Bryan Cajli \.^ 
Herefordpi,'\ m. ■ 

1711. Sep. 3. Rob. Shirley, E. Ferrers, V.Tamworth \Char.\ 'i 

ley Cajlle, StjffordJJi. and Staunton-Hurold, Leic] in. 
1711. Sep. 4. Wm. Wentworth, E. of Strafford. V. W 

worth, F. R. S. [Weniioorth Cajlle, Yorkjli.'] m. 
1711. Sep. 5.^^ Wm. Legge, E. of Dartmouth, V. Le>#f'] 
ifham, Lord Steward of his Majefty's Houfliold, Pref. ( ih 
the Lon. Difpenfary, and Vice Pref. of the Foundling ar ij. 
Lock Hofpitals, LL. D. and F. R. S. \Sandwell-ka> It 
Stafford, Bluckheath, Kent] m. I. 

^eO»I. 1714. <95. i5.Cha. Bennet,E.of Tankerville,LOfr^ i| 
hon, \ Chillingham-Caf. Northmnb. & Dawney -court, Bucks} i rl 
1714. Od. 15. Heneage Finch, E. of Aylesford, L.Guernfe) j| 
LLD. one of the Lords of his Majefty's Bedch, \ Packing | 
ton, Warwickjh. Aylesford, Kent. Albury near Guild/orm. 
Surrey] vi. j 

1714. OR. 15. Rt. Rev. Fred. Hervey, E. of Briftol, L.: 
Hervey, Bp. of Derry in Ireland, and a Pri>y Counfellor 
in that Kingdom, D D. [Idmorth Lodge, Sitfolk] m. . 

1717 Aug. 3. Hen. Yelverton, Earl of Suffex, Vifc. Longue- 
' ville, Col. of the Northamptonfh. Militia ^Eajlon Mauduit, 

Northamptonjli. Brandon, WarxiickJJiire'] m. | 

" 1717 Mar. 18. Geo. Naffau Clavering Cowper, E. Cowperj 
V. Ford wich, a prince of the holy Roman ciTfpire,f. R- S. 
TThe Moat near Canterb. and Cole-Green, Hertf.] ra. 

1718 Apr. 7. Philip Stanhope, Earl Stanhope, Vifc. Mahon| 
F. i?. S, [Chcvcning near Sevenoaks, Kent] m. ' 

II O U S E p/ r E E R S. Earls. 7 

). May 4. Rev. Robert Sherrard, Clerk, Eari of Har- 
irough, Vifc. Sherrard (Baron Leitrim in Ireland) 
taplejard, Lcicejlirjkire, Glajton, Rutlandjliire'] iv. 
. Nov. 15. Thomas Parker.Earl of MaccIesfield,Vifcount 
irker, F. R. S. LL. D. [Sherborn-CaJUe, OxfordjJi.] t<j. 
.Dec. 21. ^George Fermor,E. of Fomfret, L. Lempfier, 
;eper of the Lower Parks and H. at Wmdfor \_E(tJlon- 
"Jtov. Noithamptonpiire, and Sutibury, Middlefcxi m. 
::. May 23. Wm Graham, E. and Baron Graham of Bel- 
rd (Duke of Montrofe in Scotl.) Chancellor of Glafgow 
iiiv. ^Mynjock Cajik, Diimbartovjh] m. 
•..Mayii^. John Ker, E. and B. Ker of Wakefield (D. of 
Dxbnrgh in Scot.) a L. of his Maj. Bedch. K. T. \_Flcias., 
■XT KelJ'o, Roxbiirglijh. avd Old IMnafor. Berks] b. 
» II. i7?9. 5£p- 16. John V/aldegrave. E Waldegrave, 
lie. Chewion. Mailer of the Horfe to her Majelfy, Col- in 
e Coldftrcam Reg. of Foot GuardsjGov. of Plymouth, a 
en. of his Majelty's Forces, and Ld. Lieut, and Cuil. 
3t. of the County of Eflex \^Kavejiock. near Ovgar Ejfcx\m.. 
>. May 24. ^ John Afhburnham, Earl ot Alhburnham, 
ifc. St. Afaph. LL. D. \_Afiihujnham Place. SujJ'ex, Cheljla^ 
iddUfex] w. 

. Dec. 8. Tho. Howard, E of Effingham, L. Howard, 
Vifw Gra?!ge, ii.Rotherham, Yorkpi.] m. 
. Feb. 6. Geo. "Walpole, E. of Orford, Vifc. Walpole, 
L. of the King's Bed. L.Lieut. Cuft.Rot. of Norfolk, and 
the City and County of Norwich, Steward of the Cor- 
>ration of Yarmouth, and CoL of the Weft Reg. of the 
orfolk Militia \_Hov.ghton. Norfolk, Hayton, Devon/Ji.] b. 
. Feb. 9. Charles Stanhope, Earl of Harrington, Vifc. 
terfham, Lieut. Col. Commandant of the 85th Regiment 
Foot [^Gazvefworth, .Chejhire.t Peterjluim, Surrey] m. 
! Apr. 11. John Wallop, E, of Portfmouth, Vifc. Ly- 
ington [FIuy/boTRe, near Whitchurch, Hants] m. ' 
) July']. Geo. Grevlle, E. Brooke, and Nov. 27, 1759, 
irl of Warwick, Lord Brooke, Recorder of Warwick 
Varwick Cajlle] vi. 

'• J^^h ^- ^ Granville Levefon Gower, E. Gower, Vifc, 
rentham, Ld. Lt. and Cuft. Rot. of the Co. of Stafford, 
ecorder of Stafford, a Gov. of the Charter-Houfe, and 
('ice Prefident of the Middlefex Hofpital,K. G. \Tren- 
Vm Hall, mar Ntivcaftle, Stijfordjh.] w. 
i. Aug. 20. @ Jn. Hobart, £. of Buckinghamfhire, Ld. 
Dbart \Blicklivg^ ^orf- (^nd near Richmond, Surrey] m. 

8 HO USE r/ PE E IIS. Earls. 

ij^S.May 27. Geo. Edw. Henry Arthur Herbert, Earl 
Powys, Vifc. Ludhjw, Recorder of Ludlov,', L.Lt. Cu 
Rot. and Col. of the Militia of the County of Mont!' 
mery [Pou-ys-caJI/e, near WcIJJi-PgcI. Montgoiner\Jhrre'\ h. 

t749. Oti. 18. Geo.Wyndham. E. of Egremont, L. Cocki 
m.o\\th[Or chard IVytidham. Somerfetjk. & Petworth. Suf. j 

1749, C^. ^S. Geo. Nugent Grenville Temple; E. Ttnip 
Vifc. Cobliam. Ld. Lt. and Cull. Rot. of Bucks, C 
of the Bucks Militia, and one of theTellers of the Exch , 
for life [Siozve. 11. Buckingham'^ 711. 

iji^g . Dec. 1. George Siinon Ilarcourt. E. Harcourt, V:, 
Nuneham, \ Stem ton Harcourt, and Xiauham. Oxfordpi."\ 

1750. Aug. 3.4|J Francis Seymour Conway, E. of Hertfo, 
\'ilc. Beauchanip. (L. Conway in Irle.j Lord Chamb> 
lain of his Majefty's Elournold, L.Lt. and Cuff. Rot.f 
the Co. of Warwick, and of the City of Coventry, Pr- 
dent of the Magdalen Houfe. a Vice Prefident of . 
George's Hofjjltal [Ragley, Warzvickjliire'\ K. Q.zv, 

1752. Mar. 8. Fran. North, E. of Guildford,! North, Tr', 
to the Queen's Houfhold, H. Stew, of Banbury, a\e 
Prefid. of St. George's Hofpital. [IValderJJinre near Dd 
Kent, Wroxton-Abbey near Banbury, OxJordJ}nrt'\ w. 

1'^ ^'^. Jiaie 26. ^ Charles Cornwallis, £. Cornwallis,Vj, 
Brome, a Lieut. Gen. of his Maj. Forces, Col. of the d 
Reg. of FootjConfla. of the Tower of London, and L.;. 
of the Tower Ham.lets [Brome and Culford-Hall, Sijff.^u' 

ij^^.Apr. 2. ^Ph.Yorke, E. of Hardwicke,Vifc. Royfi, 
one of the Tellers of his Maj. Excheq. Ld. Lt. and CI. 
Rot. oftheCo. H. Stew, of the Univ. of Cambridge, d 
a Trufl.ofthe Brit. Muf.LL. D. & F. R.S. [Wimple, Cam im 

1754. Apr. 3. HenryVane, E. of Darlington,, Vifc. Berni, 
Gov. of the City and Caftle of Carlifle, Ld. Lieut, id 
Vice Adm. of the County of Durham, and Colonel olrc 
Militia of the Bilhoprick of Durham \_Rahy Cajile] :^ 

ly^S-.June 16. Hen. Bellafyfe, E. Fauconberg, L. Bella :'«» 
a Ld. of the K.'s Bedch. Lord Lieut, and Cuf>. Roof 
the North Riding of Yorkfhire, and Col. of a Rejof 
Foot, [Nezvboroi/gh Hall, Yorkjliire'] m. 

1 -^^e-June 1 7.Hen.Tho. Fox, Earl of Ilchefter, L. Stavorde, 
[Redlynch, 7i€ar Bruton, SomerfctJJi. & Melbury, Dorfetjh.n. 

^ro. IIL 1761. Mar. 18. John Weft, Earl Delawarr, 'k. 
Cantalupe, a Capt. in the 2d Reg. of Guards, and ran as 
Lieut. Col. in the Army. \ Bolderwood Lodge, Hants'}' 

1746. Sep. 6. William Fitzwilliam, Earl Fitzwilliam, fc 
Milton (alfo Earl Fitzwilliam in Ireland) [A/zV/cn; 9^' 
thamptcv-Jliirc, near Pitetboimigh1.M. 


HOrSF 'i/ PT' ;' RS. !'■ ^ F !. -; .7^'Y Vi sct^u NTS. 9 

64. Ma) ig- Rob. J-itnlcy, E. of AortlungLon, Ld. Henley. 
lA. Lieut. onrf:land. Mail, otthe H ana per, and one of the 
Tellers of the Excheq. for Life. K. T. {Grange, near Alrcs- 
ford. Uampjlru^ b. 

•65. Sept. 28. Jacob Fleydell Bouverie, E. of Radnor, Vifc. 
Folkeftonc, Recorder of Sarum, a Capi. in the Xorthamp- 
tonfhire Militia, and perpetual Pref of th^ Saiiroury In- 
firmary. \_Lon-y[ord Cajlh, n. SaliJbiiry\'JVUtSy\ m. 
-S^. Oif. 5. Jn. i^pencer, E. Spencer, Viic. Akhorp, High 
^tev.•. of St. Albans, and Pref. of the BritiinLying-jn Hofp. 
\A!tiiorp. n. Nort-kairf'ton, WivMedon and Batter fta.Surry,~\r^. 
766. Aug. 4. Jn. Pitt, E. of Ciiathara,Vifc. Pitt, a Capt. in 
the 87th Regnnent of Foot. [Burton Pynfcnt. Souierfetjh, 
Hayes, n. Bromlty, Ketitj h. 

-,12.'. Aug. I'l.^^Htn. Bathurfh, E. Bathurft, Ld. Apfley, a 
Gov. of the Char. Houfe. {CirenceJier^GlouccJierJJiire., and 
Fairy Hill, near Chifclhurjl, Kent j m. 

772..^;/^.i2.v^ WillsHiU,E.of HilIfborongh,Vifc.Fairford, 
an elder Bro. of the Trinity Houfe, a Gov. of the Charter 
Houfe, Reg.of the Co. of Chan, in Irel. and-F. R. S. LL. D. 
(alfo E. of Hillfborough in Irel.) [HiHJborough, Co. oj 
Dozen, IreL and Hill Park, Kent) vj. 

J' 76. June 8. «[|f Tho. Bruce Brudenell, E. of x4i.ilefbury, Ld. 
' Bruce, Chamb. of the Queen's Houfehold, [Tottenham, n. 

Marlborough, Wilts.'\ m. 

qjS.Jme 8. ^Thomas Villiers, E. of Clarendon, Ld.Hyde, 

[Hindonin Milts, and Grove, 71. Waff or d, in Hertfordfli.j m. 

TjS. OU. ig. ^ "William Murray, Earl of Mansfield, and 

Lord Mansfield, Ld. Ch. Juft. of the King's Bench, and a 

\ Gov. of the Charter-houfe \ Cane-Wood, Midd.A m. 

\ 1 i 

j^ V I S C O U N T S. 17. 

|;trtU» VI. 1549. Feb. 2. Edw. Devereux, Vifc. Hereford, 

I Premier Vifcount of England [Nanteribba, Montgorn.] m. 

parg 1554. Sep. 2. Anth. Jo feph Browne, Vifc. Montague 

i [Cou'dry near Midhui-Jl., Sujfex] ?n. 

|:ija. II. 1682. Dfc.2.0Geo.Town{hend,Vifc.Townfliend, 

; Matter Gen. of the Ordnance, Col. of the Queen's Reg. of 

! Drag. Guards, and a Gen. [Raynham-hall, Norfolk] m.\ 

1682. Dec. 11. ^ Th. Thymic, V. Weymouth, High Stew. 

ofTamworth, Groom of the Stole, and one of the Elder 
j Brethren of the Trinity Houfe, K. G. [Lovgleat,Wiltfh.'\7P, 
iWM 17^2. July 8. Fred. St. John, Vifc. Bolingbroke and St. 
! John of Batterfea [Lydiard-Tregozen, n. Wott. Bajf. Wilts] 
!3eo» I. x-jzo.June 23. Geo. Evelyn Bofcawen, V. Faln.outh, 
' a Capt. in the 5th Reg. of Dragoons, Recorder of Trfgony 

[Tregothan, Corntuall] 

uuui .u sj(,ou,^^ ^,,. .. ,/i.ria«L^,.ifctQju4p;..aad.,Chanc^ of the 

10 HOUSE of P'EERS. Viscounts B Barons. 

i72i, Sept. 10. George Byng, Vifc. Torrington, [Stnithi 
Bedforclfliire] m. 

<5eO. II. iT^S/Feb. 17. W. Fitzgerald, Vifc.Leinfter of Taj 
low, (D. of Leiniler, Ireland) aPriv. Counf. in Irel. a:; 
Gov. of the Co. of Kildare ,' Car Tozd?}. Co. Kildure. Irel. \ 7 

45^0. III. 1762.^1% 5. Tho. Noel, Vifc. Wentworth, LL.l 
[IV^l/Jhorougk, Kirkby-Mallory. Leic] b. 

1762. May 6. V»''m. Courtenay, Vifc. Courtenay [Powderha 
Caftle. near Exeter] w. 

\-]6^.Apr. 21. Jn.Ward, Vifc. Dudley and Ward, and Lor 
Ward, LL.D. Recorder of Kidderminfter [ Himley HaU.St'i 
fordj'hire. Tcddingtcn, Midd. and St. Laurence., v. Cant.'\ b. 

1766. Oct. 28. Cha. Maynard, Vifc. Maynard [EaJIon-Lodo 
near Du?vnozv, E/fexl m. 

1776 June 8. Robert Hampden. Vifc. Hampden, F. R. J 
[Hampdcn-Hoafe, Bucks ; Bromham-halL B;d[ordJhire'\ zv, 

i-jSi.Feb. 17. ^ Geo. Edgecumbe, Vifc. Mount Edgecumb 
and Valletoit, Ld. Edgecumbe- an Adm. of the Whit£ 
Lord Lieut, and CufL. Rot. of Cornwall, LL. D. \_Moun 
Edgecumbe, Devon, and Cothill, Cornioall \ m. 

5782. Feb. g. ^^ George Germain, Vifc. Sackville, Lor 
Bolebrooke, Clerk of the Council in Ireland, and one 
the Keepers of the Phoenix Park, nea*- Dublin \Stonelari 
Lodge.,SuJ[ex, and Drayton, Northavipto7i/hire~\ zv 

1782. Jpr. 24. ^ Richard Howe, Vifc. Howe, of Langai. 
in the Co. of Nottingh. (alio V. Howe of the Kingd. o 
Ireland) an Adm. of the Blue [Langar.near Nottingkam]in 

1782. Apr. 24. ^ Auguftus KeppeljVifc. Keppel, of Elve; 
d^n In the Co. of SufF. Uncle to the D. of Bedfo. and E. o 
Albemarle, Firft Ld. of the Adm. an Adm. of the Whitei 
and Mafter of the Trinity Lloufe \ BagJIiot Park, Surrey 
and Elden Hull, near Thetjord, Norfolk'^ m. 

' BAR 6~N~S. 73": 

5269. Dec. 59. ^Edward Southwell, Ld. Clifford of Applebif 

{King's WeJIon,near BriJIcL GlouceJlerJh.'\ 
<2DtD. I- 12955 June 1 0f Geo. Nevill, Ld. Abergavennji 

[Kidbrook near E. Grinjlead, SuJJex] zv. 
1296. Jan. 26. Geo. Thicknelfe, Lord Audley of Heleigh. 

[^The Polygon, near Southampton'] m. 
J 298. Geo. Townfliend, Lord de Ferrars, of Chartley, Lore 

Bouichier.LovainejBaffet, andCompton, eldefl fon of Lore 

V. Townfhend, and a Privy Councillor, [Tamxx'ortk CaJlU 

1299. Dec. 29. Hugh Percy, Lord Percy, (Earl Percy) eldefl 

Son of the D. of Northumberland, a Lieut. Gen. and Col 

of the 5th Reg. of Foot, Vice Prcf. of the Magdalen aiwi 

H O us E ()/ P E E R S. Baroxs. j^ 

Weftminfter Infirmary [^Stavzuick, Yor^Jhircy-m. 
JbttJ. II- 1307. Thomas Barret Lennard, Lord D^re \Eil~ 

houfe, EJfex^ m. 
>0n» VI. 1447- March 3. Thomas Twifleton, Lord Saye and 

Sele, a Maior in the third Regt. of Guards, and ranks as a 

Major-Gen. in the army [Broug/iton Cajik, Oxfordfkire.'] ra, 
J.48. May 13. + Charles-Philip Stourton, Lard Stourton 

[Stourton Cajile, Stajjvrdjkirt\ b. 
En» VII. 1492. Aug. 12. John Peyto Verney. Lord Wil- 

deiert, Staffordfhire, Ld. Lieut, and Cuft. Ror. of the Co. 

of Anglefea, LL. D. { Park, and Beaudff 'it.^ both in 

StaffordJJiire^ m. 

115. x^r^'6.jan. 13. Henry Beauchamp St. John. Ld. St. John 

of Bletfo [JVoodford. Nsrthamp. MdMvni, 3idJordj!are] h. 
Rin. I- 1603. July 21. % P.ob. Edw. Petre, Ld. P-tre 01 

Writtle [Thorndon Place^ and V/ritth Park-, ii;ex~\ m. ■ ' 

!'~05. May ^. % Henry Arundel; Lord Arundel oi" Wardour 
(Count of the facred Roman Empirt*) [Wardo-ur Cajck, 
Wilts. Imam-hall near Coltftoorth, Lincolnpp're.'] iv. 
,08. JulyQ. * John Bligh, Ld. Clifton" of Leignton EromL 
|wold;HereditaryHigh Siev/ard of Gravefend and Miiton in 
iKent (earl of D-arnley in Ireland) [Cobham Hall, Kent.'] b. 
115. Jane 30. % John Dormer, Ld. Dormer of Wenge, x 
[Peterley near Wenge, Bucks, Ewdfworth, JPant.\, Grove Park, 
near Warwick] zo. 

16. July 9. Henry Roper, Lord Teynham [_LinJi:ea^ 
Lodge near Sitiingbourn, Kent] m. 
^a. I. 1643. July 1. Edw. Leigh, Ld. Leigh, H. Stev/. of 
. jthe Univ. of Oxford \_Stonelngh Abby, near Warwick'] b. ^^ 
^3. OB.^d^. Wm. Byron, Lord Byron of Rochdale [Newjl^ 
\Abby, Nottinghamjkire] m. 

Ija. IL 1665. i)^r. 11- Wm. Craven, L. Craven, of Hamfted 
■Marflial, H. Stev/. of Newbury, Berks, LL. Ii.\CombeAbby^ 
and Wykin, Warwickjh. Beenham, n, Newiury, Berks] m. 
72. April 'zi. j Hugh Clifford, Lord Clifford of Chudley, 4. 
[Ugbrook, Devon,] m. 

173. Aug. 15. ^ Francis Godolphin' Ofborne, (Marq. of 
ICarmarthen) Ld. Ofborne, of Kivetonin Yorkfh. only fon 
jofthe D. of Leeds, Lord Lieut, and Cuftos Rotulorum of 
the Eafl Riding of Yorkfnire, and Captain of Deal Caflle- 
t 'jine 1711. Sept. lo. Edm. Boyle, Ld. Boyle (E. of Corke & 
iOrrery in Ireland) [Marjlon, Bi^-et, n, Frome, Somerfetjk-.] m. 
1 1 .Dec. 31 .-^iTho. Ha)', Ld. Kay of Pedwarden (E of Km- 
:v3ul in Scotl.) R<i:.c..«LT,.c>f Canib. aadChaiic. of the 

I? HOVSE of FEZR 5. B^rovs. 

Univ. of St.Aiulrew's in Scoi\.[D /,pplin Cajlle, Perthfh.'^^cv, ■ 
ayii. Jan. i. H. ■VViUoughby, Ld, MiddJelon [Wolhlori Hi 

near Notiingk. MiddUton, Wariuickpi. BBirdfal. Yorkjhre . n 
^iQ, I. 1716. Juneg. Geo. Onflow, Ld. Onflow, a Ld. 

his Maj. Bedchamber, Ld. Lieut. & Cuft. Rot, of the C 

of Surrey,- H. Stew, of Kingfton upon Thames and Guil( 

ford, and LL. D. [C/andon, near Ripli-y, Surry^rn. ' 

s^i6, June 22. Rob. Marfliam, Ld, Romney, Pref. of tl 

Society for encouraging Arts and Manuf. Pref. of the M', 

line Society, a Vice Prefident of the Magdalen Houl 

LL. D. and' F. R. S. [ The Mote by Maidjlom, Kait \ w. 
I'^iS.Apr. 7. Charles Sloane Cadogan. Ld. Cadogan. Mart 

and Worker of the Mint, and a Truifee of the Brit. Mi. 

\_Cuve?j/ia7fi Lodge, Oxon, near Reading. B'erksjfn. 
1723. May 27. Pc*er King, Lord King \Ockhani. Surry] m. ■ 
i&PO* IL 1728 May 27. John Monfon, Lord Monfo 

lBroxl>u7n Bury near Hodfdon, Hcrtfordfh. South Carlti 

and Burton near Lincohi'\ m. 
3733. Dec. 5. John Chetwynd Talbot, Baron of Henii 

\^Henful, GiamorganJIiire] m, 
1735. Jan. 23. Francis Godolphin^ Loi^d Godolphin, Gov.. 

the Scilly Iflands [Bay/is near Whdfbr, Bucks^ m. 
1741. May g. Tho. Bromley, Lord Montfort, High Stew. 

the Town of Camb. LL. D. [Drayton, Middl.] m. 
174 x.Mayi 2 . Jn.How.L. Chedwor i\i\Chedworth,GloiiceJlerJh. k 
1743. Dec. 20. Edwin Sandys, Lord Sandys, a Truftee oft 

Britifn ^hx^twra [OmberJIey Court, WorceJieiJJiire] m. 

1746. Jvlyd- Matth. Fortefcue, Lord Fortefcue, High Ste-i 
of Barnftaple •^C(ftle Hill, near South Molton, Devon, a 
EbringtoJi, GlouceJierJIiire] m. 

1747. June 29. Henry Liddel, Lord Ravenfworth [iJair? 
zjcortk Cajlle, Durham'] m. 

■1J49. June 12. ^ Wm. Ponfonby, L. Ponfonby, a Trufi 
of the Britifh Mufeum, -and Vice Ad. of Munfter 
Ireland (E. of Befborough in Ireland) \_Roehampton, Sur 
Syfonby, Leicejleijliire'] w. 
1 75p.M«r. 28. Aubrey Beauclerk,L.Vere [Hanworth, Middl.] 
1 756. JwH<?4 HoratioWalpole,L. Walpole[?rWf^;to»,A'i??/. ! 1 
1760. May 20. ^ \^'m. Petty, Ld. Wycombe, LL. !>• ^ | 
' Gen. in the Army, ('E..Df Shelburne in the K. of Irelat ;| 
{Wycombe, Bucks, 'Bow-wood Park, near Calne, V/ilts^mV '^ 
i-j&o.Miy 21. Henry Bilfon Legge, Ld. Stawell, Surve) 

oftheCuftoms \_Hohe-ForeJl, near Farnham, Surry \ m. 
1760. May 22. Lewis Monfon Watfon, Ld. Sondes, one oft 
Auditors of the Imprelt for Life, and a Vice Frefident 
the Lock Hofpital [Lees-court, near Feve^fzam, Kent, i 
Rockinoham~cafiUyN0rthamptorifiire\ zv. 

HO us E ^ P E E R S. Baroks. 15 

5c'o,iri. 1761. April J. 0Tho. Robin fori, L. Grantham, m. 
•/Si. Apr. g. Pvich. Grolvenor, L. Groivenor, Fref. of Weftm- 
Lying-in-Hofp. and a Vice Pref. of the BritUh and.Midd. 
Hofp. [_Eatpn-hall., n. Chejl. & Coomie, Surry^ m. 
761. Ap. 10. Nath. Curzon, Ld. Scarfdale, a Vice Fref. of 
the Midd. Hofp. LL. D. [Keddlcjlon, n. Derby'] m, 
61. Ap. 10. J'rederick Irby, Lord Bofton, a Ld. of his Ma- 
Jefty's Bcd-cham. and LL.D. [Hedfor,n.BeconsJi£ld,Bucks1m. 
■62. May 4. ^ Tho. Pelham, L. Pelham, Surveyor Gen, 
of Cuftorns in port of London \_Slan7nere, n. Leujes] n. 
r62. May 6. '* Henry Richard Fox, Lord Holland, and 
April iS, ij6^. Lord Holland, Baron of Foxley, L 
'62. May 7. Jn. Ja. Perceval, L.Lovel &. Holland ofEnmore, 
(alfp E. of Egmont in Ireland) \ Enmore Cafile, Somerfct] m, 
ea. A'/izvio. Jof. Damer, Lord Milton, of Milton-Abbey, 
JJorfetlbire, (alfo Ld. Milton of Shrone-hill, Ireland) zv. 
'62. May 10. Edward HufTey Montagu, Ld. Beaulieu, K. B. 
{Ditton Park, Bucks, and Beaulieu, Nexv-Forejl, Hants] m. 
^z. May 12. George Venables Vernon, Lord Vernon, of 
Kiriderton \ Sudbury. inDerk)Jhirz ; Nezuick Park, Sujfex] m, 
CL'of the Cr. in the Co. PaL of L'ancailer [_Toriwortli''i m,^ 
65. July i6.0CharIes Pratt, Lord Camden, of Camden 
Place, a Gov. of the Charter Ho. Recorder of Bath, and 
KR.S. [n. Chifdhvrjl, Kent] to. 

65 Aug. 13. Henry Digby, Lord Digby, of Sherborne in 

Dorfetfhire, Lord Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the County of 

Dorfet, andof the Town of Poole (Ld. Digby in the King- 

Idom of Ireland) [Sherborne Cafde, Dorfetfhire] m. 

;66.Z>fc.2 2.John Campbell, Ld. Sundridgeof Coombank in 

JKent, (D. of Argyll in Scotland) Hereditary Mafter of the 

iKing's Houftiold in Scotland, a General of his Majefty's 

Forces, and Col. of the ift Reg. of Foot [Inverary] m. 

'76. May 14. ^^ John Stuart, (Ld. Mountftuart in Scotland) 

Ld. Cardiff, of Cardiff-Caftle in Glamorganfh.' eld'^fi: Son 

of the E. of Bute, Envoy Extra, and Min. Plenipot. to the 

iKing of Sardinia, and one of the Auditors of the Impreft 

'for life, [Lamer, near Welzvyn, Hcrtjcrdjkire] m. 

76. May 14. Martin Bladen Hawke, Lord Hawke, of 

Towton in Yorkfliire, [_Sunbury, Midd/cfex, and Scartking- 

zvell-Hall, near Tozoton in YorkJh.ire] m. 

.|76. May 14. ^ Jeffery Amherft, Ld. Amherft, ofHolmef- 
idale in Kent,^ K. B. a Gen. in the Army, Col. of the 2d 
Tr. of H. Gds. and of the 6oth Reg. of Foot, and 
Gov. of Guernfey [Moyitreal, n. Sevm-Oaks in Kent] m. 
76. May 14. Browrilow Cuft, Ld. Brown low, of Belton in 
Lincolnfnire,. LL. D. [^Bdton, near Grantham] nt. 

14 HOUSE (/PEERS... Barons £5'.ScoTS Peer s.. 
-i.T]6.May 14. Geo. Pitt, Ld. Rivers, Col. of the Dorfetfl 

Militia, and LL. D. \_StratJieldfdy, Hants] vi. 
lyjG.May 14. Nath. Ryder, Ld. Harrowby, of Harrowby i 

Lincolnfh. [Streathani vi Surrey, & Shiplake in OxfordJIi. \ i 
1776. Mayi^. Thomas Foley, Ld. Foley, of Kidderminfti 

in Worceaerfnire, Joint Poftmafter Gen. [_Stoke Edith, 

HertJordJhire\ w. 
1778. June 2. ^ Edward Thurlow, Ld. Thurlow, of Afl' 

field in Suffolk, a Gov. of the Charter-Houfe \Knigh 

Hill, near Duhuich, Surrey'] h. 
1780. June 13.^ Alex. Wedderburn, Ld. Loughborough,. 

Loughborough, in the County of Leiceller, Ld. Chief Ju! 

of the Court of Com. Pleas, and Chief Commifiloner • 

the Great Seal {Mitcha/n, Surrey] m. 
1780. Sept. 29. William-Hall Gage, Ld. Gage, of Firle,-.". 

SufTeX) (Vifc. Gage, in the K. of Ireland) Pay-m. of h 

Majefty's Pcnfions andBounties, F. R. S. { n. Lewes Su/\]\ 
1780. Sept. 29. James Brudenell, Ld. Brudenell, of Dfen 

North amp ton ib. next Brother to the D. of Montagu. Ma 

or the Robes, and Keeper of the Privy Purfe to his M 

jeilv \ Been:, Nortk.amptojyliire] w. 
-i-:%o.Sept. 29. Tho. Be Grey, Ld. Wallingham. of Walfin 

ham, in Norfolk, Comptroller of the Firft Fruits ai; 

Tenths, F. R. S. \_Mcrton, nexr Tketford, Korf.] vi. 
2780. Seft. 29. Wm. Bagot, Ld. Bagot, of Bagot's Bromle 

Staftordfn. [BUthJieM, near Litchf eld \ m. 
4780. Setit. 29. Cha. Fitzroy, Ld. Southampton. Lt. Gen. 

his Majefty's Forces, Col. of the 3d. Reg. of Dragoons, ai 

Groom of the Stole to the Prince of Wales [Higkgate]. 
1780. Sept. 29. H. Herbert, Ld. Portchefter. of HighcJere, 

the. Co. of Southampton, Col. of the Wiltlhire JMiiif. 

and LI.. D, [Higkclere, Hants] m. 
17S2. March 30. ^ John Dunning, Lord Afhburton, of AL; 

burton, in the Co. of Devon, Chanc. of the Duchy and C 

Pal, of Lane. [J/khurtcn in Dev. and Putney Heath, Sur.\ 
J 782. Mar. 30. ^ Flet. Norton, Ld. Grantley, of Mark& 

field, m the Cc. of York, Chief Juft. in Eyre of his M' 

Forefts South of Trent, Recorder of Guildford, and LL.l. 

[Grantley, rear Ripon, Yorkjk. and Wonerjk, near Guild/.] 
2782. May 28. George Brydges Rodney, Lord Rodney, 

Rodneyrtoke, in the County of Somerfet, Vice Admiral 

England, K. B. \_Great Alresford, Hants] m. 
_ U783.. March 4. Francis Rawdon, Lord Rawdon, of Ra' 
^ don, Yorklbire, and a Captain in the 105th Reg- of Foi \ 
^' i 781. March 4. Tho, Townfhend, Baron Sydneyj'of Chif 

hL'rft in Kent, and a Governor of the Ci^arter-Hoi 

\tro£.uaiiriear Foot's-Crayi-)Kiat-~\ 

HOUSE o/ PEERS. Scots Peers. 15 

SCOTS PEERS (16.) Elecled OEkohQr, 1780. 
rija* II. 1684 A'bi'. I. Alexander Gordon, D. of Gordon, 

Marq. of Humley, a Capt. in the Army [K. T.] m. 
t5in» III. 1684. ft4. 3. Jas. Douglas, D, of QueenfburyjE. of 

Drumlanrig, Prefid. 01 the Police, aLd. ot the King's Ued- 

Chamb. \_Nidp.ith^ Pceblesjh. Barnton, Mid/othian'j K. T. L 
innt 1705. April ^o. 4 John Murray, D. of Athol, Marq. 

of TuUibardin, Lord of the Ifle of Man, and Keeper of 

Falkland [_Dunkeld, near the RivcrTay \ Blair CaJi'.Athol~\ m. 
701. June 23. William John Ker. Marquis of Lothian, 

Earl of Ancram, a Maj. Gen. and Col. of theiitTrooD 

of Horfe Guards [JVabner in Kent] K. T. w. 2 

"anu III. 1488. ytuy sS. 4 James Cunningham, Earl of 

Glencairn, Lord Kilmaurs ^fifilayfion, Renfrezojhire^ b. 
Pani. IV. 1503. Arch. Montgomery, E. of Eglington, Ld. 

Montgomery, a Lt. Gen. Col. of the 51 ft Reg of Foot, & 

Gov. of Dumbarton-caft. \_EgHngton&A7idrofan.Airj7i.'\7n. 2 
509. David Kennedy, Earl of Caffilis, Lord Kennedy, 

heretable Bailiff of Carrick \Cafjilis, Airjhire~\ b. 2 

^vim. VI. 1606. July 10. James Hamilton, E. of Abercorn, 

Ld. Paifiey, (alfo Vifco. Strabane in Ireland, & a Privy 

Counfellor there) [WiV/ziZOT, £^t'A-] h. ^ 

623. March 24. f James Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale, Vifc. 

Maitland, Heretable Royal Standard Bearer, m. 
623. Sept. ig. John Stewart, Earl of Galloway; Ld. Gairlies, 

Ld. Commif. of the Police in Scotland. K. T. m. 2 

^^Z- J"i^^ 19- George Ramfay, Earl of Dalhoufie, Lord 

Ramfay, his Maj. High Commif. to Church of Scotl. 2 
682. Nov. 30. George Gordon, Earl of Aberdeen, Lord 

Haddo \^Haddo Houfe, Aberdeen/Iiire'] m. 2 

/lam* VIL 1686. Aug. 16. John Murray, E. of Dunmore,Vifc. 
■ FxnczMe, [Dutwiore & fincaJile,Pert/!/J2.'^i m. g 

697. Apr. 23. ^ Hugh Hume Campbell, E. of Marchmont, 

Ld. Polwarth, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, i^.i?. 5, 

\Rtdbraes., BerwichJIiire~\ m. r 

Inne 1 703. Niel Primrofe, E. of Rofeberry,V. Primrofc, K.T, 

[Barnbougle Cajlle, IV. Lothian'] m. ' c 

Qam. VI. \^^\.Aug. 26. David Murray, Vifc. Stormont, 

Juft. Gen. of Scotl. Joint Clerk of the King's Bench^ and 

Keeper of Scoon, \Scoon^ Perthflu] K. T. ?«. 2 

l(',j N. B. The Figures after the 16 Scots Peers, fhew the 

Number of Parliaments in which they have fat, 

+ Vv^ere not in the laft Parliament. 

f. B. Ths Scots Peers take Place of all thofe of the fame Rankj 

createdfnce ihe Union, lyoy. 

i6 HOUSE 0/ PEERS. Pesressss, '^ Bisno?s. 
Peeress'es in their own Right, by Creation or Defcent. 

JEmima Campbell, Marchionefs Grey, and Baronefs La 
cas, Lady to the Earl of Hardwicke May j\ 1741 

Rachael Auften, Baronefs Le Defpencer, widow of the lai 

Sir Rob. Auften, of Bexley, Kent, Bart. June^ 128, 

Charlotte Murray, Baronefs Strange, of Knokyn, w^idow c 

the late Duke of Athol, and Lady of the Ifle of Man lagc 
Elizabeth Somtrlet, Baronefs de Bottetourt (Ducbefs Dow 

ager of Beaufort) 130' 

Prifcilla Barbara Eliz. Burrell, Baronefs WilloiighbydeErefb- 

in the Co. of Lincoln, Wife of Sir Peter Burrell, Knt. 131; 
Amelia Byron, B. ConierS; lady of Jn. Byron, Efq. 1501 
Mary Stuart. Baronefs Mount Stuart of Wortley in Yorkfhire 

Lady of the Earl of Bute April 3, 176 

Hefter Pitt, Baronefs of Chatham, Lady of the late Earl 

Chatham Dec. 4, 176 

Carolina Townfbend, Baronefs of Greenwich, limited to he 

Sons by Mr. Tov.nfbend, Widow, firft of the E. of Dal 

keith, and now of the late Rt. Hon. C. Townfhend 176 ' 
Elizabeth Campbell, Baronefs Hamilton, of Hameldon, i. 

Leicefterfhire, limited to her Heirs Male, (Lady of the D 

of Argyl, and Duch. Dow. of Hamilton) 1771 

Cecil Rice, Baronefs Dinevor, eldeft daughter of the lat 

E. Talbot, and widow of Geo. Rice, Efq. 0^. 17, 178' 


With the Sum each See is charged in the King's Books. 
^*r^ R.John Moore, Lord Archbifhop of Canterbury 

JL-/ Primate of all England, Prefident of Corp. of Sor 
of the Clergy, and of the Society for the Fropogationof th 
Gofpel [^Crcydon, Surry^ 2682 ; 12 : 2 
Dr. W. Markham, Ld. Abp. of York, Primate of Eng. an 

Ld. High Aim. to his Maj. \_BiJhopthcrp. n. York] 1610I. 
Dr. Rob. Lowth, Ld. Bp. of London, Dean of his Majefty 

Chapels Royal, a Governor of the Charter-houfe, an 

F. R. S. [^Fulham, Mid.'] 1000 
Dr. John Egerton, Ld. Bp. of Durham, Cuft. Rot. ofthePrir 

of Durham, firft Coufm of the Duke of Bridgewater [^Dm 
ham Palace, Auckland Cajlle, Durham] 1821 : i : 

Hon. Dr. Brow-nlow North, Ld, Bp. of Winchefter, fecon 
Son to the Earl of Guildford, Prelate of the order of th 
GzTttr [Chelfea, and Winckejler Palace] 2873118: 

Rt. Hon. Ld. Jam. Beauclerk, D. D. Ld. Bp. of Hereforc 
Uncle to the Duke of St. Albans, and to Ld. Vere, and 
Vice Pref. of the Afylum [Palace at Hereford] 768 : 11 : 

Sir Wm. Aftiburnham, Bart, and D. D.Ld. Bp.of Chicheftei 
Reaor of Gcftling in Suilcx [Chich. Pal. Sujf.] 677:1: 


H O U S E r/ PE E R S. B:sho?s. i; 

'r. Cha, Mofs, Ld. Bp. of Bath and Wells, Canon of Sa- 
rum, and /. /?. 5. [Wells Palace, Sonicrfctjliire] 533:1:3 
r. Jonathan Shipley, Ld. Bp, of St, Afaph [Palace at St. 
Afaph , FlintJIiire] ' 187:11:8 

•. Edm, Law, Ld, Bp, of Carlifle, and Mafler of Peter 
Houfe in Cambridge [Rofe Cajile, Cumberland~\ 531 •.^•.g 
n. Dr. Shute Barrington, Ld. Bp, of Salifbury, Chanc. of 
t;;e Order of the Garter, and Brother to ha. Vif. Barring- 
r.on [Sabjbury Palace, Wiltjhire'\ 1385:5:9 

,-. Jno. Hinchliffe, Ld. Bp. of Peterborough, and Mafter 
Idf Trinity College, Camb. [Peterborough Palace^ 414:17:8 
^n. Dr. James Yorke, Ld. Bp. of Ely, youngeflBro, to the 
^. of Hardwicke [Ely Palace, Camb.\ 2134:18:6 

. John Thomas, Ld. Bp. of Rochellcr, Dean of Weftmin- 
iter,Deanof the Order of the Bat'i.and a V. Pref. of the 
iWeftmin. Infirm. [Bromley, Kent.] 358:4:0 

!-. Rich. Hurd, Ld. B. of Worceller, Clerk of the CloYet 
''■oth.t' [Hartlebury Cajlle, Worcejlerfh] 929:13:3 

-. Beilby Porteus, Ld. Bp. ofChefter,Maft. ofSt.CrofsHof. 
and Reft, of Hunton, in Kent [Pal. at Chcjler] 420:13:3-- 
. John Butler, Ld. Bp. of Oxford, Preb. of Winchefler, 
Archd. of Surrey [Cuddefden, Oxford/h.] 381:11:0 

:. John Rofs, Ld. Bp. of Exeter, Archdeacon of Exeter, 
Vr.of Frome, Somerfetfli. F. R. S. [Exeter Palace.] ^00:0:0 
1. Tho.Thurlow, Ld.Bp.of Lincoln, Bro. to thcLd.Chanr. 
Dean of St. Paul's, Reft, of Stanhope, in the Co. of Dur- 
ham, and Mail, of the Temple [Bugden^ Hunt.] 828:4;9 
r. John Warren, Ld. B, of Bangor, Archd. of Anglefea and 
.Bangor, [Bangor Palace, Caernarvonjhire] 131:16:3 

pn. Dr. Js. Cornwallis, Ld. Bp. of Litchfield and Coven- 
try, and Reft, of Newington Oxfordfh.Bro. toE, Cornwal- 
lis, and Nepbevv-- to the Abp. of Cant. [Litchjicld-Palacey 
^andEcclA^iall-Cafde, -Staffordjli.] 559-17:3 

|r. Sam. Hallifax, Ld. Bp. of Gloucefler, Reft, of War fop, 
in '^ottmghi\T\ih. [Palace at Gloucfjltr] 3^5-V^3 

f. Lewis Bagot, Ld. Bp. of Norw. | Pal. at Norm.] 834:1 1 :/ 
r. Rich. Watfon, Ld. Bp. of Landaff, Regius ProfefTor of 
Divinity, Cambridge • 154:14:2 

r._ Chriltopher Wilfon, Ld. Bp, ofBriftol, Canon Refiden- 
tiary of St. Paul's, and Reftor of Barries, Surrey [Bri/iol ' 
Palace, Gloucefler] 294:11:0 

r.'Edw. Smalhvell, Lord Bp. of St, David's \_AberguiUy n. 
Carmarthen ] ■ 426 : 2 ; t 

r, George Mafon, Ld. Bp. of Sodo* and Man [BiJJiop's-^ 
Court, IflcojMm] 834:11:8 

I ^8 ] 
The HOUSE of PEERS in Alphabetical Ordq 

with their To^mi Rejidence, 
D {lands for Duke, M for Marquis, E for Earl, V £0 

Vifcount, L for Lord, Bp. for Bifhop. 
^^ The Figures after the Nd?nes refer to the Pages on zuhii 
each Lord is mentioned zuith his Titles in the foregoing Lift. •. 

ABercorn E 15, Gro/i'.y^«.|Buccleiigh D 5, Grofvenor-ft^ 
Aberdeen E 15, WVot- Bucks E 8, Old Bond-flreet 

Abergavenny L 10, 
Abingdon E 5, Cork-Jlrect 
Albemarle E5, Berkley-fquare 
AmherftLi3, ^Vhitch'all 
A.ncaller D 3, Savilk-row 
Argyll D 13, Argyll-flreet 
Arundel of Wardour L 11, 

Afhburnham E ^ ^Dover-freet 
Afhburton ^Li \.Linc.Inn.Fithi-s 
Athol D 15, Grofvenor-place 
Audley L 10, Half Moon fir . 
Aylelbury E g, Seymour-plac , 

May Fair 
Aylesford E]6, 5^ James' s-fq. 
Bagot L 14, Upper Brook-fir. 
Bangor Bp 17, Great Gtorge-jl. 
Bath and Wells Bp 17, 
Bathurft E g, Jpfley-houfe, 

Hyde-Park Corner 
Beaufort D 2, Grofvenor-fq. 
Beaulieu L 13, Dovtr-frect 
Bedford D 2, Bloomfoury-fq 
Berkeley E 5, Bolton-frect 
Befborough E 12, Cavcndififq. 
Bolingbroke V 10, 
Bolton D 2, Southampton-row, 

Bofton L 13, Grofvenor-ftreet 
Brandon D 3, Grofvenor-fq 
Bridgewater D ^.Cleveland-row 
Briftol E 6,S^ James' s-fquare 
Briflbl Bp 17, Amen-Corner 
Brownlow L 14, Bond-fired 

Byron L n , Queen- Anne Jlri 
Cadogan L 12, 5/. James' s-J, 
Camden L 13, New Burl-ft. 
Canterbury Abp 16, Lambe. 
Carlifle E 5, 5^ James's-pla 
Carlifle Bp 17, G'reat Cumbc; 

Carmarthen M 11, Grofv. J 
CaCilis E 15, P ark-fir ct 

Chandos D 3, Chandos-flreet. 
Chatham E c, Savile-rorjj 
Chedworth L 12, Berkley-J 
ChefterBp 17, Great Geo^ 

freet, Wcfimirfler 
Chellerfield E 5, 5. Audley-j. 
ChichefterBp 17, Albeynarle-^y 
Cholmondeley E 6, Piccadii. 
Clarendon E g, Up. Grofv. Ji 
Clifford L 10, Spring Garde. 
Clifford of Chudley L 1 

Corke E "1 1 , Upper Grofv. jl 
Cornwallis E 8, Albemarle-Jl 
Coventry E 6, Piccadilly 
Courtenay V 10, Grofv-jl 
Cowper E 7, (a^ Florence) 
Craven L 1:, Charles-flrti 

Cumberland D 1, Pallm 
Dacre L 1 1 , Bruton-Jlreet 
Dalhoufie E 15 Golden-fqua 
Darlington E S,Clevl.h. S.J.J 
Darnley E 1 1 , Berkley-fqua 
Dartmouth E 6, Ck.fl. S.J.J 

Brudenell L 14, Pon'»^«/-/'-.|De Lawarr E 8, Park-fireU 
Grofvinor-fquare jDenbigh E 4, South-flrcct 

Alphabetical Lift of the 

Doy E 4, Grofvevor-fquare 
Jonihire D 2, Piccadilly 
^i)y L 13, Portman-fquare 
E)< ner L 11, South Audky-Jl. 

!< et D 3, Grofvenor-fquare 
t e L 13, Portman-fquare 
tIeyV 10, Park-lave 
i^» more E 15, Berkley-Jlr. 
* rtman-fquare 
IliamBp 17, Grofv. fq. 
ic:iimbe V 10, Up. Grof.ft. 
jf gham E 7, Gt. G.Jl. Wcjl. 
Ig igtoun E 14, Conduit-Ji. 
i!g ont E 13, Portman-fquare 
']^!montE'8, Piccadilly 

' Bp 17, D over-fir eet 

. ; E 5, Stanhope ft. May f. 

■ er E 4, Lower Grof.-fi. 

^ er Bp 1 7, South Audlcy-ft. 

a.outhVg; St. fames'' s-fq. 

a onherg E ^^Geo.fl.Han.fq. 
'(r ns E 6, 6'^. Seymour-flreei 
e irs L lo, Portland-place 

iivilliam E 8, Grofv.fq. 

' / L 1,^^ Foley H. Chandos-fi. 
^Icue L 12, Wimpole-Jl. 
'<;L 14, Arlington-flreet 
r'c ftorough £ 5, Harley-fl. 
jrcpway E 15, Charles-flreet^ 
^ « fames' s-fq. 
»I cairn E 15. Chef erf tld-fr. 
' u c E s T E R D I, Upper Grof- 

'A cefterBp i'j.,Dartmouth-fl. 
j<3lphin L 12. Stable-yard 
kilon D 15, '<[//. Gro/ f. 
»c;er E 8, Whitehall 
»i|ton D I , Piccadilly 
Jiltham L 13, Whitehall 
Jijitley Li4, Line. Inn-Fields 
TrvenorLi3, ^'''^fi'- f^- 
JiMford E 8, lienrietta-fi. 
fapdenV \ofireen-f.G.fq. 
la oronghTE.'] .Soutli-Audleyfl. 
laourt E 8, Cavendifi-fq. 
ia wickc E Z^St. James' s-fq. 

House of Pr. zrs. ig 

Harrington E 7, Stable-yd.S.J. 
Harrowby L 14, Park-ft. 
Hawke L 13, Bloomfbury-fq. 
Henfol L i2,Upper iroo'kfireet 
Flereford V 10, Chandos-ft. 
Hereford Bp 16, [Hereford) 
Hertford E 8, Grofv. fl. 
Hillfborough Eg, Han. fq. 
Holland L 13, 
Hov/eVio, Crrafton-f. 
Huntingdon E 4.5/ James^s-pl. 
Jerfey E 6, Grofv.fq. 
richeifer E g, Burlivgtov-fl. 
KeppelV 10, Admiralty 
King L 12, Dover-fi. 
Kinnoul E 11, 

Landafi" Bp 1 7, Great Gtorge-fl, 
Lauderdale E 15, 
Leeds D 2, St. James's fq. 
Leigh L 1 1, 

Leinfter D 10, Whitehatt 
Lincoln Bpi 7, Z)^anf7^ St. Paul, 
Litchfield Bp 17, Wimpole-f. 
London Bp 16, 5^. James*s-fq. 
Lothian M 15, Park-hne 
Loughborough L 14, Bedf. fq. 
Macclesfield E 7, Ruffel-fir. 
Manche{lerD3, Paris 
Mansfield E 9, Gr. Rujell-flr. 
Marchmont E iQ.)Curz.fl. M.f. 
Marlborough D 2, Pallmall 
Maynard V lo, Portman-fq. 
Middleton L 12, Hill-ft. 
xMilton L 13, Tilney-fl. May f. 
Monfon L 12, Albemarle-fi. 
Montagu D 4, Privy garden 
Montagu V 9, Q^.An.ft. Cav. fq, 
Montfort L 12, Swallow-fi. 
Montrofe D 7, Up. Grofv. Ji. 
Mountftuart L 13, Madrid 
Newcaftle D 3, New palace yd^ 
Norfolk T> I, St. fames'" s-fq. 
Northampton E 4, [abroad) 
Northington E g, Ireland 
NorthumberlandD 3, Char Cr. 
Norwich Bp i-jjUp. Grofv.Jl.. 



of the 



Onflow L 12, 

OrfordE 7, Grcev-Ji. GroJJq 
Oxford E 6, Hurley Jlrtet 
Oxford Bp 17, Jiill-Jlreet, 

P aget L 11; Si. James's- fq. 
Pelhani L. 13, Strcttonjireet 
Pembroke E 4, Privy garden 
Percy Lie, Grofvenor-fiJuare 
Peterborough E ^.Clsveland-R. 
Peterborough Bp 1 'j, Conduit Jl. 
PetreLii, Park-lane 
Plymouth E 5, Brutov-Jlreet 
Pomfret E 7, Chandois-Jireet^ 

Ca ve n difn -Jq uare 
Portcheiter L 14, Tentcrden- 

Jlrect. Hanover-fquare 
Portland D 3, Luwning-Jlreet 
PortfinouthE 7 NewBurling.Jl. 
Poulett E 6, Stratjord-placc 
Powis E 8, PM-jtnet 
Queenfberry D 15, Piccadilly 
Radnor E g, Grajton-Jireet 
Ravenfworth L 12 .St.J.fq. 
Rawdon L 14, St. James's PL 
Richmond D 1 Privy garden 
Rivers L 14 Hertford-Jlreet 
Rochefter Bp ij.DeanryJVeJl. 
RochfordE 6, Upper Harley-Ji. 
Rodney L 14, Her tjord-ji reel 
Romney L 12, Arlington-Jlreet 
Rofeberry E \ ^.Holland Ho. K. 
Roxburgh D ^^yPIanovcr-fquare 
Rutland D 2, Arlington-Jtrcet 
St. Albans D 2, Abroad 
St- Afaph Bp 17, Bolto?i-rotv, 

St. David's Bp 17, Gr. Geo.Jl. 
St. John L 11, Conduit-Jlrect 
Sackville V 10, Pall-mall 
Salifbury E 4, Cavevdijh-fq. 
Salilbury Bp 17, CavendiJIi-fq. 
Sandwich E 5. HtrtJord-JlreU, 

Sandys L 12. Portland-place 
Save snd Sele L 1 1 ; George-Jir. 


Scarborou^ih E 6 

rEKP. 5. 




Scarfdale L 13. Mansfield-p 
Shaftefbur)' E 5, Gro/vinor- 
Shelbuvne E 1 2 . Bcrkley-fqn 
Shrew Ibray E a- S^ahhopf.- 
Somcrfct D 2, Upper Crof.' 
Sondes L 12. Grofvcvcr fi^u^. 
SouthampLon L 14, Stanliq- 

Jlrect '' ■.' 

Spencer E g. 5^ James' s-U 
Stainford E 5. Lharlcs-Jtrn 
I Berkky-Jq. 

Stanhope £ 7, Harley-Jlrrct 
Stawell L 12, Hanover-Jqua, 
StormontVi^, Portland-pi 
Stourton I< n , 5/. James's- 
Strafford E 6. St. James's J 
Suffolk E 4, ' Pall-mall 
SufTex E 7, Slrotjord-phce 
Sydney L 14, Albemarle-Jlr. 
Tankerville E 6, Portman- 
Temple E 8, Pall-Mall 
Teynham L ii , Clarges-Jh, 
Thanet E 5, Grofvenor-Jqv., 
Thurlow L 14, Ormond-Jlrv 
Torrington V 10. {Bnijjils): 
Townfhend V g, Portman-j' 
VereLi2, St. James's-fq^^ji 
Vernon L 13, Park-place 
Waldegrave E 7, Whitehal 
Wales, Prince of, 1 
Walpole L 12, Bruton-Jlree 
Walfmghani L 14, Upper h 

Warwick E 7, Grofveiwr-J 
Wentworth V 10, Saville-1 
Weflmorland E 4, Sackvilk-^ 
Weymouth V 10, Arlingfon- 
Willoughby de Broke L 

Winchelfea E 5, St. Jamt 

Winchefler Bp 16, GrovJ. 
Worcefter Bp 17, Great Ru^ 

Jlreet. Bloomjlmry. 
York Abp 16, Bloom.foury-j 









'' dgcJJiire. 
/■ridge, U. 
jridge, T. 

( '21 ) 

75 7" of the Cflvrths, Cii's^. and Boroughs of England. 
'ae Order in vjlu'ch tlieir Reprfcuiaiives are called over in 
' Hoif. 

Ripon Lincoln. 

Scarborough Middle Tex. 

Thirilc Weilminller 

York London. 

Kingfton Monmouthfiire. 

F.jjex. Monmourh. 

Colchefter Norfolk. 

Maiden Lynn 

Harwich, yarmouth 

Clone flcrfldre. Thetford 
Tewkel"bury Callle Rifing 
Cirercefter Norwich. 
G louceiler. Northampt'Qyfh. 
Hereford/Jiire. Peterborough 
Hereford NorthamptQiv. 

L>iominfter Brackley 
Weobly. High. Perrer^ 

Ilcrfordjhire. I'^i or thumb erL. 
Herciord Morpeth' 

St. Albans. Newcaftle 
Hunt i V g-do 77 fi. on Tyne 
Huntingdon. Berwick, 

Keyit. Notti77gha7vflu, 

Rochefter Eaft Retfor.d. 

Queenborough Ts^ewark 
Maidftone Nottingham.. 

Cauterbur)'. Oxon. 

LaT7cafJ-iire. Oxford, Uniiefi, 
Lancafter Oxford, City,. 

Prefton Woodftock 

Liverpool Banbury. 

Wigan Rtttland/liire^ 

Clitheroe Shrofpiire.^ 

Boroughbridge Nev/ton. Skrewibury 

Le7ccf erf lire. Ludlow 
Leicelter. Bridgnorth 

Lincobfiire. Weulock 
Stamford Bifhop's Cafl! 

Grantliam So77ier/}tJkiyt 

Bofton Taunton 

Grimfby Ivelchelter 

L ncefton 
L xcard 
E imyn 
I [\on 
S alh 
i i-Looe 
"\ ft-Looe 
( 11 el ford 
I irvn 
T ■go^y 
I 'liney 
^ Ives 
1 ,vey 

^ Gcrmains 
i v\'port 



Alh bur con 

Weymouth & 


Lbor, or York- 









2 2 'ih 





Southampton^ or 


Y mouth 









' Houfs of 




C O M M O 



Wtjimer eland. 


New Sarui^ 
Devrzes : 

Cricklade .; 
Old Saruiii' ii 
Weftbury • 
Wotton Baf 
Great Bedw 
Cinque Per 


An Alphaee-fical LIST of the Counties, Cities, ] 

roughs, Cinque Ports, and Members returned for ear 

■with the Places they polTcfs, and their Country Seats. 
The Figures in Parenthefes ( ] fhew the Number of Me 

bers each County fends. ^ Privy Counfellors. 

The Figure after the Name fliews in how many Parliame 

the Member has fei"ved. Thofe without Figures are ne. 
^SPEAKER, Rt. Hon. Cha. Wolfran Cornwall, E 

Abingdon, BerkJIiirc. 
Edv.^ Loveden Loveden, Efc. [ Bujcott. near Faringdon, Ber . 

AgmondeJJiam, Bucks. 
Wm-Drakcjefq; LL.D. [Shardeloes and AmerJIiam Mount. Bui 
Wm. Drake, junior, efq; LL.D. fon to the other Member 

St. Allan's, Hertjord/Iiire. 
John Radcliffe, Efq; brother-in-law to the Earl of Carl: 

[Hitchin Priory, Herts) 
William Charles Sloper, efq; brother to gen. Slopg:, a 

fon-in-law to the bifliop of St. Afaph 
Aldborough, Suffolk. 
Martyn Fonnereau, Efq; one of the dire6lors of Green\y:.| 

Philip Charnpion Crefpigny, Efq; procurator-general to 

kin^^ [Buricood, near Cobham^ Surrey)^ 


I '~~ Yhe Houfe 0/ C O M M O N S. 23 

Aldborougk, YorkJIiire. 
11 'les Melllfli, efq; S. A. S. Recorder of Newark 2 

amuel Brudenell Fludyer, bart. {Leigh, Kent) 

Andover, Hants. 
)hn Griffin Griffin, K.B. a general of His Majefty's forces, 
rlonel of the ift troop of hcrfe grenadier gueros. recorder 
'Saffron Walden, fon-in-law to Mr. Clayton; member for 
arlow {Audiey End, EJex) 3 

atnin Lethieullier, efq; (Norwdl, near this borcvgh) 3 

lOn.Tho. James (BrJkelcy) !d. vif. Bulkeley, of the kingd. 
-Ireland, lord It. and cuft. rot. of the co._ of Carnarvon 
'aron-hill, near Beaumaris, in the IJle of Anglrfca) 2 

Appleby, Wtjimor eland. 
ip Honywood. efq; a general of His Majefty's forces, 
Ipnel of the 4th regiment of horfe, and governor of 
ngilon upon Hull [Markes-hall, Ejjcx) ■ 5 

:. hon. W. Pitt, bro. to the E. of Chatham, and coufin to- 

Arundel, Sujfex. 
.as Fitzherbert, efq. [Stubbington Lodge, n. Portfi/ioiith) 
William Baker, efq. 

AJhburton, Devonjfiire. 
■les Boone, efq; one of the proprietors of Crawley's iron 
rges {Barking-hall, near Needham Market, Sujfolk^ 5 

.pb. Palk, bt. late gov. of Madrafs [Haldon-ho. in this co.) 3 

Aylejbury, Bucks. 

I. BcicoB, efq; a mercn. inLond. and one of the elder breth 

the Trinity-houfe [Cyjartha, n. Caerdiff, Glamnrgavjk.) 5 

as Ord, efq; receiver general of the duchy of Lancaftcr 

dbury Green, near Rarrorjj, Middkfcx) 

Banbury, Oxfordjkire. 

hon. Fred. (North) id. North, LL.D. eldeftfon to theE.of 

ildford, fecretary of ftate for home depart. Id. warden 

d admiral of the Cinque Ports, and gov. of Dover Caftle 

i life) Id. It. and cuft. rot. of Somerfetfli. chanc. of the 

iver. of Oxford, record, of Gloucefterand Taunton, one 

the elder breth. of the Trinity-houfe, pref. of "the Found- 

ig Hofp. and of the Afylum, and a gov. of the Turkey 

p. and Charter-ho. K. G. [Dillington, SomcrfctJIi. and 

\y Park^ Mtddlejex) o 

Ba7-vjlaple, DevonJJiire. 
Clevland, efq; accomptant of the fixpenny receiver's 
ce,'and one of the direftors of Greenwich Hofpital 
^apley, near Biddejofd^ g 

' C 2- 

24 rhe Hott'e 0/ C O M M.O N S. 

Trail. BafTett. efq; It. col. of the 2d reg;. of the Devonfli. railil 

[Heanton-court, n. this bor. ayid Umherleigh. n. Gr. Tornngh 
Bath, City of. 
Abel Moyfey. of Lincoln's-inn, efq; z Welch Judge 
Hon. John JeiFerits Pratt, only fon of lord Camden, one 

the tellers of the exchequer 

Beaumaris, Tozvn of. 
Sir George Warren. K. B. [Puynton, Chefhirc^ Widiingx 

Cafth, Northumber Lvid, and Fetchcim, Surrey'^ 
BedfordfJiire [4-] 
Rt. hon. John Fitzpatrick, Earl of Upper Ofiory, nephew 

the Dutch, of Bedford and P2arl Gower, Id. It. and cu 

rot. and col. of the militia of this county, and keep. ■ 

21ockingham Foreft ( .-impt hill Park, in this co.Farmingu.mii 

Northarnptonfliirt, end Teatore in Ireland) 
Hon. St. Andrew St. John, next brother to lord St. Jo! 
tinder fecretary of ftate for foreign affairs 

Bedford, Town of. 
Sir William Wake, hart. [Courteen-hall, Northamptorfhivi 
Samuel Whitbread, of Cardington near this boroiigh, k 

father-in-law to lord St. John, and brother-izi-law to t 

Coixi'>Nz\\'\s,\Bedwell-Park, Ihrts) 

Bedvjiv, JVilts. 
Sir Merrick Burrell, bart. one of the direclors of Grcenw 

Hofpital i'^f^ Qrinftead, Suffex) 
Paul Cobb Methuen, efq; fon of the late member, and IJ 

ther-in-law to Id. Bofton [Lucknatn,' in this county) 
Beeralflon, Dcvonfliire. 
JR.t. hon. William Robert(Fielding)vifcount Fielding, el( 

fon of the earl of Denbigh, a captain in the 3d regimen 

dragoon guards 
Lawrence Cox, efq; [Wookomhe-hull, DorfetfJtire) 

Berkfkire [9.] 
John Elwes, efq; [Marcham, near Abingdon, in this county) 
V/inchcombe Hen. Hartley, efq; [Bucklebwy, near Thatch 


Berwick, Northumberland. 
Hon. John Vaughan, bro. to lord Lifburne, a major-g« 

ral of his Majefty's forces, gov. of Berwick, and col 

the 46th reg. of foot 
Sir John Huffey Delaval, bart. [Seaton Dclaval, and Fordca 

Northumbe) land, and Doddingten, near Lincoln) 
Beverley, Yorkjliire. 
Sir James Pennyman, bart. of this borough, and Orm 

Thornton, Yorkfliire 
JEvelyn Anderfon, efq; li'=;ut. in the king's reg. of light dra 

rhe Uou/e of CO Ni M O N" Sl 23- 

Bexjcdky, WorceJlerJIiire. 
hon. Wm. Henry (Lyttellton)ld. Weftcote, of the king.of 
reland, and high fteward of this borough [Hagley Park, 
'ear Stourbridge, Worcejlerjhire) 2 

Bijhop's Cajile, Shropjhire. 
\jlliam Clive, efq; 2 

iry Strachcy, efq; florekeeper of the Ordnance {Suiton 
ourt, near Brijiol 2 

Blech.ingly, Surry. 
Robert Clayton, bart. [Marden, n. Godjlone., in this co.) 3 
J n Kenrick, efq; clerk of the deliveries of ordnance . 

Bodmyn, Cornwall. 
( irge Hunt, efq; [Lavhidrock. near this borough) 6 

'' lliam Maflerman. efq; [Trinity, near this borovgh^ 

BoTOdghbridge.) Yorhjhire. 
1 thony Eyre, efq; [Grove, near Retjord, Notts) 2 

( iries Ambler, efq; a king's counfel, and attorney-general 
the queen . - 3 

Bojiney, Cornwall. 
] 1. Henry Lawes Luttrell, eldefh fon to vifc^ Cnrhampton, 
dJLitant general of his Majefty's forces in Ireland, a col. 
n the armv, and lieut. col. of the firfl reg. of horfe. 3" 

1 n. Charles Stuart, lieut. col. of the £6t;h regiment of foot j 
nd fourth fon of the earl of Bute. 2 

Bofton. Lincohjliire. 
\ mphry Sibthorp, efq; LX.D. [Ca?iivick, near Lincoln, artd 
^^kimpans, near Hatfield, Herts) 
Peter Burreil, lord great chamberlain of England 

Brackley, Northamptovjliire. 
m William Egerton. efq. fon of the bifhop of Durham, and 
najor of the 20th regiment of dragoons 2 

nothy Cafwall, efq. deputy to the paymafter general of 
he forces [Sacomb Park, Herts) ,5 

Br amber, Sujfe.x. 
Henry Gough. bart. [Edghajlon, Wartvick/hire) 2 

n. Hen. Fitzroy Stanhope, maj. of the 86th reg. of foot 

Brecon, County of. 
arles Morgan, efq. lieutenant and cuft. rot. of this county 
Tredegar, Monmouth fire, Ruperra, Glamorga'/ifliire, Brick- 
'.ndenbury, Herts, and Treago,. Herefordfhire) 4. 

Brecon, Town of. 
Charles Gould, knt. judge advocate general to the army» 
:hancellor of the dioccfeof Sarum, and \uhY)- {Ridings Mid- 
Uefex^ and Simtmn. Cambridgejli.) s 


^^^ Houfe of C O M M O N S. 

Bj-idgenorth, ShropPiire. 
Thomas Whitmore, efq; [Apley, near this borough) 
Hugh Pigot. efq; brother to Sir Robert Pigot, one of t 
lords of admiralty, and an admiral of the blue 
Bndgctvater. Somerfe.Jinre. 
Hon. Anne Poulett, only brotlier to earl Poulett 
John Ackland. efq. 

Bridpoj-ti DorfetJIiire. 
Thomas Scott, efq; {Shepperfon. iiiM^ddlefex) 
Richard Beckford, efq; a Weft Jndia merchant, and fon 
the late alderman and reprefcntative of the city of Londc 
^■latthew Brickdale, efq; [Court-houfe, near Taunton., Soni 

George Daubeny, efq; {Ozver, Ghiicejl erf aire, near Brifol) -^ 

BuckinghamJIiire \_\ !^.~\ 
Rt-- hon. Ralph (Vernevj E. Veruey. of the kingdom i 
Ireland:F.R.S. (Ruwfgafe, Ke^nt, and M'ddle Clayton. Bucksi 
Thomas Grenville, efq; brother to Earl Temple [Wott, 
Uiiderivocd, Bucks') 

Buckingham, Tozcn of. 
James Grenville, iunior, efq; firft couiin to eari Temple 
Hon. W. Wyndham Grenville 

Callington, Corntvall. 
George Stratton, efq; 
John Moriliead, efq; [Hafcomb-place.. Surrey') 

Calne, IViltfiire. 
'•'• Rt. hon. Ifaac Bsrre {Bruce Ca /He) 
James Townfendj efq; an alderman of Londsn [Bruce Ca^i 

Qambridgefdre fo.J 
Philip Ycrke. efq; nephew and heir to the earl of Hard\^A■ 

[Hamels. Hertjordfhire) 
Sir Henry Peyton, bart. 

Cambridge, Univerfty. 
James Mansfield, efq; M. A. kmg'sjcounfel and one of* 

counfel for this univcriity- 

Hon. John Townfhend, M. A. fecond fon to lord vifeoii 

Townrnend, and one of the lords of Admiralty 

Cambridge, Town of. 

Benj. Keene, efq. fon of the late bp. of Ely (Catley, n. CamLi 

Jamts Whorvv'ood Adeane, efq: aid decamp to ihekingj'^^. 

lieut. coL of the firft; troop of horie g:r«nadier guards jf* 

iraham Koufe, near Cambridge, and C^algrove^ Oxjcrdjhitij^ 

Camelford, CornwalL 

James Mi.cplier;fon , efq; [Puinej G?/rt.;.e«] 

The Hou/e o/* C O M M O N S. 27 

ohn Pardoc,jun. efq; {Layton, E-ffex) 

Canlerbury, City of. 
lleorge Gipps, efq; an alderman of this city 
harks Robinfon, efq; barrifter at law, recorder of this city, 
Sandwich, Deal; Dover; Hythe, and New Romney, a coni- 
miflioner of bankruptcy, and lleward of Fordwich 
Card'jf, Town of. 
iir Herbert Mackworth, hart. col. of the Glamorganfi-i. mili- 
tia (Cwit;//. n. Neath, GlamorganJIi. a}id Buniuigduie, Shrof-jh.) ^ 
Cardigarijhire [2.] 
lit. hon. Wilmot (Vaughan) earl of Lifburne of the king- 
dom of Ireland, Id. iL and cuff. rot. of this county 
(Mar/i/iead near Clmdleigh-, Devovjhire, Grindon-bndge near 
\ Benvick, Korihumbei-land. and Crofs-wocd in this ccunty'j ^5 

Cardigan, Totvn of. 
[ohn Campbell, efq; col. of the militia of this co. [Glanfraed^ 
in this county, and Stackpook Court, Pemhrokejldrc) 
Cur I if ie, City of. 

Right hon. Charles (Howard) earl of Surrey, onlyfonto the 
duke of Noriolk, deputy carl marfhal of England, one of 
the lords of the Treafury, lord lieutenant and cuftos rotu- 
lorum of the Weft Riding of Yorkfhire iGrayfock^ near 
Penrith, Cumberland) 
William Lowther, efq; a major in the Cumberland militia' 
(Aikton, in Cumberland') 

Caerniarthenpiire [2. J 
John Vaughan, efq; lord lieut. and cuftos rot. of this county 
{Golden Grove, Caermarthenfaire\ a 

Caer mart hen, Town of. 
Gxorge Philipps, efq; {Coedgaing, near this borough) 

Caernarvonfh're [2.]] 
John Parry, efq; attorney general of the North Wales circuit, 
conifable of Conway Caftle, and fellow of the Antiquarian 
Society [IVtrnvavor, in this county) 

Caernarvon, Tozvn of. 
I Glynn Wynn, efq; only brother to the Rt. hon. lord Newbo- 
rough, receiver-general of the King's quit-rents in North 
Wales [Caernarvon toion in this county) 2 

Cafile-Rifing, Norfolk. 
Robert Mackreth, efq; [Ewtmrji, Hants) 2 

Sir James.Erlkine, bart. 
I Chefliire [4.] 

jjohn Crev/e, efq; lieut. col. of the Cbelhire militia [Cretoe- 

I Hall, near Nantwich) a 

Sir R. Salufbury Cotton, bart. major of the militia of this 

cou,Bty [Cimbcrmere abbey, near Nantwich) s 

a8 The Houfe of C O M M O N g, 

Chejler, City of. 
Thomas Grofvenor, efq; only brother to lord Grofvenor 
[Swell-ccdirt, Somefetfiire, and Wmhkdon, Surrey) ^ 

Richard Wiibraham Bootle, efq;F.. R. S. [Latham-hall ncm 
Ormfiirk, Lancafiire, and Rhode-hall, Chef lire) ^ 

Chichejler, city of. 
Thomas Steele, efq; [Hampnet, near this city) 
Hon. Percy Wyndham 

Chifipenham, Wilts. 
Henry Dawkins, efq; fon-in-law to the earl of Portmere, 
LL.D. F. R. S. and F. S. A. {Standlinch, in Wills) 2 

Ckr if church, Hampfnire. 
Sir James Harris, K. B. envoy extraordinary and minifte: 

plenipotentiary to the court of Ruffia 
John Frederick, efq; fon of Sir John Frederick, bart. [Bur- 
zvood Park, Surrey) 2 

Cirencefer, Gloiicejlerfhire. 
James Whitfhed, efq; brother-in-law to earl Bathurfl [Hamp- 
ton-Court, Middlefex) j 
Samuel Blackwell, efq; lieutenant colonel commandant o: 
the northern battalion of Gloucefterfhire militia [IVilliain- 
frip, near Fairford, and Ampney-Park, near this borough) j 

Clitheroe, Lancafire. 
Thomas Lifter, efq; LL, D. [Gisburn Park, and Maum-Water 
Hcife, near Skipton in Craven, Yorkfire) c 

John Lee, efq. his Majefty's folicitor-general, and attorney- 
general of the county palatine of Lancafter [Staindrop 

Cockermouth, Cumberland. 
John Lowther, efq; [Aikton, in Cumberland) 
John Baynes Gartorth, efq; 

Colchefter, Pffex. 
Sir Robert Smyth, bart. [Beerchurch Hall, EJfex) 
Sir Edmund AfHeck, bart. a captain in the royal navy- 

Corf-Cafle, Dorfetfire. 
John Bond, efq; recorder of Poole, Dorchefter, and Ware- 
ham [Grange, near Wareham, Dorfetfire) ( 

Henry Banks, efq; 
V{^ Cornwall, County of [44] 

[fl Sir William Lemon, bart. [Caertew, in this county) ' 

£dward Eliot, of Port Eliot, cfqj receiver-general of tbv 
^uchy of Cornwall < 

■ H — ■ 

7h Houfe of CO MMO'^S,. 29 

Coventry, WarwickJ}iire. 
i hon. Tohn (Baker Holroyd) Lord Sheffield, of the king- 
dom of Ireland, colonel ofthe sad reg. of light dragoons 
{Sheficid'PJuce, Sujj^x, and Gruvc-Hall, near I'erry-orcdge, 

Yorkjhiref r c . . ^. t ^ ^ 

on. W. S. Conway, cfq; fon of brd Hertford 

CriLkUde, Vi'iltjiiire. 
lal Benfield, efq; 

onourable George Richard St. John 
Cumberland [6.] 
r Tames Lowther, bart. fon-in-law to the earl of Bute, 
iient and cuft. rot. of the counties of Cumberland and 
Weftmorland, col. of the Weftmorland militia, and al- 
derman ofthe city of CarliHe {Lowther- Ha II, Wejimorland 
the Flat near Whitehaven, and Lakham, Middlefex) 5 

irH. Fletcher, Bart, chairman of the Eait-India company 
Idea Hall in this county) _ 3 

Dartmottth, Dtvonjkire. 

harles Brett, efq; 

athur Holdfworih, efq; of this borough 

Denbigh/hire [2.] 
ir Watkin Williams Wynn, bart. lieut. and cuft. rot. of Me- 
rionethfliire, a vice prelident of the Weffminfter Gen. Dif- 
penfary {Llanvorda, ShroJ}jIiire,and JVynJiay, in this county) 3 
Denbiffh, Tozon of. 
Id. Myddelton, efq; lieut! cufl. rot. and col. ofthe militia 
of this county, and recorder of this town {Chirke-Cajtle^ 
Denbigh/hire) _ ^ 

Derb\J}ure ["4-1 
Hon. Nat. Curzon, eldeft' fon of'lord Scaifdale {Kedlcjion, 
j near Derby) , , 1 ^ 

b Rt. hon. lord George CavendilTi, firft uncle to the duke of 
I Devondiire, Id. It. and cuft. rot. of this county {2 zuic ken- 
I ham-park, Middlefex, and Holkcr, near Lancajler) 
j Derby, Town of. 

{Rt. hon. lord George Auguftus Henry Cavendifli, onlybro. 
to the duke of Devonlhire [Latimers, Bucks) 2 

Edward Coke, efq; {Longford, near this town) 

Devizes, V/Ufhire. 
jSir James Tilney Long, bart. nephew to earl Tilney {Dray^ 
I cot, in this county, near Ckippenharn, and AdmiJIon, near 
j Blavdford, Dorfctfiiire) 4 

Henry Jones, efq; a merchant in London 
j Devonfliire [26.] 

John Parker, efq; nephew to earl Poulett, and. colonel of 
South reg, of the Devonfliire mi\lt\%{Saltram near Flywp^ 


ton, and V/lniezvay, near Ckvdleigh in this county 
John Pv-olle, efq; {Tydwell, in this county) 

Dorfet/Jiire [20.] 

Humphrey Sturt, efq: LL.D. [Critchill-Houfe, near Salifbur\ 

Wilts) ''..'■' 

Hon. George Fitt, efq; only fon of lord Rivers [StJ'atJield. 

Sea, Hariij.JfUrc) 

Do7xhefcer, Dorfetjhire. 
Hon. George Bamer, eldeft fon of lord Milton [Milton Abbey 


William Ewer, efq; a merchant in London, a truftee c 
Morden-College, and treafurer of the Turkey compan'i 
{Richmond, Sioyey) 

Dove?', Kent. 

Sir John Henniker, bart. a merchant in London,, a dire6lo' 

of the London Affurance, and F. R. £. [Newton Hall, near 

Dunmow, and Stratford, both in E-JFcx) 

John Trevannion, efq; a merchant m London 

ijownton, JVilt/Jiiie. 

Hon. Henry Seymour Conway, fecond fonoftheearl ofHerti 

ford, clerk of the Hanaper in Ireland, conftable of Dubliii' 


R©bert Shafto, efq; [Barjord, near this borough^ and Whit 
vjorih^ near Durham) 

Droytwich , Worcejierfiire. 
Hon. And. Foley, efq; 2d bro. to Id. Foley [Newport, Here;\ 


Edward Winnington, efq; only fon of fir Edward Winningi 

ton, bart. [Stamford, Worcejlerjhire) 

Dunwich, Suffolk. 

Sir Gerrard William Van Neck,hart.[IIeveninghamin thisco.J,' 

BarneBarne, efq; [Sotterley, Suffolk) 

Durham, County of [^4,] 
Sir Thomas Clavering, bart. brother to the late Sir Johil 

Claveringj K. B. [Axwell-Park, near Durham) 

Sir John Eden, bart. brother to Sir Robert Eden, barti 

[Windleflone, near Darlington, in this county) 

Durham, City of. 

John Lambton, efq; a lieut. gen. of his Majefty's forces, anli 

col. of the 68th reg. of foot [Harraton-Hall near this city) 
John Tempeft, efq; [Wynyard, near Stockton in this comity) ■ 

Eafllooe, Cornwall. 

John BuUer, efq; comptroller of the Mint, auditor of th 

duchy of Cornwall, and recorder of this borough [Baki 

nea^- this borough) " ' . " 

"Wm. Grayes, efq; a maft. in chancery [Th&nckes near this bo.) 

'the Honfe of CO MINIONS. 31 

St. Edmondjhiry, Suffolk. 
: Charles Davers, bart. brothet-ir.-law to the Earl of 
Briftol [RuJIibrook, Suffolk) 3 

Rt. hon. Henry Seymour Conway, only brother to the earl 
of Hertford, a general and commander in chief of his Ma- 
jefty's forces, col. of the royal of liorfe guards, 
and governor of Jerfey [Park Place, near Henley upen 
Thames, Berks) 7 

Effex, County of [8.] 
ihn Luther, efq; [Myles's, near Ongar in this coun'y) ^ 

ipmas Berney Bramfton, efq; {Skrecns, near Chelmsford) 2 

Lvejliam, Worctjlerjliire. 
r John Rufbout, bart. {Northwick, IVorceJierJiiire, and Har- 
roix) on the Hill, Middle/ex) 3 

larles William Boughton Roufe, efq; brother to Sir Ed- 
iward Boughton, bart. [Rovfoe-Lyiich, WorceJierJIiire) 

Exeter, City of. 
r Cha. Warwick Bampfylde, bart. [Poltimore, near Exeter) 2 
)hn Baring, efqr [Mount Redford, near this city) 2 

Eye, Suffolk. 
ich. Phillipfon, efq; a major >gen. and col. of the 20th reg. 
'of dragoons 4 

an. Wra. Cornwallis, brother to earl Cornwallis 

Flintjliire [2.] 
r Roger Moftyn, bart. lieutenant of this county, and co- 
t lonel of the militia thereof [Mojlyn, Flintjhire) 5 

Flint, Town of. 
''atkin Williams, efq; major of the Shropfhire militia [Pen- 
bcdw, Denhighjjiire, and Erbiftock, Flintffure) 2 

Fovoey, Cornwall. 
lilip Raftileigh, efq. [Menabilly near this borough) 9 

jight hon. Molyneux (Shuldham) Id. Shuldham, of the 
jkingdom of Ireland, a vice admiral of the red 2 

Gatton, Surrey. 
ttght hon. William (Mayne) id. Newhaven of the king- 
idoKiof Ireland, an Englifh bart. [Gaiton-Park, Surrey) 2 
aurice Lloyd, efq; 

St. Ger mains, Cornwall. 
Iward James Eliot, efq; fon of the member for Cornwall 
\{Port Elliot, Cornwall) 
udley Long, efq. [Saxnundham. Suffolk) 
Glamorgavjkire [[2. j 
larles Edwin, efq; [Dunraten-Caftle , Glamtrganjhire^ and 
Clearucell, Gloucejlcrjhire) 


32 'Tve Houf^ ofCO"WM"0~N S. 

Gloncrjlcrjhre [8.] 

James Dutton, e(q\{S/iirehr)ie, GloiiceJlc.rJ}nre\ 

Gloucefler. Cifr of. 
Clia. Barrow, efq; recorder of Tewkfbury, LL. D. \f-iii 

grove 7? ear tlus city) 
John Webb, efq; [Cote-Hovfe, near Brijfol. Gloiicefitrfidre) 

G ram p on mi. Corn icaJL 
Sir John Ramfden. bart. brother-in-law to lord Ducief, 

77!;/.'. YorhJJiire'] 
Tliomas Lucas, efq; prefident of Guy's Hofpital [Lee in Kc 

Cravthaw, Li)icolrJliire. 
Francis Cockayne Culf. efq; uncle to lord Brownlow, cO' 
fel to the Admiralty and Navv, one of the counfel to 
univerfity of Cambridge, and ranks as a king's couii 
[Cockayne Hatky. BedJorSJmre^ 
Geo. Sutton, efq. eldelt fon of Id. G. Sutton [KcVnam^ Nott: 

Great Grimpiy. Lfncolnjhire. 
John Harrifouj efq; [Xorton Place, vear Ganijborow 

Francis Eyre, efq; [Cozdcfliourne .near Cirericejler ■ Gloucejlerji 

Eajl Grinjlead. Siijfex. 
Henry Arthur Herbert, elq. lon-in-law to Lord Vifco 

George Medley, efq. ( Buxted-Place.near Miiresfield, Snjfex . 

Guildford, Surrey. 
George Onflow, efq; coufm to lord Onflow, and out-rar. 

of Windfor foreft (Ockham, near Ripley, and Fang 

Lodge, Chertfey. Surr-y) 
Hon. William Norton, fon of Lord Grantley [IVonf 

near this borough) 

Hawhjhire [26.] 
Jervoife Clarke Jervnife, efq. one of the gent, of the Kiii 

privy chamber (^(V///?o?/^, n. Portf mouth, Weji Bromiuich 

Birmingham, and W oodjord, EJfex) 
Robert Thiftlethwayte, efq; brother-in-law to the ear 

Chefterfield [Norman-Court, near Andover, and Soutkzi 

Place, both in this county) 

Harwich, EJfex. 

John Robinfon, efq; LL. D. col. of the Weftmorel 

militia [Michacljiozv, near Harwich, and Sion Hill, 1 


George Anguilus North, eldeft fon of the Rig] 
n. Lord Northv under fecretary of ftate for the horr 


T/A" Hon/e of C O M M O N S. 33 


rtment, fee. and comptroller of her majefty's houfe- 
d, and co). of tho Cinque Port Volunteers 2 

Hfjflemere, Surrey. 
Edward Norton, barrifter at law, and fon of lord 
mtley (Womrjh, Surrey) 

ir Spencer Stanhope, efq. ( Horsforth^ near Leeds, and 

non-Hall, near Barnepy, YorkJJiire) 2 

Hujlivgs, SvJJcx. 

;. on. Henry (Temple) vifcount Palmerfton, of the klng- 

of Ireland, LL.D. (Broadbnds near Rumfey^ Hants, 

\EaJlSheev. Surrey) 4 

Ord, efq; attorney-general of the duchy court of Lan- 

,ef, and one of the mailers in chancery 2 

Haverford-Weji, Pewhrokejhire. 
on. Wm. (Edwardes) lord Kenfington, of the kingdom 
reland (johvjion near this borough) 6 

Heljion, CornwalL 
rd Bar well, efq; 
.Tho.(Villiers)ld. Hyde, eld. fon of the E. of Clarendon 2 

Hereford/hire [8.] 

ght Hon. Thomas Harley, alderman of London, and 

iident of St. Bartholomew's hofpital, fecond brother to 

"t^ E. of Oxford (Berrington, near Leominjier, in this co, 

a Hoolley, near Croydon, in Surrey) 3 

r :orge Cornewall, baronet (Moccas Cour', in this county) 5 

Hereford, City of. 
)\ Scudamore, efq; (Kent Church, near this city) ^ 

r ichard Symonds, bart. (Meend, near this city') 3 

Hertfordjliire [6.] 
'. umer, efq; [Blakefware, and Gilflon-Park, in this co.) 4 
;ii las Halfey, efq; [Great Gaddfden, in this county) 3 

Hertford, Town of. 
atOimfdale, efq; of this bo. a baron of the Ruflian empire, 
^^. F.R.S. 
i im Baker, efq; [Bayfordbury, near this borough) - 2 

Heydon, Yorkfhire. 
'\ im Chaytor, efq; (Spenithorncy near Bedale, and Croft^ 
nr Northallerton, Yorkfhire) 2 

iiiopher Atkinfon, efq; a merchant in Lond. {Hale^Norf) 

Heytefbury, Wilts. 
a s Burton, efq; one of the King's counfel, and record«r 

'i 'im Pierce Afhe A'Court, efq; 
i D 

34 ~'The Hoiife of X^O^'i: WO 'R^: 

Higham Ferrers, NortkaviptovJJiire. 
Fred. Montagu, eiq; a lord of the Treaf. (PappUwick, Notts) 4 

Hir.don, Wilts. 
Lloyd Kenyon, efq; chief juilice of Chefter, and one of 
the King's counfel [Gredhgton, flintJJure, near Whitchurch., 
in Salop., iii Marjhgate, near Richmond, SurreyX 
Nathaniel William Wraxall, efq; 

Hofiiton, Devovjhire. 
Sir George Yonge, bart. prefideat of the Mifericordia hof.. 
[Efcott near Otttry St. Mary in this countyj e 

Jacob Wilkinfon, efq; 

Horjliam, Sujfex. 
James Wallace, efq; his Majefty's attorney-general, King's 
ferjeaat in the duchy court of Lancaftc-r, and ferjeantof the 
county palatine of Durham [Carltton Hall. CumberLmd) * 
Sir George 011)orne, bart. one of the grooms of His Majefty's 
bed-chamber, ad major of the 3d reg. of foot-guards, and 
muiler-mafter-general of the forces in America \^Chickfand, 
Bedfordjfihe) o 

Huntingdonjliire ["4. J 
^ Pvt.hon. Peter (Ludlow j earl of Ludlow in the kingdom of-.' 
Inland; comptroller of his Majefty's houfhold {Great 
Stoughton, near Kimbo/ton in this coimty] o 

•^ Rt. hon. Joho-. (Montagu) viicount Hinchingbroke, only; 
fonofthe earl of Sandwich, Mafter of his Majefty's Buck- ■ 
houiids(5^iVc'^/'j inthisconnty. avt Horton,NorthamptovJkire]z i 
, Huntingdon, Town oj. 
<t. hon. Conft. John (Phipps) Lord Mulgrave of the king* • 
dom, of Ireland, aephew to the earl of Briftol, a captain n 
in the royal navy, and F. R. S. {Mulgrave Hall, near .^ 
Whixhy) _ _ _ 3 j 

•ir Hugh Pallifer, bart. 2 vice admiral of the White, gov, of i 
Scarborough caftle, one of the elder brethren of the Trinity v 
houfe, and mafter of Greenwich hof. [Chifclaurjl, Kent) 2 2 
Hythe, Kent. \ 

ir Cha. Farnaby, bart. {Kippington. n. Seven Ojks, in this c.) 4 •! 
'Villiam Evelyn, efq; capiaia of Saudgale caftle {St. Cluir^ . 
near IVrolhavi, Kent) .3 j 

Ilchejier., Somerfitjhire. 
'eregrine Cull, efq; a merchant in London, and uncle to Lord i' 
Bro'Anlow 4 .| 

^imuel Smith, junior, efq; a banker in London 

ipfivich, Suffolk. . I 

'homas Staunton, efq; [Siktou Park, in this county.^ and Sam" 
j$rd Hall, in I'-Jff.x) - 5 

The Houfe 0/ C O M M O N S. 3. 

I William Wollailon, efq; [Great Finborough^ vear this bo. ai^d 
Skenton Hall, Leicejlcrjkire) 3 

St. Ives, Cornwall. 
Abel Smith, efq; [Tyrivgham-Ncu-port, Bucks) 
William Praed, efq; 

Kent [lo.] 
Hon. Charles Mardiam, eldelt fon to lord Romney, brother- 
in-law to the earl of tgniont, one of the v. prt:idcn:t, oi 
the fociety for the encouragement of arts, njanufaflurf J, 
and commerce, LL.D. F. R. S. [tke Mote, near Muidjior.e, iz 
this county) 2 

Filmer Honywood, efq; (Evhigton, Kcvi) 2 

King's Lyvn, Norjolk. 
Hon. Thomas Walpole, next brother to lord Walpole, a rner 
chant ' 

Crifp Molineux, efq; one of the vice prefidents of th . 
Weftminlter Lying-in Hofpital, [Qarhold-Judm in Norfofk 
Chippenham in Cavibndgejiare, and Thiird-irjicy in ■t'.Jje.x) 
King Ji on upon Hull, Yorhfhire. 
D. Hartley, efq; [Sudbury, Gloucejlerjuire, and Buckluur^ 

William Wiiberforce, efq; [of this borough, and Wimbkdor 

Knarefporough, Yorkjhire. 
Rt. hon. William (Ponfonby) vifc. Duncannon in Irelan<. 
only fon of the earl of Beiborough, and fou-ia-lav/ to ea 
Spencer, one of the lords of the Admiralty 
James Hare, efq; 

Lancajhire [14-] 
Sir Thomas Egerton, bart. ( Heaton, ni this coun yj 
Thomas Stanley, elq; coufm to the earl of Derby [Crofs-ha 
in this county) 

Lancdjler, Town of. 
Wilfon Braddyll, efq; [Portfitld, near Whalley, and Ccnifjn 

Priory, yiear Ulverjlone, both in this county) 
Abraham Rawliafon, efq; 

Launcejlon, Cornwall. 
Hon. Charles George Perceval, brother to the earl cf Egmo' 
Sir John Jervis, K. B. a captain in the royal navy • 

Leicejlerjkire [4.] 
John Peach Hungerford> ekj; [Dingley Hall, Northampt 

fhire, near Market Harborcugh) 
William Pochin, efq; lieuU col. of Leiceflerfnire mil 
{Barkby^ near Ldcejicr) 

3 6 The Houfe of COM M O N S. 

Ldctjlsr.^ Toujn of. 
Hon. Booth Grey, next brother to the earl of Stamford 
John Darker, efq; treaf. to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital (( 
toHy Northamptoajliirt) 

Lcomir}Jlc7\, Herefordpdn. 
^ Rt. hon. John (Bateman) viic. Bateman, of the kingc 
of Ireland, lord lieuienant and cuftos rotulorum; 
col. of the militia, of Herefordfhire {Shobdon Courts II 
Richard Payne Knight, efq; [Downion, Hereford/Idre) 

Lfjkeard. Cornzuall. 
Samuel Salt, efq; deputy-governor of the S. Sea company 
Hon. Wiibraham Tollemache, next brother to the ear 

Dyfert, and coufm to earl Spencer [Culver ley- Hall, i 

Namptmch, Chejkire) 

Lcjlwithitl, Cornwall. 
G-orge Johnftone, efq; a captain in the royal navy 
Kt. hon. George (Capelj vifc. Maiden, fon of the earl 

Lewes. Sujfex. 
Hon. Henry Pelham, fecond fon of lord Pelham 
Thomas Kemp, efq; of this borough 

Lime Regis ^ Dorfetjhire. 
Hon. Henry Fane, uncle to the earl of Weflmoreland 
David Robert Michel, efq. 

Lincoln/hire [12. J 
Charles Anderfon Pelham, efq; [Brocklejby, near Caiftory 

this county) 
Sir John Thorold, bart. {Syjlon Park, Lincolnjhire) 

Lincoln, City of. 
Robert Vyner, efq; [Gautby, near Horncajlie, in this cowi 

and Bidjione, inco. ofCheJler) 
John FenLon Cawthorne 

Litchfeld, City of 
George Anfon, efq; [Shutborough, Stajfordfhire) 
Thomas Gilbert, efq; paymailer of peniions to the widod 
of fea officers, [Cotton, near Stotie, Staffordfaire) 
Liverpool, Lancafkire. 
Henry Rawlinfon, efq. of this borough 
Bamber Gafcoyne, jun. efq; fon of Bamber Gafcoyne 

Frederick Bull, efq; an alderman of this city [WanJlM 

The Houfe of C O i\l MO x\ S. 

■Tathaniel Newnharn^ efq; Lord Mayor of this c'uy, and 

]t. col. of the hon. artillery company (Tanhurjl^ Surrey) 
ohn Sawbridge, efq. an alderman of this city, and col. of the 

eaft batt. of the Kent militia [Olldntigh, Kent) - 3 

ir Watkin Lewes.kat. an alderman ot this city, col. of the 

hon. artillery company, and of the blue reg. oi the c-ty 

militia, and treafurer of the Welch charity 

Ludlow, ShropJJiire. 

Lt. hon. Edward (Clive) lord Clive, of the kingdom of Ire- 
land, lord lieutenant and col. of the militia of this county, 
and recorder of S\\rtv>.'{hury (Oaklty Fark^ Salop; Walcot^ 

I near Bijhop's Cajile, and Claremojit^ Surrey) 2 

omerfet Davies, £fq. 2 

LuggerJhuU. Vnl'JJiire. 

A. hon. Fenifton (Lamb) vile. Melbnurn. of the kingdom 
of Ireland ( Brocket Hall, near Hatjuld,- Herts, and Mel- 
bourne, DcrbyJJiire) 9 
eo. Auguflns Sehvyn, efq; regifter in the court of Chancery 
in the ifland of Barbadoes, (Matjon, near Gloucrjhr) 6 

Lymrfigton, Hants. 
arry Burrard, efq; fon of fir Harry Burrard, bart. 2 

dward Gibbon, efq; {Burnton, Hunts) 

Maidjfone, Kent. 
'ir Horatio Mann, -knt. nephew to Sir Hor. Mann, bart. 
and brother-in-law to the Earl of Gainfborough [Bourn 
: Place, near Canierbttry) 2 

iiement Taylor, efq. of this Borough 

Mahk?i, EJex. 
ohn.Strutt, efq; [Terling-Place, rear Witham) 2 

liab H'arvey, efq. a malicr and commander in the navy 

Malmfbury, Wilts. 
[Lt. hon. Arthur (Hill) vifcount Fairford, only fen of the earl 
i of Hillfborough 
ohn Calvert, jun, efq. [Alhury Hall, Hertjordjhire) 

Mahon, YorkJJdre. 
I'/illiam Wcddell, efq. [Nczvoy, near Ripfon in this county) 4 
te Edrnund Burke, efq. pajonafter of thtioxcti, (degories., ' 
I near Beaconsfield, Bucks) 

Marlhorcngk, Wilts. 
jLighL hon. James ^vSiopford) earl of Courtown in Ireland, 
I a gentleman of the prince of Wales's bedrh;in^ber ' Seoji 
H:;ll^ in Ckejlilre, and C&'^rtomny Wexferd, Irelan^' 

38 the Boufe 0/ C O M M O N S. 

William Woodley, efq. 

Marlow, Bucks. 
"William Clayton, efq. uncle to fir Robert, and brother- 
law to the earl of Ponifret ( HarLyford. near this borough 
Sir John Borlafe Warren, bart. a captain in the navy (L\ 
Marlow, in this county'^ 

St. Mazv's, Cornwall. 
Rt. hon. Robert Crag2:s (N^ugent) earl Nugent, of the ki 
dom of Ireland [Gosfield Hall, near Braintrce, EJJex) ' 
Hugh Bofcawen, efq. 

St. Michael, Cornwall. 
Francis Hale, efq. nephew to the Rt. hon. Richard Rif 

(Mijiky, EJfex) 
lion. William Hanger, next brother to lord Coleraine 

MerionethJIiire [\.'\ 
Evan Lloyd Vaughan, efci; [Corfygedol, in this county) 

' W'dhurJl^Sujitx. 

Henry Driimmond, efq; brother-in-law to the earl of Xor 

amoton [Wimblndon, Surrey, avd Langlcy Broom, Bucks) ■ 

Sir Sampfon Gideon, bart. LL. D. brother-in-law to lordG 

{Abingdcn, near Cambridge, avd Belvidere-houje,'^ 

Erith, Kent) 

Middle/ex [8.] 
John Wilkes, efq. F. R. S. au'alderman and chamberlajiji 

the city of London 
George Byng, efq. coufm to viffount Tornngton {IVrotkit 
Park, near Bar net, in this county) 

Melbourne-Port, Somerjetjlvre. 
John Townfon, efq. one of the directors of the E. India co- 
John Pennington, &{^. 

Mmehead, Somerfcffhire. 
John Fownes Luttrell, efq. 
Henry Beaufoy, efq. F. R. S. 

Monmouthfhire [3.] 
]ohn Kanbury, efq. ^Pontypool, near UJk, in this cou-nty) 
John Morgan, efq. brother of the member iorBjecknockflK 
{Tredegar in this county, andTherror^, Brecon) 

Monmouth, Town of. 
5ir John Stepney, bart. envoy extraor4inary to the contti 
Berlin [Llannelly, Carmarthenfhire) 

Montiromeryfhire [2.] 
William Mcftvn Owen, f fq, (Bryrigzoyny in this ceunty) 

I'be Houfe 0/ COMMONS. 39 

Montgomery, Tozvn of. 
Whitflied Keene, efq; brother-in-Iav/ to the earl of Dart- 
mouth, aud one of the lords of the Admiralty 3 
Morpeth , Northumberland. 
Peter Delme, efq; brother-in-Iav/ to the earl of Carliile 
i {Earl Stoke., near Devizes, WiltJInre) -2 
Anthony Storer, efq- 2 

Newark , NottinghawJJi ire. 

Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. firil coufm to the d. of Nev/caftle, 

a lieut. general, col. of the 7th reg. of dragoons, and of 

the 84th reg. of foot, and gov. of Limerick in Ireland 3 

John Sutton, efq. coufin to the duke of Rutland, and a licut. 

- colonel in the armv 

Netocajlle urider Line, Staffordjhire. 
Right hon. George Granville-Levefon (Gowerj vifcount 
Trentham, eldeft fon of earl Gowtr 2 

Archibald Macdonald, efq; only brother to lord Macdonald, 
fon-in-!av/ to earl Gower, one of the Welfii jullices, and 
one of the King's counicl 2 

Newcajile upon Tyiie, NorthumherLind. 
Sir Matthev/ Wliite Ridley, bart. [Blakedon, near Morpet/i, 
in this county) 3 

Andrew Robinfon Bowes, efq. [Benwell in this county) 

Newport, Cornzuall. 
Right hon. James M^kland, -vifcount Maitland, eldeft fon 

of the earl of Lauderdale 
Sir John Coghill, bart. (Richivgs, Bucks) ', 

Nezoport, Ihnts. 
on. John St. John, fecond brother to vifcount Bolingbroke, 
and furveyor general of the crown lands 3 

) Sir Richard Worfley, bart. one of the verdurers of the 
new foreft, colonel of the fouth battalion of Hampfhire 
militia, F. R. S. and A. S. {Apuldurcombe Park., IJle of 
Wight) ■ 2 

Newton, Lancajhire. 

rho. Davenport, efq; a counf. at law {Rcndon., Middlefex) 

Neioton, Hants. 
ohn Barrington, efq. fon of fir FitzwilHam Barrington, 
bart. {Swainjione, in the IJle of Wight) 
iRichard Pepper Arden, efq. a King's counfel 

Norfolk [12.] 
Sir Edward Aftley, bart. {Melton Conjlable, in this county) 
Thomas William Coke, efq; {Holkham Hall, Norfolk, and 
i-engfrd, mar Derby) j 


40 The Houfe ofQOyi M O N S. 

Northallerton, Yorkjliire. 
Henry Peirfe, efq; brother-in-law to Lord Monfon [Beiii 

in this county) 
Edwin Laicelles, efq; Harevjood-houfe, near Wctkerh, ■ 


NurthamptorJIiire [9.1 
Lucy Knightley, efq; {Fazofley Halt, near Daventry, c 
Pytchky Houfe, near Kettering, both in this county) ^ 

Thomas Powys, efq; [Liljord, near Oundle, in this county^ 

Northampton, Town of. 
Lord Lucan 
George Rodnevj efq; eldefl: fon of LordRodnev 

Northumberland [8. J 
Right hon. lord Algernon Percy, fecond fon to the du 
of NorthumberlaTid, col- of the Northumberland milil 
a vice orefident of the Middlefex Hofpital [Faucett, 
Sir William Middleton, bart. [Belfiy Caftle, Northumbtrland 

Norwich, City of. 
Sir Harbord Harbord, bart. LL.D. [Gunton, Norfolk, a 

Middleton, Lancafnre) 
Edward Eacon, efq; recorder of Norwich [Earlekam^ nt 
this city) 

Nvttinghanfliire [8.] 
Right hon. lord Edward Charles Cavendifh Bentinck, on 

brother to the duke of Portland 
Charles Medows, efq. 

Ncttivghaw, Tozvn cf. 
Robert Smith, efq; of this town 
Daniel Parker Coke, efq. 

Oakhampton, Devmfhire. 
Richard Vernon, efq; brother-in-law to earl Gower [Hilto: 

near IVclverhampton, Staff or dfhire) 
Humphry. Minchin, efq; [Sobertoii, near Droxford, Hants) . 

Or ford, Suffolk. ' 

Rt. hon. Francis'v Seymour Conway) lord vifcount Beai 
champ, eldeft fon of the earl of Hertford, colonel <i 
the Warwickfliire militia, and a privy counfellor :! 
Hon. Robert Seymour Conway, 3d fon to the E. of Hertfon 
a eaptain in the firft regiment of foot guards, and ranks :i 
a lieutenant colonel in the army {IVindfor^ Berks) 

rhe Huufe of CO M' M O N S. 4^ 

Oxjorijhire [g.] 

^ Right Hon. lord Charles Spencer, LL.D. next brother to 
the duke of Marlborough, a vice-treafurer of Ireland, ver- 
durer of Whichwood Foreft, and col. of the militia of this 
county (Wheatjteld^ Oxford/hire) 4 

Rt. hon. Philip (Wenman) lord vifcount Wenman, of the 
kingdom of Ireland, LL.D. [Thame Par k^Oxf or dpiire)\ 3 

Oxford, City of 

Right hon. lord Robert Spencer, fecond brother to the duke 

of Marlborough 3 

Hon. Peregrine Bertie, only brother to the earl of Abingdon, 

and a captain in the royal navy [Wcjlon on the Green, Ox- 

fordpiire, and Yattenden, Berks) 3 

Oxford, Univcfjy of. 

Francis Page, efq; LL.D. [Middie-AJion, Oxfordfiire) . 3 

Sir William Dolben, bart. [Finedon, Northamptonfhire) 2 


Sir Hugh Ov/en, bart. lieut. cuftos rotulorum, and colonel 

of the militia of this county {Orielten, in this county, and 

Bodoxuen, Anglefa) 3 

Pembroke, Town of 

Hugh Ov/en, of this borough, efq. 2 

Penryn, Cornwall. 
Sir Francis Baflet, bart. [Tehidy Park, in this county, and 

Imly Park, Northamptonfhire') 
Reginald P. Carew 

Peterborough, City of 
Richard Benyon, efq; (Gid^a Hall, Romford, EJfcx) ' 3 

James Phipps, efq; of that city 

Petersfdd, Hants. 
William JollifFe, of this borough, efq; one of the lords 

Admiralty [Peter sfield-houfe, Hayton-cnftle , Cumberland, and 

CheJler-le-Jireet, Durham) ' 5 

Thomas Samuel Jollitfe, efq; brother of the above member 

{Tretton, Sujfex, and Charlton, Someifefhire) 
Plymouth, Devonfhire. 
Sii' Fredericlc Leman Rogers, bart. recorder of this borough, 

[Hoe-hovfe, Plymouth, and Blachford, Devonfhire) 
Geo. Darby, efq; rear-admiral of England 

Plympton, 'Devonfhire. 
Sir Ralph Payne, K. B. late governor of the Leeward 

Iflands, F, R. S. s 

Hon. James Stuart, fecond fon of the earl oi ^Exxi^V^Afon^ 

near Stevenage, Herts) 

4 ^ 'The ' ' Iloufe of CO IsT^A O N S . \ 

PotitefraH, YorkJJdre. 
William Nedham, efq; coufin to the earl of Cham 
[Edwinjlozu, Notts) o 

John Smyth, efq. 

Pock, DorfetJJiire. 
Jofeph Gulilonj ^fq; {Co?fc Mu/le?i, Dorfefjhire) 
William Morton Pitr. efq: [Encombe, in Purbeck^ DorfetJ, 

Portjviouth, Hants. ^ 

Sir William Gordon, K. B. [Gerrington Park, 'near jl 

borough, Leicefte?J]iire) 
Sir Harry Feathcritonehaugh, bart. [Uppark, Svjfex.) 

Prejion, LancaJJiire. 
Sir Henry Hoghton, bart. {Hogktmi Tower, and Waltoild^ 

in this county, andCaJile Hidingham, EJfex) 
John Burgoyne, efq; a lieut. gen. of his Majefly's 
commander in chief in Ireland, and col. of the 4th : 

Oiutnhorough, Kent, 
Sir Charles Frederick, K. B. F. R. S. brother-in-law tla«« 
Icrdvifcount Falm-ouLh - 7 

Sir Walter Rawiinfon, knt. F. R. S. and F. S. A. and I ke, 
in Loudon [Stowlangtcft, near Bury, Suffolk) 

Radnor, County of\_9..~\ 
Thomas Johnes, efq; auditor for the principality of ales 
[Croft-Cajlle, Hcrefordjliire, and Llanvar, Cardiganjkirt % 
Neiv Radnor 
Edward Lewis, efq; {Downtvti near Radnor, Putney, Su.y]i 

Reading, BerkJIiire. 

Fran. Annefley, of this borough, efq; one of the trufsd 

the Brit. Mufeum ^ 

Richard Aldworth Neville, efq; brother-in-law, tcear 

Temple [Stavlake, near Reading) - '. 

Eaji Retford, Notts. 

Wharton Amcotts, efq. [EaJl Retford, Nottingham 

and Kcttlethorpe, near Newark, Lincoivfiire) 
Rt. hon. Thomas Pelham Clinton, earl of Lincoln, eld foi 
of the duke of NewcaiUe, a capt. in tke firft reg. oljot 
guards, and ranks as col. in the army [Clumber, neaM 
ford, Notts) 

RichiT^ond, York/hire. 
Mod hon. James (Graham) marquis of Graham, only 1 ^ 

the duke of Montrofe in Scotland 
Hon. George Fitzwilliam, brother to earl Tankerville 

The Ihiife of CO M M O N S. 43 

Ripon, Yorhjkire. 
j^'rcderick Robinfon, only brother to lord Grantham 

vby, York/hire) 
ii m Laurence, efq; (Wimbledon, Surrey) 

Rochejler, Kent. 
e Finch Hatton, efq; coufin to the earl of Winchelfea 
IwellParLKaif) 3 

regory, efq; (Walthamjlozo, EJfex) 3 

New Ror/iney, Kent. 
ward Derlng, bart. (Surrenden, near AjTiford, Kent) 4 
d Jackfon, efq. king's counfel, counfel to the Bank and 
th Sea companies, and one of the counfel to the uni- 
ity oi CdiVCihriAge. (Wefenham Hall, Norfolk) 4 

Rutlandfliire [2 J 
as Noel, efq; coufin to the earl of Gainfborough (Wal- 
■ Northamptonf lire, and Exton, in this county) g 

« Bridges Brudenell, efq; coulin to the duke of Mon- 
(Ayjion in this county) ^ 

Rye, Sufex. 

rhomas OnHow, efq; eldei'l fon of lord Onflow [Wefl 
( don, near Guildford, Surrey) 2 

'i im Dickenfon, efq; [near Somerton in Somerfetfiire) 3 

Reygate, Surrey, 
0/ John Yorke, fecond brother to the earl of Hardwicke, 
c^k of the crown in the court of Chancery, patentee for 
I ung out commiflions of bankruptcy, and F. R. S. 6 
r arles Cocks, bart. [Dumbleton, Gloucefeifkire) 3 

Salop, or Shropfhire. 
0; Hill, efq; lieut. col. of the militia of this county 
/|-«, near Shrewfbury) o 

it id Hill, efq; [Haxokejlone, in this county) 

Sultjjk, Cornwall. 
rj-ey Cooper, of Gogar in Scotland, bart. one of the lords 
< he Treafury, and king's counfel in the duchy court of 
' .caller [Ric'lnnond, Surry, and Worlington, near New- 

hon. Charles Jenkinfon, LL. D. clerk of the Pells in 
and for life [Addifcomhe-p. n. Croydon, Surry) ^ 

Sandwich., Kent. 
I Stephens, efq; fecretary to the admiralty, and to tl^e 
lily foi-fea officers widows [North End, MiddLfcx) c 

44 ToeHoufe of COMMONS. 

Sir Richard Sutton, bart. recorder of St. Albans. {^ 
wood Park, Notts, and Moulfey, Surry^ 

New Sarum, M'iits. 
William HufTey, efq. of this city 

Hon. William Henry Bouverie, next brother to the earl 

0/d Sa?um, Wilts. 
Thomas Pitt, efq; recorder of Oakhampton [Boconnie, ne. 

LeJlwithieL Cornwall^j 
Pinckney Wilkinfon, efq; [Burnham, Norfolk) 

Scarborough, Yorkjfiire. 
Rt. hon. George (Carpenter) earl of Tyrconne], of the kin; 

dom of Ireland [the Homme, Herejordjtdre, Randall 

Hon. Charles Phipps, next brother to lord Mulgrave, al 

nephew to the earl of Brlftol, and a captain in the navy 

Se^ford, SuJJex. 

John Durand, efq. a merchant in London, and one of tl 
elder brethren of the Trinity-Houfe {Carjfialton , Surrey) 
Chriftopher D'Oyley^ efq. [Hampton Court) 

Shajttjbury, DorfetJJiire. 
Sir Francis Sykes, bart. brother-in-law to lord vifcoui 

Galway [BaJJildon, near Reading) 
Hans Wintrop Mortimer, efq; (Caldwell-hall, DerbyPiire) 

Shoreham, Sujfex. 
Sir Cicil Bisfhopp, bart. [Parham, in this county) 
John Peachy, efq; fon of fir James Peachy, bart. (^J 
Dean in this county^ 

Shrewjhury, Shropjhire. 
! William Pulteney, efq; {Balls, near Hertford) 
I Sir Charlton Leighton, bart. [Walterfborough, Salop) 

Somerfttfhire [18.] 
Richard Hippifley Coxe, efq; [Stone Eaflon, near Wells, 

this county) 
Sir John Trevelyan, bart. [Nettkcomh, near Taunton, in S\ 

merfetjhire, and WalUngton, Northumberland) 

Southampton., Town of. 
Hans Sloane, efq; colonel of the north battalion of t\\ 

Hampfhire militia, and a truflee of the Britifli Mufeuil 

[South Stonehatn, Hants) 
John Fuller, efcj; [Rofehill, Sujfex) 

'ths Houfe of C O M M O N S. 45 

Southa-ark. Rorov^h of. " . 

«! Richard Hotham, knt- [Merton PluCiy Surrey) 
ir-" Thornton, efq; {Ciapham.^ Surrey) 

Stdjfariyhire [lo.j ' 

''«;j John Wrottefley, bart. LL.D. brothsr-in'lav/ to the 
uke of Grafton, a major in the ift reg. of foot guards, 
nd ranks as a col. in the army^ {Wrottefley^ Stoffordjh.) ^ 
hon. George (Legge) vifcount Lewitham, eldelt Ion of 
le earl of Dartmouth, and co. of the militia of this co. 
'. R. S. [Sa?idwc'ii, near Birmhgka7n) 

StaJ^ord, Tov:v of. 
1. Edward Monckton, nncle to vifcount Galway, and 
alf brother to the late general Monckton 
hard Brinfley Sheridan, efc]; (//y?^??, Middlefex.) 

Stamford, Lincolnjiure. 
George Howard, K. B. LL.D. a general of his Maief- 
y^'s forces, colonel of the lit reg. of dragoon guards, and 
overnor of Cheliea Hofpital {Stoke Place, near Wivdfor) 3 
iry Cecil, elq; nephew to the earl of Exeter [Hanbury 
(all, Worcejlerjliire) 2 

Stey?iJng, Svjfex. 
Tho. Geo. Skipwith, bt. [Newbold Rivell, near Rugby) 3 
n Bullock, efq; col. of the eail regiment of EfTex miiitia 
Faulkbourn-hall, £J[ex) 

"^ - Stockbndge^ HawpJJvre. 
i. John Luttrell, third fon to vilcount Carhampton, a 
aptain in Ins majefty's navy 2 

I. James Luttrell, fourth fon of vifcount Carhampton, a 
iptain in his majelly's navy 2 

Sudbury, Suffolk. 
Patrick Blake, bart. [Langhara Hall, Suffolk, and Shep- 
;rfon, Middlefex^ 2 

James Marriott, knt. LL.D, judge of the high court of 
imiralty of England, and maffer of Trinity-hall, Cam- 
ridge [Trinity- Hull- Lodge, Cambridge; Snareffrook, Ep'- 
■ng-ForeJl ; and Tvcivjied-Hall, near this borough) 

Suffolk [16.] 
Thomas Charles Bunbury, bart. [Great Barton^ near 
ury, in this county) ' , ■ ^ 

John Rous, bart. [Henham-Hall, Suffolk) 

Surrey [14-] 
Jofeph Mawbey, bart. [Botlcys, near Chertfey^ in this 
unty) '' 

hon. George John Spencer, lord vifcouat Althorpe, 
ily fou of ea^l SpeiKer. {WimbUden) 

4.6 The Hoiifi? cf COM M O N S. 

■ 5#.v [o„o.] 

•Rt. Hon. lord Geo. Hen. Lenox, only bro. to. the D if 
Ricbraond, a lieut. general of his majelly's forces, 
col. of the 25th regiment of foot [yVejl Stoke, in 

Kon. Thomas Pelham, eldeft fon of lord Pelham 

Tamworth, StaffordJIiire. 
John Courtney, eiq; nephew to the earl of Bute 
John Calvert, fen. efq; {Alhury-hall, Hertjor djkh t) 6 

Tavijiocks Devonfliire. 
^ Right hon. Richard Rigby, mafter of the rolliii* 
Ireland for life, and one of the deputy rangers of r ' 
VhrenixTaik {Mi/iky-hali, near Manningtree, EJJex) 
Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick, only brother to the earl of I' 
OiTory, fecretary at war, lieut. col. in the iftreg. of 
guards v 

Tauvton, SomerfctJJiire. 
John Hallidav, efq; a banker in London [Yard-Ho-ufe, vt \ 

Taunton^ Tiljhzad. r.ear Devizes, Wilts.) 2 

Bcniamm Haminett, efq; a banker in London 

Tewh^fkury, Cloucejterjhire. 
Sir Wm. Codrington, bart. [Dodivgton, near Sodhury, iuh 

county) 6 

James Martin, efq; a banker in London, and one ohe 

directors of the Million Bank 2 

Thetjord, Norfolk. 
Richard Hopkins, efq; [Oving, near Ayltjbury, Bucks) 4 
Right hon. Geo. H. Fitzroy, earl of Eufton, fon oi he 
duke of Grafton. 

Thirjke, Yorkjhire. 1 

Sir Thomas Gafccigne, 'bart. {Purlington, near Ferryhif^t^\ 

in this county) 
Beilby Thompfon, efq; [EJkrikc, near York) 3 

Tiverton, Devovjiiire. 
5ir John Dantze, bart. [Rockbere-houfe, near Exeter) 3 
JohnWilmot, efq; fon of the late lord chief juftice ('il- 
motj of the court of common pleas, and one of the al- 
ters in Chancery {Berkefwell, Warwickjkire) - 
Totnefs, Devonpiire. 
Sir Philip Jennings Gierke, bart. [Duddlejion-hall^ Shrop^i) 3' 
Launcelot Brow"n, jun. efq; counfellor at law 

rhe Hoiife of COMMONS. 47 

Tregony. Cornwall. 
hn Stephenfon, efq; a merchant in London [Brentford 
' Butts, Middlrfex) . 4 

|"hn Dawes, Efq; a banker in "Wt flminfter. 
I Truro, Co'rnzoalL 

limber Gafcoyne, efq; ileward of the borough court 
I of Southwark [Ckildxvdl, near Liverpool, and Barking, 

tnry Rofewarne, efq; recorder of this^h, and vice- 
warden of the ftannaries of Cornwall [Bcfvigo, near this 
. borough"^ 

j Walling for d, Berkfaire. 

phn Aubrey, efq; fon of fir Thomas Aubrey, bart. LL.D. 
(Eojlal Tower, and Dorton-houfe., Bucks) 3, 

haloner Arcedeckne, efq; [Cockjield-hall. Suffolk) 

Wareham, Do-'feffkire. 
■ nomas Farrer. efq; [Chipkam in Craven, Yorkfkire) 
bhn Boyd, efq; 

' Warioichfkire. [6.'] 

;r Robert Lav/ley, bart. [Canzvell, Stciffordfiire) 
ir George Shuckburgh, bart, F. R. S. {Skuckburgk, in this 

IVarwick , Town of. 
Ion. Charles Francis Greviile, next brother to the earl of 
4 Warwick, trealurer of his Majelty'shoufhold, F. R. S. 3, 
lobert Ladbroke, efq; a banker in London, and fon of the 
late alderman [Idlicote, F/arwick/Iiirc) 
Wells, City of ■ 
I )Ieinent Tudway, of this city, efq; a barrifccrat law 5 

ohn- Cui-tis, efq; capt. in the Somerfet militia [Batcomb^ 
in this county) 

IVendover, Bucks, 
' lichard Smith, efq; a general in the Eaft-India Company's 

(tTv ice [Cki Iter ft Lodge, near Hungerford) 
ifohn Manfeli Smith, efq; fon of the above member. 

JVenlock, S'lropJJiif's. 
I !ir Henry Bridgeman, bart. LL- D. [V/, Staffordfhirt, 
Cdfile Browwich, V/arwickf hire, and Lever, Lancafhire) 6 
[George Forreiler, efq; [Vi'illy, near Bridgvortk, Suisp) 4 

W&obly , Herefordfk ire. 
^ndrev/ Bayntun, ef*^; 2 

Jo. n Scott, efq, aiding', eounfel. . ■ 

48 T/;e Houfe of C O ?,I M O N S. 

Wefchury. WUtJJare. 
Samuel Eflwick, efq; LL. D agent for the colony of Bs 

Sir John Whalley Gardiner, Bart. (Roch-court, near Fareka 

Hants^ and city of Oxford.) 

Wef Looe, Cornwall. 
Sir Will. James, bt. F, R. S. oneof thedireftorsof Greenwi 

HoTpital, an elder brother and deputy mailer of the Trim 

Houfe (Park Farm Place, Eltham. Kent.) 
T. S. Cocks, efq. {Cajllcditch^ Herefordfliire) 

Wejimivjler, City of. 
Hon. Charles James Fox, uncle to lord Holland, fecreta 

of ftate for foreign affairs (Kijigfgate, near Marge 

Sir Cecil V/ray, bart. fSo?/imers Cafle, near Lincoln) 

Wefvioreland ["4.^ 
Sir Michael Le Fleming, bart. (Rydall, Weflmorehnd) 
James Lowther, efq; colonel of tiie Cumberland mili<|j 

(Aikton, Cutnberland) 

Wey-rnouth. and Mekovibe- Regis. 
Rt. hon. V/elbore silis, F. R.S. LL. D. (Tilney- 

Hamp shire) 
John Purling, efq. (Bradford Peverel, in this county) 
Gabriel Ste^A'ard, of this borough, efq; paymafter of tl 

William Richard Rumbold, efq; fon of Sir Thomas Rub • s 

bold; bart. 

Whitchurch, Hampshire. 
Rt. !:on. George (Brod rick) vifc, Middleton, of the kirgdo 

of Ireland, fon-in-law to lord Pelham (Peppcr-Harroi 

nz-ir Godalniin^ Surrey) 
William Selwyn, efq.' 

J'Vigan, Lajicashire. ' 
Hon. Horatio Walpole, eldeft fon of lord Walpole, fecretai 

and regifter of Chelfea hofpital (JVoltcrton, Norfolk) 
John Cotes, efq. brother-in-law to lord vifc. Courtenz 

[JVcodcote, Newport f Shropfhire] 

Wilton, Wilt/Iiire. 
t. hon. Henry (Hsrbert) Lord Herbert, only fon of the earl 
of Pembroke 

ight hon. Wiii-iam Gerrard Hamilton, chancellor of the 
exchequer; a^d a privy-counfelLor in Ireland ( Hamptarv^- 
court) 5. 

WiltJJiire [34-] 
harles Penru-ddbcke, efq; (Covrpton Chamberlain, in tJiis- 
county): , 3-, 

mbrofsGoddard, efq; (Sioindon, itt this county) 3 

Wivchelfea, SuJJ'cx. 

tR't. hon. Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker, and chief- 

juftice in Eyre north of Tr^i>t (Barton Pricrrs, near Win- 

"chefrer) ' ^ _ ^ ^ 3 

ohn Neibitt, efa; (llinchelfca,, and KeJIen, near Bror^ilty, tn 


Winc/uficr^ City of. 
(enry Penton, efc; letter-carrier to his Majeftv, and recorder 
ot this- city fEaJiga-te-Hcnjfe, Wiachejier) 3 

- vel Stanhope, e{q;-oi this city, uncle to the earl of Chef- 
cerfield ^ 2 

Wir.dfor, BerkjJdre. 
Ion. John iViontagU; only fon of lord Eeaulieu/'Z'/ifofi-P^r/?-^. 
Buckingkamjfdre ) a- 

r'eniQiilon Pertlock Powney, efq; (Maidenhead, Berks) 

-■ Woodjlock, Oxjordjliin. 

^t. hon. William Eden, brother to fir Tt)hn and. fir Robert 
I Eden, and brother-in-law tohrGiibert Elliot, bart. One of 
the vice trcaiui-ers, and a privv-counitilor in Ireland, au- 
ditor, and one of the direftors of Greenwich Hofpital, and 
chancellor of P>.ichmoiid in the diocefe of York 3 

ion. George Parker, vilcount Parker, eldeft fon of the 
earl of Macclesfield, a gentleman of tlie Prince of Wales *s 
- bedchamber a 

Vi'crcejlgrjkire [g.j 
^on. Edward Foley, next brother to lord Yolty (WkiiUy'^ 
court, in this county) 3; 

IVilliam Lygon, efq; (Madresfeld, in t'ms county) g 

Worcejier, City of. 
Thomas Bates Rous, efq; s- 

Hon. William Ward, brotherto vifc. Dudley and Ward 

Woc'tton-BaJJet, Wiltpiire . 
Hon. Hen. St. John, next brother to Id. vif. Bnlin^broke, one 
of the grooms of his Majefty's bedchamber^- a inajoj*-g«- 
■«r»], aad col. of the ^€th ye^ offo©i 

so The Eoufe 0/ C O M M O N S. 

William Strahan, efq; joint printer to his Majcfty ; 

Chipping- IVycojnbe , Buck inghaniJJiire. 
Robert Waller, efq; fHuggindon Hoiije, near this borough) , 
Rt. hon. Charles Stanhope, lord vifc. Mahon, only fon c 
earl Stanhope 

Yarmouth, Norfolk. 
^ Right hon. Cha. Townfhend, coufin to vifc. Townfhend 
treafurer of the navy, and LL. D. ( Honingham., near Nor 
wich ) 
Hon. Richard Walpole, fecond brother to lord Walpole, 
banker in London 

Yarmouth, HampJJiire. 
Edwsrd Morant, efq; ( Brockinhurf, New Forejl. Hants) 
Sir Thomas Rumbold, bart. fon-in-law to the bilhop o 
Carlifle fJVotton, Herts.) 

Yorkjkire [30. J 

Sir George Savile, bart. F. R. S. brother-in-law to the e| 
of Scarborough, colonel of the ift battalion of the Yor 
fhire Weft-Riding militia ^i?i^r^, near Mansf.cld, 

Henry Duncombe, efq; (Copgrove, in this county) 
York, City of. 

Rt. hon. lord John Cavendifti, third uncle to the duke oH 
Devonfhire, chancellor of the Exchequer, and one of th< 
lords of theTreafury (Great Billing, near Northampton)- j 

Sir Charles Turner, bart. an alderman of this c\X.y ( Kirkkathan 
Park; in this county) \ 


Ale;i3nGer Garden, of Troup, efq, ^ 

Aberbrotkock, Aberdeen., Montroft, Brechin^ Inverbervie. 
Adam.Drumxnondj of Megginch, efq; i 

Sir Adam FergufTon, bart. 

^ Rt. hon. lord Frederick Campbell, onlv brother to th( 
duke of Argyll, lord regiikr of Scotia^nd f.4rdincaple, ntar 
iifumi&r t'yri ) 31 

rhe Hoiife 0/ C O M M O N S. ^t 

X. hon. James (DufF] earl of Fife, in the kingdom- of Ire- 
land [Duff-hoiife, BaipJfJIiire) _ 4 

iugh Scott, junior, of Harden, efq; 
Dhn Sinclair, of Ulbfter, efq; [ThurfoCaftle^ in this cou7ity) 
Craill, Kdrenny, Anjlruther-Eajler , Pittenweem, and 
Anjlruther- Wtjier. 
ohn Anftruther, efq. 

Cuh'ojs, Dunijarlim, Innerjkei things Queenfba'ry, and 


ames CampbelL efq: a major in the Weft Fencihle reg, 

Cvpar. Perth, Dundee, St. Andrews, and Forfar. 
George Dempfter, of Dunnichen, efq; fecretary to the Order 
of the Thiftle for life 4 

[on. George Keith Elphinilone, brother to lord Elphinftonc, 
, a captain in his majefty's navy 

Dumbarton, Rutherglen, Glafgozv, and Renfrew. 
ohn Crauford, efq; chamberlain of Fife [Achinarncs and 
Errol, North Britain^ 2 


ir Robert Laurie, baronet, of Maxwelltown, lieut. col. of 
the 16th reg. of dragoons 

Dumfries, Sanquhar, Kircudbright, Lochmaben, and Annan. 
ir Robert Herries, knt. a banker in London {Richmond^ 

[on. Henry Dundas, lord advocate of Scotland [MehiUc 
near Edinburgh^ 

Edinburgh, City of. 
ames Hunter Blair, efq; a banker in Edinburgh 

Light hon. lord William Gordon, next brother to the duke 
of Gordon, deputy ranger of St. James's Park 

Lobert Skene, elq; a lieut, general in England, and adju- 
tant general in Scotland 

irchibald Douglas, of Douglas, efq. 

Haddingtonfhire . 
[ugh Dalrymple, junior, of North Berwick, ef«[; 

Invernfsfhire. , 

foQ. Arch. Frafcr, Efq; of Lovat 

^2 The Honfe of COMMON'S. 

Invermfsi Xairn, Forres, a}id Fortrofe. 
Sir Heftor Munro, of Navar, K. B. barrack-mafter gen. ii 
Scotl. a maj. gen. in the Eaft Indies. 

Irvine, Air, Roth fay, hverary, and Cambletown, 
Sir John Archibald Edmonitone, bart. [Duntreatk^ NoH 


Rt, Hon. lord Adam Gordon, of Cuttiefliilloch and Wood 

co3vn, uncle to the duke of Gordon, gov. of Tmmouth, 

It. gen. of his majeily's forces, and coL of the 26th rej 

of foot 

George Graham, efq; [Kinrofs-houfe, in the county of Kinrojs 

Kintore, Bamff, Cullen, Elgin, and Inverurie. 
St23tes Long Morris, efq; a major general, and coL of th 
61ft reg. of foot [Huntly Lodge, North Brit.) 

Kircudbright Stewartry^ 
Peter Johnfl;on, efq; 

Kirhaldy, Bruntifand, Kiiighorti, and Dyfart. 
Sir John Henderfon, bart. [For del and Earl'' s-hall, both in fh 
county of Fife) 

Andrew Stuart, of Craigthorn, Efq; one of the keepers « 
thefignet, and clerk to the regifler of feifms in Scotland" 
Lauder, Haddington, Dunbar, North Berwick, and Jedhurgi' 
Francis Charteris, jun. of Aimsfield, efq; nephew to th 
member for Sutherlandfhire 

Z i7dithgonf}i ire. 
Sir V/ill. Auguftus Cunyng.hdm5 ofLivingftone, bart. nephew 
to the earl of Eglingtoun, [Livingfoyie, in Wef -Lothian.) : -» 

Cromartyfhire. !■] 

George Rofs, efq; 

Orkney and Zetlundfiire. 
Charles Dundas, efq; nephew to the late fir Lawrence Dur 
das, bart. 

Alexander Murray, efq; {Black Barcny) 

Hon. James Murray, uncle to the duke of Athol; governorc 
Fort William, a major-general in the army, and col. of 
jeg. of highlanders [Sttowan^ Ncrth Britain) 


The Houfe of Q O M M O N S. 53 


)hn Shaw Stewart, of Greenock, efq; eldeft fon of fir 
Michael Stewart, of Black-hall, bart. [Shaw-houje ^ Ren 

t. hon. John Mackenzie, cominonly called Lord Maclcod, 
col. of -the 73d reg. of foot. 

.r Gilbert Elliot, of Minto, bart. counfellor at law 2 

ohn Pringle, of Clifton, efq; 4 

Selkirk., Lanerk, Peebles, and Linlithgow. 
r James Cockburn, of Langton, bart. heretable uflier of 
the white rod 3 

ir Thomas Dundas, of Caftlecary, bart. brother-in-law to 
earl Fitzwilliam [Upleatham, Yorkjhiie) 

Stranrawer, PVigtozvn, Whitehorn, and New Galloway. 
V^illiam Adam, of Woodflone, efq; treafurerand paymafter 
of his Majefty's Ordnance S 

Ion. James Wemyfs, of Wemyfs, fon of the late earl of 
Wemyfs, a lieutenant of his majefty's navy 4 

ion. Keith Stewart, of Glaflerton, only brother to the earl 
of Galloway, a captain in the royal navy 

Wick, Tain, Divgzvall, Dornock, and Kirkw&lL 
Charles Rofs, efq; col, of the 7 2d reg. of foot. 



Hoiife of Commons, &^c, ' 

Thofe printed in iL't/ic Charaders, were new Members a 
the General Eleclion 1780. 

§ Chofen fince the General Eleftion. 

■+ Voted in upon Petition. 

N. B. M'Oiere the Place of Refidence is left Uank^ they are ch'iefi 
out of Tcun ; but any Gentleman fending an account of tk 
Refidenu or Removal of any Member, itfhallbe careJuUy inferttu 

A Names 

GLAND, John 
h A'Court, W. "p. A. 
Adam, William 
Adeane, Ja. JVarzv. 
§ AtHeck, Sir Edni. 
§ Althorpe, Vifcount 
Anibler, Charles 
A/ncotts, V/karton 
Anderfon, Evelyn 
Annefle)', Francis 
Anfon, George 
^ Anftruther, John 
Arccdeckne, Ckaloner 
§ Arden, Pepper 
Aftley, Sir Edward 
Atkinfon, Ckrijtopher 
§ Aubrey, John 
Bacon, Edward 
Bacon, Anthony 
Baker, William 
§ Baker, Peter Will 
Bampfvlde,Slr Ch. 7 
Warwick 5 

S.znkes, Henry 
Baring, John 
Barne Barne 
§Barre,Rt. hon.Ifaac 
£arrington, John 
Barrow, Charles 
§ Barwell, Richard 
BaJJett, Sir Francis 
Bajfett, Francis 

Where chofe. 
Stranrawer, &C. 
5 ii rrey 

Newton, Hants 






Newton., Hants 






Harley-Jlr. Cav.-fqt 

St. James'' s-place ' 




Upper Grofvenor- 

St. James's-fquar€ 

Lower Scymour- 



Wimpole-ftreet '' 


New Bond-Ilreet 





H alf-moon-ftreet 

Duke-freet, Wejlm. 
St. Alban's-ilreet 
Mortimer- ftreet 
James-fi. Bedford-ro 
Howard-ftr. Strand 
Great Ormond-flrei 
Portland-place -- 

An Alphabetical Lijl of the House 

Karnes. Where chofe. 

eman, Vifcount jLeominfter 
,ntun, Andrew j Weobly 
luchampjVii'QDuat Orford 
;eaufoy, Henry Minehead 
kford^ Richard Brtdport 

njield, Paul Cricklade 

Rtinckji Id. Ed. Ch.|Nottinghamniire 
nyon, Richard ' Peterborough 
Je'rkley, hon.Geo. Gloucefterfhire 
rticjhon. PeregrineiOxford city 



fshopp. Sir Cecil 
ackwell, Samuel 
Blair. Js. Planter 
ake, Sir Patrick 
)nd, John 
)one, Charles 
DOtle, Rich. Wilbr. 

fcawen, Hugh 
ouverie, hon. W. H. 
owes, And. Robinfcm 
oyd, John 
raddyll, Wilfon 
Brett, Charles, efq; 
rickdale, Matthew 
ridgman, Sir Henry 
roxvn, Launcelot 
rudenelljGeo. Brid. 
lulkeley, Vifcount 
lull, Frederick 
(uller, John 

Bullock, John 
Junbury, Sir Th. Ch. 
Jurgoyne, John 

Burke, Edmund 
iurrard. Harry 
5urrell, Sir Meyrick 

Burrell, Sir Peter 

Burton, Francis 
Byng, George 
j Calvert, John 
) Calvert, John, jun 

Campbell, Id. Fred. 

"-ampbrll, John _ 
ZampbelL, James 

Edinburgh city 

A ill burton 

C heller 

St. Mawes 

New Sarum 
















Mai ton 









Culrojis, &c. 

Toion RefidencSi 
Stanhope-ftr. May-fa. 
Great George-fcreet 
St, James's Place- 
Gr. George-jlr. Wejlm. 
New-ft.Spring. Gard. 
St. James's-lqnare 
Li?icol?i's-ivn New-fq. 
Great George-ftreet 
Old Palace-Yard 
Berkeley-ftr. Port-fq. 
Great George-ftreet 
\ Craig's-court, 
I Charing-crofs 

5^ An Alphabetical Li^ of tlie HcvsE ot Coii^.'iCiyn, 

Carew, Reg. P. 
Cafwall, Timothy 
Cavendifh. Lord John 
Cavendifh, Lord 

G. Aug. Henry 
f Cavendifh, Ld.Geo. 
§Ca\vthorne J.Fenton 
Cecil, Henry 
Charteris, Francis 
Chaytor, William 
Clavering. SirTho. 
Clayton, Sir Robert 
Clayton. William 
Clerke,Sir Phil. Jen. 
Cleveland, John 
Clinton, Sir Henry 
Clive, Lord, 
Olive, William 
Cockburn, Sir James 
Cocks, Sir Charles 
§ Cocks, T. Somers, 
Codrington, Sir Wm. 
Coghill, Sir John 
Coke, Tho. Will. 
Coke, Dan. Parker 
Coke, Edward 
Conway, Rt. hon. 7 
H. S. 5 

Conway, Hon. H. S. 
Conway, W. S; 
Conway, Hon. R. S. 
Cooper, Sir Grey 
Cornewall. Sir Geo. 
Cornwall, Rt. Hon. 7 
C. WoU\ Speak. \ 
k Cornwallis, Hn.W. 
§ Cotes, John 
Cotton, Sir R. S. 
-Courtney, John 
Courfozvn, Earl 
h Cox, Lawrence 
Coxe, Rich. Hippif. 
Crauford, John 
Crefpigny, Philip 

Ciewe, John 

J-l here c/'ioje. 


Si a mford 
Lauder. &c. 


Tozon Refdence 
Davis-ilr. Berkley-, 
New-rtr. Sprin 


Lower Grolvcnor-; 
Lower Grofvenor-i 

Durham County Brtiton-ftreet 
Blechinglev .Hill-ftreet 

Great Marlow 





Billiop's Caftle 

Selkirk, &c. 




Newport, Cornzu 








Tamivoi tk 
Dumbarton, &c. 
Aldhurgh^ Suf- 
folk I 

Xew Burlington-fl 
Arlmgton-ftreet \ 
Charlotte-ft. Blooi' 


Upper Brook-ftrec 




St. James's-ftreet 
Her ford-fir. May 

Maroaret-ll. Cav. 



I 0. Faldce-ya. IP 



An Alphabetical Lijl of the Ho u s e o f C om mo x s . ,^ : 

(•ngliame. Sir 
ill. Auguftus 
rtis, John 
:on, Hon. Nat. 
, Peregrine 
, Fra- Cockayne 
ymple, Hugh 
ler, hon. George 
\y, George 
iter, John 
lubeny, George 
inport, Thomas 
ers, Sir Charles 
ivies, Somerfet 
)es^ John 
^rkins, Henry 
aval, Sir J. H. 
me, Peter 
npfter, George 
ing, Sir Edward 
kenfon, William 
ifdale. Baron 
fOyly, Chrift. 
'ben, Sir William 
iQuglas, Archibald 
ike, William 
ake, William, jun. 
ummond, Henry 
ummond, Adam 
ncannon, Fife, 
ncomb^ Heyny 
indas, Sir Thomas 
Dundas, Charles 

Vr'here chofe. 




Haddington sh ire 





Queen-fir. May-fair 



Great George-ftreet- 



Tylney- Place 


St. Barthol. Hofpital 


Newton, Lci^}cash.\Serjeani' s-inn 








Cupar, &c. 

New Romney 



Sea ford 

Oxford Univtrfity 

Hanover- fquare 
L incoln 's-inn -fields 
Charles-ft. Berkley-f. 
Charles-Jl. Cavend.-fq. 


Agmondelham iGrofvenor- fquare 







I Orkney and Zell 
>undas, hon. Henry lEdinburghfhire jSavile-row 
intze, Sir John jTiverton 1 Pall-Mall 

irand, John jSeaford jLime-ftreet 

Gloucefterfliire Harley-ilreet 
Durham County Downing-flreet 


St. James's-fquare 






)utton, James 
en, Sir John 
;jlen,Rt. Hon. Will. 
Imonftone, Sir Arch 
iwin, Charles 
gerton, Sir Thomas 
gerton. John Wm. 
liot^ Edw. James 

Irvine, &c. 
St. Qermains 
1 F 

Fludyer-ftn Weftm. 

\Great Cumber land-fir. 

St. James-ftreet 

Albemarle- flr« 

S'6 . Ari, Ail^habitical Lift nf the Hov 

Eliot, Edward 
Elliot, Sir Gilbert 
Ellis, Welbore 
f Elphinftone. G. 

Elwes, John 
§ Erfkine, Sir Jas. 
Ellwick, Samuel 
k Enfton, Earl of 
Evelyn, William 
Ewer, William 
Eyre, Anthony 
ijVTf, Francis 
Fair ford, Vifcount 
Jane, Elon. Kdnry 
Farnaby, Sir Charles 
Farrer, Thomas 
^ Featherftone- 7 

haugh, Sir Harry ^ 
TFerguiTon.Sir Adam 
^ Fielding, Vifcount 
Fife, Earl of 
FHzksrbert, Thomas 
^^ Fitzwilllam, 1 

Hon. George 5 
Fleming. Sir Mich. Le 
Fletcher, Sir Henry 
Fludyer, George 
^, Fludyer, Sir S. B. 
Foley, Hon. Edward 
Foley., Hon. Andrew 
Fonnereau, Martyn 
^ Forefter, George 
Fox, Flon. Ch. James 
Frafer, Hon. Arch 
Frederick, Sir Charles 
K- Frederick, John 
Fuller, John 
Garden, Alexander 
Qardiner, Sir J. IVh. 
Gar forth, John Bayms 
Cafcoigney Sir Thomas 
Gafcoyne, Bamber 
Gafcoyve, Bav:l>er,jun 

Where chofe. 
Weymouth, &c. 



Caftle Rifmg 






Great Grimily 


Lime Regis 




Air fh ire 












Aldborough, Suf. 







Aberdeen ihire 

We ft bury 



Truro . 


§ Gibbon, Edward Lymington 

1. OF CoiWMONS. 

Park-ft. Weftminft( 
Little Brookc-ftreet 

Abingdon- ftreet 


Berkley-ft. Portm.f 
Qnecn-ftr. May-Fa; 
Lower Grofvenor-il 
Cecil-ftreet, Strajid 
Lower Grofvenor-fl 

Hill-ft. Berkley-fq. 

Cha.ft. St.James's-f 










Charlot-ftr. BioOl 


St. James 's-ftreei 








Piccadilly ' 


St. James' s-Jtrcit 



An Alphahiiicdl L'Jl of the House of Common's. 59 

St. Jaines's-iqusre 
Q,utcn- ft . VVe ilm in (l > 


filbert, Thomas 
'"'''ps. George 

idard, Ambrofe 
idon, Lord if^dam 
rdon, Ld. Will. 
trordon; Sir Will. , 
tough, Sir Henry 
-^'■Jd, Sir Charles 

.■-ham, Marquis 
Waham. George 

raves, William 
Jregory, Robert 
Jrenville, Tho. 
rrenville, James, jun. 
Jreville, Hon. Charles 
irey, hon. Booth 

riffin, Sir John 


rofvdnor, Thomas 
'iulpon, Jofapk 
;^ale, Francis 
Halliday, John 
Halfey, Thomas 
.Hamilton, W. Ger. 
jHamniet, Benjamin 
jManbury, John 
Hanger, Hon. Wm 
;Harbord,Sir Harbord 
^ Hare, James 
jHarley, Thomas 
JIarris, Sir James 
IHarrifon, John 
k Hartley, David 
JHaxtley Winch- ? 
I combje, Heniy 3 
iHarvey, £liab 
jHatton, Geo. Finch 
!Henderfon, Sir John 
iHenniker^ Sir John 
\Herbert, Lord 
\ Herbert, Hen. Arlh. 

TVhere chcjc. 
K incard inefliire 
£alt Looe 





St. Michael 






St. Michael 





Great Grim/by 

Kingfton upon H. 




Bruntiflandy &e.. 






Green- park Lodge 

Curzon-ftr. May-fair 


Horfe-gds. "Wnitchall 

Upper Grofver.or-fcrceA 


Inner Temple 





St. James's-fquare 

Charles-ftr. Berk.-fq,. 

New Burlington-ilr. 








New Boad-ftreet 



Chaiies-ftr. Btrk. fqu.- 






Berkely-fa. Berk.-ff 
Savage-garden , 


Vi'here chofe. \ Toun Rcjuknci 
Dumfries. &c. ,St. Jumes's- place '■ 
Shropfhiie |Sackviile-ftreet jijhirc' ' Wimpok-Jircet 

HunurigdOniliire Mansfieid-ilreet. 
Prefton ^ *' 

60 An j-ilp'ub'.iical Lij: of tke Yio^j'i'E. of CoMyaxs. 

Herrics. Sir Robert 
Hill, Ncel 
Hill, Richard 
Hinchingbroke, Vifc 
Hoghton, Sir Henry 
Holdfworth, Arthur 
Honywood, Philip 
Honywood, Pilmer 
Hopkins, Richard 
Hothar/i, Sir Richard 
Howard, Sir George 
Hungerford, J. P. 
Hunt, George 
Huirey, William 
Hyde, Lord 
Jackfon, Richard 
James, Sir William 
Jenkinfon, Chsrles 
^ Jervis, Sir John 
Jervois, Jerv. Clarke 
Johnes. Thomas 
^ John (lone, George 
f Johnfton, Peter 
JollifFe, William 
Joliiffe, Tho. Samuel 
\ Jones, Henry 
keene, Whitlhed 
Keene, Benjamin 
Kemp, Thomas 
Kenrick, John 
Kenfmgton, Lord 
Kenyan, Lloyd 
Kvight, Rich. Payne 
Knightley, Lucy 
Ladbroke, Robert 
Lambton, John 
^ Lafcelles, Edwin 
Laurie, Sir Robert 
LazL'ley, Sir Robert 
% Lawrence, William 
Lee, lohn, 


New Sarum 
New R.Gmney 
Well Looe 
Left with iel 
Durham city 

Upper Brook-ftree 
Charles-ilr. Berk.- 
Queen-ftreet M. F 
Grol V enor- fquare 
New-Ilr. Spring-g 
Upper Grofvenor- 
Gerrard-ftreet, Sol 

Kenfmgton Gore 
Stable-yard, St. J 
CLarlcs-ftr. Berk.- 
\ Lincoln' s-inn -fields 
' Parliavievt-Jireet 
Grofvenor- fquare 
iNew Bond-ftreet 
j Portman- fquare 
jSt. James's-place 
\Hollis-llr. Cavendish 

Ah Alphateiical Lip. of t'le Kov i 

'.igkton. Sir Charlton 
emon. Sir William 
snox, Lord George 
etiiieullier, Benj. 
Lewes, Sir Watkin 
;ewis; Edward 
ewifliam, Vifc. 
Lihcoln, Earl of 
ifburne, Earl 
ifter, Thomas 
Lloyd, Maurice 
ong, Sir Ta. Tylney 
ong, Dudley 
Gvedcn, E. Loveden 
'i owther, Sir James 
owther, James- 
ofjtker, WiUiain 
owther, John 
ucan, Vifcount 
.ucas, Thomas 
udlow, earl 
athcr, John 
uttrell, hon. Hen. ? 
Lawes 5 

uttrell, hon. James 
.uttrell, hon John 
Mttrell, John Fcwnes 
' ygon, Wm. 
acdonald, Arch, 
ackreth, Robert 
•iudeod, Lord 
Macpherfo7i, James '• 
wlahon. Lord 
iMaitland, Fifcount 
§ Maiden, Yifc. 
ji^Iann, Sir Horatio 
jMansfield, James 
H" Marriott, Sir James 
iMarftiam-; Hon"; Cha. 
[Martin, James 
Mafterman. William' 
jMawbey, Sir Jofeph 
'Medley, George 

Where chojc, ^ 
New Radnor 

St. Germams : 





Worcelterflii re 

Newcaft. under L. 

Callle Rifrng 




Chipping TVycovibe 

Newport, Co^nzc. 










S or COMW-ONS. fet 

Cktitland-coiilty St. J. 
Privy-garden ■ 
Charles-ftr. Berk.-fq. 
New Palace-yard 
George-ft Hanov.-fq... 

CharJes-ftr. Berk.-fq 
Q:ueen-rtr . M ay-fa i r 







Har ley -tire it 

Edward-dr. Port. -iq^ 




(Abroad J 



Be rk cley-fq aare 

Stanhope-it, May-fair 









62 An Alphahtticat Lijl of the House 

Where chofe. 

Medows, Charles 
Melbourn, Lord V. 
Mellifh, Charles 
§Methuen, Paul Cobb 
Michel, David Robert 
Middleton, Sir Will. 
Middleton, Vifcount 
Minchin, Humphry 
Molyneux, Crifp. 
Moiickion, hon. Edzv. 
Montagu, hon. John 
Montagu, Frederick 
Morant, Edward 
^Morgan, Charles 
Morgan, John 
?.Iorris, StaatesLong 
Morfheud, John 
•^ Mortimer, H. W. 
Moftyn, Sir Roger 
Moyfey, Abel 
Muloirave. Lord 
Munro, Sir Hettor 
Murray, Alex. 
Murray, hon. James 
Myddelton, Richard 
INfedham, William 
Nefhiit. John 
^Neville, Rd.Aldw, 
Newhaven, Lord 
Nezvnhs7n, Nathaniel 
Noel, Thom%5 
North. Lord 
North, hon. G. A. 
Norton, Edward 
i^ Norton, Hon. Wm. 
Nugent, Earl 
Onflow, George 
Onflow, Thomas 
Ord, John 
Ord, Thomas 
*,. On^orne, Sir Geo. 
Owen. Sir Hugh 
Owca, Hugh, Efq; 




Lime Regis 




King's Lynn 



Hi gham- Ferrers 




Kintore, &c. 






Invernefs, &c. 














St. Mawes 



Hallings . 

lylefoury ■ 
■pembrokefbirc ' 

OF Commons.' 

Chandos-ft. Cav.-fq 
New Palace-yard 
St. Alban's-Jlreet 
Dover- flreet 
Great George-ftreet 
Somerjd-Ji. Portm.-, 
Surrey-ilreet, Stram 

Ms nchefler-bu ildin^ 
New Bond-ftreet 
Lower Grofvenor-ft 

Middle Temple 
Middle Temple 
Great George-ftreet 
Harley-ftr. Cav.-fq. 
Lincoln's-inn-fields \ 
Upper Harley-Jireet 
Charles-ft. Berk.-fq. 


An Alphdheticdil Lijl of the Hou s i 

wen, Willi a7}i 
'age, Francis 
>alk, Robert 
Pallifer, Sir Hugh 
"almerfton, Vifcount 
''ardoe, John 
'arker, John 
'arker, Vifcount 
■'arrj', John 
^ayne, Sir Ralph 
'eachey, John 
i'eirfe, Henry 
^elham, C. Anderfon 
'^dham, Hon. Henry 
'^elham, Hon. Thomas 
I Pennington. John 
i*ennyman. Sir James 
?enruddock, Charles 
Penton, Henry 
k Perceval, Hon. C.G 
i Peyton, Sir H.Bart. 
philips, George 
phillipfon, Richard 
*hipps, Hon. Charles Scarborough 

Where chofcn.- 
Mo n tgo m e ryjli i re 
Oxford Univer. 
Sujex ■ 

Fhipps. James. 
Pigot, Hugh 
Pitt, Thomas 
Pitt, Hon. George 
Pitt^ William Morton 
S Pitt, Hon. William 
Plumer, William 
Pochin^ Williard 
Poulett, Hon. Anne 
Poiuney, Pennijlon 

Powys-j Thomas 
Praed, William 
Pratt, Hon. John Jeff. 
Pringle, John 
Pukeney, William 
Purling, John- 
Radcliffe, John 
Hamfdcn, Sir John 



Old Sarum 








St. Ives 

"Weymouth, &c. 
St. Alb'ans 


Grofvenor-f quart 
Luicoln '' s-innfie,Ids 

Bolton-ftr. Piccadilly 
Lower Grofv. llreet 
Bolton-ftr. Piccadilly 


New-ftr. Spring-gar. 


Nezo Bond-fireet 

Weft Indies 

Park- lane " 







Parliament -fir eet 




St. Martin's-lane 



Upper Grofvcnor-ilr. 


64 ^'^ Alphabetical 
Names. \ 

RafKlelgh, Philip 
Hawlinfon, Sir Walter 
Razvlinfon^ Henry 
Rawhnfon, Abraham 
Kidley,SirMa. White 
Rigby, Richard 
Robinfon, John 
Rohiv.fon, Charles 
Robinfon. Frederick 
Rodney^ Hon. George 
Rogers, Sir F. L. 
Rolle, John 
Rofeivarne, Henry 
Rofs., George 
Rofs, Charles 
Rous, Thomas Bates 
Rous. Sir John 
RqvJ., C. W. B. 
§ Rumhold, Sir Tho, 
§ Runibold, Wm. R. 
Rufliout. Sir John 
§ St. John, Hon G.R. 
St. John, Henry 
St. John, John 
St. John^ St. Andrew 
Salt, Samuel 
Savile, Sir George 
§ Sawbridge, John 
Scott, Thomas 
Scott, John, 
§ Scott, Hugh 
Scudamore, John 
Selwyn, Geo. Aug. 
§ Selwyn, William 
Shafto, Robert 
+ Sheffield, Lord 
Sheridan, R. B. 
Shuckburgh.SirG, d. IV, 
Shuldham, Lord 
Sibthorp, Humphry 
Sinclair, John 
Skene, Robert 
Skipwith SirT. Geo. 
Sloane, Hans 

Lijl oj the House 

I Where chofe. 













Wick, &c. 








Wotton Baflett 























Tovjn-Refidence. • 
Great George-Jlreet 
Parliam.Jireet, Wejlm 
St. James's-place 
St. James's-fquare 
Lincoln' s-itm 0: Buil. 
St. Jarnes's-Jlreet 

Parliam.ent-fir ctt 
Herejord-Jl. Park-km 



Old-build. Linc.-inn 

Inner Temple 


New Burlington-ft. 










Park-Jlreet, Wejlmin, 
Southamp.-ft, .E iocir^ 

An Alphtihefiid 

ioper-, /Tm. C/ur'es 
rnith, Abd 
mith, John Manfdl 
mith, Richard 
mithj Robert 
mithy Samuel, jun. 
Smyth, John 
myth, Sir Robert 
pencer, Lord. Cha. 
pencerjLord Robert 
tanhope, Hon. H.F. 
tanliope, Lovel 
Stanhope, Walter } 
Spencer 5 

tanley, Thomas 
'taunton, Thomas 
teele, Thomas 
tephens, Philip 
;tephenfon, John 
itepney, Sir John 
Steward, Gabriel 
Ueiuart, John Shaw 
Itewart, hon. Keith 
Jtorer, Anthony 
btrachey, Henry 
Strahan, William 
Mratton, George 
Strutt, John 
Stuart, Hon. Charles 
. Stuart, Hon. James 
Stuart, Andrew 
Sturt, Humphrey 
Surrey, Earl 
)\ Sutton, John 
Sutton, Sir Richard 
Sutton, George 
Sykes, Sir Francis 
Symons, Sir Richard 
Taylor, Cleme'rit 
iTempeft, John 
Yrhijllethwayte, Robert 
Thompfon, Beilby 
§ Thornton, Henry 
Thoroid, Sir John 

lijl of the House 

Sf. Alifdh 
St. Iv;s 

Ox ford (hire 
Oxford city 








Weymouth; <Scc. 






Wotton Bailett 














Durham city 





or Co MMO.vs. 65 

Tozov-R fi.icnc-e. 
Aadley-J} eet 

Grofvenor- place 
Berkeley- fquare 




Nezu Bond-Jlreet 


Scots-yard, Bufh.-la. 



5^. James'' s-jireet 

Cleveland- fquare 

Portugal- ft:. May-Fair 


New-ftreet, Fetter-la. 





St. James's-fquare 

Neio-Jlr. Spring-gar. 



New Bond-ftreet 

Upper Brook-jireet 



Wi mpol e-ftreet 





65 An Alphabetical Lift, of the Hou s : 

Toilemache, Hon 

^ Townfend, [arpics 
Tov/nfliend, Charles 
Toriotijliend, Hon. John 
Town/on., John 
Trentham, Vif- 7 

count ^ 

Trevelyan, Sir John 
Trevanion, John 
Tudway, Clement 
Turner, Sir Char. Bt. 
Tyrconnel, Earl of 
Van Neck, Sir G. W. 
Vaughan, Hon. John 
Vaughan, John 
Vaughan, Evan Lloyd 
Verney, Earl 
Vernon, Richard 
Upper Offory, E. of 
Vyner, Robert 
Wake, Sir William 
Wallace, James 
Waller, R.obert 
Walpole, Hon. Tho. 
Walpole, Hon. Rich. 
WalpoU, Hon. Horatio 
Ward, Hon. Wdliam 
Warren, Sir George 

V/here choje. 



Yarmouth, Norf. 
Cambridge Univ. 
MilboLirne Port 
Newcallle under 



Chipp. Wycomb 
King's Lynn 
Yarmouth, Norf. 

Warren, Sir J.Borlafe Great Marlow 

OP Commons. 



Coney-court^ Graf si 


Webb. John 
Weddeil, William 
Wemyfs, Hon. Jame 
Wenman, Viicount 
Weflcote, Lord 
Whitbread, Samuel 
Whitm.ore, Tho. 
Whitfliedj James 
Wilberforee, IVilliam 
Wilkes, John 
W^ilkinfoa. Pinckney 
§ Wilkinfon, Jacob 
Williams, Watkin 
Wiluiot, Jol\n 



Charles-ftr. Caven-l 





Portland- Place 


Curzon-ftr. May-Fj 

St. James's-place 







Spring Gardens 


Great Cumberland-Jl) 


Q. Ann-ftr. Cav.-fq 

Mor timer -jir. Cav.-J. 

Upper Brook-ftreet: 

Cha. fti. St. Jara.-£ 

Portman-lquare • 
New Burlina;ton-ftr! 








Cirencefter ^ 

Kingjlon upon Hut I New Bond-fireet . 

Middlefex Princes-court, Wefi 

Old Sarum. 




Hereford- ftreet 
Adam-ftreet, Straaj 
Symond's-Ion . ! 

An Alphabetical 

Karnes. \ 

innington. Edward 
oollalton, William 
odky, Williain i 

[irflev; Sir Richard 
■axall, Nath. Wm. I 
Vray, Sir Cecil, bt.! 
rottefley, Sir John 
Vyndham, hon 

ynn, Glynn 
ynne, Sir W 
)nge. Sir George 
)rk.e. Hon. John 
rke, Philip 


Lijl of the Hors^ 

Where chofe. 
Newport, Hants 





OF Common's. 


Tcrx'n-R efuie nee. 
Chandois-ll. Cav,-fq. 
Lower Brook-Jlreet 
Great Georgc-ftrcet 



St. James's-fquare 



iMMiTTEE for ered:ing Penitentiary Houfes on 3atterfea 

Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart. 
Gilbert Elliott, Bart. 
. Bowdler. 

C L E R Ks and Officers of the Houfe of PEERS* 

\ Shley Cowper, efq; Clerk of the Parliaments. 
\ Samuel Strutt, efq; Clerk Afliftant. 
atthew Robert Arnott 5 efq; Reading Clerk and Clerk of 
the Private Committees. 
r. Crofts, Clerk of the Journals. 
>. Edward Blackftock, Copying Clerk, 
ther Clerks in the office, Ed. Parratt, F. Wm. Feary, Ja. 
Hamilton, Wm. Walmfley. 

r Francis Molyneux, Bart. Gent.Uflier of the Black Rod. 
obert Quarme, efq; Yeoman Ufher. 
r. Copeland, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Lauzun, 
Mr. Watcrhoufe, and Mr. Randall. 

Housekeeper, Mrs. Tolfrey 
Mr. Robert Robe, Keeper of the Stole-Room. 

Necejfary Weman^ Mrs. Hickfon. 


[ 68 ] 
Officers of the Houfe of Commons. 

John Hatfell, efq; Clerk of the Houfe of Commons [Cbtti 
Gar dm, Old Palace Yard) '''' 

John Ley, efq; Clerk Afnftant {St. Margaret' s-Jlrtet, WeJ 

George White, efq; Clerk of Committee of Privileges, 

Clerk of the Seleft Committees for trying Elections 
John Roller, efq; Clerk_ofthe Fees 
Hardinge Stracev, efq; A 

His Deputy, Mr. The. Parker 
George White, efq; I 

His Deputy, Mr. G. White, jun. \ ClerkswithoutDoo:i 
Edward Barwell, efq; /attendingCommitte<i 

His Deputy, Mr. Nath. Barwell 
Robert Gunnel, efq; 

His Deputy, Mr. Henry Gunnelly 
Hardinge Stracey, efq ; 7 ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ IngrofTment: 

Mr. David Jones J 

John Benfon, efq; Clerk of the Journals and Papers 
Edward Colman, efq; Serjeant at Arms 
John Clementfon, efq; Deputy Serjeant at Arms 
The Rev. Mr. Cornwall, Chaplain 
Samuel Dunn, efq; Secretary 7 g ^^^^ 

Mr. Mann, Trambearer 3 ^ . 4I 

Charles Bathurft, Lockyer Davis, Benjamin White, ;3j 

John Nichols, Printers of the Votes 

Mr. Henry Hughs, Printer of the Journals, See. 

Mr. S. H. Babb delivers out the Votes to Members 

Mr. Tofeph Pearfon, 7 ta i 

,t -U tTc -d u f Door-keepers 

Mr. Godfrey Barwell, \ '■ 

Mr. John Bellamy, Houfe-keeper 

Mr. William Whitham ^ 

Mr. Charles Williams / MelTengers 

Mr. Richard Taylor f ° 

Mr. Shields ' . . ^ 

Mr. Thomas Baker, Lower Door-keeper. 

( ^9 ) 

qU Mxjen:;'3 Mofl Honourable PRIV Y-COUNCU . 

T/jop tf.arked thus ';:<' are Mimbtn of Fariiatnvit. 

of Wales 
Duke uf' Clouceftei* 
• ke of Cumber. a id 
chbifhop of Cancerbary 
chbiihop of York 
rd Vifcdunc StoriTiontjLord 

,ke of PortlandFllLdTreaf. 

Montagu, M,of Horfe 
arqu'is of Carmarthen 
irl Bathurft 

Dartmouth Ld Stew. 
Hertford, Ld Cham. 
Carline,Ld.Pri. Seal 


Temp e 
v."' Earl Verney 
Earl of She burne, 
'v.". Earl Nugent 
E^ii of Shaanoa 
'■'.:'. Ludlow 
Vifcount Townfhend 
Mount Edgcumhe 
X" Hinchingbrook 
>:'* Beaucharop 
Lord Camden 
'*>;'"George Cavendifh 
''>i^Charles Spencer 
'>:"J Frederic Campbell 
'':•*.]! Lor a Noith 

V.^ John Caveniifii 
De Ferrars 
Biihjp of London 




G LorJ 

Lord Amherft 

v.". Cha. W^oifran Cirncval), 

Speaker of the Houfe of 

'X'Sir Rich. Worflcy, Bart. 
James Seu art Mackenzie, Efqj 
V'.Tnomas H-irlcy, Efq; 
Jame^ Grcnville, Efq; 
Sir Joff ph Yorke, K, B. 
v.', H. Sevmour Conway, Efcj; 
'X^elbore Ellis, Efq; 
Humphry Moricf, Efqj 
v.." Rich. Rigby, Efqj 
Sir Thomas Sewell 
■Sir John Eardley Wilimt 
XlTaac Barre, E^q; 
Sir John She ley, Bart. 
Henry Fr. Carteret, Efq. 
Sir Thomas Parker, Knt. 
X' Charles Jenkinfort, Efqj 
Sir William Lynch, K. B. 
Sir John Goodricke, Birt 

( 70 ) 

'X'Hon. Charles James. F 
X Hen. Edmund Burke 
VHon.Wm. Pitt 
Sir Wm. Howe, KB 
'X"H- Dii^dai 
Edw'ti Francis Stanhope^" 
'X'William Eien, Efnj"' 
'Xl^ha les G.cville 
XHjt- Fred. M)ntagii 
S;;Hon. Rich. Firz, Pa f 

CUrks of the Coimcil in O'dh 
Hon. Robert Walpole . 
Stephen Cottrell, 
George Cheiwynd, Wil 
Favvkener, Efqrs. 
Clerks Extraordinarji 
Richard Orlebar, 
Robai-t Tarrant, Efqrs. 
Hon. Richard Chetwynd 
Thomas Gilbert, jun, Ef 
James BuUer, Efq; 
Keeper of the Council Ren 
Si-ephen C-)ttrclI, Efq; 

Kcipers of the Coioicil Chav\ 
Sir William Meredith, Bart.,Wm.Booker,G( 
VCiarles Townihtnd, Efq; Office keeper.V . Litchficj 
■:<Sir Geo. Yjnge, Bart. Neceffa>-y-'ivoman,'^,L\ic 

£^ord Chamberlain of the King's Hou/hDld, and the Oj^ri 
andScfuants under hii Dire^ion. (Stable-Yard, St, Jame} 
All the Salaries ivere not afcctalned fufficiently ferk 
fublic eygy at the time of printing the Calendar 

Lord Chamberlain. 

EARL of Hertford, KG 
Wages lool a Year 
lio^rd Wag?s I tool, a Year 

Vice Chamberlain^ 
Vifcount CUewton 
Wages 6co! a Year 
Board U'ages559l S34d aYear 
Sec,ritary to Ld Cbamberlaiuy 
X'Whiti'hed Kecne, Efq. 
Francis Price, Efq Deputy 
James Ely, Efq. F/>/? Clerk 

Samuel Betty, Second Cle 
John Le^arde, Chamh ket\ 
Lords of the KingsBedchai t 
Vifcount Weymouth, Gr : 

of the Stol^, aoooL 
Duke of Queenlberry 
Eari of Orford 
Lord Willoughby de Brc 
Ear) of Denbigh 
Duke of Roxburgh 
Earl pf FauconbuTgh 

I— ^ 

9f Ay'esford 

ary looo! a Year each 

'■.cm: of ths Bedchambti-i 
(I. ames Peachy, Bart, 
iijimcs Wright, Bart. 
M ha. Thompfon, Bt. K. B. 
i. Col. William Harcourt 
K. Henry Sed ley 
■ Sir Geo. Olb^mc, Bart. 

Hon. Majoi-Gcn. Henry 
St. John 

Philp Hales, Bart. 

I. William Gordon 
Z ries Herbert, Efq. 
L: i afcelles 

. Georee Villiers. 500I. 
■ Icmen of the Fri'v^ Chamber, 
mon Dayrollc, FRS. 
|iothy EarlcEfq. J. Short, 
•eman, W. D. Grimes, 
s, SirF. Charleton, Bart, 
vood Hewett, W. Baynes, 
Stuart, Tho. Barker, C, 
irchill, James Theobdlds, 
Bf)d£es, H. Shubrooke, 

a. Ballard, E'qrs. Sir J. 
dwell, Bart. Sir J- Stan- 
Bart. Th, Edwards Ft ee- 

i,Hu?,h Powell, J. Beale 
incl, T. Lowfif.ld, Tho?. 
kyer, ^J. Tomiinfon, D. 
'icn,Elqrs. Sir P. Soime, 
t. Rich Croft, T. Hotch- 
, Per. Bertie, Lee Sreere, 

b. Bromley, Ph. Glover, 
y Eiwe?, T. King, T. 
I'ffin, D. Egertor, Rich. 
llis,Efqrs. T.Strong, John 
rt Carton, J. Mytton, C. 
ivin,C.Ha.«, ElqW. 'X'Sir 

I ) 

V. L. Rogers, Bart. P. Fu-y, 

Efq Sir Rowland Wynne, Et. 

Sir F. Drake, J. Manners, 

Efq. Sir Wm. Woleflev, Birt 

Sir Jn. Dick, Bart. Fr 

e n 8 , Efq . J . Ma rib, E iq . W^ 

Wood. Efq Geo. Ainoid,Jn. 

Hadiey,Erq. C.Berners, A.S. 

Wiljett, W. Jervis, T, Hol- 
" bich, J.Taylor, J. Smith, T. 

Pennington, Ed win S!anho()e, 

T. Turner, Efq^H.Dafiiwood 

Four Genihmcn Upcr^ oj tbt 
Privy Chamber f 

Wm. H.idfon 

Arthur Gregory 

Thomas Tuctridgc 

Mafthew Joh^ifon 

4 Gent. Ujhe-i Daily Waiters, 

Sir Francis Molineux, BdiU 
Black Rod. 

Edward Sneyd 

Wm. Fitzherbert 

Geo. Anne Cooke 

One Getitleman Ujher v^^tflatttt 

Vere Warner 

FourGrooms of the Tri-vyCbam, 
J Samuel Pegg 
I VVm. Fordvce 

Jaoies Trail 
I Jam's Hawkins 
I E'ght Genthmen V/hcrt gar- 
ter Waiter: J 

Frederick Chapman 

James Mliler 

William Piaxton 

RdwaiQ Whitehoufe 

Hen y 

John Welfh 

Edward Armfl^rorg 

John Edward Fremantle 
Four Pages of the Frefencet 

Francis Shav/ 

John Eidred 

David Clarkfon 
Jvhn Gerkin 

^en Grotnn 'J" the Great Chsm. 
Henry- Goiroad 
H, Kanimond 
Francis B'^'kcr 
John M'-iIiet 
Wm. Sntgg 
John V/ebb 
Tho. Scory 
"Wai. Everard 
Wm. Samplln 
Gecrge Young 

Ma^er of the Cerem9r?ieif 
Si- C:err:eit CotvieU Dormer 

One AJJiJirnt to the Majier, 
Steph'-n Couiel' 
0'T£ MorihaU nf :he Ceremofiies, 
Stephtn Cottrell 

Wardb oBe. 
Jijdctit Cletl, 
James Failo eild, Efq. 
One AfTifta:;! Clerk. 
One Second AfTn^ant. 
.Mcjf' tigers and Fcrie^s, 
Stepnea Noft, John Noll. 
Mast KR 5/ /i>^ Robes, 
Lord Erudenell, 500I. 
Grooniy John Mall'.ef, 60I. 

Furrier of the Robes f 
Tobias Kieinrrtj 20!. I 

MfJ/ierver of the RoheSt \ 
John Bifhop 

E'-gbt Serjeants at ArmSf 
"fofeph Smi:h 
Alexander Pjrker 
G. B. KennetC 
C. Simpfon 
William Bibb'.ns 
Cavin Delans 
33e^jamin C'ouch 
J^n-iss Ely, Efrjfs 
One Sejeant at ^rms to attend 
ikt. Lord Char.cehorf 

( 73 j 

One Seyje^'.r.t at Arws to a- 1 

the Houjc of €omn.cir.!^ 
Edward Cij'eman 

One Kmght Uarhlngiyf 
Richard Sronehswer 

ExamiPiv of Piqys, &c. 
John Larpeni, Efq; 

Poft La live at, 
Wrt-*, \Vhi<.«*.he-it!, Efa? 

i'5'7v Mejjengvs., 
Wm. Pick, Ceo. Coll- 
Tof. Sharp, M. Rt-warth,Ei 
ward Mann, VV. King, Avk 
Sta!ev, D;in. Ardouin, G 
Lon^',Tho.R.ufrel,]rf. Hi 
F. Dav.Lauzun, Geo. Cca'. 
Wr£ .N eedh a m , Wm. Pcarfr 
Rode'.Og^, Stephen Monr.( 
J. Padmore, Wm. North, 
Edwards, Hanburv Pottet, 
J. Child, Tho C dlVeil, 
'imith, S. Leonard, F^;^ 
Hedop, W. €. Rar.rpat 
H. Gladwell, R. Wilfon,' 
Ellis, Ja. Dickins, M. Mat. 
Jn. Painter, Wm Major, 
Maclean, Wm. G?rl;cK,Vv 
Fl.nt, John Gurneli, Andti 
Bafiiiro, Jn. Paine 

Clerk of the Cheque^ 
jThD. Diine, 
Mejf. to the Pr'intwg-Frc. 
Wm. Bbbins 

Maffer,}. Stanley, 3. M. 
CenduSiory C. Vveideman 
ton, Edw. Gibbs, T. Jjri 
Wm. Howard, J. Perkin?, 
Gordon, Roofe Compton, 
Scola, Stephen Jones, Et 
ChriRian, Thomas Atwo 
Robert Rawiins, P. -^^aii 
Cha. Burney, A., Wei 
Lu.f.Atterbury, A.Robtf 

. Laud, Thomas Thackray, Mrs. Mary Anderfon 

SimpfoB, R. Hay, J. 

ofdill, Fran. Hackwood 
r. Trum. J. Probart, ETq, 
cal Ferformer in Ordinary. 
hn Beard, Efqj 

Eight TrientpeterSy 
, I, Abington, W. Brown- 
r, Ja. Cumberlldge, Tho. 
chall, T.Snow, Dav. Clark- 
, Hen. Webb, Geo, Yates 
f Fhvjician of the Houjboldy 
. Thomas Gilborne 
Four FhyJiciafiSy 
rEdw. Wilmot, Bart. FRS 

r. Richard Warren, FRS 
r Noah Thomas, Knt.FRS 
luo Apothecaries to tbePerfoiij 
r. Thomas Wainwrighc 
r. John Devaynes 
apothecaries to the Hmjholdy 
Ir. Robert Halifax 
r. Edward Holdich 
Three Serjeant Surgeons, 
r Caefar Hawkins, Bart, 
ennel Hawkins 
avid Middleton 
he Surgeon of the Houfjold, 
corge Hawkins 


At Ntiumarketf 
Ixu Bonfoy 

At TTindfor-Caf/e, 
ady Mary Churchill 
At Kenfington, 
Irs. Lloyd 

At JVeJiminJleri 
Irs. Margaret Tolfray 
' St-Jams's, 
'idy Hart 
'nder H^ufe-keeper at Hampton 

4 ^'"''O ; 

Keeper of P. Lodgings, Uatnp- 

ton Court, 
Mrs. Elizabeth MoAyn 

Mafter of the Tenuis Ccurtf 
Richard Beresfoid, Efq j 

Benjamin Vuliiamy 

Principal Painter^ 
Allan Ramiay, Efi^; 

Surveyor of the PiilureSp 
Richard Dalton 

Miniature Painter, 
JeremlahMeyer, Efq; 

Mexxotinto Engraver', 

Honor Batifcombe 
Clerk to the Lord CkamicrUifJ, 
Francis Price, Efqj 
Secret, to the Lord Chancellor ^ 
Chailes Herbert, Efqj 
Barber to the King's Perfony 
Thomas Vincent 

Majicr of the Barges, 
Mr. Wm. Sawyer, 
48 Watermen in Ordinary, 
12 Waterynen at Penfon. 

Royal Chapels, £fr. 
Lord High Almoner, 
The Archbiihop of York .. 

Rev, Rchard Kaye, LL. D. 

Dean of the Chapel, 
Bifhop of London 

Anfelm Bayiy, LL. D. 

Confcffor of the Hovfhold , 
Dr. Dav, Wm. Morgan 

Clerk of the King's Clol'et, 
Bilhop of Worcelter 
C 3 Cansa 


Deputy Clerks, 
Rev. Cnarles Poyntz, D. D. 
Rev. Wm. Buller, D. D. 
Cjnon cf Windfor. Rev 
Wm. Arnold, D-D. 
Clojet-Keep. Mr. Hay 

Chaplains hi Ordinary. 

D^AVm, Parke-, F.fJ.S'.A't^or 
ofSt.^s.m<tts.y WeHminHcr 
Di-. Rich. Kaye, F.R.S. Sub- 
Almoner to hh Majefty^ 
Archdeacon o/" Nottingham, 
Treb, of Yoik, Djrham, 
and Southwell, Reiior of 
Ki'kby, i« Nottinghamlh 
and Bi-oih^r to Sr] ohn Lyf- 
ter Kav?, Bart. 

Vr. Samuel Glafie, F. R- S. 
Rtcioroj Hanweit, Midofx. 

Dr. Aii.h Hamilton, ^^^rch- 
i/i-.-jfonc/CoIchefler, Retlcr 
Hettv, Fi-arofSt. Martin's 
in tF>e Fields, midPr/rcentor 
6fSt. Paul's, F. R. S. 

Dr. John Dechaire, RiBor f 
Little Rifin^ton, i)i Olccel- 
ter fh i I e, ct/Jt/ ?^'i\?r s/Horley 
and Hovnfon, Oxon 

Dr. Wm Hay ward Roberts, 
FrourjJ} of Eton-Co!!<"ge 

T^r. Wm. Arna'd, Precentor 
ef Litchfield, and Canoii of 
V/indfor ' 

.n^'-.Sforges, Pr.o/" Wlnchefter 

Dr. Htn. Wiifiiim Majenoie 

Dr. Henr-- Barton, PVardcn of 
Merto' C-Ue^e, O.xford 

Dr. PL Matt. Schutz, Re^.r 
o/" March Gibboni, Bucks 

Mr. Edward BeaJon, ReBor 

o/" North Stoneham, Hants 

'Dr, Spencer Madan, ^i^rebtttt 



of Weft Halto.n, and V'lca 

of Haxay, Liocplnihire 

Dr H.R.Coune^'my, ReBo 

of Si. George's, Hanovei 

fquirpj&f ofLeighv^ Keii 

Dr. Fred. Wollafton, Pre^. c 

Peterborough, £f F. R. i 

Dr, Wm. Moricf, RcBor ■ 

Allhalinwb-, Bread-dreet 

Mr. Jn . Long, Rector of S|)ix 

Worth, Norfolk 
Mr. Samuel lioii^Frcbendr 
of Winchefte), Re^^or i 
Houghton, Hants, and I 
«/' E.andford Forum, Du 
Jet (hi re 
Dr. VVm. Vincent, Re^or < 
and Under- Mafter of V^t\ 
mirrter School 
Dr, Hen. Scebbing, Treac 

at Gra>'s Inn 
Dr. H.JeromeDeSjlis,2ft/7 
of the UnJcd-Parif^es oft 
Arithony and Si. J.Bapti: 
in the Ci/yo/" London, Vt: 
Dr. T. Holl ngoery, u^rc 
deacon oyChichefter, /?;.-( 
c/'Rottingdean, SufieXja 
Chaplain to the Lord }J' a 
dc>i,tothe Cinque Ports,<' 
Dover Caftle 
Dr. Robert Markham, Rcl 

of Whitechap'il 
Mr. George Taylor. Reefer 
Cnurch Eyton^Safi-orcih 
Mr. ]. Scott, ReSior of 
Lawrence and St. Jo 
Ho?i. and Rev. Ed. S. Co 

Rev,- Mr. Prific -"" " 

'••-■■■ ^ 14 


M^. A.lex. Jacob, ^iJIor oj' 

Eadcombe, S-jmeuecih. C^ 

Le'iurer of St. Dunilan /.>. 

the Wifi 
Dr. Richird Scrope, TicBor oj 

Caftle Combe, Wilts; al ' 

Rechr of A?tQX\ Tirrolc and 

c/Tjbney, Berks 
Mr.Wm Collier,/, elniu Pro 

fefj'or and Feilotu ofTnnw- 

L oile^e, Cambrioige 
t>r. Wm. Langford, Under 

Majl:r o/"Eton School 
Mr. Thomas Tivlor, Ra^cr 

o/"Wootton, hi Surry 
Dr. N'coll 

Kev. Mr. James Trebeck 
Re^-. Mr. Thomas Jackfon. 

PreI?eJtd~'f\V ei\m. & AVt7. 

of Yarlinitonj Soivcrfctfh. 
Mr. Tho. Wri.-ht, Re Si or of 

Mr. James Smiih 
Mr. Lewis Boiftlaune, Vicar 

o/"Eaft Mecn, Hants, and 

ReBor of Tieford, Su/Tex 
Mr. James Strode, Vicar of\ 

Cheflumt, in Hertforafhire 
Dr. John Douglas, Canon- 

Refdtniinry cf St. Paul's, 

75 )" 

Dr. Za. Brooke, Marg. Prof, 

cf Di-x/inify at Cambridge 
J.ScreHkey,^rcW. s/Suffoik 

Ten Priijis in Ordinary, 
R.'v. Anfelm Bayly, LL.D. 
Henry Evans, A. M. 
William Fitzherbetr, A. M* 
Mofes Wight, A. M. 
Dr. Da. V/. Morgan 
Joh : Gibbons, A. M. 
Henry Waving, A. M. 
William Clarke 
WiUiam Hayes, A. M. 
John Horner, B. D. 
Sixteen Gentlemen of his Ma- 

jcfiyi Chapel Roynl. 
Mich. Ladd, Wm. Savage, 
Th. Barrow, 
R. HudTon, S. Mence, 
Ed. Ayrron, John Soaper, 
P.Haves, Muf.D.R.Beiiamv, 
John Dyne, Geo. Medley, ' 
David Wood, J. H. Short, 
Jn Friend, Ri. Guife — Corfe 

Organifli and Compofers, 
Dr. J. Nares, T. Saunders 


Mr. John C'ofdill 


And ReBor cf St. Auftin, Mr. E. Ayrton 

N. B. Tl-ve C/ercrymcti and 
[Eight Gentlemen wait each' 
■ Month. 

//-. T. Fountaine, Preb. if\. 

Wor. Vi:ar cf Old Wind- . 

for, and ReBor of^. Tidf- ; Serjeant of the FeflrVy 

worth, Wilts William Dickes, Elq. 

P.e-v. Mr. Powvs Teomnn of the Vcftry 

i?iv. Mr. Fifher ' Thomas Fofter, 

Hon. Dr. Nicholas Bofcawen, | Grcom of the Veflry^ 

Unae to Lord Falmouth, I William Horn 

Preh. of Welim'in{ier,Dganl Organ Blozver, Th. Leach 

cf St. Burien, Cornwall I Bell Ringer, Wm. Seamer 
Dr. Thomas Franklin, dRft^.l Tune>- ef the Rcgalls. 

»f Brafted, Kent I Joho Gordoa 




Edm. Ayrton, teacher of /^;2|Rev, Mr. Mithoff. 

Children of tht CbopclEs^aJ, \ Reader, Rev. Mr. F. Pafthc 
and keeth'g and mii.ntaining . C/er,^, Dan Kann maker 
them, 320I 

Whitehall Chapel, 
Reading Chaplainsy 
Rev. Mr. Efte 
Rev. Wm. Morel, M. A. 
C/ofei-kciper, T. Richardfon 
Chapel-kceperj Benja. Cham- 

Somerset House. 
Chaplain f 

Hampton Court. 
Chaplain, R eadetyandP nachefy 
Dr. Lillington 


Hiiijbold Chaplain, 
Mr. Thorn pfon 

German Chapel. 
■ Preacher Sy 

Rev. Mr. Schroder, 


For Necejfaries, Ann Steidel^ 
Dutch Chapel. 
Rev. Godfrey Woide 
Reverend Philip van Svvinden. 
M, A. F. R. S. ,|^ 

Re^ider, Rev. Godfrey Woidi^i 
Fr EX c hCh A p E L intbeFiiiTjj,^ 
a: J\, and j^.afierno9)i, ^ 
Rev. Sam.Mauzy, M. A. - 
Rev. John Perny, M. A. 
Rev. — Giffardiere, M. A. 
Reader, Rev. Mr. Bangis 

Sexton and Porter, 
Gabriel Vordier 
Dutch In the fame Chapel at 9^ 
and at i in the afternoon. 


His Majefty's, every Wednefdav and Friday j and during the 

fitting of Parliament, every Monday. 
Queen's Drawing-room, every Thuri'day, 
The Princefs Amelia's, on the third Tuefday in the Monthi 

Preachers at his Majejly 

From Oxford. | 

^fl?2.T.Scinton, AM Exeter z\ 
i^fi^.Edw. Edwards, DDy^yia i 
M^r. J.White, BD Wadham 2 1 
>f^r.Rich.Hele, BD TrinZ/y i j 
JVfoy— Seagrove, AM. P^wir. 1 ; 
June, Thomas Wintown i '■ 
3';'/yPh.Fii"her, AM[/;/;a'^ry. I 
tf<??.R,Hclmcs,MAiV«wCo/, i 

i Chapel, Whitehall : 

From Cambridge. 
Wm. Pearce, BD St.John^i 1 
Wm. Cooke, A. M. Kings % 
Wiiliam Bond, A. M. Caius I 
Thos.Kipling,BD5^7oi?/2'J 4 
Jcf.Waterhoufe, MA Cath, 2 
Tho. Hayter, A.M. Kings % 
J. Granite, A. M. Trinity a 
G. Borlafe, B D Pfr. Cd. i 
I E.MapleSoft,AMC/f>-f/?jCo//.» 

( 77 ) 

From OxToiv. FroHi Cambripce. 

/ei.Th PeLtiogaijBDf'/jC/M Cha. Norri?, .■^ M7ri'iity z 

>«.J.Burrou^h,DDMfl^^. a Sam. Biacknai!, B D 

"', B. The Figure after each Name^ Jheivs ■whciher the 

ihir^i Turn is forihe jji or id ^ art of the Month, 


loard J 



j Under Ckrk, Sam. Wh:!rton 
i Yoioiger dittOy Peier Biron 
i Tovr.gefl ditto, Tavid Ric- 
Fortcrs to the Clerk of the Kit- 

chen's O^ce, 
John Good, Joleph Taylor 

Deliverer of Greens, 
John Hook 
Keeper of the Butter and Egg 

Elizabeth Dyer 

^^afia■ Cooks, 
Wm.Wyb.-ow, Efq. George 
Harris, Efq; 

Teo^an of the Mouth, 
.ihenf.m, William 1 Nathaniel Gardiner, 

Teon:en, Peter Donaldfon Th. 


Grooms^ Wm. Cope, Geo. 

Ra-Alinfon, Cha. Smith, AleXi 


Children^ James Pye, Charles 

Stee'.i, John Teed, Geo. Wy- 


Firf Mr.Jler Scoiverer* 
JoHiua Evans 
zd ditto, John Lulce 
u^ljifiantsj Daniel Stratford, 
fohii Painter, Richard Miles, 
Ti.Gs. Aldsn, Thos. Pendrill, 
William George 
Turnbroachsrs, Griffith Gar- 
iion, George Gowan, Joha 
Parker, James Billingfley, 
Robe: t Brown, Thos.Wynr.q 

His M A J 
' - Lord St. 
"TT* APvL of Dartmouth 

Treajio-iir of the Houfhold, 
Hon. Char'es Fran. Greviile 

Eiri of Ludlow, 1200I 

Mr/!cr of the Houfehr.ld, 
Sir Fanes Plenrv Drake, 
ijl Clerk of the Uoujeholdy 
jjohn Seckf^r, Efq. 
j ind Cle--k of the Houft 
Tohn F-inf'haw, Efq 
UthLr Cleikt, 
jTofeph S IP 
jB'av, Jihn Li vie 
MiJJ'cfiger to the Board of Green 

j Alexander Law 
• Porter to Ditto, Wm. Fuller 
NeceJJ'ary If'oman to dittos 
Ann Spencer 

Gcnthiyian-, PI ugh Hughes 
Tioman, Abraham Holies 
Grcom, William Wife 
jiffijianty James Taylor 

Spicer Y and ChakDr Y : 
Clerk, J(jfe;>h Rjmus, Elij. 
AiJi/hnt, John Wall 
Furter, Tiiomas Mollir.eux 
. Compt'-ol/sr of the Kitchen, 

John Seeker, Efq. 
' jfiCkrk, Cha. P^amus, Ef^. 

T— " "( 78 

"Dai^-Keepcri, Charles Flora, 
Thomas Mackintoih 

Silver ScuLtERV, 
Yecmcn, Edward Wiillams 
G^'eem, Nathaniel Wilfon 
AJJiflantSy Jofeph Good all, 
William WakefjelfijRowiand 
Hopkins, William Temple, 
WalterGJbHons, John Hawes 

J-^ne Lewis 

Rob. Emms, Rich. Warren 

Peivter Scoivereff 
Jane Edge 
Ajjyiantj Dorothy Stamford 

Gcnilemafiy Ifaac Clerk 
Crooniy Samuel Daller 
fcrierf George Robfon 


Gentleman^ H. Norton Willis 
Yeomariy David Evans 
A(}if.ant, Alexander Rufs 
Confectionary : 
Yeomen, Thomas Street, Fre- 
derick Kuhflf 
Croom, Richard Robinfon 

Clerk. John Gale 
YeomaTiy Jeremiah Fox 
Coal Porters, Rob. Henflerfon, 
Geo. Worley, Wm. Milner, 
Wm. Chifhoim, Tho.Deane, 
William Frye 

Yeoman, Rev. W. Chas. Dyer 
Groom, William Lewis 


Kn'ght Marpjal 
Sir Sidney, Knt. 

Marfi?ats Menj 
William Shipman, Richar4 
Franklin, William Simons^ 
Rob. Lee, Jairies Norris, Ro- 
bert Smith 

Ciro'^er of the Verge, 
Henry Norton WjMis 

C/cr-k nf the Verge. 
William Bray 

Yeomcifiy John Stephenfon 
Decker to the Maids of Honor . 
T^m«s Eaton 

Ta^le Decker to the Chaplains t 
John Lewis 

WxxE Cellar. 
Gentleman, Thos-. Stiliingflcet 
Yeoman, John Davifon 
Groom, John Mackie 
AJp.Jlar.iy Richard Hail 
Fsrtery J >hn Tucker 
Coffee Room: 
Keeper, Mary Horpfhy 
Strjcant Ftrtery 
William Gardiner, Efq. 

Yeomen Porters, 
Th. Morgan, Adam Younger, 
William Lewis, Thos; Evans 

Grooms f 
John R.'.ndsll, Richard Mar- 

tm, Webb 

Porter at the Gate m tht 
Rein's Houfe, 
Philip CroA 

of the Courts at ditto, 
David Trchernr, A. Clarke 



( 79 ) 

The HcnouraHi Band o/Gfntxemew PENSIONERS, 
FftabHjhed 1 590. 

I? A RL of Jrrfey, Captain, loool a year 
]j Jofeph El'daiie^Efq. L/ff^rff/flK/, 500I 
John Lee Warner, Stnndfi'-d bearer , 3 lol 
Thomas Haywatci, Elq. Clerk of the Cbfquc^ liol 
Gentiemen Perjionersivho'cuait Gentle»ien of the Band ivho^ 

in the New Year «}id Mid 
{ummtx Sl^tnrterif , 

I William S^nds, 

1 Richard Bridger 

3 Parker 

4. Fletcher Main 

5 William Spencer 

6 John Bicknail 

7 Samuel Spacing 
g John Wild 

9 Andrew Thacker 

10 John HhippJ 

11 Thomas Powfey 
II Samuel Atkins 

13 Stephen A- land 

14 Gecring Lane 

15 Aadiew Alpine 

16 Robert Pitt 

17 John Rice 

18 Thomas Sandford 

19 Philip Goldthwaite 

20 ^rthur Roth well, Efqrs. 

wait in the Lady Day a/id 
Michaelmas ^arcertf 

I John B-nncrmaa 

i EiwatdWeft 

3 Ctisrles WhtftonB 

4 John Ingram 

5 Frdfik Capeli 

6 Jofepn Manwaring 

7 John Burton 

8 John Taylor 

9 Triftram Maries Mados 

10 Lewis Gafchlin 

11 Martin Wright 
iz Thomas Hughes, 
13 Aaron Kendall 
14. Harry Hooley 

r5 George P»nton Car 

16 Thomas Benfoa 

17 Thomas King 

18 William Drake 

19 R. Caleb Mornfon 

20 Robert Thompfon, Efqri. 

Philip Cade, Efq. Pay'Vtafley. Cha. Friday, Gent, Harbin* 
ger. Mr. James Walker, Axt-keepcr and Meffengtr, 

a'L 1 S T of Oncers and Servants under the MASTER, 
0/ H O R S E. 
Mafier, William Price, Efq. 

George, D. of Montague, KG 
iz661 13s 4d a year 
Clerk Martial, 
Benj. Carpenter, Efq. 60I. 

xji Equerry, 
Benj. Carpenter, Efq. 500I 

"Thomas Bilhop, Efq. 
Philip Goldfworthy, Efq, 
H«o. Fulke Gieville 

Rob. Manners, 300'. etch 

Pa^es of Honor, 
Solomon Henry Dareil, Efq 
Henry Aiex. Howard, Ef«i, 
John Murray, Efq. 
Charles Augustus Weft, Efq« 

Clerk tf the Stable^ 
David Parker, £fq; 



"Equtryy of the Crtnun Stable, 
James St. Amour, Efq. 

'yeomen Riders, 
Mr. James Montague 
Mr. Thomas Smith 

yljftf.ant Riders, 
Wm. Parnham» Wm. Plym, 

Store -Kefpe'f 
Robert Drake, tfq. 
Mc-^vs Keeper, 
Edward Lloyd 

Stable Kcepen, 
Hatftpion Court y John Cook 
Kenjington , Fred. Countze 
'Newmarket, Matchem Tims 
livelae Footmen, andfourditto 
for the Mafter of the Horfe 

Kings Ccachmaitf 

William Williams 

Five m9re and one (or the 

Majler of the Horfe 

Ifoft-Cha-fe Men, 

Thos. Freie, Richard Gray 

Six PoRiUions and one other for 

the Mujlcrs tfe. 
Six Helpers, and one other for 
the Majier\ uft. 

Tivelve Groomf, and Six othe*\ 

for the Mjjiers ufe. 
Four Chiiirmen extraord':nary\ of Back Stairs, 
David Parker 

Stud Keeper, 
Thomas Parnham 

StuJ Qrooinr, 
Tho. Pan ham, Chriflophe^ 
Fifh-vick, Barnard Smith 
Four St I'd Helpers 

Mews Keeper at ^Findfotf 
George Woods 

IFatchmart at the Mews, 
Richatd Scott 
Fu-mper, Lyne! Diyer 
Porters, John Hail, Jahl 

Mejfenger, Cha. Mac Grigot 
Heater of Water for the Hor^c. 
Sarah Peat 

Ofire Keeper, 
Elizabeth Ma: Giig3r 

Doir Keeper, 
Robert Monger 

His M A [ £ S T Y ' s 

SI R Wm. Chambers 
Infpeaing Clerk, 
Kenton Coufc, Efq. 
Refident Clerk, 
Richard Ripley, Efq. 
4Jfiftant Clerk, 
Mr. George Crockrr 

Officers of the Duchy of Corh 

WALL, the Ojfce in Mar- 

fibatn Street, 
Lord ff^arden of the Stannaries, 

find Steiuard of the Duchy 

of Cornwatl, 

Rc Boat Huin«M9rice45oi 

Board of WORKS. 
Clerks of the Works, 
Mr. Thomas Teuling 
Mr- John Ycnn 
Mr. joha Woolfe 
Mr. Thomas Tildeflcf 
Mr. William Rice 
Mr. Wm. Leech 

F^ice Warden, 
'y^.a^n Roft:warne,Erq445o| 

Surveyor General, 
Sir Edw, Bayntur', Be. 46^ 
Rec. Gen. Edw. Elliot, E(<{^ 

Auditor of the Duchy, 
X' John Buller, Er^;^ ZOoi 
Deputy, Rd. Gray, £% 

( g 

'»EASt;*Tl'ER of th: ChAW- 

5»r's 0_gi. e, C /eve la7Td -TOIL' f 
R*. Koa. Li. Cha.Spencer 

I ) 

Deptdy, 'X'HaglvOv.-cn^ Efqi 
Cnmpt roller of the Chawber, 
Tho. Jores, Efq^ 

l: EJ}abM?tncnt of bh Royal Highnejt, George Aucus 
TU€ Fredertc, Pn«« o/Y/ates. 

Pa^;es of ths Back-fairs^ 

Groom of the Slole^ 
,ord Southampton 
yentkrncn of the Bcd-chambtrj 
iarl of, KSP 
.ord Vifcounc Parker, 
.©rd Vifcount Lewiiham, 

Treafurer and Secretary^ 
,t. Col. Hotham 
dafier of the Robes and Prl'vy 

Furf, ^ 
Jenry Lyte, Efqj 
Grooms of the Bed-cbamberf 
Ion. Mr. Legge, Jn. John- 

(on, Efq; 
,t. Col. Hulfe 
ion. George Viiliers 

• Gentlemen XT/hers, 
jt. Col.ThomajjMaj. Stme* 

John Lockiey, J. C. Siint- 

' hagu*-, J/Mills, Efqrs. 
Pagis Man, John Sharp 

Pa^iS of the Preftnce, 
Ra!.Rockby,T. Atvvoccl,Efq5, 
Phyfictan, S,r Rd. Jebb, Bart, 
Surgeoi:, Tho. Keatc, Efq; 
Apoth. Rob. Halifax, Efq; 
YWfi Kqv.crry and Commifjloner 

cf the Stables, Lt. Col. Lake 
Equerriesy Lt. Col. Sit John 

Dyer, Bare. Lt. Co). Ste 

vens, Lt. Col. Slaughter 
Clerk of Stables, J. Montagu 
Coachman^ Samuel Thomas 

a Under Coachmen, and 6 

Sempftrefsy Mrs. Marg. Scott 

Capt. H. Wynyard, Capt. VHoxftkeeper, Mrs. Nowel 
Simms, — Robinfon, Efqj \Porter^ Geo. Drevv " 

'be Officers of Teomen of the Guards to his Majeflyy inf.'futed 
by Henry VIL anno 14S6. — At firfi there were onh 53 
Te^meriy but afterwards 100 : Ofivhich 8 are called TJfoert 
'ubo have each 10!. per ann- more than the othtr Teomen. 

EARL of Cholmondeley, CaptaJftf loool per Ann. 
Nathan Garrick, Efqj Lieutenant^ 500I 

;'w/?i;^?,J.Bepjaiieli:^,Efqj 300I 

!'*9«j, Walter Kinneir, Jof. 

__^l Butler,Franc.Barker,Peter 

Cluttcrbuck, Efqrs. 150I 
i tcr. Edward Biihop 

Clerk of the Cheque^ 
'homas Greggt, Efq; I50I 

Eight Vfiersy 
ska Broughton, Jn. BmD, 

Samuel BrowB, Ifrael Jonc?, 

John Ford, Charles Clarke, 

Tho. JackfoR, 49I us ^d 

looYcomen, 59I lis 3d 

4 Superanfittated, 251 

6 Yeomen Hangers and i Tee* 

men Bed-goers, l"ol 
Mejfengers,^m. WK'teiead, 

Thomas Panto-a 

H rh* 


r 2i -) 

T'fye EfTahriJhment^if Hsy MAJESTY'S HoysH( 

Lord Cbamicrlainf 
Earl of Ailelbury, iiool 

Hon. Stephen Digby 

Mi/^r£js of tk'c Robesy 500I 
Duchels Do.vagcrof Ancai-^er 
Ladies of the Bid' chamber y • 
Duchefs of Argyll 
Ciiuntf.fs Dow. of Efiingham 
Countefs Dow. of Egremont 
Countcfs Dow. of Holderneflc 
Vifcountefs Weymouth 
Coun. of Pembn^ke ^ooleach 

Ma'ids of Homuy'r 
Mifs Diana 3eauclcik 
Mifi Mary Try on 
IVIifs Ann Bofcawen 
Jvlifs Caroline Vernon 
^?;Ts Elizabeth JrfferyeJ 
M-is Charl. Gunning, 300I 

Bid-cbamhcr Wcmciii 
Hrn. Mrs. Frances Tracy 
Iloni Mrs. Anne Brkdenell 
Mrs. Mary Boughton 
Mrs. Margaret Bloedworth 
Mrs. Sophia Fielding, 300I 
Keeptn of R<jbeif Mrs. Schwel- 

ienbergcn^ Mrs. Hagerdorn 
Affftantiy Mrs. Laverocke, 

Mrs. Pafcall 

Scmtjlrefi and Laundrefs, 
Hon. Mrs. Deborah Chetwynd 
Gentlemen Ujhers ff ths Viivate 

Maj. Gen. Wynward, 
John Jenkinfon, Efq; 

John Cowflade, Efq; vy^ 
Pat ick B^Hcw, Efq; 

Cer.tU-inen U/kers, ^uari 

Hen.Ucvely, Tho. Fauqi 
John Smith, Efqrs. icoi 
'Grooms of the Frity Ckat 
Mr. Kenry Sutherland 
Mr. Jofeph Cooper 

Bages of the F-refence'l 
Mr. Henry Sutherlan4 
Pvlr. Jofeph Cooper 

Pby/iciar.s. 200I 
Sir Geo. Baker, Bart. F. 
Dr. John Turton, F.R. 

Fh)ficlan ExtrasydwaA 
Dr. Jiimes Ford, F. R. 

Fhyfcian to the Houfjoli 
Dr. Tho Cirfborne, F. 

- Surgeon, 150I 
Pennell Hawkins, Efq; 
Surgeon to the Hou/iold, 
VVm. Bromfield, Efqj 
* AjX/thecaryf 

lA:. Aug. Hermann Brar 
Apothecary to the LlouflA 
Mr. John Dcvaynes 
Fagei of the Back Stairs, 
Mffl*. F.Nicolay,Fted.Al 

Lewis Albert, H.CompI 
Pages Mcrtf Tho. Davenft, 

T. Cox 
Hair Drefferf Edward EnJ 
Nccejfary VVonidn to the Pri ttf 
Apartm. Mrs. Jane Mote,36l 

GuiK Guadickens, Efq; 200I Ncceffary IVoman to the P lie 
Centleme^i U/her Daly JVcnters, Apartments, Mrs. A. White 4! 
%Vm. Allen, Efqj Treafurer, Earl of Guildfc> 

♦ All the Maids of Henour are ftilcd Hon. and ranlii 
Barons Daughters, 


( S3 ) 

'«/. C/. T. J. MathIas,Efqi 
Secretary and Comptroller y 
.;^HonourabIe Geo. Auguftus 
Uorth, Efq; 

Attorney -GeneraU 
•■^Charles Ambler, Efq; 

Solicitor Generaly 
■to. H-ardinge, Efqj 
' Mejf. /« rltcnd the Trcaf. 
eo. Hawkins, Philip Maule 

,arl Waidegrave, 800I 

I, Equerries ^ 220I 
;'Schutz, Efq; Col. J. Craw- 
furd, Edw. Fran. Stanhope 

fogcs of Honour y 150I 
Jeo. Hotharo, Efq; 
n". Spencer Smith, Efq; 
C/^rj4 o/" the Stable', 
Vm, Cowden, Efq; 150I 
iottleman, L. Matthey, 50I 
'ive Coachmen, 45I each 
jght Footmen, and 3 for 
the Mafterof Hoffe 41I 10s 
'wo Grooms, 55I Jos 
'our Chairmen, 39I 17s 6d 
'ive Poftillions, 2oi 10s 
'ive Helpers, 20I los 

^teeni Band of Mufc, 
Ax. I^ar, itT Violin 
At. Kflway, Organifl 
, 2d Violin 

7he Bftabl^pmcnt r>f Prince 

Wl LI. I AM. 

Governor y Gen. Bude 
Preceptor, Rev. J. Majend e, 
Pa^ey C MagnoI!«v. 
Pcr.^fr, W. Tuckfield' 
j^JJiJiavtf Tames Locum -- 
Pi-ve P/Taid Ser-jants. 

The T.jhbl\poment of 

Ed WAR P. 
Gfvernor,]. Bruyere?, Efq; 
Preceptors, Rev. Mr. Filber, 

John Farhiif, Efqj 
Pa^e, Mr. Muller 
Pages Man, Geo. Rymsr 
Porter, F. Winkwoith 
Watchman, Solomon White 

The E/labri/hmeiit 'of Prince 
Ernest and Prince Au- 

Governor, Horace Hayes, Efq; 

Preceptor s,', Mr. H-ighcs, 
T. Cockfon, Efq; 

Pages, C. PcwelijT. Braund 

Pokier, — — Wood 

*fr. Rawlins,~3d Violin 
At. Murray, 4th Violin 
*^r. Vincent, irt Hautboy 
At. Simpfon, 2d Hautboy 
^Ir. Goi-don, Violoncello 
v'Ir. Bennetj Tenor 
vlr. Zuckerr, Dcubie-bafs 

^een's Chamber Band, 
lignor /.feel, Mr. Siinpfon, 

Mr. F- Nicolai, Mr. C. 


Mpjicrs attending the young 

Fencing Mafier, Mr. Argelo 
Dancin'^ MaJItr, Mr.Deno)er 
irnting Ma fiery Mr. Roberts 
D'-nivn!<r MnJIer, Mr, Cozens 
Rkiing Mofitf, Mr, St. A- 

The Eliab^i^fhmcnt of the Roy - 


Lady Chark/Ue Finch, 6col 

Mifs M.C.Go].;fvvort:hv,3Co! 
H a ' JJifi 

C 8 

A0. Suh-Govcrnefsj 
Mifs Hamilton 

Fnnrb Ttacher, 
'Mad. Mnuli, 300I 

E,rglijh_ Teacher f 
Mfs Ptanta, lool 
Wet Nurfe to the Pr. of Wales ^ 
Mrs. Margaret Scott, aoo! 
Wet Nnrfe tn Princr Frederick, 
Mrs. Mary Griffith, 200I 
Wet Nurfe to Prince Wi'liiat»f 
Mrs. Sarah Tucing, iCoF 
Wet Nio-fs to the Pri^cefs Royal, 
)^et Nurfe to Prince Edward, 
Mfs. Anne Percy, 200I 
Ditto to Prjncefi Aug. Sophia, 
Mrs. Dorothy Thurs^y, 200i 
Do. to Pr-iueU EliTiaLeth, 
Mrs. Spiniuff, aoo 
Dq. to Pr. Erncft Auguftus, 
MiS. Cheveley, 2eol 
Do. to Prince Aug. Frederick, J 
Mrs. Prefcot ' 

Do. to Prince AdolphuSy 
Mrs. Hopkins 
Do, to P»-j-./r/rtrv,Mrs. .'^k.dams 
Do. to Pr5.Sophia,Mr5.V7\\\h 
Do. to Pr. OEianj. Mrs. Harris 
Do. to Prince Alfred, Mrs. 

Tage to Prlnc. Royal, Chrift, 

Drejfer to Trincejfes^ Mifs 

Affiftant, Mifs Sorrell *• 

Ncceffary Woman to the Nur^ 

fery, Mrs. Rehling 
Jiockcrs, Mrs. Amon, Mrs. 

Nurf. Maid, G -o gtana Long 
Workwoman "o the Prlncti, 
Mifs Eii». Chapman 

4' ) 

Ditto to the Princejes, 
Mifs GiifEchs 

The Ffablifh-yntnt «/ kh R-.yal 
Highnefs the DukeejQx o w- 

C£ST£ R. .1* 


Rev.. Dr. Duval, F R S ■''' 
Gro^im% of the BedchnpiherJm 

Coi. Cox, Lieut. Col. Hcj 

Equerries, Hon. Capt.BenncfJ 
Co!. Lowther, Mr. VInce3fi| 

Secretary, Rev. Dr. Daval, 
F. R.^S. 

Pa^e of the Back Stairs, Mr.'f 
Alexander Stiell 

Pa^es of the Prf,'?«rf, Mr. Ro^.! 
B-^yant, Mr. John Knight,! 
Mr. Samuel Stevens 

Htufikeepe^r, Mrs. Han. Woe 

Butler, Mr. Alex. Lockhat 

Cooky F;ederick Pjjnki .jj 

Gen. Porter, Mr. JohnShleliiy 

Clk o/i'Z^rf/^/t'JjMr. A'ex.Stiell; 
Mufical Efiablifljmtnt, 

Signior Felice (jjiardini, 

Signior G. Cirri 

Ax\ under Butler, tv/o Coachi 
men, fix Footmen, two Pc 
tillions, two Helpers, foi 
Houfe Maids, two Kitcher 
Maids, a Page's Man, tv^c 
Runners, fix Grooms 

l^he EfiahVfoment of his Roya 
Bighnfs the Duke of CvM- 


Colonel Garth 

Grooms of the Bcdchamhr, 
John Deaken, Efqj 
Sir T. Fowk« 

S. IJ 

( S5 ) 

'quernes, Colonel Garth, 
T. B. Parkyns, Efq; Ifaac 
Corry, Efq; 


'tf-<rj; Mr. Miller, Mr.Broad- 

hurir, Mr, Jacicfon, Mr. 

Wacerhoufe,Mr. Courtney 

hufe Steivard and Clerk tf 

the Kitchen, 
Ax. James Galloway 
hit/er, Mr. George Davis 
retitl. Porter, Mr, Martin 

'cvk, Mr. John Card 
hufekeefer, Mrs. Flower 
Ceeper of the Wardrobe, Mr. 

Thomas Jackfon 
■;VrA of the Stables,Mt.A.\Qyi. 

Band of Miifick, 
iignor Felice Giardini 
A.T. Kcdmond Simpfon 
At. William Wateth&ufe 
'ive Houfemaids, fire Foot- 
men, two Coachmen, two 
GroomSjtwoPoftillions, Sec. 

7he Princefs AMELIA'S 



larl Mar /ha! and Hereditary 
Marjhal ef England, 

THE Duke of Norfolk 
P>ip. Earl of Surrey 
3 Kings. 
Jdrttr Princi. King of Arms, 
f^alph Bigland, Efqj 
Clarenccux King of Arms, 
faac Heard, Efq; 

,Norrcy Ki.n,r of Arms, 
t'hQMas Lock", Efij^ 

Ladies of the Bedchamhirt 
Lady Harriott Vernon, 
Lad) Anne Howard 
Lady Mar\ Ficz Gerald 
Gentlemen Ufhers, 
and Captan Wadmaa 
Page of Ho>!Oi(r, 
Edward S.ephens, Efq; 

Bedchamber Women,. 
Mrs. MiddictonjMifsHo ward 

and Mifs RuiTel 
Hoiifekeeper, Mrs, Godin 

Wardrohe Women, 
Mrs. Judd, & Mrs. Mayor 
Pri. Purfe,andHiufe Ste-ivari 
John Turner, Efq; 

Pages of the Back Stairs f 
Philip Hughs, Edw. Smith, 
Edward Powell, Ef'qrs. 
Porter of the Back Stairs, 
George Watts 

Clerk of the StahleSf -, 
J. Stillingfleet 
Coachman, V/m. Kingfton 
Under Butlers, Wm. Watts, 

and Aaron Boyce 
Four Footmen, two Chair- 
men, t^vo Poftillions, two 

1340. . {St.Bennefs HilL) ^ 

6 Hrralds. 
Chefler,]]^ Martin Leake, Efqj- 
Torkt George Fletcher 
Windfor, Geo.Hairifon, Efq;. 
5«w^/->f,J.C. Brooke, F.S. A. 
Richm. Ra. Bit land, jun. Efq; 
Lancnjier, Ch. Townley, Efqj;, 

4 Pursuivants. 
Por^cz</iij,JDoddaTgtcn Forth, 

H3. Rtn^t 

( S6 

Ear/MarjhrJ's Secretary, 
Ifaac Heard, Efq; 
Regiftrar. RalphBiglandjefqj 

) ^ 

Heralds Extraordinary, 
/irundel, Thomas Bewes,crq; 
iV5r/o//6,Ste. Mart. Leake, e((j; 
Moivkray,'^. Edmon.ifon, cfq; 
Nottingham i Kelly, efqj 



GEORGE HI. King of 
Great-Britain, France, 
and Irdand, and tleftor of 
Hanover, born 4. June, 1738. 
Succeeded his Grandfatlier, 
King George II. on 25 OCt, 
3760. Married, 8 Septemb. 
1761, to his Q^een, the 
Princefs Char'otie of Mec- 
lenburgh Strelirz, born 19th 
May, 1744. Crowned 22 d 
iiept. J 76 1. 

Their Ifi'ue, 

1. George Prince of Wale?, 
fcorn 12 Aug. 1762. 

2. Frede ick, Bilhopof Of- 
aaburih, 16 Aug. 1763. 

3. Woi. Henry, 21 Aug. 

4. Princefs RoyalCharlbtte 
Aug. Matilda, 29 Sep. 1766. 

5. Edward, 2 Nov. T767. 

6. Augufta Sophia, 8 Nov. 

Qs^ Elizabeth, 22 May,i77o. 
2. Erneft Auguflus, 5 June, 

9. Auguftus Frederick, 27 

J.-n. 1773. 

, 10. A-doIphus Fredenck,3t4 

cb. 1774 

an. Mary 25 April, 1776. 

«,f > Sophia, 3 Nov. J 777. 

King's BroLhers and Sifters* 

1. Awgruita, See Germany f 

2. William Henry,Dulce of 
Gloucefter, and earl of Con- 
naught, born 25 Nov. 1743, 
married 6 Sept./i766, Marja, 
Countef's Dowager of Waide- 
gravc, Daughter of Sir Edw.. 
Walpole, K. B. H^ has hajl 
one Son and two Daughters, 

3. Henry Frederick, Duke 
of Cumberland and earl of 
Dublin, born 7 Nov. I745, 
married in Ua. 1771, Anne, 
Daughter of Simon Luttrel, 
Eaii of Carhampton of IrCf ; 
'and, Widow of Chrill. Hor- ; 
ton, Efq, 

The King'sAunt, PrinccI 
Amelia, !0 June, 17 11. 
E R M A N y. 

JOSEPH li, Emperor o| 
Germany, born 13 Mar.i74r, 
crowned King of the Romans, 
3 Apr, 1764. Hath been 
twice married, but has no 
living ifiue by either of his 

of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, b. 
5 May, 173?. He has three 
Brothers and two Siilers, the 
youngeft Sifter Princefs Char- 
lette, is now Que^n ofGrcac 

( 8; •) 

Prirct ChaTlesWItllam Fer- 
dinand, Duke of Brunlwick 

Wolknbiutle, and Gene- 
ral in the Kingpf Fjuffia's 

Srr.vice, born g Oct b. I735'' 

Married i6 Jan. 1764, to the 

J-'rincefs Augui'iaof England, 

bom la Aug. 1737, and has 

ifiue iix Children, He has 2 

B others and ^^ Siftei's Jiving. 

The Queens of Denmark and 

p! ui^ia are his Aunts, and the 

Mother of the Prince Royaj 

of Hrullia was another Aunt. 

His eldefr Daughter is mair ed 

to the Brother of the Grand 

Diuchefs of Rufl]3, and his 

Mother was the youngeti^ Sif- 
ter to the King of Pruffia. 
LF.WIS XVI. King of 

France and Navarre. (Grand- 

fon of Lewis XV.) bom 23 

Aug. 1754. Married April 

J9, J 770, to Maria Anro- 

nietta, the Emf ercf's Sificr, 

b. Nov. 2, 1755, ^ has il^ue 

Louis the Dauphin, born Oct. 
, 178.1, and Princefs Maria 
•Thercfa Charlotte, born 19 
[Dec. 1778. He has 2 bro- 
jthers, both married j the 

youngeH: has ilTus, and 2 Sif- 
ters ; the eldelT: married to 

the Prince of Piedmont, Son 

of the King of Sardinia. 

Spain, and lately King of Na- 
ples, bom 20 Jan. 1715-16. 
Succeeded his half Brother, 
Ferdinand VI. late King cf 
SpainonioAug.1759. Mar- 
ried May g, J739, Maria 'another Son, lately dead. 

Amelia, Daughter of the late 
King of Poland, Eltdlor of 
Sax»ny, by whom he has liv- 
ing ilT'ue, the prefcnc Grand 
Du;chefs ofTufcany, the pre- 
{tnl King of Naples, and two 
other Sons. 

1. Maria Jofepha Infanta, ■ 
July 18^, 1744. 

2. Maria Louifa 

3. Charles, Prince of Af- 
turias, prefumptive Heir to 
the Crown, born 11 Nov, 
174S. Matried 4 Sept. 1764, 
to Princefs Louifa of Parma, 
b. 9Dec.i74T, andhas6Child. 


Mails Frances, Queen of 
Portugal, born 17 Dec. 17 '54. 
Married 6 June,! 760, to Don 
Pedro her Uncle, bern 5 July, 
1717. Her Ili'ue,' Jofeph, 
Prince of Beira, born 2 1 Aug. 
1761, and married 21 Feb. 
1777, ^^ ^'^ Aunt Maria- 
Fraucifca-Benedifta, born 24 
July, 1746, & 5 other Child. 


of Denmark, born 29 Jan. 
1749. Hath IfTue by his late 
Q^cen Caroline Matilda, of 
Englaid, who died 1775) Pr.. 
Frederic 27 Jan. 1768, and 
Louifa Augufta 7 July, 177I 

GUSTA.VUS, King of 
Sweden, born 24 Jan. 1746. 
Married Oft. 1766, to the 
Princefs Sophia Magdalene 
of Denmark, b. 3 July, 1746. 
Their IflTue, GuAavus Adol- 
phus; born Nov. i, 1778. and 

( n ) 

POLAND. , Daughter of Charies, Brothe? 

STANISLAUS AUGUS-jto the DuTce of Wiitemburg 

Scudgard, by whom he hai' 
ifTue two Sons. The Em-' 
prefs haia Daughter, h. IJ^J, 

MARIC, King of S-ardjnia, ' 
boin June 7,6, 1726; raar.T 
1 750, the Sifter ot the prefeni; 
King of Spain, bv whom he* 
has iflue Chailes Emanuel, ., 
Piin'ce of Piedmontj b. May 
21, 1751* married the King.- 
of France's Siftei'. Two oif- 
his Daughters are mar. to the , 
Ccunc of Provence and the 
Count Artols, Bi others to the 
King of France. Befidcsthefe 
he has living two Daughtcts. 
and 4 other Sons. 

H O L L A N D. 

Prince WiLLI AM of C; 

range- Nafiau, Stadtholder, b. 

8 March, 1748. Mar. 40a, 

1767, to Frcderica - Sophia, 

TUS, (Count Poniacowilci) 
bora 17 Jan. 1732. Eleded 
Kin'g 7 Sept. 1764. 

Pruilia, and elettor of Bran- 
denburgh, born 24 Jan, 171^. 
Married in 1733, E^/zabeth 
Chriftina of Brunfwick Wol- 
fenbuttle, born 8 Nov. 1715. 
. Frederick William, Son of 
theKing's Brother, now Prince 
Royal of Pruflia, born 2,5 Sep. 
J 744. Hath Iffuc by his firlV 
Con fort Elizabeth, Princefs of 
Brunfwick Wolfenbuttle, Eli- 
zabeth Chriftiana, bom 7 
May, 1767. He was married 
4 uly, 1769, to, 2dly, Fre- 
derica Louifa of Hefie Darm- 
Aadt. Hath Iffue Frederick 
William, born 5 Nov. 1770. 
Frederick Louis Charles, b. 
Aug. 3, 1773 i Fred.Chrift. 

Auguftus, born May I, 1780, ) Wilhelmina, Sifter to the 
FrcdericaSophiaWilhelmina, fPrincc Royal of Ptuflia, born 
b. 8 Nov. 1774, and another 7 Aug. 1751, and has ifiiie a 

Son in 17S1. 

R U S S I A 
ter of Chrirtian Auguftus, 
Prince of Anhalt-Zerbft,was 
born 2 May, 172.9. Married 
J Sept. J 745, to the late Em- 
peror, Peter III. Craodfon of 
Peter I. and on his being de- 
pofed, 9 July, 1762, was pro- 
claimed fole Emprefs of all 
the Ruflras. Has Iflue, Prince 
Paul Petrowitz, b. i _Oa. 
3754, Married 7 04tt 1776; 

Sons and a Daughter. He 
has two Sifrers married t« 
the Princes of H-:fle. 

POPE PIUS VI. (formerly 
Cardinal Brafchejborn in 1717 
elected -Pope Feb. 15, 1775. ". 

of Naples and both Sicilies^ 
Brother to King of Spain, 
born 12 Jan. 175I, afcendtd 
the Throne 0<St. 5, 1759. on 
hi sPathcr' becoming King of 
Spain. Married 7 April, 176$ 
to the Prmccls Charlotte" Leu- 

( S9 ) 

ira,a Sifter of che prefeniEm-l 
pcior, bcrn 13 Aug. 1752* 
and has iHue living 3 Sons 
anH three Daughters, one of 
V ',ich died abouc the Time 
r ' [he lat' Ea'thqnske in Si- 
cily. ?vi ODE N A. 

Duke of Modep.a, b. Nov.42, 
J7Z7, mar. Maiy Thei-cfa, of 
Mafia Carara, by whom he 
hss a Djughtf-r, b. April 7, 
1750, mrtr.- Oft. 7, 1 77 1, 
to Ferd'nand, Brother to tiie 
Empfror, & has 4 Children. 

Parma, born ao Jan. 1751. 
Married to the Archduchefs 
27 Y^"^^, 1,769 Their ifllie, 
a Prince, born 5 July, 1773. 
a Princefs, named Maria An- 

- toaletta, b. N-^v. 2S, 177-4' 
Archduke LEOPOLD, 
Brother to the prefent Em- 
pero-, born 5 May 1747. 
Proclaimed Grand Duke of 
Tufcany, 16 Feb. 1765.^ 
Married 5 Aug. 17^5' \^ 
Mary-Louifajlnfantaof Spain 
born 24 Nov. 1745. Their 
iffue, Maria, 14 Jan. 1767. 
Francis, 12 Feb. 1768. A 
Prince, 6 May, 1769. Ano- 
ther, 5 Sept. 1771. Another, 
19 Dec. 1773. Another 24- 
Dec. 1774. Another 9 Mar, 
1776. A Princefs 24 April, 

T U R' K E y . . 

Sig. Inthroncd ai Jan. 1779. 


Vref dents of Cottar efs. 
Peyton Randolph, Eiq; cf 

Virginia^ 3774 and 1775, 
■ died in his Prefidency 
Henry Middieton, Efq; of 

South Carcllney 1 775 
Jn Hancock, t(c^', oi Majfa- 

chufetiSf 1776 and J777 
Hen. Laurens, Efq; of Sonih 

Carolina f 1 777 and 1778 
JnJay,Efqjor N^'wTsrkyi'j'jg 
SanTiuei Huntingdon, Efq^; of 

Conne£tlcut,i']']i) and 1780 
Tho. M'Kean, EUy^ of D:- 

laivar, 17,80 and part of 

1781 H^nfon, Efqj of Neiu 

Torky I 78 1, 
Elias Bou4inot, Efq* cf AVu.' 
Je.fy, i7g.. 

Prejidents and Governors ef 

the American States, 

New Hampjhire, 

FnfJ. Belchler Weare, Efq; 

Go'VetHoff ju Hancock, Efqj 

Ditto. Jonat. Trumbull, Efq; 
Rhode- IJis-nd and Providence 

Governor-, Wm. Green, Efq; 

Ditto, George ClintoB, Efq 

Ditto, y^rn. Levingfton, Efqj 

Prefdcnt, Tofeph Read, Efqj 

Gtnjcrn. Csefar Rodney, E% 
mi9 John Dickinfon, Efq} 

^^^F^!? ..... iJ. 


Mary: and i 
Ct^cnior, Henry Lee, Efcjj 

Ditto, Tho. Jeft'crfon, Efq; 
Ki/'zy Thoraas Nelfon, E^qj 
Ditto, Abncr Nafli, Efq; 

Ditto, Beaj. Guerard, Efv]; 

Ditto, Nath. Brown for., Efqj 

Members ai fending in Cci^rcfs 

in jipril 1783. 
Ne'M HasnpJJnre — White and 

Gil man 
MaJJachufefs — Ofgoocl, Gor- 
ham, Higginfon 2c Hokon 
Rhodt-Jjland — Collins and 

Conaciiicut — Dyer, Woolcot, 

• and Allfworth 
ife-w Tork — Floyd&Hamllton 
^eivjjerfe-f— (Prcfident) 

Boudiaot and Clarke 
Fennjylvania — Mifflin, WiU 
fon, Fitziminous, Peters, 
and Montgomery 
Delaware — Bedfard and 
Maryland — Lee, Helmufley, 

and Carol 

yirgima}i\dni, Arthur, Lee, 

k Jones, Mercer; & Maddllon 

f- North Carolina — Williamfon 

and Hawkins 

South Carolina — Rutledge, 

Izard, Jerviis & Ramfey 
Georgia — Not reprefcnted 

. Rangers, Keepers, &c, 

JVindforForeJl and Great F ark ^ 
Duke of Cumbciland 

• jVindfor tittle P*rk, 
Earl of Pomfrct 

( 90 ) 

Cyanhoi'.rn-Ch.icc iSf Ilampton^ ' 
Court-Fark,DM G\QCt^tt . 
Ricbmendy Earl of Bute 
Dep.lkaKge>-,Vh. MedowSjEfq; 
North of Trent, 'X'.^^' ^o^-C 

W. Cornevvail, Efq; 
S. ofTrcntf Lord Grantlcy 
St. James's Park, E. of Sind- 

Dip. ':<' Lord Wm. Gordon 
Ns"J Fo'efl kVarden <^ Keeper 
D;jke of Glocelter 
Sberiuood Ftreji, D. Ncwcaftle 
Greeti'wicb Park 
Epping Forep, Earl Tylncy 
Bii/hy Park, Lady North 
Sa/c'eyForeJl, F. Montagu^ efq; 
Majler ofGume,D. of Grafcon 
yflchiuood Foreji, Oxjordfhire, 
Duke of Marlborough 
Darttnore Fortfi, De'vott, Sir 
Francis HenryDrake,Bart, 
St.Bria'Vel'iCaJHe in the Foreji 
of Deane, Ear! of Berkeley 
Duke of Grafton 
TValtham Fj)reji, Un6olnfl}irt^ 

Richmond Fereji, Torkjhire, 
Rockingham Fort/}, 'X'E^rl of 

Upper OfTory 
Surveyor General of bis Ma' 

jcjlfs yT^ids and Parks, 
John Pitt, Efq; 
Sur'veyor Gen. of the Croiun- 

lands, &c. 
i'X'Hon- Jr. St. John 
C/'e'rks, W. Harriion, 
]ohn M^Gachen 
"Mafter 0^ the Buckbounds, 
Lord V. Hinchbrook, 234 iL 

Mailer Falcone'-, 
Duke of St, A'ba^'s 

Water Ba'd'iffs of the Thames 
ab-j-vc Stiirs, J.)hn -Scott, 
■ and G. Bvumcl', Efq) 

i -91 ) 

'^mOHTS 0/ f/^e mo/}' N9b!e Order 0/ ;rir GARTER. 
InfAtultd ^xaoA \ iq, 1350. 
I The S'veieirn ' '^ * 

3 Prince Wiiliam'FIenry 
5 Landgrave of HcncCalfel 
7 Prince of Orange 
9 Biiliop of Ofnaburgh 
II Prince of Biunfw ik 
13 Duke of Newcaltle 
15 'Duke of Noiihurabc-Iand 
17 Earl of Bu e 
ig Duke of Grafion 
ri 'X'Lord Ncr-ih 
23 Duke of .E.ichmond 
25 Earl »f Shelburne 

2 Prince of Wales 
4. Duke of Gloucefter 
6 Prince Ferdinand 
8 Duke of Cumberland 
10 Dukeof Mecklcn.Strelit* 
12 Duke of LeeHs 
i4 Duke of Montague 
16 Earl of Hertford 
J 2 Duke of'Marlborougk 
:-o Earl Oower 
22 Vic. Weymouth 
24 Duke of DevonfhlfC 
26 Duke of Rutland 

Dr. Brownlow North, Bp of Winchefter, Pre!. oftheOrdct, 

Dr. Harrington, Bifhop of Salifbury, Chancellor, 

Hon. and Jlcv. John Harley, D. D. Rcpf.rar. 

Ralph Bigiand, Efq. Garter 'Principal K'^ug of Arms, 

"SirT:anci5 Molyneux, Bart UJher of the Black Rod. 

KNIGHTS COMPANIONS of the Mof Honourable Order 
ef the '^AT'H. Infliiutedi-i^^^^i andrei'h'cd ijz^. 

1760 The Severe" gn 
l'744 Sir Henry Caithorp- 
J753 RtHon.S'irEd.WajpoIe 

1761 'X'Sir J. Griffin GiifHn 
176 I "XSJr George Warren 
r76i xSi"" Cha. Frcdeiick 
1764. Sir Williann Draper 

1770 Sir John. LindTay 

1771 Sir Cha.Thumpfon,Bt. 
J771 Rt. Hon.SirW.Lynch. 

1772 Lord Macartney 
1774 'XSi'^ Geo. Howard 

J 774 Rt. H. Sir J. Blaquierc 
*775 Sir John Irwin 
J776 Sir William Howe 

1778 Sir Edward Hughes 

1779 'X^*'' I^^*^or Munro 

1780 Lord Rodney 
178; V.*.^"" John Jervis 

1753 Lord Bcaulieu 
1761 Sir Geo« Pococke 
1761 Rt Hon. sir Jof. Yorke 
1761 Lord Amherft 
1763 Earl of Bellamont 
176S Sir Horace Mann, Bt» 
1 771 X."^"" R^'ph Payne 

1771 sir Eyie Coote 

1772 Sir Rob. Murray Keith 
177a Sir Williann Ham-iltoa 

1774 Sir.Rt Gunning, Bart. 

1775 'X.SirWiillam Gordon 

1776 Sir GuyCarleton 

1777 V.'-'S'"' Henry Clin ton 
1779 '**'"• Sir James Harris 
1779 Earl of Antrim 

1782 Sir Thos. Wrough:on 
Sir Richard Pier Ton 

1783 Lt. Gen Sir Ch. Grey 

1767 HisR^H.BpofOfnabrug 17S3 Gen G Aug. Elliot 
Dr. John Thomas, Bifhop ofRochefter, Dean of the Order* 
Thomas Grey GwHum, Efq. BATH King tf /irm„ 

( 9* ') 

J. Suffield Brown, Efq. Gojealogiji ^ Blanc Courfur Ihra 

William Whitehead, Efq. Regijirarand Secretary. 
Ifaac Heard, Efq. Gentleman Ujher of the Scarlet Rod, a 

Bri'.nhv'ick Herald. 
William RoAiand Tryon, Gent. T\/!e[,'en7er . 

KNIGHTS of the Moji Ancient Order of the THISTL 
Inftituted 1540, revived 1703. 

I Earl of Portmnre 
3 Duke of Queenftjury 
5 Duke of Buccleugh 
7 Duke of Roxburgh 
9 Earl of Rofsberry 
II Duke of Gordon 

i HisR.H.Pr. Wm. Hen 
4 Eari of Carhfle 
6 Vifcount Stormont 
8 Earl of NorthingCofl 
to Earl of Galloway 
12 Marquis of Lf.jthisn 

Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dean of the Order 

'[:•;■' George Dempiler, Efq. Secretary. 

Campbell Hooke, Efq. Llcti Khjg of Arms. 

Robert Quarme, Efq. Gentleman Ufher of the Green Rid 

For the Knights cf St. Patrick, fee Page 173 among t 

Iriih Lfs^ 

FOREIGN hUWi-^H i^V^S fro-,n the Northern Provincet 

Germany and Hungary, 
Envoy Extra, and Min. Phn. 
Count dc K.z^tTitc\iy Hanover 

Sec. Baron de RaigCrsfeldt 
Confuly M. Songa 
Envoy Extra, and Min. Plett. 

M. dc Simolin, Grojvenor 

Conful, M. Lifakewltz 
Sec. M. Douraffoff 
Conful f M. Baxter 
Envoy Ext. Baron de Nolken, 

Seho Square 
Conful, M. Grill 

Env. Ex. Monf. dcDicyer, 

Confu/s, Nich, Fwtfoian, Pet. 


Mix. Ref. M. Bukaty 

Min'i/l. Plenipotentiary^ Com 

Lufi, Pultency-Jlreet 
Conful, M. Fridag 

Min. Baron de Alvenflcbe 
Dover -ft reet 

Euvoy Extra. andMln.flc 

Heffe Calfel, 
Min. Plcn. Baron Kutrieb* 

Env, Extra. Co. Bruhl, U 

Secretary, Mr. Erncft 
Ho'iand, . 
Hans Towns, 
P. Amfinck, Efq. Ag.^ Cpn 
Steel-yard, Th(ttn('s-Jlrect' 

r 93 ] 

His Majiftfs MINISTERS in the Nortuern Provinces. 

Vienna, j Saxony, 

V. Extra and Pknipo. >< Sir Envoy Ex. Morton Eden, Efq. 
Rob. Murray, Keith; K.B.Mw.' P/e«?/)0. to the Eleftor 
Bruffels, I Palatine, and M?Kz/2er to the 

•.v. Ex. B PI. Ld Torringtoni Diet of Rati{bon, 

Ruflla, jLord Vifcount Galway 

Envo\ Extra and Plenipo. Eleftor of Cologne, 

Min. Pkn. Ralph Heathcote, 

Agent, (None) 

Agent at the Brill for his Brit- 
tannic Majejly's Packet^ 

Sir James Harris. K. B. 

iv. Ex. Sir T. Wroughton, 
K. B. 

IV. Ex. Hugh Elliot, Efq. 

Poland, I 

in. Plen. Vif. Dalrymple I 
mmijfary at the Republic of 

Dantzig, Alex. Gib fone. Efq. Rejident zuith the Hans Towns, 

PrufTia, jEmanuel Mathias, Efq. 

'voy Ex. X Sir J. Stepney, Bt.' ^ 

FOREIGN MINISTERS/row the Southern Provinces. 

France, IChev. de Pinto, South Aud.-fi. 

nbaf. Ex. Count d^ A^hem^r Secretary , M. de Freire 

on Bernardo Del Campo 

Two Sicilies, 
IV. Ext. Prince Caramanico 

^zjoer Brookflreet. 
•-.retdry, M. Phlijger. 

ivoy Extra, and Mln. Pkn 

Env. Extra. Marquis de Cor- 
don, Lincoln' s-inn-Jidds. 
Rejident, Monf. de Cavalli 

Republic of Genoa, 
Minijier, M. d'Ageno 

His Majejly'^ MINISTEPvS to the Southern Provinces 

like of Manchefter 

rd Vifcount Mountftuart 
ob. Lifton, Efq. Minijler till 
-ord M. arrives ^^ Madrid 

Portugal, - 
Envoy Extra, and Plenipo. 
on. Robert Walpole 
nhajf. SirRobert Ainflie, Kn. 

Envoy Extra, and Plenipo. 

Hon. John Trevor 


Envoy Extra, and Plenipo. 

Hon, Sir Wni Hamilton-, K 3. 


Envoy Extra. 

Sir Horace Mann, Bt. X. B. 

Refident, John Strange, Efq.,. 

Sv/ifs Cantons, 
Minifter, Wra, Norton; Efc. 
I H. ■ 

94 ) 

His Majejtfs CONSULS Abroad for the ProteBion of Trade.' 

Portugal, ' 

Lifon, Sir Joha Hort, Bart. 

Covfal General 
Oporto, John Whiteliead, Efq. 
Faro. John Lempriere, Efq. 
Mudara, Cha. Murray, Efq. 

Madrid, SirAlex. Monro, C G. 
Alicant, Patrick "VVilkie, Efq. 
Barcelona, Wm. Gregory, Efq. 
Cadiz, J©fiah Hardy, El'q. 
Carthagena, J. Lidderdale.Efq- 
Malaga, John March, Efq. 
Sev.& StrLuc. J. Hunter, Efq. 
Gallicia, Afuria, & St. Andno^ 

Plerman KatencaJlip, Efq. 
Mjjorca, Anthony Merry, Efq. 

Genoa, John Collet, Efq. 
Leghorn, John Udney, Efq. 
2vaples, James Douglas, Efq. 
Nice, John Birkbeck, Efq. 
Sicily and Malta, Daniel Boo- 

meefter, Efq. 
Venice, Robert Richie, Efq 
Zante, Peter Sargint, Efq. 

neral, Natha. Davifoh, Eiq 
Tripoli, Rich. Tully, Efq. 
Tunis, Jarnes Trail, Efq. 
PruiTia; Mcmel, J. Durno, Elc. 
Ruflia, Walter Sharp, Efq. 

Elfmeur, Nich. Fenwick, YJ,'-^. 

Bergen., John Wallace, Efc, 
Droiiiheiin, Alex. Brown, E; 

Gothenburg, cjfc.T.Erfkine,! 
The Circle of Loxver Saxo 

Bremen and Luheck, 
Charles Hanbury, Efq. 
The Circle of the Lower RJu:. 
Of end, Nieuport, & Briioc:, 
John Peter, Efq. 

Triefle, Fiiime, &c. 
Nathaniel Greene, Efq. 
Confuls appointed by the Tur 

Aleppo, John Abbott, Efq. 
Smyrna, Anthony Hayes, El:; 
Tripoly in Syria, Thomas Pail 

lips, Vernon, Efq. 
Latichea, John Murrat, Efq. 
Salonica, John Olifer, Efq 

q- 1 

Algiers, Agent and Corf. Ge-Pati-as, Daniel Paul, Efq 

OJicers cf the TP.EASURY. (Whitehall.) 
Lords Couwiifjioncrs. (5) j Reynolds, Thomas Cotton, 
U K E of Portland,' John Martyn Leake, Efqrs. 
Other Clerks on the Tfakhf 

X Lord John Cavendifh 
y. Earl cf Surrey 
M R.H.Fred. Montague, Efq^ 
« Sir Grey Cooper, 

1600I. a Year each. 
Joint Secretaries.^ 
X R. B.- Sheridan, Rich, 
Burke, Efqrs. 

J. Royer, W. Beldam, ^^ 
Mitford, T. Dyer, G. E( 
Ramus, Bryan Broughtoi 
Benj. Brummell, Jof. Alcocl 
Philip Cipriani, J. S. Stark 
John Ridout, Jof. Smit 
Wm. Chinnery, Efq. 

Clerks of the Revenues.^ 

Private Sec. to the /f?;)? Xor^.j William Speer, 4oe>l 

Rev. Mr. O'Beirne 

Chief Ckrh, Tho. Pratt, Fr. 

George Herbert, Hen. Fowlf 
Fr.Dancer, J. Royer, Sir Eel 

ioughton, Bart. 20ol- \Y. Ed. 
niilh, W. Pembroke, Efq. 

Keeper of the Papers, 
Am Morin, Efq. 400I. 

Office Keeper, 
ienediftSchaller, 30ol.a year, 
and to Jind Coals and Cajidles 
for the Office. 

Solicitor, 500]. 
'iiiiam Chainberlavne, Efq 

AJJiJlant Solicitor, 
of. White, Efq. 

C5 ] 

Ikjfcvgers of the Exchequer, 

John WalkeV; Tho. Harrilon, 
Wm. Rofs, Tho, Gibbons 

Mejjeagcrs of the Chamber. 
Samuel Barniley, and Samuel 

Barnfley, jun. 6s. 8<1. a clay, 
Houfekeeper to the Levee-Rooins. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Shav/ 
Neceff. I'Vom. Mrs. Appleby 
Bagbearer and Rariger of Bcc"^. 
William Watlbn 
Boor-keeper, Hanbury Fetter 

Officers of the Receipt of 

Chancellor and Treafurer, 
J D. J. Cave^difti, 1800I. 
.f_^ Auditor, Duke of 

JCUi. Edv/. Wilford, Efq. 
Clerk of the Debentures, 
in Hughfon, Efq. 
. . rk of the Regifer and Iffiues, 
^.obert Jennings, Efq. 
Clerk of the Cafk~.Book. 
'■ Pynyot, Efq. 
':!^. Clerks, James Fiflher, 
vid Moreau, J. Ma riow 

making out Exchequtr Bills^ 
. CI. Wm. Cracroft, 
ra. Cracroft, J. Fiftier, Efqrs. 
'\;ffi. to the Audita fs Office, 
.11 jackfon 
-" .f ])eput\. Pilf old 

-; the Office of Annuities 
j Tinder the Auditor. 
'•'. Clk. Nich. Paxton, Efq. 
<-'; Clerks. William Moone, 
iiis Wrench, David Morcau, 
Uex. Hay worth, Efqrs. 
'h. Clk. K. Fvnes " 

Hker Clks. M'. Cock, T. Paddy, 
V. Hucks, R. Edmonds, Efq.^ 
iejjenger,. Tho. Littlefoot . 

h is Majefy's Exchequer. 

Examiners of Tellers J^oU'-le-s, 
John Hays. Henry Sa:cby;Jv,hn 
.Meheux. Efqrs. 

Clerk of the Pills. 
R-t.Hni. Sir Ed. Walpole.K.B, 
Dcp. and \fiCl. E.Roberts, Efq- 
Clk. of Exitus, C. Roberts, Efq 
CI. of Declarat. W.J.Kingfmaa 
CI. of Patents, A,ug. Earon 
Afjifi. Clk._ Jof. Cotton and 

John Kingfman- 
Engrcffiing Clk. Wra. Blake 
Afjfl. William Kingfman 

Old A.KNUITY Pells 

Chief Clk. Wm. Blake, Efq. 
Other Clerks, Wm. Oram, 
Jn.. Mills-, Brackley Kenuett 

N E \V 


A N N U I T Y 

Offi CE. 
Chief Clk. L. Theobald, Efq, 
Other Clirks. J. . Touchett,' 
W. Homes, C. Stevens - 

Four Tellers of the Re- 
ceipt, &c. 
1 Earl of Kardwicke 
Dep.and iJiCi.W. Beldam, Efq 
J, Langton, T, Wins:, Sam, 

wild, Efqrs. 

2 Earl of Northington 
Dep..^t3i^CL W. Price, Efq. 
John Price, Hen. Sealey, Robt. 

Fran. Suft, Efqrs. 

3 Ear] Temple 

His Dep.B ijl. CI. J.Wclls,Efq 
T. Smith, P. Cade, R. Wood- 
ward, Efqrs. 

4 i< Hon. J. J. Pratt 

His Deputy and ijl Clerk. 
Charles Townfiiend, Efq. 
T. Jones, T. Penyng.G. Harris 
Money Porter's., Era. Williams, 
Era, Petit,Tera. A. Goodman 
Porter to the Exch. J. Jackfon, 
Superintend, of the Exch.Watch. 
J Jackfon and Th. Littlefoot, 

o6!. los. each 

Clerks., F.Wanion,RicIiRiple 
Hoti/ekeeper, Mrs. Apple; by 
Mel/cngcr, James Pillold 

Tally Court. 

Hon. Fred. North 
Montagu Burgoyne, Efq. 
Dcbuties, Abraham Farley, 
Ja'GailowaVjWm. Hammond Brummell, Efqrs. 
Tsih-Wnttr for the Auditor, 
William Jones, Efq. 
Clks. T. Goodr;cke,Alex. 

Clerk oj the Introitits^ 
H. Thomas, Efq 

Tax Office. 
Corainipjioners., 500I. each. 
J. Trenchard, Daniel Bull, 
George Blount, Ch. Deerii;; 
J. Eames, G. Heathcote, Alt: 
Popham, Efqrs. 

Sec. Waite, Efq. gol. 

Ai]iji. Sec. Ed. Nailh,' Efq. €0 
Solic. Hen. Wilmot. Efq. loo 
Clerks, Chriflopher Fowler.6( 
Chriftopher Fowler, jun. 
T. Brent, 50I. W. White, i 
Parker, 40I. each 
Chs.mber-kseper & MeJJtvger 
Jacob Knockey, 60I. ■ 

Necejj. Wo. Mrs. Cornpton,2' 
Ten General Surveyors, lool 
Samuel Lea, Ant. Oldfiel 
J. Palmer, Win. White, 
r. Maurice, Fra. Coulfon, 
Wm. Smith, Thomas Jones 
Jof. Faikney 

Imprest OypicE, 
Auditor, Vifc. Mountftuart 
Deputies, P. Deare, C. Harr. 

Clks. E. BeckwithjJ.Eeckwi 
B. Cobbe, G.Harrij;,T.Tayl( 

Tallx-Cntter, Th. i^a^mhe, Eiq. .^ ...„.> t <-i, 't 

rr ■'t^/^i \^ ^ ^ r. Du Biiion, J. Chapman,J 

i/2ji)c'*. Cha. Alexancer „ ,, '-^ ' '•' 

Ujkn- of the Exchequer. 
Hon. Horace Walpolc, Elq. 
His Dcp. Charles Bedford,E{l]. 
His Clerk, William Harris 
Ytor/ian Ufher, Wm. Harris 

Paymufler (f Exchequer Bills, 
Edmur.d Bott, George Ritzo 
Nat. Barwell, Efq. 

Comptroller of Excheq. Bills, 
John Tnornton, Efq. 

Deare, D. G. Jacmar, Gen 
lire-keeper, Mrs Harris 
^lljijl. Ojfce-keeper and MeJ- 
Joiin Rowland 

Imprest Orri CE, 
Lincoln s- Inn. 
Auditor, Lord Sondes 
\Clcrks, J. Hughes.B. T. Hool 
h.Walker, J. Davids, W.Pl 
Accowptant. Wm. Jones, Ef^.|ted, T. Gibbes, E. Lucas, 
Ufh.ier, Wm. Cock, Efq. ^^- Whitcomb 

L 97 ' j 
ffice-kecpcr. Thompfon TunleiDepaiy, John Holier, Eic;, 

- — r. — : T-^ — r—;^ -/5/'„i T O 1 1 

(ud/'tors of the Land Revenue 
Lanci Tax, and Window Tax, 
viz. for the Counties of Li-,j- 
(cln, Nottivgham, Chejler and 
Derby - Palace yard, 

I. Shelly, Ml. Warden, Efqrs 

hp.'AiuL Rd. Gray, Efq. 

'uditor for all the other Conn 
ties in England, 

smes Weft, Efq. for Life 

ly? Clerk, James Rowland 
2d, Richard Gray 
For ihe Principality of JVales, 
X Thomas Johnes, Eiq. 
Dep. Wm. Myddelton, Efq. 
Clerk, John Fenwick. 

Paymajler of Penfions, 
Right Hon. Lord Gage 
Deputy, Tho. Hopkins. Efq. 

High Court of CHANCERY. (Orcein Chancery-iane.j 
ids CommiJJiomrs for the Cuf-\Deputy, John Adams 

Six Clerks, 
Samuel Rennardfon, F. R. S^ 
W. Mitfbrd, Chriil. Zmcke, 
Neh. Winter, Wm. Sev.'eljj 
John Kiplmg, Efqrs. 
^Deputie:^, Mellrs. Trollop, N;- 
cholls, Wainwright, Eriilov/,^ 
Vanheythnyfen, T^ncred 

Sixty Sworn Clerks. 
In Mr. Rennardfon's Divfion, 
C. Arnold, F. Douce. S.Thoyto, 
J. Seaman, Wm. Ivlaton, Ciu 
Owen Cambridge. J. Silvefter, 
J. S. Hawkins"^ Efqrs. 

In' Mr. Mitford's Dii>fi07i^ 
Solomon Fell, Geo. Bowles, 
J.ColtrelljTh. Handley,Bacy, 
Tancred, Jn. Rittfonr, Efqrs. 
■ In Mr. Zinckc's Dizi^.on, 
Tho. Wm. Bavnard, R. Smith, 
Robert Wainwright, Thomas 
Sheppard, Ch. Frewen, Peter 
Confett, John Hawkins. Efcrs 

In Mr. Winter's Divfiion, 
John RadclifFe, Tho. Metcalfe, 
J. Greenhill, E. Boutflower, 
Herbert Croft, George Birch j 

tod^i of' the Great- Seal of 
Great Britain, . 

L E X A N D E R Lord 
ir William Henry Afhhurft 
ir Beaumont Hothara 
:fier or Keeper of the Ralls, 
.:. Hon. Sir Tho. Sewell, Kt. 
Mafers in Chancery, lool. 
Lt. Hon. Sir Tho. Sewell, Kt. 
"homas Anguifh, Efq. Sym.Inn 
'. Wm. Graves, Efq. Sym. Inn. 
ohn Fames, Efq. 5)7/r. Inn. 
dw. Montagu, Efq. Syni. Inn. 
dw. Leeds, E(q._Li:ncoln's-I?in 
ohn Helt, Efq. Sym. Inn 
i, Thompfon,Efq.No.45 S.Ifi7i 
<; Jn. Ord, Efq. No 2^, fin- 
coin's- Inn Old Buildings 
< ].Wihnot,E(q. Beclford-rozu 
>■• Thompfon, Efq. Sy?n. Inn- 

Accomptant General, 
.rho. Anguifh, Efq. Line. Inn. 
\^lerks, T. Cracroft, J. Warren 
^'.- Smith, J, Parkinfon 
hrk of Crown x Hon. J.Yorke 
Deputy Clerk of the Crown, 
^f. Baldwin, Efq. 
Icrks, Jn. Penfam, J. RufTell 

G. L. Van Heythuvfer 
Wilday, Jof. Bicknell, E{cf 
, In Mr. SezveWs Divifon'^ 
Pvd. Palmer, Jofeph Hill, 

^•'rotnonofary. Rev. Ch. WilleSj^PIcnry Barker, W. MicXsI'- , 
^Jbeit Wilmqtj Efq. 

W. Trollope, A. Hilton, W. 
Hobbs, J. Cheveley, T. M. 
Langdale, Efquires. 

In Mr. Kipling's Divifion^ 
Fr. Ja. Scrope, Wm. Meares, 
Henry Gale, Elb. Woodcock, 
R. Briftow, The. Marriot 
C. Heblethwayte, Efqrs. 
Record Keeper, J. H. Bateman 
Frinc. Hered. Regijl. D. of St. 
Al ban's 

Lord Chancellor' s Regijlcrs. 
J. Dickins, Ben. Green, Efqrs 
Majler of the Rolls Regijlerf. 
Stephen Martin Leake, Efq. 
Peter Wright, Efq. 
Ck. of Exceptions, John Pawfon 

Bag-bearer to the Regijlers^ 
Thomas Phillipfon 

Entering Regijiers, 
Francis Dickens, Efq. 
Hi3 Clerk, J. Philipfon 
James Weldon, Efq. 
Mis Clerk, John Forller 
CI. of Reports, Tho. Elde, Efq 
HisCltrks, J.VicarvjG.Kimber 

Regijier of the Afidavits. 
Elborough Woodcock, Efq. 
Deputy, Thomui Harford 5 Efq. 
HANA-pi'jJ Ofice^. 
Majler of the Manaper, 
Earl of Northington 
Deputy, John Church, Efq. 
licrk, Henry Edw. Church 
Dispensation Office, 
Ckrk, Hon. Apfiey Bathurll 
i)»f^. Charles Talbot, Efq. 
His Clerk, Wm. Tayleure, Efq. 

[ 98 ] 

fVard. oftkeFket, J.EyIes,Efq. 

Ket:p. of Records in the Tower, 

Hr. Hon. Sir Jn. Shelley, Bt. 

ih. CI. Tho. Aftle, Efq. 200I. 

Records down to 1483, are 
kept in theTozcer, and fmce 
v.:.i limi inihi E-oUs Chapel. 

Clerk of the Records in the Rolls 
Chapel, John Kipling, Efq. 
Ex A MINER 's Office. 
Henry Flitcroft, Efq. Exa?niner 1 
His Deputies, T. Youngman, 
J. Bateman, James Dancer 
Copying Cks. under Mr. Flitcroft 
W. Langley, Jonath. Langley, 
W. Dance, W. Butcher 
John Morgan, Efq. Examiiier 
His Deputies, E. Edmonds, 
John Smith 

Copying Cks. inider Mr. Morgan 
John Morgan, John Wills, 
Jarhes Heatley, J. Smith 

Clerk of the Petty Bag, 
Henry Thomas, Charles Deavc 
Thomas Mendham, Efqrs. 
Deputy, Mark Stephenfon 
Patentee of the SubpcEJia-Ofice, 
Wm. Courtenay, jun. Efq. 
His Clerk, G. Hardifty 
Rec. of the Sixpenny Writ Office, 
D. Mmet, Efq. 
Deputy., Peter Sykes 
Chafe Wax, A . Co wper, Efq. 
Dep. Rob. Appleyard 
Sealer, Rev. Wm. Lloyd 
Deputy, Mr. John Dowfe 

Clerk of the Letters Patent, 
Valentine Henry Wilmot,Efq. 
Peputy, Seton, Efq. 

Exam, of the Letters Patent^ 
And. Huddlefton 

Commiffioners of Bankrupts. 

Firft Lift. 
Robert Aldeifey. Efq. No. 9, 

King's Bench Walk 
John Gafcoyne Fanfiiaw, Efq. 

Bedford-row, or No. 7, Lin- 

coln's-inn Old Buildings 
John Scott, Efq. No. 8, Hoi- 

born-court, Gray's-inn 
•Wm .Gould, Efq. Serjeant' s-inn 



am. Dennlfon, Gent 
Second Lift. 
lenrvHall, Efq. Curfiior-Jl. 
Nvn' Dowdefwell, Efq. Tem- 
ple-Cloy ft ers 
lugh Leycefter, Efq. Crozvn- 

OJIice-RozL'i Temple 
^ugulline Greenland, Gent. 
Newman-Jlrcet, Oxford-road 
'. Furnival, Gent. Bofwdl-c. 

Third Lifc 
A'm. Bumpfted, Efq. No. 4, 

Holborn-court, Grafs-i'vi 
lenry Hunter, Efq. Holborn- 

rozv, Lincoln' s-inn-f elds 
ienryRuffcll, Efq. No. 25. 

Lincoln's-inn Old Buildings 
ienry Cowper, Efq. No. H: 

Paper-buildings, Temple 
lichard Kargrave, Gent. Chef- 
hunt,. Hertfordjliire, or at 
Grigjbfs Coffee-hovfe 
Fourth Lift, 
[ohn Blake, Efq. Grafs-inn 
idward King, Efq. Serle-Jl. 
3avid Rees, Gent. Feather- 
f one-buildings 

[lichard Collett, jun. Gent- 

Fifth Lift, 
rho. Sutton, Efq. Norfolk-fl. 
[ohn Thomas Batt, Efq. No. 1 . 
Lincoln's-inn New-fquare 

99 J 

"•ifaac Bargrave, Gent. Cate-ft. 

Wm. Munn, Gent, at Mr. 

Gzvatkin's, Sulijhury-court 

Seventh Lift. 
T. Hotchkin, Efq. Chancery-l. 
Edward Wilmot, Efq. ditta 
H. Srebbing, Efq. No. 9, ditto 
John Tophain, Ei'q. No. 5, 

Robert Fry, Gent. Feathcr- 

Eighth Lift, 
Thomas Burrell, Efq. No. 9, 

Lincobi' s-inn New-fquare 
Richard Calvert, Efq. No. 7, 

Lincoln's-inn Old-buildings 
Wm. Bofcawen, Efq. Cloffiers^ 

in the Temple 
Charles Bragge, Efq. £/.'«- 

court, Temple 
Robert HaiTell, Gent. No. 5, 

L incoln 's-ijin Old-buildings 

Ninth Lift. 
Henry Boult Cay, Efq. Car- 

John Bicknell, Efq. No. 3, 

Lincoln' s-inn Old-buildings 
Edward Willes, Efq. SiT' 

Anthony Pye, Efq. Feather- 

John Lancafter, Gent. Holborn 
Tenth Lift. 

[.Reeve, Efq.No.5,r/i^«£^/;/fl. U^a, Nalfon Cole, Efq. Carey-ft 
?"rancis Hargrave,^ Efq. Bof- ^.obert Peers, Efq. New Or- 


well-court, Cary-flreet 
Francis Ruftell, Gent. Red- 

lion-fquarc, Holborn 
Sixth Lift. 
rho. Harrifon, Efq. Gloucefltr 

flrect, Red-lion-fquare 
iJohn Nares, Efq. No. 3, Fig 

tree-court. Temple 

Walhington Cotes, Gent. 

No. 5, Lincoln's-inn 
Walter ?ye,Gcnt. Lincoltis'-inn 

Eleventh Lift. 
Andrew Hucdlefton,Efq.No.5 

Coney-court, Grafs-inn 

L V"r"'n '77Ffn Inrl Job" "Lloyd, Efq. Hcndon, 
ivlvelfer Douglas, Elq. L2n-\J ,.,,, r ' 

\^oln's-innNcl-fquarc \ ^^^^^^^^' 


Arthur Onflow, Efq. FumpA Clerks of the Inrollments. 

court, Temple The fix Clerks in Chancery,and 

Waiwyn Shepheard, Gent. ' -• , , t. „ 

John Willingtonj.Gent. Qhurch- 
yard court. Temple 
Tweltth Lift. 
John Cough, Efq. No. 23, 6?/^/ 

Buildings, Lincoln' s-inn 
Thomas Mulfo, Efq. Rath- 

Randle Ford, Efq. No. 7, Lin- 
coln' s-iiin Old fquare 
Plenry Jodreil, Efq. No. 23, 

Old-buildings, Li ucoln' s-inn 
Aug.PechelJ, Efq. Li ncola s-inn 

Thirteenth Lilt. 
Michael Dodfon, Efq. Bojxjoell- 

court, Carey-jiicct 
Edw.Hattonj'Efq. Lincoln' s-iiin 
Thomas Plumer, Efq. Lin- 
col n's-inn 
Jof. Hickey, jun. Gent. St. Al- 

Jerera. Pemberton, Efq. Lin 

coin' s-inn 
A-LiU of the Mejkngers to the 
I Cornmifjioners of Bankriipecy. 
David Caddell, Goldjmith-peet 
Tho. Vaughan, Chancery- lijie 
\ James Dovvn, Chavcery-lane 
-.James Paris, Chancery-lave 
i Thomas Powell, Symo?fd's-inn 
\- John Wells, Symond's-inn 
T. Nixon, 1^0. ici,\Symond' s-inn 
Patentee for making out Com- 

mifjions of Bankruptcy^ 
\ V. Hon. John Yorke 

!: Dep. John Hcaton 
'Clerk, Wm. Farrell 
■; Sealers, Robert Appleyard, 
Tames Dovv'ie 

Cl&rk of the Briefs. 
j 'Wm. Phillips, Efq. ' 
I L^ep. Rob. ■i'ay.,Ka)-nes, Efq. 

three Clerks of the Petty Eag.j 
Sworn Clerks, John Mittord, ^ 
Thomas Brigiiock 
Clerk of InroUmcnts of Proceed-., 
ings under Commifjions of Bank" 
rupt, Harry Harmood, Efq. 
C/erk if the Ciflodies oj Idiots. 

and Lunaticks, 
Cha. Hen. Xalbot, Efq- 

Chief Clerk y — Tayleur ; 

Corporation of Curfit<^rs' 
His Affflants^^ J. Walker, Efq. 

Hugh Valence Jones, Thomas 
Lamb^ Thomas Stephens, C. 
Frew en, J. Hingefton, Elb.. 
Woodcock, H. Peele,T.Lloyd,f 
R. Appleyard, Jeg. Wellard,: 
R: Nuthal], Aug. Greenland,, 
Tho. Hammond, George Hill,, 
Ralph Aldtis, Jern. Chevelv, 
John Holt, John Vernon, jim. 
Craven Ord, and Robert Tal-. 
bot', Efqrs. 
Bag-bearer, W^m. Warren. 

Lord Chanckllor's 

Principal Secretary. 
Henry Wilmot, Efq. 

Secretary of Bankrupts. 
Elbo. Woodcock, Efq. 
Clerk, Tho. Moore 
Secretary to the Prefentations. 
Robert Talbot, Efq. 

Sec. of the Corivn.if Peace. 
Charles Bragge, Efq. 

Secretary of Lunaticks. 
Jofeph Kili; Efq. ^ 

Purfe-b carer, J. Furn;val;-Efq< 

[ lOl 

Ccmmijfioners of Lunaticks. ^ 
Cha. Cotton, F. Woodhoufe, 
J. Je'K-ylli Aug. Greenland, 
A. Pye, Efqrs. 

Receiver of the Fines, 
John Fanfliaw, Efq. 
Secretary of Decrees, Injundions, 

and Appeals, 
Randle Ford, Efq. 

Secretary of the Briefs, 
Jof. Hackman, Efq. 

Serjeant at Arws, 
Richard Jephfon, Efq. 

Deputy Serjeant at Arms, 
Francis Macklay, Efq. 

Mcjjenger or Pourjuivant, 
Harry Harraood, Efq. 
Deputy, Mr. James Smith 

Getillemen of the Chaviber, 
Mr. Hand an^ Mr. Read 

Ufiitr of the Hall, 
Mr. Robert Aldus 
Oyer of the Court of Chancery^ 

John Tagg 
Coirrt Keeper, Robert Bloomc 
Tipjlaf, Mr. Groves 

Running Porter, 
Walter Williams 
Officers to the Master 

cf the Rolls. 

Chief Secretary. 
Charles Beaves, Efq. 

Undtr Secretary. 
Thomas Mendham, Efq. 

Ufher of the Court, 
Tho. Hotchk'in, Efq. 


Mr. Jolm Turner 

Mr. Harryfold 
Tipfaff, Robert Appleyard 

5 Edward WiUes, Efq. 

6 Sir W. H. AOrhurft, Knt. 
11 Francis Buller, Efq. 

Sulury, 2400I. a Year each. 
■ hbjier of tke Crovjn-ofice, 
James Tetnplar, Eiq. 

N. B. The figures prefixed fkew the Rank of the ttoelve fudges. 
I COURT of KING'S -" B E N C H. 

Lord Chief J'lfiice and Judges. CI. ofthePapers, RbAuften,Efci 
Y? "^ I His Deputy, Mr. Smith 

iLARLof Mansfi£ld,550ol:, Clerk of the Day Rules, 
I John Wav, Efq. 
j Clerk of the Dockets, 

'■ John Stride 
^Deputy, Mr. Clark 

Clerk of the Declarations, 
!j. Maddocks 
Marfhil, Bcnj. Thomas, Efq- £1. of Common Bails, Pofleas, & 
Secondn-y, Fran. Barlow, Elq.i Ffireais, 

CI. of the Rules, S.Midgley„Efq'Richard M^alter 

Clerks in Court, 'Signer f the iVriis,yileh€rdtn, 

F. Barlow, S.Midg^ley.R.Belt,' E(q. 

G. Lepipre, J. F. Abhot, ]. Signer of the B^Hs of Middkfex 
O. Jones, HenryDealtry, Hen. Wm. Marfnail 

Hawkins, Efqrs. Cuftodzs Brevium, 

Chief CLrks on Pleas Side, jsir David Lmdfay, Bart F.R.S. 
Lord Vifcount Stormont, and John Vv^ay, Efq. 

John Way, Efq. j Clerk of the Upper Treafury^ 

Secondary, Ed- Benton, Efq. Mr. Thomas White 
AP/iftant, Rht. Forfter, jun. Efq. I Clerk of the Outer Treaftry^ 
CI. (/Me/iu/a/T. Cowp€r,Efq James Walker, Efq. 

liidzcr. Exiventer, and Clerk 

of the Ouil.izi'ries, 

(OJJice in the Inner-Temple; 

IMr. Paticnrc, Tho. Adams 

€1. of the- Errors, J. Way, Eiq. 

Cryers andUfhers^ Mr. Llov3, 

Mr. Player, Mr. Hewett, 

Mr. Nethercliff 
Lcputy-M.Dfiall, John Jorden 
Tiijllff to Lord Chief Jupce 
Mr. John Hill ' 

To the other Judges, 
T. Ridgvvay 

Marjh. and Affoc. to Ch. Jufi. 
John Way, Efq. 
Train-hearer, Mr. Wilkinfon 
Clerk of Nifi Prius in London 
cndUiddlejex, Mr. T. Lowtcn 
Cryer at l^Uft Prius in London 

and Middlefex, Mr. J. Douce 

[ 102 ] 

Receiver General of the Profits 
of the Seals in the ■ King's- 
Bench and Coniraon Pleas, 

Buke of Grafton 

Dep. Rec Mr. Sam. Rogers 

Sealer, Samuel Jarvis 

Clerks of the Affize. 

Home, Jerome Knapp, Efq. 
- Ajfociate, Mr. Wm. Pope 

Midland, John Biencowe, Efq. 
A/fociate, Mr. Adams 

Norfolk^ Gerrard Button Fleet- 
wood, Efq. 
^4jlociate, Mr. Bury 

N'onhern, John Rigge, Efq. 
Afociate, Mr. J. F. Hildkcb 

Oxford, Meredith Price, Efq. 
Ajfociate, Mr. Benj. Price 

Wifern, John Follet, Efq. 
Jjjociute, Mr. John Claike' 

. Gw^ f C O M M ON PL E A S, (1215.) 
^ Chief J ufiice and Judges. \ AlfftaatClcrk, Tho. Sherwood 
^. |f ORB Loughborouffh ':'t;//^/«5«Foac/:tf,. T. F. 

J-^ 4.500I. 
4 Sir Henry Gould,- Knt. 
7 Sir George Nares, Knt- 
12 John Heath, Efq. 2400I. 

Ofhce of Ciiftos Brevium, 
John Browning, Efq. Sir Rob. 
/Eden, Bart. Fred. Yomig, and 
'Edw. Gore, Efqrs. 
JDiputy, J:>hn Walton, Efq. 
• Prothonotaries, 

_, \ '' " i a Mai nvv aring, Henry Earle, 

::\'iVi.. Dirkuis, Efqrs. 
, Sicondarics^, Henry FolhergilL 
1 Alex. Gerrard, Wm 
IjEf^rs. _ 

\fJ. of the judgni. and Revcrfus. 
j -Rowland Lickbarrow 
?/" of Dockets and Ded.irations. 
"'Samuel I'ndervv'ood. Efq. 
)..Urk of the Recot£ri:.s. G.B)ard 

Clerk of tilt Ji'arrants^ hiral- 

rnei.ts, and Efr eats, 
Richard .Lee, Elq. 

Sir George Coiebrooke, Bart. 
Sccondiry, James Garth, Efq. 
Reg. Geo. Keightley, Eiq. 
Clerk of the Treafury. 
Thomas jtifereys, 'Efq. 
Treafury-ktep. . G. Slubbs, Efr- 
Muifhull oiid Ajjociate to Ch.f 

Wihiam Randall, "Efq. 
Skinn.i<l'''vf'r, William Avis 

Truiiihcurer, Thomas Hsnd 

- Clerk if the Juries, 
Mr. Bever 

Deputy, Mr. Harriftm 
Exi" enter ^ T.Meddowcrof:;E i q.. 

' of the Efins, Mr. Wright 
pjty, Mr, Bf.'lmn 
of the Kino's Silver Cjfccc. 
'illiam Daw. Efq. . 
'put)', Tho. Sam. Lemage 
•rk vfihe £;/<?rj-.S. Hough, £fo 

103 1 

Clerk of the Outlawries, 
John "Way, Efq. 

Clerk of the fiiratSy 
Michael DorlVt, Eiq. 
Hereditary Chief Frodamator, 
John Walker Heneage, Eiq. 

LIST of 

xinlifs. rnncinals 

rnzvull Jones 

'oucrjier . 
ercford | 
orcejler ■ 


Common Pleas. 

Exec, bv ! Counties 

of the Ccuit if 


^ No. 4, 
















No. 4, 









Kinsr [ten 
Upon HuU 



1 rnicipals,r.xec. t: y 

No. 4, 















8, Staples 

Rider, iVo. 
11-5! Fet- 

Hare- CO. 

i Allen. A'fl. 
I4, Fur ni- 
val' s Inn 


No. 92, 

The Court fy^' EXCHEQUER- 
Chancellor, j Three Barons, i^oo\.each, 

RD John Cavendifr. 8 Sir James Eyre^, Knt. 
Lot d Chief Baron. 9 Sir Beaumont Hotham. Knt, 

Sir John Skyniier, Km.3500.l10 Sir Richard Perryn. Kk:; 


CiirfitoT Baron. 
Francis Mafercs, Efq. F. R. S 

Secretary to the Chancellor. 
X Hon. G. A. North 

AJjiftant Secretary, 

James Bell, Efq 

King's Rememhrance Office. 


Lionel Felton Hervey, Efq. 

Deputx, Francis Ingrarsi. Efq. 

I ft Secondary, Charles Eyre, 

2.6. Secofidajy, R. Wood, Efq. 

Szcorn Clerks. 
Adam Martin, Ed. Taylor 
Da. Burt Fowler, Alex. Ben- 
net, W. Lane, and, Craven Ord 
L. Treafurers Remembrancer, 
Dep.T. Chapman, Efq. F. S. A. 

i^zV/2 Secondary, 
John Penot, Efq. 

Second Secondary. 
Thomas Chapman, Efq. 
■ SzL'orn Clerks. 
■ William Seabrooke Wells 
Jn. Kipling, J. A. Grimfwood 

William Seabrooke Wells 
Clerk of the Errors in the 

Exchequer Chamber, 
Phillip Fonnerean, Efq. 
Deputy, William Cecil. 

Hereditary Chief Ufier 
John Walker Heneage, Plfq 
Deputy, Devereux Da\ ics 
Marfial of the Court of 
Matthew Buckle, Efq. 

Foreign Oppofcr, 
John Duffell, Efq. 
Dep. Allatfon Burgh, Efq 
Clerk of the Lftreats^ 
Hon. H. Walpole 
Deputy, Mr. Wm. Harris 

Surveyor of the Green Wax 
George Rofe, Efq. 

Clerk of the Nichills, 

Robert Forfter, junior, Ef 

Office o/Pleas 

Lincoln's Inn. 

Majler, Sir Edward Walpo 

Dep. Tho. Collingwood, E 

Elias White, Edw. Kinafl 
Rogers Jortin, JoOiu^i P 

Register, c/ D e e e s iri 
County of Middlcfex. 
^ce in Bell-yard, Temple 
E. Benton. J. Mitford, F. 
Hervey, Efqrs. 
Deputies, T. Ryder, T. B| 
flock, Richard Farthkig 
Ch. Clerk, M. C, Colman 

The P I P E - O F 

Clerk of the Pipe, 

RT. H. Sir John Shelley.Bt. 
Deputy, Edward Wood- 
cock, Efq. 

Firfl Secondary, 
Henry Cranmer, Efq. 
2.d. Sec. Robert Winter, Efq. 

Six Sworn Attorneys, 
James Faircrj Ja. Cranmer, 

F I C E, Grafs-Inn. 

I P. Sykes, Allatfon BurghJ 
Dan. Crofts, JnHeaton, El 

Board-End Clerks, 
James Paine, Jof. Hornb] 
Bag-bearer, Jof. Porter 

Corapt roller of the Pipe\ 
Hon. Horace Walpole 
Deputy Comp. John Smith 
flerk. William Harris 

t-Fruits Office, in 

the Temple. 
■mhranccff George Barker 
evon, Efq; 

Remembrancer, awt/ 5'f»/V Juftices of the Graad SeffionS' 

for the Counties in Wales- 
Chefter, Montgomery, Flint, 
and Denbigh Shires. 
_ _ C6, ^/(/"x Lloyd KenyoHjEfq; 

>trolkr of the Fhf Fruiis and Hon. Uaines Barrington, Efq; 
7i//&j,Lord Walfingham I Brecon, Glamorgan, and 
!/y, John Bacon. | Radnor Shires. 

rxHS Office. (Temple.)'J°^"^\^^4^"'^ ^i?? 
her, Robert Chefter, Efqj'X ^^^^^ Moyley, Efq; 
llerks, George Kipling, and 
homas Trufhit. 

{mentation- Office for Ac 
junts of Abbey-Lands. 
(New Palace- Yard.) 
)sr of Records, H. BrookerJThom&s Potter, Efi^; 

( 105 ) 

Queen's An ne's BountyOfficc- 
( Dean'6 Yarp, Weftminfter) 
I'reafwer, W. Stephens, Efqj 
■ieiretory, Rob. Chefter, Efq; 

, Jn. Bacon, Efq; F.S. A. 
CI. William Shriglcy 
vcr, John Bacon, Efq; 
ty, William Shrigley 

Cardigan, Pembroke, and 
Carmathen Shires. 
^ WBeard,xA.Macdonald,Efqj 
Anglefea, Carnarvon, and 
Merioneth Shires. 
James Hayes, Efq; 

Serjeants at Law and King's Counsel. 
Gcn.X]&s. Wallace, Efq; ton, J. Froft Widmore, Fran-. 

Gen. X John Lee, Efqj 
King's Serjants, 
i|»rgeHill, Jas. Adair, Thos. 
)avenport, Efqrs. 

King's Coiinfel, 
Charles Ambler, Efq; 
Uchard Jackfon, Efq; 
"ra. Cockayne Cuft, Geo. 
vis Newnham,X J. Manf- 
1, Ed. Bearcroft, JohnMa- 
ks, Hon. Daines Barring' 

Burton, X Arch. Macdonald, 
XW.Selwyn, xR.P.Arden, 
T- Cowper, Geo. Hardinge, J. 
Morris, Jn. WiJfon, Hq;i. T. 
ErHcine, Ar. Plgot, Harry 
Peckham, XJ"- Scott, Efqrs. 
Serjeants, Anth. Keck, Jof. 
Sayer, John Afpinall, Wm. 
Kempe, Tho. Walker, Harley 
Vaughan, Nafh Grofe, James 
Clayton Bolton, Cranley Tho. 
Kerby, Giles Rooke, Efqrs. 

Duchy Court of Lancaster. (Gray's-Inn.) 
•mel. John Ld. AMnMnowAKlng'' sSerj . x J. T. Batt, Efq; 
-■ Gen, Xjohn Orde, Efq; A:ma'jCo.vH/;xSir Grey Cooper, 

. Gtff. X Tho. Orde, Efq; 
iitor of the South Parts, Sir 
^. H, Alhhurft, Knt. 
dit. of North, A. Popham 
'k of the Council, Reg. & Sec 
iV; Mafterman, Efqj 

Bart. Hon. J. C. Villiers 
Surv. of Lands &" fVoods South 

of Trent, Fra. Ruffel, Efq; 
Sur'u. of Lands North of Trtnt^ 

John Crowder, Efq; 

f io6 ) 

Siirv. of Wmds North of Trent ^ 
Will. Mafterman, Efq; 

Sworn Forney in Court for the Utrbyfh, Mr. John Good> 

Crown, Francis Ruffel, efq; 
the other ^W.^/r.T.Llovd,Efqj 
V/h. iStMef. C. Saverland, Gent 

Receivers of the Rents, 
Lancafhire, P. Mottram, Efq; 

Torkfh. ^ Nmlnghmnp}. Mr. 
Hebdcn of Leeds. 
Lincohijh. Geo. Denihire, jun. 

Efq; Staynfcrd 

Leiccficrfh. and Northamm 
Jon at h Forfter, Efq; Lei 

Staford/b.Mu Tho. Hinck- 

Monmoiithfhire, Richard Lu 

Efq; Mapia Hnck 
EJfcx, Middlcfex, and Hcrt) 

Mr. Tho. AihtoB, Temp 
A II -other Count. South oj Tt 

&• JVa/cfy Mr.H«n.Thoi 

PeU-OJice, PVeM'nfier-B 

Oificcrs of the County Palatine of Lancaster. 

Chanc. John Ld. Afhburton 

Vice-Chancellor, Wm, Swinaer- Seal-Kcepcr, Mr. John N» 

Ion, Efq J 
Secretary^ Fmncis Ruffe 1, Elqj 
jiitorntM - General and Serjeant 

X. John Lee, Efqi 

Reoriflcrj Exnminer, and Firfi Deptrty, Mr. ThO.Hinki 

Curjitm; Mr. Nich. Grimfi 

Prothonoi-tvy^ Hon. and 

Mr. Cholmoadeley 

Deputy, Mr. John CroTs 

Ckrk of the Crown, J. T, 


CL of the Peact, Host. 

Deputy, Mr. James Taylo 



Clerk, X Tho. Orde Efq,- 
ffjj Deputyj Mr. J. Nabb 
Clerks *ftbe Chancery, Mr. Ja. 

Mahon, Mr. Wm. Shawe, iWf^/vg-fr, Wm. Webb 

Mr. Jn. Grimlhaw, Mr. Jn. 

Nabb, Mr. Tho. Wilfon 

Marfljalfea Court, Southwark, and the Court of his Maje/ii 
Palace at Weftminfl^er. Sittings every Friday. 


Lord Steward of the HouJhoId 

Earl ot Dartmouth 
Knight Macfbal, Sir Sidney 


Steward af the Co%trt, 
"Thomas Kymer, Efq; 
Deputy, Jofeph Sayer, Efq; 
Prcfhonotary, C. Meadows. 

Sbputyf Evan Jonet 

Fottr Ccunfels, 
Chetwood, H. BouJt 

J.M.ElIis, J.Phillips, I TJ I 

Six ^it&rneys, 
Rd. Kelfall, Chriftr 
HobfojJ, Ra phHodgfoi i 
Jn. Woolrich 

Six MarJhabHtn, 
H. Mackender, Tho. iiifi 
Rob. Smith, Wm. Maial- 
man, Rob. Lee, R.Frail*'' 
ICharks Hyndes 

f I07 ) 

e College of Doctors of Law, exercent in tKe Eccle- 
iaftical and Admiralty Courts, incorporated June 22,1 768« 
Dottcrs Commons) 

I Worfhipful Pecer Calvert 
:,.L.D. OJida/ Principal of 

\ he j^rchts Coutt of Canter 
1 )ttry, Majier-Keepei- or Cent 
H niffhtry of the Preregative Court 
. (/"Canterbuiy 
)f iir Ja. Marriot, Knt. Ju^ge 

kfthe High Court of ^dmiya/' Dr. David Stephenfon 
Wo/ England, a.nd M^Jier oj "^ 
f{^»uy-Hall^ Cambridge 
i( , Wm. Wynne, his MajeJ- 
4y'3r Advoc.-Gen. Vicar-Gen. 
9 the A^chbf, of Canter 
^)»ry, Chancellor of ike Dio- 

AdroQcate in hii Office of j4d- 
miraii)!, Canidtn ProfeJJor of 
H'fioiy in (he Uii ^crjity of 
Oxford, uttd C(j7Hm]ffary to 
the Dear, a^d Cktipter of Stw 
Paul's, and Rtgifer of tht 
Court ofYaiuhiii 

liif/i o/" London, and CcmmiJ-~^r, John Grene 

Ua^o/" Bed ford 

j3r, Andrew Coltee Ducartl,. 

C/mntiJfayy of the City and 
^Oioccfe ^Canterburyy of tht 
i3|"?oy<B/ Pirn/iar /fSi. Caihe- 
Uiac's, of the <iuh-Deaneries 

\f South-Malling> Paghano 
itlMrrfTernng, in Snffex, and 

George Harris, Chancelhr 

f the Dhecfes 0/" Durham ^ 
.^lereford, tuid Landaff,, ayrd 
fipa»imijfa''y for the parti of 

feffex, Heitfordlhire, Oiic, 


(J William Macham 
Thomas Bever, Commff, 

■) ihe Archd. c/'Hontingd«n, 
^fudge of the Cinqiic-Forrs 
' 'hanctlior o/Bangor and Lin- 

oin, Ccmmtff. to tht Dean 

\nd Cbapur of Weftminfter 

nd Offiiial to thfi Arckdea- 
\yn^f Oxford 

Wm. Compton. Chancel- 

Wm. Scott, hii M^jefiyi\pi; Wiiliani Scott 

Dr. John Fifher 
REGIS.TERS, and ot^er 
Mafi. r of the Facultki. 
The Bilhop or Glouctilier 
Regifitis of the Arehei Court, 

Godney Lee Farrant, Efqj 
Principal Regijter of the High 
Court of Admiralty of Eng- 
land, cf the High Court of 
DikgatcSy and of the High 
Coutt of Appeals for Pri'zeSf, 
and one of the Clerks in th* 
Prerogative Office 

Mr. Math. Bilhop, and Mr, 

W.Maurice Swabey: Dep,~ 

R(gs, ' of the Adrntraity and 

DthgaieSf and Court of App, 

fur P i%es 

Rev. Geo. Jubb, D. D. Prin- 
(ipal Regificr of the Preroga-' 
tive Court of Canterbury 

Deputy. Regtfiersy as alfo of the 
faculty Office, 

Mr. Henry bttivens 

Mr Geo. Goftling, jun. 

kvlr. John Grene 

Principal Rcgifiersy^ of the Pre* 
viKce of Canterbury. 

Thomas Froft, Efqj and 

The Rev. E. Gibfon 

Regfter of the Faculty-Office, 


( io8 ; 

XPh. Champion Crefpigny, 
iifq; Kif/o's Pio^or 

Godf; LeeFarrant, Efq; 

Mn Hen. Major 

Mr. George "Coftllng, Dep- 

■ ^^'S'tfi- if ike Royal Feailiar 

>. o/St.Catherine's 

Mr. Tho. Adderley, Dep-Reg. 
to the CcmmiJJ'. of Surry 

Mr. Nath. B Ihop 

Mr. Roger Altham, Rcgijier 
of the A^-chdeaconry o/" Mid- 
ciiefex, Rcg'ijitr to the Bean 
end Chapter of Weftmlnfter, 
and Dcp-Reg. of the Diocefe 
and A--chdcac. of Rochefter 

Mr. Wr ght Bateman 

Mr. Rob. Longden, Dep-Rrg. 
to the Archdeacon of Surry 

Mr. Mark Holman, Dtputy- 
Reglflcr of the Dio(efe and to 
the Archdeac . £/" L o n don 

Mr. Roebrt Jenner, Di 
Regfer of the Dean and C, 
ttr of St. Paul's 
Mefl'G. GoftUng,iun.(Pn 
to the Admiralty) Ste. 
ihington. Edward Coc 
J. Hefeltine, J. Town 
Rob.Nath. Bogg, W. Ab 
RogerLongden, Hen.Bl: 
Chas.Bi/hop, Georee Be 
H.Goiliing/vV.Vvelis, < 
Marlh, (one of the Cler. 
the Prerogative Office ) , 
Slade, Ric. Cheilyn C 
well. T. Teft. G. Bogg 
Adderley, jun. J. Wal 
M. Swabey, T. M. Moit 
John Beard, R. Dodwe! 
Webb, J. Shephard, 
Beard, J. B. Bicknel] 
C^ickitt, jun. N. Goftl 
J. Grover, J. R. Whe( 
T. Whittenoon, N. Bii 
Mr. John Grene j j"^ 

MefTrs Edward Chfcftsn, Wi\- Apparator Gen. of the Pro 
. Jiam Geeringj Mc. Foun-j (/Canterbury, Geo. Ma 
V tain,G. Faulkner, J. Clarke, Affl'yi^fl/ arJ Serjeant at 1 

■Ch. Al.CrickittjWm. Fuller of the High Court of ^ 
Mr. J<'hn Torriano, one of ihe rally o/' England, 
Clerks in the Prercgat. - O^re WilUam Erough E^q; 

\Bis Deputy, John Cnckitt 

SIGN E T - O F.fT"C"~E,~ Whitehall. 
Chief Clerks. | Deputies. 

James Rivers, Montagu Wil- Rd. Shadw:ll, Ch. Briet; 
kinfon, John Mo/in, and' Efqrs. 
W. Frazer, Elqis. 'Office-Keep. Mr. E. D. 


Lord Privy-Scal, 
Earl of Carlille 

Clerks to Pripy-Seal, 
Richard Grenville, Eiq; 
Richard Potcngcr, Efcj 
?eter Cuchet Jouvencel, ELj 

E A L, VYhicehaai. 
Jacob Reynardfon, Efq; 

Jofeph Bellbn, Efq; 
John Larpcnt, jun. Efq;, 
Sec. Thomas Webb, Elq 
Offlce-K.epcr, Mr.,E. PJ 


( r^9 ) 


*" tloME Department, 
■ (Whuehall.) 
Secretary of^tate^ 
It. Hon. Lor^ North K.G. 

Under Secret-arlesj 
Zo\. North, Evan Nepean, 

ef Clerk, W. Pollock, Efq; 
. Ckrh, Ch. Brietzcke, G, 
atlatl, Wm. Henry Higden, 
W. Carriagton, Efqrs 
■ksf G. W. Carrington, T. 
^arw, J. Naflau Colieton, 
i'ardJey Wilraot, Hon. R. 
-hetwynd, Geo. Lew. Pa- 
iniam, Geo. Matthias, Gents. 
mber Keepers, Wm'. Kirbv, 
[ahn Uoudiet. 
')iity, Nath. Growder 
•ef. IVoman, Mrs. £mmitt 
tietU-Wriler, Wm. Prefer, 

Foreign Affatrs, 
(Clevtland Rcw^) 
Secretary of Stafej 
■X. Hon. Charles James Fox. 

Under Secretaries, 
X Hon. St. Andrew St. John, 

W. Frafer, Efq^ 
Chief GUrk, Jere. Sneyed, Efq. 
Sen. Clerks, Bryan Broughton, 

and G. Aufl-, Efqrs. 
Ckrks, T. Bidwell, R. Carter, 
J. W. Jenkins, W. Money, 
/. Man by, asnd J. Hii^k- 
blifFe, Gents. 

Chamber- KeeptrSf Rich.Turner, 
■ John Schaw 
'Deputy Thomas AnceM. 
Wecij. Womanf Mrs. Southcott 



'yuiy^ George Auft, Efq. 
htay of Latin Language J Tho. ftamfden, Efq; 20oI, 
p^r of Stale-Papers, Sir S. Porten. 
■ im£ioners for melhodi'X:tng State PaptrSf Dr. DucareJ, Thoe 
^le, and JoImi Topham, Elqufs. 

*e?^. and Tranfmitter of State Papers^ Tho.: RamiUen, Efqj 
htUifhery T. flolland, Efqj 
'jLpherer of Letters, Edw. wi&es, Efq; 500I. a year 

Governments in America. 

V. Lt. Gen. Vtid. Haldi- 

.Gov, Bird, Efq; 

i'jttji. Hon* P. Livins, FRS. 
^^h John Frazeif, Edw. 
Southoufe, Efqi-s- 
Mit-Gen James Monk, Efq. 

dgeofMM. J. Potts, Eiqr ^ ., y„. 

.Mfl/. 0/%^ Wm-DunbarlsW-Tfyor ^ Jf'oods m cJnada, 

rk af the Crown-y Wm. Pol- 

iotk, Elq.; 

i.^Gcn. Sir Th. Mills, Kftt. 

*. G«>y^ P^YTrtaK, 1%. 

Surveyor Gen. of Canada, Sam. 

Holland, Efq; 3651. 
SuperintendayH of Indians^ Lt.- 

Col. John Campbell 
Goli63. '^rhos. Ainflic 
Cornp. Colin Dromniond 
Agent, Rich. Cumberland,Efq; 
Provinc. .-igent, T..Walker,Efq; 


per dktftf and 4 1 per ann. 
InfpeiUr of Landsy Adolphus 

^^iiil-JRV .iri'jamiM 

( iio ) 

Stcnkeepe*" at S^uthec, Thoma 

Peckham, 8s. per diem 
Clerk of the Survey, Kenelo 

Chandler, c^^ per die m 
St. John's in the Gidph oj 

St. Latvrcfice, 
Gov. Walter Paterfon, Efq; 
Lt. 'Gov. Tho-Jyefbrihy, l;fq: 
Ch.-Jufi. Peter Stuart, Efq; 
.-f^.-Gf/j. Phillips Calbeck, Efq: 
SccS^Reg'Wxo. Delbriray,Efq. 
Provt'Marpyyand Rec. and Coil 
of the Khig's ^ii- Rents, 
"VVm. Falton, Efq; 
CI. of Courts, John Budd, Efq 
CI. of the Cotmc.W.,E;c 
Nav. OjfftceryDav Higglns,Efq 
Commffhry of Stores a?7d Prov- 

John Webfter 
G<iv. Gbnp. Rev. Rich. Grant 
^ge7it for the IJIandy Samue' 
Smith, Efq; 

Gov. V. Adm. John Campbel 
L'eutt'Gov. ■ at St. yohfi's 

Bitto at Flacentia, Lt.-Col. Jof. 

Colk^i. Sam. Routh, Efq; 20ol 
Compf.'D. Coke 
Nav. Officer: A. Buchanan 
Nova Scotia, Cape Brk 

TON, &c. 
Gov. John Parr, Efq. 
Li.mGov. Col. Edmd. Fanning, 

L L D. ' 
Ch.-fufi. B. Finucane, Efq; 
AJfiit. Judges, Ch Morris, and 

Ifaac Defchanrjps, Efqrs 
Att.-Gen. Rich. Gibbons, Efq- 
S-il.-Gen. John Uriacke, Efq. 
Prov-Marfh. Jn. Fcnton, Efq. 
CI. ofC'-ozv)i,GeAtt. Monk, Efq. 
Sec." Rd. Bulkeley, Efq; 
'Trcaf. Ben, Green, jun. Efq; 
'Rcg^ftf-i Anhuf Goold, Ef<i; 

%ief Surveyor of hands, CI 

Morris, Efq; 
Zierk to the Council, Richa 

Bu'keley, Efq; 
'■■^ij-y. Offic. Wlnkw.Tonge,Ej 
'J,d:e^. of the CujlomSj Hen 

Newton, Efq; 
■lompt. Will. F .Icon, Efq; 
Yuiveyor and Searcher, Jol 

Newton, Efq; 
fueige cf the V.-u4dm. Court, 
Appeals Jonath.Sewall, E 
Judge of the V.-Adm. Cou 

Richard Bulkeley, Efq; 
fudo^e cf the Court of Efche 

Richard Bulkeley, Efq; 
■lee. of the King's ^a't-Rei 

Jof. Woodmafs, Eiq; 
Dt-p. And. Mr.Laugh.Campb 
'o-ent, R'ch. Cumberland, E 
Nr.w York. 
1-ov. Major Gen. Ja. Robertl 
.-.-Gov. Andrew Elliot, E 
Ih.-Jufi. Will, bmith, Efq; 
itt.Gen. J. Tabor Kempe, E r^e/*roi;.Wm.Knox,E 
'Jol'eSi. and Rec.-Gen. of the ^. 
Rents, Andew Elliot, E 
Jompt. Lamb More, Efq; 
lompt.'fOrdn. Th.Furnia,Ei 
"torcheptr, F. Stephens, Ef 
/. of V. Adm. R. Morris, E 
Regi/}er, Rich. Nichols, Ef 
Nov. Officer, Sam. Kembie 
Sur. Gen. Col. Edmd. Fanni;i 

Gov. Gen. Arch Campbell 
Lt. Gov. Brig. W. Stuart, 
Sec, Cha. Wm.Wyndham,E. 
Phvfcian to the Forces, Jc 

Hunter, M. D. 
Surgeon, William Cawley 
Prov. Marfh. Nev. -Aldwor 
Nav. Officer, J. Irwin, efq 
Rec, Qm* T,W.Partbgton,(; 

( I" ) 

. in CA.P.C.Wyndham, tfq; 
k of Courts T. Farley 
. Gtvi. Rob. Sewell, efq; 
{geofV.Ad.Ct. E. Longefq: 

«/, Steph. FulJer, efq; 

Ch a da, Gov. E.Smith, efq. 
lit. Sam. Betis, efq; 
i^ey at King/ion^ Thoma; 
)avifon, efq; 250I. 
■pt. J.Woolfeys, efq. 150I 
It dor at Mor.iega Bay, Ch 
Hamilton, efq; 170I. 
ift Jac. Ailnur, efq; rool 
(Clor at St. Lucia, R. C 
Dallas, efq; 120I. ' 
ipt. T, W, Bakes, efq; lool. 
kdor at Savamia la Mar, 
S/l» Swiney, 120I. 

ft. M'Douall, I col 

'iff or at P«t Atitonioj Th. 
jreatheed, efq; 120I. 
!/>/. S. Cator, efq; icol. 

V. Drvid Parry, efq; 
nf.-Marfh. Fr.Reynold3,efq; 
V. Officii R. Butcher, efq; 
dge^r.M.Ct N.Weeks,efq. 
and CI. of Courts, Percv 

barles Wyndham, efq; 
.-Gen. Wm. More, efq; Chan, x G.Aug.Selwvn 
p. and Clerk of the Croivn, 
George Err in gton, efq; 

feff. of Bridge Toivn, 

Keeling, efq; 250I. 
'lector of Oiftins, William 
'Nelfon, 62I los 
-ledor of Holetoivn, Tho. 
jVVoodford, 62I los 
'"Udor of Speight's Bay, Cha. 
Kydd, 53I 2s. 
\yveyor-Gen. William Sen- 
ihoufe, efq; 530I 
'•■npt. Zach. Stephens, efq; 
^rgeon, Houlton Harris 
w/, Samuel Eft wickjL.L.D, 

Leeward Islands. 

Capt.-Gen. Tho Shirley, efq; 

Lt.-Gen. Rd. Haw. Lofack efq; 

G-.-Jvft. W. P. Georges, efq; 

AlVvney-Ctn. J. Stanley, efq; 

?o/. Gen. E. R. Wejie, efq; 

Sec. by Pa/<?;// J.T. Ofwald, efq| 

Dep. Sec. John Henry, efq; 

Prov.Maf.Gcn.T . Por\vnall,efq; 

Nav. Officer, Sir J. Sebright, Bt. 

Jude ofV. ^./.Q.J.i-tanley, efqj 

Vub. Treaf. W. VVharton, efq; 

Sub. Reg'i/i. J. Stanley, efq; 

Dep. Reg. A. C. Adye, efq; 

Poicder Officer, R. W. Great- 
heed, efq; 

Colony Agent W. P. Georges 

Fendue-Majl, by Commif. W. 
Hobfon, efq; 
St. Christopher's. 

Lt. Gov. C. Male, efq; 


Collet. P. Gamrhon, efq; 

Gov. Major Gen. Shirley 

Lt.-Gov. James Prevoft, efqf 

Ch.-Juft. Hon. T. Jarvis. 
■'iffiji- J lodges, Main Sweet 
W.ilton, Rob. Jeffcrfon and 
J. Adair, Efq. 

Coil, at Parham, Sam. Auch- 
inleck, efq; 80I. 

Compt. Sam. Qwincy, 50I. 

Coll. at St. Johns, Sam. Mar* 
tin, 60I 

Compirol. Wm. Jarvis, 50I, 

Prov. Ma^pail, John Rofe 

Grenada fl«^ South Gre« 


Gov. Maj. Gen. E. Matthews 
Sec. Reg. and Clerk of Council, 
Patrick Maxwell, efq; 
St. Vjncent and North 

Gov. Edmund Lincoln, efq; 
See. Reg, and Clerk ofCouncilf 
Charles Alhwell, ef<j. 

< ^n ) 

DoMitricA aftcf Its Depend. 

Go^-. John Ofde, efq. 

Sec. Reg. and Clerk of Ckfuncil, 

Grithn Gurtis, efq. 

CcfiUh H. Grove, e% 


ColUii. A. Gorcton, efq. 

i,t.-Gev. Lt. Gen. Ja. jehnfton 
Ch.-Jnji. John Dafent, efq; 
I^av. 0#. T. Seabrlght 
Ag. to Leeiv. 7/7.H."V^ilnaot, efq; 
CoUcS^. J. Nelfon, efq; 
60^. William Browne, efq; 
t/. Gov. Capt. George Bruere, 
i"ff . and Frov. -Marjh. - G«2 

■William O'Brien efq; 
AtU'Gens J.GrbvePalrner, efq; 

Bahama Islands. 
Gov.. Rotert Maxwell, efq; 
Lu-Gov. J. E. Powell, efq; 
Ch.'JuJl. The. Atwood, efq; 
Alt. -Gen. and Vendue Majle>- 

Robert Sterling 
yudge of Admiralty y Williim> 

Hutch infon, efq; 
Turk's Islajid. 
^gcntf And. Symmer 


Gat'. (vacant) 
Jj.'Gov. Jofeph Wall, efq; 
Super'intendant of Trade, Jo 

feph Wall, efq; 
Ch.Juft. Edw. Morfe, efq; 

.Sec.^ Clerk ofCoimcel ]\ 

Demerin, efq. 
Chap, Rev. D. Morgan, D. 1 
Agenif Robert Brown, efq* 

frttirfheeptry Dav. Buffingto 

efq. &S. per diem 
Clerk of the Cheque, Gilbi 

Stanton, 5s. per diem j 
SttrglDdin Bullivant 6s per^ 
Barrack -Mafi. Morgt 

5sr per diem 
Suig. Gen. to the Bofpital, Wj 
Bilhop, efq. 

4 Mates to data, at 5s. each 
Sec. for Moorijh Affairs^ Bet 

Roberts, efq. lool. ptr an 
Gov. Lt.-C en. Elli t, '■30I. 
L?.-G.Lt.-Gen. R. Boyd,73< 
Cam. 5/om Daines Barringfo 
; efq. 547I los. 
Chap, to the Gov. J. Chalmei 

121I ms 4d. 
Sec. to the Gov. John Raleig 

efq. 182! IDS 
Dip. Jud. Adv. and Com. 3^ 

Duncan Frafer, efq. 36^1 
*r«. iV%'.CaptHoriburgh,.gil 
i7°ow« Adj. Wm. Kenyou 
Surgeon Majors Arth. Bmti€i 
Mates, Will j^umer, AJc 

Provoft and Marfiialy jol 

^ig. Man. Rich. Dacre 
turnkey, Jeremiah Batemai 

Commissioners and OfF'Cers of the CuSTd»s. 

Ecfward Hooper, efq. F. R. S. 
Henry Felham, 6fq. 
Sir Stainer Portcff, &a«. 

SirWm. Mtifgrave, Bt.P.R 
James Jeffreys, cf^ 
Tho. Boone, efq. 
Welb. Ellis, Agar, dq. 


Hay, Efq; 

►. Allan, Efq; loool eacVi 

William Stiles, Efq; 71c] 

)r himfelf and clerks 

k ofihe JVeJiern Po^-ts, Geo 

.obinfon, Efq; 285I 

of the Northern Ports, John 

Jale, Efq; 180I 

CI. J. Williams, Efq; 8cl 

k of the Minutes, H. Hut- 

bn, idol 

'fiant to ditto, J. Crouch 

sr Clerks in the Sccntary'' .^ 

office, J. S. Gazeley, George 

>elavaucl, H. Lee, G. Wef- 

on, R. Hogsfielh, J. Cuff; 

). Curling, W. Chandler, 

ntation Clerk, Ja. Powell, 

of the Borid-0£ic£, Thomas 
ihaw, Sol 
fthePttitions, Walt. Adams 

Gen. William Mellilh, 
ifq; loool 

'fant, Mills, Efq3 


Teller, Humph, Bache, Efq; 
tpt.-Gcn. H. V. Jones, Efq; 
,oool a year, for felf, two 
Deputies, Jof, Powel, Ro- 
ert Frankland, Elqrs. and 
r clerks 

kn. intvards} Sir Hor. Mann 
563I 13s 4d 

^..William Suckling, Efqj 
:. grand Receipts, J. Deaciai 
to of P lantaiion Reetl^ts, Lan- 
eiot Dunn 

'to fVine- dtitieSfW ML-ck'ow 
of the Ship Entries, Martin 

( "3 ) • 

Collt^i. out-wards^Dukt of Man- 

Dep. J. Meller, Efq; 
Dip. fr foreign Bufinefs, Wm» 

Bates Efq; 
Receiver, J. Dodfon 
Coafi Dep. Geo. Welf^ead 
Compt, Duke of Newcafllc 
Dip. James Hume, Efq; 
Surv--Gtn. Lord Pelham 
Dtp. Thomas Fanlhaw, Efq; 
Surv. Lord Stawel 
Dpt. G. T. Brathwayte, Efq; 
''oUiB. of petty Cifi. Thomas 

Meggs, Efq; 6216s 8ci 
Deputy, Pere Sima 
'"difomer of Cloth and petty Cvfl. 

Periy Player, Efq; 
Ccmpt. of ditto, Lancelot Har-* 

rifon, Efq; 
Dtp. -Compt. Wm. Read 
uitfomer of great Ciifloms, and 

CoHcB. of J4''ocl and Leather J 

F. A. Barnard Efq; 50I 
Deputy^ John Seymour 
Cort-pt, of great CuJiomSy Dr. 

Richard Williams 
Deputy, Perry Player 
Collet, of the Goal' Duties, Rob, 

Wefton, Efq; 
Compt. o,^<3/-/?o,H.B!sftiopp.Efq; 
R-giJi. of Ccrtifcate-Cockets and 

Di.benlv.res, W. Clarke, Efq; 
C-ojying CI. A. Green v.'ood 
Examiner of dry Giods, W^in. 

Pre wen, 6ci 
Examiner uf 'Vine-Duties, Jn, 

Golnham, Sol 
.^fjijl. CI. of Ships Entries, Wm, 

Read, 60I 
Regifer of IVarranis, William 

Saxby, 40I 

of (he Rates, Wm. Simmslc;/. of the C-.afi Bufmefs, Wm, 

of the Certificates, Charles 
Rogers, F. R. S. 

May, Efq; 50I 

Collf^, of^ old duty Oft ff^ifie, 
Mr, H. H. Brown 
Solicitors f 

X^r.don andWefiern Por/j, John 
Tyton, Efq; 300! 

Horth Ports, W. Cooper, Efq; 

£cuds and Cr'minal Profecutlom 
Geo. Litchfield, Efq; 2;ol 

Fcr Coafi Boridsf Arthur Ty- 
ton, Efq; 50I 

^u-ditcr of Solxitor't j^ccnunts, 
Dan. Flowerderoe, Efq; 
Account of Petty Receipts^ 
John CQp€ Freeman, Efq; 
135I for hinafelf and two 

Compt^ of tie Jffues, and Pay- 
ments (f the Rec. ^?». Hen. 
Ell fon, Efq; 5801 forhim- 
felf and 3 clerks 

J>fputy, John Dally 

li^eSi of the Out forts Collec- 
tors ^ccountf Wm. Edi; g- 
tcn, Efqj 600I. for himfeli 
and 4 clerks 

Jnfpefi Gen, of the Exports and 
Imports, J. Pelham, Efq, 
780I. for himfelf and 5 
clerks * 

u^jpji' Jchn Tomkyns, 2coI. 

Reg- Cnf?, of all the trodhig Ship'- 
bchngina to Great Britain, 
Peteiv S h aw, Et c; ; 6 90!. for 
himieU and 5 clerks 

Dtpmyi John Dalley 

Siirv. oj the Out Ports, Robert 
Thompfon, Efq; 366I. 

lifptftor of Projecutions, Wm. 
Poyntz, Efq; He has is in 
the Funnd of what is paid 
into the Exchequer for fei 

Examhif of the Out Po t Books. 
Fra. Blackllone, G. Huc'del- 
foid| F. A* Barnard, Rich 

K "4 ; 


Frcwea, Efqj lool. ea« 

Examiner of the Sv-ffclency 

Officers Securities, Morde ' 

Cutts, Efq; lOol. 
Surz>. Gen. refdent in L,(HSt 

Mich. CoUjnfon, Ar. Haif 

mond, T. Mondj^', and 

Nugent, Efqrs; 400I. eac|' 
Surv. Gen. of the Riding 6j 

cers for tie coajl of Kent^ 

Miliward, Elq; 350I. 
Two clerks, 50!. 
Surv. Gen. for Suffcx^ Hen 

Norton, Efq; 350I. 
Two clerks, 501. 
^urv. Gen. of Ridmg y^ 

and Superv'tfors in EJ^eXf'J 

Clamtree, Efq; 250I. 
Examiner of damaged Tohai 

John Eafton, Efq^ aool. 
Tobacco Officers. 
Reg. Gen. H. Haticombe, JQ 
I/?, a. E. Ciuitefbuck, 15' 
Clerksy Wm. Smith, 80L 

Laurence, 50I, Peter Gi 

ham, H. Sampfon Fry, 4, 

Tobacco-Clerk under the CoHt- 

inivards, Charles Thredd< 


Pep. Dudfon, Fifin 40I. 
Under the Comftr. — Ru 

and Henry Hurd, Sol. ea 
liftc&or of the burning Grmoi 

Edward Burkon, 50I. ' 
Je--qvers, -MefTrs. W. Arl 

ftrong, ]a. Buine, f.Tom^ 

Kenneth M. PhcrUjn, J. 

Duval, locl. each 
Jnfeci. of Shops and Bee 

Samuel Brown and clerJ 

Land Su^-vcyorSf 180I. 
Meffrs. Edmd. 'Horrex, Ch 

Broomfield, Rob.-CokeifjJ 
, Keili, Tho. Btowo, Tl 

( "5 ) 

ctfeam, Walter Thomas, 
ch. Fofter, Ed. Fother- 
1, and Fr. Grindor, 
(be LandSuyv. J. Greenail 
ef Papery S. Squires, too" 
fBagg, T. Wiggens,i50l 
ef the River, Robert 
dkett, A. Sabery, J. 
dif , Nich. Ridtey, lool 

ejiabll/hed tide Sur- 
Poppkwcll, Wm. Hun- 
T. Bennet, J. Rex, J. 
jwfon, R. Monday, R. 
!#nnaB, H. Gibfon, at 
1. per annum 
JV/w additioncd dittOf 
Bacon, R. Speake, J 
infon, J. Kurtlhak 
Striven, R4. Burr, E 
wy, C. Munn, N. Birch, 
i. per anttum 
~ \en, at 40I. per ann. 
•///p, at 55I. per annum 
5P<ir. Kings H^aitertf 5*! 

« )cf>utresy without falary 
\ and JVatters^ Sol. each 
idit. Land ffaiterSf 60I. 
I; ft. 9f Out Bort Officer: 

J>V.rn Ports, John Lowe 
»* Po-^tsy James Powell^ 
; A. each 

[i/ife!?. of the Exchequer Booh 
i \ the Out Ports, Heneage 

•Jgge, Eft|; 300L 
Pl^ty. Charles May 
^.^nd for the 4^ f^r 'Cent 

5 Sill. ArmArong, ECjj lool. 
3)i/« on Hujbandf P» Gjeg- 
^ in, lool. 

J fi.j;i.wr of their Accounts, Ed- 
i»rd Stanley, E% a^ol. 

Rec. of Tines tend Forftiiuretf 
Rich. Thomfon, Efq; 400!. 

Compt. on ditto, Rich. Stanley, 
Efq; who has ifd. in the 
Pound on all Money remit- 
ted to the Receiver 

Reglfier of his Majejiy s War*' 
rants, Heneage Legge, Efq; 

Deputy, Charles May 

Repfter •f Certificates, Cock-> 
ets, &c. Willi ngcon Clark^ 

Gau^ers, Wm. Richardfon, T. 
Walmttey, W. Parke, Sol; 
:h. Searcher, Hon. W. Legge 

Dep. George Bye 

Fi-ve Under Searchers, 

Ten Deputies, W. Hankin, fen. 
R. Devins, W. Hankij}, 

jun. E. Robbins, J. Miller, 
O. Arrowfmith, T. Fitter, 
T. Waterhoufe, H. Reed 

Surif. of tie Searchers, John 
Delane, 150I. 

Deputed Searchers, Jn. Good« 
eve, Tho, Hale, R. Wefton, 
R. Hereford, Rd. Seddon, 
H. Fielder, R. Hodgfon, J. 
Garsard, J. Spilfbury, D. 
M* Andrews, Efqrs; 

Surv. of Land Carria^ Officers, 
Ifaac Phillips, 60I. 

Sarv. of BuMngsy W. Pilkift- 
ton, 40I. 

Surv. of CoaJI iVaiiers, Edw- 
Whitehoufe, 60I. 

Paym. of Incid. Tho. Beet, 70k 

Exam, of inferior Officers B'diSf 
David Prother 

King's Warehoufe, 

Surv* }. Heth«rington, E% 


/Jffift. Hen. Sheppcrd, 8cl. 
J. Pritchard, 50J, 

C ii6 

IVarehouje hep, for the Crcnvn. 

J, Walker, 60]. 
For the Colleci. Ja. Needham. 
Surv. ofEaJl India U'arehoiife, 

• Bernard, 150I. 

For clerks, lool. 
yerquer of utiraied Eafl India 
(joods, D. Maclean 
Warehovfe keep, of India Goods. 

S. Bowerman, J. Seddon, 

lool. each 
Comptrollers to ditto, F. Coke, 

J. Brunfden 
Cotnptiier of the 1^ per cent. 
Duties, P. Wh'ixc, lool. 
Compt. of the Pepper H^arehouje, 

Jere.Simonds, 50I. 
Collet, of ditto Jofeph Barnes 

Computer of the Duties on unrated Armourtr, Sarah Colluml 

E. Jw.CJj. W. Suckling 
.^ppralfers Tho. Pearce, Tbo. 
Aldernon, 30I. each 


Sur. ofNaviga. J. Jarrat) ; 
For two Watermen, 60I. 
UJher of the Cujiomhoufe, ^ 

Varey, Efq; 60I. 
Deputy, C. Caufton 
Houfcktepcr, Bridget K 

385I. for herfelf and It 

Doorkeepers to the CommiJJii 

W. Davidfon, Jfa. G; 

60I. each 
Engine-maker, S. Hadley;l| 
Smith, Mrs. Cooper 
Carpenter, Wm. Miller 
IronmQ7iger, Crowley, and) k 
Talloiu Chandler, S. aH) ti 

Scale-maker, William Ne 

Injirument-maker, J. Gilbt 
Stationer, Mrs. Kathe. C 



See the different Heads for their Names, 


Receiver General 

Comptroller General 

Regiller General of all trading 

Infpeftor General of Imports 
and Exports 

Affiftant ditto 

Infpeflor of the Out Ports 
CoUeftors Accounts 

Jnfpeftor of the Profecutions 
in the Exchequer 

Appraifers, two, deputed by 
the Chancellor of the Ex- 

Colleftor Inwards 

Ditto Outwards 

Comptroller Inwards 

Ditto Outwards 

Sujfveyor General 


Surveyor of the Out Port 

Colleftbr of the Petty Cui 

Cuftomcr of the Cloth 

petty Cuftoms Outvva 
Comptroller ditto Inward 

Colleftor of the Great Cu 

on Wool and Leathe: 

Comptroller ditto 
Regiller of Warrants 
Ditto of Seizures 
Chief Searcher 
Five Under Searchers 
Two ditto at Gravefcnd 
U(her of the Cuftoms 
Nineteen Patcnt'Waiter 


( "7 ) 

V9and CcrnM hur cf the ROYAL NAVY 0/ 

Th? Ships in Italic were taken this War from the 
my ;' and tlve^etters after each denote the Power fr m 
ra taken y A. ligoifying Ameiican, /". French, 5.Spa,- 
, and D. Ducch. 

Liji cf King*s Ships not in CcmmiJJlon. 

las 1 

ibion - 


Ji| -gorautf F. 
n chilles 

* damanc 
A (Iiftance 
in Ai-rois^ F, 




glaia (Sp) 

[Mert (Sp) 

cna (Bb) 






elle Poukf F 


larraou'^a (Sp) 

lolton (Yt) 




-ockatrice, Cut 

::hatham (Yt) 

"arcals (Bb) 


6oDreacn iught(PS) 
ji Dance F. 
31 D^edilus 
30 Dromedary 
20 Daphne 

8 Diligent (Sch) 

8 Difpatch (^Sch) 
64. Efiex 
50 Europa 
80 Foudroyant 
74 Fortitude 
60 Firmc 
36 Flora 

16 Favourite (Sp) 
74 Grafcon 
50 Grampus 
44 Gladiator 
J14 Galatea 

14 Griffin (Cut.) 

10 Halifax (Sch) 
64 Intrepid 

14 Incendiary (FS 

64 Jerfey(HS) 

14 Jackall (Cut.) 

74 Kent 

74 LenQK 

44 Launcefton 

3S Latona 

3i Loweftoffc 

i8 Lizard 

24 Lively 

16 Liberty, (Cut.) 

74 Mars 

74 Montagu? 

64 Modefte 

33 MinervR 

36 MjfT/ieur, F, 

IZ Mars^ D. 

28 MaiJftotie 

28 Milford 

14 Muttne {Cut.) F., 

90 Neptune 

3*. Niger 

to Nightingale (FS) 

70 Orford 

90 Ocean 

32 O^feau^ F. 

'/4 Prince of Walc» 

SO Prcfs Carel'ine^'D 

%o Poitlani' 

38 Phaeton 

36 La Prudent e^ F» 

3 J Pearl 

2 8 Pomona 

26 Perfeuf 
8 Plymouth (Ytj 
8 Portfmouth(Yt) 

14 Pluto (FS) 

10 Pelican (Sch) 

10 Porcupine (Sch) 

84 Royal William 

74 Refolution 

74 Roboit 

74 Ruflel 

64 Revenge 

50 Romney 

44 Rainbow 

32 Rece-vcty, F. 

28 Refource 

22 Le Rojccque. F 
16 Ratler,(Sf.) 
J 4 Rambler (Cut.) 

( "3 ) 

King's Ships not in. ComtniJJtdn* 

9S Sandwich 
64 St. Anne 
32 Southjlmpton, 
32 Sapphire 
3z Scag 
p^z Seaford 
14 Spitfire, (FS) 
54 S^van (Sp) 
22 Spider, F. (Cut) 
10 Sherborne (Cut) 
10 Sprightly (Sch) 
^4 Temeraire 

64 Trident 
36 Thalia 
32 Tliames 
28 Triton 

8 Terror (Bb) 
12 Tifiphone (FS) 
64 Vigilant 

8 Vefuvius(Bb) 
50 Warwick 
i4§Zephyr (Sp) 

Lift of King's Ships fiozv in Com.mjjpoi^ 

^4 Ajax, N ' Charrlngton 
74 Alcitfe C. Thomplbn 
74 Alfred* T. Dumarefq. 
74 Ar rr gant, S. Cornifh 
64 Africa, R. M'Douall 
64 Agamemnon, B.Caldwell 
64 America, S. Thompfon 
64 Anfon, J. Rodney , 
64 L' Ardent, F. R. Lucas 
64 Ardent, H. Harmood 
44 Afteon, F. Parry 
«A Argo, J. Butcharc 

^^ Aflurance, W. Swir i 
42 VA^gk, F. R. Creyl ;i 
32 Alarm, C. Cot son 
32 Ambufcade, W. Y01 
32 Amphion, J. Bazely • 
32 Aftrea, M. Squire ! 
32 Andromache, 
32 A'fmenCi F. Jas. Doug 
32 VAimabUi F. A. Ho; 
32 Aftive, T. Mackenzi 
a 8 Albemarle, F. H. Neli 


slAmpliltrlte, R. Biggs 
2 Ariadne, J. EUifon 
I Ariel (Sp) J. Norman 
I Albacore, (Sp) /. R. 

I Arrow (Sp) Ant. Gibbes 
i'Acalama(Sp) P. Bretc 
I Avenger (Sp) A. Scott 
Alderney (Sp) J.Glasford 

Aleao(FS) Butler 

ijAdvice (Cut.) E. Williams 
iJArgo (Sch) 

' \chine>ASSp)AFDimcan 
'Abondance{AT)F Philips 
Adf^(Gy) J. Every 

iirfieur, Rear Adm. Lord 
>ocl, Capr. J. Knight 
edford, Ctm. Sir E. Af- 
eck, Capt. W. Scott 
l»ellona, R. Onflow 
Jerwick, Hon. C. Pivipps 
Jombay Caft. H. Sawyer 
lurford, P. Rainier 
3elliqueux, A.Sutherland 
" iftol, J. Burney 
Srune, K. Bickerspn 
>reas, A. Monrgomery 
Jiilliant, J. Gibfon 
2 BcIIifarius, A. R. Gra\ es 
I Bonetta, (Sp) G. Keats 
r3uiller, (Sp) R. Barton 
i.Beaver,(Sp) J.Peyton, jun. 
I. Badger, (Sp) S. Hills 
T '■^w»jo«f(Sp)/4.E.Shepherd 
1. Bulldog, (Sp) 
i.Ba.badoes, (Sp) 
!Blaft(FS)C.W. Paterfon 
1 Britannia (AS) R. Morice 
i-Bountiful(ASSP) LcPTait 
i( Berwick (ASSp) Lieut. 

. Prideaux 
1. 3razen(Cut,)HEdmonfton 
i.Bufy (Cut.) W. Furnivall 


74 Conqueror, G. Balfouif 
74 Cumberland, W. Allen 
74 Carnatic, A.J. P.Mollqy 
64 Cr wn, S. Reeve 
64 Le Caion, F. R. Fiiher 
50 Chatham,Rr-Ad.R.Digb7 
Capt. A. S. Douglas 
50 Centurion, 

50 Caco, V. A. Sir H. Par- 
ker, Bart. Capt.J.eiark 
36 Concorde, F. 
32 Cerberus,SirJ.Wheate,BL 
32 Cleopatra, H. Harvey 
32 Ceres, J. Hawkins 
28 Coventry, A. Mitchell 
28 Cyclops, B. Chriftian 
24 Champion, T. Wells 
24 Crocodile, T. William fofi 
24 Carolina, Hon.A.Cochrane 
20 Camilla, J. Hutt 

8 Catharine(Yt)SirG. Young 
18 Cygnet (Sp)P..Bafker il'e 
16 Cormorant (Sp) A. J. Mel- 

14? Childers (Sp) D. Mackay 
14 Count D'Eftairg (Sp) 
14 Combuftion (FS) 
20 Canceaux (AS) J. Schznk. 
16 Camel, (AT) G. Burltoa 
16 Cyi\is,(AT) Js Turner 
14 ClifUQn,(AT)F. 
14 Cruifer (Cut.) A. Hayte 

8 Comet (Gy) A. Law 

98 Duke, A. Gardner 
74 Defence, T. Newnhatn 
64 Diadem, T. Symonds 
64 Di^^aior, W. Parker 
60 Dunkirk, Jn. Miliigea 
44 Dolphin, R. Sutton 
44 Diomede, T.L.Frederick 
32 Diamond, B.S.Rowley 
32 Diana, S. Ed-ware's 
I o Dorfet (Yt) Sir. A. Schom- 
berg, KnC- 

( t 

i6 Due de if^arirt!, (Sp) F. 

J. C. Purvis 
J 6 Due d'£/iijac{9.i>)F.ElJ aglQ 
J 6 Delight, (Sp) 
r4§Drake (Sp) C. Dixon 
12 Dragon (Cu;.) W. Bryer 
S Dependence (Gt) Wm. 


74 Edgar, A. Duncan 
74 Elizabeth, R. Kingfmill 
^4 Eagle, A. Reddall 
64 Europe, A. Phillip 
64 Exeter, J. Montagu 
44 Endymion, E. T. Smith 
32 Emerald, W. Knell 
a8 Enterprize, W.Carnegie 
a4 Eurydice, 

18 iJEJpion, F. T.R. Shivers 
16 Echo (Sp) G. Colquitt 
10 Expedition (Cut.) G. C 

10 Endeavour(Srh)— — ^er 
8 Expedition (5^ch) 
1 4 Expeditidh (Bg) 

58 Formidable, Admiral H. 
Pigot, Efq. ift Capt. Sir C. 
• Douglas, 2dCapt. J. Samber 
74 Fame, G. Wilfon 
40 Yortume, F. H. C. Chriftian 
32 Fox, G. Stoney 
26 Fly (Sp) T. Kelly 
16 Fury (Sp) W. S. Smith 
16 Fairy (Sp) W. Thoitfas 
i6§For'.une (Sp) 
I4§nirt (Sp) W. Luke 
i4§Faicon (Sp) B. Runwa 
xo Flying-tifh (AV.) 

JO FoTtune(AV) Brown 

8 Pire Fly (Gy) J. Howe 

80 Gibraltar ^ S. Com. "^ 
Bickcrton, C.^pt. T. x 
74 Goliath, Sir H. Parku 
74 Ganges, J. Lutirell' | 
28 Grana^ S. C. Forte fcoc ' 
24 Garland 

16 Germaine (Sp) A. J. B 
14 GryayTrouin(Sp)F.B.H\i\ 
8 f George (Cut.) 
S Gros Hkt (Sob) U Pai 
8 La Gloire (A-ug.) /. 

74 Hercules, H. Savage 
74 Hero, Com. R. King 
Capt. C. Hug 
74 Heftor, SirJ.Hamilton 
^ 36 Hebe, F. G. Keppel 
32 Hermione, E. Thomp 
24 Hyxr.*, W. F. Grevi] 
20 Hujar, A. T. M.Rufl 
16 Hornet (Sp) F. Tinfle 
i6 Hound (Sp) W.Whit, 
i4§Hekna (Sp) G. Cadmj 
14 Hannibal (Sp) 
2ctHeart oi Oak, (AS) . 

20 Harriot (ASSp) Li 

T. Stephenfon 
16 Hind, (AT) G.Brifa<; 
14 Hope(Cut.) J.P.I. Rod t 
8 Hammond(Gy^R.Cau " 

74 Invincible, Chi. Saxt- 
74 Irrefillible, G. FowjF' j 
64 Inflexible, Hon. J. • . 

50 liis, 

32 Iphigenls, Cornwj : - 
16 Infpeftor (Sp) W. He 
10 Independence (A. Sol 

50 Jupiter, T. Pafiejr 

44 Ja^^ys^ H 

32 Jalon, J, Pigott ™ 

52 Juno, 
1.6 Jamaica (Sp) M- Di> 

«Kice ($p) W.Collingwood 
r Kitty (Sch) 

London, Rear- Ad:Ro\vley 
' Cape. J. Kempthorne 

[ion^ W. f ooks. 

Leander, J. W. Payne 

Santa LeQcadia,S. C. Hope 

licorne, F. W, H. Douglas 
*Lark (Sp) A. Guyot 
§ Lively (Sp) Stanhope 

Lion (Sch)- Jer. Daw kins 

Lizard (Sch) 

St. Laureace (Sch) 

Lee (Gy) 

Marlborough, T. Penny 
Monarch, F. Reynolds 
Magnificent, R. Linzee 
StMichael,S. SrCHKnowies 
Ahnarca, S. J. Gell 
Magnanime, C. Wolfeley 
Monmouthj' J. Alms, fen. 
Medway, A. Edgar 
Medi.aror, J.Faulkaor,jun 
SantaMurgarita ,S. E.Salter 
Magiciene, F. T. Graves 
Medea, E. Gower 

Myrmidon, T. Drury 
Mary (Y t) Hon. P. i\ Per- 

Medina (Yt) J. Mooi^e 
Merlin (St>) -G. Lumf dain 
MtKtor (Sp) A. 
Mqs deSeignallytF. J.Hunter 
Martin (Sp) T. Sp^rke 
'Mohawk (Sp) 
fMerchant (AS) R. Oakley 
Minerva (as s p) R. Bvuere 
Monkey (Cut.) J. Stevens 
M;»r^uU deJPIiet^gny^Gy) | 

.^- . «ii« 

go Nannir, E. FaniKfiw. 
64 Nonfuch, W, Trufcott- 
36Z3 Nymphe,F. C.KnarchbuIl 
28 Nemefis, I. Vaiifanr ^ 
28 Nejlor, F. ]. MfNamara 
28 Le Nukar, F. 
20 Narciffus, E. Edwards 
14 Nymph (Sp) R. HiU 
14. Nimble (Cue.) G. Bxay 

32 Orpheus, G. Campbell 
I ^Vre/ks(SvyD. J.H. Bowers" 
16 Otter (Sp) 
i4§0tier (Sp)E.Marih 

98 princeGeojge,J.Wiili&m* 

98 PrincefsRoyal, 

80 Princefs Amelia, Rr-AJ. 

Sir R. Hughes, Captain J, 

74 Powerful 
"jo' Ptinceffix, 5;- Rear Ad. Sifr 

F. S. Drake, Captain L, 

64 Prince Wiiliafa, \V, A., 

64 Protkee, F. T. Wtft . 
64 Prudent, A. Farkley 
64 PoJyphemus, J.Ford^ ' 
60 Prince Edward, D. J . Qrt ok 
60 Panther, T. Rawe 
50 Prefton, Pat. Leflie 
36 Perfeverance, S.'Lutwidge. 
32 Profelyte, J. Brown 
28 Pegafus, J. Stanhope 
28 Prolerpine, T. Taylor, ji|iT. 
24 Pandora, J. Inglis, (ifi!) 
24 Porcupine, WSBrkdfhaw- 

8 Princefs Augufta,XY-0^ 
Murray ~ , ' 

26 Proteus (PS) G. BurJoa; 

( 122 J 

16 Porcupine (Sp) 
l4§Pigniy (Sp) W.Mitchell 
14 Pacahunta (FS) D. Gould 
S.Z Piofpeiity(ASS[>)H.Thorp 
i6 Providence (ASSp) W. 

14 PMote (Cur.)/^. C.S. Lynn 
14 PeHcan (Bg) 
1 4 Place ntia(Bg)C.Anderfon 
14 Port Antonio (Bg) ].Reid 
14 Prince Edward (Bg) R. 

14 Port Morant (AV) A. 

18 Pondicherry (AT) T. S. 

1 8 PorpGife( AT)RThora fby 
34 Peterell (SurSp^M.M^ken- 

zie, jun. 
10 Poftillion (Sch) Por- 


§8 Queen, J. Wainwright 
32 Quebec, C. Mafon 
iof Queen (AS) C. Tyler 

74 Royal Oak, C. Buckner 

44 Raifonable, Lord Hervey 

^4 Repulfe, R. Curgenven 

<4 Ruby, J. Collins 

«p Rippo«, (GS) T. Durell 

Sb Renown, J. Henry 

je Rotierdamy D. J. Wickey 

44 Roebuck, J. Orde 

44 Refiftance, J.King 

28 Rhinoceros, 

io Royal Charlotte (Yt) 

i8 Raven, F. J. Wells 

36 Racehorfe (Sp) 

jf Reynard {Sp) F. 

14 Recovery (Sp) A J. K. 

abf Royal Chaylotte, (AS) A. 

14 Reft>Ittlion(Cut.)I.Pfellew 

8 Revenge (Gy) 
Ranger (AS) 

74 Shrewfbuiy, 

74 Suffolk, Sir G. Home, B 

74 Sultan, J. Watt 

74 Superb, V. Adm. Sir E 

Hughes, Capt.D.Maclelli 
64 St. Albans, C. Inglis 
64 Sampfon, C.Collingwo( 
64 Sceptre, S. Graves 
64 Scipio, J. Inglefield 
64 Standard, W. Dickfon 
64 Solitaire, F. R. Moftyn 
50 Salilbury,Rr-Ad.Campb( 
Capt. J. Biad 
44 Serapis, C. H. Everiit ; 
36 Syhil, F. 
32 Succefs, C.M.Pole 
32 Syren, W. Carlyoa 
32 South-Carolina y A. 
28 S>bi!, J.Vaflion 
28 S/. Eujiatia, D, E.Herbir 
24 Sea-horfej R. Montagu; 
22 Sphynx, T. Totty 
22 Sophie, F. Lock. 

22 Santa Catalhia, Sm 
16 Swift (Sp) 
16 Shark (Sp) 
1 6§Scourge (Sp) L Smith r 
16 Savage (Sp) KCrawIc' 
16 Swallow,(Sp)MDeCou 
i6*Speedwell (Sp) 
: 16 Storm ont (Sp) C. CobbI 
14 Star (Sp) N. Ingram 
i4§Scout (Sp) Js Ellij 
1 4 St. Vlncente (Sp)5. " Grttf 
i4§Speedy (Sp) J. Youngi 
14 Subftitute (Sp) R. D. I 

14 St.John,(Sp)C. H.L- 
8 Salam3ader(FS)H.Deai. 
2otSatisfan AS)VCBerto ' 
20 SanCarloi{SS)S.].S.Sn' 
'It Sea-Hower (Cut,) H- 
' JBall 

f I 

Surprize(Ciit.)^V.Be ians 
Siiprly (ASSp) Lieut. A. 

Steady (ASSp) Rt Aire 
Sally, (ASSp) H. Jacklon 

■ Scourge (Gy) W. Smith 

. Torbay, J. L. Gidalii 
Triumph, P. Affleck 

) Trufty, 

; Thetis, J. Blankett 

; Tajtar, W. G. Fairfax 
Termagant (Sp) G.Lofack 

5 Trin;mer{Sp) F. WTitcher 

5 Thorn (Sp) W.Lechmere, 
'^ Tobago {Sp)A. H.Martin 

t Ticklei(Sp)W.O'B.Drury 

3 Tortoife (ASSp) W. Se- 

4 True Briton (Eg) F. 

Union, T. Shipley 
4 UlylTes, T. Spry 
o Unicorn, B. Archer 

4 Valiant, S. G. Goodall 
4 Vengeance, J. Moutray 

6 Venus, C. Hudfon 
8 Veftal, W. Fox 

4 ViftQr(Sp) F. Fayerman 

■ 4 Vulture (Sp) Laugharne 
[4 Vaughan (Sp) Eurgefs 
'8 Volcano <FS) 

(4 Viper (Cut.) R, Bridges 

Ships of the Line 
Stoops, &c. 


8 Viud;a'?s CCy')T.\'foonarti 
8 Viper (G})W.B.Pun!oj> 
TO VHper (^cli) 

74 Warr'.or, J, Synions 
74 Warfpite, (HS)J.Eiigh 
64 Worcefter, C. Wood 
3i Wiachfclfea, T. Farnhartt 
8 William 5c ]V^ary(Yt) Q. 

16 Vv"afp(Sp) J. Hills 
14 Whitby (ASSp.) W, 

64 Yarmourh, A. Parrey 
8 f Young Hazard (Cut.) 

1 6 Zebra (Sp) E. Longcroft 

In CowmiJJlon. 


„ Total 





II ■ 


178 , 





74 Avidacious 

44 Adventure 

32 Andromeaa 

32 Aquilon 

28 AUigacor 

9S Boyne 

74. Bul]\vark 

74 Bel^erophon 

32 Bio de 

32 Blanche 

16 Bnik (Sp) 

74 Cafar 

74 Ci«!lpden 

74 "COlolTus 

74 Captain 

44 Charon 

44 Chichefter 

3-6 Crefcent 

32 Caftor 

28 Cu-ce 

16 Calypfo (Sp) 

14 Comet (FS) 

i4Conflagration (FS 

74 Defiance 

64 Diredtor 

44 Dover 

32 Druid 

28 Dido 

74 Excellent 

74 Elephant 

44 Experiment 

44 Expedition 

Ships hinWng ct different Places, 

12 Ferret (Bg) 
98 Glory. 
44 Gorgon 
44 Guardian 
32 G^ey hound 
74 Hannibal 
32 Heroine 
28 HuHar 
28 Hind 
90 Impregnatle 
74 llluftrious 
64 Indefatigable 
36 Incoaftant 
32 Iris 
74 Leviathan 
50 Leopard 
36 Leda 
28 Lapwing 

28 Laurel 

74 Majeftic 

74 Minotaur 

50 Medufa 

38 Melampus 

32 Mermaid 

32 Meleager 

14 Megjera (FS) 

64 NaflTau 

16 Nautilus 

74 Orion 

go Prince; 

36 Phoenix 

32 Penelope 

100 Royal George 
[CO Rl. Soveteigr 
74 Ramillies 
44 Regulos 
36 Romulus 
28 Rofe 
98 St. George 
74 Saturn 
74 Swifcfure 
64 Stately 
44 Sheernefs. 
44 Sev'ern 
32 Solebay' 
■16 Serpent 
16 Scorpion 
74 Thunderer 
74 Terrible- 
74 Tremendous 
74 Thcfeus 
32 Terpfichore 
28 Thifbe 
74 Vanguard 
74 Vidorious 
74 Venerable 
64 Veteran 
14 Vulcan (FS) 
98 Windfor-Game 
44 Woolwich 
12 Weazle (Bg) 
74 Zealous 

Contra6lions and Chara6lers expla'inecl^ 

AV A^med Veflel 
B% Brig • 
Bb Bomb 
Cut. Cutter 
FS Fire- Ship 
Sch. Schooner 
Sp Sloop 
Yt Yacht 

f Hired. 
* Rigged as Cut. 
§ Rigged as Bgs 
SS Store-Ship 
Sur.Sp Sv-n'eping-Sp 
AB Aicmed Brig 
ASpArmed Sloop 

AT ArraedTraiifp 
HS Hofpital-Ship 
PS Piifon-Ship 
GS Gusrd-Sbip 
Gy Galley 
Xbk Xebeck 
ASSp Armed Store- 

{ "5 ) 

ADMIRALS e/'^'^^RoYAL Navv 

I Aiutiral of the Fleet* 
Ion. John Foibes. 

Admirals of the White. 
Jr Thomas f rankland, Bart. 
lisGiacethe Dukeof Bolton 
Upht Hon. George Earl of 

\x Thomas Pye, Knt. 
'lancis Geary, Efq, 
Ijghi Hon. Ceo. Brydges 

Lord Rodney, Knight oi 

the Bath, 
fames Young, Efq. 
!ir Jame« Douglas, Knt. 
light Hon. George Lord 

Vifc. Mount Edgcumbe 
bmuel Graves, Efq. 
Slight Hon. Auguftus Lord 

Vifcount Keppel 
His Royal Highnefs Henry 

Frederick, Duke of Cum^ 


Admit ah of the Blue. 
Mathew Buckle, Efq. 
Clark Gay ton, Efq. 
John Montagu, Efq. 
Sir Robeit Harland, Bavt. 
X Right Hon. Richard Lord 

Vifcount Howe 
X Hugh Pigot, Efq. 

Vice AAmirali of the Red. 
Y Right Hon. Malyueux 

Lord Shuldham 
John Vaughan, Ef*!. 
Rolen Duff, Efq. 

Vice Admirals of the White. 
John Reynnjds, Efq. 
X Sir Hugh Pallifer, Bart. 
H<3». Johii Byron 

V. A. of the White eonchded* 
Mathew Barton, Efq. 
Sir Pewr Parke , Knt. 
H^n. Samuel Barrington 
Marl t Arbuthnot, Efq. 
Robert Roddam, Efq. 
X George Darby, Efq. 
John Campbell, Efq. 
" >' *m 

Vice Admirals of the Blue* 
James Gambier, Efq. 
William Lloyd, Efq. 
Francis William Drake, Efqs 
Sir EdvTard Hughes, K.nt. of 

the Bath 
Hyde Parker, Efq, 
John Evans, Efq. 
Mark MUbanke, Efq. 
■■ ■ ■ " ' ■ ' m> 

Rear Admirals of the Red. 
Nicholas Vincent, Eiq. 
Si^ Edwaid Vernon, Knt, 
Jpfhua Rowley, Efq, 
Richard Edwards, Efq. 
Thomas Graves, Efq, 
Robert Digby, Efq. 
Sir John Lockhait Rofs,Ba t. 

Rear Admirals of the V/hite, 
William Langdon, Efq. 
Benjamin Marlow, Efq. 
Alexander Hood, Efq, 
Alexander Innes, Efq. 


Rear Admirals of the Blue, 
Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. 
Right Hon. Samuel Lord 

Mathew Moore, Efq. 
Sir Richard Hughes, Bart. 
Sir Francfe Samuel DrakCj^ 



1 ^^^ ; 

Right Hon. Geo. Brydges, Lord Rodney, K. B. Vice Ad 
miral o' Great Britain, and Lieu'enant of the Admirak 
thereof, 20s. per day, and la. per month !or 16 fetrants. 

X George Darby, Efq. Rear Admiral of Great Britain, 16: 
per day an I los. per month for 12 fervmts. 

Lord William Gordon, Vice Admiral of Scotland, and Judg 
of the Admiralty, &c. there, loool. 

Reat-'Admirah fuperannuated upon Half-Pay y ijs. 6 J. a Day. 

Rt. Hon.Ld.Elibank : W. Eladwell, Efq. 

Cha. Kn0wler, Efq. 
H.RofeweU, Efq. 
T. Knowler, Efq. 
Joha Hale, Efq. 

Thoi pe Fowke,Efq. 
Rob* Rob-nfon, Efq. 
George Elliot, Efq. 
John Hardy, Efq. 

TJ^e CAPTAINS, fe'r. wi//^ the Dates of thtU 
Firil Commiffi©ns, from nvhich they take Pofi. 

Rich. Knight, Efc 
John Harrifon, Efc 
M. Whitwell, Efc 
Bav. Edwards, Efq 
JohnKr^ght, Efq. 


Mar. 25 

F.Cornwall Feb. u 

C. Norbury Nov. 1 1 
Hon A.Stuart Fcb.zo 

John Douglas (ift") 
April 22 
Cha.Proby Sept, 17 

Dav. Brodie Mar. 9 

James "Khkejune^^, 

Edw. Le Cras Feb, 4 

P.H. Ourry /*<?*. 3 
Tho. Cornewall 7 
Tho. Taylor, f;n. 
March 3 
X Sir Edm. Affleck 
Bart. 23 

And. Wilkinfon 23 
Thomas Baiilie 30 
Aich Kennedy Aprn^ 

T.Knackfton Apr 5 
John Elliot 5 

Sir A. Schomberg, 

Knight 5 

Samuel Wallis 8 
Tho. Burnett May 5 
Sam. S[>exicexJ-ur,e 3 
Wra Hotham-<4«^ i 7 
Sir Ja.Lindfay,K.B. 
Sept. S9 
Mich. Clements 29 
Tay. Penny Nlv. i 
Jof. Peyton Dec. 1 
Henry Martin 19 

Max. Jacobs Jan, 4 
John Bray 6 

John Clark 19 

Johr.Stuk'.ey Somer 

fet Uar. 2 

John Stanton 4 

johnCaiterAlIen 21 
•Sir Charles JVIiddle- 

ton, Bart. Ma-iii 

J»b 7 

John Lafprey 26 

G. Balfour Julyxi 
Tho- Owen "Sf^r. 2 J 
Robert Kirk Oa. ; 
James Smith li 
John Dalrymple il 
Brod. Hartwell li 
G. Nightingale li 
Herbeit Sawyer 

*Dec. 2( 
John Moutray 2i 

Sir Walter Stirling. 

Knt . Jan. u ' 
Richai-d King 25 
John Eiphinftnn 

Feb. ] 
Robert Jocelyn ^ 
Hon. Fred. Mait' 

land Mar. 5 


May ij 
John Cleland ij' 
R. Norbury June ^ i 
J. Faulknor Ju/y ji 
I'h. Affleck Aug. 2C ; 
Sir Rich. Bickerton.; 

Bart. - 21 1 
J. Foriefcue S^t, ij ! 

)C. Hathorn 2 7 

), Shirley A^o^ 19 

Fraine Dec. i ; 


Sfjvedale Feb. 18 

Ibert Lambert 18 

\n. Bennet Mar. 5 

] n. John Levefon 

5'ower Jfune2,o 

3n Philip Tufton 

'erceva! July z i 

] Rob in foil //«;§•. \ 3 

( irles Fielding 27 

i John Jervis, 

^^. 1 J 

iniuel Thorn pfjn 

Ai/f. 4 

^ m Hughes 2 1 

.Graham 21 


Duncan ^fi^. 25 

C.Douglas, Bart 

Mar, 13 

chard Brathwaite 

April t 

)b. Keeler M:?_y 19 
jilips Colby 19 
jhn Wilfon July 3 
ifeph Mead 7 

jho.Fitzherbert 10 
'm Cnniifh/^v^- 24 
j Brlfbane S,rt. 24 
•>hnHoulton N.'u 5 
Iharles Wolfeley 9 
)hn Peighin Dec. i 
harles Inglis 15 

■ GianftonGooda 1 
Jan. 13 
iharles Saxton 28 
hal. Ogle Mar. 29 
!• Botterell Atr. 7 
!ames Cranfton do 
C Hon. Keith Stew 

arc sjo 

( t*7 ) 

Wm Hay Apr. 12 
FraiKis Reynolds do 
Richard Onflow 14 
Cha. EIIy& May 10 
Thomas Hallum 24 
Robr. Kingfmill 26 
Scair Douglas 

June 29 
Lan. Holmes July 2 
Sir George Collier 

Knt. 121 

X Geo. Johnftone 

A,g. II 
Hon. C. Napier 17 
X Hon, John Luc- 
trell 25 

JohnBrooks Sept. 24 
Patrick Drummond 
Oa. 22 
Geo'ce. Bowyei 28 
Rich. Smith Nov. i 
X Hon. Per.Eertie 9 
Geo. Ouiry Nov. 10 

J. Fergufon June 6 

J' feph Norwood 7 

Sir Hyde Packer, 

Knt. July 18 

Rowl. Cotton May 7 

Ben.Ca'dwel! Apr. i 
Hon. W.Comwallis 
April 2 O 
Pat Ick Mouat 28 
y. 0*Hara June 20 
M.Henry Pafcal 20 
James Almcs 20' 
William Allen 20 
John Macbride 20 
Charles Hudfon 20 
XRt. Hon. Conft. 
John Lord Mul 
grave' 20 

G(jo. Vandeput 20 
F.G.Gor ion Julyii 

John Lcaryy?//>' 13 
M. Pattifon /4«^. ai 

C. Buckner /V^. 17 
John Gell M^r. 4 
.A' . Dick''on Afrjy 2 
41an Gardner 19 
Righ: HL>n. Edward 
Mich. Ld. Long- 
ford M^ 31 
Sir Wm.Abdy, Bart 
June 24 
Rob Fanfh 2L\vMay 2 J 
Wm. Careen wood 26 
Thomas Jjilhop do 
Jn. Lewi, Gidoin do 
George Gayton do 
John Milligen do 
George Talbot do 
John Urry do 
James Hawker do 
Sir John Hamilton, 
Bart. do 
Wm. Locker do 
George Murray do 
W. Garnier Aug. 3 

Andrew Barkley 

May 30 
Robt. Linzee OB. 3 
Sir i^ri.Siiape Ham- 
mond, Knt. i)^c. 7 
Alexander Irvine 

Jan, 10 
Wm. Hamilton do 
Henry Be Hew do 
Philip Carteret do 
AnthniyHunt do 
William Maltby do 
Edward Medows do 
.V.P. Williams do 
Evelyn Sutton do 
rhos. Symonds 1 % 

Thomas Pafiey 21 
Samuel Maifha 11 24 
John Symons 2H 
Sir Tho, Rich, Bt. 
Feb, 14 
Hen.L'oyd, Mar. 23 

Cornthwaite Om- 
manney Feb. 22 
C ThompfonMa/-. 7 
E. Thorn pfon Apr.'] 
GidJohi\ftoneJ^wn<? 2 
James Gumming 

July 30 
Chr. Atkins Sc/-?. 18 
Jas. Worth Nov. 2 


St. John Chinnery 

yune 25 

SirR.Pearfon,Kt. do 

John Ford do 

] Jn.Colpoys,/<Mf.2s 

Ge'>rge Robinfon 

( "Walters Sept. 2 

I Skefiingt. Lutwidge 

Oct. 1 5 

J '774. 

Jn. Robinfon 7^n 26 
C Arch. Dickfon 31 

G. Montagu Apr, \ 5 
I W. Affleck June 4 

Wm. judd 'Sept. 7 

J; »V7S. 

Tyringham Howe 

Tho. Dumarefq 23 
p, * Hon. G. K. El 
T phinftoi^ Mar. 1 '■ 

•yi Ja.MontaguAW. 14 

y^ H. Duncan /^i. 7 

James Plgott 22 

^f Ell. Salter Uar. 21 

•j-j, Alex. Scott Apr. 11 

^^ Hon. Wm. Walde- 

Ijra'-e i/^- 30. 

( ii» ) 

Jun4 12 
James Reid July 5 
f Hon.C. Phipps 

Aug. I 
Th. Pringle, No'v. 2 5 

177 7- 
Sir W.C. Burnaby, 
Bart. J<f^' 1^ 
John Linzee/fi. 16 
Hon. W. C. Finch, 
Mar. I « 
Roger Curtis Ap.^o 
H. Robinfon May 8 
Henry Harvey 9 
Robert Man May 30 
\Y. Parker /Jv^. 28 
Sam. Warren 5f^r. 5 
C. H. Everitt 7 
George Dawfon ' 9 
John B -urmafter do 
Samuel Grave* 15 
John Harvey 16 
W. Duddingfton 19 
Sir George Young, 
Knt. Nov. 7 

John Henry 22 
Char!es Hope 29 
R. Rod. Bligh Dec. 6 

R. P. Cooper 26 
George Keppel 26 
Benjamin Hill 28 
John Collins Feb. i 
Samuel Reeve do 
Hon. T. Windfor 
Hon.T. Cad(>gan 20 
Rob. Biggs Mar. 18 
Francis Parry Ap. ; 
Ifaac Prefcott 8 
Anthony James Pye 
MoUoy 1; 

John Bazely »i 
Chrift. Mafon ?2 
3. W. Clayton aj' 

H. Bromcdgei^^ 
\nt. Parry M 
Thomas Spry 
Tho. Gaborian 
Farmer}' Epwori 
John Orde 
R. Simon ton 5^ 
John Chapman 
Wm. Youn>;5£'^ 
las. Gambier 
Harry Harmooi 
Andrew Mitche 
C.Chamberlayr fS 
Veter Rainier 2) 
Thomas Llovd jo 

Kendall Noii^ 
H. Cloberry Cif( 

tian L S 

Wm. Trufcott i^ 

Tho.Haynesj^j 3a 
Hon. Hugh Sey: ml 

Conway / , i 
AmbrofeRedda si 
A'^ill, Cummin 2f 
J. Stanhope AJ . } 
Chrift. Parker j 
Henry Colins *so 
Philip Patton tfti 
C. Morice Pol*lfl 
John Brown hi 
Geo, Anfon I'fofl 

John Douglas 
Wm. Swiney 
Cha. Ed. Nug 
James Orrok 

il liana Fooi 
Charles Pow& 

Edmund Dod 
Horatio Neif< 

John 5utchari i| 
Thomas Lerio -re 

derick J 


Gearg^ Home, 
3'ait. 21 

oi Newnham 30 
I Catton jfug. lO; 
kit Sutton 2.5 

^WGrAvesi^/'r.g John Will. Pay/ie 8 WilliaavGiant 

( '^9 ) 

T. Taylor, jun, I'j 
J. M'Laurin yunt 5 
^J. T. Duckworth 15, 
'Robert Hafwell if. 
•Jn. Knowics 5'«6'^ ^ 


Lockhart Vet. 
lliani Denne ^o 
t. Squire ATcv. 6 
Idanj Home do 
ll'iam Knell 22 
Thomas Dec. 1 1 
. Haitwell 19 
les Brine 30 


rhriftian yan. u 

i\ Pakenhani do 

ijfmus Gower 9 

b Cowling 13 


imHiaUoway do 

g a Bianketc £3 

F:vyBa4I 25 

iikick Lefiie a 6 

iiiiiiamFea;03ek2 7 

t Charles Heaiy|?Hon. 

ittowles, Br. 2 
1 1. Henry King 

5li»?Hara. 15. 

liam For do 
BjhBaikis 19 
/1 1. T, Pakeubam 
s( Aiarcb 2 

yJiertDeans 9 
K *©td Hervey 15 
)ok *ai'.-U}gw<}Qid 22 
veil "aytkins 4^r. 18 

lUHs Piercy 19 
(xi h-KempeMij^io 
eKlthfChilcl 15 

masTonken 15 

Sn. Douglas do 
cno'jht Hon. Lord C. 


as. Bradby /^^. 26 
•Robert Calder 2J 
^J.R.E>aci-es 5^^.13 
|Ho«. G.Berkley 15 
'John GoTC Gsti 1 

Ruflell iV%,f 
William Garlyou- (| 
G. Knatchbuil i.^ 
peo, Wiikinfeai 14 



James King 

Jaim Inglefield 

John Rodnoj^Oc?. 

vTIiomas Weft 

James Douglas 

C. Hoichkys /fof . i 

»C. Foitefcue z- 

ilfaac VailljfW 23 

Peter Aplin 23 

Aies, Edgag 30 

A, S»theslaid^(C'. 5 


Sy4v. Monartj? 2<j 
jEL Trollope j^ne ^ 
H. £< Stanhope i^ 
Benj. Archer ig 
'K. Mui-xay yu^z 
Thomas Boflroa i^ 
CiiarJes Wood 2j 
N- Char«ngcon a 7 
William B«tt a^ 
B i nyX>nnglag^l«^ f^ 
peo. Robertfofv 15 
Jshn WicP..e7 2s 
John IiigJis-^zd) 25 
Jn Ffh aj 

|ohn Sto»e 4» 

Richard Giaves 29 

J.Williams yan. i JaMied^ Bfentcn 




Henry Savage 
B. S. Rowley 

J, W. €3iet 

w>ynd Fe6. 

rjames M*Nam^t» 
Riciu Biokeccoa 
Hon. Seymour 

Finch 13 

George Bow'en. 14 
Hon. J. Lutcreil 23 j' 
George Stoney 27 
Robert Montagu 

March 3 
John FefgulTon 21 
JohiiIngUs(ift)2 8 

J. Ho worth Afr. 4 

Edw. Edwards 25 

XS*r John Borlafe 

Warren, Bart, do 

E. T. Smith May 2 

Thomas Graves 5 

zaIj.i'.Ardefoif do] J 


J as. Cotawailis 14 
Willta.'H Dkniel xj 
John KnigHt 21 
Edw. TliQSnbrough, 

jun. 24 

AieK. Ghiifiie 24 

Kemptthorne 25 
William Scott da 
S. Edwards (^ct. Eg 
G. Campbell tioz; 9 
Thomas Hicks i^ 
Henry Cromwell 14. 
Rupert George 29 
-Arthur Phillip go 


W.G.Fairfax j^.ra 

Thomas Totty 3.1 

Rt Hon.James Lord 

Cranftoun ^i 

s Saumarez itf. 

T. Druiy March 21 

Albem. Hertle do 

SirH.Heron,Bc. 23 

Francis Roberts 25 

James Samber 26 

Tho. Famham 27 

Sir Jacob Wheate, 

Bart. Apr. 2 

ardnWaghorn 6 

hn Breton 18 

^V" i^' Cayley Al^ 1 

Thomas Durell 3 

jjon. Mathew For 

eefcue 24 

jf^. Montgomery do 

^dward Pel lew 3 1 

( «30 ) 

Tho. Lewes yune 7 
Jn. Williamfon 1 1 
J faac Coffin 13 

James Burney 18 
Sam. Ofbom yuly 6 
Richard Bogar 6 
St. Aiban Roy 8 
James Clark 9 

John Reynolds 10 
Ralph Milbanke 2c 
Jonathan Faulknor, 
jt^n. Au^.iz 

Hon.C.Carpenterz I 
J. C. Funis Sept. I 
WmDoinetc 9 

iRtM'Evoy 18 

Jn Manley 
Jn Frodlham 
Rt Moftyn N't 
Jn Wainwrigh 
fn Sutton 
i^d Creyk D 
Hon.A CocMr;* 
Wm Yeo 
Jn Gibfon 
Lewis Robert! 


iVjf Kearny j^ 

JOHN Loving, Rob. Taylor Sf/*?. 2 1 
Jan, 12 Tho. AUwright 2 
BaffiU Fielding 

Nov. 19 

T^So. \ 

Rich. Teale Mar. 5 
Edvr. Vernon Yates 
y^ne 2 
Peter Forbet 2 
VV.BrograveOt?. 13 

OHN Loving, 
Jan. 12 

^en. Richard Barry 
April 1 1 

Geo. Elyke Ncv.z 
G. Hudfon fell. 16 

jDavidHay Nov. le 

«7S7- ' 
James Mackenzie, 
^pr. 4 
John Moore May 2 
Henry R. Dubois 2 
Jo^m Hatch yun, 14 
K, Higgs yuly 20 

David ?tyceyan. 1 1 
Keginall Cocks 

March 12 
F. Richards ^f/T. 27 



Wm.Kite War. 4 
Jas. Feattus yuly 7 
Wm. Fr, Bourke 24 
FrancisLynn 0^. 26 

JohnBagtterA% 14 
Jas. Thop Aug. lb 


J. Robertfon hday 26 
James H. Jones 26 
Rob.Prmg /ing'i 

J77I- , 
Cuthbert Battij 



Jofeph Nunt 1 
John Boyle 1 

Francis L'M itij 

John Grave* W 
J. Brudenell^/.! 
Jo. Bourchie 5A 
Chrift. Rigbi I 

John Beecht % 
Hsnry Pern ftoi 

James Lys 1 
T. MarlHsilW^j 

V.Collins ATtfy 15 
I :hard Trotten i6 
I lip Walfli 1 8 
A vid Laird i8 

les Kinneer 19 
j) ne« Ellis 19 
J, ; Peyton Dec, 14 

I 1779- 

Jn.Runway<»». 13 
iljam James 13 
m LockhartNa- 
'mith Fel>. 37 
Tinfley Mar. i 
illiam Browne 20 
tn. Wardlaw 26 
lphDundasy!(5&. 3 
Jn. Bechlnoe go 
- ividPhips May i 
'^terRothe 18 
nes Dickinfon 

June 19 

Hawker ^k^ 14 

}. Vafhoa ^ug. 5 

/im. Jofhua. Mo- 

^ifriarty 1 1 

chard Filhet 20 

bjlrthur Walter 25 

'^mes Norman 27 

10. Rawe 5e^A 9 

.A. Me nick 13 

enry Cliads 18 

. Redmon 03. 16 


;nj. Hulke 2 

Borge Day Dec.^i 


m. Kelly yan 13 

iifeter Clements 23 

)jj. Golde'lbrough 2 5 

Thomas M<Jr. 8 

Chambers Ap. 7 

iithn Schank % 

>hn Hope Bowers 

May 15 

William Heath 15 

r. Tho. Diake 1 5 

( nr > 

Chs Stirling Mayi$ 
John Wright 30 
Fr. Pender yune 20 
John Buchanan 17 
William White 17 
HoH.T, Lumley 25 
Man ley Dixon 15 
Thomas Geary 26 
Hon. William Car- 
negie Sefit. 10 
Morgan Laugharne 
Nov. 4 
Geo. Palmer, Dec 
Jofias Rogers 
Edward Iggulden 
John Young 9 


HenQT D'Efterre 

Darby yan. i 

Milh. Ponfonby 15 

Tho. Wells Fel^. 7 


David Stow 
Rich. Hawfbrd 
John Hutt 
Edw. Bowater 
W. O'B. Drury 
William Albany 

Otway Mar. 29 
Wm. Effingion 30 
Wm. Smith j^r, 2 
Rich. Curgenven 3 
Thomas Louis 9 
George Lindfay 22 
Rd. Williams May 5 
WilSam Jackfon 8 
Robert Walter 10 
Iftac Smith 13 

Edw. Herbert 14 
Alexander Hood 17 
Fr. Fay er man 20 
J. K. Shepard 28 
Edw. Shepherd 30 
John Aylmer5^«Htf 18 
Plercy Brett 28 
I G. Lumfdain7«A'i5 

Edw. Marfli Julyt 
George Lofack i^ 
John Sam. Smith 23 
John Maitland 24 
Chriftmas Paul 27 
Wm. Tahourdin 27 
John M*Dougall 

Richard Hill 15 
Phil.D'Auvergne 18 
Jacob Waller 23 
George Teer 25 

1 Lewis Fabian 2 j 

2 Mark Robinfbn 25 
Peter Rivett 23 
Pat. Sinclair Sept.-^ 
Rd. Tilledge ix 
Dav. Mackay 145 
A. CunninghanMo 
James Alms/ 24 
Richard Morice 24 
John Melcombe 2 5 
Js Klrkland 26 
John Hills 05. 4 
V^al. Edwards 2* 
Sa^ry Hills 2^ 
John Faithful For 
I tefcue Nov. 15 

Walter Griffith 29 
John Bligh Dec. r 
Rich. Grin dall 21 


C. Sandys Feb. » 
WmHcnDo\agla»i 3 
Samuel Arden ij 
Nathan Erunton 2r 
Robert Noble 2r 
Samuel Cox 2r 
Eliab Harvey 2e 
Edward Seymour 

Bailey 2r 

Thomas Dyfon 25 
John Peyton 27 
W.H.Kelly 4^. 7 
C. W. Paterfon S 
Wm Miller - 14 


ville I?' 

Wm. Mitchell 27 
Sir James Bardlay, 

Bare. "May j 

Abraham Euyot 22 
.?n Wells June i 
jof Eliifjn 6 

jOavidj^e'G.>uld 13 
jias.Rob. Molfe 15 

^EorgelCaaman a4|^omas%fifl 
Tho. Arth. Ley 2,5 Her.Nichofls!^ 
318 Oakley ^u/j^ Wm Luke 
JnDil'kes -^fg-i JLauchlanHunter)] 

Edmund Nsgle 1 
Hon MDeCourcyiO 
Js Hewett fG3.,i 
V.C.^efkeley ^= 
Rob, Barton J^t*. 6 
Jn Hunter 12' 

Rcrb. Toirilmfon ij' 

W. S.BradlhaW- 
Cha. T^ler 

^he LIEUTENANTS qf ^his Majefty's ELE^J 
nxiith fbs pities .^f th eir firjt X^amm\ffkns* 


ALEX. Gordon^' 
(fft) ¥tb. i^ 


Anth.Fortye yun^, 

J. Treheame Sept 1 7 
Ifaac Hoy •Oa.'e, 
James Furneatix 15 
John Walfh Ncv. 23 
John Neale Feb. 15 
John Hallam 26 
Sim. Turner Mar. i 
Robert Gideon 7 

Jn. Bernard March %() 

James Fud-licombe 

James Kyd May 3 
J. La wfon y«^»f 3 
James Munro July 8, 
James Watfon 13 
Jofeph Salmon 13 
John Ball 20 

Thomas Williams 

John Brock Seft. 2 
X Hon. J.Wemys26 
Johia Thane 6^. j 
Henry Moyle ^3 
[-John Kail Jan. 26 

Rd Vavafbr ^'^^^ 30 J 
H. Coilobadie Fe^^, ,12 
Tho.' Cobby "Mar. 4- 

Le \v is ©a V i eis :i^. 2 : 
David Boog 3, 

Robert Morrmier 4 
William Hail 21 
John Woodward 25 
Geo. Newton May 9 
Griffi-hMeare 14 
J. Skinner 5^«??f ic 
Henry Baker July 5 
Ja .C I ow c he x^g. 1 4- 
'Edw- Waud Nd,: 9 
Ifaac Crouch Feb. i 

1747. i 

Robert Kerr Jan. 9 
A leu. Bro\va (i) 25 
Thomas Moody 29! 
Samuel Swinton 29 
Robert Hay Apr. 24 
R. EdgecombM/7y 1 8' 
Sam. Spendlove 28 
Geo, EUery Sept. n 
John O'Brien 27 
Pat. Cfflder Nov. 6 
Samuel Short 21 
James Combs 23 

Jbhn Gope j^ 
Ale«. Keith '*feyi 
Right Hon.iRKfe' 
tLord Vif. " 




1754- _ 
Hen. Collins ^^ 
John Harris J^ 

[n. Carteret J».' 

Edward Howortl.i' 
Wm. Aikn futyj 
James Pock ingt': < 

Duncan Campb< 
(ift) De ; 

Daniel Burr Feb ) 
Tho. Montague | 
Horatio Ripley > 
Edw. Hill Ma; ] 
hn Hellingbei 
Mann » 

Edw.R^dHh^^.' i 




'.P.Koey ^r,i4 

f. Hanby May 14 

■ muel Walton 18 

jgh Roch June 10 

' ;orge Collingwood 

ul Bruftis 13 

ch. Thomas (ift) 

oa. I 

' 10, Hollingworth 
Nov. 6 
J bcrt Curry 
■ nry Bronie 
. wis Gellie 
' .0. Bradfliaw 
^nes Earon 
^jin Oakley 
"f nry Hare Hart 13 
\ ward Lower 1 5 
^m. Dickens 16 
] :hard Beale 29 
Jn. Townfend 30 

^ . Hansford Jan. 6 
^lliam WiJliams 
tift) T^*. 10 
Ji". Fenwlck 23 
Ichard Pinfold 23 
• chibald Clark 23 
Jn. Butler Afar<ri) 3- 
m Gauntlett 10 
ijCholas Rooke 23 
^'Columbine ^. 2 
Jin Purcell 
]piani Benfley 
-ac Charley 
.Hn Richardfon 
jin Brown (2d) 6 
.nn Doherty 10 
.j-nes Sutherland 15 
f.Phil.Shewen 17 
jbn Cowe 1 7 

[evorCuckow zi 


i T. P. Braithwalte 
July XI 
Jqiin Shairp 22 
Charles Prince 25 
Nach. Vincent 28 
John Baird Aug. 12 
fho. Townley 25 
James Difiier 31 
G. Spearing Sept. % 
John Ides Short, 

fen. Se'pt. 21 

Jofeph Jackfon 24 
John Hamraetc 29 
Wm. Bacon O^.z-j 
Rr. Hon. David Ld 

Tho. Underdo wn 30 
W.Shammon Oa, q 
John Read 5 

AJex. Todd S 

Ltmb.Brabazon 10 
David Aithur n 
Samuel Steward jS 
John Luce 18 

'A^alterCoItheart2 5," 
Edwajd Palmer 27 
Henry Lambert 27 
Peter Tait 27 

J. Prefton (ift) 27 
James Boyd 27 

Rutherfurd Nov r 2 jcharles BelTon 27 
Anhur Hayne 22[VV'"m. Eurflalt 27 
Fr. Lafcoe Powlejt Pearfon Boys 27 

Dec. 1 

Henry Arlington 14 

William Smith (ift) 

Jan. 1 7 
James Gordon 24 
James Screech 25 
Steph. Puddicombe 
Feb. 2 
Effex Bowen 28 
D. Chandler Mar.zo 
W. Crofbie, len. 20 

Hen. Newton Dec. z, 
John Marriott iS, 
John Reid (ift; zjf 
Henry Jackfon 28 

,, ^759. 
J. De Havilland is. 
Edward Roberts i8- 
Tho. Rayment 22 
Robert Mayne 2& 
Wm. Meldrum 29. 

Francis Exton i -; 
Geo. Mackenzie 18 
David Kinlonh 22 
Henry Dodd 22 
S. Barneily y««e 13 
Hyde Curtifs 20 
Chrift. Ord July T4 
Cha, Dobfon July 30 
Mat^-Legeyt Aug. i 
John Robfon 2 1 
Pamela Stuart 

James Carteret 28 Cha. Logic Feb.i-i 
Henry Lewis y^, 1 John May 2a 

James Hilgrove 5 Tho. Herbert 2X 
Robert Wilfon 6 Thomas Allen zz- 
John James A% 12 Robert Par rey 22^ 

J.T. Collingwood 22- 
James Gaborian 27 
James Hill March t, 
T. Townfheni 4 
Caleb Colton 9, 

Edm. EUifton 30 
A. Francis Baillie 
April 24 
Charles Cbrke 30 
■^am. Burford May z 

Jn Matliews JlrX3yi4 

W. Henderfon zz 

A. Gibbes June ^ 

Arthur Edwards 13 

Gilbert Faiiiie iS 

James Nicholas 25 

Tho, Lawnejw^ 10 

Francis Ford 16 

R. Miccnell 19 

Jofeph Lafli 20 

Thomas Cocks 20 

VVm. Babb -%• 2 

John Forth 

Nicholas Clifford 

John Wadman 

Richar 1 Kemp 

John Littlefield 

Bernard Weftlake 

j4ug. I 

Wra. Elletfon 

Jof. Anningfon 

George Bovirn 

John Orde 

Wm. Lurcock 

Wm. Reynolds 

J. Phcedra Chtibb zf 

Thomas Tilly 29 

John Jarvis Sept. ■^,. 

Charles Marfhall lO 

T. Edwards (ift) i^ 

( '34 ) 

1760. iRoberr Potts Vtf,. 

J. R Clark Jan, 5 [John Newton 

9 ' 

Jay Bracey 
F. WooUridge 
William. Hunter 24 
John Okes Feb. 7 
Francis Keir 26 
John Vefey 28 

Cuchbert Adamfon 
March 4 





F. Brooghtoa 
yhilip Hue 
D. P. Curaby 
John Tyrwhitt 
Thomas Dewy 

J Hamilton June z^- 
James HoU July 2 
2d. Walter Watts 
zi^i Hugh Loyd % 

zp. Sir Ed. Bindl&fs, Bti 

^4 _ .^^ •^■^^' ^7 

William Hcmmings 

Kich. Saunders 
George Mouat 

I as 

Charles Kelly 
Kath. Gooding 
fohnGirlmg 30J 

Wm. Robertfon 
Rich. Shordiche 
John Alexander 
James Neal 
Geo. Moubray 
J.Cook iii\)^pr. 
John Burftall 
Join Lowder 
William Brooke 
Jofeph Breedon 
Rob. Giliingham 
Richard lang 
Bravil Friend 
David Jeffcrfon 
EzekielNafli June 3 
Tim. Hopkins 19: 
James Grierfon r 

Samuel John 
Tho. Richardfon j: 

John Webb Jan. y 
John Yetts 
John St. Barbe ; 
Chrift. Major Fd,i 
Timothy Bird 

12 John Payne 



John Whifton 19= And, Godfrey 

27I James Warde^i 

Robert Carter 


Odl. 1Q^ Hen. Smith (i ft) 27 

Rob. Young ^ugz^ 

iS; Rob. Miine Sept.O. 
19; Wm.BeU(i:il) 6 

Thomas Laugbarne| Walter Gwenoap 6 
Nov. f^ Hen, BaynesX>//.;-<^ 


Daniel Difney li 

2 j|Tho. HUl Nov. ^ 

Rich. Douglas 27 

John Wcyman 

Harris March. 
Wm. Quarme 
Charles Olborne,'^ 
Thomas Mackie 
Alex. Fordyce 
Thomas Xiell v^J 
Hoti. D. Stuart f 
40. Norris(ift)Ma 
Thomas Morrice: 
John Weft 
S. Phillips Jm 
George Nobis 
Jofeph Garrow 
Henry Mafter 

James George 
Anth. Jones Ju 
Charles Hunter 
George Barlow 
John Gaydon ^u 
Wm. Smithett • 
James Cafe ' 
John Brooks ? 
Wm. Oakley } 
Jofeph Plooley ; 
Samuel Hayter ^ 
Jonathan Dove c 
G. Stainforth% t 
Edm.'PadefonC^ J 
Samuel Scott 5 
Edward-Down t 
StephenMetcalf ( 

W, Roxburgh Dff.jfEdmwad Bower 1 

J phen Norris 

; ch. Hintiman 
>n Forlter 30 

' Appleby Nov. 1 2. 

i arles Cunyngham 
Crooke Dec. 4 
my Tuitc 15 

;,;v. Winniett 15 

•Jorge Truflell 22 
^ 1762. 
-ch. Dow Jan. 26 
muel Greig Feb. 4 
tn. Bradby jMar. 8 

corge Suvtees 17 
jilliam Grieve 18 
jflce Maniftre ^^p. g 

("m Scar May 5 
orge Pollard 7 
ichael Jacklbn 24 
hn Kent 31 

m. Cuaninghair 
June s 
,eph. Stephens . 2C 
(icharJ Smith 25 
(.'Roberts y«/y 7 
l^nderfon Nixon 7 
I'illiam Abbs 7 

)hil Scott 9, 

phn Graves 1% 
jllis Troughton 25 
jilex. Kirk wood 2 6 
phn Moore 26 
i^. A.Brandreth2C^ 

lolmaii Mafcn 25 
ohn Cartwright ; 
Sepi, 15 
jlichard Fowler 29 
jlhrjft. Day (?5. 7 
|ames Godwin 7^ 
(Vm.Davidfon 16 
iidward Byam 26 
ji-ich. Jago AW. 6 
Cho. Hayward 6 
'Vm, Diekfon *1 

( '35 ) ' ],'\ 

22f T.S.Grove AW. 25 I 177*. 

\^'illiam Ward zi C. L. Carne j*^,;/;?. >o 
John Lowen '^ 

David \rivillop 

D^c. 16 

C. Cartwright Fe^. j 

Charles Kendall 1 
Jer. Bigg March 1 5 
John Turner 15 
R. Shipman Jlpr. 27 

Jn. Stoddart 5^*/y 3° 
John Viddle Oa. z 
J.Shortl-'.ndiJ.T. 12 

W. Stewart Ftb. 7 

Stephen Parker 13 

Alex. Brown (2d) 

^pril I 

R. Taynton "JuTie 20 
Hon.?, Stopford 20 
H.Thomas July 13 
T.Cunningham 13 
Arth. Clark iVot;. 21 


John Edmund Fyke 

S^well Feb. 24 

T. Wetenhall 28 

John Trigg May 28 

Wm. Robinfon (2d) 

yune 6 



W. H. Atkinfon 26 

G.Robertfoni)et 15 


George Philips lo- 
Olier Delancy 18 
Green Defpard 19 
rho. Scott Feb. & 
H.Crawford Af^r. i 
John Forbes y^//)' 19 
A. Saunders.^«o-.2.o 
Capel Baynes^'f/' 2.8 
Wm. Briftow Oc? a 
Jofeph Flaynes 8 

Whitlock NichoU 

Feb. iz 
R. Callcott July 23 
John Polkinghorne 

Job Hanmer i)f<:. S 

G. Colquitt y^«. 9 
Edw. CoUingwood 

June 2S 
Gabriel Bray 2.5 
David Ramfay 25 
George Dunn 2.5 

A. Sianhope July 2 1 
Robert WynCh 30 
R, Biidges S^pt, 11 

Charles Cobb Ff^. 3 
Walter Harris 23. 
G. Turnbull Alay 13 
G. Countefs July 8 

B. Pridcaux J^a^. 3 
William Lechmere 

Dec. 20 

George Ball Jan. 4 
John De la Touche 
May 6 
Jn. S. Browne 10 
Cha. Egan June 23. 
Gerald Gibbons 26 
James Drew Juiy 29 

W'.Senhoul"eyiZ« 20 
Sir David Murray^ 
Bart. Feb. 19 
Jn. Maude June 20 
Geo. Hume Sept. 13 

W. Grof V enor Feb. 2 
' George Bayne C^(f?i 3^ J. P. Bwr /^/<f . i o 

A i3t> ; 

G. AtklnsAW. 49/ Hen.Blaxtony<:«,29 

Guft. Logic Dec, 30 
J. F«I. Kochfort 30 

Geo. Oakes Jan. 6 
Paget Bayly 2 1 

J. KIckman Fib, 8 
Samuel Abfon zz 
W. CharfleyAW. to 
Richard Boger 23 
David KnoxM<5y 10 
D. Maclellan ix 
Geo. Scott (ift) 12 
H.C. Bridges 23 
William Edge 26 
Geo. Burdon June 7 
John Starke 22 
Jn. Laugharae 25 
Jof. CloJfon July 3 
N. H. Eaftwood 5 
James Cotes 10 
John Elphinfton 1 1 
Alex. Allen ^«^. 1 1 
C.H. Garrett 0^1. 1 1 
W.WaddelliViw. II 
William Scott 1 2 
James Dundas 1 5 
William Nowell 19 
Jn. Sam. Silly 
Jn. Auchinlick 
John Gold 
John Wilby 
James Lys 
S. Tatham Dec. 6 
George Tripp 6 
Walter Jewell 14 
Robert Leaver 1 6 
W. Springthorpe 20 
Martin Digby 23 

Tho. Walton 5^a». 9 
John Thorn pfon 9 
~ 20 

Thomas Hurd 30 
Rob. Parker Feb. 3 
M. Hollingberry 19 
John Oiborn 22 
R. C. Reynolds 26 
G^ Edwards Mar. 1 5 
Roben Chafe 1 9 
Thomas Hardy 20 
Ma'j. Delgarno 24 
John Hinckley 28 
A. Lockhart ^j)r. y 
Goodwin Keats 7 
Cha. Seym. Lynn 1 1 
David AUen i8 
Charles Bawden 24 
S. Edwards ^J>r. 29 
Henry Thorp May 3 
Samuel Symes 3 
Steph. Pet. Mouat 6 
John Dceble 7 

I. G. Manley 7 

T. R. Shivers 9 
Adrian Renou 9 
George Gregory 1 o 
Jbhn Hardy 10 

Bowles Mitchell 18 
Wm. B. Rufh. 30 
Jofeph Lind 3 1 
A. Congalton June^ 
Richard Rufdell 6 
Samuel Blow 20 
John Langley 20 
Jofeph Eaftwood 26 
Wm. Burchell 28 
A. Douglas ( I ft) 28 
Thos. Tireman 28 
Tho. Parke July 4 
C. Bartholmew 4 
Humphry Weft 10 
George Brifac 10 
James Lecky 14 
Warwick Oben 14 
Thomas Parr 20 Edward Roe 14 
Win. Titcher 2 x Edw. Pakenham 1 7 
K.D. Fancourt 29 [Alex, Fralei x2 


William Alfray 2 
Ifaac Schomberg i 
John Dowfon 2 ! 
Hon. Pat. Napjfj 

Robert Hibbs 
C. H..Lane 
John Gardiner 
Jofeph Price i 
George Burl ton 1 
Wm. Samwell 1 
Thomas Hooper r 
John Drew i 

George Morris i 
Wm. Cockburne k 
Archibald Groat i 
K^ Thompfon i 
T. A. Orrok 1 
Thomas Peyton i 
F. Collingwood a 
R- T. Appleby 2 
John Stevenfon 2 
J- P. Robinfon 2 
Jacob Adams 2 
Edward Fudger 2 
Wm. Meares 05. '' 
J, S. Hall I 

George Rice I 

Philip Mansfield 
Henry Parke 
T. M.Hulke 
Anth. Donadieu 
W. B. Peppen 
John O'Bryeh ~ 
R. Parry Young i 
John Rawlings i 
John Witherfton 2 
Michael Lane 2 
Henry Deacon 2 
Thomas Wolley 3 
R. Browne Nov, 
G. A. M'Cleverty 
John Cannon 
Scory Barker 
Charles Hughes 

IS. Riclianis ii 
€;»rge Maxwell 19 
finMonkton 19 
6|fRch Jones 
Ipry Gunter 
"ajD. Spry JDrc. i 
JinSalifbury 3 
BJ-ris Thompfon s 
J l^F. Wright 6 
ijvard Webb 
Cirles Lane 
ijiry Fefling 
^ Anderfon 
J n Warlock 
IJn Trokes 
Jin Ferrier 
J n Law ford 
ier Hill 
SLorfeuail fan. 1 
(pi^ Irwin 1 

i]ib.- Croft on I 
C ner Brand 3 
y H. Player 7 
J lb. Warham 9 
jan ShapeotQ 12 
lln Clark i5 

libeit Love 2.0 
<nft. Haliiday 23 
'-IDickinfon 25 
Jt^rtin Lindfay 2 5 
Ijch. Stanhope 2 5 
jines Lyid 25 

^liliam RufTell 2? 
'jo. W'oodyear 3c 
^j. Lock Fei. I 
jm Larkan 4 
'iomas Willis ii 
'iomas Wood 14 
]jm. Alnwick . 1 7 
'mes fiiifett 17 

( »n 1 

iXeo. Mofey Jtf^. 17 
M. Ogilvie Fel>. i8 
W. Robinfon.(3) 18 
John Hance. 20 
A. D. Broughton 24 
R. Williams (i) 25 
Callis Havcfoi-d 28 
Rich. Rawe Mar. 5 
Alex. Rofs 5 

Jofeph Turner 5 
W. R. Davis 18 
Caiew Reynell 18 
Robert NicoUs 19 
David Seton ^r. 1 
Henry Spencer 6 
William Skipfey 7 
Robert Drane 8 
A. Schuyler ,10 
John Spriggs 10 
Edvv. O'Bryen 1 1 
George Pattifon ri 
Jof. Henry Laih 1 7 
Ct.H. Stephens 17 
T. P. Durell 17 
W. CoUingwood 18 
J. A. Atkinfon 18 
David Miller 20 
T. Stephenfon 21 
H. L. Ball 23 

Atex. Curling 29 
F. E. Davies 29 
Tho. Hamilton 29 
Daniel FoIIiotc 30 
Alex. Scott .3^0 

Samviel Johnfon 30 
Cha. Baker May 5 
Ter. M'Donald 6 
Edmund Crawley 7 
Robert Harrifon 9 
George Hart 9 

Witter Cuming 13 
Petei Kelley 13 
Henry Pullen 13 
Cha. Papps Price 13 
John Wathevfton 1 3 
k. Thomas (zd) 13 

I Jofeph Bird 13 
Paul Parry 13 

James Bengaugh 13 
C. S. Parry 16 

Geo Falderfton 
H. Edmonfton i^ 
Js Malcolm 18 

Thomas Hoar at 
Edw. Pringle 2?^ 
•Francis Bifh op zi 
Thomas Foley &s 
Tho. Bu* Ier (2d) 24 
Rich. Incledon 26 
[John Lowe 28 

WiUiamGlark iS 
:R. F. HaiTard 30 
i Tobias I ove 30 
iJohivWilles (2d) 30 
E. Haddock Junej^ 
Hugh Congalton b 
Wm. Wolfeley 11 
Roger Trounce 1 6 
Francis Loveday 1$ 
Robert Twycrols 26 

C. Hudfon July \ 
Thomas Floyd 2. 
Wm.Wali(ift> 9 
Owen Roberts 12 
Robert Willfon 17 
Rowley Bulteel 22 
W. CrofWe, jun. 23 
James May 23 
J. Prefton (2d) 24 
John Deacon 24 
P.D.Abbott 25 
J*mes Jack 25 
John Tayleure 30 
Wm. Furnivall 31 
Thomas Sparke 31 
S. Michell Aug. 5 
Jolm Weft 5 
Alex. Johti Ball 7 
S. Kempthorne 11 

D. Campbell (2) 13 
Wm.Carthew 18. 
G. Wlnkwos^ 21 

JDan.DobreeA^. 23 
R. Littlewort Sepu 9 
Solomon Ferris 9 
David Moyes lo 
PonfonbyCox 17 
Joha Meares 18 
Theophilus Jones 1 8 
J. Douglas (i) (9^. I 
Edvsr. Longcroft z 
Rowland Philipps 2 
Charles Eaftley 5- 
William Daltoa 5 
W. C. Hughes 5 
John Pierie 9 

Edward Daltcn 9 
W. D. Waudby 9 
Robert Caufzar 11 
Obadiah Newell (i) 
Wm. Smith (2d) 16 
Charles Dixon 16 
Thomas Sotheby 18 
James Wood 
Wm. Charleton 

C. y. Hampton 
Richard Willis 

D. G. Watfon 
Tho. Woodhoufe ' 

Fitzherbert 24 
William Bradley zS 
J. D. Inglis '2? 
Wm. Johnfton zri 
Tames Pafmore 2 
William Fry 2^ 
Alexander Auld z9 
John Hay 3^ 

Nath. Stuart Nov. 3 
J. L-fWalker 4 
Sim. Mackenzie 5 
William Fox ^ 
S. W. Elphinfton 6 

E. O. Ofborne 6 
John Parrey Nov. 6 
Thomas Hand 6 
Robert Barlow 6 
Wm.Uead(ift) 6 

C 158 ) 

W.Chantrell Nov. 7 



Tho. Robinfon 
H. H. Searle 
Wm. Browell 
S. Featherftone 
Wm. BeU (2d) 
J. B. Bimce 
Jolhua Mulock 
Andrew Chriftie 
^V. WiUiamsCa) 
James Palmer 
James Hardy 
Richard Lucas 
James Hills 
Robert Watfon 
John Doling 
James King 
Dav. Crawford 
C.J.M. Mansfield 25 
P. G. King 26 

Charles Elder 26 
Miles Lowley 27 
Humphry Stokes 2 7 
John Covey 2^ 
Richsrd Leggatt 30 
Daniel Shi els Dec. 
J. W. Roberts 
Robert Bafden 
John Davids 
Charles Vau;ghan 
Andrew Waid 
Thomas Crawiey 
Andrew Wemyfs 
Pfborne Edwards g 
Richard Raggett j^ 
Henry Gideon 21 
W. Donald fon zz 
T. Edwards (2d) 24 
John Mackenzie 24 
William Marfli 26 
Rich, Rutherford 3 1 
George Murray 3 r 
Thomas Dalby 31 
Charles Craven 3 1 

MBlackwell^d^.i ' 
Wm. Roberts 1 
W. Wall (2d) I 
Thomas Ruffell i 
Richard Nafh, 1 
Francis Waters 1 
Thomas Jeynes 1 , 
John Cooke(ift)stj 
Pulling Brown s j! 
Wm. Champain j t 
Wm. Leggatt j 
Henry Marlh M. . 
Henry Carew } 
R. R. Bradley- 

William Harvey .;>) 
J. R. Loring • , j 
James Colnett j 1 
Thomas Larcom ai 
P. Hancorne Marl 
Almerick Brown- 
Rich. Shuckburgt 
George Dundas 
Jofeph Sail 
John Webber 
George Doyel 
Wm. Ofmond 
John Reid (2d) 
Lewis Lane 
Gaire Davifpn 
T. Hitchcock 
James Deacon 

harks Mift 
Tames Wallis 
fohn Bluett J} 
■frael Pellew 
John Lefily 

T. D. Brifbane 
Jn. Jof. Taunton 
John Crymes 
Matthew Brown 
Thomas Bond 
John Lee - 
[John To'thiU 

W.Peniberton Jtf».9 'WiHiam Snovr 

, ( »39 ) 

jRichard Johft \ Tho. Miles July 29 
schan , Bt -^.5 \ Clem. Johnfon 30 


Spm n Jacobs 
rA WeUand 

5 1 James Seward 30 
6 1 Anthony Jepfon 30 

Wicei Serocold 11 
B rge Hire 

iafes Black 
f miah Beale 
(iph Murray 

Ji Brown (3d) 

G rge Hill 

^)L. Ryall 

F licis Cole 

B|h. JamesA% 6 

TMTiasWilfon 10 

J.h EUis 
f( 1 Symors 

I». LinthorniB 

Fihard DorrUl 

J les Kellie 

\ rtin Hintoii 
J n Howe 
Si. Brooking 



\ n. Tucker Junt 2 
JnSraith(ift) 5 
T jmas Surridge 9 
I hard Purvis 10 
Jia Stevens 10 
Jin Hewett II 
'IfhardsRoufe 12 
jjVloitimeryttnc 12 
"'I, J. Stephens 12 
3l;hard Sainthill 15 
''im Sympfon 17 
"J'n. Cheetham 19 
"'im. Somerville 23 
liBeatfon July 7 
nes Turner 15 
m M'Kinley 20 
lo. Crawfurd 2 1 
• iin. M'Cullagh 22 
jDrummond 24 
m. H^wford 19 





J. Higgmfon .^f 

M. Mackenzie 

Philip J'^nes 

Hugh Norris 

Charles King 

Edvv. Williams 

Azariah Uzuld 

Richard Coller 

C. V. Penrofe , 

Savage Gardner 

John invin 

J. B. Swann 

Robert Aitchifon 20 

Rotierc Vardon 2 1 

Purfer Dowers 

Wm. Lanyon 

John Simpfon 

Andrew Cook 

MathewJerrard 26 

William Wilfon 27 

David Hgtchkis. 27 

Francis Rofs^ - 28 

Richard Piercy ' 28 

J. Godench Stpu 3 

John Whitly 3 

James Rogers 5 

William Turner 6 

Thomas Preiland 6 

Richard Retalick 

Hugh Cuppage 6 

Benjamin Butler 1 1 

Thomas Beves 13 

George Duff 15 

Ralph Grey 16 

Francis MeJTervy 16 

John Moncur 

John TuUoh 

John Elliot 

J. H. Nicholas 

Tho. Campbell 

John Rule 

Abr.Burdon 03. z 
John Trantum 7 
Cha. Dud. Pater 8 
Herbert Browell H 
John Bonnar S 

Joreph Clapp 8 
Noah Webb 8 

Jonas Rofe 9 

Stephen Rains 14 
Richard Story 15 
Samuel Goodfon 16 
Rich. Thore% i6 
Thomas Wilis 20 
Paul Minchin 20 
William Burgefs 221 
George Dyer 23 
William Moore 28 
Parker John Harri- 
fon 18 

Thoitus Otard 18 
Roberl Comer 20 
J. R. Falconer 20 
F. Mackintolk 26 
John Mitchell 26 
William Wright 27 
C. O. Worth 30 
Charles Hay Dec, t 

John Loring 
H. Y. Darracott 
John Smith (2d) 
Wm. Chappell 
Matbew Smith 
6 William Milner 







J. Smith (ift) Oa, z 

William Cuming 
James Dickfon 
T. Williams (2d) 
C. F^. Miller 
John Fenton 
James Somerville 23 
John Fitzgerald 23 
J. H. Mounier »3 
Wm. Rofs (ift) 24 
Geo. Moorhead 24 
fohn Tindall 29 
William Shield 30 

1780. - 
"Edw. Crouch fan. 5 
William Ogilvy 8 
Wm. Hargood 13 
James Addifon 14 
Tho. Richbell 14 
G. W. Maxwell 14 
Rich. R. Bowyer 1 7 
William Cowan 17 
W.Bevians (ift) 23 
Richard Nairne 26 
Mathew Buckle 31 
Wm. Page Feb. 
George Danfer 
John Wren 
Henry Hicks 
Samuel Magurk 
Andrew Wood 
Charles Wilfon 
Charles Patton 
"h. Thonrtpfon 
John Norris (2d) 19 
Nicholas Hoare 25 
M. Wentworth 28 
F. R. Mowat Mur. i 
J, G. Douglas 
Abraham Rofe 
fames Bullock 
Vv^m. Swaffield 
Wm. Miller (2d) 
Thomas Brown 
Js Bigna4i 
Ed\v. Cleacher 
A. D uglas (2d) 
p. Helpmaa Mar 
John Marih 
W. Rathbornc 
Richard FHkin 
James Vaughan _ 
Tho. Elphinftdn 26 
John Draper 26 
Thomas Croker 29 
Adam Littlejohn 31 
Samuel Yans ^pr. i 
•B. Mansfield i 

jt. C. Rcthery 4 

( I4« ) 

AndMouncher ^/>6 
Robeit Stuparc 
Geo. Scott (2d) 
George Gamer 

William St-agg 
James Symons 
James Atkins. 
10 ,L. D. Bi-uce 




James Horn 1 7 
Alex. McGregor 21 
John Burley 21 
Jn. Douglas (2d) 21 
Charles Lock 21 
Wm. WilUamfon 2 4 
John Like 24 

Shuldham Peard 26 
Jofeph Crouch 26 
Roberc Larkan 28 
Fredk. Lapenotiere 
May 6 
J. I. Webber 
Jofeph Lavvfon 
Richard Colnett 
Kaac Cotgrave 
N. C. Coriellis 
Wm. Heniyfon 
T. Williams (3d) 15 
John Piunket 1 8 
George Davey 25 
Thomas Ireland 25 
Henry Wray June 5 
Thomas Smith 5 
Jolm Baker 12 
Henry Inman 14 
Caleb Hill 21 

John M' Key ^tf^ i 
E. S. Dickfon 
Jofeph Blake 
J. J. Symonds 
George Martm 
Patrick Carnegy 
Rich. Faulknor 
And. Chalmers 
Daniel Burgefs 
Tho. Lechbridge 23 
Jofeph Eyles 26 
J. Johnlon -^lig' 4 
Robert Butcher 14 
John Pengelly 24 
Ed. Jekyli Canes 24 

,Thomas Sprou 
LioneU Hill 
Charles Smyth 
John Spencer 
Thomas Wefl( 
Nath. Portlocl 
Edward Marft 

N. Morris 
T. T. Biihop 
Samuel Ar-^hu: 
W. Dodderidgi 
Richard Brew' 
H. Vaughan 
Alex. Menzie.' 
Henry Barwel, 
J. C. Seaiie 
i^icholas Kemi 
C. Richardfon 
William Tayl( 
Henry Robert ; 
James Treveni 
Edward Riou 
J. J. O'Brien I 
Alex. Mouat 
Robert Macki< 
Henry How 
Robert Baley 
G. F. Ryves 
Hon. Auguft, 

H. Prideau3S 
J.J, Short,. jui 
Charles Bradil 
fn Smith (3) 
Wm. Beviansi 
Geoi Vancouv 
Herbert Saw7 
Edw. Burnab; 
George Keybv 
HenrjL Martir 
James Vofe 
Robert Gill 

t Faul4aior 20 

r Jenkia;; 
Sco/fia " 

\v Shells 

>earfon ^af!. 1 
Trowbridge i: 
;e Gv&f 
by Sheldon 
rd L-mzee 
rd Lv^e 

t Mnrray 

t Hefk€th 
•Macn&raa a 

IhamBiyar 1 
i iUiams (2d) c 
•Ifenwell « 
James JoJm 
,v^fl I© 

.j Uyb«ftbh T^ 
LewisCole t^ 
Mandeffo^ -z^ 

jjfackfoa 'Mar. 3 








lis Allifon 
ij en Norw^ood 3 
;! h BuUen 
i Dawfon 

.. Reid, Bt. 

El Bampton 

je Mcrey < 

I. WiUinjin 

( T4t ) 
John Bakc^ Mar. f^ 
William Hay 2 
Love Gonllable 28 
George Cowie 28 
John Smith (4) 30 
D. Menzies ^ffr 
John Holmes 
M. T. iit-rtf£tc 
George t'ield 
John CiiTok 
VV^illiam Cox: 
Jlobeft Ratfe^ 
John Cook (id) 
James -Akm 
Wm. •Lkitbeiy 
p'lgh^ Bene M^ 9I 
Robert Wi-igiic 

John Che/T-yi-e " 2# 
David Bam 2* 

Prter Ro'bmf()a 2$ 
S i c Ii. Hani foa a# 
G.W.A.Covrtnay zf 
D. Charlefiba t 30 
John B. Walton ^sf 
Wm. Hobbs ^%. ^ 
SajferySay^ rj 
Jehn Evafts r^ 

|. N-lsa-ftwi?^ i'^ 
Qfeaii-^ G-!€:y jt'^ 
Wn>. O/bom -^^t. ^ 
Wra. Mal^aef ■;( 
9}0bad. Newell (^) 4 
-George Davis g 
John Dix*^ 

'. r 






Williawn Hoggsa r6 
Thomas P^ae 1^ 
; "ftiomas A#eck 1^ 
W. H. Briibaae 
FVs iVf'O^-e 

l"h{^as ^ett z^ 


James Bantfe 
W lUam t<w«eU 
Henfy Smith'(-a') 
Rich. SimmomJs 
Sanittol CaWe 

Philip Saggott y. 

The. Pye Bc<*aeft< ^: 

WiUiatn Htioc it\Jjahn.^k(^ 

Jaimes Wall i<4 W m . MoAiatS^ 

J a Ero^.n{4| 2|;|6h&-St^€s 

II. W. 'Smi<3c ii W-akor Scow: 
'Charles Aj^efe6if» 25I |aii€s#madis[^^ 
Richard Daores z%\ rheo^T^h. tw^ 
\\'^\. HottttiTiiy 31! ^ofs Dorm^y 
Wm. R'ichan ^une q\ ^''illiam Edgar 
TIoft.A.Turnotirid Hay Forb^ ^S^ 
John 6i0vor ijiWm. Bkgli 5 
Chartes Maft^gafHi 45! kobtftt dei^jaid ^ 


ij John Edward^ 
Roher t Maeijles 
|n Wspe 

, Edw. Ftmi 

[lohn Bai^ftfley 
Cha. Aaderfon 
VViilriara Kest 
W. A. Thompfoa -^ ^ 
James Garftt?^ Sif 
s^ Tho^ias Reed zy 
Ghailes Styairt jt 
Wm.GoUis iNcwf.f, 
John Cle.tJents <«. 
Francis Wh0|iCl^ ]i^ 
.$teph« Oieqibttii^ c^. 




GfiQ. Grant tTov.i^ 
James Smyth 1 7 
G. P. Monke 17 
E-ichard St. Lo Ni- 
cbolfoii 23 

X5eorge Gilbert 26 
R. Plampin i5^f. 3 
•g. G.Warner 4 
Geo. Anih.Orton 5 
John Thorn 8 

X. W. Halfted 8 
Thomas Twyfden 8 
;John Watts 
:Edm. Nepean 
• W.Hugli Kittow 
Tho. Parkinfon 
Arthur Webber 

John "MznlGYyan. 9 
'Robert Dunham 1 1 
W.R.grought&n 12 
Hon. Cha. Jones 12 
'peter Webber . 12 
T. B. Thompfon 14 
John Fergudbne 15 
Wiiliain Patey 1 1; 
Sauiuel Cole 1 9 

R.Rutherford 21 
Thomas Lee 23 
Thomas J^nnis 24. 
Wra. -Walter Feh.% 
James Brad by 19 
2achariah Patch 
"Philip Pearfe 
■P.oberc Hall 

i'ohn Perkins 
ohn Crawley 
Lich. Skrymiher 
Carre Tiipper 
Richard Lee Feb. 28 
Rd Dawes Mar. i 
Alex. Gordon (2) 2 
John Whitaker 4 
William Davey 5 
Tohti 'Fleming 5 
*^Pg«^' Facey . 8 






t r4J 

Gi-ahmMoore Af^/rS 
Wm Elliott (2) 13 

Henry Evans 


T.F. Freemantle 13 
James Murray 15 
Wm. Read (2d) 18 
John Buxton 1 8 
George Barker 19 
Nich. Tomiinfon 23 
SirG.Farmer, Bt. 23 
Tho. Hutchinfon 26 
Thomas Synions 26 
Robert Rolles 26 
Samuel Bateman 27 
Da^'id Mudie 31 
Jofeph Shore Apr. 4 

A. B. Taylor 
George Mackay 
Rich. Allen 
Js Carpenter 
Charles Hare 
Hertiy Dayrell 
Wm. Anderfon 
John Fyffe ___^ 

J.Cook (2d) A^j>4 
George King 
F. G. Bond 14 

JaniesS«iith(3d) 20 
Samuel Mottley 30 
James Cox 3 1 

Ab. Seward yune 15 
C. Heighington 17 
Thomas Wade 19 
Thomas Yates 24 
James Share 72 
Banh. Roberts 
Piisl^ Juftice 
Js Fitapatrick 
H. C. Bunbury 
Wm Bentinck 
Ant. Ponfonby 
N.H.Holworthy 19 
Tho. Legard 19 
Ran. Tookev a?4 

Cha. Middle ton 
E.Ferritor ^i^g. 
Francis Brooks 
James Ward 
James Forbes 
Rt Lochtie Sep. 
Phil. Someiville . 
J« Cleland 
Wm Clements 
Dav. Richardfon 
Philip Lamb 
Mann Dobfon 
John Walfh 
And. Leflly ^6? 
W. V.Welland 
T.Chambers N« 
Hen. Light foot ' 
Harry Dawe 
S. Wickham T>. 
Wm Mules 
Owen Wiliiamr 
Jofeph Larcomf' 
John Brownell 
A. J. Skinner 
Tim. Wa'kins 
Jn Howden 
Rob. Blackett 
Hen. Spriddle : 
Samuel F.>x 
Geo. Hailes 
Nicholas FLatt Jf. 
F. P. Epworth }i 




( H3 ) 
ADMIRALTY-OI^FFICE. (Charing-Crors) 

.ords'Commiffioners, (7). 
fcouiu Keppel, Firli Lord. 
Salary, 3000!. a year 
Pigot,efq. Ld Duncanncn, 
Keene,efqrs. loool. each. 
cXPh. Stephens, efq. SccI 
John Ibbetfon, efq. 6col 
fi. at the Admiralty-Office. 
;rks on the Eiiablifhment. 
Parker, 2oolT.Fearne 1 50I 
W.Bryer, 120I C.Wright, 
ool J.Belfon, SolS.D.Bark- 
ham, 70I R. Roblnfonj. 6cl' 
her Cls. on the Eftablilhmt. 
m Gimber, Tho. Rite, \V. 
Gafcoigne, J.Frefhfield, W. 
jPearce, M.H«llin-vTGrth,R. 
jMaxweil, E. Baines,. Baf;l 
Maxwell, A. M. Raymond^, 
Tho. King, 50I each 
enchTranf. J.Bindley, locl 

^Iarine Department. 
,c. XPh.StephenSj.efq; 3C0I 
jlClk. Jn Ibbetfon, efq. 200I 
ti Clk. James Madden, lool 
l Clerk, John Bindley, 70I 
it.Cls.H.Pai-ker, G.Coonnbe 
.ymaft. of Marines, xCab. 
Steward, efq; Office in Gre.1t. 

Agent, GriiT. Williams, efq* 
Office in Bartlet's-Buildings 
Sec. to Commiffioners of the 
Longitude, Jn Ibbetfon, 8al 
MelTenger, W. Millman, 50I 
Ailiftantstc ditto, W. Down- 
ing, 40I. John Mann, 30I 
Porter, Rich. Hutchinfon, 30-1- 
Houfekeeper Eiiz. Bell, lol 
3 Watchmen, 20I each 
N-eoef.Wom. Elir. Butler, 30!- 
Gardener, John Tucker, 30I 
Infp. Rep.Jas. Arrow, 30I. 
Admiralty Court., 
Judge of the Admiralty 
-Sir J. Marriott, 800I a year • 
King'sAd.Gen. Dr.WWynne Dr.W.Scottji 3I 6s id ■ 
in time of Peace, and zooV 
additional in time of War- 
Counf. to A.andN. X fr. 
Cuft, efq J lool Solic. to. ditto, 
J. Dyfcn,efq ; 4C0I King'sPrco. 
X- P. C. Crefpi^ny, efq; Adm. 
ditto, G. Goltling, efq; Reg. of 
the Adm. Court G. L. Farrantj- 
Dep. N. Bifhop, M. Sv/abey,' 
Mar."WBiT>ugh, DepJCrickett 
Judge Adv. to the Fleet, Geo.- 
Jackfon, efq; icsp.da. Depj 
Tho. Binfi:eed, 8s per day 

N A V y-O F F I C E. (Crutched-Fr>-ars.) 
incipal Officers and Comimiffioners of his Majefly's Navy, 
with their Clerks, &c viz. 

I. Comptroller of the Navy. 
- C. Middleton, Bart. 800I. 
'■rh to ditto in his Office for 

ho. Davies, Chief Clerk, 180I. 
Rich. Preftwood, iiol. W. 
Peyton, 70I. Maurice Nel- 
fon, J. Mohringk, Thomas 
Coulfon, 60, William Fof 


ter, Thomas Evans, Ch. 
Wright, ]. W. Nelfon, \\\ 
Hunter,. 5CI. each. 
Temporary at 2cs. per Week. 
B. Maddern, J. Hughes., 
For Foreign Accour.ts, 
Geo. Hartweii. Chief Ok. 1 00!. 
Thomas Saame,G. Rainief, 
J. Hetden, 50!. 

( H4 ) 

^9P I 

e^ah is dim in his O^ce for 

S:ame?is Wa^fs. 
Gh^eUri, Beaj. HoU, iool. 

Fh- Thjoma?, E.Robe'Ctfoii, 
S.Haven,, F. Wi Hoik, J- Pa- 
vilion, B. SpUFTr y, J.Pic^- 

«:>s, G Hicks, P. E. Ottey, 
"W. Caffsl, J. SiTUM^fajjie;, 
F. Pettit, G. While, 50I. 

^tmdanf.niif^. 2.9I. 

2.. $Mriicyors of the lia'vy. 

§If fn.Wiliiajns, hat. aud Ed. 

Hunt, c-fq; Sccl. each. 
ijt.'Iljyi.T. IV!itebfeil,efq;3oel. 

nloreior Hoxife Ren?, 501. 
.^^L^^-g^z/vJ-n. Binmer,ef J ; zcol. 

more- iW IJoufe Reti?, 2eL 
CUrki to the Bur-ve'yurs: 
K. Bronsley, Ch. Gkik, xooK 

W.^5ins;7ol. H.Terr7,6cl. 


rick, Tho. Gv/iliim, Joha 

Cooke , Cha. N7-9 , f.ol.eaeh. 
Mxt,-fl R. Clayton. 50I 

3. C.^rii (^ri?,? ^^/i 
6^^. MiVFiJi . efej; 8©oU 
|z<i*f to ditifi. 

mej'e f®? Hojafe Rerit ^jol. 

-^.UrMsio the CU> A of the ^a^. 

IRofe. Gre|faa.Ci>. C^^-^, iSol. 
f. M.^Fgs'eibn, 8el. Jn. Ah- 
tire-vvs, 7cl. Charles Fofter, 
Major \Voolhead, T. Eerk- 
«nhead, R. A. Nelfon, 60I, 
Wjll. Walker, G. Balfton, 

&xteai:.:i.i. J.Waiker, InBates, 
W.CatteFjW. B»lvhyin, J. 
Anderfon, Rkh. Peters, 5 oL 

Temp' <^-'k- 'Kiagdom, 2cs. 

per Week. 

Clerk if the P^itimO^ce. 

Ck,A tj the M.eTnkfattC't Blj^: 
\i C hr.rles Holioway, 50^. , 

4. Compt. of Tiiajwer's Acct. . 

George Rogers, efq; 8ool ; 
G'.eiki to ditio. ;j 

O. Staader!, Ch^ef Ok. i^ ' 
Jonathan Dodd 95I.. }m 
Roberts, 75I. B. Sto\*, 6 
W. Tweedy, 50I. 

^x^a, R.Moni-s, 50!. 

TichtC^ht \tnder his Jafpe&i 

\V. Paynter, C.b. Clk, 200I, _ 
HuaieF^ zd da. 2ooi- "^ 
King, $0}. G.AsnoW,. 
Syasc, e. Wade, W. W> 
gel, 5<>h each, 

-S;«/.47;A;. ^ol. erxk h. B01; 
T. Miidg©, W. Stirling, : 
■5X.'is€emhe , T. lldrtfaF^,*: 
Piay-^r,G. Dayfti, W. Ho.! 
fen,. J. MafteFion, H. 
Wil'Ii.-tms. J. Alien, S. 
man^ J. BiTi.ce, A. Scti 
Rab. Ho m^ Jn. Colli 
Tho.Steppen, Fr. P'elli. 

Bosr keeper, T. Erringfoa, 

'5. Com.pi.rfVUiKaLlmg^ 
\¥m. Pai?[>er , e£q ; geoL 

ClfirirS to diit'o. 
T. Herrae, (M>hf Cih. lodt 
H. B^jin^t, — Bowyer ji 

6. Compt. of the Storei."/ ^. 


CU. tc diti.Oy Ok CI. Jn. Pk 

lopl .T. Bowden. W. C 

- man, J. B.tiley, G. Ja<^)l 

R.L.Davi s , J. 

K^mm, <;oi. eaetk^r-.'^ 

R. ilall, 50I. 

Extra. Co>fi»iiJ'. of the if^t 

7. SirR,TernpIe,B:. S. W|r 

e% J. Moi-^ray, efq?! 

CJs. tiSi' R. Tf-mpU^E. JPu?u 

S. ^khoifoaj 5q1. ea^^* 

(U Eikv. LeCraSycfj; James 

)tow, 50I. 
i^ to Samuel Wa/IIs, efq-, D. 

iteel, 50I 

Marine Defartrnint. 
\ Paynter,ri/^^/ Office, lool. 
','Davies,CW;/^'i Office, 60I. 
] , Preftwpod, dittc, 30!. 
j t, ling Lufon, extra, 50I. 

'M'engen, &'c. totheNwvy Off. 
j^'enger, Ja. Hayfom, 50I 
, :/;. Wm. Benge, 30L Edw. 

v\'iden, 20I. 

. h. ^ Aaend. W. Phill'ps -ol 
. V: -, Dun. Bayne, 25I mere 

or HoufeRenr, lol 
' 0. King, attends the Back 

3 ate at is a day 
. ■ifckeeper, Ifab. BarMey, 40I 

11 ore for Servants, 40! 
' omas Sabe takes care of 14 

Lamps, at5os each per ann. 
; Vatcbmen, at 12J a year each 

Deptfcrp Yard. 

ider the immediate Infpec- 
tion of the Navy Boari 
Officers of the Yard. 
i' ofChecque^ Ja.Butler Morfe^ 
aool and 5I for ftationary 
i Clerks, 

I Orton> 45L. J. Rolt. 
Pv. Knight, 40L W, Hales, 
35I. Jn. Smith, 30!. 
'^rtketp. W. Matthews, ,2ool 
and lol for ditto 
s Clerks, T. Aid ridge, 55I. 
Jas. Kemp, 50I. J. Morgan, 
J50I. Cha. Turner, 45I. And. 
jHatt, Step. Parrell, Edw. 
jjames Vaughan, 40I. each. 
/tf/.l5;?>//)7y. AdamHayes, 200I 
and 4I for ditto 
/s Clerks, W. Butler, 45I. 
fi«pry Pixon, 4CI, 

MaJlAittrJ. Eenj.Hunter, 200^ 

and 4I for dittj 
His Clerk, J. Barnard, 40!, 
Gl. of Sur-v. Peter Butt, zoot 

and 61 for ftationary 
His Clerks, 

J. Hales, 45I. T. Fiftier, G, 

Emmetc, Matthew "Finch^ 

30I. each. 
Maf. Shlpivrlgkfs Afftji. John 

Puckey, lool 
zd Ditto arid Majl. Caulker, 1 ool 

Edward Tippet 
Surgtof7, Wm Thompfon icol 

and two-pence from every 

Man in the Yard excepe- 

Boatfivajn, W. Limbery, {?oi 
Pur'ueyor, Benjamin Siade, 60I 
Maji. Maf maker, J. Dann, 3^.' 

per day. 
MaJi.BmibuUdcr, H.RogeK 3s 

per day. 
Mafi. Sailmaker, J, Day-j dittc 
MaJi.Jomer,1GxsLy, zs6Ci pertU- 
Majf. Hoiife Carpenter, James 

Abbott, 2S. 6d. per day. 
MaJ}. Bricklayer, J. Ghefler,' 

2S. 6d. per day. 
Mafi^ Smith, John Dal/orr, 3s* 

per day. 
Purter, Jolin Lynnj-jol 
Mefftnger, Edmund Jenkins 

Woolwich Yard. 
Under the immediate Infpec»- 

tion of the Na^T" Board 
Officers of the Yard. 
Ck.ofChccque,Fh'il. Soley, 2 ool. 
Store keep. Jas Clyde, 2 ool 
Maf. Shipiv. H. P.eake, 200! 
Affijiant,]. Bartholomew, lool 
zd Ditto and Majler Caulkerf 

Edward Sifon, lool 
CI. ofSurv. C. Hill Harris, I ool 


yorerean ef the Docle-yaid, 

Mr. Stephen Johns. 
HisDci^uty, Mr. Jagoe. 
Maft«r]Maft-?nak,er ,J. Buigle 
M- Boat-bui:der, J. Pavittbn. 
:RiJ. Sail-niak^sr, J. Moxiltlen. 
]^. Joiner, llooert Smart. 
M. Carpenter, J. Johnfc^n. 
;M. Brick-layer, Joleph Cox. 
Smith, Thomas Jan>es. 
CLofRop.e KU, J.Hounfonj, loo 
Ma/i ^5/f ?«,^.R4. Acklaad, i col 
Boaijivain, Jofepb Snlith, 8ol 
Vur-ve^or, }vhs\ Crois, 6ol 
Skirgsm, Edward Woo4, leol 

befides his tw o-p€nc©s 
Jfoyter, John Gr aharn, 30I 
MeJ/eag^r, JahnRuffel 




_Com3}2i£:oner Rtfidenfi. 

Charles Proby, efq; 500I 

laore for-PapciandFiirag, 1 %\ 
Ci^5 tf) dMio, W. SugdeAj. G. 
Pavis, 50I each. 
O^m of the YaM^ 
£1 (ifChcc<i "W.Campbell, ao.o 1 1 
Storek. J. Weatherall, 2col 
MaJ}. Simfm. N. Pliillips, 200 
CI. ofSu>-v. J. HamiltoR, 200I 
M^^.^«*ii£^.Magnus Fidconer, 

W.Haramoad^ :jocl each 
MSkifw.^£jJl }. NeHon,. lool 
%d DUi-o, Wm Payne, loot 
^iaji. CauM. W. Pesfee, lool 
CJ. of Rope fd. F. Fopefb, 100 1 
Maft. Mopsm. J. White, lool 
J^after Maft-maker,T. Cele- 

M. Boat-lsuildter, Gha. Keym. 
M. Sail- makes — Mo\M&n. 
Irf. Joiner, 

Mc Carpenter, J. Se«ehe?dea. 
*1. Brick-layer, J. "^inalt 
Smith, |ohn Kincatd'. 
jBoatJivaiity John Frazier, Sol 
fu-veyor, Wm X.eUle, 50I 

Surg. HughMackleralth, jic 

befides his two-pences 
Pcrier, John Adamfon, ^o\ 

SHE£I5.^"E3S YaRU. ' 

UM^" the. lafpedVioa of tl 

C^n^tniffioner at Chatham 

Cl.ofQkf. J. Williams, 150I 

Sio--dk^_P(r, 1^. Tate 150I 
Mafi: Skijiiu. F. Pollard 150 
Ci. of Siirv. S. Hodgfon, i,5(: 
Mafi,At:t:nd.^. Prowfe, 1 
Mafi. Shipios AJfiJi. and Ma^ 
Caulk. J. Frankland, 80I 
Boatfwain, 70I 

Surgeon, Robert Bellas, io< 

befides his two-pences 
: Porter f Nicholas Silver, 25! 

Capamlfftontr Mejidait. 
Henry Martin, efq; 5 col 

For Paper and Firing, i: 
Clks, John JefTery, 50! Jar 

Beezley, 40I Extra. Jt 

Madkfeil Poulden, 50! 
O^ce^rs of ike Yard. 
CI. ofCbecque, The. Snell, 2 
Storeiccp. Jn Greenway, 2 
iV%?.5i>z>w. G.White, 2c: 
C/'k of Surv. Jn Sowers, zo<. 
Majl. Attendant^ 

Jof. Gilbe.t, 200I each 
MofiSbipiv. Jl£ift. W. fi\ 

]. Trefry, lool each. 

Maf.Caulker,T.Rohcrt<if 1 

CI of Rope Yd. Ja. Ruffel, i 

Ma/l Ropemk. Pet.Martin 

[Boatpivain, And. Jefferies,' 

; Purveyor, Nicols, fe- 

Cbaplaw, Rich. Walter, M' 
Surgewy David Ramfey K 

looI befides his two-pei 
Porter, T. Butkr, 30I 

Gcyv. Henry Martin, efq; 


hrf^ Johti Bnialey,. lool 
cTvih^luJi.V. Hemmery, lool 
"aizv'iJgjMa/i^ J. Jeifeiy, rod 
rg. Ddv. Ramfcy Ktrr, 2o\ 

Pl Y M o u T H Yak d, 

ixira CoMmiJfioner Ryidoii. 
iward LeCrafs^ efq. 
rks, Joha Johns, 50I. J.JPe- 
lacomb, 40I 
Extra, Rob. Ellery, 50I 
'! Officers of the Yard, 
of CheeQ.u.e f^o\iVi Lloyd, 2go1 
vrtk. HQn. J. A. Pow.noll, 
[2 col 

'■^ijl ShipttK Jn Henflow, %oo\ 
ofSar'v. Ralph Pay He, 200 ; 
niitMaJifrs yittendanty Be.nj. 
I Hall, P.Robinfon,2ool each 
of Rope Yd. J. Scoct, lool 
J/?. Ropemk. Jn Linaee, lool 
■'M.Sk'tpiv.^j. M.Ware, loot 
' Diiio, J. Tovery, looI 
Xaulk.W, ColVmSy locI 
)af'iuain. Rich. JDutCon, 70I 
irveyor, Wm Andrews, 50I 
'ap.Eoathu'ilder, Ant. Manly] 
'aflrMaJimaker, H. Williams 
'7/?r Saitmaker, J. Rav/lingS 
'i2y'2r Smith, Win Lemyn 
^//: Robert Hughes, M. A. 
'^-ico'?, Rob. Mowbray, lool 
jbefides his two-pences 
. }fttr, Richard WhaPton , 30I 


k of Cbccq-M't end Storekeeper J. 

Geovge Lawrance, 200I for 

I fending the Downs Lift, 12I 

j s tado. y.Sayer, W.Hodgman 


&v. Off. T. Foxworthy, 95I 
jhouferent lol ftationary 5I 
kto ditto, John Heard, -;ol 

'^. Off. Dan, Taflell, 200I 
i Heniy Jeiikins^ 50I,- 

/ ) 



Storekeeper and Naval Officer^ 

Anchony Munton, 2oq1 
Cls, A.Dow,7olW.Seaman,5ol 
M. SS'ipiv. L>. Scarville, 200I 
M>-^-;&^cW. Aiex.Mackay, aooi 

Halifax, JS ova Scotia^ 
Com. H. Duncan, efq. 500I 

more for extra cliarges, 500. 
Clerks to ditto, H.TurnbulI, 50I 

extra charges, 50I W. Rulh- 

toft, 40I extra charges, 40 1 
Storekeeper ani Naval Off. G... 

Thomas,. 200I houfe it. 30L 
Oiks t-o ditto, Jacob Hurd, Sol 

R. Burns, 50I 
MrShi.piif- Z03JL 

jalary arid ftatlonctyy %vare. 

Clkto ditf-o, Alex.Anderfon, 50I 

MaJlAtScnd. 200I 

■ ^ 


Naval Officer a7id Mufler Maff,. 

Wm Fowler, 200I 
Maji Shipw. P. Wallis, iool 
Majier ^tend. m diit», J. Hoi- 

man, 200I. 
-— -f ■ 


Cowwiy! R. Lambert, efq; 500I 

Extra charges, 500! Houfe 

Rent, 150I 
M'ajler M.and Stdrekeefer, L. 
R. Allen, 200I Houfe R.5CI 
Clerh, G. Embleton, Sol R» 

Williams, 70I 
M.Sbip'iv. Alex. Innes, 2 col 

Houfe Rent, 30I 
Clk to ditto, And. Clarke,. 60I 
Ma/l Attend. W. Forfar, 200I 

B A R 3 A D O E S O/id Le t W A 8..^ 

Commf. Jn Laforey, efqj sooi 
Extra xhaifges^ 50CI ^oufe 
■Rent, 150I 


Treafurer of the Navy. Rt. Hon. 
Cha. Townfend, efq;2ccol 
Paymafler and Accomptant. 

Andrew Douglas, efq: 500I. 
Clerks for payment of Wages. 

In •Broadfireet, Adam JelUcoCj 
Sol. John Fennell, 40I. 

^t Portfmouthf Wm. Taylor, 
John Swaffield, 40I. each 

^t Plymouth, ]\j$ Lynch, 80I. 
>Vm. Hill, 40L 

^t Chatham and Shecrtiefi, Ja. 
Malpas, Sol. T. Parr, 40I. 
Extra Clerks, at 50I. 

E. Clarke, T. Farrow, Jofeph 
Swaffield, Alex. Trotter, Jn. 
Swaffield, jun. John Slade, 
jun. Chrift. Cooke, J. Cref- 
weU, H. Slade, D. Eafton, 
W. Taylor, jun. Tho. Fitz- 
gerald, S. Alderfey^ 

( 148 ) 
of the NAVY. (Ercad-Street.) 

Clerk for paying Navy Billi, 
John Slade, Sol. 

Ditto for ivrjting Ledgers. 
Fr. Cooke, Wm.Srayth, 80I.C 

W. Dilke, R.Walker, 50] 
Extr. Clerk, G. Fennell, 50L 

Cajhier of the Victualling. 
G. Swaffield, efq; 150L 
Clerks to ditto, Ja. Slade, 70I ^ 

John.Davies, 50I. ,• j 

Temp. Clerks at 20s. per Week.,\ 

G> Forfter, J. W. Gellibrand 1 

D. Bond, J. Fombelle, K , 

RadcUffe, A. Gray, J. 

Lawfon, A. Hiflop. 
Aff/7:Wm. Ward, i s. 8 d.perDal 
Porter, Wm. Gofling, 18I. 5s. 
Doorkeeper J Cha. Tweedie, 20 j 
Hoiifektepre, Cha. Inglis, 40I. 
Bargemajicr, Wm. MalTam, 6.; 

The Victualling 

Seven Gommiffion«rs. 

JONAS Hanway, Efq; Ac 
countant for Stores. 
A. Chorley, Efq; Brew-houfe 
Joah Bates, Efq; Acct. for Cafli 
James Kirke, Efq; Hoy- taker 
Jn, Slade, Efq; Cutting-houfe 
Wm Lanee, Efq; Bake-houfe 
M. Burgoyne, Efq ; Cooperage, 

400I. year each. 
Secretary, J. Watts, Efq; 200I 

Clerks to ditto, 
T. Wilkins, chief, lool. 
T.Pinkerton,.W. Gofling, 50I 

Extra Clei'ks. 
John Brady, R, Sotherton, J. 
Gofling, Jas Reaves, 50I. each 

Cafh Accomptant. 
Denham Briggs, izol^ 

Clerks to ditto. j 

Thomas Neville, chief, 60I 
Ex CI, I. A. Smith, P, JBsKry, I 

Office, (Tower-Hill.) 

E. Terry, 50I. each 

Extra Clerks, 
John Watts, jun. Rd. Sezrh, 

D. Baron, Mag. Faulk, R 

Fleettvood, EUio;, 

-- — Bailey,. 50I each 
Chief Clerk for examiningaij 

flating impreft Accounts. 
Wm Sayer, Sol. 
Jof. Hughes, clerk to ditto, 5 
Extra. John Boocock:, 

Bromedge^^ 50I 
Clerk for keeping a Charge 

the Treafurer Jn Smith, i\ 
Clerk to ditto, Ed. Green, > 
Extra. J. Prime, R. Swai: 

50I each 

Accomptant for Storey j 
Richard Henihaw, labl 

Clerks to ditto. 
Benj. Jennings, chief, 60I 
Richard Jlolt, . John ^^yj 


homas Cblirer, 50I each 
tra. H. Heflip, T.S.Smkh, 
[. W. Tonkins, W. King- 
lom, Jof. Hume, 50I each 
i rk tQ bring up accounts of 
^ores in arrears, James 
[ones, lool. 

]b. Smith,, his chief Clk 50I 
irras. H-Papps, C. V. Shat- 
veil, S. vVillianas, N. New- 
ni'.n, 50I each 

(lef clerk keeping a charge 

)n Purfers, and adjufting 

iccounts with Tranfport 

Mailers, Ralph CoUier, 8cl 

j Clerk, John Williams, 50I 

] r. H. E. Williams, R. Foo', 

,Vm Sturges, 50I each 
(. : of the iffues, J. Hume, 80I 
( rk to do. Jn Rickards, 50I 
3;ra Wm Tylsr, 50I 
( rk for liatin^ purfer's ac- 

ounts, R.S.Moody, lool. 
I hayd Birt, his clerk, 50I 
1 :ra. W. Bryan, 50I 
J:ii Cooper, J. Young, 8cl 
< rks to ditto, R. Miller, R. 

^dcock, 5oieaQh 
J:rat:odittQ, P.Barnes, 50! 
erk of the Cutting houfe 

s MoFrifon,. Sol John 
iughe?, his clerk, 50I 
Clerk of thi dry Stores 
f'hard Hatlt^y, STol 
Crkto ditto, T. Shore,. 50I 
1 ra Tho, Pitt, 50I 
-.'!erk of the Brewheufe 
' DFurnmond^ lool 
t Clefk, John Hume, 50I 
J . do. C. Bur f on, 50I 
I'tyWar. Lab. J.Apfey, 20! 
^'lua\ling Oihce ae Deptford 
1 '-\ Collier, aool 
C rk, Thomas Butcher, c;ol 
Jra Clerk, T. Simpfon,"5ol 
i^iifwaiins of Wharf at dia.o. 


H9 ) 

J.Furze,Ex. G.Stevens, 40I. e.a» 
Clerk of the Mills at Rother- 
hithe, William Painter, Sol 
His Cle k, W.DeLeflre, 50I 
Clerk of the Cheque, and Muf- 
ter mafter of the Work- 
men, &c. at London. 
Tho. Wheeler, 8cL His Clks., 
R. Eagnold, J. Bright, W. 
White wood, W. OuchteE* 
lony, 50I each 
Short Adowance Cierk. 
William Henlock, 50I 
His Clerk, Henry Lay, 50! 
Sur\''eyor, James Arro-\y, 60I 
His Clk William Coring, 50I 
Hoytaker, JohaSt. Baj-be, 6cl 
Jonathan Holt,, c). 50! J. Love.t, S. Silver, 50! 

Clerk at Tower Wharf 
Jof. StockS; 50I 
Boatfivainj C, Stapelfeld, 50I 
Maft buicher, Pvd Gyffoid, 40! 
Meff. & Porter, Rt. Perry, 20! 
Agent Vict u allers, &e» 
at the Out-Ports. 
Agent at Po R T s M o u T H. 

John Thomas, aool 
Storekeeper, Fred. Fofler, Sol 
CI. Che^. Jef. LiEtlefeld, 80L 
Maft.Cooper, John Reeks, 6 oL 

Agent at Pltmosth. , 

Dig. Tonkin, ^ool- 
Storekeeper, Wm Crees, Sot 
Clk Cheq. Alex. Gordon, Sol' 
Maft. Coop. Sam. Hunn, 60I 

Agent at Chatham. 
Tho. Moore Slade, 200I 
Storekeeper, Jn Burton, 50I 

Agent at Dovkr. 
Michael RuflTel, 2 col 
Storekeeper, Tho. King, 50! 
Clk Cheque, j. Wellard, 40I 


Agent at GiBRALT£R. 
Wm Davies, 250I 


SALT-OFFICE" (York-Buildings.) March 25, 1094., 

Henry Talboit^ efq; Sir John 
Grelham, bart. Oliver Til- 
fon, Milward Rowe, John ^. 
HiHerfdon, efqrs. 500I each W. Bacon, W. Barfi».-Km, 

Comptroller and Clerks. 
George Hall, efq; 35CI. 
Deputy, Nath. Gibfon 
Clks S.Ardron W.Greenwood 
Treafurer, Wm Inglis, efq for 

himfelf and Clerks, 43 ol 
Dep. Alex. Rennald, ef^q; 
^lerk, Johji Hull 
Billman, Apfley Brett 
Sec. Fra. Toplady^. efq; 200I 
Aflift. Sec. John EUlott, 6ci. 

Accomptant General. 
Tho. Ryder, efq; 200I 
His Clerk, 40! ^ 
Clerk to the Affift.- Secretary. 
William PalToan, 60I 
Sol. & CI. J. FolIett^_efq3:i5ol 
Correfpond. John Elliot, lool 
Clk to Correfp. R. Dalley, Sol 

Chief Ac. and Clk of Securitic 
Tho, M?itthews, 180I 


Sol. each 
Aflift. Cls. Tho. Bat. Wells, 7 

Cha Chrift. Fifher, 50I 
Houfekpr. Sarah Baker, loof 
Storekeeper and Clerk of tl 

Charity and Diaries. 
Richard Beauchamp, Sol ' 
Door-keeper, R. Lumley, 5. 
Meffenger, William Watt, 5* 
Coile6tor of London Port- 
. Samuel Warren, 70I, 

Afiiftant Searcher.; 
Samuel Sumpter, 70I 

Surveyors, 60I each. 
Francis Bill, Charles Burnet^ 
Boatmen,Jof.Lock, JnHill,:! 
Porter, John Hardy, 3 ol 
Watchmen, 25I. 
Wm Hv-ghf on,. James Tayl 

The Royal Hospital at Greenwich. 
GoviRNORS. — The Great Officers of State, and Perfons, 
high Polls under the King, &c. &c. 

23 Commissioners^ 

XSir H. Pallifer, Bart. Brod. 
Hartvveil, efq.- A. Hood,efij. 
W.Eden, efq. T. Brett,, efq. 
Sir Mer. Burrell, Bart. Jas. 
Stuart, efq. John Cleveland, 
efq. X Peregrine Cuft, efq. 
J. T. Savar/, efq. T. Hicks, 
efq. J. Barker, efq. George 
Marfh,efq. W.WellS; efq. 

X Sir William James, B; 
Rev. J. Cooke, J. Campb 
efq. Joah Bates, efq. Sir! 
Bickerton, Bt. X J- Dura 
efq; W. Allen,efq; X] 
Fonnereau, efq, J. Ha 
efq; W. Palmer, efqj 
Officers. _ 

Gov. X S'r H.Pallifer, bt. ic 
His CI. George Hartwell,. 
Lt. Gov. Btod. Hartwell, /i 

^•L Alex. Hood, efq. 200I . 
li Clerks, Edw. Boxley, 50I 
JlBurrell, 50I 

'ptains (4) 230I. each. 
. . Alhvright, 2. F. Lynn, 
3 '. R. Walters, 4. Jn Gore. 
iutenants(8), 115I. each. 
Liordon, H. Moyle, C. Bef- 

1, Rob. CaiT, Hen. Smith, 

It. Forty, G. Spearing, 

". Lurcock. 
e J. Ibbetfon, ef(j. FRS 160I 
1 ,'ls. Francis Cook, 60I R. 

omley, 50I 
\. . X Wm. Eden, efq. lool 
1 ;^lk. Wm. Fergufon, 50I 
iu . Ja. Stuart, efq. FRS 200I 
l] oi the Works, Wm. 

sv/ton, 5s. per day 
'} .Dr Jas Haffock, roa p. d. 
it:eon, Wm. Taylor, 150I 
\. laiits, David Story, Tho. 

irnarvon, 50I. each 
Denfer, John Pocockj 50I 
Manr, Wm. Wheatley, 30I 
' ilains, Rev. Dr. J. Cooke, 

3 v. Mr. Maule, 130I each 
it -ardj John Goadby, 160I 
iCls. Dan. Ball, 60I. Sam- 

orth, Malletrat, W. 

ill, 40I each 
- )f Checq. S. J. Maule, looi 
I. ks to ditto, Theod. Court, 

:i Geo. Smith, Ed. Smith, 

)ha Court, 30I each 

V t. Brew. S. Hickman, 6oi 
^latrons (3), 40I each. 

[vl. Burt, 2. Sarah Smith, 

Mrs. Collingwood.,, 
y )olm. Tho. Furbor^ 156I 
J inift, Lufton Ralfe, 661 

V Tenger, Wm. Cox, 30I 

^ -f Cooks, Rob. Troke, 40I 
.. Moore, 301- 

V e;, Johiifon, —— .— 

tl §iwh; «-i» Bwnt, ^i.*. 

r ) 

Kendrick, 15I each 
Sculleryman, Nich. Levet, 20} 
His Mates, Rt. RulTell, Alex. 

Orkney, 15I each 
Butler, Wm. Saword, 2 5I 
Mates, P.Lewis, Jas. Skeen^ 

151 each 
Porters, Jas Webb, Jn Scott, 

15I each 
Barber, John Mackanefs, i2l 
2300 Penfioners, 140 Boys, 

146 Nur fes 

Rkceivek's Office, oa 
Tower- Hill, for Greenwich 
Hofpital, where 6d a Month 
is paid by all Seamen in th^ 
Merchants Service 
Three Commiflionerj. 

CommifT. and Receiver, Tho. 
Hicks, efq. 300I 

His Clerks, J.Bryan, 50IW. 
Gray, 40I 

CommilT. and Accomptant, J, 
Cleveland, efq. 200I 

Clk to dit. H. Mattocks, 50I 

CommilT. and Comptroller, J. 
Beverley, efq. i©ol 

CI. to do. Cha. Eve, jun. 40I 

CI, at Cuftom-houfe to take an 
account of the daily arrival 
of Ships, Jn. Dalley, 50I 

Solicitor, Samuel Smith, efq. 

Houfekeep. Marg. Silver, 20I 

MelTenger, ^ol 

Commiffioners for fick & hurt 

Seamen, Office Tower-Hill. 
Commif. W.Earquharfon,efq. 

465I R. Lulman, J. Hicks, 

J. Walker, efqrs. 300I each 
Sec. Nathan Crow, efq. 2ool 
Clks. to do. Jn. Hunter, Jof. 

Stewart, John Spicer, Jof. 

Fry, 50I each 
Chief CI. for fick and wounded 

Seamen; Jof, Hefford, lool 


Clks. to dkto, Richard Lloyd, 
Peter Nettle, W. Harrifon, 
John Collier, Benj. Phillips, 
John Howard, 50I each 

Chief Clerk for foreign Ac^ts. 
Sam. Parfons, lool 

Clerks to ^.itto, T. Bincks, W. 
Fry, 50I. each 

Royal Hofpital at Haslar, near Portsmouth, for 
and hurt Seamen and Mariaes. 

CommlfT. V. Corbett, 46 5 1 
His Clerk T. Bowles, 50! 
Ph>iieian^ Jaties Lind, M. D. 

John Lind, M. t>. lool 
Surgeon, Edw. Young, 150I 
Ste^vard, John Merritt, lool 
Agent, John Underwood, lOol 
Difpenfer, N. Taylor, lool 
Afflftant ditto, John Hodges 
Chaj>i. Rev, R. Hudfon, 50I 

Steward's CI. W. Heweti 
Agent's CI. Dan. Reed, 
Matron, Martha Hewett 
Porter, J. ArundeU, 30I F 

man, W. Loney, 20I B; 

John Walker, 20I B:>. 

J. Motley, 20I Cook, T 

Walker, 12I Pumpg. 

J. CalUeman, 45I. 

phyfician, W. Farr, M.D.Z00I 
Surgeon, Francis G each, 150I 
Steward, Abrra. Jeffery, lool 
CI. to do. Geo. Cieather, 50! 
Agent, Samuel Day, lool 
Clerk to Ditto, Fr. Keys, 50! 
Difpenfeir, John Raggett, lool 

at PurMouTH. 
Affiftaat, W. RiehardfoK 
Chapl. Rtv, Jofias Foore, 
Matfc*v, Mary Parker, 2 
Biitler, Jofeph Netten, 2 
Porters, John Bay lis, 30I 

King, aol 
Barber, Rich. Hutching, 

EXCISE-OFFICE, Broadftreet. 1645. 

Commiflioners, lool. each 
D. Papillon, Brt. Lucas, Wm, 
Lowndes,W.BuiTell, LL.D. 
Stamp Brookfbank, John 
Pownall, Geo. Cha. Chol- 
morrdley, Cha. Garth, M, 
Whifh, efqrs. 
■ Secretary, 725!. 
Richard Gamoh, efq; 
ifl CI. Jbf. Steveens, efq; tool 
*d CI. Will- Jackfon, 60I 
3d CI. joriaSian XaivtOB, 40! 

General A'ccomptants: 
Goul. Bruere, Excife, 26 
Rich. V'aton, ditto, 250I 
Sara. Marriott, Malt, 25c 
]h Morri«, Hides, &c. z: 
JarriwS Webb, Soap, &c. 
Fran. Hooker, Coache;, 
John Rix, Auftions, 200) 
Servants Tax, RookeWel 

Accofriptant for Fine; 
Richard Pry therofe, 170! 
Acconjpts. tortdoft »r^ 


\k Hpldfvvorth, Jas. Ldw, 
p\ each 

!(3f the Bills of Exchange, 
1 Rix, lool 
■I Chief Examiners. 
" Vill. Lulli, i6ol 
r ahn Bromley, 126I 
^ 3hn Prieftley, nol 
'. fp. Barth; SyJkes, iSol 
f John CpUins, 12.0I 
yiift. Tho. Burton, 9.PI 

)itto, Moody, 9 pi 

erk, John Bifhpp, 90I 
I f the Diaries, B, Bottle, 

1' General Surveyors. 

'' arnes, J. Dewick, T. 

^ jper, J. Cooper, Wm. 

I -en, J. Betts, 145I. each 
-al Surveyors of Diftillery 
1 Brandy, lool each 
Finley, Henry Denton, 

■ nvy Cockfedge, Silvanus 
irm,^ Tho. Mois ; 

It nniners of the DiftilLery. 

i, Ifnam, 90!. W. Calvert, 

: Church, & J. Wetherall,; 

: ! €;ach 

)1 ntiiners of the Brewery, 
ams, 90I J. Perry, W. 
^U>r, D. Cahufar, R. 

Idlborough, & J. Pierce, 
iners of Soan & Candles, 
limore, 90I F. Neale, J.* 
-liolfon,H. Smith, 6clea. 
ilfnom, A. Thwaites, 
Harefceugh, 50I each 
of Glafs, J. Jackfon, 140I 
Licence, R. Foreft, 90I 
iJ, of Spir. Liq. Licences' 
i^oaches, E. A. Rix, lool 
!i:k of the Securities. 
1 Toller, efq; 
erk, Robert Hewitt 

53 ) 

Storek. Henry Sandys, liol 
Rec.-Gen, G.J. Williams, efq? 

for himfelf & Clerks, 2 e;op\ 
I ft Clerk, Edward Littleton 

Comptroller of Cafh. 
Sir Richard Temple, bart. for 

himfelf and 2 Clerks, 8ocl 
Infp.-Gen. of Coffee, Tisa, &c. 
Montagu Burgoyne, efq; 500! 
Infp.-Gen. of Brewery thro' 

England and Wales. 
J. Leefe, efq; 200I and los 

per day, when on duty 
Regiftertothe Commiilioners. 
Thomas Rider, efq; 450I 
I ft Clerk, Rob. Pritet^d, Bfl 
John Overall, 50I 
Solicitor, Spencer Schutz, efq| 
for himfelf and 2 Clerks, 6 lol 

Auditoi* of Excife 

Richard Stpaehewer, efq; for 

himfelf, Dep. and 5 Glerk% 


-Auditor of Hides, &c. 
Tho. Rumfey, efq; for huTV=. 

fell and 2 Clerks, 400! 

Comptroller of Accompts, 

John Butler, efq; for himfelf^ 

Dep. and Clerks, 142 5I 
Dep. Tho. Conway, efq; 4.00! 
ift Clerk, Ja. Brown, rzol 
Clerk of the piftribution,' 

Coipmiffioners for Appeals, 
Robert Coney, J. Cowflads, 

G. Chad, Dan. Bull, efqrs. 

200I each 
Reg. to the Court of Appeals. 
William Milton, efq; lool 
Clerk of Incidents, J. Purdue 
Houfek. Mrs.Cavendifh, 200I 
Deputy, Sarah The(iger, 120! 
Door-keeper, Ed. Cock, Alex.. 

Doratt, aaU Rd. Weaver 



ot-LECTORs of the Excise 
amftaple, Jof. Hurd 
JBath, Thomas Ball 
Bedford, Geo. Rowley 
Briftol, Benj. Fidoe 
Bucks, Simon Verlander 
Cambridge, Daniel Ritfon 
Canterbury, Simon Efdale 
Chefter, Thomas Richardfon 
Cornwall, Tho. Topping 
Coventry, John Bonning 
Cumberland, Marm. Clarke 
Derby, William Cowper 
Doncafter, Thomas Jeffres 
Dorfet, John Warwick 
Durham, B. Willis 
Elfex, }o(in Hutchinfon 
Exon, Miles Rogers 
.Cloucefler, Cook Watfon 
Grantham, Bartw. Davifon 
Hants, Thomas Collis 
iHereford, William'^mons 

Ifle of Wight, Geo. BartGn 
Xancafter, Jn. Eelfey 
Xeeds, John Crofts 
1-itchfield, Will. Green 

154 ) 

Lincoln, J. Kiitchinfoa 
Liverpool, R. Fawcett 
Lynn, Wm. Birdfwortl 
Mancliefter, Cayley Jofc^ 
Marlborough, Henry I 
Northampton, Jofeph '. 
Northumberland, Pr. C; 
Norwich, John Snelgro; 
Oxon, Thomas Young ; 
Reading, Wm. Pearce : 
Richmond, John Shaw ^ 

Saliibury, Wm. Boyd 
Salop, William Alexam 
Sheffield, John Sturgefs!' 
Suffolk, Rich. Powell 
Surry, Thomas Burfloi?; 
Suffex, Richard Lampei. 
Taunton, James Hawkn 
Tiverton, Samuel Hall 
Wales, Eaft, Philip Da-: 
Wales, Middle, John \| 
Wales, North, Simon P(i 
Wales, Weft, Thomas. 
Wolverhampton, J. Baj 
Worcefter, Thomas So<' 
York, llaac Pleifance 

L^l ef the- Officers belonging to the TOWEK of hOKDC 

Confiabh and Chief Gov. Lieut. Gen. Cli. E. Corowallis, 

Lieut. Gov. Lieut. Gen. Charles V^non, 700I. 

T)ep. Lieut. John Gore, Efq; 365I. 

Major Lieut. CoL John Parr, 182I. los. 

Cbapl. Rev. T. Cowper, 121I. i2S.4d. Phyf. Dr. Burgoinr 
kyns,i82l. los. Gent. Porter, S.Madan, 84l.6s.8d. Gen/.c 
Mr. D. Kinghorne, 70L Stir. M. Lewis Davies, 45I. i 

Cov. of St. Catharine's, near the Toiver, Edm. Waller, Efq^ 

His Majesty's 


Sir Robert Pigot, Bart, for 

himfelf and a Clerk, 450! 

Mafter and Worker. 

Rt. Hon. Lord Cadogan,- for 

himfelf and 3 Clerks, 6-501 

MINT, (Tower.) 

Compt. X Jn. Buller, e 

himfelf and Clerk, 3 

King's Affay-Mafl< 

Jofeph Lucas, efq; for I 

and Clerk, 225I. . 

Chief Engraven P 

I ^- ■ 

Js Pmgo, efq; 200I 

ijiigraver, Ral. Ocks, 80I 
.^lAffiftant Engraver. 

' Pingo, Sol 
;yor of the Meltings, and 

iClerk of the Irons. 
10. Selwyn, efq; for him- 
S^f and Clerk, 132I los 

ijaty, John Jones 

ilh Affift. to the Engraver. 

Sfen Fletcher, 40I. 

i of the Money Prefles. 

lit Chambers, 40L 

tjyor, John Vardy 
Auditors, 20I each 
'iWeipher and Teller, 
nice Morgan, forhimfelf 
id Clerk, 142I 10s 

55 y 

Deputy, Afher Jones 
King's Clk. and Clk. of the 

Paper, Wm. Dick, reel 
Solicit. John Vernon, efq; 60. the Comp.ofMoneyers 

afting as Eng. D.Kemp, lool' 
The Company, 40I each 
Warden's Dep. Ed. Lucas, efq; 
Mafler's Dep. W. Gregory ,efqi 
Comptroller's Dep. and Clerk 
James Morrifon 

Dep. to King!s CI. Norris;^ 

CI. to Warden, J. Twells, lool 
Clk to the Mafter, Tho. Day 
Porter,. John Kempe, 45I 

The Mafler's Aflay-mafter^ 
Mr. Stanelby Alchorne 
Office-keeper, S. Godfrey, 2 j 

vii Branch of the Office of Ordnance f Tower of London. 

Vifct. Toxvnfend, 1500I. 

K. B. 


William Howe, 
jL iiool. a year. 

Surveyor- General. 
y Courtney, Efq. 
ool. a year. 
Clerk of the Ordnance, ^ 
nph. Minchin Efq;. falary 
ool. a year, and lool. for 
Cheque onthe Store-keeper. 
J chep. Henry Scrachy, Efq; 

-Gol. - 

Clerk of the Del'veries. 
; oh Kenrick, Efq; 

Treafurer and Paymajler. 
Mliam Adam, Efq; 500I. 
i '-etary to the Majler General. 
^ Courteny, Efq. 2 ool. 
rMr Sec. to Majler General. 
nes Johnfton, Efq; 280L 

S cretary to the Board. 
iin Boddington, 5fq; 20ol. 
■£xtra. Qerk tOjbUto. 

a 2 

Rob. Crew, 50I. 

Clerk under the Majler Generafr 
Henry Symonds, 80I. 

Supernur»trary Clerk to iitto^ 
David Jones, 50I. 
Clerh in Ord. under Lieut. Gen, 
Alexander Mackenzie, 180I. 
Nicholas Witwer, Sol. 
ExtraCl. todit.'Fvdi.'DdmSf 50!^ 
Clk^ in Ord. under the Surv. Gen 

John Vidgen, 180I. 
J. Wooler, R. Forman, 
T. W. Clarke, J. Okes, 8aL 

Extra Clerks under ditto. 
J.Turner, J.Davis, V. J. Lloyd. 

R. Forman, jun. 50L each^ 
Super num. Jof. Wheeler, Sam. 

Lagles, John Angel, E. Scot, 

50I. each. ' 

Clks in Ord. under Clk Ordnance. . 
John Boddington, 210L 
W. Nettlelhip, 180I. 
J. Humphrey, Jof. Sparrow^; 
Jn. Parifh, Wm. Adams, OlifF 
Adams, S. Wakefield, Sol each 

Extra C'a-^s unJer dltfc, 
L. Miimford, G. Giles, P. 
Saunders, Rob. Maples, C. S. 
^ cmith, 50I. each. SuPermm. G . 
Clay , J. Barnouin, C. Cordery, 
Kt. Gray. C. Sawyer, Wil. 
3?rookfbank, S.Rayner, 50I. ea. 

C/eyksiK Otd. uKcicr Store keep. 

JohnfonRobinfony 180I. 

£. Crifp, T.Bay, R. Dickin- 

fon, 8cl. a Year each. 

Jbetra C/ks tivder Store keipet, 

B.. Steel, Edward Miles, John 

Thomas, 50I; each. 
^iiper. Tho. HofkinS Cutbufh, 
William Bentley, 50I. each. 
Cki'ks iff Of'dinayy undey' the 
Ckrks of the- Deh'-venes. 

W; Weaver, i^bl-P, Vditch,g6l . 
CUrfis ExtYiinrdir'ttyy unde't' the 
Ckrk of the DiViverii!. 
I I Walt. Yonge, J. Hardwick. 
f I* Supernum. Joacim. Dolge, 
Richard Welbank. 
j^jjijiants, Ed^vard EaftlaAd, 
James Slater, Wm. Spencer 
Sup. T. Cutbufh, J. Dolge, ::ol. 

Chrks in Ord. under the Treaf. 
Cuth. Fifher, Efqi Dep. TrcaJ. 
7 8g1. F. Hanrott, Clark Durn- 
ford, to\. each. 

Extra, ti Ditto, 
Anthony Frith, James Wright, 
Wm. Payne, 50I. each. 
SiipwrnurK. Wm. Ruddick. 
AJjiJlanty Edward Coleman. 
Cl.toGhuf En^'^rci.i:€% 70I. 

* Procf-tr.ajfers. 
Tho- Butler, Efq; and Lieut. 
.Robe, of the Artillery 20I-. 
Clerk of the Works. 
Thomas Hardcaftle. 120I. 
"Zlk cftbe Checqtie in the Tciver. 
Element Hcrtori, 8cl. 
Cierk in the Snail Gun Opce. . 

: M. E.Wilks, 60I. 

Pur'u.for Land, E.Sutton, i c . 

Superintendent of Tranfport 

T. ho. Dickinfon, Efq: 6s per 

Pur'u.for Sea, R. Webb, 4< 

j4JJiflanf Recorders. 
JnEoddington,JnHumfrey, I 

Council to the Ordnance. 
James Adair, Efqi; 3001. 

James Wy^tt, Efq; iicl. 
Armour. JnC'joper,45l. 1 2s. > 
Mafi. Fwrbiper, (vacant) 8 
Furhipers ^ Windfor, W. C, 
penter, Jn. Miller, z6\. tZ' 
Furbijh'er at HaiTipton Cou 

and at St. Jamles's. 
Jofeph Dddy, 6al. 
Mf^." John Dan. Lau^iin, 8 
7ft w. 2>W. Majl. J. Jones, 4 ' 
■ Slortk. ofSahpifre, E.Short, 6 
Jljiror.omicdi Ohfcr^-ator , Ri 
N'. Maflcelyne, DD. FRS. 1 
Modeller^ T.Butler, Efq: ic 
Affiant Modeller!^ W. Eatc 
73!^ Cha. Gilbert, 54I. 15: 


and Garrisons. 


Storek. Richard Veal, 180I. 
Clerk of Survey, J. lilake, 7 
Cl.of Cheq.F.Mathews . 54I i 
Extra. Clerks, B. Bullock, 

Sadler, John Peck, 3 61, r 
BarrackContraa. T.Matthe- ' 
Overfeers of Works, Hen. G 

lett, 91I.5S. G.Feldtner,; 
Store-k. John Cockburn, 16 
Clerk of Surv. N. Gampbe 

54I. 15s. . . 
Ck.ofCheq.W,Sanfon,54l i 
Clerk of the Foundery, Jan: 

Deleftang, 54I. 15s. 
Ext. CkF, A.Genet, Miles 5a 
fom,WChambers, 36I ics ea 
Ckrk of the Works. 

IBP- - ' V 

ko. Powrey, Efqj 6s. per D. 
rerfeer of the new Barracks. 
'. Latimer, Efq; los. per D. 

Infpeftpr of ditto. 
Bruyeres, Efq; los per D. 
jifpeft. of Royal Brafs Found. 
av. Moreau, Efq; los per D. 
leff. T. Edwards, 5s. p. Diem. 
RAVFSEND and Tilbury 

)hn Harrifon, lool. 
..Cheq.T.Mafterfon, 3s aday. 

ore keeper, John Parr, 140! 
erk of the Survey, Wm. 
,Saltonftall, 54I 15s 
[. of Cheq. W. Akid. 54I 15s 
,xtra. Clerks, 36I los 
'm David Ii-vvin, John Howe 
■rrack Maft. C. Vanderlaan, 
6s. per Day. 

orek. Wm Redfton-, 120I 
.. of Surv. RtAtkinfon, 73I 
k. of Cheq. W.Smith, 54I 15s 
x.Clerks,.361 lOS S.Forman, 
Tho. Parkins, and J. deader 

ore-k. David Jones, looL 
.;l.ofSui:v.WSumpter,.54l 15s 
•k. of Cheq. A. Long, 54I 15s 
xt. CI. John Hare, 36I los 

j;ore-k. David Jones, 8oi 
LofCheq. J.Richards, 3 61 los 

tore-k. Ed. Wilkes,. lOoL 
i'lerk, W. Sumprer, 54! 15s 
Ixtra. R.Wilkes, 36! los 
'lafter- worker, Rd Hall 90I 


jtore k. Wm James, 7s a day. 
|'l.ofSurv.J.ClowdeIly,54l 15s 
i'LofCheq. R.Coleman, 541 15s 
Extra. Clks. Wm Bate?) Geo. 

! Co^.veii ^a 103 

Store-Keeper at Edlnbur^ 
Benj. Bartlet, 9 11,5s 'a year 
Stirling, Rob. Alexander, 40I 
Berwick, J. Barrow, 40I 
Hull, Wm. Sherman, 50I . 
Chefter, W. Laurence, 40I 
Scarb. Caftle, Rd Sollitt, 5s 66. 

aday, and 20I. a year ho. rent 
Guernfey, C. Baldock, 40I 
Jerfey, T, Pipon, lool 
Pendennis, Eph. Smith, 40I. 
Fort William. W. Cleaver, 40I 
Carlifie, Geo. Blamire, 301 
Dover, Thomas Biggs, Store- 
keeper, 5s 6d a day. 
Overfeer, Tlio. Bigg, 5s. perp. 

Labourers at the Tower. 
Thirteen, at 26! each 
Stork-keepers Abroad* 
Gibralter,J.T.Savary,Efq; los 
CI. of Surv. J. St«ne3, 4s a day 
Clk of Cheq J.Bolton, 4s a day 
Clerk of the Works, Sam.uel 

Cockcroft, 4s. a day. 
Extra: Clerks, Edw. Bokon, 

Jas. Bolton, as 6d a day each 
Barrack Maft. J. T. Savary , 40! 
Minorca, W.Alcock, losaday 
Dit. Bar. Mafter, 120I a yeae 
Clks of Survey, Jas Brinkhurft 
Cheque, Jn Bullock, 4s. a day. 
Works, jfohnTinling, 4s a day 
Ext. W. Forbes, W. Littlefoot 
Surgeon, Alex. Small, 6s aday 
Jamaica, Rob. Benton, los 
Annapolis, Tho. Williams, 5s 
Placentia, And;: Lemercier, 6s 

St. John's, Newfoundland, 
6s a day ■■ 
Antigua, P.Alfop, 7s 6d aday 
Penfaccte,John Brown, Bar* 

rack-mafter, 5s a day 

Milit.BranchpftheOrdnan G 

Chief Engineer & Colonel, 
James Sron^^ro, Efq; 80 



Dir. ScLleutColonels, William 
Green, Math. Dixon, 3651 
^uh Dir. & Majors at 1 5s a day 
Matthew Dixon. Jn Archer , 
M. Gordon, John Brewife, 
Hugh DQbbieg. 
]^ngineers in Ord.& Captains 
at I OS a day, Lieut. Cols. H. 
Pebbeig, R. Dawfon, Col. 
W.Roy, J.Phipps, W. Spry, 
Tho. Baffett, Rob. Morfe, 
A.D'Aubant, Fre. G. Mul- 
cafter, E. Durnford, Alex. 
Mercer, Andrew Frafer, J. 
Engineers extra, h Capta'ns & 

Lieutenants at 6s. a day. 
Gilbert Townfhend, Archibald 
Robertfon, R. Pringle, J. 
Moncrief, J. Gamble, T. 
Hartcup, Gcth. Mann,W. 
Twifs, J. Wade, John Eve- 
legh, Mat. Pitts, W.Parker 
Sub-engineers, and Lieuts. at 

4s ^i a day. 
The. Hycle Page, H.Rudyard, 
W. Campbell, Skinner, A. 
Durnford, A. Sutherland, 
jjfefm. Durnford, B. Filher,^ 
t, Shipley, H. Hald^uie, T. 
W. Fyers, J. Chilcot. 
frad^itioher Engineers k En.- 

figns, at 3s 8d a day. 
X Skinner, J. i^- Douglas, 
jpKh James Robexton, Ja. 
tetton, V/.johnfton, W. 
^bfteman, J. johrifoh, Cha. 
Holloway, T.Whddale, J. 
^umfrey, J- Fiades, R- 
dockings, il.'Beatfon, R. 
.T[?Arcy, B. Slack, J. Lees. 
d. Bridges, L. Hay, W. 
JBVrch, J. Glenie, W. Mai 
Ion, G. PHipps, T. Smart, 

R.Dowfe.S. J. Dickons, T, 

Mfickclean, jn. RutherfoV. 

D. Liiwfbn, Ralph Lawii. 
Royal Regiment of Ai-ciiki 

in Ireland. 
Col, Cha. EarlofDrogheda, ' 
Col. en Second, Bern. Hale, '. 
Lieut. Col. Com. John Strattc 
Major, Richard Bettefwortl 
Chief Dir. Lt. Col. Tho. Pig 
Dir. and Ma], Cha. Callance^ 
Engin. in Ord. Capt. Charl 

Jarrat, Tho. Jarrat. 
Engin. Extra. Arthur Forth 

Royal Mditary Academy 

Governor, G. Vif. Townlhe] 
Lt. Gov. Major Stehelin, 25 
Infp. Capt. Dorfet, 200I 
ProfelTor of Fortification ai 
Artiller}'-, J. Landman, zc 
Profeffor of the MathematL 
Charles Huttdn, LL.D; F R 

2 col 
Claffic, Arithmetic& Writir 
Maft.Rev.WGr6en,MA. i : 
Draw. Mafter^, Paul Sundl, 

i^olMr. Davies, lool. 
Ff. Maft. F. Huguenine, ic 
Fencg. Maft. Mr.Mollard, i c i 
Dancing Maft. G: Ware 10 . 
Clerk to the Academy, Ca , 
1 Chapman, 4(;1 I2S 6d 
Modellers, Thb. Pbwrie,2S 1 

per day 
Geo. Short, 4s dkto 

Laboratory at Woolwich. 
Hbn. Col. Jorifes, 700I 
HisD. Maior Congreve 35 . 

Chief Fire Mafter, 

Cai^t, Sani. Tovey, 500I. 

Fire-Mafter's Mate, 

Capt. Thb. Sutton, 250I. 

Clerk, George Ayr'es; 200I 

D. Hen. R&reman, icoi 
a Gierk, W» Pollock 
:er Clerk's 

j Hare, Cha. Lewis Okes. 
•penter, J. Turribinl. 
)t. Bioomne,ld Superhiten- 
lattt of the Foundexy, 500I 
Clerk, Jo^in Orlobar 
lookham, icol 


ith and Founder, William 



FixMiher, \Vm. Ti^&f. 

J. BuUockj Boiikb. 3s 6d a day' 

f. Wright, Olilcer-keepft' lo 

the Ireafurer, 26I. 
Geo. GUpin, Lab. to the Ob- 

fervatroiy at Greenwich, 26! 
Eleanor Jchnfon, Houfe-k. to 

the Office in the Tower, 50I 

Royal Military Repofitor}', infticuted Anno 1778. 

jerihtend. of Military Ma- 
.;hitles, Capt. W. Congreve 
afifrhan to Capt. Congreve, 
[. Read 

Mod. L. Galchlin, 4s per Diem 
Clerk, Rob. Hutchinfon, 3s 
4 Non-commifiioned Officers 
and 2 Labourers 

Mafritime School, Chelfea, on the Banks of the Thames, 
aituted in 1777, for educating young Gentlemen to ferve ai 
Officers in the Royal Navy. 
Thofe marked R.N. are Officers in the Navy. 

■eJtJtni. His R. H. the Duke 
of Cumberland R. N, 
■cePnJdtnts, D of Bolt«n,RN 
Earl Spencer, Sir')'. Frank- 
iland,B:. R.N.J. Thornton, 
Efijj E. of Winchelfea, Ld. 
(Darsrey, Sir J. Andrews, Bt 
'Brook Watfon, Efq; 
eafurer, Jonas Hanway, Efq; 
with a Committee of 40 
gentlemen, chofen from a- 

mongft the Governors. 
Superintend. Lt. J. Ides Short. * 
Matron. Mrs. Short. Maihema- 

t'.cal MajL Mr. Ifaac Dally, 
French Maji. Mr. Henry Fox, 
Drawing Maji. Mr. J.T. Sores, 
Military LiJiru^.MxB. Mackay 
. BoatpMairiy]. Smith, a veteran 
feaman. Surgeon, Mr. W. Bli-r 
zard. Apothecary, Mr. Rob. 
Sherflon. Sec. Mr. John Pugh. 

^mraiffioners and Officers of the Royal Hofpital at Chelfea, 

Gommiffi oners. 
p H E Prefident of the 
*■ Council 

rft Lord of the Treafury 
wo Secretaries of State 
jymaft.-Gen. of Land Forces 
;cretary at War 

' Two Comptrollers of Array 

The Gov. and Lieut. Gbvemor 
Dr.Mounfey, F.R.S. phyf. lool 
Rob. Adair, Efq; furgeoh, iod2 

Alexander Reid, Wm Kortlj 

T 16 

Apoth.Ric.Pvob. Graham, Efq; f 
Trafs-ma-ker,, Alexander Reid 
Ti'taf. Paym. Gen. of the Land 

Forces for the Time being 
Deputy, Hon. Frederick Vane 
Clerk,, Charles Hr iris 
Sec. and Reg. H.Walpole, Efq 
Clerks, Jn. HufTey, Jof. Lynn 
Agent and Paymait. to the otst 
Clerks, • S. Hawkfworth, 
Thomas Hammond 
Cha.Cooper, efq; comptroller 
Perc. Beaumont, Efq; fteward 
Fr. Dav. Pittonet,. whitfter 
Pet. Gauthey, wardrobe-keep. 
Emanuel Burnet, m.alter cook 
Hugh Falconer, J. Carrington 

John Morris, xander cooks 
Mihtary Officers. 
X Gen. Sir George Howard, 

K. B. Gov. 500I 
Lieut. Gen. B. Hale, Lieut. 

Governor, 4.00I 
Capt. William Bulkeley,. maj. 



Lewis Grant, adj. icol" 
Rev. Wm Jennings, Rev. Tl| 
Comyn, chaplains, loolj 
Beaj. Jones, mafter butler 
James Capp, fecond butlc 
Mr. Campion, mailer bakej 
Rt Adam, F. R. S. elk. of wf 
Edw. Anderfon, mallermj 
John Davis, mafter fmith 
George Barrett, painter 
Jeremiah Devall, plumber I 
John Davis, engine-keepei 
Mr. Fictei-, clock-keeper 
Tho. Broadhurft, gardener] 

F. Gander, maft. lamp ligl 

G. Church, compt. of coal] 
Mrs. Sufanna Powell, mat? 
George Church, porter 
John Lucas, mafter barber 
Benj. Lucas ,fculleiy man 
John Gregory, fexton 
R. Dobbinfon, ulh. of the 
W. Brett, can al-kee p. &turr 
R. Barnes, Cellarman 
Jof. Durant, and John Godi 


CiNQjJK Ports. 
lioyd Warden, and Canftable 

of Dover Caftle,. 
XLord North, K. G. 
Lieutenant, The. Beft, Efq; T.BatemanLane,Efq j 

Captain of Deal Caftle, 
j^arquis of Carmarthen 
y aptain of Walmer CafUe, 
William Scot, Efqj 

Captains of Sandgate Ca^ 
X WiUiam Evelyn> Efq;: 
Captain of Archhffe Fort, 
James Hammond, Efq; 

Capt. Moats Bulwark, 
John Latham, Efq; . 

Regifler of Dover Caftl 
Mr. Tho. Lane 
Chapl. Rev. Dr.Hollingb^ 
Sec. James Waight, Efq; 

31 Elder Brethren oftheTrinity-Houle, Water- lane, Towci 
2749 EARL of Sandwich, 

Capt. John Barker 

Capt. Charles Pigot 
1754. Cap. John Jolly 
1765 Capt. Gilbert Slater 
17^6 Sir Geo. Pocock, K. B. 
J 767 Capt. John Pickett 

Ld. Vif. Keppel, Mafler 
,768 D.ofMarlbgroughjK.G. / 

1769 X Sir William Jans, 
Bt. F.R.S. Dep. Mb 

1770 LdVifc. Weymouth, 3 
X Sir Hugh Pallifer, f. 

1 7 7 1 X RtHon. LdNorth, j 
1774 Capt. JofhuaMauge 
Capt. Michael Jamc 

XCapt. Aiithony Eb n 

( ^6I 

,- c X Capt. John Durand 
'I Capt. John Travers 

6 Capt. Jn. Barth. Lanty 
Capt. Timothy Mangles 

8 Capt. John Addifon 
V Capt. George Burton 
4 X Rt. Hon. Ld. Mulgrave 
|j'9 Capt. Anthony Calvert 
;•! b Capt. Thomas Brown 
! ! I Capt. Robert Prefton 

Capt. Willian:! Davis 
Earl of HiUborough 
Capt. Hertor Role 
- Sir Cha. Middleton, Bt, 
*Vice Adm.Geo.Darby^ 
Mr. Charles Wildbore, Sec* 
Fr. Woodhoafe, Efq; Counfbl ' 
Jn. Thoihpfon, Efq; Solicitor 
D.Court, J- Savage, T. Althrop, 
Edward Smith, Clerks. 

'■(usTEES of Sir John Mordeti's College, at Blackheath, for 
■' decayed Mferchants. — Meet at Batfon's Coffee-Houfe. 

jonh Free, Efq 

ji luel Smith, Efq. 
jIVmEu^er, Efq. 
jjies Lee, Efq. 
Inuel Eofariquet, Efq. 

Treafuyer, T. Bennet, Efq. 

Rev. Mr. Mofes Browne. 







lib' and Huiit% 






! tlandfhire, 
( "bpfhire, 
j nerfetfhire, 
Tordfhire, . 

the feveral Counties, for the Year I7!?3. 

}AMESPartey, of Reading, Efq; 
John Dilly, of Southill, Efq; 
David Devifme,, of Great MiiTenden, Efq; . 
J. Orfeur Yates, of Skerwith Abbey, Efqj 
Davis Davenport, of Canefthorn, Efq; 
William Vachell, of Hingefton, Efq; _ . 
Chriftopher Hawkins, of Trawithen, Efq; 
Fran. Rofe Drew, of Grange, Efq; 
Fran. Jn. Browne, of Frampton, Efq; 
Sir Ed. Every, of Eggington, Bart. 
John Godfalve Crofle, of Eaddow, Efqj 
Jof. Roberts, of Clapton Lane, Efq; 
Robert MaCkay, of Tewin, Efq; 
Tomkyns Dew, of Whitney, Efq; 
Henry Hawley, of Leyboume, Efqj 
C. Loraine Srnith, of Enderby, Efq; 
Sir Jeriifon W. Gordon, of Brandon, Bart. 
Elifha Bifcoe, ofDixton, Efq. 
W, Hargrave, of Shawden, Efq; 
Michael Wodhull, of Thenford, Efq; 
Sir M. Browne Folkes, of HilUngton, Bart. 
John Gilbert Cooper, of Thurgaton, Efq; 
Sir Greg. Page Turner, of Ambrofeden, Bt 
John. Bellars, of Seaton, Efq; 
Ifaac Hawkins Browne, of Badg^, Efqj 
Peter Sherfton, of Wells,- Efq; . 
Richard Gildart, of Norton, Efqj 





\Va wickfhire, 

















( i60 ^ 

Robert Trotman, oF Ipfwich, Efqj - 
W. Powlett Powlett^ of Sombourne, 
Henry Boulton, of Leatherhead, Efq 
John Norton, of Southwick, Efq; 
John Neale, of AUefley Fark, Efq; 
Jonathar Pytts, of Kyre, Efq; 
Tho. Hulfey, of Fifhercon Anger, Ei 
SirRob.DaicyHildya d, of Wineftead 
Tho. Meredith, of Brecon, Efqj 
John Davis, of Traufmaur, Efq; 
John Beynon, of Duffryn, iEfq; 
Wm. Kemys, of Ynyfarwa, jEfqj - 
Tho. Wright, ofPopehiil, Efq; 
Thomas Price, of Glafcombe, Efq; 
Morgan Jones, of Skerries, Efqj 
Tho. Afhton Smith, of Vaenol, Efqj 
Charles Goodwin, of Burton, Efq; 
George W. Prefcott, of Hawarden. 
Robert Evans, of Bodwenni, Efq; 
Wm. HumfFreys, ofLlvvyn, Efq; 

Jas. Bindley, W. BaiUey, W. 
Waller, G. J. Cholraondley, 
Rich. TickeU, John Byng, 
efqrs. 500I 
Sec. John Brettell, efq; 300I 

. Receiver-General. 
Jn. Rofs Mackye, efq; 600I 

Patrick Brydone, efq; 400I 

Secretary's Clerks. 
Cha. Edwards Beresford, 130I 
Humphry Haydon, 70I 
Thomas Brown, 60I 
William Kappen, 6cl. 

• rrWard, 50I 

Receiver-General's Clerks. 
James Dugdale, 140I. Francis 
- Fludyer, 60I Geo. Thring, 
60I John Tilby, 60I Peter 
Hartj. 60I William^Corke, 
50I and as Clerk of Ap- 
prentices Indentures, lol. 

(Stamp-Office, Lincoln s-Ie 

Comptroller's Clerks. 
John Lloyd, lool. 
George Longcroft, 60I. 
Robert Thompfon, 60I 
Jn. Beck, 60I R. Wheelei 
Correfp. Richard Hate, i 
Accomptant Clerk. I 
Ben. Radcliffe, lool 
Afiiflant, Wm. Griffin, 
Teller of Stamps. 
C. E.. Beresford, lool 
Affifl. Tho. Cha. HudfonJ 
Solic. G. Crawfui-d, efq;] 

Clerk of the Securitic 
James Royer, lool 

Regifterof Warrant^ 
William Allen, efq; i^ 
Affiftant, Peter Gloffop,] 
Warehoufe-k. of unftai 

Goods, Tho. Clarfon, 
AfHflant,, John Hunt, 5] 
Wareh.-k. of flamped G 

Geo. Whatley, efq;-2« 

63 ) 

Rolling-Prefs Office, 

50I. . 
Billman, W. Gaywood, 50I 
Ghamber-keeper,R.King, 50I 
Porter, Francis Mollifon, 40I 
Meffenger, 30I 

a Watchmen, ar 30I. each 
Entering Clerks of CarJs 

and Dice. 
Samuel Prit chard, 50I 
7 Surveyors to ditto, 45I each 
One flitto, at 60I. 
Markerof Diceand Engraver, 
Thomas Major, 50I 
Regifl-er of Pamphlets. 
Robert Harris. 80I 
Affiftant, H. Claridge, aol 
3 Infpedtors of ganiing-houfes, 
at 20I each. 


4E-LiCENCK Branch. 
Gibbs Crawford, efq. 60I 
;er, Rich. Turner, lool 
Licences ,WBennet, i col 
. CI. Wm. R. Duill, 50I 
rlnfpeftors, col each. 

Hawkbks and Pedla 
i^ommiffioners, (3.) 
^Turner, HumboRigby, 
Beaumont, efqrs. lool 

er,Fr. Stewar ', efq; lool 
tor, James Beft, efq; 50I 

Clk, Sam. Warren, 50I 
I tClerk, Wm Smith, 50I 
ig Surveyor, Tool each. 

Hewit, John Fenwick, 

Daniel Cais, Thomas Howfe, 
John Gill. John Jacques 

Regiit.andCompt.of Apprent. 
Duty, J. Bennet, 150I 

His Clerk, Henry Alleyne, 50I 

Entering Clerk, J. Hart, 30 1 

R.S Office. (Gray's-Inn.) 
I W. Gwillim, G. W. Grove, 
R . Ainw i ck, J. A. Buchanan, 
Rt.Robeitfon, Cs. Herbert, 
Rt. Bint, Thomas Moore 
Supem. R. Wetherelt, lool 
Surveyors in London, and ten 

Miles adjacent, 50I each 
J. Woodman, P. Smith, Mo-> 
fes Vernon, Al. Robmfon, 
■ John Stow 
Houfekeep. Sarah Lucas, 301 

See for Hackney Coaches and Chairs. (Somerfet Houie 

Commiffioners, (5.) - .• • -- ~ 

okfon, J. Soley, R. Cap- 

!r, William Douglas, Jac. 

ynardfon, efqrs. aool ea. 

iv. Ed. Moore, efq; lool 

Ed; Moore, efq; lool 

Solicitor, Matt. ChefTall. 50I 
Houfek. So. Johnflon, 50I 
McflT. Rob. Williams, G. Ed- 

m.unds, JqC Hillif r, 47I. ea. 
Street-keepers, 42I each, Johii 

Walker, and Jof. Marfhall 

k& Geo. IIL Che GemmiiHonc-s are impowered to licence 

'( r64 ) 

1000 ffcckney-Coachmen, and every Proprietor lifit 
weekly Sum of 5s to the Receiver at the DfHce every! 


"^ Bedford, X Earl of Upper 

1 OlTory 

1 'Berhy Duke of St. Alban's 

Bucks, Earl Temple 
1 Cambridge, Earl of Hardwicke 
C Chcfitr, Earl of Stamford 
C Convwall, Vifc. Mount Edg- 
C ■ cumbe. 

I Curriberlandy X Sir James Low- 
r ther, Bart. 

Derby, Duke of Devonftiire. 
i Dc'von, EarlPoulett. 
C Vorfet, Lord Digby. 
I Durham, Earl of Darlington, 
r Lord Lieutenant. 

IPi 'Do. Bp. of Durham, Cufi.Rot. 
jR Ejj'ex, Earl Waldgrave. 
"^ Ohucejier, Earl of Berkeley. 
\ Hereford, X Vifc. Bateman. 
J Heriford, Earl of Saliibury. 

Huniingdofi, D. of Manchefter. 

/vc;2/, Duke of Dorfet. 

Lacajhire, Earl of Derby. 
S Leicejler, Duke of Rutland. 

Lincoln, Duke of Ancafter. 
J Middlesex, Duke of Northum- 
p Monmouth, Duke of Beaufort. 

Norfolk, Earl of Or ford. 
C Northampton, Earl of North- 
I ampton. 

•J Northumberland, Duke of-Nor- 
% thumberland. 
.> Nottingham, Duk^ of New- 

J 0^or</, Duke of Marlborough 

Rutland, Earl of Winchellea. 

'Salop, XLord Clive. 

Somcrfut, X Lord North. 

Southampton, Duke of BoUon. 

'Stafford, Earl Gower, 

&c. /;2 England fl«i ^yi 

Suffolk, DukeofGrg 
Surrey, Lord Onflow^ 
Suffex, Duke of Rid 
Warnvick, Earl of He*i 
W^Jimore^land, X -Sir] 

Lovvther, Bart. 
WO/zj, Earl ofPembrc 
Worcefltr, Earl of Cov 

Yorkjhire, Eaft Ri 
Marquis of Caermartt 
and Cuftos Rotuloruil 
Yorkjhire, Weji Rl 
Earl of Surrey. 
. X'^f'kjhire, North Ri^ 
Earl Faucjnbeig, Lor 
tenant and Cuftos 
Toiver Hamlets, Eail 

Anglefey, Lord Paget. 
Brecon, X CharlesMor^ 
Cardiga7ijhire, X E.of Lij 
Caermarthcn, J. Vaughl 
Caernarvon, Vifc. Bull 
Denbigh, X Richard 

ton, Efq; 
Flint, X Sir Roger 

Bart. Cuftos Rotulo! 
Owen SalufburyBreret(j 
Conftable of the Ce 
Glamorgan, Earl of j 

Merioneth, X Sir Vi7"atk| 

liams ^Vynn, Ba^t. 
Montgomery, Earl of Pc 
Pembroke, X Sir Hugl 

Hat'erfordivefl, Lord- 
Radnor, EariofOxfo^ 

C ^65 I 

The Staff of the Army in AMERrcA. 
U MM^NDERS In Chief y Gen. Frederick Haldimand, 
and Sir Charl. Gray, K. B. 
■jtant- General, Lt. Col. Oliver De Lancey 
■ity-jlJjutant-Generaly Major Malcrilm Ram fay 
rter-MaPier-General in New Tork, Brig. Gen. Abercromble 
uty-^uarter-Ma/ler-Ge7ieral at Ncj; Tork, ^l3.]ox Brucn 
'ier-MoJiey-General, Lieutenant Col. Sir John Burgoync 
'.ofBri<rade,]\\, Small, A.Ph.Skeen, Th.Moncrieffe,efqrj:, 
yack-MapT -General, Col. WiViiAmC^oihiQ 
'ge-^'lihocatey H. T^ Cramahe, efq. 
m'jU'ary-General of the Mufters, James Pitcher 
miff'. 'Gen. of Stores and Pi'o'vjfotis, Peter Paumier, efq. 
vcft'Marfhall, Mr. Cunningham ' 

W A R - O F F 

Secretary at War. 

RT. H. Richard Fitz 

Other Clerks, 
rman Leece, Cha. Marlh, 
^eonard Morfe, F. R. S. 
ohn Davis, Seb. E. Chan- 
ting, AndrewClinton, The 
aas Hume Bowles, Z. R. 
Taylor, William Clements, 
fames Weil-, Ch. Plender 

ICE. (IVbiteball) 
William Dods 
Vaymafer of IVidoivs Penfons, 
Hon. Henry Fox 

Examiner of Army Accounts, 
Z. R. Taylor, Efq. 
Supe'atlenda72t of Embarkation, 

Baillie, Efq. 

Affijtant, Geo.Collings 
MeJJenger^ Wm Stacey- 
Offiee-kespcr, Mrs. Ann Fannen 
Necejfary PFoman, Eliz. Green 

^ ^e «/Paymafter General of his Majefty's Forces. Whitehall. 

Pay-mafter General, 
^r\ T. Hon. Edmunc' 
IV Burke. 
,:{y. Richard Burke, Efq. 

Richard Champion, Efq. 
•ompt. Ch. Bembridge, efq. 

OS. Bangham, Efq. 
Zornputet cf Off-rtckonings. 
:hd. Molefworth, Efq. 

Capier cf Half-Pay, 
iJG.Crauford^ Efq. F.R.S. 
Ckrk,G. C. Utffe 
fks Da. Thomas^ Keenc 
Jtables, Da. Paleret .Pete 
Burrell, R. H. Bradleath 
haw, J. See; 1 cnfon, Harn' 

Keeper of the Stores, P. Burrel 

Office-keeper andMefJengerj 
William T mlinfon 
Dep. Mcff. James Barker 
Houfe-keeper, Martha Seymour 

Gibraltar, "Wm, Slooper, efq. 
Na'va ^'cofia, G.J. Williams, efq. 
^fi^ff,CharlesBembridge, efq. 
Montreal. Tli. Boone, efq. 
Loui/hourg, Peter Ehvin, efq. 
New Tork, Dean Poyntz, efq. 
Dep, Paymaft. to Forces in tht 

Weft-lr.d. IfaacPhiyps.Eicj. 
Dep, Pavmaj}. in the Eaf:. Tnd^ 
W. Rmke, Efq. 

P Genera 

[ 166 ] 

Goieral and Staff-Off.cer$ In Great-Britain* 
Commander m Chief . \Sitrg. Gen. Robt. Adair, 

ightHon.Gen. H.S.Convfayl apothecary Gen. Geo. Gar 


jid'yMant- General, 
Maj. Gen. W. Faucett 

Dep. Ad]ut.-General, 
Lt. Col. Adam Williamfon 

S^uarter Majier Getieral, 
Maj. Gen. George Morriion 
Dep. S^uarter-Majter General, 
Col. R07 

Pav-Mafier General, 
XRt. Hon. ifaac Barre 

Commijf. General of MnftcrSf 
X Thomas Bowlby, efq- 

Deputy Cnmm'ijjary-Gentral, 
Welbore Ellis Agar, efq. 

S':x Deputy Comrniffarus. 
Chrk, John A. F. Hefle 

jlitd^e jld'vocate General. 
><&ir Charles Coukl, Knc 
Deputy yttdge. Ad-v. Genera], 

Fhyfie'im General^ 
Tit. D. Monro. 

Tirum Maj. Gen. C. Stuart, 
North BestainI 
Commander in Chief, Lr. 

Alexander- Mack a^v 
4djut. Gen. X Maj. Gen. SkT 
Bep.Adj.Gen. Lieut. Col. J a 

■Ban-aek-Majter General^ >;ir 

Heflur Munro, K. B. 
Judge dv. Sir |. Dunbar, t. 
'Bag. Maft. X Maj. G. Ske 
Comptrollers of Army Accou 7 
Henry Bunbury, efq. and ir 
i JohnDick, Bart. 75ol.£h 
Secretary, Tho. Fauquier,3)l. > 
Vlerks, Robert Quarme, 1- 
- vid Crowe, Wm.Walml i^, 
SajTi. Hays, WilliamW e, 
Office Keeper, John Brown 
f^cffcnger, John Brown 
Wecejfgry JVom. Mary BrOiJ 

Z.f/^ o/" A G E !N T S, and' their "ITabitaiions. 

Adair and Bullock, Whitehal 
Anderfon and Richardron 

Armftrong, Capt. Perry-ftreet 
Belli ngharn, Allan, Dublin 
.Bifshopp &Bruminel}, Vine ft. 

Brown, Rob, Abingdon-build, 

Cox and Malr, Cralg's-conrt 
Cathbertfon, Bennet, Dublin 
Douglas and Lawrence 

Fitter, Ja. Great Pulteney-ftr. 
Gray ScOgilvie, SpringGardens 
Gray ScCoJlier, SpringGardens 
Ilanfard, H.J. Gcrrard-ftreet, 
Hefe and Son, Whitehall. 

Lamb, John, Golden-lqua 
Mey ricks. Parliament- ftj 
(VTontgomery, SirWm. D{ 
Nixon, John, Dublin 
Powell and Cooke, fach 

Aichardfon, John, Crow^ 

Ridge Geo. 43, Char. Crj 
Roberts and Sons, Gaftle- 

Rufleli, Ja. Craven-ftr. 
Waring, Maj. Holr, Dub:! 
Wiikinfon, Mont. Con. i 
Williams, Capt. Griffith,^ 

lett's Bnildings 
Willis, Thomus, Wardouftr. 
Wood, Adam,greatTitch Id- 

ftreet, Cavendilh-fquar 
VVybrantS; Stephen, Dub 1 


[ 167" ]' 

VO \0 vO ^ 

\qq r„ w. r- fO ro ^ fO r^ '■'^ <^ 

00 oo 00 00 
rt- t- "^ O -* *^^ -^ 'I- "^ f*^ 

VO vC v© SO 

O WOO ^J^ Tt»i-iwwwfri'-» 

eo 00 

rtK 'tip* 'O fc-'O.^ 


vO vO vo O O 00 

1-1 i-t 

vo SO O SO vD so 

vOOO vi-ik-i t^vo *0'^'^'+ 

O d N 

o c^ 

vO SO O 00 so 

G^ ro CO ON so "^ <^ 

of the ARMY 

The General and Field Officers of his Majei^; 
Forces, with the Regiments they feverally belong to. 

M B. f g flands for Foot Guards ; h g for Horfe Guar; 
g g for Grenadier Guards; dg for Dragoon Guat; 
i for Foot, ^e. § Upon Half-pay, 

GENERALS. 1765. 

A. Oglethorp, § Fsb. 1 
jLcrd J. Murray, 42 f 30 

Guthberc Eliifon, 
iiarl of Sandwich May 25 
XRt H.Hen. Seymour Conway 
Royal Reg, Horfe Guards25 
Earl Waldegrave, 2 f g 25 
His R. H. the Duke of Glou- 
cifter, I fg 25 

XSir G. Howard, K. B. i dg. 
^ug. 29 
RtH.Sir J.Yorke, K.B. 5 d 29 
*:':;|Philip Honywood, 4h 29 

Duke of Argyll, 3 f g Mar. 24 
Hon. JohnFitzwilliam, 2 h 24 
Lord Amherfl, 2 h g, and 60 f 
^f;Sir J. Griffin Griffint, h g g 
4>. 2 
Stndholm HoSgfon, 4 f S^p, 2 
GeotgeAug.Eliiott,K.B.i5 d2 

^John Lambton, ^8 f Nov.26 
John Parllow, 30 f 26 

Hon. Thomas Gage, 22 f 26 
Vifc. Townihend, 2 d g 26 
J^ord Frrd. Cavendiih, 34 f 26 
Duke of ilichmond 26 

Earl of Pembroke, 1 d 
John Severn, 8 d 
Hon. George Carey, 43 f 


Hon. J. Murray, 13 f Feb.) 
Cyrus Trapaud, 52 f ) 

Sir V<''m. Boothby,Bart. 6f^ 
Benj. Carpenter, 4 d ) 

Bigoe Armftrong, 8 } 

Earl of Shelburne ) 

Wm. Haviland, 4; j 

Rt Hon. Sir Jn. Irwin, K J 
3 h May 5 

C. Vernon, Lt of the Towei5 
David Graeme, 19 f 5 

Lieutenant Genera;. 

J 770. 
Theod. Drury,Marines-<^ro 


Rob. Melvill, ^ug. 9 

M. Frederick, 54 f 9 

John Thomas 9 

tiorn Elphinfton, 53 f 9 
Wm. Evelyn, 29 f 9 

James Johnftone, 6 d 9 

James Johnftone, 11 d 9 
Hon. Philip Sherrad, 69 f 9 
Hon.G.L.Farker,20 f 9 
Earl of Drogheda, 18 d 9 
Hon, Alex. Mackay, 21 f 9 
Wm. Auguftus Pitt, 10 d ' 
XLord Adam Gordon, i 

L *^f~J 


n-ei. Haldimand-, 60 f 

'm. Alex. Soi-el, 48 f 29 
on. Alex. Maidand, 49 f 29 
t. Hon. Jn Pomeroy, 64 f 29 
uofEgllngton, 51 f 29 
.utWallh, 56 f 29 

eorge Preftcn, 17 d 29 

r GnyCarkcon.K.B. 47 f 29 
rC.l"^hompfon,Bart.K.B. 29 
obert Clerk 29 

r William Draper, K.B. 29 
. Cunninghame, 14? 29 
on Sir W.Howe, KB23 f 29 
'Lord G, H. Lennox, 25 f 29 
'. Fletcher, 35 f 29 

,.hn Hale 29 

• Royd, 39 f 29 

■Sir H. Clinton, KB 84 £29 
Old Southampton, 3d 29 
(::nard Hale 29 

;John Burgoyne, Command- 
er in Chief in Ireland 29 
irR. Hamilton, Bait. 40 £29 
ibert Robin Ion 29 

raticis Craig, I f g 29 

arl Percy. 5 f 29 

V^illiam Tayler, 24 f 29 

ir Eyre Coote, K.. B. 37 f 29 
arl CornwalLs, 33 f 29 

lobertWatfon Fe^. 19 

)ai-iiel Jones, 2 f 19 

ohn Mackenzie, ?Tfarines, 19 
ohn Bell, Marines 19 

Olden Wren, 41 f 19 

^anc, Baugh, 58 f 19 

irD.LindfdVjRt, 59 £ Feb. 19 
ienry Smith, Marines 19 


lezekiah Fkming, § Nov.zb 

i^dward Maxwell, 67 f 26 

: Villiam Style, 3 f g 26 

Jenry. Lifter, 26 

K* ftotertfoA, 16 f '26 

pre/Mairey, 27 f ad 


William Tryon,, 70 f 
George Warde, i h 
Jarhes Cunningham 
XRob. Skene, 99 f 
Flower Mocher, 9 d; 
Joieph Gabbett, 66 f 
Robert Sloper, 14 d 
X^Sraates Long Morris, 61 £26 
X Hon.,JohnVaughan,46 £26 
Thomas Calcraft, 6^ f 26 

Earl of Rofs, 32 f 26 

SirRob.Pigor, Bart. 38' f 26 
John Dailing, 60 f ' 26 

Ruffel Manners, 19 d g 26 
Thomas Hall, 79 f 2$ 

SirR.Murra>Keith,KB iof26 
James Grant, £;5 f 26 

William Fawcet Adjut. Gen. 

15 fg 26 

Marq.of LotMan,K.T. ihg 26 
Richard Frefcot, 7 f 26 

Sir Ch. Grey, K. B. Cora, in 

chief in America 28 t, 26 
Sir T. S.Wilfon, Bart. 50 f 26 
George Mornfon, Q^arter- 

Mafter General, 75 f 26 
Thomas Clarke, 31 f 26 

C. Rainsford, 44 f 26 

John Salter, April 30 

Nevill Tattbn. 3© 


Spencer Cowper Feb 19 

Villiam Wynyard, 3 f g 19 

Edw. Matthew, 62 f 19 

XR. Barton Philipfon, 20 d. 

Feb, 19 

Francis Smith, IT f ig, 

Auguftin Pi-evoft. 60 f icj 

ames Pattifon, Artil, j^ 

I. Douglas, 21 d g ig 

don. Alexander LeAie, 64 f 1 9 

P 3 Sarawe'l 

Sam'Jel G k- are 1 anil, Artil 
^•:;;^Hon. Henrv St. Tf>hn,-;;6 f 
Sii: Wm. ErfK.ine/Knt.8of 
XSir G. Olborn, Bt. 3 f g 
John Campbeil, 57 f 

J. M. Campbell Oa. 

Thomas Shirli-y 
Jof. Brome, Aiti'.lery 
Patrick Tonyn 
James Bramham, Engln, 
Arthui Prefton, 9 d 
Gabrui Chriftie, 60 f 
|oli.n Rcid, 95 f 
Chprles Rofs, 72 f 
VV'U am Green, Engln. 
George Scott, 83- f 
Charles O'Hara, 2 f g 
Robert Sanford, ici f 
JL. A.Tottenham, 90 f 
Anth. St. Leger, 86 f 
William Rowley,, 102 f 
James Stuait 
Harry Trelawny, 2 f g 
Archibald M'Nab, 41 f 
Peter Bathurft 
Will. Roy, Dep. Q^M. G. 
Hon. Wm Gordon, 81 f 
John Mannfel], § 
John Godwin, Artillery 
Stuart Douglas, 104 f 
Robert Prefcott, 94 f 

J. Patterfon, 63 f Nov. 
Henry Gladwin 
Pafton Gould, 30 f 
Hon. W. Harcourt, 16 d 
Sir f. Burgoyne, Bt. 23 d 
XHon. H.L. Luttrell, ih 
Wm. Dalrymple, Quaiter- 
Mafter General in America 

L -^y J 


Loyal Irilll 
Wm.Paon, 12 f 
XSir Hed>or Munro, K. 
Hon. E. Str.pford, 66 f 
Tion-V/ra. Hervcy, § 26 

Weft Hyde, i f g ' 

Lord Sayeand Sele. 9 f g 
fn Fletcher Campbell, 32 f 
Humphry Stevens, 3 f g 
Francis Lafcelles, 3 d 
J. Murray, 77 f 
XJ- Loi'd MacJeod,73 f 
S. Tow mend, A:d de Camp 

the King, 
Sir Hen. Calder, Bt. 49 f 
Will. Meadows, 89 f 
T. O. Mordaunt, ^id di Cm 

to the K:no\ 
Arth. G, M'aitin, 2 f g 
Benj. Gord in, 48 f 
Hon, T. Bruce 
Gccrge Ainllie, yl'td de Ca> 

to the Kingi '. 

X Js Warw. Adeane, ditto, : 
Henry Pringle, 51 f : 

Edward Smith, 2h g g 5 

XSir J.Wrottelley,Br. i fg: 
James D'Auvergne, I h g 1 
Tho. Bland, 7 d : 

Felix Bulkeley, 2 h g : 

C. Wilfon Lyon, 18 d 2 
Philip Skene, 69 f 2 

H. "V^^atfon Powell, 53 f 2 
T» Stirling, 71 f 2 

Tho. Cox, I f g 2 

George Garth, Aid de Camp 

the King, 2 

Richard Grenville, ditto, 2 
Arch. Campbell^ 2 

Earl of Lincoln, 75 f 2 
His R. H. Pr. Frederick B, 

of Ofnaburg, 2 h g g a 


Ar. Tucker Collins, do y<z?;. 
Walter Caruthr^rs, do 
Thomas Marriott, Marines 


Colonels. 1762. 
2 6|Charles Buckland, ^ Fek !• 
2 6;Geo. Bodens V\ 


r ^71 T 

j 1777- [>:I^cl.C. Spencer, Oxfordihu'62 

jnry Duke of BuccleiighJ --Ed Lord Clive, Shioplhire-2 

; nth Fencibles ^Jp. T^j>--;R.Hlpn.fleyCox, Somerfet.s 

Duke of Gordoa Norcherrh<Loi-d Eufton, Weft Suffolk. 

i^Hdw Gaute, Eaft Suffolk Z 

jjeremiah Hodges, Surry 2 

Sutherland! -; Fr. Vif. Beauchamp, War- 


' 1779 

- . Weerayls, 

encible men Fe^. S 

fames. Art? I. 1 9 

rift. Gauntlet, Marines 19 

ilip Roberts, § ^9 

l|ohnEarlof Upper Oflory, 

Bedford/hire Militia yi/Iy 2 

. Vanfittart, Berklhire 2 

o.Earl Cholmondeley, Che- 

(hire 2 

3irJ.Lowther,Cumberland 2 

. D. of Devonihire, Derby- 

Ihire 2 

Vif. Hinton, Eaft Devon2 

ul Orchard, N.Devon 2 

'in Parker, S. Devon 2 

Lord Rivers Dorfetftiire 2 

E. of Darlingj:on,Durham2 

edrick E. of Berkeley, Eaft 

wickiliii-e 2 

;I,Ld.Portchefter,Wilt/hire z 
C. Lec-limere, ^Vorcelunihirez 
>,Sir G. Saville,Bt.Y jrklhire, 
Weft Riding 2 

Stanhope Harvey, Yorkfhire, 
Weft Riding, 2d regi. 2 
SirR. Milbank, Bt. Yorkfh. 
North Riding a 

^enry Maiiter, Eaft Riding 2 
Wm.M'Carmick 93 f 0^t. 11 
Thomas Realing, 88 f iz 

H. E. of Faucoberg, a regi- 
ment of foot ' Nov. 18 
>^SirR.Worney,South Harap- 
ftire Militia 22 

Dudley Ackland, 91 f Dec, I 

Gloucefter ' alfohn CampbtU, 74/ Nov. 17 

i Blackwell, N. Gloucefter zfjohn Leiand, i f g 17 

J.ViLBateman, Hereford. zlEnoch Markham,4.6 f 17 

mesE. of Salisbury, Herts 2|james Ham.ilton, 21 f 17 

D. of Manchefter, Hun-JAllen M'Lean 84f 17 

, tingdonfhire 2!jno Stratton, Art. Ireland 17 

I D. of Dorfet, Weft Kent 2;Allan Campbell, 36 f 

John Sawbridge, EaftKent2lBarry St. Leger, 34 f 

E. of Derby, Lancaihire 2{james Rooke, 14 f 

of Rutland, Leicefterlh. 2'Sam. Birch, 17 d 

F.TufFnell, Eaft Middlef. 2 Charles Crolbie, 67 £ 

J. Cook, Weft Middlefex 2.;John Martin, Marines 

Chauvell Weftrainfter 2; Winter Blathwayt, r r h g 17 

lenry D. of Beaufort, Mon-.-Earl of Suffolk J7 

mouthftiire 2'Hon. Cos. Gordon, 3 f g 17 

j. E, of Pov/is, Montgfb. 2^Ralph Abercrombie, 103 £17 

I E. of Orford, W. Norfolk 2|John Anftr uther, 62 f 17 

jrJ.Woodhoufe, E.Norfolk 2 William Schutz, 2 f g jL 

l.of Suffex, Northamptlh. a Hon. Chapel Norton, 2 f g i-' 

.U. Al Percy, Northbd, zlThomas Bisihopp ,2 fg 1-7 





[ 172 J 

Alexander Rigby, 25 f 17 John M'Donel!, 76. f 
Thomas Frafer, i f 17 

17^^- iWilliam IVIartin, ditto, 

George Hothann, ^Id de Caw/. William EHmeftone, 5of ., 

to the King, Teh. 13 Thomas Adams, lOl f 

John Gunning, 82 f June 15 Forbes M'Bean, Artillery, 

Sir F. J. Buchanan, ditto 

M, G. in David Home, 2d 

Feb. 14 Richard Dawfon, ditto ; 

Adam William fon, Dep. Adj. And. Edhoufe, 13 f 'ui 

Gen. l6 Ant. Lovibond, i d g ., 

Rob. Abercrombie, Aid fl'^ A.Fotheringh.Ogilvie, i ^ 

Cami to the King ^ 15 Normand Lamont, 55 f 
Gerard Lake, ditto 16 Duncan M'Pherfon, 71 f - : 

Sir Jas. Campbell, Weftern Charles Tolihell, r r h g 

Fencibles Mar, G ' ' 

Thos. Mulgrave, Aid de Camt 

David Dundas, Q. 

to the Ki 



John Llnd, 20 f 
Alexander Dickfon, 16 f 
William Sh rreff, 47 f 
William Grmfield, 3 f g 
Samuel Hulfe, i f g 
Albemarle Bertie, ditto 
Henry Shaw, 1 1 f 
Cha. Vallency, Rngineer 

Tho.PigotjCh.Eng.Ireland, 26 

iVfont. Agnew, I d g 
Thomas Jones, loz f 
Stephen Kemble, 60 f 
Hon. J. Stopford, 15 f 
James Stewart, 5 d 
Dan. D^nversRich, 3 f 
Jeremiah French, 31 f" 
Henry Hope, 44 f 
Eai 1 of Balcarras, 71 f s 
XHon. Ch. Stuart, 26 f 4 
Coi-nel. Cuyler, 55 f Nov i 

26jSir John Dyer, Bart, if 5 J* 

H.J.T.DeBurgh, ifg 
Sir J.Stewart, Bt. 13 d 
Thomas Carleton, 29 f 
Jas. Marih, 43 f 
Cavend. Lvfter, 3 f g 
Charles Leigh, 3 f g 
Andrew Bruce, 54 f 
James Og,ilvie, 4 f 
Gavin Cochraiae, 58 f 
William Roberts, 41 f 
Robert Kingfton, 28 £ 
William Ogle, 52 f 
^;.Sir Aob. Laurie, Btt i6 d 
Wm. Kellet, 39 f 
Wnxi Hamilton-; a f 

Geo. Giedftanes, 72 f 
Thonias Dundas, 80 f 2 

Matthew Dixon, Engineer. 2 
26 John Archer, Engineer," 2 
26 Harry Gordon, ditto, 2 

26 Joh'i Brewle, Engineer 2 
z6 Hugh Debbeig, ditto 2 

26 1783. 

26 J. Tap^>er, Maruics, Jan, 
z6 Wm. Dalrymplej z f 
26 Thomas Trigge, 12 f 
26 Lord R&v/ion, AidxkC.tO'K. 
26 Peter Craig, 56 f 
26 W. Green , Engineer, Feki- ai 
26 William Gardeiier, Marck^ < 
:;6jGeo Mackenzie, 73 f 

26i ' -Hter! 

[ '73 ] 

iry Johnfon, t7 f Mar. 3 
ner Straaubenzee, 52 f 3 
1 of Harringron, 63 f Aid 
e Camp to the King. 

_,UTENANT Colonels 

J n Rutter, Feb. i 

\i. BlacketLc. G. of Ply- 
jnouth 2 



J n Tufton Mafon § fan. 5 
jjies Seton, 10 

VI Emil. Irving, Lt. G. of 
juernfey 15 

] li Fechell, 20 

;ph Widdens § 23 

I )ert Campbell, Feb. 2 

^ ,ies Money, § j 

ijcheville Ramfden, Lieut 

jov. of Car i ilk, 
'■n. Miles, 
' omas Hay 

, ;x. Johnftone, 

m Campbell, § 

" Ti, Piers, § 

^ joreham-, 

] pert Prelion, § 

:'b. E. Fell, § 
r. Hey wood § 
arles Chapman, § 

-^r/V 1 9 

May 21 

iVof. 23 

il'/^r. 4 
JVffly 25 

James Johnftone, Bart. 25 
incis Alleiied, Southern 
Fencibles, 25 

:hard Ridley, § 25 

vValkmlhaw Crawford^ §25 
;hard Sherlock, § 25 

nes Murray, 25 

Allen M' Lean, § 25 

nuel Zobeli, § 25 

;hard Parker, § 23 

William Morris, Capt. of In- 
valids, 25 
William Hunter, § 25 
C. Egerton, § 25 
Charles Long, § M^y 25 


Wm. Egerton, Lt. Gov. of 

Scilly, July 28 

James Bruce, 70 f Feb. 9 

Guftavus Guydickens, 3 f g 22 
John Manfell, 3 d g u^pril 27 
Geog. Morgan, 2 f g May 26 
Alex. Stewart, 3 f yw/y 7 

James Craufurd, 73 f 26 

John Hill, 9 f Sep/.jl 

James Coates, 19 f II 

Sir Philip Ainllie, 1 1 

Ralph Dundas, li d II 

George Etherington, 60 f • I9 
Richard Whyte, 96 f 20 

Alu red Clarke, 7 f 20 

James Hugonin, 4d Dec* zz 

John Gordon, 50 f 19 


Tho. Mufgrave,4of 28 

Hon, Mark Napier, § 29 


xHonR.Fiizpatrick,ifgy^I> C 
Jan, 23 
NelbitcBalfour, 23 (^iddeC-^J 
James Pxingle, Southern Fen- 
cibles, j^pril 14 
XLd W. Gordon, North. do. 14 
Ed.StevenSji fg ^idC, Mayis 
xVif.Chewton,87f-^i^<i'e C 16 
John York, 33 f Oa. 1.1 
H. E. Fox, 38 f^JiCtoK. 12 
DuncanM'Pherfon,3 fgiW.^.6 
Robert Farquhar, 81 f 9 
J. W. T. WatioDj 3 f g 20 
James Lum.fdaine, I i Ike. 10 
I Charles 

I 574 J 

Charles Home, 6 f 10. Beam. Glazier, 60 f 

Lowther Pennington, 2 f g 14JH01J. R. F. Greville, i f 

Patrick Bellew, if g 
John Byde, 2 f g 
R. S. Jones, I f g 
G. Grey, 59 f 
Tho. Sloughter, 2 f g 
John Duroure, 2 f g 
Charles Euftace, Dep 

19'William Fullarton, 98 f 
Dec. 30! John Sutton, 2 f g 

30 Thornhili Heathcote, Ji 

Sir James Dufle, i f 

Jan. 22!t.F. Humberfton, 78 f. 

Feb. 22 IVVilL Crolbie, 60 i Se 

Mar, 15 James Moncr-ief, Engin/ 

Quart. *Hon. Hen.Phipps, 4^ f 

Maft. Gen. in Ireland i8[Jofeph Fergufon, 27 f 
Phil, de laMotre, 21 d ^r.27 tho. Coore, 86 f 
Philip Goldfworthy, i d 28 Alex. Dundas, 8 f iV 
F. R, Humphreys. 79 iMay 2 Jacob Sawbridge, i h g | 

E. iJ.. G Wynne, 20 d 

Sir Tho. Egerron, Bart. Royal 

Lancaihire Volun. July zi 
Sir Tho. Dundas, Bt. of Lord 

Fauconbergs,reg. 22 

Rich. Timms, 2 h g 29 

SirWm.Innes, Bt, 2 d gAug.iz 
John Hughes, Marines, 12 
William Souter, ditto 23 

Alexander Trotter, ditto 24 
Harrie Innes, ditto 25 

Wm. Faucltt, 3.f g Sept. 1% 
John Shee, *?5 f 13 

Fran. Aug. Eiiotr, 6 d 20 

Alex. M'Donaid, 71 f 25 
James Balfour, 99 f 2.9 

William Mackintoih, 97 f 30 
Rich. Boycott, 91 f Dec. \ 


Fred. Thomas, i f g 

Hon. James Stuart, 92 f 27 

Fr. J. Perkins, Marines, Jan. 

Earl of Wmchelfea-, 87 f 17 
Sir James Murray, 94 fFeb. 6 
James Holweil, 93 f 7 

John Aclom, 61 f March 8 
Norman Macleod, 42 f 21 
Alex. Campbell, 95 f April 7 
Francis D'Ovly, I fg 27 

Samuel Aiicher, 3. f g 29 

S. H, Mangin, 12 d 
Edward Hicks, 70 f 
Grice Blakeney, 14 d 
P. JE. Irving, 47 f 
John Small 84 f 
Thomas Pringle, 67 f, 
Edmund Eyre, 64 f 
Henry Harnage, 104 f 
Henry Nooth, 4 d 
Robert M'Leroth, 57 f 
George Harris, 5 f 
Charles Rooke, 3 f g £>. 

Rich. Vyfe, 4 h 
W. A.Bofcawen, 2 f g. i 
Lord Cathcart, ditto 
W. A. Douglas, 3 f g 
Charles Talbot, i f g 
Maurice Wemyfs, Marin 
Naiiau Thonlas, 3 f g 
VV. Calderwood, j hgM' 
Kingimilt Evans, i f 
Walter Strickland, 1 f g 
R.M. Lewis, 19 d 
Hon.R.PL Southwell, 8 d 
Henry Fanihawe, 83 f A 
Charles Whitworth, I f 
L. Smyth, 2 h j 

Banaftre Tarleton, 79 f 
Jas. Sutherland, Suthei 
Fencibles, A 

And.Cathcart lo f 

I^alcRamfav, Ppt. Adj 
N. B. 83 f 24 

;n. m 

C '75 J 

ewDalryraple,68f -Se/>/.2i tJeorge Thompfon, 60 f 

on F.orbes, 102 f -2.^ 
iV. Gordon, 10 1 f 24 

Floyd, 23 d 24 

r I)e Laacey, lyd Ocf?. 3 
ntifoTt Longfield, 3 h 13 
ravesSimcoe,4of -Di:e. f 9 

Johiiftone, 3 f g 20 

d Fergufon, 71 f 31 

enry Craig, 82 f 31 

Williams, Artll. Jan. 9 
.Glynn, i f g 21 

. Balkerville, 65 f Feb. 13 
t. Agnew, 24 f 13 

es Stuart, 78 f 14 

h Montgomery , Weft Fen- 
blies Mar. 6 

jf^tehelin, Artillery 12 
heolquhoun, i f g 18 

. Horaeckj 3 f g 25 

Whyte, 6 f ^pr. 3 

. Willet Saltren, 2 f g 26 
.C.Cathcart, 98f^2/^-. 
%ttefworth, Iriih Artill. 
Nov. 2^ 
y. Dawfon, 3 f 26 

■.Maxwell, 30 f 26 

lipWalih, I2d 26 

:h. Loftus, I h 2,6 

l^ine Fancourt, 5 6 f 26 
)rge Forfter, 21 f 26 Peifter, 8 f 26 

;llj Yorke, 6^ £ 26 

n. Bruen, 15 £ 26 

:er Hunter 2.6 

)rge Lord Herbert, Df:.28, 
Hutchinfon, 98 f Dec. 27 
m-Macdonald, 81 f 2 

"c. Fielding, 22 dr. Jan. 18 
ex Campbell, 6a f Jem. 28 

Rich.Symes, Q^M. Gen, m 
America Feh. i 




Colin Graham, i6 f 
[ohn Nairne, 53 f 
Robert Hoves, 34 f 
Herbert Whitfield, 83 f 
Edward Eyre, 40 f 
H. A. Powlet, 45 f 
Edmund Strachan, 3't f 
William Robertfon, 36 f 

!ames Barker, 56 f 
Charles Stewart, 63 f 
C.Tarrant, Engin. in Irel. 
James Dawfon, 58 f 
John Haliowes, 56 f 



WilliamCowley, 22 f Fc£>. if 

William Gauntlet, 61 f 

Richard Temple, 23 f 

Archibald Campbell, i f 

James Abercromby, 3 f 

William Handfield, 38 f 

George Sinclair, 65 f 

Thomas Woollocombe, 2 f 19 

John Hedges, 48 f 19 

W. Mad. Richardfon, 3 f 19 

J. Auguftus Ivers, 30 f 19 

Wm- Brown, 59 f 19 

Will. M'Carmick, 93 f 19 

Philip Fall, Lieut. Governor 

of Jerfey 1 9 

Hon. J. Leflie, 3 f 19 

John Hardy, 56 f 19 

John Freke, 39 f 19 

James Gordon, 80 f 19 

Chrift. Carleton, 29 f Feh. 19 

Char. Burtoii, 2 h g g Nov.i^ 

Chrift. Horsfall, 72 f Dec. 19 

Sir R. Stuart, Bt. 77 f 

John Elphinfton, 73 f 

Earl of Caithnefs, 76 f 

John Campbell, loo f 

Henry Knight; 45 £ 





I 176 J 

Tho. Armfirong, 17 f 19 
Richard Dawfon, Engineer 22 
William Roy, ditto 22 

John Phipps, ditto 22 

William Spry, ditto 22 

Thomas Baflcet, ditto 22 

Robert Morfe, ditto 22 

Chriftr. Maxwell, 30 f 22 
Wm. Keppel, 93 f March 4 
Franc. Needham, 94 f 4 

Chas. Gordon, 61 f ii 

Ld Henry Fitzgerald 65 f 18 
Wm. Rotheram Marines 29 
John Bowater, ditto 29 

Thos Averne, ditto 29 

Thos Duval, ditto 29 

John Campbell, ditto 29 

Geo. Prefton, ditto 29 

Wm. Lewis, ditto 29 

Myles Saunders, ditto 29 

Chiftr Middleton, ditto 29 
Henry Fletcher, ditto 29 

Rob t Dou gl as, ditto 2 9 

John Barclay, ditto 29 

Thomas Groves, ditto 29 

John-Johnfton, ditto 29 

Alex. Baillie,; 29 

G. Anderfon, Art. Inv. -<^.i2 
Chas. Gordon, 93 f 22 

Majors. 1751 
H.HartjLt.G.Shcernefs Mar.T, 
1761.J Cha. Craven Sept. 24 
T.Whitw.K nightly June 16 
1762.] Nevinfon Poole, Lieut. 

Gov. of Pendennis Feb, 3 
Geo. Carr, Capt. i////o 12 

Francis Drake, Invalids 24 
Donald Campbell Mar. 2 
John Tucker, Capt, Inv. 3 
Robert Gordon ^ May 7 

Francis Gore, Lieut. Gov, of 

the Caribbee Iflands 8 

Thomas Cole Nov. 26 

lohn Watfop-, Invalids JidytZ 

1 777-] Jol^n M'FIe ^^ 
Duncan Urquhart, 104 f 
Alexander Rofs, 81 f 
Geo. Anderfon, Artil. 
James Frafer, 71 f 
James Campbell, 51 f 
Earl of Kelly, n f 
Duncan Drummond, Artl 
John Forbes, 29 f 
William Cawthorne, 44 f 
Francis Marih, 90 f 
Peter Damboon, 2 f 
George Lewis, Artil. 
John Graham, ditto 
JohnCarter> Artillery 
Jofeph Walton, ditto 
Alex. Campbell, 74 i Dee. 
Alexander Robertfon, 82 

William King, 58 f Mar 
Richard Downes i d g ^ 
James Chiiholm, North ] 

James Mercer, ditto 
Fred. Spiefmacher, 60 f iI4i 
Will. Maxwell, 80 f 
Hugh Lord, 75 f 
William Barlow, 11 i Ju 
James Weymyfs, 63 i Aig 
Charles Graham, 42 f 
James Mackenzie, 73 f jSfj 
Ham. Maxwell, 73 f 
William Dancy, 33 { 
Simon Frafer, 71 f Od. 
James Stewart, 68 f Nov 
Hon. S. D. Strangeways,2C 
James Flint, 25 f Dec 

G. Vaughan, 2 hg Jat 
Arthur Pomeroy, 9 d Feb, 
Charles Lumm, 44 f j^pr 
Thomas Warburton, 7 d 
Richard Broohe, 3 d g . 
Alexander Hart, 6 d 
Bafil Heron, 2 d 



amas Staples, 4 h May 
iry Haffard, i d 
hard Grant, lid 

iam Price, 3 d 
Jampbell, Weft Fencibles 
Jmie ( 
it. Saul, Lord Fauconberg 
•giment, July 22 

ti Farnaby, 2 h g 29 

errier, Eng. in Ivtl. ^u^rii 
]. Payne, 99 f - 21 
£. Gordon, 90 f 22 

ph Duflaox, 97 f 23 

n Mackenzie, 92 f 24 
X Hunter, 60 f 25 

. K. F. Stanhope, 86 f 26 
W. Egerton, 20 d 27 

Patton, 93 f 28 

mas Lifter, a Corps of 
ragoons, Sef>i. 4 

rles Brownlow, 57 f 18 
layton. Royal Lancaihire 
olunteers, 0^. 5 

. G. Darner, 87 f 5 

ry Rooke, 100 f 10 

iek Graham, 4a f 11 

ander Mair, 88 f 12 
^e Leathes, 10 d 2g 

.Harris, 84 f 22I 

I Lloyd, 19 f Oei. 22 

:ck Campbell, 71 f 42 
I St. Leger, ^5 f Nov. 26 
L Bailie, 94 f 26 

:rt Montrefor, 74 f 28 

Joiner Ellis, 89 f 29 
. C. 6. Legge, 96 f 30 
iam Cotton, 27 f 4 

lain Dalrymple, a Corps 
Foot, Dec, 20 

»ony Lefroy, 13 d 24 

utherford. South Fenci- 
Jan, XT. 
iam Owen^ ^x f May 3 

Sc«tt, 6 f July 14 






.77 J -" 

Arch. Robertfon, Eag« ^ug, i 
Fred. Mackenzie, 23 f 
Tim. Newmarfh, 60 f 
Hon. F. Needham, 76 f 
W. J. Darby, 7 f 
G. Mackenzie, 78 f Sept. 
Hon. C. Lindfey, 73 f 
Tho. Thomlinfon, 4 f 

Mathew Johnfon, 46 f OS. 12. 

S. W. Roberts, ^% i 13 

Henry Roper, 66 f jg 

Alex. Rofs, 45 f 2c 

Bryan BlundeJl, 79 f Nov. 3. 

Tho. Jarrat, Eng. in Irel. 10 

John Perceval, Ptfarines 

Will. Forfter, ditto 

Thomas Timins, ditto 

Rich. Bifhop, dkto 

Tho. Gregg, ditto 

John Jaques, 51 f 

R chard Baugh, 99 f 

James Stevenfon, 60 f 

John Dickfon, 68 f 

John Mercer, 39 f 

Fredrick Difney, 21 f 

Henry Hamilton, 56 f 

Gilbert King, 5 d 

Anothy Clifte, 4 h 

David Gardyne, 66 f 

Charles Jackman, Marines, 

Miles Staveley, rrgh, 

Rich# Ber. Lernoult, 8 f 

John Mackey, 65 f 

John Vignoles, 39,f 

Stephen Blomfieid, 54 f 

Ralph Ramfey, 6 f 

Samuel Haynes i h g g 

John Sinner, 70 f 

John Glover, 32 f 

William Chefter, 35 f 

Thomas Boyd, 16 f 
Samuel Knolles, 51 f 
John Williamfon, Artill. 

Wetwang Marfli, 79 f 
Qw Dan^7 









John Mac Gil], 9 f 
Archibald Campbell, 29 f 
William Monfell, 29 f 
John Bridges Shaw, 68 f 
Henry Ogilvie, 50 f 
Hugh Maginnis, 38 f 
John Money, 9 f 
Samuel Moore, 56 f 
Thomas Walmfley, 18 d 
Coppinger Moyle, 13 f 
Richard England, 47 f 
John Kay, 12 f 
Trevor Hull, 36 f 
Henry Bathurft, rrhg 
John Phipps. Engineer, 
Rich. Fleming, 36 f 
James Herlburg, 39 f 
John Knoif, 36 f 
J. G. Battier, 5 f 29 

R, St. feeorge, i f g, deputy 
Adj. Gen. inAmerica,Z>^f.i. 
Geo. Brown, 85 f 13 

Geo. Hutchinfon, 90 f 27 

Hen. Roper, 66 f 
James Corbett 95 f 
Tho.Murray, 84 f 
Edward Pole, 89 f 
Oliver Nicolls, i f 


8 d oa. 


John Drouly, i h g 
Cath. Taylor, 2 d 
Henry Pigot, 3 h 

jfan. 10 


Feb. 17 

March 14 




W. M'Lcod, Artil. Fek 
A. Fofter, 54 f Marci 

J.Campbell, Weftern Pencil 
Earle Hawker, 62 f 
F. G, Mulcafter, Engineer, 
Jas. Higginfon, 
W. J. Skeffington, i h June 
Wm Brady, Art. 
W. P. Friend, 2 i Au^uji 
Charles Vollotton, 6^£ Dec 
Geo. Bernard, 20 d 
Humphry Stevens, ift Maj( 

James Campbell 2 d, and 71 f Hon. Tho. Fane, 75 f 

H. Savage 16 f 28 

"W. Brereton, 64 f 28 

H. Lyfaght 22 f 30 

James Urquhart, 14 f May 11 
Hon. H. SheiEngton, £ hjumz 
Hon.H. Broderick, 53 f July/^ 
H. Read, i h g 9 

Hon, J. Stuart, Southern Fen- 
cibles -A'^S' 3 

Anthony Bolet, lo f 15 

John Watfon, 65 f Jan 
Hugh Dalrymple 6 f 
Robert Manners, 80 f 
Alex. Leith. 81 f 
Franc. James Scott, 92 f 

Geo. Charkon, 

Edw. Whitmore 
Geo. Grove, 
John Murray, 83 f 


3o|Daniel Vawghan, 39 f 

179 ] 

1 1 1 Montgomery, Jam. Wifeman,^ 

imothy Mackarell, 

:aur. Bag. St. Leger K eater '^ Etherington, Hen. Pilot' 
2zclr. 2o .tnd. Jamaifon, A. Stewart' 

ho. Fane, z f 
'Xev Danboon, 75 f, 
'ill. Dalrymple 
dam Colt, 100 f 
hos Grandidier,^5 f 
iui Mawby, 18 f 
'm Mc Myns 58 f 
obt. Archdale, 17 dr. 
Lincan Cameron, 43 f 
. P. Sterling, 36 f 
'^illiam Gun, 6 dr. 
s. Allen, 5 dr. 
rrkins Magra i" f 
n£s Wm Efte, 6S f 
IDS Garth, 20 dr. 
eray Barry 52 f 
nos Defpard, 7 f 
ftery Amberil 
io. Vaughan, 75 f 
iidwd Fitzgerald, 22 



f 22 

• T'wetityman c)o{ March 4 

hn Aug. Jerves, 30 f 11 

liarles Haiiings, 76 f ii 

bo. Pitcairn, 82 i" li 

ihn Richie, 91 f II 

bos Wallace. 18 
eo. Lord Strat haven 

2 hg. John Bull, Bern. 
zer, John Bard, Ed. Braba- 
zon, Wm. Gray, Sruart M' 
Evan, Tho. Edwards, George 
Sladden, George Herbert, Cha* 
M'Lean, Bolay Douglas, T, 

F. W, Dcfbarres, iTancis 
Shelly, John E. Adlam, Wal- 
ter Scott. 
To be Majors hi the Army, 

March 29. 

G. Rochford, Wm. Congreve, 
Edw. Williams, William O. 
Huddiellon, Tho. Patterfon, 
John Lemolne, James Wood, 
Cha. Wood, David Scott, Geo. 
Fead, James Sowerby, Wm. 
Godwin, Francis Downman, 
Tho. Hofmer, all of the ar. 
John Murray, 85 f 

General Officers. 

having Local Rank. 
Gknerals in America, 
Frederick HaJdimand Jan, r, 

18,'Sir Guy Carlton, K. B. 
A joRS by brevet, all of ikeMon. Sir W. Howe, K. B. 
-2d March, 1783. Sir H. Clintonj K. B, 

Major Generals. 

in America. 

il! am Poits, James Stur 

;k, George Henderfon, 

enry Elwef, Fitzmaurice 

Ccunor, Geo. Ph. Hoeks, 

mes Grant, John Hallield, 

m, Ancram, H. Dunlop, 

ter Parr, Francis Wemyfs, 

10, Da Cofta, John Smith, Norman Macleod 

ilip Haftie, John M*Lach- W. Meadowes, 

!, John Pigot> FranJs Wal-I 

m, Colin Campbell, Alex.jTho?. Bruce, Mar. i j j 1782. 

'Donald, Alex, Duifie, S.j Q.2 A 

In the Eajl ladies. 
Sir John Burgoyne 
James Stuart, 1781, June 
Lord Macleod 

June I, 178s 
B R I G ^ D I £ r ;;2 £. hidies. 

t .80 1 


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M M t-< H C] t) .•«< 

























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siA^li Ills Ig-f-iifls* ^.., 


' ^ h1 ^-i H^i h:^ J ►-? ^ J ;§ ;§ *-? H^ h4 ^ h4 v^ M ;^ ►-} g 

t 183 ] 

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S ^ ^. ^ .. rs.i! Q O C H° . 8 -P -o 2 ^-3 - tf> 

1 I* ««> «♦ i4«4 #«»«» »*» to fft TO fo to '^ 'i- »^ -*• '♦'♦^ V* 5^ 

r 184 3 

.i; •> .t: •>.i;"> .i; o.i .53 . . 

A.2 i g S = O . H S >: c ^^= S i > ^ b o s .1 " 

: ;o^M>jfapQt«g« a cfi-KJ ;g o a ^ PS g pd p: ci^ >^ >£,fa 


.y^w-ivoil5w~iiriii^u-)io \J^ \y~) u^ \j~) u~^ Kn, XT) \j~) 'J'^ \r\ 

ffi '^ -- *^ TS -S 

lOSJ^ii s-.v> rS rt S n.5,+. C^i^i^rt Ok2 =^^ ^-C s-'Ij 
"73 -< "«? *u ^ 

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[ i86 ] 

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M'Carmlck, Wi 
Prefcotr, Robert 
Reid, John 
White, Richard 


CO •» 

-2 S 

c "d 


w t< 

r«o T^ w-ivo 



a\ 9^ 

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H* W M 

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it S"3 

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O '^J-OO OO 


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M <>»^ m to \o HI 

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=3 i; •» »- . 's 9 o 

W e 

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s s s 

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•§5 wfl >. 

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C *i -o o 



•5 ^*^i 


(\ Alphebatlcal List of the piefent BARONETS oFEng- 
AND, their moit uiual Places of Abode, with the Time 
hen they, or their Anceftors, were fo honoured. 

r Dates are according to the prefent Method of beginning 
the Year the firft of fanuary. 

S '. Where we have not been able to come at the Chriftiaa 
ame of the prefent Baronet, we have put that of the 
11: ceceafed. 

BDY, William, a Captain in the Navy, Cobham-placc^ 
A Surry, ]^x\Y'],le^l. 

Amd, T. Dyke, Colupmion, Devonjhirex June 24, 1644. 
A?n, Richard, Ailenham, ShropJhire,]^\\. 7, 1644. ' 
A;ck,Edmund, aCaptain in the Navy. X'f/z/, Mayz8,l782. 
A yne, John Gay, Barbadoes, March 20, 1769. 
\x\, Tho, Somerky T'ovjn, Suffolk, December 14, 1699. 
Ron, Rowland, Odell, Bedford/hiref]m\e 13, 1642. 
f on, Evelyn, iVf:/i- End, Middle/ex, Jan. 20, 1682. 
A erfon, Rev. William, Ke&ior of Lea^ Lmcolnjhtre, Dec. ir, 

i re, William Lewis, Southampton, March 24, 178 1. 

h rews, William, Norton, Norfolk,Dec. 11, 1641. 

k rews, Jofeph, Shaiv-place, Berks, July ai, 1766. 

!^ ;ece,Thonias Hulfey, of ?FaJhingleyjHuntingdonJhire,Jx!^tM 

' 1782. 

^ lytage, George, Klrkkes, Torkjhhe, July 4, I738« 

h 11, Charles, London, April 7, 1761. 

&burnham, William, (Bilhop of dn'icht^^x) Brcmhamf 

iffix, and Chichejier-palace, May 15, 166 1. 
'^- tley, Edward, McJlo7i-confi€ible, Norfolk, June 25, l66o# 
S;n, Wllloughby,7^(2i//fy, Berkjhlrcy July 25, 1628, 
ft rey, Thomas, Llantrithyd, Glamorgan. July 2 •; , 1 660. 
ft offe, Jofeph, F. R. S. Framfidd, SuJJcx, Nov. 25, 16 12. 
8 )n,Edmond, Premier of England, Raven iKgbam, in Norfolk.^ 

[ay 22, 1611. 
B er, George, M. D. F, R S. Auguft 24, 1776. 
^ mpfylde, Charles, Warwick, Poltimore^DevorJhirry July 

h >64i- 
B kE, Jofeph, Revtjlily Abbey, Lmcohi/hireyMsiVch. 24, 1781, 
Eker, William, Kilcnoky, Irelafid, March 29, 1676. 
I ker, Robert, Bujbridge, Surrey, March 24, 1781. 
irington, Fitzwiiliam, Uily, Herts ^^ui S-WAJ-flm^ J/fevf 

!%/^/,July29, l6ii. R 

[ 190 ] 

•Bafiett, Francis, TcIxdy^ComzvaU^ Ocl. 19, T77g. 
Baftai'd, William, Kcthy, Dcvo>iJh:ye, September 4, 1779. 
Bathurll, Lawrence, PhtLidelph:ay Deo. it;, 1^43. 
Bayntun, Edward, Sfye-park, IVihjh'irc.) Juiv 9j 1762, 
ISeaumotu, George, DunmoiVyEJftXi February 21, 1661. 
JBeckwith, Jonathan, Vhginia^ Ajiril 15, 168 1. 
Eedingfield, Ricbarr!, J. Oxhorotoyh, Norfolk, Januaiy 3, i^ 
Bernard, Robert, Graffkamy Hwii.ngdoujiyire, ]u\\- i, 166: 
Bernard, Francis, Neithham^ 'LmcoInJIn'-Cy March 22, 176 
Berney, John, Ktrhy Bmdon, Ncrfolk, May 5, 1620. 
Bentenfon, R. Bradboni, Seven-oaks, Kent, Feb. 7, 1665. 
Bickerton, Richard, a Captain of the Navy, May 19, i' 

Biddulph, Theophilus, Clmhiiyji, StaffordJJylrey Nov. 2, i6 

Bindlofs, Edward, Wejinunjlcr, Aug. 16, 164I. 

*Bifshopp, Cecil, Parhatn, 5'?^\,v, July 24, 16-20. 

Blackett, Edward, Matfe77, Northimberl. Dec. 12, 1673. 

Blackwell, Lambert, SprouJion-JjaU, Norfolk, July 16, 17 

*BUkc, Patrick, F. R. S. La^igbam, Si^olk, bep. 19, 17^ 

Blake, FtanciSj TivlJelCaJik, Dwhanij May 3, 1774. 

Blakifton, Matihew, Ireland, April 22, 1763. 

Blois, John, Cockjicld-hall, Suffolk, April 15, 1686. 

Blount, Walter, Morley,^hroppirey Oft. 5, 1642. 

Blouiit, CharlesWilliam, Cr oy don , Surry. June 17, 1720. 

Booth, Rev. G. Ajhton-undcr-hnty Lancajhircy May 22, i; 

Boothby, William, i5roflflmy-<3/73, Derlyjlnre, July 13, j6 

Boughton, Edward, Lavj ford hall, IVativlckJhlrey and j?0) 

HerefordJ}?irey Aug. 4,1641. 
Bowyer, W. Denham-courty Buckmghamjh'.rey June 25, 1$ 
Boyd, John, Da??fon, Kent, May 20, IJT^- 
Boynton, Griffith, Burton-agneSfTorkfljirey May 25, i6r 
Bradihaigh, Roger, La'igky Lancafhire, Nov. 17, 1679. 
JPridges, Brooke, Goodnejioriy Kenty 19, i^iS. 
*Bridgman,H. Lever,L«;7f^. and JJ'^/rony Salopyjane 7,11 
Bridgman, Francis, Kidleyy Chejhlrey Nov, 12, 1673. 
Brigges, John, hackbrooke, Mantmouthfhlrey Aug. 12, 16^ 
JBrifcoe, John, Crofiouy Cumberlandy June 4, 1781. 
■Bromley, Geo. Eaji-Jiokey Noti'mghamODP'ey Oft. 29, 1757. 
Brooke, Rd. Nortony Chefh'ire, Dec. 12, 1662. 
Broughton,T./)oJ//Zo-^a;2, C/^f/7?.r<,and Broughtoriy Stafford 

March 10, 1661. 
Srowne, John, Sunrangy Berks,^ May to, 1665. 
Brov/ae, James, JVtJim'mJiery March ii, 1732. 
Buck, Charles Haynby-grc.ngty Lhicohu X>qc. 22, l66q, 
Buckworth, Everard, Skccn, Surrey y April i, 1697. 
^Bunhurv, T. Charles, Milden-haliy Siffolky June zo^'t 
BurHeis Robcrtj Forsmark, P^'rbyJI?iref Feb. 25, 1619. 

[ 191 ] 

JdettjChavles, ^cw;/^, near 21/ri, June lo, 1666. 

} nabv, W. C. Brouyhto?i-haU, Oxai, Oft. 31, 1767. 

I -oyne, Juhn, ^uUon, Bcdfcrdpirc, July 15, 1641. 

] Tarcl, Harry, WaIhan,pton, Habits, March 2C, 1769. 

••' jrrell Mer. IVtfi-gyhiJhad, SiJpx, July li, 1766. 

1 ton, Charles, iitnckerton, Lciaperjhhc, July 2?, 1622. 

( ew, Thomas, Uaccomb^ Devoiifh'ire, Aug. 2, 1661. 

( Heron, William, Hhighani, Noyfolk, Aug. 9, 1641. 

{ c,[TF.R.S. Stanford ufonHa-ven,Northamp(h.]\inz 30,1641 

( endiih, Henry, Doverdge, Derby/hire, ^^J 1, 17 5 S' 

( ey, George, Brompony Tcrkfiirej April 26,1661. 

( ampneys, Tho. Orchardhy, Sonurjetjblve, Jan. 26, 1767. 

( ipman, John, Bavkivayy Hens, June, 27, 1720. 

( arlcon, Francis, Ludfordf Hercford/bire, May 12, 1686. 

einock, Villers, Ho.'eoi, Bcdjorcl/hire, June^'j, 1720. 
•eere, Rev, W. JVcftn}infier,]\i\^ 18, 1766. 

etwode, John,F.R.S. Oakhy, S wffordjh Ire j Aprii 6, 1700, 

ichefttr, Jwhn, Raleigh, DcvojT/hire, Aug. i, 164I. 

ild, Crefar, J^Foodford, Efex, Feb. 4, 1685. 

larges, Thomas, ^Jon, Hertfordjhire^ Oa. 30, 1674. 
' irke, John, Evdfeid, Middlcfex, July 25, 1698. 

livering, Thomas, Oxiuell, Durham, ]\iv\e 1661. 

layton, Robert, Marden, Surry, Jan. 13, I7i3» 

lyton, Kichard, ^dl!?igda>ifLa}ica/hire, May ^, 1774* 

M k, Francis Carr, July u, 1660. 

:ierk, Philip Jennings, DuJhfion-hall, Salop, Oft. 26, 1774 

ifton, Gervas, Clifton, Nott'mghamjlolrc, May 2?, 161I. 
? ;'ocks,' Charles, Dumbcldon, Qloctjicrjhire, Sept. 19, 1772. 

'oclrington,W. Dodington, Gloiiajlcr. April 21, 1721. 

ighil],''john, Cogh ill-hall, Torkjhlre, Ju-ly 25, 1778. 

'oghill, John, Rkhwgs,Buckhigha;)!jhtr€, March 245 I78l» 

■Icbrookc, George, Boulogne, Oil. 12, i759. 

lUeloii, John, Exeter, Devo?iJhtre, Feb. 18, 166 1. 

)lr, John Du.tton, Leomhifttr, Hercfordjhire, Mar. 2, 1693.. 

impton^, Walter, Hartbury, Glocejierjhire, May 6, 1686. 
jmyers, Blaxron, CkeJler-ie-Street, Durham, July 14, 16.8. 
i)oke, George, Wheatky, Tork^he, May 10, 166 1. 
' i)pe, Rev. Rich. D. D. Hampjhlre, June 29, 161 1. 
^\-e,Ch.B.x\es, Ranton-abby, dtafforcijhire, 'M.d.xch 1, 1714. 

-f-ley, Lionel, Sfrctbroiigh, Torkjhlre, July 5, 1778, 
poinewall, G. Moccas-coiirt near Hereford Aug. 4, 1764,. 
istton, John Hynile, Madingley, Cambridge. July 14. 1641. 
jiCotton, Robert Salufbury, Cumbermere'abbty, CheJJ-Arc. 

March 29, l''77. R 2 

i^■\ii\^xd,A.\ty,^^l^tr,K^^curney,Norih J5rJ*flf;,'.March 24. 1 7? i , 


C 19* ] 
Croft, Archer, Kenjlngtony Middlefex, Nov. i8, 1671. 
Culliim, Rev. John, Hardwicke, Suffolk^ June i8, l66( 
CunlifFe, Foilei, Sai^htoji, Lancafhirc^ March 24, 1759. 
Dalling, John, a Lt. Gen. Buvwoodf Surry, Mar. 4, 17^3. 
Dalflon, John,Capt. Lieut, of Marines, Feb. 15, 1641. 
Danvers, John, Sn.v:th]a7id,Lc!ceJhrJh'ire, July 4, ? 746. ; 
Dalhwooc), Henry-Watkin, Kirdhigton, Oxon. Sept. 16, iii 
>=-.Daver3, Charles, RvJJ:brooky Suffolk, May 2, 1682. ' 
J)a.v'ic, John, Crecdy, Dt:v6?!jhi>'e, Sep. 9, 1641. 
Peaih, Narborough, Km%uhon, Kent, July 16. 17 1 6. 
><Delava],John 'H.M'^'eY,FordcaJile, Norihumberl. July I, I 
XDtring, Ecwarci, Stoendai, Kent. Feb. 1,1626. 
Dineiey, John, Ckarktoifpyorajier/Jjiye, Dec. 5, 1707. 
Dixie, Wolilan, Budfivottb, Lckejiey/hirc, July 14, 1660. 
XDolben, William, Fimden Northamptonpo re, A^xW I, li 
Douglas, Cha. a Capr. in the Navy, F. R. S. Dec. :8, 1711 
D'Oyley, WilLam, Little Miho7i, Oxfordplre, July 7, 16 
D'Oyly, John, July 29, 1663, at Bevgal in the Eajihidi 
Drake, Francis Henry, Buckla^id, Devonjh'tre, Aug. 2, 16 
Drake, Francis, Rear Admiral, May 28, 1782. 
Dryden, John, Canom—afoy, Nnrthampoti. Nov. 16, 16:9 
Dukenfield, Nathaniel, Duhnfidd, Che/hire, June 16, i6f 
>;DunG-as, Thoma«, yf/i-hali, Torkjhire, Nov. 23, 1762. 
><Duntze, John, RcikberC'houfey near Exeter, Oik. Z<)t 17' 
Dyer, John .'n"/. yflr/;£j'j-y?m/, July 6, 678. 
Dyke, John Dix'»n, Lidllugpoue, Kent, March 3, 1677. 
Eaff-, William, Hall place, Berks. Juae 3, 1766. 
':^<£,Aex\,]o\\n,Jf"indkfl on, Durham, November 13» 1674 
Eden, Ro';ert, Gov. of iVfary/fl:;/c/, in America, Sep, 10 17* 
XEdmondftone, Arch. Dwitrcath, Sterl'm-^-ylkh-e, May 3, i- 
Edwards, Thomas, Grett, Sbrcpjhlre, Feb. 12, 1645. 
.XEgerton, Thomas, Hciton, Lancej/hire, Apr>\ 5, 1617. 
Eliot, J. M D Peebles, and Cecil fireit, London, July 25,1 
Elton, Abraham, i>'r^o/, Sonurfetfhlre, Oft. 3, 17 17. 
Elv/es, Henry, Brcnifnrd'end, Middle/ex, iq, 1660. 
EoPileftcld, Henry, White nights, Ecrkfh'irc, Nov. 25, i6i: 
Evelyn, Frederick, Wotton, Sur.y, Aug. 6, i7i3. 
Ethcrington,H. K'mgflon upon Hull, Tn^-kjhtre, Nov. 11, 
Everard, Hugh, Bronjield Green, EJftx, Jan. 29, 1629. 
Every, John, Egg!ng'on,Derbyyiyire,M.ay 26, 1641. 
Eversheld, Charles, Grcvc, ^r^x, May 4, 1725. 
Eyles-Styles, John, December!, 1714. 
Fagg, William, Myftole, Kevt, December 11, )66o. 
Farmr-r, George, (eldeft fon of the late 'apt. Farmer, of IP 
Quebcc'Pri.^ate^iV/a!m*'-_;'/ffl/i,//, Suljcx, Oa. 26, 1779. 

[ 193 J 

^ 'aiaaby, Cha. Kipt>h2^mi,neai: Sevemak Ketit,]\x\y 21,1726 
J ;herftonhaugh, nzxxy,SfiUrJfon-ccfi. Nm-ihuinl'.]^ti.ij 1 747, 
I mer, John, Eajl Sutton, Kent, December 24, it.74. 
; '"leming, Michael Le, Rya/, Wefimorland, 0£>. 4, 1745. 
] etwoGd, Thomas, Martm-fands, Chefnye, June 29, 1621, 
J ■ letcher, Henry, CI(a hall] Cumberland, April 17, 178 '. 
'■iatlver, Samuel Brundenell, Z.f/^/', A«?/, Nov. 13, 1759. 

.V. Robert Ralph, Tho-p-ke, Suny, ]une 27, (767. 
} k'ts, Martin ,F.R.S. Eillington-haliy'NorfJk, May3,^ 1774, 
Mis, William, /n§-%-w«;/0'', Tork/hi>-e,Yeh. 6, 1620. 
I ilk land. Tho. Thirklehypark, Torkp'tret'Dtc. 24, J 660. 
] derick, John, Burwood-park, Swry, June 10, 1723. 
1 ke. John, 7f//Jej m /rf/<3»^, June 4,1713. 
Ge, Tho. CoUhani-haU,YitZT Bury, Suffolk, ]\Aj 1^,1660, 
[ dener, JohnWhaliey, oi Rochjourt Bants, Dec. 28, 1782. 
[ ry, F. Adm. of the WKxe, PolIfdcn,Surry, Aijg. 18, 178a 
C rarcl, Thomas, Byynn, Lancapire, May 22, 1611. 
Cbes, Philip, Spnnnhead, Barb^jdoes, May ^Of I774- 
Cbons, William, Stan-wdl-place, Mlddltfex, Apr. 21, 1752. 

> 'ideon, Sampf. Jlblngdon-hall, CambHdgcfh. May 1 9,1759, 
[ n, George, fii'f//, Suryy, Sept 25, I759' 

: ch, Thomas, Banacre-hall Suffolk, and Binn'mgham^War^ 

■ickphey Nov. 4, 1746. 
^ricke, John, R.bJIon-hail and B ramhaiJ-fark Torkjhlref 

Aig. 14, 1 641. 
:;ion, Jennifon, Newark, NottmghamfhWe, Aug. 21, 1764. 
:;ing,Henr>-, Bkhden, Siffex, July 23, 1627. 

> ough, Henry, Edghaften,iVarivkkJhi e, March 29, 1728. 
: ham, Belli ngh am, Norton- conyers, Tork. Nov. 17, 1662. 
Cham, James, of Netherby, Cumberland, Dec. zS, 1782. 
[(ley, Nigel, Knyperjl^y, Shrop[bir€, June 29, 1611. 

[ Iham. John, Titfey near L;,.pjield, Surry, July 31, 1660. 
C V, Henr^', Hcvcich, Northumberland, Jan. 11, 1746- 

> uife, W. Jf?f«Jc««^f, Glouccftcrfhhe, ]yi\y 10, 166 1'. 

: nine, Robert, K. B, Eorton^ Norihampilj. OSi. 27 1778. 
-geiftone, Thomas, HaogcrJione,Duvhan!, Aug. 15, 1643. 
es, Edward St.Stephens near Canterb Kent, June 29,161 1, 
: :s, Philip, July 12, 1660, 
:cs, John, Lhicoh, AuguftzS, 1660. 
Fiford, Charles, Wiflow, LckeJ}erfhire,'Dec. 18, 1641. 
Fton, William, Hertford neav Himttngdon, Sep. 10, 1642. 
'<:m\x.o\\,].Marlborough'houJe, Port/mouth, July 6, 1776. 
[ iham, Wm. Thomas, JVinboiirn, Dorfet^May 24, 1667. 
hmcTf Walden, Hanmtr, FlimihirefMay 3, 1774. 

K. 3 


t 194 J 

XKarbord, Karbord, Gunton,Norf. March 22, 1746* 
Harland, Robert, Sprougkio)i, Suffolk, March 19, 1771,1 
Harpur, Harry, Caulk-hall, Derbyshire, ^t^.%j 1626. 
Harrington,' James, BiirionfGloiice/iersbire, June 29, i6r 
Hatton, Thomas, Long-JIantoy-i, Cambridge. July 5, 1641*. 
Hawkins, Caefar, Ketflorif Sotnerfii, July 25, 1778. 
Head, Edmund, June 9, 1676. 
il<izt\\co\e, GWhcrty Nor77!a>i!of7, Rutlandsh. Ja.11, 19, 173 
Heathcote, Thomas, F.R.S. HwJIty, Hanis, Aug. 19, 17^ 
xHenniker, John, Nenvton-hall, EjTex, Ju\y 15, 1775. 
Heron, Henry, Boivlby, Tcrkfhirc, Nov. 28, 1662. 
Heron, Rt. Hon. Rich. Neivark, Notthigham. July 25,1; 
Heflceth, V^ohtn, Riifford,Laiicashire, May 6, 1761. 
Hellrigge, Robert, Nofdcy-hall^ Leicefterjbire, Juiy 21, I- 
Hewet, Thorms, PoUofi,Bedfonl/h:r£,OA. it. 162 1. 
Heyman, Peter, WindJorCaJilct Aug. 12, 1641. 
Hickman, Nevil, Geo. Tho-nock, Li'icohuhlre, Nov. 16, 1 
Hicks, John Eaptifr, Htrifjrdshire, July 21, 1619. 
Hildyard, Robert, Wineftcad, Torkshirej June 25, 1660. 
Hill, Rowland, i/aw/^f/;(3r;f, 5^ro/j^/'r, Jan, 20, 1727. 
XHoghton, H. F.R.b. ?Fahor.-ball, Lancnshb-e^Mn'jiz, 
Molte, Ch.3. Erdifigto/i hallf J'Varnvickjh'tre. Nov. 25, ift 
Honywood, John, Evingir,n,KiKty Jvly 19, 1660. 
Hort, John, \&xc o^ Cajile-Jirangc, Mkidkfcx, Aug, 29, i| 
Horton, Watts, Chadderton, Lancashhe, Jan. 21, 1764. 
Ho{kyns, Hungerf. Harivood, Herefordsi)irc,J)ec. iSfV 
Hudlon, Charles, Elthatn, iffw/, July 3, 1660. 
Hughes, Richard, Southampton, J ^"^Ij 17, 1773. 
Hulfe, 'KdvfzrdjBreniere, Hants. Feb. 7, 1739, 
Hume, Abraham, IVormlybury, Herts. April 4, 1769. 
Hunlocke, Henry, J^%gerwor(h,Derbysh. Feb. 28, 1643 
Jacob, Hildebrand, 3^£w-^a/i, Oxfordsh. Jan. 11, 1665.- 
>ijanies, William, F. R. S. Eltham, Kent, July 25, 177 
lb betfon, James, Z)£«/ij«, Tor}ishire,J\xr\tx^ 1748. 
Jebb,R. M.D. F.A.S. Trent-place^ Barnet,Mld7j\x\y 25, 
Jenkinfon, Banks, Oxford, May 18, 1661. 
jerningham, William, (7o/^-^fl//, Norfolk, Oil. 16, i6zi 
Ingilby, John, Shipley, Totk/hire, M.irch. 24, J 78 1. 
Johnfon, John, JVifW-yoji, America, Nov. 27, 1755. 
Jones, William, Ramfbury, Wilts, Ma.y 2, 1774. 
Ifham, Juftinian, Lamport, Northamptonsh. May 30, i6, 
Kaye, John Lyfter, Gra3nge,Torksh. Feb. 4, 1642, 
Kemp, William, iVonw/V^, JVor/oZ^, March, 54, 1642. 
Kent, Cha» Furnbam Genevere, Suffolk, Aug. i, lj%li 
Keyt, Tbo, C. Mhifgton, Gl9iicefi(rb,i>€Q, Z2, 1660. 

' [ 195 J 

ng, John Dafliwood, half-brother to the late Lord Le- 

Ddpencer, June 28, 1702. 

jiatchbuU, Ed. Merjham Hatch, Kentj Avig. 4, 1641. 
3 ollys, Francis, Thame, OxforcIJJjire, April 1^ I754« 
iiowles, Charles, Henry Odt.31, 1765 
'Ac,]o'r.n,JVarblcto7i, 6'«//Za-, March 14, 1758. 
; ke, James \N inter, Ed77:ondto7t, Middlejex, Oct, 17, 17x1. 
Itnberr, John, Paris, Feb. 5,1711. 

ingham, Ja. Cottejbrooke, Northamptonshire, June 7,1660. 
pgley, Haldanoy, Hlgham-gobim, Beclfordsh.May 29, i64T, 
Ji-oche, Jamts, Over, Gkuccftershi-e, Aug. 24, 1776. 
iLaw ley, Robert, Ca-^fu-'f//, Staffordshire, Avg. 16, 1641. 
■.vlon, John, Brough-hall,'> crkshire, July 6, 1665. 
wlbn, Gilfrcd, Brcytrji-haU, Cumber /and, "MAich 31, i688« 
e, Wm. liartivell, Buckinghunish. Aug. 16, ib6o, 
jgard, John, G'(3?i/o;?, I'ori^i/^/rf, Dec. 29, '-660. 
. licefter, John Fleming, Tabky, Cheshire, Aug. 10, 1660. 
igh, Egerton, iSlnnchefrer, hancashire. May 15, 1773. 
Leighton, Charlton, Wadejborovgh, Shropsh. Mar. 2, 1693. 
Lemon, William, Carckiv, Comivall, May 2, 1 774. 
ppincot, Henrj, Stoke Biibop^ Gloiicejlerjh, July 25, 1778. 
ccletOD, Edw. Pillat07i-ha!l Staffordshire, J\ine 21, 1627. 
ovd, Edward Pengiver?!, Fli/nshire, July 25, T778. 
Long, Ja. Tylney,D>-f«/-fejv/, ^/'7//j, Sep. r, 1662. 
)raine, Wm. Kirk-havk, Northumberland, Sep. 26, 1664. 
Dveit, Jona. Lifconih-hoiije, BuckinghatnJJjire, Sept. 29, lySl, 
Lowther, Ja. Lowther^hall, Wejimorland, June 1 1, 16 az, 
awther, Rev. Wm. SioiUington, Torkshire, Aug, 22, 1 764, 
vde, Lionel, Jilyot St. Laivrmce, Herts. Sept. 19, 1772, 
ackworth, Henry, Ly7m Regs, Norfolk, June 4, 1619. 
.Mackworth, Herbert, F. R. S. ot the GncUf Glamorgansb* 
jAug. 24,1776. 

[ainwaring, Henry, P£^'^r, C^f/^-Zri?, Nov. 22, 1660. 
[ann, Horatio, Envoy Extra, at Fiore/ice. March 3, 175_5. 
iannock, George, Giffard''sbaU Si ffolk, Jane 1, 1627 
Lanfel], E. Vaughan, Trinfare7i,Car7?iarthe7uh. Feb. 22, 1697 
lanff.ll, Wm. Ijchoed, Carmartherish. Jan. 14, 1622. 
ilarkham, Ja. John Sedgebrooke, Liiicohishir e,AMg. 15, 1642, 
;'artin, Mordaunt, Long-melford, Suffolk, March 28, 1667. 
[Mawbey, Jofeph, 5o//<fyj, Surry, July 30, 1765. 
i;MiddIeton,Wm. Beljey-cajllc, Nonhum. Ode. 14, 1662. 
I'iddleton, Charles,Comptroik-r of the Navy, Sept. 4, 1781, 
jfill, 'R.ty.Ch2x\&%,BiJham~abby,Bucks^'De:c. 31, 1619, 
(lillbank, Ralph, Hdnaby, Torkjhire, Aug. 7, j66i» 
jliUer; Thoiiiss; ChicheJferfSuffexf Oil, 29^ 1705. 

r 196 J 

Milner, Wm. Nun-abpleton, Toykjhlrc, Feb. 26,1717. 
Mltchelj Andrew JVeli-^hore^ Shetland, June 1 9, 1724. 
Molefwoith, William, Pcncarrcnv, Cornwall, July 19, 
Molineux, Francis, JVelloiv, Notthighamshirc, June 29, 
Monnoux, Philip, Sandy, Bedfordshire, Dec. 4, 1660. 
Montgomery, Wm. 'Machkh'dl, Tiucdaleshlrc, North Britc 

March 28, 1774. 
Mjor, John, F.:ivhy, Berk/hire, 'Ma.y 21627. 
Moor, William, March 4, 1766. 

Mordaunt, ]o\\r\, Walton, Warivickfhire, June, 29, t6ii. 
More, William, More-hall, Lancafh/re, "^ov. zz, j6y^. 
Mofley Parker, J.^w^cOi-^/j, Lancafhire, and Rolhi/lo?i Stajford 
XMortyn, Roger, Mo^«, f//;;/;7;/rf, Apr. 3, 1660. 
Mofryn, Pier"^, Talacre, FlhitOoire, Aug. 28, 1670. 
Mufgrare, Philip, F. R. S. Edni-hall, Cimb. June 29, l6l^ 
Naper, C. Soivd!ey-hoHle,'mghan}. Feb. 25, 1682. 
Nellhrop, John, Barto77, Lhicolnfhlre, May 10, 1666. < 
Newdigate, Rog'^r, jlrhwy, IJWiu ckfhire, ]olj 24, 1677. 
Norcliff, James, York/Jpire, May 28, 1692. 
Norcllft", Js. Innes of Innes Langton, Torkfh. ^'ay 24, 1721 
Northcote, Stafford, Hayne, Dcvonsh. July 16, 1641. 
O'Carrol, John, Dalicn, Torkjhi re, Fth- 18, 1 742. 
O-lander, William, Nioiivell, i/Ie of Wight, Dec. 12, 1665; 
O'Nail, Randal, Upper Clanboys, Ireland, Nov. 1 3, 1643,: 
*Ofburne, George, Ch.'ckfnfids, Bedford,? ch. 11, J 661 « 
Owen, Hugh, OrUchon, Fcmbr^kcshire, Aug. 1^, 1641. 
Oxenden, Menr}', Broome, Kent, May 8, 167S. 
Packington, Her. Perrct, Wejlwood, JVorccfitrp:i.']-ant 22, l6j 
XPalke, Robert, Haldon-koujc , Devon [hire, May 25, 1 782. ! 
XPallifer, "Rm^, the Vatch, Bucks. ]\x\-\e z^, 1773-, Q,]\.Hdirco.D omey-court , Bitckinghamj'h. Junea9,l6a< 
Palmer, John, Car hton, Noriha}7ipionJh. June 7, 1660. 
Parker, Rev. Hen. D.D, Re£lor of Glymp(o?j, and Retherfie 

Gray, Oxford/hire, Jujyi,i68i. 
Parker, Hyde, Vice Admiral, July i, 1782, 
Parker, Peter, a Vice Admiral of the Navy, Dec. 28, 1 7825 
Parkyns, Thomas, Ewiny, NotTinghaniJhlre, May j8, j68ll 
Parfons, Mark, Epfom, Surry, April 9, 166 1. 
Paul,Onefiphorus, Woodchejier, Gtocejtersh. Sep. 3, 1762. 
Payne, CWlles, Tempsford-hall, Bedfordfh. OA. 31, 1737. 
Peachy, James, Weji-dean, Snjfext March 21, 1737. 
Pennington, Jof. Mwicafler, Cumberland, June 2 ', 1676. 
XPennyman, James, Beverley, Torkfhire, Feb. 22, 1663. 
Pepperell, Wm. Bofion, Neiu-england, Oft. 29, 1774. 
Perrott, Richard, Richmond, -Swnjy, July I, 1716. 

Pelhall; John, near Hakfo^vcfjf Salot', Nov. 25, '612, 



[ 197 3 

li'ton, Yclverton, Souihat»p/o?! f M&y 2Z, 161T. 

Fbr, Robert, Nov. 23, 1764. 

Fjton, Henry, Doddmgton, IJleo/EIy, Auguft 24, 1 776. 

It', Seymour, Oxford, PFihshirey September 12,1628. 

F y ters, John, -W/^r/y;, Suffolk, Anguft 13, 1623. 

F ', John, Shute, Devo7uh'ir£,Sz'pte.Tnhtt 12, 1628. 

f le, Ferdinando, Le-wes, Sujfex, 0<ft. 25, 1677. 

Fdwich, Elias, Holme, Lancashire, April 25, 1644. 

F e, Charles, of Rofe-haH, yamaica, J znuary 16, 176S. 

f jpaux, Wilmor, Netherton* Devoj:shtre, July 17, 1622* 

Pptor, Tho. Beauchamp, Langley-park, Norfolk, February 

k 1745- 

Fbe, Edw. Manly New-iown-hail, Montgomeryshire, Aug 

5, 1628. 
( n, Valentine Richard, ^dalr, Limerick, Ireland, Mar. 49 

78 r. 
^iamfden, John, Byrom, Torkfhire, Nov. 30, 1689, 
Bjmond, Cha. Valaifmc-houfe, EJfex, May 3, I774» 
Fjd, John, i'/^i/i/ow, OA/or^'/^/rf, March 14, 1641. 
Fjli, Thomas, Sunning; Berkshire, March 20, 1641, 
B,b, Robert, Sondon, EJfex, January 24, 1676. 
B irards, Philip, in Spain, Feb. z?, 1684. 
Byell, James, L. L. D. Sunart, Argyleshire, July 25, 1778. 
>|idley,Matthew White, ^/(j^-^ff/z, Northumb. May 6, 1756, 
Eers-Gay, Rev. Peter, JVooliuich, Kent, July 19, i6n. 
R;infon, George, Cranford,Northamptotn]untt 22, 1660. 
R infon, Norton, Ncwby, Tarkfhire, Feb. 13, 1690. 
R'infon, William, i'^^f/fy, !ror^/2;/rf, March 10, 3731, 
>,-Ogers, Fred. Leman, Blachfnrd, Devonshire, Feb. 21, 1699, 
>,ous, John, Henham-hall, Suffn/k, Aug. 17, 1660. 
)'-Umbold, Thomas, JVoodhall, Herts. March 27, 1779. 
>:ulhout, John, North-wick, I'Forcc/^ershirc, June 17, l66i. 
^(el, John, Checkers, Bucks. Jan. 19, 16; 9. 
SAuoin, John, Clovjance,Cor>iival/, Dec. u, 1671. 
SJohn, Henry Paulet, Farhy, Hants- Sep, ig, 1772. 
BiQuintin, William, Scantpfton, Torkfhire, M^rch 8, 1641, 
S.jwell, Thomas, Upton,- Northamptonsh. Dec. 22,1675. 
>livile, Geo. F, Pv. S. Rifford, Nottingham. June 29, 1611, 
S;t, Wm. Mezangere, in Normavdy, AuguH 9, 16C3. 
S'ii^ht, John, BcachiMOQd, Hcrt/nrajhire, Dec. 20, i6s6. 
5|.v, John, Eltham,Kent, April If, 1665, 
S.jfield, John, Norvianby, Lincoln ih'.re, March I, 1755. 
^'jley, Rr. Hon. J. Michael-'rro've, Siffcx, May 22, 161 1. 
►jiuckburgh, Geo. F.R.S. Skwkluroh, f-Farzv. Tune 26, 

•60, •* 

[ I9S ] 

Skip with, Peyton, PreJ}ioood in Firginh, "Dec. 2 0, 162 
Skipwith, T. George, Ncivboid'hall, JFariv. 06t. 25, l( 
Smith, Jarrii, Brlftol, Snmerfctihlrc, Jan. 27, 1763. 
Smith, J. F. R. S. Sydlino;S(. Nicholas, Do-fil. Maya,!',, 
Smyth, William, BilUhall,Efex,'i^ov. z%, 1661. 
>NSmyth, Robert, Beer-chunh-hall, EJfex, March, 30, r 
Smyth, Robert, Fanihatn, Suffolk, Dec 2, I7H' 
Smythe, Edward, Adon-burnell, Shropshire, Feb. 23,166 
Soame, Peter, Haydoi, EJfex, Feb. 5, 1685. 
Standiih, Frank, Duxbiiry, Lancashire, Yeh.^i 1677. 
Stanley, John-Thomas, Alderly, Cheshire, June 25, 166' 
Stanley, William, Sooton, Cheshire, ]xxnz n, 1661. 
Stapleton,T. Greys ct. near Henley, Oxfordshire,Dec, 20, 1 
Stapykon, John, Myton, Yorkshire, June 22, l65o 
XStepney, John, Llanery,Carmarthe7ish. Nov. 24, 162 1 
StonehouYe, Rev. James, Badley, Berkshire, May 7, 162 
Strickland, George, BoyntOn, Yorkshire, July 30, 1641. 
Style, Charles, JVutenngbury , Kent, April 21, 1627, 
>--;Sutton, Richard, AV':t'ow/-^flr^,A''o//j. Sep. 25, i772« 
Swynburne, Ed. Cbeapheaton, N'orthumherland, Sep. 26, I 
XSykej, Francis, Bafildon, Berks. March 24, 1781. 
Sykes,' Rev. Mark, D D. Sledmire, TorkJhirSi Marc 


>:Symons, Rich./^if Meend, Herefordshire, May 3, 1774' 
TancredfThomSiS, Brampton, Yorkshire, Nov. 17, 1662.. 
Taylor, John F. R. S. of Lifon-halJ, Jamaica, July 25, I 
TempefV, Henry, To^o-, Yorkshire, May 25, 1664. 
Temple, Richard, Commiffioner of the Navy, Nov. 25 I 
Thomas, Edmund, IVenvoe, Glamorgansh. Dec. 24, 1694 
Thomas, George, Yapton-flace, Svffex, Sep. 6, 1766. 
Thompfon, Charles, K. B. G^/ff//:;.'/;'/?, Kent,]2.n. 4, 162; 
>;Thorold, John, Syjlon-park, Umee^Jhire, Au^. 24, 164 
Throckmorton, Rob. Bucknall, Berks. Sept. i, 1642. 
Tichborne, Henry, Tichbome, Hampjhire, March 8, 162T 
Trelawney, Rev. Harry, Trelaivney, C'^mivall, ]\x\y I, l6i 
><Trevelyan, John, Neitkcomc, Somerfei/hirefjsin, 24, i6t 
Trollope, Thoncas, Cafeiuick, Lincohifhi^-e, Feb. 5, 1642.. 
XTurner, Charles, of Kirkleatham, Yorkfhire, April 20,I) 
Turner, John, JVarham, Norfolk, April 27, 1727. 
Turner, Gregors'-Page, Ba:tle(den-park,Bedf» Aug. 24, I. 
TWyfden,\Villiam, Eajl Peckham, Kent^ June 29, 1611. 
Twyfden, John Pap ISon, Bradburne, Kent, June 13, 16' 
Tyntc, Charles Kemeys, Halfeiueli, Somerfctsh. ]zn. 7, I* 
\ zndtpv.t, George., Hamp/lead. Middlcfex, Nov. 7, 1723. 
XVanNeck, G, W. Heveningham, Suffolk f J>ec. 10, 175 


L 199 J 

Henrv, Ti.Ti.of Long-m'zvlon, DiirbarA, Juat 24, 1782, 

'or, Walter, HoJIcivood, llrkshire, Oft, 24, 1628. 

nt, Francis, Siokc-dabernoti, Sur>y, July 26, 1620. 

ian, Rev. Carew, Trehtvarr en, Cornwall, Feb. 12, 1645. 

,ke,WiTi. Conrieen-ball, Northamtonsh, Dec. 5, 162 1. 

uvton, Peter, Arky, Cheshire, June 27, 1660. 

rren, J. Borlnfe, Link Marhiv, Bucks. May 20, 1775. 

ender, Patrick, Lockhcad, Scoiland, June 2, T715. 

n, Charles, Fel. of All Souls CoX.Oxfordy Mar. 22, 176CW 

, John, F. R. S. April 2, 1 644. 

ter, Godfrey, Battle-abbey, iii'Jjix, May 2r, 1703. 

ite, Jacob; Lcachlad,e,^lmeejitr shire. May 2, 1696. 

lei,W. Lcm'mgion Haft'mgs, IKariulcksh. Aug. ii, 1660, 

hcote,Chriftophei", ^/wi3»-^, L/'/co/«j/:'/rf , Apr. 2, 1660, 

ams, David, Sarat in Hertfordshire, May 4, 1664. 

amSjHugh, iVi^??/, Carfjarvonshire, June 17, 1661. 

ams, Edw. Letngoed-caftle, Brecknockshire, Nov. 2, 1774. 

lliams-Wynne, Watk. M-^inftay,l)enbigsh. Jvtly 6, 168S. 

ams, Booth, Clap/on, Northamptonsh. April 6, 1746. 

amfon, Hedw. Monkivtremouth, Durham, June 3, 1642. 

s, William, London,Dec. 15, 1641. 

lot, Edw. M. D. Chaddedon, Derbysh. Feb. 17, 1759. 

lot, Robert, Ofmajion near Derby, Stpt. 19, 1772. 

jii, Thomas- Spencer, £<?/?-^i3Krff, Sujfex, Mar. 4, 1661. 

I, George AUanfon, Z?7//e ffar/ey,EjJex ; Branebam-bi^- 

, Yorkpire, Aug. 24, 1776. 

aington, Edw. Stantford-c. ?Vorc(JierJh. Feb. 28, 1755. 

:ringham, Clifton,F.R.S.Phyfi.totheKing,0£\.29,i7'-4 

ihoufe, John, Kemberly, Norfolk, ]nne 29, 1611. 

ely, Wm. Wolfely, Staffordjhire, Nov. 24, 1628. 

lenholme, Fr. (late oiJLtifieU, Middlefex) Jan. 10, 1665, 

nbwell, George, ^rowiV(r//,2^0/-/b^. July 25, 1778. 

Ilafton, Ifa. Lawrence, Loivejby, Leiceftenb. Jan. 17, 1740, 
W;)lf, Jacob, Fantcn, Lincolnshire, Q<ft. 18, 1766, 
!k orlley, R. Y.K.S.Apledurcombe, IJle oflfigbtjuncg, 1 61 1, 
•iVy, Cecil, Summer Cajtle, Lincolmb. Nov, 35, 16 12. 
^^;y, Bourchier, Taivftock, Devonshire, June 30, i6i8, 
Vjght, James, PToodford, EJfex, 0£l. 12. 1772. 
V Ight, James, Gov. of Georgia, Dec. 8, 1772;. 
>< 'rottelley, John, Wrottejley. Staffordsh. Aug. 30, 1642, 
V'che, Cyril, Dz^c/^y of Hofftein. Dec. 20, 1729. 
Vjnne, John, Lees-wood, Flintshire, Auguft 9, 1731. 
Vjnne,Rowland, JVo/?^//, iTor^/^/Vf, Dec. 3, 1660. 
V'vill, Marm, Conftable-burton, Torksbire, Nov. 25, 1640% 
^ } William, Pyrhrtdf Somerjetsblre.j Jvme 1 659. 

Yeomans, Rev. Robt. Vicar of Pittlewortb, Hants. Tan. 


JxYongejG. Ijtcott, Devon, F.R.S. Sept. 26, 1661. 
Young, William, Delaford, near Ives, Bucks. Mar. 20, i^ 

Baronets of Nova Scotia, refident in England,] 
Carr, Robert, Bath. July 31, 1637. 
><;Gafcoigne, Thomas, Par A>z^/o«, Flintshire, — ,1638. 
Meredith, Wm. Henbury, Cheshire, Jan. 2, 1640. 
Mufgrave, Wm. Hayton Caft/e, Cumber/and, Oft. 20, 162 
Pickering, Edward, in Ire/and. 

Pilkington, Michael, C^fy^/, Torhshire, June 29, 1635, 
Slinglby, T. Tnti\tr,Scriven-park, Torksbire, Oft. 23, 16 

Befides the above, there are feveral to whom the Dlgni 
Baronet has been granted, but neither they, nor their Su 
fors have taken out their Patent?, as Sir Robert Corn^ 
(who was created in Hansver by K. George II.) and Sir J 

Bunce, &c. 

7he Rev. the DEANS, Sec. in 
England a;z£/ Wales. [In the 
King's Gift, except thofe in 
Wales, vjhich are in the Gift 
of the Bishops.] 
Province of Canterbury. 
George Home, D D 
Brift. John Hallam, D D 
Chlchejier, C. Harward, D D 
Ek, William Cooke, D D 
Exeter, Jeremiah Milles, D D 
Ghuc. Jofiah Tucker, D D 
Hereford, Nat. Wetherell, DP 
Lichf. Baptift Proby, D D 
JJiKoln, Richard Cuft, D D 
London, St. Paul's, the Bifhop 

of Lincoln. 
Wefrdrfi. the Bp. of Rochefte 
WinAJor^ovi,}o\iVi Harley,DD 
Norivich, Philip Lloyd, D D 
Oxford, Cbr'tfi-Church, the Bp 

of Briftol. 
Tf/fr^. Charles Tarrant, D D 

Rochefl. Thos. Dampier I 
Salifbury, Hon. R. Noel, 
Wells, Ld. Francis Seymoi^ 
Winchcfi. Newton Ogle, E; 
Gucrnjty, Ellas Crifpien, 
"Jerfty, Fra. Le Breton, A 
Wore. Hon. St. And. St. 

$t» Afaph, Wm. Davies S 

ley, M A 

Bangor, Tho. Lloyd, D I 

Precentor o/" St. David 

Francis Wollafton, L L f) 

Archdeacon of Landal 
William Adams, D D 

Precentor o/*LandaflF.i 
Robert, Price, A M 

Province of York, 
John Fountayne, D D 
Carli/Jc, Jeffery Ekins, D 
Cheffer, Willm. Smith, D 
Durham, Hon. and Rev, 

Digby, L L D 

Worlhiprul ihe Chancel- 
's of the feve ral Diocefes. 
Province of CanU'-bii-y. 
r Calvert, L L D 
Dean of :he Arches. 
iam Wynne, L L D 

Vicar General. 
•ew Coltee, Ducarrell, 
liD Commiflary. 
j7, Ja. Backhoufe, B D 
r. Drake Hollingbery AiV/ 
Wm. Com peon, L L D 
T,J am. Carrington,LLB 
vjain. Benfon, L L D 
W, Geo. Harris, L L D 
(&/J& Coveniiy, R^ Small- 
jke, L L D 
Jn, John Smith, D. D 
)w, Wm. Wynne, L L D 
W/&, Geo. Sandby, DD 
•rf, Benj. Wheeler, D D 

^fr,W. BurrelT, LLD 
KTVjXSir C. Gould, Knt. 

befi. John Sturges, A M 
, Edward Willis, LLB 
?j2«r, W.' Burrell, LLD 
'rfaph, Wm. Shipley, AM 
ij or, Geo. Harris, LLD 
Uavidsy Rd. Beadon, D D 
L<3/, Wm. Thomas, AM 

I Prcvince of Tbr^. 
fo: Jofeph Banks, LLB 
i»i'7f, Rd. Burn, LLD 
it. r, John Briggs, M A 
%am, Geo. Harris, LLD 
Ri. ?o«cf,xWm Eden, A M 



n Archdeacons in the fevcral 

'A.appointed by the Bifliops 
<i thofe Diocefes lo which 
iy belong.] 


Province of Catuerbuyy. 
n EV. Wm Backhoufe, D D 
*^ Bath and mils 3. 

/i^'i /A, William Willis, MA 
Taunton, John Turner, A M 
Bath, John Chapman, D D 

Bnpl I. 
Dor/a, G. WatfonHand, AM 

Chichejier 2 . ' 

Chlcheftcr, T.Hollingbery, D D 
Lewes, John Courtail, A M 

Ely 1. 
Bifliop of Landaff 

Exeter 4. 
Exeter y Bilhop of Exeter. 
CGrmvally J. Sleech, A M. 
•roM(/j, Ralph Barnes, A M 
Barrfapk,^. noUyBD. " 

Glocejler i. 
James Webfter, MA 
Hereford 2 . 
Hereford, Hon. J. Harlcy,D D 
5a/o/j, Robert Clive, A M 
Litchfield and Coventry 4. 
S'a/o/), EgertOii Leigh, A M 
Derby, Hen. Egerton, A M 
Staff. W. Brereton, A M 
Covent.'^. Fotheringham,A M 

Lincoln 6. 
Bedford, W. Stafford, D D 
Bucks, Luke Heflop, B D 
Hz/«//«o-.Mich. Tyfon; AM 
Lincoln, John Gordon, D D 
Le/ce/?. James Bickham,DD 
^^siv, John Towne, BD 

London 5. 
Lo?7don, Richard Beadon, D D 
Efex, James Waller, D D 
Middle fex, Stephen Laton,MA 
Colchejl. Ant, Hamilton, D D 
St. ^/i^«j,Sam.Horfley, LLD 

Norwich 4* 
Noi-wich, Wm. Yonge, M A 
Nb>/o/,t; Tho. Warbwrt«n,MA 

X^'io-i J" ■''^\ 

Prebends, ^.c. In his Majef, 
London. St, PauTs* 
^ Canons Refidentary (4, 
TTHE Bilhop of Line 
*• Dean. 
IChriftopher Wilfon, D D 
John Douglas, DDF R 
John Jeffreys, D D 

Wejlynmjler Prebends..; 
Thomas Wilfon, D B 
John Ta^ylor, L L D 
,SirR.eope,Bt.DD. 5z,^ 

Suffolk, John Strachey-, L L D 
Sudbury, J. Chapman, D D 

Oxford I . 
The. Randolph, D D 

'Northampton i. 
William Browne, D D 

Rochejler i. 
John Law, DD 

Salijhioy, 3. 
Jierh, Wm. Dodwell, D D 
SaKtim, Wm. Whitworth A M 
miis.Aiihux Coham, A M 

Whichejhr 2.. 
mncheder, Th. Balguy, D Dljofeph Hoare, D D F RS 

Surry ,_ BiiBop of Oxford. 

Worcejitr \. 
Jolin Warren, L \>'D 
St. Davids 4. 
St. Davids, eha. Mofs, A M 
Carmar. Geo. H'olcombe, A M 
Cardigan. T. Vincent, AM 
i?r^o/;, Edw. Edwards, A M 

St. ^faph I-. 
Bifhop of Su Afaph. 
Bangor 3 . 
^iglefea, Bifhop of Bangor. 
Bangor, Bifhop of Bangor.. 
. Morloncth, John Ellis, A M 

Landaff i . 
V/illiam Adams, D p 

Province of 2^r^. 5. 
■Ckvelandy F. Blackburn, A M 
E. Rid. Robt. Oliver, A M 

Wiiliam Bell,D D 
William Stockwood, AK 
Charles Wake, L LD 
Nathan Wetherell, D D : 
Hon. N. Bofcawen, D'Qi 
Robert Clive, M A 
Robert Pool Finch, D DI 
Tho./ackfbn, M A 

Wind/or Canpn&i; 
John Boftocke, D D 
John Lockman, DDF 
Thomas Hurdis, D D 
PhilipDa Val,DD ff 
William BuUerDD 
JohnJamesMajendie, 18^ 
John Hallam. 
William Arnald,]?,I>. ' 
Jon. Davis, DD 
Fred. Dodl worth, 1^ A : 

l^ttingh. Rich. Kayne, LLDJThos. Bray,D D 

j"or/&, \%m. Cooper, DD FRS 
Car/^c, JohnLaw,A M 

Chepr, Abel Ward, A M ~ 
Bjchtnond, Tho. Townfon DD 

Durham z. 
Durham, Sam. Dickens D D 
^irlhumh. John Sharp, D D 

Anthony Shepherd, D ." '• 

Canlerbioy Preberii 
*Thomss Tanner,- .- I 
Richard Sutton, DD 
Heneage Dering, D D 
*John Benfon, D D 
^George Berkeley, LI 
Bennet Storer, D D 
William Barford, DJ9 
Eichaid Luc»> D B 

i - c 

J rai-a Buckwoith, LLD 
I n Lynch, LLD 
i: hard Farmer, D D 

1 -mas Vyner, MA 

Li the Archbijhop's Gift. 
Wa^rjhr Pi-cbcncls. 
Mliam Jennings, B D 
_ rnas Evanf , U D 
. masRav'tl'Jiph) D D 
j,u Yourig, D B 
(iigory Parry^ A M 
1 StiUingfleet, A M 
o.Fountaine, A iVi 

2'^3 I _ 

.Matthew Lamb, DD 
J. Tovkington, LLD 
fohn Carver, LLD 
•^ Oxford. 

Canons ,/■ Chriftchurch. 
Beaj.KennicoctjDD t Kb 
Edward Smallweil, D D 
Henry Bathurft, L i> D 
§Bcnjarnin Wheekr, JJ JJ* 
William Hemington, D iJ 
Cyril Jackfon, B D F R a 
Aithur. Onflow, BD 
-f George Jubb, DD 

0. Fountaine, A m -i-^^^.^w j— ^ - , ^„ 

Annexed to ibeMa.ja>-et FroMb^p. '-,y%'l %ff^ 


. L.r^ M^or, ^/J.r,«.;^, ©"c. of the Chy of London, 'vnh 
\urLe of their Ekaion, the FPard. over 'u.btcb ibey, 

land their Places of Refdence. . . ,yr ,^^ <>leAed 

Vt-HE Rt. H. Nathaniel iV^WKi^flw, Lord Mayor, eleicea 
T ^Idermauof Vintry Ward in I774, M^nhun Ho.^e. 
,i.,^/;^o«/ 4S Robert Alfop£fq.F^^.r^^^^^^^^^ 

,./Wi 6 1 X+Rt. Hon.T. li^x\<tj , Jildcrjgate-Jt. 

tdtrcet 65 Brk Ciolby, E^?' f ^^^S? 

■U^,,, 69 ;:. James To. nfend, Efcj. Bruce L^e. 

■^rrmgdcn i^ltbout 69 X Join. Wilkes, bfci Pn.«. c . ^^ 

^1I/W 66 bir Tbo. HalUu., Knt. Birch^n-iane. 

:a^, 67 |S.r James Eldarie, ^nuBunl^^-r^. 

MLct V l<d^ Watkin Lewes, J.nt.A«^- .-> .. 

alji^ha^ 7^ 1:Sir W. Plomer, Knt j..yo'/. 

Recorder, | James Adair, Elc^. i^mcom s Inn ^/c/a^, 
y S^Urj boolprarm. 
73 fRobeit Peckham, Efq. Aufthi-Tryen. 

76 -f JRiuh.aarke, Efq.^r%-A 

77 t John Hart, E^. KingS'/i. Bhamfiwy. 
'j'j fThomas Wright, Eiq. Abchurch-lam. 
77 fEvanPugh, Ef(i. Bi/t^ofJgate-Jiyfrith, 

S a- 


pieman Street 
ruad Street 

vl^ *f 78 fTho. Sainfbuo-, Er«i. Lud.ate-hlll. 

'^^r;„gconwU^Jn 79 t Henry K itch in, Efq. ^.r«m-/?.w 
■;J'f .^'" 80 t J. Burnel], Efq. (?.,,„./?. Lf/r^A^- 

-^> aiorook 8x f William Gill, Efq. Abchnrch-la^u 

i^-d^ncr 8 1 Barnard Turner, Efq. VauT^ Wharf, 

Ur-nhdl 82 Wm. Pickett, Efq. "^ 

f'pp 82 JohnEoydell, Efq. Chcat/ck. 

f^-fle.Baynard 82 John Hopkins, Efq. P atlr-r^ofter-rcn 
'\t'''P f ,fu" ^3 James Sau » derfon, Efq, Z.o;z^o;^ BrW 
-iN.^. Allb-foretheRecordet have paffed the Chair ; th: 
marked thusf have ferved the office of Sheriff,~and tht 
axe Colonels of the City Militia. 

Shsrljlfs, Sii Robert Taylor, and Ben. Cole, Efqrs. 
• ^-^^w^^/^//?, xjohn Wilkes. Efq. 

U>?,f»on Serjeant, T. Nugent, Efq. Tcwn Chrk, W. Rix, E 
Ji^d^cs of tag Sk-rrffi Ct. Walter Long, F. Maferes, Efqrs.ic' 
^ Tour common Pleaders, 

JohnW. Rofejohn Silvefter, Alx.Luders, G. Errington.E 

^^■■'■'pi^-olUr of the Chamber, Dutton Seaman, Efq. 
, Ldl^o^ of the City Dues at the Cufom Houfe, Cha. Sommen' 
- -'-'^^(^'y of the Poultry Compter, William Bolton, Efq. ' 

y — ; -0/ ^ocd-jl-ect ditto, John Raincock, Efq. : 

A:c«f.K^rfi«rw- Peter Roberts, Efq. 5o//V. Mr. James Robeif 

Four Efquires of the Lord Mayors houfebold. * 

^•word-hay er.Beron Powney,Efq.a?«wo^Cr}'fr, W.Bifhon.Ei 

€vffsmoti Hiint,]& ChzmaefsjEfcf.Water hai/if, £ 

Cbamberlaine'i office. 
Inner Office. William Montague, principal Clerk. 
Cha. Mead, J, Edwards, Ch. Montague, R. Keys, y^Marl 
Outer Office. Henry Parker, Ch-k of tie Chamfier. ' ' 

John Biackall, Teomen of the Chamb. H Grocme, Hal/keep- 

An Accurate Li/! of the Deputies and Common Council-m: 
of the City of London, elefted December 21, 1782^ 
J his mark* denotes the yieiv members, Dec Zl. 1782. 
Alder [gate 8 Jildgat'eb. 

JEremiah Percy, Plumber, Jof. Patridge, Clotbworkiet. 
^ep^ Dep. 

ChaVJes Aldridge, Goldsmith S. Thorp, "tin-plate loorker '' 
Se»J. Mzud,Go!dfmitb The. Holdfworth,?^?»/w«' 

Geo. Seddon, Joiner Char. Lincoln, Fietcher 

^^th.WrighX, Carpc?jtcrDet. Gab. Ht2iXh,Tykr,^^Bricikhjl 
John Mott, Lmbdder *Rich. Humphreys, M/^VAS 

Thomas Kherwoodj Stationer. Baffijbaiv /\, 

John Laiky^ Joiner Gab. Leekcy, Skinnetf Dip, 

i\.Kn>gbtfC/c:':iVo,ker, Sam. Bau&lia^, Vyer 
T.ii Firth, (7lover Jacob Wrench,^ Drape.' 

simon Wadd,. Miipcian Marm. Thompion, Fi/hmngef 

Billhifgate ro. Wrr. Rowlatt, Ghver 

Tn Kitcermsrtcr, fV/?''«.^«/'-Jofeph Jewlon, 7urrm- 
in Peane, Mtrch-taylor W. Anderron, /vf^rc*^. %/or 
TahDornford, Cs5/fr John Cobb, ^^/-psr 

To. Gorfr. J/«o Coles Child, ^f f^-ye)- 

Saiel Hanlon, J5/«^^- John Rowlatt, GW- ^ 

T )mas Dunnage, Cmhr John Dowley, Blackjmtlt^ 

l3masEdg.eIey,.Fr!/^»w«m- Edward Smith, S;i/«;2fr 
( .r!es Motlev,' Wked-iur. *Jof. Morris, Spcaack-makcr 
I vard Mann'> 7o/«e)- * James Taddy, Go/^T'"- 

lies Andrews Cloihivorksf *Wiilm. Wavell Bowyer. 

Bhkopjgate 1^. B roadjlrcci lO 

]v3vdWiyc,'ryJerand Brick-]. EUis, SrWvmf", De^. 

byeryDep. Geo. Sharp, Gi>-ii/er 

] h..rd BlaekaH, Muflclan James Evan?, Skmver 
] ch. Eaton, Merch.'Taylor John Sealy, Grocer 

in Ward, Cl&th'worker James Harris, Painier-Jlamcr- 

■ 1 n Merry, !)■ Yi/^^r The . Wi 1 h am s, VVheclwrlght 
\r.Yin)\6tx\y M^axchandler Henry Blaxland, L?/)/?7o^cr 

■ Bullock, ri./-^A7?t-iu. Dcp. W.Cotterell, Gl^ff-Zc/Vcr 
Ti , Provcv,, Ch/yworker Henry Wichel! s, £flr^er 
illiam Judd, 7o.'/7ft- ^Richard.Caufton, 5'<^/«wr 
nuel Nelmc, J'^>7/«<rr Candlcw'uk 2>. 
lUiam Falkner, G/o-i;£r. Edw. Watfon, Foumlerf Def, 
.4rch. Windus, GonSmaka: Cha. Raihfield, Coo/.cf 

Th . Greenaw ay, Carptntcr. Robert Ward, Goldsmith 
VV^ra. Bam ford,' Cor^ivfl;»er. Peter Perchard, Goldfmlth 
Breadfircet 12, Thomas Davies, Fehmaker 

hn Hemans, G/o-r^ft-, -Df/>. Pslathias Palling-, Joiner 
ter Ja. Bennett, Goldjnihh John Hotham, Mfc^. T'^/oi' 
"m.Ha-llier,7^«-/!/^i!f-,'K7or-^er Richard Stainer,<^o///fr 
mes Chapma-n, Girdkr Qajllelcynard lo. 

iiortias Wright,. TunboMcr T. Harrifon, Siaiionet: Dep, 
[hn Vaynsy GoldJ/nith R.Ud.rniyTin-plaie-ivorker . 

• Hammerton, Ty^r&f 5nf*.Hen. Major, Efq. Haherdajher 
rthar Skeer, Lofty, 5«//^r R. Manning, Draper . . •., 
iepherv Langftoiv, Jower Mid. YoMugy Tin phte-wsricr 
narles Iliflfe, Carpeniir Wm. Hurford, ^^r^^r 

jVllJiam Bedford, Draper Tipping Rigby, Draper 
ifphafon Weftwood, Upholder William Box, ylpotbecary 

Bridge 15, Will. Shaipe, Painter Stai)7er 

< QoxiQXO-^fyHal'erdit/ker, I?ir/).-"^Sam.Thompfon, Shipwright 


!W^^s»i ...^.^^^_,.. 

Cheap 12. Cripplegate iv'ithout 4, 

John Smith, Ironmongery Vcp. J. Banner, Pliimkr 
Jn. Withers, TykrzS" Brick. Rob. French, TaHoiv-C-: 
The. Vezey, Glover Henry Banner, Joiner 

Ni. Forfter, Merchant Tajkr John Hale, Breivcr 

Roch. Briftow, Goldjrmtb 
Rdbert Holden, Mercer 
E w. Pearfon, Golcifmith 
John Cowley, Cloihivorker 
Tho. Taylor, Girdkr 
William Cooper, Weavet 
John Hind, Grocer 

Doivgate 8. 
Francis Hilton, Z^ytr, D^^ j 
Wm. Clemn ons, ^arZ'c^- 
Jn. Packman, Tallow -chak. 
R. Holder, Mii/iclan 
WilLam Gates, Mafon 
Jof. Steven Ton, C<3o/?fr 

••'^Franc. Naizon, Neadlemahy John Salter, Plumber 

Coleman- fir ect 6. 
R. Winholt, G'o/J/"w;/i',X)<?/). 
i^enry Cothery, Innholder 
Tho. RufTel, Carpenter 
Wm. Lewis, r/;//o 
John Jacob, Jainer 

*John Popplewell, Gkven 
Farringdon iv'uh'm i 7 • 
John Clements, Efq. P^wfi 

Thomas Vanhagen, 7'c''?<i 
Tho. Liddiard, C/or^wa^cf 

Wm. Chapman, Arm.^Br, Cedaliah Gatfield, Mi/Fc/a- 

Cordnuainer 8. 
lake Young, Glazier^ Dep. 
Bdward Beynon, Glover 
Sam. Hanning, Carpenter 
Thomas Tilfon, Glover 
Edward Kemble, Salter 
William Row, Skinner 
James Trimbey, Draper 

Sylvanus Hall, Cmrier 
Edward Parifh, Whiel-wriu 
Thomas Patrick, Tin-plat; 
John Pezrkes, Fishmonger: 
W. Carter, Merchant-Taj. 
G. Fleming, Goldjmith 
Wm. Powell, Painter jialii 
Benj. Hamnett, Bajhet-nu\ 

^Wm, Sharp, fVax-chandler Daniel Pinder, Dyer 

Cornhill 6. George Seatoun, Goldjmitm 

Henry Parker, Stationer, Dcp. Rob. Phillips, Vinmer 
Wm. Shenton, A/^^rcA. 2a);/or Will. Sloman, Mujicians 

2^Tnts Bate, Stationer 
Samuel Birch, Cook 
*Jobn Lodge, Clotkixiorker 
*Jacob Bird, Glover 

Cr iff legate ivithin 8. 

♦John Stokes, Barber 

Farringdon without I^V 
JVsj th Sick, 
Rowland Atkinfon, 

Henry Wk'ittjFishwongerf Dep.Klch. Brewer, Joider 

Edw. Dowling, Cutler 
Wm. Gifford, Leaiher-Jeller 
Richard Mathew, Cooper 
Ifaac Mather, Plumber 
James Simpfon, Gla&'er 
Tho. Vallance, Stationer 
James Birtj Uphelder 

Tho. Goodwin, Painter} 
William Sharpe, Weave 
James Branfcomb, Dyer 
William Newman, CiirrU\ 
G. Warwick, Mer,Tay\ 
James Brewer, Jomr 


Srjuth Silk, 
Thomas Thorp, Vinter,Dep 
Jeo. Wyatr, D^-apcr 
Vm. Wright, hmholder 
^^illiam Stiles, Cook 
ih,n Lucas, Butcher 
UTilliam MWlti-yGoldfm. 
V\\\. Parker, Leaihcrfelkr 
dward Johnfon, Stationer 

Langhnrji lO. 
'. Witheiby, ConpJr, Dep 

207 ] 

Robert Exam, Leatherfclier 

Wm. Champion, C<3'*t«/fr 
^■•Richard Day, Cooper. 

Tower 11» 
Cba. Wilkins, Salter, Dep. 
Aiiderton Poole, Coachmaker 
John Clofe, Wheelijori'^ht 
James Aniell, Cooper 
Wm. Bagfter, Apothecary 
Ben. Robertfon, Efqj Glover 
William Shone, Glajs-feller 

riftopher Corrall, Goidfmith Tho, Rogers, Fletcher, 

iter Pope, Haberdasher 
ihn Newman, yo<"«er 

ward Tutet, Ciockmaker 
;orge Bodley, Fishmonger 

iOmas Hudfon, Carpenter 
Ibbert Gofling, Salter, 

Wm. Broadhurft, /ro«j«9;2Ttfr 
Wm. Surman, Mufician 
*Jas. Gafcoigne, Salter. 
'*Sam. Townley, F'tjhmonge*; 

Vtntry 9. 
Godfrey Wilfon, Farrier, Dei>. 

!ha.Edw.Wilfonn,iS'//7//o«f»- Thomas Furnell, Goldjmiih 
'ohn Phillips, Upholder, Robert Evered, Glover 

Umejireety 4. John Walford, apothecary 

tnuel Brown, Draper, Dep. Lau. Hulker, Ironmonger 

W. Benfon, Apothecary 
mes Siiarp, Draper 
im Hardy, Mufician 
Portfoken 5. 
bert Harding, Salter Dep, 
feph Wife, Draper 
It. Facer Kemp, Di/iiller 

Bunn. Lariner 
ihn Taylor, Goldfmith. 
^ueenhithe 6, 
Humfreys, Cooper ^ Dep' 
|m. Befwick, Pavior 
ijamin Shaw, Cooper 

G. M. Macauley, Boivyer 
John EImes,'7y/f>- CSJ" Brickl, 
James Hallam, Fruiterer 
*Henry Hurle, Carpenter. 

VVaJbrook 8. 
Richard Dickfon, Cooper, Dep^^ 
Jona. T\3ixxxtry Leather -Jcller 
Tho. Axford, Mufician 
Chriltopher Parker, Ghver 
Robert Wyatt, Skinner 
James Rutherford, Baker 
John Lewis, Clothworker 
* Samuel Toulmin, Barber 

er General of the Land-Tax far City of London ©" Mid^ 
]kfe%, Richard Bagot, Efq; 

I Receiver, Tho. Rumfey, Ef<^i — The Office in the Excife 
C( in Broad- Street. 

General of Windcnu—Ught Tax for "London and Mid" 
[itjfx, John Burke, Efq. Pep. Charles Wilfon, Wi^.^Tht 
'^te in Lomtftrd" Street 

E *^* 1 

Ecceive-i 'Cene>-al nf (he Duths on inhabUcd Houfei for Londt; 
a^rd M.ddlc[c%, William Brumrriell; and Bryon Brought*; 
Efqj-s-— 7/^1? Office, Charing^CroJs. . 

His Majefifs Comffiifnoners of the Liea tenancy /or tht 
City of London. 
The Lord Mayor, Aldermen and RecSrdfer fot the tier 

being : See a Lift of the ^refcnt, in p. 203^ 
Sir GllVvt Heathco e, Bart. | Sir G eorge Colebrooke,Ja!; 

John Harrifon 
George Hayter 
Hen 17 Koare 
Richard Hoare 
Ralph Knox 
>:;Robert Ladbroke 
Daniel Lafcelles 
xEdward Lewis 
Beefton Long" 
Samuel Marlh 
Nathaniel Martin 
Tames Matthias 
Jofeph Mellllh 
Richard Neave 
John Nightingale 
Edward Payne 
James Pell 
John Pott 
George Pj-efcott 

George Aufrere 
John Apthorpe 

Tames Adams 
John Boyd 
Jonathan Barnard 
Lvde Brown 
>< Peregrine Cuft 
John Calvert 
Peter Calvert 
Felix Calvert 
Richard Lomax Clay 

Sir Robert Carr, Bt 

Edward Davis 

George DeaLry 

Thomas Dincly 

Thomas Thomas 

William Fauquier 

Richard Fuller 

Stephen Peter Godin 

Robert Gofling 

Thomas Hankey 

Iheaboije Genihmnare jEfqtiimfy Virtm ofiht mrtfs<^ 

Samuel Smith, Efq- Ckyk and Treaforer. 
Thomas Smith, Efqj Miiftcr-MaflcY. Sam, Maofeil, M#« 

Arthur Raddiffe 
Henry Raper 
John Rivington 
John Sargent ^ 
Thomas Selwlttj 
John Skey 
Thomas Smith' 
Samuel Smith 
William .Smith 
Richard Speed 
Laurence Sullivai 
John Thornton 
Stracy Till 
Jn Albretch Tail 
Samuel Vaoghafl; 
xHon.f . Wall 
Jofeph Watkins 
Thomas Wilkinl 
John Wilfon, Eli 

Field Or-yici^RS^ emd GoMM'A»rSE»fi i>j. fhe Six ^ffif 
of the a ty^ Militia.. 
F^rft, Yellow^ Regiment, Rt. Hon. Tjo. Harley,/!! 

Lieut. Col. John Fa veil, 
Major, Philip Oriell, 
1 Capt. J«hTi liin^j 
a Capt. 

3 Capt.ThO, Thorp, 

4 Capt. Peter Longes, 
C Capti P. Oriel, /w^?. 

Capt, Lieut. Chan P» 

[ 209 ] 
Second, Green Regiment, Sir James Esdailb, 

, Col. William Howes, 
', Benjamin Cole, 
Robert Downe 
Wm. Champante, 

3 Capt. Jofeph Crich 

4 Capt. John Keene, 

3 Capt. James Simpfon 

Capt. Lt. Rd. Whitecombe* 

riiird, White Regiment, Richard Clark, Col 

Col. James Oates, 
•; R-obert Holden,, 
. /.. William White 
i ?:. William Lane, 

3 Capt. John Dow nes, 

4 Capt. Thomas Davis, 

5 Capt. Tho. Wm.Pref^on, 
Capt. Lieut. John Abboit, 

aurth, Blue Regiment, Sir Watkin Lewes, Col 

c . Col. James Harriottj, 
'.: r, Stephen Clark, 



4 Capt. 

5 Capt» 
Capt. Lieut. 

frh. Orange Regiment, N.Newnham Ld. Mayor, Col. 



3 Capt. 

4 Capt. 

5 Capt. 
Capt. Lieut. 

e Col. 

■v It. 


xth, Red.Regiment, Barnard Turner, Efcj. Col» 

3 Capt. 

4 Capt. 

5 Capt. 
Capt. Lieut. 

Tbe ahuve Getithmen are Efquires by virtue of thelA 


^ i_- II I I ^ 

The Honourable ARTILLERY Company, 
i: loyal Highnefs Gforo-f Rt. Hon. N. Newnham, Efq- 

Lotd Mayor, Lt. Col. . 
Barn. Turner, Efq. Major 
Sceph, Clark, Efq. Adjutant, 
John Keen, Engmeer. 
Rev. JofephCookIbn,Chaplain. 
Mr. William Blizard, Surgeon. 
Peter Longes, Clerk. 
John Roake, Meffenger. 

.^jifuii Frtderickj Prince 
'. i'cilcSf Capt. Gen. 
-c Croiby, Efq. Prelident. 
r i Townfend, Efq. Vice 
i fident. 

r 7illiam Plomer, Knt. 
' ;arurer. 
r atkin Lewis, Knt. Col. 

Af embers of the Court of IVtjlminJier. 
'' 'tvT?;, the Bp of Rochefter. Dtp. Srewa-'d, Ja. Sayer, Efq. 
^Suwardy The Duke of Bigb bailiff, T a. Coyb^ii, Eiq. 

. L 2T 

JJej). Bailiffs Francis Grojan, 
St, Margaret's, ana St. 

Burgejjet. Nic. Spencer, Efq. 
Mr. R. Pearce, Mr. Thomas 
Wilfonj Mr. R. Lewis, Mr. 
J. Philips, Vxx. Godfree, Mr. 
J. Eves. 

yigiftants, Mr. Marfaulr, 
Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Pr!ce,Mr. 
Siirpfon, Mr.Snow, Mr.Wood 
Ml. R. Abingdon. 

St. Martins. 
£urgeJfe5.Cd.^t. Chr. Pinch, 
beck, Mr. Henry JafFiay. 

^'iJiflants. fvlr.' S. Hen tie)', 
Mr, Sam. Darling. 
St, Anris. 
jRurgefjes. Mr. Sam. Potts, 
Mr. Tho. Dobfon. 

^' J 

y^jpjiants. Mr. G.J 
Mr. Trotley 

St. James's. 




Efq. >=;Robt. Mackreth, 

j^Jftftants. Warlijigtoc 
Mr. Evans 

St. 'George's. 

Burgefs. Mr. G.Shakef): 

^giftmt. Mr. Rd. Evi; 

Hi. Paul's Covent Gard^\ 
Mr. George Leigh. 

j^jpjlantj Mr. John Lue- 
St. Clentenis 

Bvrgefs. Mr. Sam. Rainsi, 
JjJlfantMu'KsXT^h. Wil!i», 
High Coyijiabk, Mr, John! 
Toiv): Ckrkj Mr. John Jac. 
::/ Keep. Mr. GriffithRow. 
C.ryer, and Mace-Bearer, ~\ 

fith Rowland. 

Gomntittee of City Lands.. 
Right Hon. Nath. Kewnham, Lo^'d Mayor, 

Brafs Crofby, Efq. Chatham- 

James Townfend, Efq. Bntce 

Cafikt Tottenham. 
Sir Willm Plomer, Jetvyyf. 
Tho Wright, Efq. Abb Chunb 

Thomas Sainfbury, Efq. Lud- 

Henry Kitchiny. Efq. Berners- 

Jirect, Gxford-Ji. 
John Bern el!, ETfq, GVf £■»-/?. 


Mr. C. Aldridge, Alderfgi 
Mr. Tho. Holdfworth,"^- 
,%< r. The. Dunnage,^;//;/ 
Mr. Wm. Jucd, BiJhofJgiK 
Mr. Will.Hallier,j5ro^^; 
Mr. fohn Rowlatt Brk 
Mr. Geo. Sharp, Broad i 
Mr. Cha. Ralhfield, CanA 
Mt.W.Hurford, Cajlkti 
Mr. Robert Ho'den, Ch«ii 
;Mr. R. Wimbolt, Golem 
Mr. S. Hanning, Cordiee, 
Mr. W. Shenton, C4*-ttJi' 

William Gill, Efq. Akchttreh- Mr. Df/). H. White, 6V^' 

Barnard Turner, Efq. Taid's- 

W^m. Picket, Efq. Ilirter St. 
John Boydcll, Elq. Q:(e0de. : 

Mr. Will. Gates, Dawga 
iMr. Ged. Gat&dd,.i?.«'r 

Mr. Dip. Rowland A^ 

Ynrrhigdon nvithouic 
Mr. George Bodley^ i 

Ocf. S. Brown, Ume-fi. 
Benjamin Bunji, Porr/o 

Jen. Shaw, ^ueenhiehe. 

211 ] 

Vfr.Wm. Shone, Toivtr. 
Mr. Laur. Holker, Vhiiry. 
.Mr. The. Axford, JValbi-ooke, 

Gmmt^tmers of SeieerSf 
iffrd Mayor. 
B* Aldermen (except T. 

Wrielge,Efq.) and their. 


'f. vttthmUj Mr. John Mott 
atcy Mr. Sam. Thorp. 
ibaw^ Mr. John Firth 
'gfgate^ Mr. Tho. Goi-ft. 
f^gats 'Euithln, Mr. J».Pin- 

ffg. 'euhkouti McWilllana 

3M-fi. Mr.. James Chapman 
? T«5 Mr. Clement Corderey 

id Wm. Rowlatt. 
F :d'fi. Mr.Wm. Cotterell 

' lu/V-l, Mr. R. RaMeld. 
J it^^vj.MriMidford Young, 
G/^/i, Mr. Nic. Forfter. 
ff nati-Jh M*. John Jacobi 
C hminetf, Mr. S.Hanning. 

Lamps, and Ta-vcrrunti, 

looibil/, Mr. James Bate. 

yrrpfyle^-ite iMtthin, Mr. Wm. 


^ripplegate lolihsttfy Mr. Robt. 

Dowgate, Mr. Jo£ Stevenfbn, 
Farrlng.'whhmy Mr.B.Hamnett. 
Fa''pingdoTtiv'.thov.ty Mr. Rich, 
Brewer, Mr. Wm* Wright. 
Langhor?!, Mr. P^-rer Pope. 
Lime-Jl. J. W. Benfon 
Fortfoken^Mv. Jofeph Wife. 
^eeriBithcf Mr. Wm.Befwick 
Tow&ff Mr. James Anfell. 
Virtry, Mr, Lau. Holker. 
•Valbrooky Mr. Jon, Turner, 
or anyfeven. 
Chief Clerk, Mr. H. Hall, 
4^/ C/. Mr. W. Bond, Mr. 
J. White* ' 

G E N E R A L-P O S T - O F F I C E, 

I £led by A(3! of Parliament, 

)ftm afters Geneml, 2000/ 
"1 ,Iit Hon, Lord Foley 
1 Hon. H. F. Carxeret 
* r. AnthonyTodd,efq. 200/ 
^ to the PoftmafferGeneral. 
niel Braithwaite, efq. lOo/. 
Clerks to the Secretary, 
omas Todd, ef^, lo©7. 

27Dec. 1660, Loittbard-flreet, 

jHum. Walcot, 100/. C. God- 
by, 90I. T. Auft, 80I. T. 
Pryce, 6q1. George Peifley, 
Richard Barlow, 50/. each. 
Rec. Gen.Ife., Trevor, efq. 300/ 
Cls. to the Receiver General, 
J, Maddifon, r507.john.Bow- 
den, ioq/. 


W. Fanqnuier,efq. 300/. 
Dep.Tho. Church, efq, 902. 
Cls. to the Accompt. Genera! 
C. Walcot, 80/. T. Campbell 
70/. F.Edwards, 60/. Rich. 
Fancourt, 50/". 
Infpe£lors of the mif-fent and 

dead Letters. 
T. Todd, H Walcot, efqrs 
Solicitor to the Pofl-office. 
Sam. Palmer, efq. 20c/. 
Refident Surveyor. 
Nathaniel Draper, Efq. 300/. 
Comptr. of the Inland Office. 
Samuel Potts, Efq. 200/. 
DepComptr. J. Watts, 00/. 
Comptr. of the Bye Nights. 
Jacob Shann, efq. 
Dep. Comptr. E. Barnes. 

Clerks of the Roads. 
Chefler, J. Wildman, 100/ 
Affift.S. Ardzon, 60/ 
North, William Boulton 
Affift. Wm. Rowe, 6cl 
Weft, John Briggs, 60/ 
Affift, T. J. Burton, 50/ 
Briftol, T. Bay ley, 60/. 
Affift. Ifaac Cabane, 60/ 
Yarmouth, Henry Potts, 60/ 
Affift. C. Coltfon, 60/ ^ 
Kent, E. Barnes, Sol 
Affift, Wni. Ogilvy, 50/ 
CI. Bye Nights, J. Ridley 
Sortejs, J. Irwin, J. Bapt. 
Auftin, Henry Delborough, 
Jofeph Ruddick, Ed. Bulk. 
Overall, T.Kempe, loo/.ea. 
James Hutton, Dan. Stow, 
Freder. Smith, J, Hallott, 
W. Addifon, J. Ho.Briggs, 

W. William*, J. Carter, 

t 212 1 

R. Watts, W. RIc 
ftm, J. Holdfworth, 
Pippard, F. Haigh, J. I 
C. J. Crefwell, J. Pa 
John Bilhop, R. Wal 
T. S.ates, James Sta 
Henry Cook, J. Farlo 
Janfon, J. Favey, A. ' 
figer, J.P. Norris, B.I 
ton, A. PoUon, J. Lc: 
— Pearce, 50/. each. 
Two Facers at 40/. each . 
Window-man and Alph 
Keeper on the General 
Henry Piers, 60/ 
Wind. -man on the Bye-1 

C. Evans, 50/ 
Infp, of Franks,W. RoW; 
Infp. of Franks on the 
Days, Charles Coultfo 
Infpedl. of Letter-Car: 

Cha. Poynter, 60/ 
81 Lett.-car. at us a we 
16 Supornumerary ditto,; 
Door Keep, to the Poft-l 

Gen. John Commins 
Court-Poft, ><H. Penton- , 


Deliverer of the Letters t ; 

Houfeof Commons, 

Coultfon, 6s 8d a day 

Mail maker, Tho. Fofte 

Inlp. of the Carriers, Coa« 

and Waterm. R. Harg- 

Ch. Saverland, "W. Co^ 

Jn. Williams, 52/ 

Eight Mefleng. at i2j a 

Watchman, John Whalcaj 

Houfe-lcp. Ann Olbotne,!| 

Sye Letter Office, 
Hird, Matt. Slater,|Compt. andRefidemSurvi; 

Philip Allen, efq. 500* 
lAccompt, T, Hyclt;cf^: 

[ ^^ 

Wm.Ward, efq.200/ 
|ohn Weaver, 100/. John 
rldbore, 80/ Ja. Brown, 
Rob. Dillon, 60/ 
of dead and mif-fent 
ters, John Watts, 80/ 
keeper. The. Bavin, 50/ 
Surv. Rd. Arbuthnot, 
•rge Hodgfon, Johnfr.n 
Ikinfon, efqrs. 


Foreign Office. 
t.Ch. Jack Ion, efq. 150/ 
Compt. G.Laugton,ioc/ 
.Starr, 90/ R. Bigge,8c/ 
Angel), 7oi John Row- 
If 60/ Charles Anlel,5o/ 
►. Weflern, 4c/. 
JK. Todd, efq. 50/ 

MelTenger. Wm. Ralnflcy 
10 Lett, carr. at i li a week 
I Supernumerary ditto 
Manager of the Packet Boats 
at the Brill, C. Saverland, 
efq. 120I. 
Agents, John Walcot, efq, ar 

Dover, 150/ 
C. Cox, etq. at Harwich, 150/ 
St. Bell,efq. at FaLTio«th,i2oJ 
Wm. Hudfon, efq. at Lilbon 
John Foxcrofr, and H. Finlay 
efqrs, Deputy Poft Makers 
Gen. and Jas. Braithwaite^ 
efq. Sec. at New York 
G. Roupell, efq. Deputy Poft- 
ma!ler-general, for the 
SouthernDi'>ri(St of Charles 
Town, South Carolina. 
F. Daihwood,efq; Jam. 

^ Poji is efiablijhed (Sunday excepted) to and j^'otn thii 
ty and the following Poft Towns, and Flaca in ihdr re- 
ive Dijlri^s. 

don, Alresford, Amer- Edmund's, Burton upon 
Trent, Bungay. 
Calne, Cambridge, Canter- 
bury, Carlille, Caxton, 

Annpthill, Annan, 
ileby, Arundel, Alh- 

n, Attleborough. 
ry, Barnard's - Caftle, 
l^net, Barnlley, Bath, 
I'vtry, Beccles, Beconf- 
fd, Bedford, Bewdley, 
I=;glefwade, Birmingham, 
]:cfter, Blackburn, Bl^nd- 
iil, Bradford, Yorkihire, 
]|iintree, Bridgewater, 
Jightftelmfton (from Miu- 
iiimer to Michaelmas,) 
liflol, Bromley, Bromy- 
J , Brough, Bruntwood, 
': irowbridge, Bury, St, 

tcrfield, Cheftcr, Chichef- 
ter, Chippenham, Chipping* 
Norton, Cirencefter, Cob- 
ham, Cockermouth, CoL- 
chcfler, Colnbrook, Colfler- 
worth, Congleton, Coven- 
try, Croydon. 
Darking, Darlington, Dart- 
ford, Daventry, Dca!, 
Derby, Dereham, Dona- 
ghadec, Doncafter, Dor- 
chcfter, Dover, Dumfries, 
Dunftablc, Durham. 

liafv Grinfteatl, Enfton?, Ep 
fom, Ejher^Exater, Eye. 

Fairfoid, Fakenham, Fare^ 
ham, Farringdon, Ferry- 
bridge, Feveriham, Foot s- 
Cray, Fiorrve, 

rard's-Crofs, Gloucefter, 
Godalmin, Gofport, Gran- 
tham, Gravefcnd, Guilds 

Halifax, Halft^d, Harwich, 
Hallemere, Hatfield, Ha- 
vanr, H^-nley, Hertford, 
Hereford, Hitchin, Holm's 
Chapd, Holt, Holyhead, 
Hoimllow, Hull, Hunger- 
ford, Huntingdon, Hutherf- 

Ingatcftone, Ipfwich, Ireland, 
(by Holyhead and Port-Pa- 
trick,) IHeworth. 

Kelveyon, Kendal, Kidder 
minfter, Kingfton, Knutf- 

Lancafter, Leachdale, Lea- 
therhead, Ledbury, Leeds, 
Leicefter, Lewes, Lincoln, 
■ LitchfieldLiverpo 'l,Lough- 
booughj Loweffoff, Lu- 
ton, Lynn. 

Macclesfield, Maidenhead, 
nJngtree, Mansfield, Mar- 
gate, Madborcugh, Mid- 
dlewicb, Midhurft, Mon- 

Namptwich, Nettlebed,New- 
ark, Newbury, Newcaftle 
upon Tyne, Newcaftle un- 
derLine, Newmarket,New- 
port-Pagnel, Northaller- 
ton, Northampton,Notting- 
ham, Norwich, 

ai4 ] 


Penrith, Petersfield, Petwj 

Queen borough. 

Ramlbury, Reading, Re 
Ringwood, Ripley, V 
dale, Rochefter, Rofs, , 
Iton, Rumford, Roi 

Sheffield, Shields Nort 
South, Shiprton upsn S 
Shiffuall, Shrewlburv 
tijvgbourn, Southall, S 
ampton, Stafford, ^tar. 
Staines, Stevenage, St 
Stockport, Sroke, No 
Stone, Stourbridge, Stfi 
on Avon, Stroud Clou 
fhite, Sedbury, Sunde 

TadcafVer, Taunton, 
worth, Thame, Th<i 
Tiverton, Tunbridgc, 


Wakefield, Wallingford, 
ton, Warwick, W? 
Wells. SomerfetJhire, 

Norfolk, .Wellington, i 

: merfet, Welw > n,Wet 

' We}'mouih, White* 

Wigan, 'Wightltle of, 

;' born,Winchefter,Wir' 

Norfolk ,Windfor,Wir 

■ Kent,Witham, Eirex^ 

t^ verhampton, Wttf 

Workfop, Wolcin 

Wooburn> Woodfhrcll 

<ombe-High^ Yari 

Norfolk, York. 


L =^'3 J 

' jtnail is jifpatched from London to Edinborgh, and from 
Idburgh to London, every Day, Wedntrd;»y and Sunday 
*lted 5 as alio to and from Morpeth, Alnwick, Bedford, 
lifeerwick : and a PolV is eftablifhed', Six Times a Week, 
ileen Edinburpjh and Aberdeen, Giafgow, Greenock, and 
|i termed iate Towns. 

jitters are fent from hence on Mondays, Tuefdays, Thurf- 
aud Saturdays, fot Brighthtlmlton, HorncatMe, Foik- 
Hyihe, Lymington, Witney, t'ttcxerer, Stockton, 
|n, Steyningj'Shoreham, Wiibicb, Grays, Newport m 
Dlhirej Peterbo»ough, Spalding, Bolton, !^-^d Louth; and 
a hither onMonda s, Wednefday?, i hurfdays, and Sa- 
:ys. Likcwife to tHe Devizes, iWekiham, Towbndge, 
Jon Walden, and Brecknock, every Day, Friday and 
lav excepted } and return on Mondays', Wedneldaysj 
jrfdays, and Saturdays. 

Somerton, Ilminfler, Chard, and Axminfrer, every 
exccpi Sun.lay and Monday ; and back every day. To 
idford, oa Tuefday, Wednefday, Thurfday, and Saturday. 

jtters from London to any Part of Holland, France, or 
idei-s (or to the Town of Geneva la Switzerland through 
ice), pay no foreign Poftage. 

[1 • Poiisge ot a fmglc Letter In Brltifh Pencr j 

?|i any Port of Holland, France or Flanders, to London lo 
i<;een London andiny Part of Spain or Portugal, ihro' 1 ^g 
sjlrauce or by Litbon S 

W|/cen Londori and any Part of Italy, Sicily, Turkey, Y 
fe,|yitic-rland, and Minorca, through France, (except > 15 
y Geneva) _ ^ 

jilrccn London and any Part of Italy, Sicily, Turkey, "I 
Jeimanv, Switzerland, Denmark, Swedtn, Ruflui, j* li 
IdallPdrtsoftheXorch, through Holland or Flanders. J 
rl.tiers and Packets from any Part of Great Britain, Ire- 
l, or America, for any of the Places before-mentioned be- 
|1 the Seas, not in his Majefty's Dominions, are, beiides 
faid foreign rates they may be chargeable with, to pay, 
e Office at which they are put in, the full Port to Lon- 
without which they cannot be forwarded. 
In Double Tjebles 'and other Letteis and Packets what- 
v| (except by the Penuy-Poft), pay in Proportion to the 
' T 4 



^-^-"■'' ■ ' ^j -^-m — -J 

re fpeftlve Rates of S ngle Letters before fpecificd ; Pat 
chargcaWe by Weight pay after the Rate of four lingle' 
ters for every Ounce, Weight and upwards. 


For the Port of every Letter or Packet, paflTing or re- 
fmg within the Cities of London or Weftminfter, the Bore 
of Southwark, and their Suburbs (which Letter or Pa 
is not to exceed the Weight of four Ounce?, unlefs cor 
from, or pafling to the General-Poft), One Penny upon 
ting in the fame, as alfo a Penny upon the Delivery of 
ai5 areciirefted to any Place beyond the faid Cities, Boro 
or fuburbs, and within the Diftrift of the Penny-Foft 

A N^ew and Correft Lift of the Penny-Poft, (Ereaed l6 
Comptroller, SirFr. Charleton, Ban. 2Col. His Clerk, Ja 

Thom*^, 30I. Collector, Ralph Cauldweli, 70I. His Dep 

John Painter. Accomptant,— — Walcot, 70I. 
Five Sort&rs, one at each Office, at 15s. per Week, and Hoi 

Fire, Sec. Eleven Sub-forters, at 12s. per Week, and 

feventy MefTengers, at 8s. per Week. 

-.^ L:Ji of ihc Five Principal Ot^ccSf Jhcwing where they 

kept, and the Hours in ixihich Ltttcn and Pareels arc com 
to the/olloiving and adjacent Places. 

CJiief Pknny-Post-Office is kept in Throgmorton-fi 
oppoJite Barthohme'w-Lane. 





I Alderlbrook 
I Averyhatch 
I Barking 
I Ball's-pond 

r Bee- hive 
5 Bethnal-Green 
Blackm. Hole 

913 Boarded-River 

■7JI Bow 

^! — Bew's Farm 

7jl Broml-vin-i-Viid. 

7 - Bulh-H:li 

3 Cammbridgehea 
3 Can'bury-houfe 
Chigwell 6ind 
• Chingford 
3 Copenhagen 
I Cranbrook 

by II lord 
3 Dalfton 

3 Fng-lane 
Green Man 
9I- G/een-fir-eet 


73 Hackney 
7 3 HagL'erlloi 
.[l Ham"-Eaft 
71 Ham-Well 
- - Hoghlll 
10 4 Hoxton 
9 3 Hoilowayl 
- Hoiloway', 
Downs, El 
3 Hollowayt 
I Jenkins 
I llford 
3 Illington 
I KingllandJi 

Low] ay ton 

Maryland Point 
Mile End and 


Old ford 







Plaftow in Eflex 



SirJ. Oldcafcle 




Salter's Build. 


St rat fed 


nea^- Edmon. 


high -crofs 
Valentine & 


Woodford Row 
and Bridge 

{^Infter Penny-Poil-Office is kepi in Coventry-Street, 
tuar Piccadiriv* 


-Abery Farm 
Afton E. & W 
-Aifton We lis 
Bafe watering 
Brentford Old 

and New 
3. Brents Cow-H. 
3 Brent-ftreet 
' Brook-Green 
' Broom- Hoafes 
'. Brompt. parli. 
'. Bline-lane-H. 
'. Burrows 
' Callfebear 
• Child's- Hill 
' Corney's^4foufe 
■ Cow H. Farm 



Ciielfca Great |7 

and Linlt j7 


and Common. 7 

<z??^ Fields 7 

Chifwick 7 


CoUings Deep 

Counters Bridge 7 

Crabtree-H ou fe 7 

Dole ftreet 



- Drayton-Green . 

1 i)aws-Liane f, 

- Diivers-Hill 'y 

- Dollers-iiill 
Ealing Great' 

md Little 7 

2 Ealihg-L'anis 7 
z Earls-Court 7 
• Fortune-Gats 7 

■T^3 '■ '; 

Fords- Hook 
Fravers Place 
Fulham & Fiel. 
Gagglegoofe Gr» 
Great atid Lit. 
tie Holland- 
The Green-Mar* 

Uxb. Road 
Goulders Green 
Gutters Hedge 
HandweM and 
■ Hanger-Lane 
a?:d mii •'_ 
''The Haven 
The Hide 
Holders- Hii: 

~ : i-rmni 


Hog- Lane 
Hullingham Gr 
Kenfal Gr. and 



Gravel- pits 
Kinglbury and 

Laurence ftreet 
>uar Hendon 
I 3 Marvbonc 

a?}d Park. 
- Mafha-Maps 
afid Majh- 
I - Mill-Hill 




[ 21» ] 

Norman's Land 
North End 
North High- 

Nott ngHill 
Old Oak Com. 

4 Paddington and 



Purfers Crofs 
Pages ftreet 
near Hendon 
Park Hill 
Parfons Street 
Scollop Green 
near Wifdon 
Shoot up hill 
Silk bridge 

2 Sion hill 

2 Sion houfe 

If p. 

7 2. 



sion lane 
St. John'swooi 
Stanford brool 
Starch green 
Strand on 

Sutton court 

and little 

5 Tat nam ct. 

and Road 

5 Tyburn roj 
Waliam gre^f 

- Wemly, and 

4 Weftburn 

- Weft end 

- Wilfdon greej 
2 Windmill la 

Hermitage Penny Poft Office is kept in Queen -ftreet, Litt 

Tower HiU. 

9^2 Ifle of dogs 


2 K. David's fort 
2 Limehoufe an^ 

2 Poplar 

2 Ratcliff 

2 Step. Sc Canfl 

South wark Penny Poft Office, is kept In St. Saviour*s,Chur< 
yard, in the Borough, and, on Acc^ut of the Diftance 
the following Places, Letters and Parcels muft be at tli! 
Office by Ten o'Clock the preceding Evening, to be fo 
warded by the firft Delivery. 

J Hours 
il- Sal* 


z Barns T.& EI 
z Baroes comntonlj 

Batterf. & Rj 

edington Cor 

. lackheath 
\ leaks hall 

rif. Caufeway 
''[ rocklcy upper 

ind Lower 

urnt afh 



laph. & Com. 

lay hill 
'grooms hill 

old harlbour 

•eptford uppe 
I td lower 
,ulw. & com. 
■ tham & Sou. 
■ammon hill 

; arrett green 
jjrange road 

rove ftreet 
|:ham houfe 

eland green 


ind Walhway 

Sind Common 

[ 219 ] 

- Kew green 

- Kidbrook * 

- Knights hill 
2 Lark hall 
3^Lamb. &Mar(h 
z Lambeth, Sou. 

- Lee and green 
Lewiiham and 

Lime kilns 
Long barn 
Long hedge 
Mai tin abby 

and Mill 

- Marih gate 
2 Micham 

2 Mortiake 

- Morden colleg< 

- Millpond brid. 

- Motringham 

z Newington butt. 
New crofs 
Nine elms 
Peckham T. 

Lane & Rey 
Piffs marlh 



Penze common 
Putney & Heath 
and Bowl. gr. 


Red houfe 


^ Rotherhith 

Roufa green 

Sheen oall 


Shooter's hill 



South end 

Stone farm 


Stump hill 
- Toothing upper 

and lower 
2 Vauxhall 
2 Wall worth 

VVandf. Sc com* 





Iement's, in Blackmore-ftreet- — On Account of the 
tance of the following Places, Letters and Parcels muft 
It this Office by Ten o'Clock the preceding evening, to 
forwarded by the firft Delivery. 

atlle bridge 
>ne gate 

bs^lk farm 
ole harbour 
oney hatch 

Frog lane 
Golders hill 
High ^ate 
Haverftock hill 
Kentilh town 
Muifel hiU 

North end, 

Pinder ofWak.. 
South Green 

- Wood green 

- Windmill hill 

f 220 J 

I>3r€(hor5 of the Million Bank. 

Sir J. Burrow, R. Burrow, 

B. Boddington, Barrington 

-Buggin, Hermanus Berens, 

Ed\var<i Fofler, e'qrs. Sir 

James Winter Lake, Bart. 

, Ja. Martin, Rol>. Macky, 
H H. Norvis, J. Paice, 

Cha. Palmer, Tho. Pi 
Wm. Raper. Tho. Rog 
Lee Steefe, T. Sikes, 
Solly, S. Solly, R. Sf 
Mark Weyland, Fra 
John Harrifbn. AVr. 

"Bmk of 

Neav^, Richard, efq. Gov. 
Ptters,' George, De{^. 'Gov. 

Bcachcrofr, Samuel^ efq. 
Boddington, Thomas, efq. 
Boehm, Roger, efq. 
Booth, Daniel, efq. ; • 
Bofanquer, Samuel, el^. 
Browne, Lyde, efq 
Clay, Richard, Elq.- 
Cooke, William, Ef<|. 
Darell, Edward, efq. 
Dea, Thomas, efq. 
Drake, Geo. Efq- 
Ewer, William, efq. 
Gauffen, Peter, efq. 
GilesjDaniel, efq. 
H.lheH, William, Efq. 
Hayter, George, Efq. 
Jackfon, Tho. Scott, Efq. 
Payne, Edward, efq 
Plant, Henry, efq. 
Raik€S, Thomas, efq. 
Sneli, William, Efq. 
Thornton, Godfrey, efq. 
Weyland, Mark, Efq. 
Wintlirop, Benjamin, efq. 

Other Offictn* 
Seci-ef,ary.i Robert Leiwn efq. 
Deputy J Mr. Martin 


Dcp. Mr.'Wm. Edwards. 
C/. of the Speck, Mr. 1 

iji Clerk o/"4 per Cetif. Jo: 

ifi CI. of-^-ec half per Cent. 

Nathan Dell. 
Cb. Clerks <of -^ per Cent Co 

Mr.MilIer,and Mr. Vic 
jfi Clerk of % pcrCmt, red 

Mr. Kimin . 
ifi CI of Bank Stock, Mr. 

jj} a. of -the, Cheque Office, 

Bailey , ; .•- . -^ . 
'Principal Cflfhierf Abra 

Newlan^, efq. , 
Cafhkrs, Tho^nas Thom 

SewallisLarchin, W.C 

ner, Wm. Jackfon, 

Boult, Owen Get! 

Thomas Ormes, Wil 

Lander, M. Greenwa 
Firfi Teller f Thomas Cam 
ly? Clof mjcOfficc, Mi-.Rj 
if CI ofDmiu. Accompt C 
. umier Oafhiersy Mr. C lit 
if CI, of $ill' Office in ibe . 

Mr. Church. 
if Clerk of the BuHiorU 
■ Mr* Btheridge. , gj. 

I- i 

I I 

■i 1 



GIL (Sir Char.) John & Will. Nightingale, No 70, 
:^ombard Street. 

y, Bevan, Barclay, Benlng, and Co. No 56, Lombd-ft, 
ns, Stephenfons, Grave and Glover, No 69, ditto 

Iph, Cocks's, Eliot, Praed, and Ridge, Charing Crofs 

I, Barneit, Hoare, and Hill, No 6z, Lombard-ftreet 
iro, Barnfton, Carter, and Snaith, No. 5, Manfion 

ufe Street 

ro, Kendall, Adey, E. G. Boldero, and Brafier, 
77, Lombard-ftreet 

II, Powell, Sumner and Co. No 66, ditto 
1, and Co. Noj, Fieet-ftreet 

s, Thomas, and Co. No 50, Strand 

s, Devaynes, Dawes, and Noble, No. 39. Pall Mall 

e (William, and CorncLus,) Robert Snow, and William 

jdby, No 217, Strand 

ens, Meilo, and Martin, No 22, Finch Lane 

\ and Pell, No I, Bartholomew Lane 

imond, (Robert and Henry,) and Co, Charing Crofs 

le, (Sir James) Efdaile, Hammet 5c Efdaile, No 73, 


tt and Drummond, No. 20, Lawrence-lane. 

• (William,) Son, and Co. No 24, Lombard-ftreet 

r (Richard,) Sons, and Vaughan, No 84 Cornhillji 

ig, Robert and Francis, No 19, Fleet-ftreet 

ax Sir Thomas, Glyn, Mills and Mitton, No 18," 

chm lane 

ary, Taylor, Llo.d, and Bowman, No 60 Lombard- 

ev, Thomas, JofcpK Chaplin Hankey, Stephen Hall, 

Robert Hankey, No 7, Kenchurch-ftreet 
, Birch and Hobbs No. 1 52, New Bond Street 

s (Sir Robert) and Co. No. 16, St. James's-ftreet, 
Henry, Richard Henry, and Hen y, No 37, 


land Michell, near Catharine- ftreet, St; and. 

ke, Rawiinfon, Porker, and Co Bank Buildings. 

ons, Towgoods and Amory, No. 29, Clements-lane 

A;yton, Brafiey, Lee, and Satrerthwaite, No. 71, 

ibard ::jtreet. 

!, Curries, James, and Yallowly, No 29, Cornhill 

[ 2Z2 ] 

Leiron, (Sir William), Furly, Lubbock, Williams, 

Co. No. ri, Maiifionhoufe-ftrcet. 
Lowe, Vere,and Williams, No 20, Bitchin-lane. 
Maitir, Stone, Fbote, and Porter, No 68, Lombard-ftrei 
IHildnd, Mafterman, and Walker, No 2, White Hart c 

Moorhoufe, Wills and Reade, No 76, Lombard-ftreet. 
Prefcotts, Grotef, Culverden, and Hollingworth, No 

Threadneedle- ftreet. 
P-y.b^us, Dorfett Cockell, Pybus, and Kale, No 

New Bond-fireet. 
Ranfom, Morland, and Hammerfley, No 57>PaIl-MaIl. 
Raymond (SirChar.) Harley, Lloyd, and Cameron, Ge( 

lireet, Manfior-hpufe 
Sm;th, Payne, and Smiths, George-ftreet, by the Man 

Smith, Samuel, and Son, No 12, Aldermanbnry 
Smith, Wright, and Gray, No 21, l.ombard-ftreet. 
Staples Jilizabeth, Baron, Tho. Dimfdale, In. Dimf 

Tho. Dimidale and Jofiah Barnard, No 50, CornhH 
Walpole, Clark, Bourne, and Pott, No 28, Loml 

Welch, Rogers, and Co. No 80, Coi-nhill, 
Whitehead, John and George, No 5, Bafinghal'-ftreet 
Wickenden, Moftaf, Kenlington, and Boler, No 

\yright, Anthony, Francis, and Thomas, Henrietta-fl 

Covcnt Garden. 

Din&ors of ihe^a^ Lnlia Company. 

The Bujtnefs is under the Mauaremcnt of 24 Direc'tor", inch 
' ike Chairman and Deputy Chairman, ekcied the fiyji / 
in April '.—They have a Salary of I 50I. per ^^nn. lacb 
Chairman, and Deputy Chairman 200I. 

The Figures be "ore each Name denote the NtTmberof "H 
each Gentleman is to remain in theDireftion, and the 
ters after each Name the Committees they are ui on. 
Chairman and Deputy Chairman are upon all Commit 

a denotes Accounts, b Buying, c Correspondence^ gsGoV 
ment troops and ftores, h Houfe, 1 La<vf\)ir$-, m Mif 
Fund, p Private Trade, g Prevent the Growth of 
vate Trade, s Shipping,! Treafurj, w warohnufe. 

3>::Si' H Fletcher, Be, Cbairmant Southampt<m Row, Bi 

Nathaniel Smith> Elq. Dep, Chairman, JSIonmMyy'fftiat 

[ ^23 3 

lliam Benfley, Efq. FrUh-Jircety Sobd, gs 1 m g S W 
larles Boddam, £fq. Corp hill, ct 
Ljamin Booth. Efq. Robert-fireet, Adeb-hty c t 
oh Bofanquet, EC(\.B looni/hioy-fquaref a b h m p g 
lomas Cheap, Efq. Threadneed'k-Jircety b h 1 p g 3 w 
nel Dareil, Efq. jun. Dean-finet, SohOy a b h g s W 
illiam l)eyaynes, fifq. Spring Gardens, c t 
h'ard fl[all, Efq. Hatton-Jlreet. c gs p s t 
in Hunter, Efq. Bedford-fqunre, a b h 1 m p w 
Vy, lliam James, Bt. Gerifnrd-/}. Soho. c gs s t 
ihen Lulhington, Efq. Dolors Gommom. a b h 1 m p 
^n M-chie, >.V/)r/;j^ Gardens, c gs t 
m. MilfsV.IEfq. Kings road, a 1 m g s w. 
OS. Parrj'^ Efq. Berners-Ji. b gs h 1 m p 
,n' Roberp, Efq. G>'..^cen's'Ji. Lincoln's-Ji. C gs t W 
n Smith, E{q. liar ley-fi net, b gs m p s w 
n.'S^mith, jun. ^deymanbury b gs h I g 
eph Sparkes, Efq. Bromky, Kent, a gs 1 m p g s W 
jrence Sulivan, Efq. ^ictns Square, act 
argoTitem, ECq. RuJJeJ-Jircei, BloomJhuryjC t 
ahn Tbwnfon, Efq. G^-ay's-inn, a h m g s w 
acoD Wilkinfon, 'Efq. Bedford-row, a b h 1 p g 

Other Officers, 
^y peter Mlchell, Eiq, 
y, Riq.b^rd Holt. 
the Cotn^nifftnier for Go- 
iment Troops and Stores, 
a Hoole. 

CL to theCommittee of WaVchouf," 
Wrlliam Settle. 

Auditors Office. 
Auditor, John Annis. 
(S/ to Committee of LaW'Sttits* 

itfci; of India Records and CI. toOom.of B?iyi/igyJ ,T^\i,x(Qr<i^ 

CorreJfipnd£i:ice, Sam^uel 

■plant, Samuel Nlcoll. 
i, SViii Richardfon. 
rer, ^yilliatn Harps, 

, Warwick Rpades. 

fail, •zva^es^nyv Burges 

trn. of Ship,C.TX2oggii) 

hm. Priv, Trade oufw^ 

n. HafFe-y, , . . . 

^ '(5^c? for $,t,oc^ and 
: Annuiiiss. 

■comptaat, Ja.Donalclfon. 

" Freight Office. 

rd Cole.' 
?i John Holland. 

Affiffi Geo. Snqwdea 
CI. to Co,n. oj the Military Fundf 
Mr. Jona. Hawkins Barnard. 
.4ffif. iVni. Forlleen* . 
TFareboiife Keepers, 
At Bo(.^Ipb marf, R.'rv/\&^ 
Deputy, Jofeph Jennion. 
pfTeas, c£fo John Stqckjvvelt' 
.■^//Ift. Tho. Saunders. 
Of Bengal Goodu Fetter Cocbstt 
AUyi. .George Sibley. . :. . ( 
To Fr'i'. Trade, Nath. Bafnett. 
Afpfi. Charles Pearfe, ..- , <, 
floafti^ Su rat, Geo. Mpjd au i\t . 
Afftji. Henry Dlcklnfon. 
P<f//)«r,Peter Froft, 

f 424 ] 

Ma, )At. ofShip.C^t. J.Olivei 
Z'c'/)!//)', Thomas Warner. 
Siirv. of Ship. Gabr. Snodgrafs 
Standing Counciif Ge.Rous^Efq 
Solicitor, John Smith, Efq 

F. St. Geo. Lord Macartn 
Fori' Maiboro', Ed. Coles. 
St. H(U»a, Dan.Corneillej 
Suprone Court of Judicatm 
Fort William in Bengal, 

Surv.of Build. Rich. Jupp,jun.|Sir Elij. Impey, Kt. Ch. I 

Door-k. E.Sdllardj&I. Pizey 
Governor of the Co. Settlements, 
Bengal, Warren Haftings.Efq 

Sir Rt. Chambers, Jn. H; 
Efqrs, Sir William Ji 
Puifne fudgei. 

Bombay^ Wm. Hornby, Efq. \Advo cate Gf//. Sir J. Day, 

The South'Sea Company. 
The Btijlnefs is managed by a Govenor, Sub-Governor, De 
Governor, and 2 i Diredors, chojcn tricnnially before FeL 
The King's Moil Excellent Majefty, Governor. 
Tho.Coventry, Efq. Sub-GovJUtwry Revely, Efq. 

><Samuel Salt, Efq. Dep. Gov 
Richard Neal Badcock, Efq. 
Jofeph Berens, Efq. 
Edmund Boehm, jun. Efq. 
John Bond, Efq. 
Barrington Buggin, Efq. 
Robert DarelJ, Efq. 
Wm. Fauquier, Efq, 
Andrew Girardot, jun. Efq. 
Edward Hippilley, Efq. 
John Shadwell Horton, Efq. 
James Neave, Efq. 
Jcfeph Paice, Efq* 
Peter Pierfon, Efq. 
Richard Puller, Efq. 
John Raymond, Eft^. 

Richard Sheldon, E(q. 
Robert Thornton, Efq. 
Gregory Lewis Way, efq 

Cafhier, Peter Burrel, efq. 
Dtp. Cofh. James Eyton,i 
Secretary, Harry Stoe, E< 
Deputy, Mr. Henry Ma; 
Accomptant, John Robir s, 
Dep. ^cf. John Tipp. 
Chief Clerk of the Stock and 

J^nnuities, Edw.Mounte 
CbkfCl of the OldAnuwtic 

3 per ct. 1751, Val.Law 
Council, >;Rich. Jackfon 
Housekeeper, Mar. Way, i 

Committee ot the Company 
Office, Scotch-yard, 
For 'London, 
James Bogle French, efq 
John Shoolbred, efq. 
Anthony Calvert, eli^. 

For Brifol 
John Pedder, efq. 
Juftinian Cafimajor. efq. 

ot Merchants trading to A^ 
Bulh-lane, Cannon-ftreet 

John Tayler Vaughan» ti 
For Liverpool, \ 

John Barnes, efq. 

Henry Blundell, efq. 

Richard Camplin, e(q. 

The. Rutherford, elq. Su 

Benj. Potts, Meffenger. 

The Levayit or Turkey Com^zny. (Meet at Salters Hi 
>:Rt.Hon.Ld. North, Gw. Mr. Tho. Furley Forfter,j 
Sa. BofanquetjCfq^Z?*/). Gov. | Broad-Jlreei-buUdlngs* 
XWm. Ewer, efq. Tre^wer. 

=3 I 

ilThe Gcvi-rnor^ Corfu/s, &c 
||rd ForfttT, Elq. (jov. j 
Th.rnton Aftell, Tho. | 
:s, RobertThoraconjfcn. j 
Atkins, Efqrs Ccn/uJs, j 
iry Noiris, J. Thornton, j 
ii\v3ll, John Brogden, j 
. Rucker, George Pe-;| 
H. H. Nor r is, W. 
Godfrey Thornton, 
G?7eathed. Roger Boehm, 

. of the RvitT A Company. 
JohnWmAnderfon, JuhnPa- 
ris, S Thornton, Alet.Shairp, 
Tho. Furly Forfter, Edmund 
Boehm, Sam. Stratton J» 
Maude, M. Yeldham, A. H, 
Sutherland. Rob. Thornton, 
jun. Ifaac Ofborne, Ajjijiants. 

A. Greenwood, Secretary, 
No. II, Staining' lane. 

5 be Con.mtttee of the Hudson 'sBay C'jmpany . 
Wegg, E<q Gov. ■ j N.c. Caefar Corlellis, Efq. 
nesWintcrLaJcf,Z)^/>.G5. | Captain James Buggin. 
anus Beiens, Elq j JohnDarker,Efq.E.Hulfe,Efq. 

rd Hu!i"e, Eiq. j John Defcret, Secretary, 

J Bercns, Efq. j S. B.fQjt, Accomptant. 

t^OTt of the Amicable Society for a perpetual Ajjurance, 
(Office in Scrjcant's-lnn, Fleet-rtreet.) 

I Mr. John Rivlngton. 

I Rev. Mofes Wright, A. M. 

I Regijler, Mr. Jof. Baldwin. 

j Afi^.totbeRegiJier,MTC.Br3ini 

1 Auditors, Mr. Ja, Bottomlev. 

I Mr. Thomas Cranage. 

I Mr. James Davfdion. 

I Mr. Francis Ruddle. 
3fr. elefled May, 1 78 3. | Mr. Thomas Druce. 
ohn Balchen. {Clerk, Mr, Dan. Battifcomb. 

Villiam Barrett, | Mejfenger, John Orlton, St, 

ViUiam Lucas. j George" s Place. 

Offices o/'lNsoRANCEybr Houfes and Goods. 

Old DireElors. 
'homas Adderjy 
iah Bentham, Efq 
rancis Hawes 
ohn Jackfon 
ohn Hawes 
ohn Tatham. 
ITaillant, Efq, 

Exchange, Cornbili, and 
t-Jireetf Hanover-fquare, 

AvLong, Efq. Gov, 
■d Forfter, Efq. Sub. Gov, 
bfan Bell, Dep. Gov, 

>ewis AgafTiz. 
>hnTVm. Anderfon, 
B^ter, Efq. 
ohn Peter Blaqulere* 

Mr. William Bofanquet* 
Mr. Stratford Canning, 
Mr. John Henry Cazenove, 
Francis Degen, Efq. 
Capt. Leflie Grove. 
Mr. Richard Lee, 
Mr. Charles Lindegren. 
Mr. John Dan. Lucadou. 
William Manning, Efq. . 
Mr. Abraham Roberts. 
Mr. Hen. Handly Norris. 
Mr. William RaUces* 

Gapt. H?nry Hlnde Pelly. 

Mr. William Robinfon. 

Capt. Nicolas Skotrowe. 
John EkinSj Treafurer, 
Wm. Kekewich, Secretary, 

James Booth, Accomptant. 

Sun FiRE-OrFicE, Camhi'l^ 
and Craig s-Ciurtf Chartng- 

John Harriion, Efq.C;6<z'/'?»aff. 

Tho. Watts, E(ci. Secretary, 

Lillie Ainfcombe, Efq. 

John Barwick, Efq. 

Calverly Bewicke, Efq, 

Henry Boulton, Efq. 

Wm. BurreH, Efq. L. L. D. 

John Chaiie, Efq. 

Robert Darell, Efq, 

Thomas Dea, Efq. 

Mr. Charles Foulis. 

William Godfrey, Efq. 

Jofeph Grove, Efq. 

Mr. W. Hamilton. 

Ja. Haughton Langftone, Efq. 

Geo. Mafon, Efq. 

Mr. John Moffatt. 

David Pitcairn, M. D, 

Nicolas Pearfe, Efq. 

Frederick Pigou, Efq. 

Henry Plant, Efq. 

Samuel Pole, Efq. 

Will. Thornton Aftell, Efq. 

Hugh Watis, Efq. 

London Aflurance, (Birchin- 
lane) for Houfes and Goods. 
John Barker, Efq. Gov, 
Alex. Aubert, ^i(\,Sub-Gov, 
Silvan. Grove, Efq. Dep, Gov, 
Mr. Matthew Arbouin. 
Mr. William Arnold. 
y- . Antony Aubert. 
Mr. John Lucie Blackman« 
Mr. John Brogden. 
Mr, Joha Free, 

Mr. Samuel Gardiner, j , 
Sir John Henniker, Bai 
Mr. Thomas Lane, 
Mr. Peter Laprimaudaye i 
Mr. James Lee. 
Mr. Charles Madockes. 
Mr. Arnold Mello. 
Hughes Min-t, Efq. 
Mr. John Paris. 
Mr. Thomas Por'"eiJS, 
Mr. Matthew Purling. 
Mr. Daniel Henry Rucfc 
Mr, Richard Sbubrick. 
Capf. Gilbert Slater. 
Mr. y von Thomas 
Mr. Samu.^l Turrier, T>'<n 
Acccmptar.ty Ge'-rg* H-! 
Secretary, Edvvaro A'j iCi 

Han d-i n - H a n d F 
Office, againli Sepui 
Church. Infures Houles 
DireBcTS eleBcd Nov. 1 6,; 
Mr. Williair Beaumont, 
JofephBrockhurft, Efq. 
Robert Butler, Efq. 
Mr. Bicknell Coney, 
Mr. John Davenport, 
Mr. James Dixon, 
Mr. John Dowfon, 
Mr, John EH, 
Mr. Jofeph Fl gh*-, 
Mr. James Bogle French 
Mr. William Huffey, 
Mr, Caleb Jeacocke, 
Mr. Thomas Jefferys, 
Mr. James Johnfon, 
Mr. John Juctd, 
Mr. John Muggeridge, 
Thomas Scott, Efq. 
Mr. Thomas Skinner, 
Mr. Thomas Smith, 
John Spiller, Efq. 
Mr, James Ward, 
Mr. John Wfllford, 
1^ "'Thomas Wellingf 
Mr. George Wright, 

( 227 ) 

ry, Benjamin Roufe, 

o-N Fire -Office, 
1-lant, Cbeapnde, for 
only, on much the fame 
as the Fand-in-Har.d 
does Houfes only. 

TTS, elec. Sep. 24, 1782. 

e Brough, Efq. Mr. 
s Hamilton, Mr. Edw, 
t, Mr. Sam. Lawrence, 
idw Parifli, Mr. John 
, Mr. Sandiforth Streat- 
Mr. John Towfe, 

[6 foUotoing are to be 
•ivued according to the 
4 of Settlement, 

Fer one Tear, 

d Jcfferies, Efq. Mr. 
las Jordan. Mr. VMllizm 
?y, JohrtRivinpton,Efq, 
Henry Rutt, Mr. 1 ho. 


[i)av. Webfter. 

For two Tears, 

It ohn Bate, Edward Davis, 
'c Mr. Tho. Divett, John 
!■ . Efq. T. Rogers, Efq. 
[fohn Rogrs, Mr.Jofeph 
'' Mr. John Ysrbury. 

Westminster Fire-Officf, 
for inluring Houfctf Bedford" 
Jire't, Ccvcnt-garder. 
EktU'iOa. \%, 1781. 

Mr. John Mayhew, Mr. F, 
Jones, Mr. George Pow. Mr. 
March^n, William 
Bfinetr,E'q. Mr. John C<un- 
don, Mr John Johnfton, Mr, 
James Arrow, Mr. John Ut- 

EleBed OB, 17, 1 782. 

George Mercer, jun. James 
Paine, William Scott, Rob. 
Lewis, Gregory Bateman,Efqrs. 
Mr. Samuel Griffs, Mr. John 
Grace, Thomas Collins, Efq. 
Mr. John Hakewall. 
George Browne, Secretary, 
George Browne, jun. 7 p. 
Robert Byfield. } ^'* 

New Fire-Oftice, Lo«- 

hard'fireet. 178 2. 
Mr, Abraham Bracebridg«, 
Mr. John Coope. 
Mr Na'^haniel J?rman. 
Mr, H-rmdn Samler. 
Mr. Major Rohde, 
Mr. George Griffin, 
Mr. L^aurence CharlcfTon* 
Mr. Robert Wa'ker. 
Mr. TheophilusPritzler. 
Mr. JohnVaughan, 
Mr. John Hawe-s, 
Mr. George Lear. 
Mr. Caften Rohde. 
Barnard Turner, Efq. & Aid. 
Mr. James Bell. 

Mr. Thomas Worfley, 

( ce fr equitable Ajjurance on Li-va and Sutv'ivorfhip'^ 
in Brir!e-fh<;..i.^ • , r Blackfriers-bridge. 
Prejidtvf. ' j Vice-Prefidentu 

1 larles G\.uld, K.-.t, j Dep. Joiin Smith. 

U 2 

William Ofborn, M.D. 

George Adey, Efq. 
Sir Charles Gould, Knt, 
i^iderman Sainfbury, 
John Saxon, Efq. 
Pc-p. J. Smith. 

Direfiors. G. Adey, Efq 
Mr. William Bray. Mr. John 

a^^ A touhly Meeting ^ the DireSon is held every h 
nejdayy and Attendance given daily frovt Nine t& Ibree o*Clqtki 

SociXTY for the Encouragement cf Art if Manufd&iiret, 
Commerce* Irjiitiited jy ^^, 

Lord Romney, LLD. FRS, 

Vtee^Prefidentf - 
Duke of -Richmond, PRS^ 
D. of Northumberland, FRS. 
Earl of Radnor* 
Earl Percy. 

XHoo.Cha. MarHiam, FRS. 
X Sir Geo. Savile, Bart. FRS 
Edward Hooper, Efq. FRS. 
OwenSalfb.Brereton^Efq FRS. 
Joflioa Steel, Efq. 
General Elliot. 
XSir Herbert M^ckwortlijBt. 
James Davifon> Efq. 
Cbairm. of the Com, ofAccomptt. 
Mr. Herbert, Mr, Oforio. 
Of the Comm. of Correjpondenct . 
Mr, Peter Chavany. 
Mr. Charles Smith, 
Of the Committee of poliie Arts. 
Val. Green, Efq. FAS. 
M. Duane, Efq. FRS. 

Of Agyiculture, 
Katlianiel Jarmin, Efq* 
John Ptatt, tfq. 

Of Manufa&uret. 
Michael Lovell, Efq. 
Mr, George Friend. 

^ Micbanici, 
Mr. Jofrph Nickallii. 
Jofeph HurloOk, Ef(j, 
Mr. J. Wingfield* 

Of Coloniei tuid fra^i' 
Vaughan Lindfell, Efq, 
Mr, Richard Mafefield. 
Principal Secretary, 
Mr. Sam More. 
Ajjfjiant Secrtturyy Mr; 

Rfgi/ier, G. Cockings. 
Cofkiior, Ditto, 
Prinfer^ Will am Adhrd^ 
Mejjerigery Geo Cockinis^ 

SociEtr of Artists of Great-Britain* 

hjiituted by Charter tbe 26tb of January, 1765. 

C. Stuart, Efq. Prefident. 
T. Beach, VicePreJi. 
|. Smith, Efq. Treafurer. 
Mr. Ifaac Taylor, Secretary* 


Palrrers. Me0rs. R. Ca 

H. Hodgens, G. Jenn 

W. Mallow, W. M 

( 2*9 ) 

Parfons, G. Robertfon, 
Royer, W. Sherlock, 

^o's McfTrs. W. Collins, 
M. Diemer. 


J. Crunden, C, 
W. Byrne, Tho, 

Smart,' J. Taflaert, J : Ev^ra-ven. W. Byrne 
raer, F. X ViTpre. Hearne, R. Strange. 

Ekaed oa. 1%, 1782 

YAL Academy of Art 
KING, Patron. 
Reynolds, Knt Prejtdent. 
, Cliambpfs, Knc. TreaJ. 
arlini, Efq Keeper. 
NcWion.Elq. Secretary 
, Prof, of Anatomy. 
irry,E'q. Prof of Painting 
indbyjECq Prof.of/lrch 
le, Elq. Prof .Per jpeBi've. 
ale, Efq Librarian. 

il, E.iward Burch, C. 

s, inflituted Dec, IQ, 1768. 

t Place.] 

Catton, P. J. De Louther- 
bourg, Jof. Nollekens, 
James Barry, Geo. Dance, 
Jer. Meyer, John Rich- 
ards, Elqrs. 
Vifton. J Barry, J. B, Ciprr- 
ani, P. J.DeLouthcrbourgh^ 
J. Meyer, ETqrs. Rev. Mr. 
W. Peters. A. Catlini,'Ri 
Cofway, Jof Nollekens, J. 
Wilton, Efqrs. 

I Ehatd Dtc. II, 1782. 

Welch Charity 
oyal Highneff the Prince 
Wal^s, Patron. 
^rofvenor, Prefident, 


of Beaufort, Duke of 
tl*nd/SirW. W. Wynne, 
rt.-T. Powell, E6j. Lord 
gp^j Earl of. Plymouth, 
rord Bulkely, LordCardifF, 

, Graf i Inn Lane. 

E.of Pdwis,*E.ofSurryj*Ld 
Clive, Ld Bagot, LdVernon. 
Mr. Rich. -Jones, Vice-Treaf, 
Rev. Evan Evans, Chaplain. 
Dr. Henry Hafkey, Pbyfician.. 
Mr. Valentine Jones, Surgeon* 
Mr J n Wynne, Ajftft. Surgeon, 
Mr, Ja. Farmer, Apothecary, 

Royal College of PHYSICIANS, Warwick -Lane^ 
•eftabliflied 1523. 

fPMM'^S '^^^ Fellows of the Royal Society^ atidthofe marked^ 
K£otnmijlJioneri for granting Licences to Perjons for keeping 
^ufef for the Reception of Lunatics. ElededOa.^^ I782. 


-WjJKam PitcaJrn, War- 
ck^iurt, IVarwick'lant. 



§ Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart, 
PhvJiciantotheKin^^ Har- 
nngsfeUe, Dorfetjbiru 



Dr. Ambrore Duvfon, Liver- 

pool, Lancajhire 
Dr. RufTel Plump*^re, King't 

Prof of PbyJiCf Cambridge. 
Dr. Mdtth. Morley, Vauxball. 
Dr. Tho. Addams, Reading: 
Dr. Edm Crynes, Keniltoortb, 

§ Dr. Will. Heberden, Pali- 
Dr. V/m Mu/het, Grantham^ 

Dr. John Monro, Eleft. Pe^- 

ford-fquare . 
Dr Tho. Wharton, Durham. 
Dr. Antony Addington, iJ^a- 

V/"^. Barks. 
5 Dr. Rich. Brocklefby, Eleft. 
. Norfolk-Jirect. 
iDr, John.Chrke, Epfom. 
§Sir GfO'ge Baker. Bl. Eleft. 

Pbyfcian to the ^ueeay J^''- 

■mya firat^ 
4* Sir Nogh Thomas, Knt. 

Eleft. Cctj/ar, Phyfician to 

ibi King, Albemarlejireet. 
Dr. Williani Cadogan, Ele£t. 

George-fireety Hanover- fqu, 
\ Dr. Tho. Gilborne, Elcft. 

Phyfician to the K fig's and 

iluetns Houfehold, Clifford- 
fir set, Burlington- go'-dens, 
%*Dt. Tiio. Healde, St. Mary 

Dr, Richard Tyfon^ Eleft. 

S^ueen fquare^ 
§ Dr. Rich. Warren, Cenfor, 

Phyfician to the Kingy Sack' 

Dr. Robert Glynn Clobery, 

^Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bt. 

Phyf, to the King, Dover-fir. 
Dr. Swithin Adee, Oxford. 
Dr. Robert Tomlinfon, Ireaf. 

j^dermary Church-jd, Bo'zv- 

§ Dr. John Tutt<Tn,. t 

Phyf. extra, to the Kin 

Phyfician to the S^ueer. 

delpbi- buildings, 
§ Sir Richard Jcbb, 

Phylrc'tan extraordinary 

Kng^ Great Geotge-fii 
§Dr. Donald Monro, ye, 

§ Dr. Henry Revell Reyi 

Cenfor and Regifiei', Bet 

§ Dr. Richard Wi 

Charles ftreety GroJ-vtn- 
D'. JohnParfons, Oxfor> 
§ * Dr. Lucas Pcpys, 

Ph\fix.ian extraordinary 

King^ Upper Brook (iti 
* Dr. John burges, Mwt 


Dr. Jn Rawlinfon, Wa'.lin 
Dr. Richard Bud'd, a*, 

fqusire, Blackfrieri brin 
^Dr. Fr. Mi'man, Argyi 
I>r. If. Penning'on, Camhf, 
Dr. Cha. Elfden Bagge, 

Regis, Norfo/k. 
Dr. James Hervey, Kifsg-j 

St, Jamei s Square, 

Dr.Devercux Mytton, Kni 

Dr. John Matthews, Bt 


Dr. John Andree, Hatton-/ 
§ Dr. Peter Cavane^ i\ 

Dr. Mofes Griffith, Cekh 
§Dr. Charles Morton, Bi 

§ Sir John Baptift Sil»«(l 

Knt. Bath, SomcrfetfiA.: 
Dr. Geo. Lamonr, Glouct' 

court t St, fames^s Strut 
Dr. Philip de la Cour, Oai 

( *3 

Pr. James Dargent, Great 
Marlborough ftreet. 
r. Dan. Per, Layard. 
. Edw. Archer, Gray's Inn, 
, Samuel Wathen, Dorking, 
.qhrif.Kelly, Knight/bridge. 

Wm Watfon, Lincoln i' 
Im Fitlds. 

. ThomasMil ner, Maidjiove. 
r/Mich, Morris, Crcwn 
tourtf Wejimirjier. 
John Elliot, Bart. Cecil-ft, 
, HugVi Smith, Bride-flreet, 
B\ack Friers. 

» Will. Grant, Lime-Jireet. 
.James Ford, Albemarle-fir. 
Dr. Max. GarthAore, St. 
Martin s Lane, IVeJiminJiet . 

t. Thomas Dickfon, ^civ 
Broad-fireet Buildings. 
r.Jn Morgan, Pbihdtlpbia. 
, Rob. Knox, Mortttner-ft. 
X KdSaiundtrs, SpringGard. 
. Sam. Chapman, Sudbury. 

Dd Orme, Gr. St. Helen's. 
,Tho. Manningham, Bath. 

John Hill, St. Mary Axe. 

Hugh Alexander Kennedy. 
. John Napier, Rathbone- 
ilace, Oxford-Jlreet. 
r. George Fordyce, EJfexft. 
. William Baylies. 
.John Ford, Old ^ewry. 
. Jofeph Allen, Dultoicht 

• James Walker. 

-Fr. de Valangin, Fore-fir. 
, Will. Vaugh^n, Union' 
^rt, Old Bread'firett. 
*"Tohn Leake, Craven-fir. 
*wR.Bromfidd, Gtrrard-fi 

• Rowland Jackfon. 
P.Swinton, Saiifimry-court, 
y Ale?. Hay, Jermyfi-ftreet .. 

M.William Saunders, Jtffriei 
iSqoaxe, Su Marj Axf, 

1 ) 
Dr. Ja. Maddocks, Capet-ceurtf 

near tie Royal Exchange. 
Dr. George Hicks, StabU-yd, 

St. "James's. 
§ Dr. John Coakley Lettfom, 

Dr. Gilbert Thompfon, Sal- 

ters ball Court, Canncn-fir, 
Dr. J.Carmichsel Smith, Char* 

lotte- fir. near Great Rvjfell- fir. 
Dr. Ifaac Henrlques Sequeira, 

lidark lane, 
Dr.N, Hulme, Charter-houJeSq, 
Dr. Richard William Stack. 
Dr. Hen.Krohn, Southampton' 

fircet^ Ccvent-garden. 
§ Dr. Michael 'leighe, Rath- 
bore Place, Oxford'fireet. 
Dr. Robert Robertfon, How 

ard-flreet. Strand, 
Dr. And, Douglar, Bedford^ 

fireety Bedford-Jquare, 
Dr. John Hunter. 
§Dr.JohnJebb, Tarliament-firt 
^Dr. John Lee, Bath. 
Dr. James Sims, Bartholomew^ 

§ Dr. Samuel Fcart S'mmons, 

Air-fir, Piccadilly. 
Dr. Seguin Henry Jackfon, 

Hanvver-firett , Eancver-fq, 
Dr. Jn Sims, Pater-nofierRcw, 
§Dr. Antony Fothergill, Har- 

pur-fireet. Red Lion Square, 
Dr. Ja,Foi:d,jun. Atbermarle-fir, 
Dr. Stephen Pellett, Readings 
§Dr. Thomas Bowdler, Cork- 

fir get, Burlizgton-firettt 
Dr. Thomas Clerk. 
Dr. William Payne, 
Dr. Gilbert Blayne. 
DjT. John Whftehead, J>evon* 

fatre-fireet, BiJhtpJ gate- fir , 
Dr. William. Lifter. 

f 2^2 ) 

ii> JL'iE i V for the Improvemerrt of medical Knowledge, 

[St Martinis Lane 
Dr. S Foart Simmons, F.R S. 
Dr. Ed.Gray,F.R.S. TV &S£C. 
Mr. Edw. Ford, Afftant Sec. 
Dr. Rob. Br^mfield* F.R.S. 
Dr. Adair Crawford. 
Dr. And. Douglas. 
Dr.M.GarthfhotcF.R &A.S. 

Infiituted 1782. 
Dr. Geo. Hicks. 
Mr. S. Howar F.R.S, 
Dr. William Ofborn. 
Dr. John Sims. 
Dr. J. C. Smith, F.R.S. 
Dr. John Warkinfon. 
Mr Ht-n. Watfon, F.R S. 
Mr. John Wvatt, F.R.S. 

Patron. The KING. 
Prefidert. SirJofephBanks^Bt. 
Council, ele^, Nov. 30, 1782 
Ifaac Hawkins Brown, El'q. 
Sir Wm Chambers, Knt. P. 5. 
"William, Earl of Dartmouth. 
Rt Hon. Wf Ibore Ellis. 
John Frere, Efq, 
Mr. Will am Harrifon. 
Rev. Jofeph Hoare, D D. 
Peter Holford, Efq. 
Edward HooDPf, Elq. 

'Y. (Incorpi rated 1663.) 
in the Strand, 

The Rev. Cyriljackfon, D.* 
TheRev.P.HMaty.A.M 5^ 
Sir William Mufgrave, V.F 
Jofeph Plant a, Efq Sec, 
Richard Saunders, M.D. 
Philip Stephens, Efq. 
Sir Noah Thomas. Knt 
William' \\ a ion, M.D K 
Sam. Wtgg, Elq. Ireaf. V.. 
Mr [ohnRobertfon JL<'A»-/7rM 

GRESHAM-COLLEGE, lounaed by Sr Thorn 
Grefham, 1 581, for Le£lures to be read during Tetr' 
Time. Thefe Le£lures are now read in the Gieflii 
Le£lure-room, over the Royal Exchange, and in the fo 
lowing Order, viz. 

Prof effort ;^ I CO per Ann, each. 
Monday — Divinity, Benjamin Hailifax, D.D. 
luejday ~— Civil Law, Jofeph Jeffcries, LL.D. 
Wednejday — Agronomy, William Cockayne, LL.D.^' 
*Thurfday —^ Geometry, Samuel Kettilby, D.D. 
Friday — Rhetoric, Joseph Whately, LL.B. 
S turda \ Pi^yfi^> Thomas Healde, M.D. F.R;-!. 

y \ Mufic, Mr. Theodore Ayleward. 

; SION -COLLEGE, London-wall, founded by tne W/' 
of Thomas White, S.T. P. Anno 1603. Incorporated v 
July, 1630, by Letters Patent, and confirmed b/ Ki/r 
Charles II, the 20th of June, 1664. 

Preftdeitt, I Afffjiants. ' \ 

'. Sam. Carr,. D.D. j And. Trebeck, M.A. 

i Deans. \ Rob. Markham, D D. 

^H. Whitfield, D.D. | Hon.andRev.J.Aylmer,M»/ 

Owen Perrot Edwards, M, A. \ Wra ScUon, M.A, 


( *33 ) 

fltows, who are the whole Body of Report or Vicarf 
tijvithin the City. To the Name of each Living is added the 
flam it is charged in the King'sBooks; and after the Incum- 
ijent's Name is fct the annua] Value, as fixed by Aft of 
ifarliamentin 1671, of thofe Livings (51 in Number) where 
flicir Churches were rebuilt. 

E|s -I denotes the Arcbbifhop of Cantcrbtiry's Peculiar*. 
1 R.Reaor. V. Vicar. 

ilban,Wond ftreetjR. £2-^ 16 

lallows, Barking, V. 36 13 

»allow8. Bread -ft. J{.R. 33 13 

iallow% Thames-ft R. 41 18 

ia]lo>lk's,Lombard-ft.4-I^>22 6 

iallow5)Staining,R. not in Charge. Nfr 

lallowp, London-Wall, R. S 16 8 Mr 

Mphage, R. 8 o 

^lidrew Underfhaft, R. 30 

Anne, Black-Friers, R. 17 

Anne, Alderfgate, R. 19 

Antolin) R. 36 

Auftin, R. 43 

3artho. Exchange, R. 18 _ 

Jennet Finck, V. not »n Charge, 

ennet.Gracechurch,4R. 43 n 

Ininet, Paors Wharf,;^23 3 

ift-church, V. 53 

^hriftopher, R. 14 

BClcment, Eaftch^ap, R. 32 
SDionis BarkchuTch, ^-R. 25 
SDunftan, E^ft. \R. 60 
S Edmund the King, R. 34 
Strhelbu^ga. R. 11 

S ?e,.rge, Botolph-lane, R. •: i 
S Helen's, R. not in Chargf*. 
S James's, Dukes's Placff, not in Ch. 
S imes'f,Garlickhvthe,R. 17 14 7 
S Katharine Coleman, R. 5 6 8 
S -iatharineCreechur V.not inCharee. 











10 H.&R.Mr.Aylmerx70 

4 Dr. Moricc 
1 Dr. Vincent 
8 Dr. Barford 


o Mr. Wynne 
3 Dr. Carr 

Mr. Romaine 

1 Mr. Snowe 

5 Dr.DeSalis,F.R.S.i2a 
1 Dr. Douglas, FRS. 17* 



S Lawrence, Jewry, V 
SM.ignus, London-b. R. 
SMargarctj-Lothbury, R. 
Svlarg PatterSjRood 1. R 
S Martin, Ludgate, R. 
S Martin Outwich, R. 
Mary, Abchurch, R. 

8 Mr. Dicey 

Mr. Boftock 
3 Mr.Elfley 
6 Mr. Gibfon 
8 Dr. Bell 

Mr. Willis 

Mr, Kerrich 

Dr. Lvnch 

Mr. Winftanley 

Dr.MiIle?,F.R.S. aoo 

Mr. Gilbank 
Mr. Hand 

Mr. Naifh 

Mr. Moore 

Dr. Onflow 

Mr. Andrews 

Dr. Parker, F.R.S. 






1 00 








17 II Mr. Hutton 

17 I Mr. Gibfon 

6 8 Dr Whitfeld 

o o Mr. Whalley 

17 8 Dr. Waller 

9 9 Mr. Fayting 

-J, , _.. __ o o Mr. Underwood 

'^aryA'dermanbury,R. notinCharge Mr. Lawrence 


1 2d 






S Mary Aldermary, 4- R. 53 o o DrWcllafton,FRSi5© 


234 ) 
66 a 







St. Mary Le Bow, 4. R. 

St. Mary at Hill, R. 


St Mary Somerfer, R. 

St. Mary Wool not h 

St. Matthew, Frif^ay ft. R, 47 14 

St. Michael BaffiOiaw, R. 14 o 

St. Michael, Cornhil], R. 3; i 

St.xMich3el,Cro.ked-l. 4.R. 26 I 

St.MichaeI,Queenbythe, R. 24 7 

St. Mich. Royal, College- 7 

hill, 4. R. J *5 

St.MichaelyWood-ftreet, R. 24 04 

St Mildred, Bread-ftreet,R. 26 11 o 

S\ Mildred, Poultry, R. 18 13 o 

St. Nicolas Coleabby, R. 26 12 4 

St. Olave, Hart-ftreet, R, 41 11 

St. Olave, Jewry. V. 23 6 8 

St. Peter, Cornhill, R. 39 5 o 

St.PeterlePoor, Broad- ft. R. 5 16 7 

St. Stephen, Coleman ft. V. 11 o 8 

i St. Stephen, Wa! brook, R. 26 7 o 

lSt.Swithln',Lond.Sjone,4-Rt 26 7 11 

1*3 rinity, in theMinories, net in Charge 

7Sc.Vedaft,Foft2r.lane,4.R. ^^44 16 3 

St. Andrew, Holborn, R, i8 00 

jSt.Barth.theGr Smithfield,R.8 o o 

St.Bartholpmew theLefsjR. 13 6 8 

S:.Botolph,Alderfg3te,R. not inCharge 

St. Botolph Biftjopfga^e, R. 20 o o 

St. Botolph, Aldgate, not in Charge 

St. Bride's, V. j6 o o 

Chtift-ch. Spitalrlelds, not in Charge 

St.Dunftan in th^rWeft, V. 26 4 9 

St.Geo.theMart.Qu.Sq. R notinCha . 

St, Giles, Cripplegate, V. 33- 5 o 

St. James, Clerkenwell, R. not in Ch. 

St. John, Clerkenwell, not in Charge 

St. Leonard, Shoreditch, V. 17 o o 

St. Luke, Mlddlffex, R 

St -Mary, Whitecbapel, R, 31 17 3 

St. Sepulchre, V, 29 o o 

Dr. Anthorp 
Dr. Griffith 
Mr. Fitzherbtrt 
Dr. Jones 
Mr. Newton 
Dr. Lnrt,JF.R.S. 
Mr. Moore 
Dr Finch 
Mr. Lane 
Mr. Trebeck 

7 4 
13 6 Dr. Beofon 

Dr. Woodcock 
Mr. Crowther 
Mr. Bromley 
Dr. Jeffreys 
Dr. Owen, F R.S. 
Mr. Altham 
Dr. Thomas 
Mr Hrflop 
Dr. Webfter 
Dr. Wilfon 
Dr. I'almer 
Mr. Fly 

Mr. Barton 
Mr Et^wardes 
Dr. Kettilby 
Mr. Garden 
Dr Conybeare 
Mr. Wright 
Mr, Cranmer 1 

Mr. Williamfon 
Mr. Liixmorc 
Mr. Hand 
Mr. Sc-ilon 
Mr. Whitaker 
Mr, B ake 
Mr. Waring 
Dr. Markham 
Dr. Wealcs .5 

W. Clements, M.A. Librarian. Mr. Simpfon, Secretary. 


[ 23s ; 

ft of the Court of A/Hftants eUiflfd by the GovfrnorJ 
f|the Charity for the Relief of the poor Widows an'd 

JKLDREN of CtERGYMEN, on the I4t-h of NoV. I/Ez, 

I r>^.r,A,,^ Thomas Gi/borne, M.D, 

oft Rev. his Gracp, 
n, Lord Archbi/Kop ot 
1 Vtce-?r(fider.t. 
hn Skynner, Knt. Lf^rd 
jiefBaronof hisMajefty's 
rt of Exchequer. 

7Vi afurers. 
Banks, E q. 
Sharp, Efq. 
Irjenner, Efq. 
Court cf AJI'ifiantU 

Altham, Ei'q. 
Dr. Backhoufe, Arch- 
il of Canterbury, 
m. BelJ, D.D. 
ew Bloxham, Efq. 
as Bromwich, E/q. 
e Brydge?, ETq', 
Calvert, Efq. 
J Chaliis, Efq. 
; Chefter, E^q. 
nbert Coker. 
Jl Coney, Efq, 
a^C Dudlev. 

epheii Eaton, A.M. 

Eyre, Knt. 

i Uam Fowle. 

George Hayter, Efq, 

fohn Morton, Efq, 

Rev. J.'hn Jeffreys, D.D, 

Mr. '1 homas Kiinfr. 

Thomas Kynallon, Efq, 

The Lord Bi/hop of Lincoln, 

Thomas LI' yd, Efq, 

The Lord Bifhop of London, 

Mr. Edward Loxham. 

Srephen Lufhington, Efq. 

John Ptrrjtr, Efq. 

Sir G orgePocock, K B. 

William Rix, E*q. 

Rr-v. Richard Roycro.ft, D.D, 

Sanr.uel Salt, Efq. 

William Sandby, Efq, 

Mr. Marmadoke Smith. 

Rev, Thomas Spencer, A.M. 

Rev. G. Stinton, D.D. 

Richard Stonehewer, Efq, 

Richa'fl Warren, M.D. 

The Lord Bp. of Wincheflfr. 

The LordBifliop of Worcefltr. 

William Wynne, LL.T). 

The Archbifhop of York. 

Reglfier, M .T.WaIl,(Noi3,) 

Paptr-buildings, Temple. 
MeJJengtr, John Orlton, St, 

George'' s Place. 

[Office in Wych-lheet,j 

bo; Cranage 
eo. Fleming. 
'^a Iter Adams 
f. Faikney. 
:rrot Fenton, 
JQ, Higgins. 
eph. Child. 

/ Mr. Will. Edley. 
Mr. Jn Wheatland 
Mr.Wm Matthews. 
Mr. Charles Stuart. 
Mr. Gab, Leekey. 
Mr. Sam.Goodman. 
Mr. John Towfe, 

ill* Turner, / Mr. Thomas Silk. 

Mr. Sam. Jacam. 
Mr. Jofeph Fifher. 
Mr. Ja. Galloway, 
Mr. f ho. Anfled, 
Mr. Rob. Poole. 
Sec. Wm. Catlove. 
Meffengery J. Orlton, 
Stt George' I Place* 


{ *30 
Somerfet Place. 
Jncorporated Novembtr 2, 1751. — His Majesty, 
His ferene Highnefs the reigning Landgrave of HefTe-i 
The Council, elc<aed April 23, 1783. 
Rev. Jeremiah Milics, D.D. Dean of Exeter, F.R.S. P 

Hon.D.Barrington,FRS. KP. 
O.Sal.Brer€ton,E(q.FRS /^.P, 
Edw.Bridgen,Efq.FRS. Treaf. 
Lord Brownlow. 
JohnFrere^Efq FRS. Dire&or 
R.Gough.Efq. FRS. DircSior. 
Richard Jackfon, Efq. 
EdwardKing.Efq F.R.S. ^.P. 
Wi'liam Lafcelles, Efq. ■ 
Mich.Lort,p.D.F.R.S. F.P. 

XCharl s MellilTi, E( 
Tho.Morell, D.D.f.R 
X Lord Mulgraye, F.£ 
Rev. Wm Norris, A.jt, 
Jacob Piefton, Efq. 
William Seward, Efq,, 
Edward Solly, Efq. 
Will:am Vyfe, D.D. 
Daniel Wiay, Efq. F 
Jofeph Wyndham, Efi 


Forty-one Truftees : -^ 20 by 
prefcnting the Sioane, Cotton 
S« C. O.— and 15 chofen by 
20 Trufiees by Office, 

Arcbbifliop of Canterbury. 

The Lord Chancellor. 

Lord Prefident of the Council. 

F.irft Lord of the Treafury. 

Lord Privy-Seal. 

Firft Lord of the Admiralty. 

Lord Steward. 

Lord Chamberlain. 

Two Secretaries of State, 

BiHiop of London. 

Speaker of theHoufeofComm 

Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Ld Ch. J. of theKing'jBrneh. 

Mafter of the Rolls. 


Attorney- General. 

Solicitor- Genera], 

Prefident of theRoyalSocJety. 

Pref. of tbeCol. of Phyficians. 
6 Family Trujiees, 

C. John Bof worth, D.D. 

S. X Francis A nnefly, Efq. 

S. Earl of Oxford. 

O. Duke of Portland. F.R S. 

Charles Slgaoe hi Cadog^an. | 

Montague-Houfr, 1753 
Virtue of their Offices - 
, and Oxford, FamilJes,,| 
the former 26. 
X Right Hon. Welborai 
1 5 Trufiets eleciedi 
Earl of Belborough. 
GuftavusBrander, Efq. 
Earl of Bute. 
Lord Cha. CavendiHi, 1 
Matthew Duane, Efq. l' 
Charles Gray, Efq. F,.^ 
Earl of Hardwicke, F,j| 
Rev.R. lOye, LL.D.ll 
D.of Northumberland^ I, 
Lord Sandys. 
X Hans SJoane,. Efq. F ii 
VVm Watfon, M D. F.* 
Daniel W:ay, Efq. F,I 
Hon Hen. Cavendifli, I 
Sr Wm Hamilton, K.l 
Sir Wm Mufgrave, BarH 
P; inc'ipal Ltirarian< 
Charles Morton, M.D.f 
Under Librarians, 
Jof. Planta, Efq (Sec 
R. S.) has the Care < 
MSS. aod Medals. 
And. Gifford, D.D. Fjj 
his Afiiflant,. 


P.H.Maty, M.A.F.R.S. 

as theCare of the Nat.Hift, 

,|.ar<5Grav,MD.FRS. /ijfrft. 

I. S. Harper, M. A. F.R S. 

are of the printed Books. 


Rev.Ch.GodfreyWoide, PSA. 
Sec. of thcR. S. hisAffift. 

Keeper of the Readirg-Jioom. 

JCIETY for promoting Chriftian Knowledge, 1699, 
Meet every Tuefday in Bartlet's Buildings, Holborn. 
y are Overfeers of all the Charity-Schools, diftribute re- 
'*ious Books and Trafts, and fupport the Proteftant Mif- 
■pn in the Eafl-Indies jointly with the King of Denmark. 
Treafurers. | Secretary^ 

.Rob. Poole Finch, D.D. j Rev,Mr.Mich.Hallings,M.A, 
jiry Hoare, Efq. | BookJ. Rivington and Sons, 

lert Gofling, Efq. \ Clerk, John Robinfon. 

ClEry for propagating the Gofpel in foreign Parts. 
)\ Incorpo ated bv Charter, 170T. 

tat Q^ Anne's Bounty-office, Dean's Yard, Weftminfter, 

The Archbifliop of Canterbury, Frejident^ 
ert Clapham, Efq. Trea^^ \ Rev. Mr, Boucher, Affifi, Sec, 
Wm Morrice, D.D. Sec. \ Samuel Norcott, MeJJ'erger, 
hey arc Truftees for Codrington-coiUge, in Barbadoes^ 

fupported by Plantations in that Ifland. 
Acies, Bancfaftions, and Subfcriptions, are received by 
falvert Clapham, Efq. Dartmouth-ftreet, Weftminfter. 

COMPAN Y for propagating the Gofpel in New-England, 
id Parts adjacent, in America. Incorporated by K. Charles 
Feb, 7, 1661, in the fourteenth Year of his Reign, 

:, Champion, Efq. Treasurer, William Lane, Clerk. 

ABTER-HousE, founded by Tho. Sution, £iq, in i6ii. 
Governors. j Auditor, Chrift,Hargrave,E:<^, 

I Bathm-ft, Duke of 
rafton, Duke of Marl- 
TQttgh, Earl Gower, E, 
Sandwich, E, of Bute, 
'Pi&S London. E. of Mans- 
Ui E. of HilLfborough, 
>sfe. Weymouth, Ld Cam- 

it>*w, Lord Sidney. 
'Afer,Rev.W.Ramfden, DD. 
\f^:cber, Tho.Sainibury,D,D. 

Treafurer end ReceitHr, 
N'wtCroftes, Efcj, 

Regijier, Henry Sayer, Ef^, 

Upper Scbclmafier. 
Rev. Sam. Berdmore, D.D« 

Under Scboolmajier. 
Rev. William Bird, M.A» 
Reader J Edm.L.Baines, LL.B, 
fVritmg Maft. Mr. King. 

yft X LdNorth,LordThur- Piy/, Dr. NjthanieiHulme, 


Surgeon^ Mr. Godman. 
Apoib^ Mr. John D&vaynes« 
Organijiy Mr. Jt>hri Jorjps. 
Stnoard of the Courts, 

St. Bartholomew's Hofpital, 
founded bjHen.VIII, i;39t 
X Rt.Uon.T .U3ir]cy,Pre/ident. 
^<,Erq. Treafurer. 
r<ev.Sain.Kettilby,D.D. l^icar, 
RdTyfon, M.D. David Pit- 
cairne, M.D. Rich. Budd, 
M.D. F.R.S. Phyficiam. 
Wm Robinfon, Apothecary, 
Mr. Percival Pott, F.R.S. 
Mr. Stafford Crane, Mr^ 
Robert Young, Swpeons. 
Mr. E.Pitt, Mr. J. Eade, Mr. 
Ch.Blicke, JJJJJt Surgeons. 
Mr. Thomas Wail, Clerk. 
Mr. Thomas Cole, SteivarJ. 
Mr. John Banning, Renter, 
Mrs. Anne Ernlt, Matron, 
John Dale, Porter. 

3^ / 

Suf, Richardfon, under D, 

Chrift's Hofpital. 
Voundcd by Edw.VI. I5<;2. 
Robert Alfop, Efq. Prefident, 
Tho. Burfoot, Efq. Treafurer, 
Dr. Wm Pitcairne, Phyfic'ian,. 
Mr. Dale Ingram, Surgeon. 
Mr. Jo. Roberts, Apothecary. 
Mr. Jofeph Eyre, Chief Clerk, 
Mr. Tho. Smith, Clerk andRec, 
Mr. Rob. Court, JVardrobe- 

Keeper and AJJiji. Clerk. 
Rev. James Boyer, M. A, 

Grammar- Majler, 
Rev. Matthew Field, M.A. 

Under Crammar-Majler% 
Rev, Nicolas Layton, M.A. 
Mafier of theReading- ScbeoL 
Mr. William Wales, F.R S. 

' Majier of the Mathematics. 

Mr.J.Attwood, Writing- Mafi. 

Mr. B.Green, Draiving-Maji. 

' Mr.Rob.Hudfon, Mujk-Maft^ 

' Mr. John Perry, Steward. 

MrSi Lois Gibfon, Matron, 

At Hartford* 

Mr. Wm Green, Scboolmajier, 

I JliCr, J.Fwft, Surg^ and Apoth, 

Bridewell and Bethlem 

Founded by Edw.VI. 15 

Brafs Crr.fby, Efq. and 

Prefident of both Hofpl 
Mr. A Id. Clark, Treaf to h 
Henry Cranke, Efq. Aud 

Gen. to both. 
Rev. Mofes Wight, M 

Preacher to Bridewell, 
Rev. T. Bowen, M.A. 

der to Ditto. 
John Monro, M.D. Pbyj 

to both Hofpitals. 
Mr. Rich. Crowiher, Sur 

to both. 
Mr.Jn Gozna, Apoth. to b 
JnWoodboufe,Erq. C/.tob 
Mr. John Griffiths, Stez 

to Bridewell. 
Mrs. Lyon, Matron to Di 
Mr. Henry White, Ste^ 

to Bethlem. 
Mrs. Mary Spencer, ' Mi 

to Bethlem. 

St. Thomas's Hofpital' 
Founded by Edw.VI. 15- 

Right Hon. Natb. Newnli| 
Lord-Mayor, Prefdsnt,' 
Edw. Jefferies, Efq. Treaft 
Rev. John Rolfr, Hofpitai 
Dr. George Fordyce, FJ' 
Dr. H, B. Reynolds, 
Mr. T. Smith, Mr.G.Mai' 
Mr. G. Chandler, Surg 
Mr. Geo, Whitfield, ApA 
Mr. Oliver Cromwell, CU\ 
Mr. Ant. Wingfield, RectA 
Mr. Richard Leefon,5/«t»j 
Mr, John Beard, Sutler, 
Mrs. Wright, Matron, ' : 
Mr. Richard Hooper, Brc\ 

r. Tohn CroA, Baker, 

ludable Society of Annul 
ants, Bartholomevv-Laije, 

( 239 ) 

Wm Clark, Keeper of the lu- 
natic Men, 

Jane Page, Keeper cf the lu- 
natic Women, 

x, Dep. Ayitherby, Prefident. 
T. John Luntley, Mr. Hen. 
WichelJs, Mr. Wm Clem- 
mons, y'lce-PreJidents, 
, Atkins, Secretary, 

ofpital for FrenchProteftants 
and theirDefcendants, incor- 
porated 1718; lOo 
fides 42 for Lunatics in an 

j adjoining Houfe. 

phndeBIagnVjEfqt Governor* 

fcob Alibert, Efq. Sub. Gov, 

[eter GaufTen, Efq. Treafurer. 

ran, Duroure, Efq, Secretary. 

[ev. J. Carles, M.A. Chapl. 
mes Dargent, M.D. F.R.S. 
, PeterGirod, Surg,&Apot. 

Peter Herve, Steward, 
rs. Herve, Matron, 



Humane Society, inftituted for 
the Recovery of drowned 
Perfons, 1774. 

Mr. Alderman Bull, Prejident. 

James HorsfalljEfq, Trf<»/arcr, 

Mr. Davis, Receiver, 


Medical Ajjijiants, 137. 

s Hofpital, founded by 
Tho. Guy, Efq. in 1722. 
Tho. Lucas, Efq. Prefident, 
y>. Brough, Efq. Treafurer. 
R. Tomlinfon, Dr. Wm 
Saunders, Dr. James Her- 
vey, Phyfiqians. 

J.Warner,F.R.S. Mr.W. 
Lucas, Mr.Cooper, Surgeons. 
.W.Babington, Apothecary . 
V. R.P. Finch, D.D. Chapl. 
• Jonn Harrifon, Cletk, 

0. Callaway, Steivard, 

iU. Richardfon, Acccmpiant. 
ah Wallis, Matron. 
fannah Durant, CQok. 
;ik Haddock, Butler. 

1. Whayman, Surgery-man. 
o. Cox, Porter. 

Ettijew Holland, Beadle, 

Weftminfter Infirmary, infti- 
tuted by SubfcriptJon,l7l9. 
Jamei-fir, facing Petty France* 
Duke of Newcaftle, Prefdent, 
Earl of Lincoln, Hugh, Earl 
Percy, Marq. of Carmar- 
then, Bp of Rochefter, Ld 
Sandys, X Sir G. Savilc, 
Bart. X Sir W.W.Wynne, 
Bart. Rich.Hoare,Erq. r.P. 
John Mereft, Efq, Treafurer, 
Dr. Mich, Morris, F.R.S, 
Dr. J. Dargent, F.R.S. 
Dr. Geo, Hicks, Phyficians, 
Mr. Jn Pyle, Mr. H.Watfon, 
F.R.S. Mr. Jn Ob. Jufta- 
mond, F.R.S. Surgeons. 
Mr. Jabez Ward, Apoth, 
Rev. Manff 11 Gwynne, Chapl, 
Mr. S.Hawkins, Sec. and Rec^ 
Mrs. Eliz. Gover, Matron. 
Mr. Sam.Mortlock, MeJJ'enger, 


St. George's Hofpital, infti- 
tuted by Subfcription, 17^ 
[Hyde-Park. Corner." 
The KING, Prefident, 
Vtce-Pref dents. 
HisGrace, the D. ot Montague, 
Earl of Ha'tford. ; 

E. of Guildford.^ 
Will. Scott and Steph. Aifley, 
Efq. Ireafurers, . 

f 240 ) 

D' Don.Mojiro,F.R,S. Dr.R. 
Wright, FRS Dr.J.Burges, 
Dr. — Muckleftone, Pbyf, 
Jn Gunning, J. Hunter, F.R.S, 
Cha. Hawkin", Geo. Haw- 
kins, Efqrs. Surgeons. 
J.Dev3ynes,Erqrs. Mr. John 
Wood, and Mr.JVJ.Yatrnan, 
jun. Vifuing'^potb, 
Rev. Mr. CJarke, Chaplain, 
Mr.WmDampier, Houfe-yipot, 
Mr. John Gold, Secretary, 
Mr. Joljij-MoUifon, ColUaor, 
Mrs. Sar^hJenkinfon, Matron. 

The Founding Hofpital, in 
Lamb's Conduit Fields, in- 
corporated in 1739. 

The KING, Patron. 

XRtfion.Ld North, Pr^fident. 

E. of Abercorn, E. of Dart- 
mouth, Marquis of Ca'- 
marthen, Jonas Hanway, 
Efq. T.Nugent, Efq. Alex. 
Scott, Efq. Vice-Prejidenti. 

C.Whatley, Efq. Treajurer. 

Rev. Mr. Harper, Chaplain. 

JLev.WMLtakefMorn. Preach, 

T. Colli ngwood. Secretary, 

Mr. John Dagge, Solicitor , 

Dr. C.Morton, F.R S. Dr.W. 
Watfon, F.R.S. Pbyjicians. 

Mr, Tho. Patch, Surgeon. 

Mr.R.M'Clellan, Apothecary, 

Mr. Cha. BiggJ, Steward. 

Mr. R.Atchifon, Schoclmojier . 

Mr.J.Arcberj TreaJurer^iCleri. 

Jemima Jones, Matron. 

London- Hofpital, inftituted 
1740. Incorporated Dec. 9, 
i 1758. WhitechapeURoad. 
,' HisR.H.D.otGloucefter, Pref. 
] Duke of Rutland, John Doj- 
y I rien, Efq X Jof. Mellift, 
Efq. Vice-Prc/idenis^ 

Jof.SheppardjEfq. Ireafarer, 
Rev. Mr. Audley, Chaplai*.^ 
Dr. Tho. Dickfon, F.R.S. D 

Tho.Healde, F.R.S. Dr. 

Maddocks, Pbyjicians. 
Mr. Rich Grindill, F.R.! 

Mr. G. Neale, Mr. Wil' 

Blizard, Surgeons. 
Mr.Dan.Eldridgf, Apotbctar^ 
Mr. John Afpinall, SteitHum 
EPatterfon,M Stainbank.ikfi^ 

MiddlefexHofpital for Sick an 
Lame, and lying-in m&ttM 
Women, in Mary-le-Bor 
Fields, inftituted by Sut 
fcription, 1745. 

D. of Northumberland, Prefii 

Duke of Rutland, E. Gowr 
X Ld Algernon Percy, 
Giofvenor, Lord Scarfdjt 
X Sir Rob. Clayton, B»r 

Machin, Efq. WiUin 
Wright. Efq. Treaf, 

Dr. J. C. Smyth, Dr. FrM 
Milman, F.R.S. Phyfieim 

Dr. Krohn and Dr. Denittai 

Mr, Samuel Howard, F.R.I 
Mr. Daniel Miners, Suri 

Mr. Rowe, Houje-Surg, 

Rev. Mr. Ja. Clark, Claphl^ 

Mr. G. PJagaven, Secreta^i 

Mr. T.Cuff, Cell 

Mr. Jofeph Roper, Apotbeeatj 

Mrs. Eliz. Brittridge, Main 
and Mickvife. 

Mrs. Ehz. Whincop, 2dJ)iti 

: - J4 

Small- Pox Hofpital in Ci 
Bath Fields,and Hofpital ' 
Inoculation at Pancras, 
flituted in 1746* 


{ 2 

.lie KING, Patron. 
IJkre cf Grafton, Prejident. 
Iff Northumberland, Mar- 
jis of Carmarthen The. 
,ucas, Ei'q. Mr. Alderman 
:hrk, (^'ice Prefidents. 
in Lane, Efq. Noii, Ni~ 
olai-lar.e, Ireaf. 
. Edw. Archer, Phyjlcia-n, 

R.'Reynolds, Caftle yard, 
;I:)!born, Sec, and Rec, 
■ , The. Barnes, Apothecary 
7):ci Sretv- Cold- Bath Fie'ds 
3. Eliz.H'goen, Mat. Ditto. 
r. MdtthewEnderup, Apotb. 
at Pancras. 
rs Su fan Lay, Matron, Ditto, 

ck-Hjfpital, near Hyde- 
Park Corner, 1746. 

i!ce of Ancafber, Prefident. 
ike of Manchtfter, Duke 
of Rutland, Earl of Darr- 
mjuth. Lord Sondes, X Ld 
G. Sa'.ton, Vict-Prefiden's. 

jw.Webfterand John Cafel, 
Efqrs. 'treafurers. 

tmes Hervey, M. D. Phyf. 
ev. Mr. De Coetlogon, 

j Chaplain. 

homas Williams, C. Brom- 

1 feild, Efqrs. and Mr. J, 

\ Pearfon, Surgeons. 

kmes Bromfeiid, Efq. Mr.T. 
Evans, Vi/iting- Apothecaries. 

[!'■, Jabez Fiflier, Secretary, 

Ir. John Walker, ColleEiur. 

Irs. A. Morgan, Matron, 

jlorporation for fick and maim- 
■ ei Seamen in theMerchants 
I Service, incorporated 24th 
[June, 1747. Office in the 
Royal- Exchange. 

>avidPow€ll, jun,:Efq, Pref}d. 

4J I 


Herman Berens, John Brog- 
- den, Geo.' Brough, Rich. 
Ci oke, J. Cornwall, ]'^^n. 
Free, George Drake, J». 
G:ote, Benjamin Harriion, 
Edward Hunt, Geo Hoo- 
per, Bt:efton Long, Sir Li- 
onel Lyde, Ba^t. James 
N. rmjn, Efq. Hen. Hand- 
ley No'ris, Will. RaikfS, 
Tho, Raikes, V/ill. Scul- 
lard, Jn Thornfon, Sam, 
Thornton, Samuel Watep- 
man, Efqrs, 

W. Od 1 Rec. tc Sec. 


Mr. John Rahn, Surgeon, 

The Britifh Lving-in Hofpitial 
for married Women, in 
Brownlovv-Str. Long-Acre, 
Inliituted Nov. 1749- 

Duke of Portland, Prejident, 
Vice Prejidents* 

Lord Grofvenor. 

Rt Hon. Earl Spencer. 

Lord Vifc'. unt Saekville. 


Henry Boldero, Efq. Treaf. 

Dr. Rob. Bromfitld, Dr. Max- 
well Garthfliore, Phyfician^ 

Mr. W.Graves and Mr/Mich. 
Underwood, Surgeons, 

Mr. M,P. Juliiotr, Apothecary, 


Mr. Thomas Yewd, Sec. 

MTS.ll.Dzx\r).\SyMatr.& Midtu, 

City of London Lying in Hof- 
pital, inflituted March 30, 
1750. Ciiy-Road. 

Sir Robert Rich, Bart. Pref. 

Henry Shiffner, Rich. Hoare, 
Wm Gordon, Wm Pocock, 
Efqrs. Vice-Prtfidcnti, 

John PAterfon, Efq. Tr^atd , 


r^rt ) 

Dr. Nafhsn'el Hulme, Phyft- 

cian in trdinary. 
Dr. Rob. Mac Laurin, Man- 

Mi/hoife in ordinary . 
Dr. David Orme, Man-Mid- 

ivift extraordinary. 
Dr. S^ . Wa t hen , Man- Mid- 

tv'ife extraordinary, 
Df. M .fes Griffith, Phyjiciar 

aaW Man-Midivife extraord. 
Ml-, Wm Lucas, Surg, in urd. 
Mr. Rich. Ball, Surg, extra. 
Mr. V/illiam Ball, Jpoth. 
Rev- jofeph Cookfon, Cbapl. 
Mr. Philip Conftable, S^c. 
M rs. A .Newby,<iMid. 

St. Luke's KoTpital for Luna^ 
tics. Moorfields, 1751. 

Dukecf Mrntagu, Prejident 

Jamfs Sierling, E<dw. Payne. 
John "Elliott, Ste. Peter Go- 
din E^^'S. Vice-PreJ. 

Mr. Vv'm Prouting, Treaf. 

Dr.Simmons,F.R.S, Phyfuian. 

Mr. Geo. Chandler, Surgeon. 

Mr. J. Meadows, refid. Apotb. 

Mr. The. Webfter, Sec. 

Men and Wcmtn Keepers^ Tho, 
and Sarah Dunftcn. 

Marine Society's Of- 
fice, in Biniopfgate-ftreet. 
Inflituted 1756, incorpora- 
ted Jutie, 1772. 

y, SIrW. Dolben, Bt. X Sir H 
Mackworth. Bt. Sir Geo 
Pococke,K.B. BecflonLong, 
Efq. Jo Frere, Efq. H. Cb. 
Chaplain, Rcv.Dr SatR.GlaflV 
; 'Freaf, John Thornton, ETq. 
1 Vice-Treaf. JonasHanway,Efq. 
] ^i^rk, Mr. John Newby. 
{ lsQ*^r«iir^ James Walker. 

General Medical ATyhiii 
Welbeck-ftreet, Mar} bo; 
Inftituted J776. 
His Grace the Duke of Pa 

land, Prejident. 

X Vifc. Palmerftone, xV< 

Beauchamp, x Ld G. H,| 

Cavendi/h, X L^R Speur 

Bp of LandafF, Hon. II 

Bouverie, Tho.Selwin,J, 

Cb. Selwin, Efq. Vke-P. 

John Sbeldon, E^q. Trenfmi 

Dr. WilfoD, Dr. Ha/key, ^ 

Wallis, Pbyficians. 
Dr. Lowder, Man Midtvii 
Mr, W. Smart, Mr. J.Brook, 

iun. Surgeons. 
Mr. John Lewis, Apotba 
Mr. James RofFe, 5<rc.andJ|i 
Mrs. Eliz.Hairis, Houfeketf 

1 he Afylum, or Houfe of fl 

fuge for Orphan Girls, 6< 

Wcftminfter- Bridge, ini 

tuted 175S. 

X RtHon.Ld North, PrefiM 

Vice- Prejident s. 
Rt Hon. and Rt Rev. Ja» 
Lord Bifhop of Heref(«ii 
Sir Arch. Croft, Bart. 
Sir Cha.Kemeys Tynte, 
Rt Hon. Lord RavenfwoKl 
Sir John Frederick, Bart, 
X Afsheton Curzon, Efq, 
Sim.Swabey, Efq, Treajm^ 
Rev. J.Duche , Cbaplaimti^S 
Sir R.Jebb, Bt. F.R.S, P^ 
Samuel Howard, F. R. 
Charles Carfan, Surgeers. 
Mr. MofesPaulJuliott, Apot 

Magdalen- Houfe, St.Gcorgc 
Fields, inftituted 1758. 

The Q^EEN, Pairevefi. 

Earl ot Hertford, Prtfid^nt. 

Lord Romney, Earl Perc 
Nath, Caftieton, Rich^i 

( M3 ) 

echer, John Barker, i;fqrs. 
arl of Radnor, Michael 
amss, Efq. f^Ue-Prt, 
h Seton, Efq. 7reaf, 

Winterbottom, See. 
Wm Saunders, Phyftdan. 
n Andree, J.Simpfon,5a'-^. 
1. Johnfton J.Harris /^/)ori). 
. Mr. Dobey, Chaplain. 
\ Wm StUon, Rd Harri- 
>n , Sunday- EveningPreach . 
.- Jewkes, Stenvard, 
',. Butler, Matron. 
rlctte Smith, yljifi. Mat. 
lert Faucitt, MeJJ'engtr. 

ftminfter new Lyirtg-in- 
fofpital, near Weftminrter- 

ridge, on the Surry Side, 
oft. by Subfcription, 1765. 
d Grcffvenor, Prejident. 
% SirHarbordHarbord,Bart. 
I^SirJofeph Mawbey, Bart. 
4t. Gen. Boyd, xCrifp. 
lil&lyneux, Elqrs. Vice-Pn, 

. Mr. Stainfby, Chaplain, 

John Leake, Phjftcian and 
^^an-M'tdwife , 
.James Ford, Phyfician and 
Man-Midivife extraord, 
?. Sherfon, Mr. Grant, 5»- 
ber'intendant j^potbecaries 
;. Rd Saunders, ConJult.PbyJ. 
-, Lewis Poignaftd, Surgeon. 
•, John Weft, Sec. 
■. Wm Davis, Receiver, 

s. Mary Glavferley, Matron 
Imd Midwife^ 

penfary for Relief of the 

Infakt Poor, 
• /identy Earl of Winchelfea. 
i 'le Rt. Hon. Earl Percy. 
^ ! lirWat. Will. Wynne, Bart. 
'. iir Sampfon Gideon) Bart, 

X SirOeorge Ccrnewall, Bsrt« 

James Coutts, Efq. 

Treaf. John Townfon, Efq. 

Dr. George Armftrong, 

Dr. And. Wilfon. 

Confulting Phyjiciant. 

Dr. Brocklefby, Dr. Warren, 
Dr. Turton, Dr. Hunter, 
Dr. Watfon, Dr. Saunders, 
Dr.Ja.Ford, Dr.Garthfliore. 

Surgeon^ Mr. Wm Rae, 

Sec. Mr. Jofeph Kemp. 

Receiver^ Mr, William Da^is. 

General Difpenfary for Relief 
of the Poor, ALerfgate- 
flreet. InjRituted 1770. 

Earl of Dartmouth, Prejident, 

SirLionel Lyde, Birr, x^'sht 
Hon . Tho. Harley, A Idtr- 
manSair.fbury, Daniel M'l- 
dred, Efq. Vice-Prejtdtnts, 


Ja.SimSjM D. AdairCrawford, 
M.D. J, Cooke, M.D. 

John Coakley Lettfom, M.D. 
F.R.S. Pbyf.ext. 

Mr. Geo. Vaux, Mr, William 
Norris, Surgeons. 

Mr, Robert Bodker, Apoth, 

Mr. MidfordYoung, Secretary, 

Medical Society of Lon- 
don, Crane-ccurr, Fleet* 
flreet, Inftituted 1773. 

IbeCoun, tle£ied yan. 18,1783^ 

Prejident^ John Sims, M.D. 

7reafunr, J.C, Lettfom, M.D. 
F, R. S. 

Librariafi.X-oftx3sWob6i M.D, 

Phyficiam^ John Rogers, M.Di 
H. A. Kennedy, M. D. 
John Whitehead, M, D. 

Surgs. Mr, Dymond, Mr. P, 

Hurlock, MrrSt, l#9wdcl),- 


( 2 

Apcthe<arhs^ Mr Partj'n-gton, 
Mr. Hodgfon,. Mr. Evans 

Secntariesj Mr. French, Mr, 
Birki*-, Mr. NoTir. 

MelJ'enger^ Jacob Rayer, 

Westminster General- 
Dispensary, GtrarJ-ftr. 
Soho. Inft. June 6, 1774. 

Frefidenty His Grace the Duke 
of Northumberl-ind. 

Vics-Prefident!. X t^oi'<i VlCc. 
Bsauchamp, E. of Lincoln. 
Lord Rodney, S'r Richn-J 
Surton, Bt. xS'rWatkin, 
Williaii-s Wv nn'-, Br. x Sir 
Mic. Le Fleming, Bart. 
Maurice LI )yd, Efq. 

William P( r"er G ll'e?, Efq. 

H. Seguin Jackfon, M D. 

S. F. Sinrmons, M.D. F.R.S. 

James Ford, M.D. Confultir.g 
Phy/icianand Man-Midzvife, 

Rob. Bland, M.D. Man-Mid. 

Mr. Edward Ford, Surgeon. 

Mr. John B'-rrop, Apcth'c. 

Mr, J )hn Gray, Sec. & Rec, 

Rob. Collin?, 'Mefenger. 

Elizabeth CoUinF, Houfekeeper. 

Finfbury Difpenfary, in Ro- 
famond ftreet,Clerkenwell, 
Dr. Sam. Rogers, Fbyfician. 
Pr. Lettfom, Phyfician extra. 
Dr. John Parfon, Afflji. Phyf. 
Mr. John Andree, Surgeon, 
Mr. Tho. Auftin, Apothecary. 
George Friend, Efq, Treaf, 
A Rhodes, Secretary, 

; Surry Difpenfary, Montague- 
j Clofe, South wark, 

] Lord Onflow, Prejident, 
't Phyjicians, 

Dr. John S:ms, 

44 ) 
Dr. Thomas Dale-. 
Dr. William Hawest 
Surgeon, Mr. Henrv Fearoi 
Ap ibecjry, M r. W.Sronehcu 

London Difpenfary, Nort< 

Phyfician, Div )n Whitehe, 
Surgeon^ Mr. Th<imas Wh:l 
Apo kecaryy Mr. Jn Cahua ^ 

MiddlefcxDifppnlaTv, Huun 
Dr. ^.hn Wa^kinfon. 
Dr. Thomas Relph. 
Surgeon, Mr. Thomas Ogl 
Apothecary, Mr. John Spen 

The Faftern Difpelf'i; 
Whitcc'iaprl. In!h 178 
Earl Cornvvallis. 

Vice-Prejld.nti. • 
B. Turner, Efq. and Ald.l 
Wi'liam Picker, Efq. and A\ 
Benj. Hammet, Efq. 
George Wolff, Efq. 
Thomas Coxhead, Efq. 


John Wnie?, Efq. 


Thomas Knowles, M.D, ,1 

Surgeon and A:coucbeur»' 

Mr. William Majnefs. /. 

Mr. John Saaderfon, : 

Mr. Robert Wright, w. 

Mr. John Johrtfon. ,\ 

The MisERicoRPiAf' 
Hofpilal for the Cuje. 
Relief of indigent Psffi 
afil (fled with the Vel 
Difeafc, in Great Aj* 


pf, Goodman's Fields. 
Htutcd in 1774. 

JGeo^Yongp, Bart. Prefi. 
fd. Bull, Efq. Aid. And. 

»mfon, Beefton Long, 
Vice- Preftdents. 
iHanway, Efq. Treafurer, 

'bo. Blunf, Def>, 'Jreaf. 

^iiliMn Grant, Pbyjiaan. 

Alexander Maxwell, Mr. 
^omas Young, Surgtons, 

Lobcrt Smith, Secretary, 

7ho. Burford, Clerk. 
iSofan. Burford, Matron, 


Scottilh Hofpital and Corpora- 
tion, of the Foundation of 
K.Charles II. Re- incorpo- 
rated by his prefent Majefty. 

Hall^ — Cfane-court,FIeet-Jireet, 
JEle&ed Nov, 3c, 17S2. 

Prefidtnt^ Marq. of Graham. 
VicC'P refider.ts. 

Sir Ja.Cockburn, Barr. Dune, 
Cimpb.-UjEfq. S'r Thomas 
Dundas,Bart. Sir Rt, Her- 
rief, Knt, Wm Berry Fer- 
gufon,Efq. Wm Innes, Efq, 

Rob. Steele, Efq. Treafurer^ 

Mr. James Dobie, Secretary. 

r, Wardens, and Court of A(Jiftants, ef the Corporation 
of Surgeons of London^ Old Bailey, 
chard Grindall, Auftin-friers^ Mafter. 
ming Pinkftone, Efq. St. AlbarCs Street, 7 r^ j 
itr Triquet, Cra-veti-fireet, \ '' ' 

innell Hawkins, Efq. Serjeant -Stirgeon to bit M^jejly and 

Surgeon to the S^ueen, St. James's Palace, 
Belchier, Tbreadnsedle-Jireet. 

rt Young, Great RuJJel-firest, 
Tcival Potr, Hanover-fquare. 
iafford Crane, Red- Lion Square, 
itt Adair, Efq. Argyle-Jlreet, 
>hn Pyle, Cecil- ft reet. 
>feph Warner, Hatton flrett. 
Matthew Spray, Wariv'ick-court, Watziftck-lane, 
ry Watfcn, Rathbone- places 
itnas Smith, Soutkivark. 

I\iia\\HAttU, New Palace-yard. 
liam Sharp, Old Jeru'y 
c Minors, Chance) y lane. 
ittnd Pitts, StvUkin s Lane, 

Watbcn, Walbro-k. 7 

liam GrayeF, Doivmng-'Jireet, 

N. B. Tbofe marked thus * are the Court cf Examiners. 

U N I ~ ' 




Founded. Heads cf Cell ges. Eltdled. 

872 Nath. Wetherdl, D.D. Majier 1764 

1262 Theo. Leigh, D.D. Af^/er 1726 

1274 Henr> Barton, D.D. Warden 1755 

( m6 ) 

Thomas Bray, D.D. PeBor 
John Evelcish, B.D, Prcvoji 
The, Fotherg.l', D.D. Prcvoji 
John Oglander, D.D. Warden . 
Charles Mortimer, D.D. Re£ior 
Hon. John Tracey, D.D. IVarden 
Geo. Home, D.D. Prefident 
The. Barktr. D D. Principal 
John Cook, D.D. Prefident' 
The Bifhop of Briftol, Dean 
Jof. Chapman, D.D. Prefident 
Samuel Dennis, D.D. Prefident 
Jofeph Hoare, D D, Principal 
James Gerard, D.D. Warden 
William Adam*, D.D. Mafler 
Wm SheffifH, D.D. Prcvoji 
Bern. Hodgfon, LL.D, Principal. 
FrancisRandolph, D.D. Principal 
George Dixon, D.D. Paincipal 
The. NowtU, D.D. Principal 
Rob. Chambers, LL.D. Principal 
Wm D-nifon, D.D. Principal 
X Right Hon. Lord North, K.G. Chancellor^ eleded in i; 
Lord Leigh, High-Steioard^ appointed in IjSy, 
Samuel Dennis, D.D. Prefident of St. John's, Vice-CW 
lor^ 3d Yfdr. 


Nathan Wetherell, D.D. Mafler of Univerfity-CcUege, 
George Horne, D.D. Prefident of Magdalen-College, 
Jofeph Chapman, D.D, Prefident of Trinity- Coll-ge. 
Thomas Barker, D.D. Principalof Brazenofe-Coll ge«. 


Thomas Hardcafll', M. A. Merton-College. 
James Davenporr, M.A, St. John's College. 



New College 
All Souls 







Cirpus Chrifti 




St. John's 













Regius ProfelT r of Divinity 

Ditto CiA/ 

Ditto Phyfic 

Ditto Hebrew 

Ditto Gr -ek 

Ditto Modern Hiftory 

Margarn Prof, of Divinity 

Savil Profeffor in Aftronomy 

Ditto Geometry ' 

Profcffor 6i Nat. Phiiofophy 

Appointed or eie 
B-nj. Wheler, D.D. 
Roh' riVdnfiltart, LL.D, I 
Wlliam Vivian, M.D. 
Gecrgejubb, D D. 
John Randolph, A.M. 
Thomas Nowell, D.D. 

Nevp, X^.^'j. 

Thomas Hornfby, M.A, 
John Smith, fv^.D. 
ThomasHoi-nfby, M.A, 

I X H7^ 

•of Moral Phiiorophy ' Ch.Tyr. Morgan, A.M. 1776 

Ji ProfelTor of Hiftory William Scotr, LL.D. 1773 

ud's Prof, of Arabic Jofeph White, B.D. 1774 

oner's Prof. ofArabic Henry Ford, A.M. 1780 

! in Anat. John Parlons, M,D, 1769 

n Profeflbr of theLaws? j^j Woodefon, D.C L. . 1777 
ngland 3 

Ity-Orator James Bandinel, D.D. 1776 

of Library John Price, B.D. 1768 

of the Archives Hen.T.Wepmar,LL D. 17-I 

ofAfhmr.leanMufeum Wiiram Sbeffiek, D.D 177Z 
—Radcliffe- Library B.Kennicott,D D.F.R.S.1767. 

1 ProfefTor J-^hn Parfon', M.D. 1780 

in Chemiftry ' Martin Wall, M.D. 1781 

ir of Botany Hum. Sibrborpc, M.D. X 747 

.— — Poetry John Randolph, M.A. 1776 

." Mufic Philip Hayes, D.Muf, 1777 

■fity-Regiftrar Rev. Samuel Fcriler, L.L D. 

Rob. Eytor, M.A. cf Phyfic and Arts, 
j-Bedells -^ James Matthews, MA. of Divinity. 

Robert Pager, LL.D. of Law. 

Mr. Ja, Reynoii?, of Phyficand Arts, 
n Bedells -^ Mr. Robert Blifs, of Divinity. 

Mr. Will. Matthtwf, of Law. 

John Green. 

William Matthews. 

OXFORD Terms in 1783. 

t begins Jan. 14 ends April i* 

:et — — April 30 ^— — June 5 

' - J""^ ^^ — July 19 

;hadmas — — 0£t. lo Dec, 17 

Oxford A <n-, July TA. 


Duke of Grafton, Chancellor 1768 

Earl of Hardv'icke, High Steivard 1764 

And. Pemberton, M.A. Commijjary 1 779 

and Halls. Founded. Heads of Colleges. Elected, 

Hwfe 1257 Bp of Carlifle, D.D. il<ftf/?£r 1754 

sHall J326 JohnTorkington, B.D. il^fl/?£r 1781 

)rQke-Hall 1343 James Browne, D.D. Majier jjyx 

J^.jQqJJ^'?135i Wm Colman, D,D. /I^<z/?^r 177$ 



Convil andCaius 












St. John's 










( *48 J 

*SirJ.Marr/'ott,LL.D. Mafte. 

John Smith, D.D. A'Jafter 

Wm Cooke, D.D, Provojl 

Rob.Plumptre,D D. Prefidtn. 

Lowther Yates, D.D. Majiet 

Rich. Beadon, D.D. Majler 

John Barker, D. D. Majier 

J, Chevallier, D.D. Majier 

Peter Peckard, M.A.. Majiet 

Bp of Peterborough, Mafter 

Richard Farmer, D,D. Mafte, 

Wm Ell:fton, D.D. Mafter 

.Richard Beadon, D.D. Jefus-Coll. 

John Barker, D.D. Chrift's Colleg- 

Jofeph Jowett, LL.D. Trinity H 11 

Robert Glynn, M.D. King's C Ibge 

RtTyrvv'hict, M. A. Jefus-Coll. Sen N 

Geo. Higgitt, M.A. Clare-Hjll, Se 

C Samuel Hey, M.A. Magd8ien-C. lle| 

i Ifaac Milner, M.A. Queen's Colkge 

V William Farifli, M.A. Magdalen-C 
2 Ifaac Milner, M.A. Queen's College 
C Benjamin Holmes, M.A. St. John's 

1 Samuel Vince, M.A, Com. in Villa. 

V Samuel Peck, M.A. Trinity-Cc liege 

2 Jofeph Turner, M.A. Pembroke-Hal 
t William Farifh, M.A. Magdalen-Col 
2*Chriftopher Atkinfon, M.A. Trinity 

1502 Margaret Prcf. of Div, Zachary Brooke, D.D, 
J 540 Regius Prof, of Divin, Richard Watfon, D.D! 

F.R.S Bp of Landafl 
Jofeph Jowett, LL.D. 
Ruffel r^lumptre, M D 
Rob. Plumptre, D.D. 
William Collier, M.A 
Wlliam Cooke, M.A. 
William Craven, B.D. 
C.Cuilignon, MD.FRS 
John Symonds, LUP. 
I&ac Pennington, M.E 
Tho. Martyn, B.D. 
Thomas Green, M.A. 
Thomas Kipling, B,D* 
John Randall, D^Moflfs 









of Law 

— of Phyfie 

Cafuiftical Profeffor 
Hebrew Proff^flur 
Greek Profefl'or 
Mathematical ProfefTor 
Arabic Profeffor 

1704 Profeffor of Aftronomy 

1749 Aftronomy, Lowndes's 

1707 Anatomy 

1724 Modern Hiftory 

J705 Chemiitry 

1764 Botany 

1727 Woodwardian LeAurer 

1504 Ly. Margaret's Preacher 

J684 Mufic 

Public Orator W U^am Pearcf, B.D. 1778 

iPiincip^ Librarian Richard Farmer, D.D. 1778 

Librarian Stephen Whiflon, B.D. I75I 

R gil>=r George Bo laff, A.M. 177$ 

e Bi;adle5— Francis Dawffs, M A. John Beverley, M.A. 
and William Matthew, LL.B. 

ivery Univerjify-Grace mtift pafs the Caput before it 
can be introduced into the SiNAT£. 

CAMBR'DGE Terms in 1783. 
begins Jan. 13 ends April n 

■ April JO ■■'- ■ July 4 

chaclmas 0£l. lo — — Dec. 16 

.C mmencpment — Tuefday. Julv i. 



£ i O N-C O L L E G £. 

Dr. Robert?, Prcvofl. 
Dr. Apthorp, Vice Pro. 
Dr. Davi , tipper Mafl. 
Dj. Langford, I/niiier i)//. 

Mr. B^tham. 

Rev. Mr. Chamberlain, 
Rev. Mr. Sltcch. 
Rev. Mr. Bajnard. 
Rev. Mr. Young, 
Rev. Mr. Tew. 

ixteen Peers marked thus * are ele£ied to reprefent the Scots 
erage in the Houje ef Lords, -f Englijh Peers, § Irijh 
'ers. y Minors. \. Roman Catholics. Sens J are Members 
the HouJe of Commons, b are Baronets, '. 

Dukes of the BtooD RovAt, 3. 
fay, |]-|-Geo. A uguftus. Prince ofWales, Earl of Carrlck. 


t. Title. 
3 Hamilton 

3 Buccleugh 
5 Lenox 

4 Gordon 

4 Queenfberry 
14; Argyl 
>7 Montrofe 

94 Tweedale 
3j Lothian 
01 .Ajwandale 

William Henry, Duke of GlouceiVcr. 
Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland. 
Dukes, 9. 

Names. Eldeft Sons. 

'{-Douglas Hamilton Marq. of Clyfcale* . 
•j-Henry Scot Earl of Dalkeith. 

■j-Charles Lenox Earl of Darnly. 
♦Alexander Gordon Marq, of Hunrly. 
♦James Douglas Earl of Drumlanrig. 
•f John Campbell Marquis of Lorn. 

M. of Tullibardir-e. 
X M. of Graham. 
M. of Beaumont* 

♦John Murray 

"t" William Graham 

•j-John Kerr 

Marquis£8) 3. 
George Hay Earl of Gifford. 

♦William John KerrEail of Ancram. 
George Johnftone JLordJohnAocef. 

Eahls, 45, 

jEliz^Pcpys Lord StrathiMt 

G.LiniJ fa. Crawford Vifc. Garnocte 
1452 Errol George Hay Lord Hay. 

1457 RotheSjCtfsofJaneEliz. Leflie 

^57 Sutherland 7 

(Ctfso.t) I 

1399 Ceawfurd 

1457 Morton, 
1469 Bucban 
J488 Glencairn 
1503 Eglingtouij 
1^509 Caflilis 
1556 Caithnefe 
l-j8i Moray 
1604. Home 
tOoS Strathmore 
1606 Abercorn 
1619 Haddington 
16 1 9 Kellie 
1623 Galloway 
X&24 Lauderdale 
1633 Loudoun 
16,3,3 ^iiMipwX 
2633 Dumf»e« 
1633 Daliipuiie 
^6^33 Elgin and 

1S33 Traquair 
3637 Findlater & 

164]^ Le^ven and 

1646 Dyfert 
3646: Ss&nk 
2647 Niorifwiiki 
1651 Baksrras 
1660 NBvwJjutgh 
id^o Aboyj* 
^66& Dun<k>naid 
i6^Sf Bread aJ^aoe 
x6S(2 AbcTikea 
161836 I>uainore 

Lord Leflie. 
||Geo. Douglas Lord Aberdoqi 

Da.vid Er/kine Lord Cardrof*. 

*JamesCunninghameLord Kilnnaurs 
*Arch. Montgomery Lord Monrgomi 
*Dav id Kennedy Lord Kennedy, 
John Sinclair Lord Berrieda 

Francis Stewart Lord Down. 

Alexander- Home, ^ Lord Dunglafsf 
|tjt>hn Bowes Lycn Lord Glamis. 
*§.James Hamilton 
Tho. Hamilton 
Archibald Erikinc 
*J<ohn Stewart 
*James Maitland 

Ja. Muir Campbell Lord Mauchiao 
t Thomas Hay Vifcoont Dupp 

Lord Paiflty, 
Lord Binning. 
Virco'jnt Pent* 
Lord Garlics. 
JVifc. Maitlaii 

Loid Grighton, 
Lord Ramfeyi 

Lord Bruce. 

Lord Linfon. ^ 



Patrick Grichton 
•George Ramf^y 

> Th(^na« 3ruc« 

4»John Stewart 

f Jjimps Ogilv^ 

y Pavjd Ltljjs • 

Lionel Tollemache Lord Huntingto 
Dunlwr Douglas Lord-Dai^ 
G£oi^ Carncf y Lord Rofehill; 
Alex. Lindfay Lord Cumm«m 

Radctyf^LivmgftonieVifcounD Kinna 
Charles Gordon Lord Strathave: 
I'homsis Cochran Lord Gechraji. 
John Camp^ll 
*George CJordoB, ^ 
•'^An MuTf*y 
369^5 Orkney, €t(& Mary Obrien 
3697 Marchmont *H.CampbcU,FRS.^Lord Polwarth, 
3702 HyAdfofd John Carmichae}, k Lord Carmichai 
Jofen Daltymple, 6 Vifc. Dairy mpijj 
^ *iilol<F(iiqr(^ k Lord D^flMsy, 

Lord Glenorcb) 
Lord Haddo. 
Lord TkKi&lcJ} 
Lord SLirkwaH. 

X703 Staif) k 
Ijof RofaW y> 

• --t — - 














Lord Boyle. 
•^Ld Moun'ftuaft. 
Lard Hope. 
Vifc. Milfingwn. 
Vifc. Kfertfirta:ae, 

(25' ) 
j|George Boyle 
John Stuart, & 
Jamf s Hope 
GharJes CoHier 
Henry Scot 

"Discounts, 5. 
Iruciivs Cha- les Ckrey. 
*:David Milr|-sfy. 
John Arbuihnot. 
flThoroas OfbortiN 

Baro?^, 47^ 
Tames Somerville. 

James Forbes, Lt. Oov.i^ )^ William, 
Wiliiam Shaw C&(hc6rt. 
AlexJifid<^ Frafer, 
Andrew Gi^ay, 
Hugh Sempill. 
John ElphJnftwt*. 

To-hn LeilJe. 


lexander Stewart, 
Jame% Gfaaftoto. 
CBivaofCulrofeJohn Colvlll. 
NapJcr Francis N^ier, ^, 

Falrfa* Robert Fairfax. 

Rttjr Ht»gh MackiV, i. 

'A4l«n Walter Affe&ft. 

KircadbrFght Joh-n Maclelhn. 
Wafdh^l5on,Ctfe Mary WeaVeir. 
hitttff William Ogiivy, ». 

Ifi^an'k G'trorge Mdnay, i, 

I HaJkfrton . David Falconfr, 
I FoTtefter, Ctfs Ct^olina Cockburn, 
RolJo John Rolio. 

Rothven J<jmes RAthven, 

Gtlvili of 7 rk J /> I -11 
Ochiltrte jI><»*'dCoIvil'. 

Nspwa-r-k. ■ Davii Ltflte, 
IteltertdfU Johri Ketr BelJeniJcB. 
K'iiwrairS George Xiiinaii:^. 

.I) Authentic List ot theBARONBTS of Scotlahd. 
Tbife marked **= tirt Piers* 


< ; Gordon of Gordonfton . 

Strachaii of Thornton. 

♦Canapbcll of Glenurc'hy 

X a 

Iniies of Innes. 
♦Livingfton of Dunipac*. 
j^oMgks of Glcfifeervit* 


•M'Denald of Slate. j 
♦Vfurray ef Cockpooir 
Colquhoun of Lufs. 
Gordon of Cluny, 
Leflie of WurJis, 
Gordon of LeiTmore. 
Ramfaj of Bilmain. 

Graham of Braco. 
1616 Forbes of Mooyi^uik. 

John(!on of Cafkieben. 

Burnet of Leys. 

MoncriefF of MoneriefF. 

Ogilvie of .Carnou6e. 
•Gordon of Lochinvar. 

Murray of Clermonth, 


Ogilvieof Innerquhairty 
l647*M*Kay of Sttatbsaver. 

Maxwell of Calderwood. 
*Sir James Stewart. 
^Napier of MaTchitfton 

LiTingfton of KinnairJ. 

Coningham of Cuoing- 
•Cirmichael, WTefterrav? . 

•Ogiivie of Bamff. 

Jobhfloo of EJpbinfton. 

Cockburn of Langtoun. 

Campbell of Lundie. 

Montgom« T' ,Skelmori> 
Campbell :f Auchinbrsck 

Cam'pbt 11 ofArdnamur- 

Hope of Craighall, 

Prefton of Air^rie. 

Riddell of Riddel. 

Murray of Bl ckbarony. 
*M>irrray ot Elibank. 
*M'Kcnzle of Tarbet. 
*Elpbinftone of Elphin- 

♦Forbes of Cjfthforbes. 

Hanri'lfon of K lloch. 
^blingiby of Scriven. 

j 1619 Bruce of SfanViotrfi 
Nicolfon of LaKvai 
Arnct of Arnot, 
(>liphant of Newtr 
Agnew of Lochna 
Keith of Ludquhal 

1630 Hannay of Mocbr 
Forbes of Craigiev: 
Murray of Dunne 
Crofbie of Croibiel 
Sibbald of Ranke: 
Richard fou of Pez 
Cuningbam ofRobet 

2631 Wardlaw <rf Pittre 
Sinclair of Cainfti 
Gotd a of Ernbo* 
M'Lean of Mors« 

1633 BilTourof Deomil 
Cunningham of Au4 


1634 Munroof Foulif. 
Foulis of Col-ntoii 

•Bngbam of C^fte* 
Vernate of Carl-ilo 

1635 Hamilton of Broon 
Gafcoyne of B^rne 
N'^rtoi of Cheilon 
Pilkinton of Stain] 
Hay Of Smitiifi Id. 
Widdrington of < 

B jlles of Afb trton, 
Ranfy of Rothan. 

1636 For:efcue of SaUei 
Tlaomfon of Dudin] 
Moirof Longford. 
Sinclair of Stevenfl 

♦Curzon of KeHleft« 
Browne of the Nea 
BaiUte of Lochend 

1637 Nicolfon of Camo< 
Vrefton of Valleyfi 

Kerr of Greenhead 
D:ck of Brjid. 

1638 MufgraveHaytor-C 
i64i*Cooper of Ratiingc 



Crawfurd of Jcrdanhi}! 
J Cooper of Gogar. 

H-imilton,Silvrrtonhill. | 
[ Flf-ming of F?rm. 

Ogilvie of Barras, 
J Cirregy of Pittarpow. 

Hay of Park. 

Keith of Powburfl. 

Maxwell of Orchardton. 

Seton of Afcercorn. 

Henderfon of Fordell, 

Murray of Stanhope, 

Dalrvmple of Siair P. 

Cheltn- rs of Cults. 

Seatrn of Garkton. 

Sinclair of Longfmrtacus 

Mowar of Inglifton. 

Grah-tm of Gartmore. 

M Icolm of Lochore. 

Menzies of that Ilk . 

"Purves of Prrvefh^l. 

Ramfay of Whitehill. 

Elliot of Sroba. 

Erlkine of Alvi. 
■ Er/kine of Cam bo. 
'Dalziell of Glense P. 

Lindfay of Ev«-1 ck. 

Rarafay of BanlF. 

Stirl ng of Gltnrat, 

Scot of Thirl-flon P. 

"Wood of Bonington, 

SMrlingof Ardoch* 
7 Don of Newton. 

Hay of Linplum. 
J Douglas of Kelhead, 

B<irclay of Pearfton. 


Nijfbet of Dtan. 
» .Bemiet of Gribbelt, 

Walbce of Craigie. 

Cockburn of that Ilk, 

Home of Blackadder, 

Halkct of Pitfirran. 

Scot of Ancram. 
i Hope of Garfe. 

Jardin of Applegirth. 
3 Murray Qf Awchtery, 


Murray cF Balman.ia. 

1677 Dick of Preffonfield. 
Lockhart of Car/tairs. 

1678 Gilmnur ofCra'^milJar. 

1679 Campbell of Ardkinks. 
Dalmahoy of that Ilk. 
Clerk of Pennycuick. 
Cochran of Ochiltree P. 

1680 Baird of Newbyth. 
Mail land P, 

1681 Maxwell of Monreitli. 

1682 Bannerman of Elfick. 
Kennedy of Culcan P. 

i6g3 Prinslc of StircheJ. 

Seton of Pitmedden. 

Stewart of Blair. 

Maxwell uf Springkfll. 

Sharp of Scotfcraig. 
1685 Dalzi'l of Binns. 

Grifrfon of Lag. 

Kilpafrick ofClofebtrn. 

Lawrie of Maxwelton. 
j686 Brown of Ccaifton. 

Caldn- of Muirton. 

Kinloch of Cilmcrton. 
. Miln of Barntpun, 

Paterfon of Bannotkburn 

1687 Hall of Duhgiaf". 
Inglis of Cramond. 
Stewart of Allanbank. 
Threipland of Fingaaft, 
Paterfon of Ecclej, 

1688 Bruce of Balka/ky. 
Houfton of that Ilk, 
Lander of Idington, 

1689 Livingfton of W.Quarter 

1690 Louder of Fountainhall. 
1692 Hamilton of Barnton. 

1694 Dunbar of Mochrun. 

1695 Baird of Sauchton-haij, 
Cumming of Colter, 
Dicklbn of Carberry. 

1697 Hope of Kirk I'fton. 
Home of Manderfton. 

1698 Dalrymple of Cranfton, 
Dalrymplr, N. Berwick, 

" I 

, (• 

Danb^rof Durn. 
Hume of Rer.ton. 
Stewart of Culrnefs. 

1700 D Irymple of Newhails. 
Elliot of Minto. 
Dunbar of Thunderton. 
T^orScsof Foveran, 
^elfchesWidii^rt, Tofts. 
Johnfton of Wefterball. 
Nicoir n of Kemnay. 

1701 Ilphinfton of Logie. 

ijcz Gibfon of Addfertor. 
Suttleof Balgone, 
Cunninghame of Miln- 

5* ) 



Fergufpn of Kil'kJ 
H.M'Dougal, AHf j 
M'Kenzieof Slcat^ 
PoUoclc of that II] 
Hamilton of RofeJ 
G' rdon of Dalphd 
Mamy of Melgui 
Markenzie of R05 
Grant of Grant. 
Na rn of Dunfinnal 
Rochead of Inner)| 
Wedderburn, Blac! 
Grant of CuHen. 
Stewart of Gr>od'r<| 
Holburn of Menft^ 
Naefniith of Davrcl 


Earl of Marchmon', Keeper off 
tbeGreatSeal^ 3C0CI. a-year. j 

LdPrivySealy^t^x life,30Col. 

y Rt Hon. Ld Fred. Camp- 
bell,, Lo'-'^i^f^i/?^^, 26C0I. 

^LdWrc Gordon, Vtce Admi- 
ral^ lOocL 

Vifc^Stormon', Lord-Jujiice- 
Gtneraly 2000J. 

R. Dunda"^, Efq. Lord-Pref. 

Ja» Montgomery, Efq. LdCk. 
Baf\.- of Exchequer^ 2CC0I. 

^ H 'Dtinda'jBfq. L dAd.j 00c 1. 
Lh.MiU r^Efq. Lo'dJuf.C!e-k. 

Far! ol Zrrol, L.EighCctiftablf. 

E .t. of Laudtr<^ale, HerttabU 
Royal Standard Bearer,^ 

J.^mes Erfltine, Efq. Knight- 
Mar.fchaL, 400I. 

Duke of Argvk> HerttabU 
Kteper cftbeKlng iHcufehold. 

Sirja Anftruther, Hetet.Carv, 

X Sir J. Cockburn, Bt, Heret. 
V/btr of the White Rod^ 300I. 

Mr.Setor, of Touch, Herttablt 
^Jifm<i%r Bearer^ I 

Dr.HumeandDrXuUeni . 
D'. John Hope, BotanrJfA 
Gilbert Lawrif, Efq* Ap 
Dr. Robert for, Hijior'togrl 

for Scotland^ 200 1. ■I'' 

Thomas Abercrombif, ]| 

Ja. M-ixwel', Efq. Fa&ot 
Mark & Charles Kers, 

Printers and Stat^ 
D. Rof?, Efq. Majier »} 

Duke of Hamilton&Brj 

Keeper of Uolyrood'HouX 
Du.ofAth 1, Keef>.(fFalh 
Vifc^xor wont, Keeper ofS 
Marquis of Annandale, i2 

of Lochmahen. 
Duke of Argyl-, Keepki 

Dunftaffnjige and Carried 
Duke of Hamilton, Ke^ 

Richard Carter, Keeper df 

Wardrobe^ 5^1. I If. -44 
The. Fraf^r, Under Keeper4i 
Sir James Pringb, Mi 

of the Worh^ 400 1. 
G.S and jjCAr* &/ tbsZton^ 


Court of Session* 
)liert Dundas, of Arnifton, 
Efq. LordPref. 1360L 
'words of SeJJion^ 700I. each. 
h.Millar, hfq. LdJufXUrk, 
,mcs Erfkine, of Alva, 
lines Vtirch, of Elliock. 
»hn Campbell, of Stonefield. 
obert Brucf, of Kenner. 
r David Dalrymple, Bart. 
bf New Hales, 
imes Burner, of Mountbodc. 
iw Rofs, of Anktrville. 
ob. Macqueen, of Braxfield. 
lav. Dalrymple, of Wefthall, 
avid Rae, of Efkprove. 
|)bn Swinton, of Swintrn. 
lex. Murray, of Henderland. 

ftlNClPAi. Cleuks of the 

leflrsAXampbell, A.Robert- 
ib|i,, A.Orme, A. Menzies, 
'J» Colquhoune, G. Home, 

fdTrr. A. Rofs, T. Bruce, 
"j%w Steven fon, K.Dunbar, 
B^. Clerks, 

i|rRob.Anftruther,Rob. Wad- 
Jill, Princ.CUrkitotbeBilis. 

wxi Ingl's, W. Finlayfon, & 
Hi D. Inglis, De^^ Ckrkin 

X An<^rew Stuar% Efq. Chrk 
to the RegiBer 0/ Safines. 

Alex. Robcrtfon, tit Clerk. 

John Flockh^j-', Clerk to the 
Re^'sjl. of Horn'ings, 

Jof. Williamfon, fen. and JoC 
Williamfo", jun. Clerh to 
the Commijfnn of 'Teirds. 

Th. Alves, Dep. Clerk ofTeinds, 

Mr.J.Robertfon Barchy, Clerk 
to the Admiffion of Notaries, 

R. Ruflel, bis Deputy. 

Alexander Gordon, Keeper of 
the Minute-Booh. 

Court 0/* Justiciary. , 
David, Vifr. Stormon% Lord" \ 

Jufi\ee-Gentral^ 2000I. 
Th.Mill<<r, LdJuJ.Clerk,s°^U 

CommiJJiofieri, 200I. each. 
Robert Bruce, of Ken net. 
Fr. Garden, of Gardenfton. 
Sir Dav. Dalrymple, Bart.. 
Rob. Macqueen, of Braxfield, 
Alex. Murray, of Hehderlami. 
XHen. Dundar, Efq. tis Ma- ' 

jefy''s Advocate, lOOoK 
Mr. Wm. Nairn, Mr. Robert ' 

Bkir,&Mr.A.Abercrombie, I' 

Dep. Adv. lool. each. 
I Campbell,Efq.5o/.Gfn.40ol. 
George Muir, Principal Clerks , 

Second Clerk, 
Robert Auld, Wm Campbell, , . 

and Alex. Hart, Circuit C/r, ■ 

Court o/" Exchequer. 
Ja. Montgomery, Efq. Lortt' 

Chief-Baron, 2000I. |', : 

Fletcher Norton, Efq. Sir J, 

Dalrymplf , Cofmo Gordon. ] 

and D.S^MontcriefFe, Efqrs. , 

A. Stuar", Efq. and Sir P ,' j 

Warrender, Bt. King^s Re- > 

membrancerSy 250I. each. ,"|/ 
W.Anderfcfl>Efq.De/airj:,igrol ', 

J Hay Caiyi|ib«ll,Efq. SoUcthr. 
C, Maxwell and W. An- 
dtrfon, Lcrd Treafurer's Re- 
memb. 200I. 

Jjmes Townfend Ofwald, 
Efq. Principal Audiicr^i7.Qo\. 

Fr. Antterion, Dff.j^d. zocl. 

Thomas Dunda«, Efq. Clerk 
of the Pipey 200I. 

Thomas and Robert Belfches, 
Prejeraen of St^nature;* 

'LA'^^WtnAen^Heret.Ujhtr^ir] \\, 

Thomas Tod, Dep. UJh. 50I. 

G. Inglip, H. Mackenzie, D. 
Taylor, R.Turner, W.Wal- 
ker, J. Sommer.*, Attormes. 

J©hn Fordyce, Efq. Rtc, Gen, 
of Land-Rents, 650I. 

John Anftrarhtr, ETq. Rec. 
Ceti. of Bijhcps Rents, 4O0I. 

Tho. Tod, Examiner, ^cl. 

W.Burn<-t,C/./5Porr- Bcrdsy^cl. 

John Maughan, Regijier of 
ReJignattoT.s, 40I. 

J. Montgomery, MarJh.cfCaurt. 

THJs Mnje^y gives a Bounty of 

aO'^o' /'i?'' y4'J». to he difiribu- 
■* h^ 'ii'ti Barons ta fucb poor 
.'■jont ai ibe^ judge proper.J 

?x^ ivy-Seal Office. 
Hen. Jis. Stuart M'Ken- 

zie, for life, 3000I. 
Alex. Menzies, Efq. Deputy, 
5ir David Kinloch, of Gil- 

merton, BUrt. Wr'uer to the 

'ra. Anderfon, Efq. Deptity, 

Henry Dundas, Efq. ^eep. 
n.S'indy, Und,Ketp,and Clk, 
l-x. Ali/or;, Aftftant-aerk. 

' Court fl/" Admiralty. 

OTd Wiii> Gordon, Lordyice 
\ jUsiiralf loooi. 


JofenMunro, Procuratcr-Fifli 
Wm. Campbtll, Efq. C/«tJJ 


Andrew Balfour, Rob. Ci 
Ger. Ferguflbn, and Jc 
Macicenzie, Efqrs. Camt 

Wm. Nairn, Pri«cipalCkrii\ 

Alex. D-acan, Deputy, 

James Balfour, Fife. 

Great-Seal Office,! 

Hugh, Earl of Marchm< 

Lord-Kef per, ^oecl. 
Mr. J. Wauchope, his DepuM 

Ufy<T and Appendtr, 
James Balhntine, his Def 

Trufttesfor Fi/heries, Manufoi 
tures, and hnprovewents, 

Weir, Ld Prefident, Ld CJ 
Baron, LHjufticeClerk, I 
Strn field, Ld Karnes, 
Gardenftone, Lord Anici 
vill-, LdAdvocate,G.Ch' 
SirD.KinlockjBt. avacai 

Rob. Arbuthnor, Secretary. 

Window and House Tj 

X SirR. Laurie and Ja.Durhji 

Efq. Surveyors -General. 
Geo. Innes, AJfiJiant to lij 

Surveyor s-Gemral. " " 

Officers of the. Mint. 

Jn. Elliot, Efq. G^swrfl/, jo&li 

Majler, zoo\, 

JamesHay,Efq. Warden, 150]. 

James Gartfhore, CounUr- 


57 y 

Samuel WitCon* 
William Scott. 


w 01iphan% of Roffie, Efq. 
}ep. Poft'Mafier-GenerttU 
id Rofs, Secretary » 
les Beveridge, Solicitor, 
n.Bucban, Accountant. 
.David Bennet, Prin, Clk. 
Warn Kcr, InfpeSior of Bye- 

K8 Ewrao, bit AJjijlant, 
I. French, Thomas Mat- 
hew, and Martin Mow- 
iray» Clerki. 

to Hook Campbell, Efq. 
Lord L'lon^ for life, 300I. 
bert Bofwel), Ffq. Lion- 

^ty and Prin, Clerk, 
i|^ Gomming, Efq. Keeper 
"^ he Lion-Records, 
b.Rankcn, Lyan-Clerk-D'p. 

Hera/dsj x^l. each, 
^D Douglas, Albany, 
Orge Bodif, Rctbfay, 
kom4^ Hufbanf^, Rofs. 
;0, D US.I1S, Marchmor.f. 
'.(i, M*Kenzip, Snotvdoivn, 
m. Robenfon, Jjlay, 
^rj'^ivants 16I.1 '^s.4d.°acb. 
iuiam Douglas, Unicfn, 
th, Campbell, Bute, 
^Icolm Grant, Carrick. 
Itomas Nicolfon, Kintyre, 
illiam Lawrie, Ormond. 
mes Mitchcl', Dingivall, 
bn Cuming, Fifcal. 
^ctrofCourt^ R. Thomfon. 
^ic'tors before the Lion-Court. 
jilliam Richardfon. 
iilliam Wdlker, 

Lobd-Rsgistir'j Ofue. 

X Lord Fred. Campbel', Lord- 
Reglfier, aoool. per Ann. 

G.Home, ArchibaldCdmpbeH, 
Alex. Robertfon, Alexander 
Orme, Alexander Mcnaies, 
James Col quhoun, Deputies, 

A. Robertfon, W, Robertfon, 
Dtputy-Keepers of Records, 


David Scott, Efq. Dire^or, 
John Irvine, Principal Clerk, 

Society of Antiquaries^ in^ 

fiituted i-jio. 
Earl of Bute, Pre/. 
Earl of Buchan, Sir J. Da!- 

rymple, Bart. Lord Garden- 

(hone,, Alex. Wight, Ef.^. 

and Will. Tytler, Efq. 
Sir Will. Forbes, Bart.TrM/. 
Mr. James Cummyng, Sec. 
Mr. John Calender, Secretary 

for foreign Correfpcndence. 
Dr. John Brown, Latin Sec 
Mr. Alexander Drummond, 

-French Secretary, 
Mr.- W. Smfllie, Superinten-, 

dant of Natural-Hijiory, 

List ef the Royal College of 
Pkyf. in Edinburgh. 

N.B.Thofc marked thus -f- are 
Pr >fc-flbr» in the Univcrfitv* 

j- Dr. Monro, Pff/. SirA.Dicfc, 
Bart. Dr. Bair.^, Sir Stuart 
Tbreiphnd. Elea. Dr.Lind, 
axUaJlar, Dr.Drummond, at 
Brljf. f Dr. Home, EleSf. 
Dr. Gumming, at Dorchsfter^ 
Dr. Stfcvenfoi), at Glafgoiv-^ 

-^ - ' T'^ 

Dr.Cullen, £/r5. Dr.Gran', 
Vice-?rtJ. and EleB, Dr. 
Bajlies, &l Dref. Dr.Glen, . 
"Dr.GarJiner, EhB. and Li- 
Iranar.y f Dr. Hope, EU^. 
•f-Dr, Your^ Dr, Butter, at 
Derby^ Dr. WaUaer, at Ja- , 
maica. Dr. LivJugfton, at 
^ierJeen, Dr. Petrie, at 
Lincohy Dr. GaTrhfliictP, 
at London^ Dr. Wilfon, at 
Newcafl, Dr. Morgan, at 
Penfyl, Dr. Steedman, Ce/?/L 
Dr.Hay^ r«d/: fDr.Black, 
Cenfor^ Dr. M*Kittrick, at; 
Andtn\ Dr.Shippen,ati'/&/iii, 
Dr. M'Farlane, Dr,Spence, 
, at Guildfordy Dr. Ja. Liad, 
J //<7/7ar. Dr. Duncan, Dr. 
r^ Hamilton, Dr.Buchan,Low- 
^ don^ Dr. IfeiwilcoB, L. i&g^. 
J Dr. Sprey, fi^m^uth, Dr. 
•' Sf ens. Dr. H4WB«r, Fi^/, 
■ J Dr. Langlands, Dr. Ruther- 
•f'^ ford. Sec, f Dr. Gregory, 
^^ Dr.BeerenbTockjDr.Powell, 
Dr. Dunbar, Dr.Glkofpie, ' 
Dr, Grieve, Dr, Guilen. 
Honorary Fellmvi. 
; Henry, Duke of Buccleogb. 
'^John, Ear] of Bute. 

Count Carbury, Primarius 
Profeflbr of Medicrne in 
the UniverJSty of Turin. 
'Dr. Gaubjus, Prof, of Mf di- 
■ cine and Cheroiflry in the 
: Univcrfity^of L.ey<len. 
jtfow. £x Off. Dr. James Flint, 
Prof, of Mcd» in tfee i^nlv, 
. ^ of Sr, Andrew*?, 
^jj'^r, $«ork, FiTRPbyfidantb 
i . ' the Ennperor and Empr*:fs 
of Germany, 
; J Licentiates in Medicine, 
; ^r. Spence and Dr. Webftet. 

'{,^rk, Rofcm BofweU.' 


s8 ) 

Governorty Cfc. cf tie B\ 
cf Scot/and. 

Eari of Marchmont, Govel 

Sir James Pringle, DxM 

Ordinary J^ireSJcrs, 

Sir Hughr' Gntufiaid, Ge\ 
Fdcorrer, J. Gordcm, 
ge4- Ho^ Thomas l\ 
Alex an ex Hoo-ftoft, -A j 
Keith, ittfi, PaU'ick Mil 
tenkg, Alex, Murray, 
E)(traordinary Dtf^ort 

Duke of Buccleugh, Dol 
Montfd&i, £. of Lftoderdi 
E;of HyBdford,S.Michel| 
juiK Wm Binnifig, Get 
Fa'rholme, WrUi^m Hi 
GecRamfay, CoUJ^ 
Robert Whyte. 

'^reafurer, JaiH^^feh^e. 

Governors^ '&e, 'of the Rd 
Bank of Seot/anJ. \ 

Duke of Bncc^et^h, Goverli 

Lord E'lliock, D'-p. Gov. 
Ordinary Dir^ciors. 

Dav. o( 
Jn. Davidfon, Geo. Brov 
Jas, Stirling, Gilb. Laui 
William Miller, WiJiH 
Ramfiy, John Campbell 
ExtraorMnary Direiiars., 

Ootee at Monttofe, Ld Al5 
Ld Braxfteld, RtbertCai 
bell, JnPringle, David^iW 
Monxrief, James Haw; 
Blair, J. CampbfU, G( 
H. Fietcber.IlkyCaiBpbt 
Gtcrge Ba Uif. 

William Simpfon, 

Alex.Udney, G€O.Brown,Gi 


I trt Laurie, Tho. Wharton, 
id James Stoddart, Efqrs. 
(fOmmiJfionerSf 500!. 
>hur Duff, Efq. CcmptrclUrj 
)r bimfclf 'andClerks,6ool. 
•Hamilton, Dp.Comptroi. 
fjiiThomfon, Elq. Secret, 
j vr himfelf andClerks,44ol. 
fjnCaw, Dep. Sec. locl. 
^ 1 CampbeJI, Efq. Auditor^ 
ipr feif and Clerks, 510. • 
: . Geddes, Deputy-Auditor. 
' I. Sxott, Efq, Capiery for 
J :lf and Clerks, 550I. 
^x. Atifon, Depnuy-Cajhiet. 
j, Balmain, Solicitor, tor felt 
|,|nd Clerk?, i8pl, 
j Bonar, Deptity'Stlicitor, 
I Bonar, ^^. ^6/. Sol, 
J , Rowe, Agentat London, 

j General Accomp/anti. 
i Chalmers and J. Ramfay. 

til. each, 
i Laurie. ^ 
II Hepburn, 
itander Thomfon, 
ard Brought^n, 
it« Lovvndes, 
her Niorcoii. 
n Biackadtr. 
i^^^cS' James Rruce, 
f.Accompt. W; Taybr. 
n Caw, Storekeeper. 

Jtfand, Gen. Examintr, 
C. 140!. 

^pbeii, i>is AJiJi. 40I. 
hivimbn, Permit -Examiner. 
rppcc and Anne Dundas, 
iftt Htujekeeperiy 6 ol , 

Wfen^ies, Efq. fi^a^^ 
■^ipikutt^, and ColltSor, 
B -hrk, T. Pender, C/^rij. 
^ Geo. Duncan, Cmptrolkr» 

Mr. James ^alMic, Diftrihut^r 

fur Edinburgh aod Leitb, 
Sir John Stuartj Bart. SoHcUv^ 
George Innes, InJf.e£ior, 

Officers of bis Majejifs Reve- 
nues of Cujioms, SaJ(-Dut^y 

- and Seizures, 

G.Clerk Maxwell, BafilCoch. 
r:-.n, Ad. Smith, James 
Bu-chanan, James Edgar, 
Efqrs- CommiJfionerSy ^ool. 

Rich £]liftonPhilips,i^£fr<fr/jry, 
for felf and Clerks, 530. 

ShadracbMoyfe, lfiC/efk,i6ol, 

Rob.Campbell, Efq. Rer.G^K* 
for felf and. Clerks, qScl. 

James O^iivie, Firji Clerky or 
Deputy to theRec.Gtn. 130J. 

Geo. Burges, Efq. Compt.Gtm 
forfelf and CJerks, 350I. 

Rich. Gardner, AJfiJianCy locl. 

WiltiamMenzies, Solicitor, iox 
/elf and Clerka, 300I. 

Jn -Macgowan and ]n David- 
fon, AJJif ant-Solicitors. 

John Lord Colvil, and David 
Reid,Erq. InJpeEiort-Gejieral 
of Out-Ports, i3ol.each. 

J. Wightman, Efq. In.pecior of 
Imports aid- Exports. lopl. 

Jonn Mackenzie, Examiner 
of Cufttms, lool. 

Cathcart Boyd- Examiner cf 
Salt, izo\, 

Cha, Douglas, Stipervtfor -gene- 
ral of the Salt-Duijy 130!. 

Rob. Cairns, Affifant Regifier- 
general of Tobacco, 1 50 1 , 

Fra.Andtrfon, J«^;fi'. ofSeix, 

Kenneth M'Kenzie, Regifter 
of Seizures, 50I. 

Al xander Menzio, hiJptEl^. 
of Securities, yci, 

James Garety, Re^ffijir pf 

Shipping, 50L 
^ Ifabel Rowley, Heufehepert 

Earl of Kinnoul, Chancellor. 
JofephM'Cormack, Principal. 

JamesFlint, M.D. Medicine. 
Geo. Foreft, Nat. Philofophy, 
John Cook, Mor. Philofophy. 
N. Vilant, Mathemat. 
George Hill, Greek. 
John Hunter, Humanity. 
William Baron, Logic, 
Hngh Cleghorn, CivilHiftory. 

New College. 
James Gillefpie, Principal. 

Henry Spens, Divinity. 
Wm. Brown, Church-Hift. 
Charles Wilfon, Hebrew. 

Marq. of Graham, Chancellor. 
RtHon.H.Dundas, Ld Reffor. 
W.Leichman, D D. Principal. 

Dr. Robert Finlay, Divinity. 
John Young, LL,D. Greek. 
Jn Millar, Civil andScotsLaw. 
Thomas Reid, D.D. and A. 

M'Arthur, Mor, PhiloL 
ja. Williamfon, Mathemar. 
Js Clow and G.Jardine, Logic. 
Jn Anderfon,F.R.S. Nat.Phi). 
Will, Richaidfon, Humanity. 
Alex, Stevenfon, Medicine. 
W. Hatniiton, Anaf.&Botany. 
PatrickCuming, Orient. Lang. 
A Wilfon&P Wiiron,Prac. Aft . 

Lord Provoft, Magiftrates, and 
Council^ of Edin. Patrons. 
W.Robertfon, D.D. Principal. 


Dr. Robert Hamilton and A. 

. Hunter, Divinity. 

Dr. James Robertfon, Hebrew. 

Kob. CuminiDgi Ecclef. Hift. 

John Bruce, Logic. 
Andrew Dalzel, Greek, 
G. Stuart, LL.D. and J. 

M.&D.Siewart, M^thea 
Adam Fergufon, Mor 
John Robinfon, Nat. Pi 
Wm Wiliace, Scotch L; 
Robert, Civil Law 
Allan M*Coiiochie, L: 

Nature and Nations. 

Hugh Blair, D.D. Rhet 

John Hope, M D. Bota 

FrancisHome.M D.Maf.i 

WmCuilen, M.D. Pradi 

J.Gregory,M,D. Phyf.&i 

jdf. Black, M.D. Chert 

A. Monro, M.D. Anate 

T.Young, MD.&A.Ham. 


John Walker, Na^ Hift. 


King's College 

John Chalmers, Principt 

Rod. Maclo*!^ Sub-Prm 

Alex. Gerard, Divinity, 
Wm i'hom, Civil Law, 
WmChalmtrs.MD. Medi 
Wm Ogilvy^ Humanity, 
John Leflie, Greek, 
The. Gordon and James 

bar, Philofophy. 
John Rofs, Orient. Lang 

Marischal Colleg 
Earl of Bute, Chancellor^ 
G. Campbell, D.D. Prim 

Alex. Donaldfon, Medici 
Ditto, Oriental Language 
John Stuart, Greek. 
J.Beattie,LL.D. MoralPhii 
R Hamilton,LLD.Nat.P o 
GeorgeSkene,M.D. Nat.I ;• 
Patrick Coplandit Mathe-t 


( a6i ) 
rd Lieut. Gen. and Gen, Governor of Ireland, hit 
xcellency RoBT. Henley, Earl of Northington, K. T. 
His Majefty's Mofl Honourable Privy Council. 

^ rd Primate 
fj ird Chancellor 
i chbp. of Dublin 
p] -Cafhell 
— Tuam 
ikeof Leinfler 
i|rl of Weftmealh 

!a — Inchiquin 
( —Montreath. 
, — Droghcda 

— Befborough 
I --Tyrone 
I -^Hilliborough 
i— Courtown 

fc. Valentia 

Vifc. Beauchamp 
Lord F. Campbell 
Bifliop of Meath 
Baron Milton 







E. S. Pery 
John Ponfonby 
John Beresford 
J. H. Hutchinfon 
W. G. Hamilton 
Rd. Rigby 
Marcus Patterfon 
Waiter Burgh 
H. S. Conway 
Sir W. Giborne Bt. 
Sir A. Brooke, Bt, 
Sir R. Heron, Bt. 

William Brownlow 
Owen Wynne 
Theo. Jones 
Henry King 
Edward Gary 
Silver Oliver 
Geo. Aug. Eliott 
Charles Dillon 
Ag. Vefey 
Jofliua Cooper 
Richard Jackfoa 
John Pomeroy 
Wm. Conyngham 
H. Theo. Clements 
John Scott 
John Foft^ 
W. Eden 
John O'Neil 
Luke Gardiner 
Dennis Daly 
John Burgoync 
Rob. Cuningham 
Rich. Fitzpatrick 
Her. Lang. Rowley 
Barry Yelverton 
James CufFe 
Wm. Windham 

Irwine, K. B 
Thomas Conoly 
The Lords of Parliament, and Peers of Ireland, 
jbreviations, E. D. Engl. Duke ; E. M. Engl. Marquis; 
. E. Engl. Earl; S. E. Scots Earl ; E, V.TEngl. Vif- 
count; E. B. Engl. Baron; K. B. Knight of the Bath; 
K; G. Knight of the Garter; K. S. P. Knights of St. 
Patrick ; ^ A Commoner of Great-Britain; § A Baro- 
net; II A Minor; * A Papift. 

Name. Title. Creation. 

S R. H. Wm. Henry E. of Conaught, E. D. 1764 
s R. H. Henr)r Fredrick E. of Dublin, E. D. 1766 

rd Chancellor Right Hon . Ja. Hewitt Lord LifFord 1 765 
Archbishops. Promotion. 

Richard Robinfon Armagh, prim, of all Irl. 1765 

Robert Fowler 

Dublin, prim, of Ir el. 


Dr. Cliarles Agar, CalTiel, pr. of Munfler 

Hon. Dr. J, D. Bouike Tuam. pr. of Conaught 
Duke. Creations, Eldefl 

WmRob. Fitz-GeraldLelnaer, E.V. i766M.Kildar 
Earls. Lori 

Henry Smyth de BurghClanricardeKSPT543 Dunke 

Edmond Boyle }^T1^{e. B.} J^" Dunga, 

R.. Wm. M'Donnel Antrim K. R. 1620 Diinluc 

Thomas Nugent Wefl:meathK.S.P.i62i Delvin 

^alil Fielding Defmond, E. E. 162a Fielding 

Anthony Brabazon Meath 1627 Ardee 

[j Richard Barry Barrymore 1627 Biittev,a 

Arthur Chichefter Donegal 1647 Chichef 

Richard l.ambart Cavan l647Vif.Kilco 

Murrough O'Bryen Inchiquin K.S.P. 1654 O'Bryen 

§ Charlc5 Hen. CooteMountrath 1660 Caftle-C 

Cliarlc'S Moore Drogheda K. S. P. 1661 Moore 

* George Talbot \Vat.&\Vex.E.E.i66i Talbot 

§ George Forbes Granard 1684 Forbes 

F. C.Reyn .deGinkell Athlone 1691 Aghrim 

Will.Fitz-William Fita-Wiiliam ££.1716 MiltoAvn 

Fr. Tho. Fitz-MauriceKerry i722CIan Mau 

John Bligh Danileyj E, B. 1725 Clifton 

§ John Child TyineyTy'lney 1731 Caftlema 

< John James PercevalEgmont, E. B. 1733 Perceval 

"^villiam Ponfonby Be/horough, E.B. 1739 Duncanc 

5; P^^alph Verney Verney 174^ Ferman 

iG.delePoer BeresfordTyrone 5;. S. P. 1746 Le Poer 

^ Henry Thomas Butl^rC?aTick 1748 Ikerrin 

J Wills Hill Hillfborough,EE.i75i Kihvarlir 

r Jo'm Fitzpatrick Upper Ollory 1751 Gowran 
^ Vvilliani Petty Shelburne, E. B. l7J3Fitz-Maur 

L Richard Boyle Shannon K. S. P. 1736 Boyle 

' 'fCIotwor.SkeiBngtonMaiTareene 1756 Eoughnea. 

Rob. Horber Butier LanePoorough 1756 Newtown, 
'i, U.mes Hamilton ClaubralBl K.S.P. 1 756 Limerick 

■ ueorge Rochfort Belvedere 1756 Belliield 

§ John Wandesford Wandesford 1 758 Caftlecom 

- Thomas Birmingham Louth 1 759 Athenry 

' James DttiT Fife i759MacQuir, 

Richard Wefley MorningtonKSP 1760 Vs'^ellelley 

• z feter Ludlow Ludlow ' 1760 Prefton 

^ i George Carpenter Tyrconnel 1761 Carlmgfor 

^. John Rawdon Moira 1762 RaAvdon 

f i Arthur Saund. Gore Arran, K. B. 1762 Sudley 
' T lames Stopford Courtow»KSP 1762 Stcpford 


ph Lecfon IVIiltown ( ^63 ) 17^3 Rufsborougk 

es Caul field CharlemontKSP 1763 Caulfield 

hn Savile Mexborough 1 765 Pollington 

.Tumour Winterton 1765 Turnour 

lomas Taylor Bedtive K. S. P. 1766 Hcadfort 
masSt.LawrenceHowth 1767 St. Lawrence 

larles Coote Bellamont, K.B. 1767 CoUooney 

[ward King Kingfton l768King{borough 

Wm. jVIolyneux Sefton 1771 Molyncux 

eitjocelin Roden I771 Jocelya 

enbam Loftus Ely 177^^ Loftus 

I Brown Altamont I77JC Weftport 

■Iph Gore Rofs 177^ Gore 

Imot Vaughan Lifburne 1776 Vaughan 

in Meade Clanwilliam 1776 Gillford 

b. Nugent CraggsNugent 1776 Clare 

Grofbie Glandoie -1776 CrofbJe 

CIS Vernon Shipbrooke 1777 Orwell 

arcl Stratford Aldborough 1777 Amiens 

Henry FortefcueClermont 1777 Fortefcue 

■Pier point BuxtonEarlCunyngham I ySoMountCharles 
en Moore Mount Calliel 1781 PLihvorth 

ITND Eutler Mountgarret 1.-59 

Euflfy Villiers ' Grandilbn, E. E. 1620 

thurAnnefley Valentia J 621 

Netterville NetterviDe 1622 

Needham Kilmorey 1 625 

irite Bourke 1627 

d. Lumley Saunderibn Lumley, E. E. 162C 

Philip Sniythe Strangford 1628 

hilip Wenmaa Wenman 1628 

incis Taaffe Taaffe 1613 

les Jones Ranelagh 1628 

ard Fitz- William Fitz- William " 1629 

les Cockayne Cullen 1642 

nas Charles Tracy Tracy 1642 

0. James Bulkcley Buikeley 164V 

gcBarnewall Barnewall 1646 

jrge James Cholmondeley Cholmondelev, E.E. j66i 
m Chnll. Burton Dawnay Downe ' 1680 

•hard Howe ' Howe, E. V. 1 701 

nes Ham 1 1-ton Strabane. S. E. 1710 

ird Naffau xMolefworth Molefworth 1 7 16 

am Chetwynd Chetwynd I717 

viyErodrick Midleton 1717 

ird Hamilton Bovne Y % i^jy 

• -■*- : -'- g-^ — Ai. J»- 

Jofhua Allen ( 264 ) Allen 

§ James Bucknall Grimfton Grimfton 

i W. Wildraan Barrlngton Barrington 

§ Wm. Hall Gage , Gage E. B. ' 

:^ Henry Temple Palmerfloa 

4 John Biiteman Bateman 
i H. W. Monckton Arundel Gahvay 
Richard Wingfield Powerfcourt 
William Flower Aflibrook 
Harvey Redmond Morres Mount Morrcs 
Arthur Trevor Bungannon 
Francis Charles Annefley GlcraAvley 

5 Thomas Arthur Southyvell Southwell 
§ Thomas Vefey De Vefci 
Wm. Willoughby Cole Enniiklllen 
John Dawfon Carlow 
James Hewitt LifFord 
Otway CufFe Defart 
John Creighton Ei-ne 
Barry Maxwell Farnham 
Simon Luttrell Carhampton 
Nicholas Ward Bangor 

^§ Penyfton Lamb Kilmore 

Tames Agar Gowran 

John Bourke Mayo 

HON. Dr. Henry Maxwell Meath 
Dr. Ch-arles Jackfon Kildare 

Dr. William Gore 
J3r. Charles Dodgfon, F. R. S 
Dr. James Trail 
Dr. William Newcome 




Rt.Hon.F.Hervey,DD.andEE. Derry 

Elphin _ 17 

Down and Connor r*/ 
Waterford 8z Lifmoreiy 

Dr. Ifaac Mann 

Dr. Walter Cope 

Dr. George Le-^" Is Jones 

Dr, James Hawkins 

Dr. John Hotham 

Dr. Thomas Barnard 

Hon. Dr. William Beresford 

Dr. John Law 

Dr. Richard Woodward 

Dr. William Cecil Pery 

Dr. Thos. Percy 

JOHN de Courcy 
* James Butler 












Corke and Rofs 
Lelghlin and Femes 17 
Kilmore 17 

Raphoe 17 

Clogher ■ 17 

Killaloe $c Kilfenora 17! 
Oflbry 17, 

Cloyne 17 

Killala and Achoney 17 
Dromore 17 

O N S. 
Kinfale - 13 

Cahier IJ 

nd Tho. Stewart ( 26s ) Caftle Stewart 
::harles Mayaard Maynard, E. V. 

iiry Digby Digby, E. B. 

dwallader Davis Blayncy Blayncy 

Lei trim E. E. 

Conway, E. E. K. G. 





Milton, E. B: 








;v. Robert Sherard 
ancis Seymour Conway 
orge Evans 

enry Aylmer 
)rmer Fortefcue Aland 
n Jofliua Proby 
ph Darner 
ward Pvlich. Pakenham 
[hna John Proby 
n Lyfaght 
n Hanger 
dward Clive 
igiie Billers Olmius 
b'ert Pigot 
an Gore 

Conftantine John Phipp^ Mulgrave 
omas Dawfon ~ 

orge Macartney 
chibald Acheibn 
Iph Howar.l 
Richard Philipps 
horn as Wynn 
Charles Bingham 
Alexander Macdonald 
William Mayne 
Villiam Edwardes 
William Henry Lytteltcn Weftcote 
bert Henley Ongley Ongley 

lolyneux Shuldham- Shuldhara 

fleger Sentleger Doneraile 

>tworthy Upton Templetown 

;gh Mafley MaSey 

rftRevRichRobinfonjDD Rokcby 


Macartney, K. B. 










Countefs of Brandon 
Vifcountcrs I.angford 
Countefs of Crraiidifon 
Baronci's Arden 



' 1620 


1 71 J 


1/5 7 


-1 7 76 

. J777 
J 7 80 

, i/Sc 


J -6; 
1 - - 

-;^ ( a66 ) 

LiR of the Commons of Irelanc, (No. 300) c< 
redded (from Authority) to Dec. 16, 178a. With 
Alphabet of their Surnames, referring to the fevei 
places they reprefent. The Figures inclofed ( ) a 
the Numbers feat by the County ; and the Names 
the Counties in Capitals. Thofe marked thus f i 
Commoners of Great-Britain. 

I. ANTRIM (10) 
Rt. Hon. H. S. Conway 
James Wilfon, Efq; 

a. Borough of Antrim 
Hon. Wm. John Skeffington 
Hon. Chi. Skefiington 

3. Borough of Belfafl: 
Hon. Henry Skeffington 
Alexander Crookfliank, Efq 

4. Borough of Lifburne 
Fitzherbert Richards, Efq; 
Rt.Hon.RichardHeron, Efq; 
5. Borough of Randalftown 
Rt. Hon. John O'Ncil, Efq; 
Hon. Fran. Rawdon 

6. ARMAGH (6) 
Rt. Hon. Wm. Bl•o^vnlow 
Thomas Dawfon, Efq; 

7. Borough of Armagh 
Henry Meredyth, Efq; 
George Rawfon, Efq; 
?. Borough of Charlemount 
Sir x\nnefley Stewart, Bart. 
Henry Gratton, Efq; 
and Town (z) 
Conway Rd. Dobbs, Efq; 
Earry Yelverton, Efq; 

10. CATHELOGH (6) 
William Burton, Efq; 
Eeauch, Bagenal, Efq; 

II. Borough of Catherlogh 
John Prendergafl:,, Efq; 
■Arthur Dawfon, Efq; 
'iz. Borough of Old Teighlin 
K. Hon. SirJ.Blaquiere, K.B 
"Robert Jephfon, Efq; 
13. CAVAN (6) 

Hon. J. J. B. Maxwell 

14. Borough of Belturbt 
Robert Birch, Efq; 
Ch. Fr. Sheridan, Efq; 

15. Borough of Cavan 
Thomas Nefbit, Efq; 
John Clements, Efq; 

16. CLARE (4) 
Edw, Fitzgerald, Efq; 
SirLucious O'Brien, Bart. 
17. Borough of Ennis 
Rt, Hon. Wm. Conynghai 
Francis Bernard, jun. Efq 

18. CORK (26) 
Pvichard Townfend, Efq; 
James Bernard, Efq; 
19. Borough of Baltimoi 
William Evans, Efq; 
James Chatterton, Efq; 
zo. Town of Bandon-bric 
Wm. Brab. Ponfonby, E 
Lodge Morris, Efq; 
II. Borough of Caftleman 
Hon. James Lyfaght 
Riggs Falkiner, Efq; 

Z2. Borough of CharlevJ 

Richard Cox, Efq; 

rhomas Warren, Efq 

23. Borough of Clognike 

Thomas Adderly, Efq; 

Attiwell Wood, Efq; 

24. City of Cork. 

Richard Longfield, Efq; 


25. Borough of Donerai 

Hon. Hayes Sentleger 

Hon. Richard Sentleger 

^"^ Borough of Kinfak 

George Montgomery, Efq ; Rt.Hon.Agmondifhamy^i 


( 267"" ) 

^■es Kearney, Efq; i 42. Borough of Newry 

■|. Borough of Mallow Robert Rofs, Eiq; 
)|ham Jcphfon, fen. Erq^lfaac Corry, jun. Efq; 

llJham Jephfon, jun. Efq; 
if. Borough of Micileton 
1i. Tho. Broderick 

. Htary Broderick 

•Borough of Rathcormuck 

Ham Tonfon, Efq; 
Ber. Beamifii, Efq; 

50. Town of Youghal 
Uniacke, Efq; 

ert Uniacke, Efq; 

;i. DONEGAL (la) 

ert Clemenrs, Efq; 

icander Montgomery,Efq 

Jorough of Bailylliannon 

1 Staples, Efq; 

Michael Cromie, Kt. 

J. Borough of Donegal 

V. Brooke, Efq; 

iry Cope, Efq; 
Borough of Killybegs 

a Knox, Efq; 

t'5. Borough of Lifford. 
h. Abraham Creighton 
h Nicholas Lawlels, Bart. 
: Borough of St. Johnfiown 

;h Howard, Efq; 

ii )ert Howard, Efq; 

37. DOWN (14) 

\ •cunt Kilwarling 

P)ert Stewart, Efq; 

8. Borough of Bangor 
5: vzvd Hunt, Efq; 
l^. Edward Ward 
J Borough of Downpatrick 
I. tworthy Rowley, Efq; 
} 1 . Rob. Henry Southwell 
A Borough of Hillfboroughj 
^ a. Montgomery, Efq; 
J les Bailie, Efq; 

r. Borough of Killj'leagh 
S John Blackwood, Bt. 
l^ert Blackwood, Efq; 

4^5. Borough of Ncwtowa 
Sir John Browne,, Bart. 
James Sonicrville, Efq; 

and Town (2) 

William Meade Ogle, Efq; 
Sydenham Singkton, Efq; 

45. DUBLIN (10) 
Luke Gardiner, Efq; 
Sir Edward Newenham, Kt. 

46. City of Dublin 
Sir Samuel Braditreetj Bt. 
Travers Harley, Efq. 

47. Univcrfity of Dublin 
Lawrence Parfons, Efq; 
T. Fitzgibbon, jun. Efq; 
"' 48. Borough of Newcaftic 
Hon. John Butler 
Robert Gamble, Efq; 

49. Borough of Swords 
J. Cobbe, Efq; 
Charles King, Efq; 

50. FERMANAGH (4) 
Rt.Hon. Sir Arthur Brooke, Be 
Mervyn Archdall, Efq; 

51. Borough of Inniikillen. 
John Leigh, Efq; 
kt. Hon. Henry Flood 
52. GALWAY (8) 
Dennis Daly, Efq; 
\V. R. K. Trench, Efq; 

<J3. Town of Athenry 
T. Blakeney,of Af]ifield,Erq; 
William Blakeney, Efq; 

54. Town of Gal way 
Anthony Daly, Efq: 
Dennis Bowes Daly, Efq; 

^^. Borough of Tuam 
Hon. James Browne 
Sir Henry Lvnche Blofie 

56. KERRY (8) 
Arth. Blennerhaffet, Efc; 
Rowland Bateman, Eft}.; 


57. Borough of Ard^ert 
Edward Gleadcnve, £fq; 
Maurice Copinger, Efq; 
Rich. Boyle Townien!. Efq 
Robert Alexander, I'iq; 

59. Borough of Tralee 
John Toler, Efq; 
Thomas JLlovd, jun. Efq; 

60. KILD \Rb (10) 
Rt. Hon. Ld. Ch. Fitzgei-ald 
Arthur Pomeroy, Efq; 

61. Borough of Arhy 
T. Kurgh, ofChapehzod,''Efq: 
Tho. Burgh, of, Efq; 
62. Borough of Hariilown 
Hon. Richard Allen 
Jolia Charles Crowle, Efq; 

63. Borough-of Kildare 
Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, Bart. 
Simon Digbj-, Efq; 

64. Borough of Naas 
Hon. John Bourke 
Thomas Allen, Efq; 

Rt. Hon. John Ponfonby 
Jofeph Deane, Efq, 

66. Boiough of Callen 
Hon. Pierce Butler 
George Agar, Efq; 
67. Borough of St. Cannlce, 

alias Iriflitown 
John Monck Mafon, Efq; 
Pominick Trant, Efq; 

68. Borough of Enaifteagc 
Jolin Flood, Efq; 
John Parnell, Eiq; 

69. Borough of Gov/ran 
John Butler, Efq: 
pir Boyle Roche, Kt. 

70. City of Kilkenny 
SI and MolTom, Efq; 
)5. P. Bulhe, Efq; 
U. Borough of Knodlophci 

ii Hercules Lanc^rifhe, Bt . 
t^ndicw Caldwelf, Efq; 


68 ). 

72. Borough of Thamal 

tlobert Ford, Efq; 

Saw. Belllngham S\van,E| 

73. KING'S (6) 
Sir William Parfons, Bai 
John Lloyd, Eiq; 

74. Borough of Bannaghq 
Peter Holmes, Efq; 
James Cavendifli, Efq; _ 

75. Borough of PhilipftoB" 
[ohn Hancock, Efq; 
Hugh Carleton, Efq; 

76. LEITRIM (6) 
R. Hon.Hen.Theo.Clemel 
R.t. Hon. Theoph. Jones 
77. Borough of Carrie] 
Robert Tighe, Efq; 
Edward King, Efq; 

78. Boi ough of JameftoN 
[ohn Hall, Efq; 
Richard Martin. Efq; 

79. LIMERICK (8) 
Rt. Hon. Silver Oliver ' 
Sir Henry Harftone, Bt. 

80. Borough of Aikeytc 
Jofeph Hoare, Efq; 
Hon. Hugh Maffey 

81. Borough of KilmalU 
William Chrinmas, Efq; 
John Finlay, Efq; 

82. City of Limerick 
Thomas Smyth, Efq; _ 

Rt. Hon. Tho. Conolly 
Rt. Hon. Edward Gary 

84. Borough of Coleraih 
Rt. tlon. Richard Jackfbn' 
Hon. Richard Annefley 

85 .'city of Londonderrj 
Hugh Hill, Efq; 
fames Alexander, Efq; 
56. Bor. of Newt. Limavad 

\Iexander Murray, Efq;- ■ 
Vfilliam Colvill. Efq; 

( a'^9 

7. LONGFORD (lo) 

iry Gore, Efq; 

1. Harmaii Harman, Efq; 

t. Borough of Granard 

)mas Maunfell, jun. Efq: 

liamLongKinfman, Efq; 

. Bor. of Lanefborough 

)ert Dillon, Efq; 

n Hely Hutchinfon, Efq; 

>« Borough of Longford 

rid Latouche, jun. Efq; 

n Tunnadine, Efq; 

. Bor- of St. Johnftown 

on. John Vaiighan 

kville Hamilton, Efq; 
92. LOUTH (ig) 

Hon. James Fortefcue 

n FofVer, Efq; 

3. Borough of Atherdee 

Dcis M'Namara, Efq; 

:r Metge, Efq; 
J< Borough of Carlingford 
Ijmas Knox, jun. Elq; 
1 ;ophilus Rlakeney, Efq: 

;. Borough of Dundalk 
\ liam Cunyngham, Efq; 
I ^ert Lindfey, Efq; 

6. Borough of Dunleer 
Jn Thomas Fofter, Efq; 
\ liam Tho. Monfel, Efq; 

97. MAYO (4) 
Jies CuiFe, Efq; 
1 1. George Browne 

^. Borough of Caftlebar 
Sphen Popham, Efq; 
lomas Coghlan, Efq; 
99.MEATH (14) 
I c.LangfordRowIeyjEfq; 
Corge Lowther, Efq; 

:o. Borough of Athboy 
I vard Tighe, Efq; 
\,lliam Chapman, Efq; 

|or, Borough of Duleck 
i]drew Ram, Efq; 
tji. Col. Edward Stopford 

102. Borough of Kells 
Hon. Thomas Tajlor 
Hon. H. Langford Taylor, 

103. Borough of Navaa 
John Pre fton, Efq; 
James Pratt, Efq; 

104. Borough of Ratoatk 
John Forbes, Efq; 
George Putlands, Efq; 

T05. Borough of Trim 
Rt. Hon.JohnPomeroy, Efq; 
Arthur Crofbie, Efq; 

106. MONAGHAN (4) 
Thomas Tennilon, Efq; 
107. Borough of Monaghan 
Robert Dobfon, Efq; 
Lt. Gen. Rob. Cunninghamc 

ic8. QUEEN'S (8) 
Charles Henry Coote, Efq; 
John Warburtou, Efq; 
109. Borough of Ballynakill 
Sir Wil. Montgomery, Bt. 
John Moore, Efq; 
I lo.BoroughofMaryborougk 
Rt. Hon. Rd. Fitzpatrick 
John Tydd, Efq; 
1 1 1 .BoroughofPortarlington 
Hon. Jofeph Dawfon 
Sir Roger Palmer, Bart. 

112. ROSCOMMON (8) 
Thomas Mahon, Efq; 
Edward Crofton, Efq; 

113. Borough of Boyle 
Rt. Hon, Henry King 
Lord Vif. Kingfborough 
1 14. Borough of Rofcommoa 
Robert Sandford, Efq; 
Henry Sandford, jun. Efq; 

115. Borough of Tulfk 
William Couliield, Efq; 
Ja. Can'gue Fonfonby, Efq; 

116. SLIGO (4) 
Right Hon. Owen Wynne 
Rt. Hon. Jofhua Cooper 



117. Borough of SlJgo 
Et. Hon. Owen Wynne 
R. H. Hutchinlbn, Efq; 

118. TIPPER ARY (8) 
Henry Prittie, Elq; 
Francis Mathew, Efq; 

119, City of Cailiel 
Wm. Pennc father, Efq; 
Richaid Pennefather, Efq; 
120. Borough of CloniTieil 
Stephen Moore, Efq; 
Guy Moore Coote, Efq; 

121. Borough of I ethard 
Corn. O'Callaghan, Efq; 
David Walfh, Efq; 

122. TYROIS'E (ro) 
James Steivart, Efq; 
Nathaniel MontgomeryjEfq; 
123. Borough of Augher 

Georjre Hamilton, Ei 


William Fortick, Efq; 

124. Bor. or City of Clogber 
Thomas St, George, Efq; 

125. Borough of Dungannon 
Hon. W. Eden 

Charles O'Hara, Efq; 

T26. Borough of Strabane 
Sir John Stuart Hamilton, Bt. 
Henry Pomeroy, Efq; 

1*1 >is 

270 ) 

1^2. WESTMEATH (: 
Hon. Robert Rochford 
Ben. Chapman, Efq; 

137. Borough of Athlon 
Sir Richard St. George, 
William Hancock, Efq; ■ 

134. Borough of Fore 
James Fitzgerald, Efq; 
Hon. G. F. Nugent 

1315. Borough of Kilbegg 
Charles Lamhart, Efq; 
Sir Richard Johnfion, Bar 

136. Manor of Mullinga 
Rt, Hon. John Scott 
Sir Skef. Smyth, Bart. 

137. WEXFORD (18) 
Geo. Ogle, Efq; 
VeSej Colclough, Efq; 

138. Borough of Bannow 
Henry Loft as, Efq; 
Nich. Lof. Tottenham, Ef 

13Q. Borough oi Clomin 
Arthur Lofrus, Eiq. 
Charles Tottenham, of Nc 
Pofs, Efq; 
140. Bor of Ennifcorthj 
Fred. Flood, Efq; 
vlounteford Longfield, E/( 
i4[. Borough of Fethard 
ICharles Tottenham, Efq; 
127. WAl'ERFORD (ro) Ponf)nby Tottenham, Efq; 
Rt. Hon. John Beresford ji42.Boro'uqhofNe\vboroug 
Sir James May, Bart. j alias Gorey 

128. Borough'of Dungarvaa Wm. Ogilvie, Efi\; 
Rt. Hon. Sir W. Ofborne, Bt, Stephen Ram, Efq; 
Godfrey Greene, Eiq; 14^. Town of Nevz-Rofs 

129. Borough of Lifmore Charles Tottenham, of Bal 
jiSir Henry Caveudiib, Bart. ley-currey, Efq 

! Richard Mufgrave, Efq; 

130. Borough of Tallagh 
NicJioIas Ly!aid)t, Efq; 
Lt. Col. Hugh 'Cane 

131. City of Waterford 
Com. Bolton, JRu. Efq; 
Rob. Shap. Carew, Efa; 

Robert Leigh, Efq; 

144. Borough of Taghmoi 
Lt. Col. Thomas Bigott 
William Alex. Engliflt, Efq* 

145. Tov.'n of Wexford 
Richard Nevill, Efq; 
Richard Le Kuate, Efq; 

( ^71 ) 
r46. WICKLOW (lo) ^ 249. Borough of Carysfort 
)n. William Brabazon 

t Thomas Olbom, Elq; 
vV^arden Flood, Efq; 

150. Borough of Wicklow 
Hon. Robert Ward 
George Ponlbnby, Elq; 

n. John Stratford 

[47. Borough of Ballinglas 

n, Benj. Oneal Stratford 

in Godley, Ei'q; 

1-48. Borough of BlelintorJ 

in Dillon, Efq. 

in Reilly, Efq; 

The figures annexed to each Yiame, refer to the county 
% or toivn the Ge)7tleman reprefents. 

krly, 23 Carleton, 75 Engiifli, 144. 

ir, 66 Gary, 83 Eden, 125 

xander, 58, 85 Cavendifli, 74, 129 Evans, 19 
in, 64 Caulfield, 115 Palkiner, 21 

;n, 62 Chapman, 100,^32 Finlay^, Br 

iiefley, 84 Chatterton, 19 Fitz-Gerald, i6, 60 

Chriftmas 81 134. 

Clements 15,31, 76 Firzgibbon, 47 
Cobbe, 49 Fitzpatrick, no 

Coghlan, 98 Flood, 51, 66, 140, 

CoJclough, 137 Forbes. 104 [149 
Colvill, 86 Forde, 72 

Conolly, 83 Fofter, 92, 96 

ilidall, 50 
iner, 63 
. ;nal, 10 
• e, 40 
; man, 56 
tnifli, 29 
tsford, 127 

Card, 17, 18, Conway, i Fortefcue, 92 

i 1, 14 Conyngham, 17, 95 Fortick, 123 

J :wood, 41, ib. Cooper, 116 

1 ;ney, 53,ib.94 Coote, 108,120 

I. lire, 12 Cope, 33 

I'lerhaflet, 56 Copinger, 57 

li;, 55 Corry, 42 

on, 131 Cox, 22 

ce, 64 Creighton, 35 

li'izon, 146 Crofton, 112 

rc;b-eet, 46 Cromie, 32 

rtiick, 28, ib. Crookfhank, 3 

'■Ci:e, 33, 50 Crofbie, 105 

rcae, 43,55,97 Cuffe, 97 

ro'ilow, 6 Cuninghame95i07 Flarmon, 87 

U'ii, 61. ib. Daly, 52, 54 Hartftonge, 7;) 

uijn, lo Dawfon, 6, II, III, Headfort, loz 

^ Heron, 4 

Hill, 85 
Hoare, 80 
Holmes, 74 
Howard, 36 

Gamble, 48 
Gardiner, 45 
Gleadowe, 57 
Godley, 147 
Gore, 87 
Gratton, 8 
Greene, 12S 
Hall, 78 

Hamilton, 34, 91, 

123, 126 

Handcock, 75, 133 

Hartley, 46 

nil, 70 Deane, 65 

ut'-, 48, 66, 69 Digby, 63 

alrell, 71 

ai^! 1 30 
■ii-, 131 


Dillon, 89, 148 
Dobbs, 97 
Dobibn, 107 

( 27a ) 
Hunf, 38 [iiyMorres, 20 
Hutchinron,24,89, Moflbm, 70 
Jackibn. 84 Munay, 86 

Jephlbn, 12,27, ib. Mufgrave, 129 
Johnfton^ 135 Neibit, 14 

Jones, 76 Nevill, 145 

Kearney, 26 Newenham, 45 

Kilwarling, 37 Nugent, 134 
King, 49, 77, 113 O'Brien, 16 
Kingfboro' 37, 113 O'Callagan, 121 
Kingfman, 88 Ogilvie, 142 

Knox, 34, 94, 125 Ogle, 44, 137 
Lan-tbarr, 135 O'Hara, 125 


Langrifliie, 71 
Latouche, 90 
Lawlefs, 35 
L,e Hunte, 145 
Leigh, 51, 143 
Lindfey, 95 
Lloyd, 59, 73 

Oliver, 79 
O'Neil, 5 
Ofborne, 128, 149 
Palmer, m 
Parnell, 68 
Parfons, 47, 73 , 
Pennefather n 9 ib. 

Loftus, 138, 139 Pery, 82 
Longfield, ^4, 140 Piggott, I44 

Lowther, 99 
Lyfagbt, 21 1^0 
Mahon, iia 
Martin, 78 
Mafon, 67 
Mafley, 80 
Mattliew, IT? 
Maunfell, 8S 
Maxwell, 13 
May, 127 
Meredyth, 7 
Metge, 93 
Molyneux, 124 
M'Namara, 93 
Monfel, 96 

Pomeroy, 60, 105, 


Popham, 98 

Pratt, 103 

Prendergaft, 11 

Preflon, 103, ib. 

Prittie, 118 

Putland, 104 

Ram, loi, 142 

Rawdon, 5 

Rawfon, 7 

Reilley, 148 

Richard, 4 

Montgomery, 13, Roche, 69 
31,40, 106,109,122 Rochfort, 13* 
Moore, 109, 120 Rols, 42 

Rowley, 39 )j 
Sandford, i ,il 
Scott, 136 
Sentleger,2 5)ic 
Sheridan, 1 
Singleton, ^ 
Smyth, 8a, 
Somervill, i 
Southwell, ; 
Staples, 32. 
Stewart, 8, 3 
Stopford, It 
Stratford, 14 
Swan, 72 
Taylor, ro2 
Tennilbn, i 
Tighe, 77, 
Toler, 59 
Tonfon, 29 

139. 14* 
Trench, 52 
Trent, 67 
Tydd, no 
Vaughan, $ 
Vefey, 26 
Uniacke, 3c 
Walfhc, 12: 
Ward, 38, : 
Warren, 22 
Wilfon, I 
Wood, 23 
Wynne, iiiS 

Thus \ marked in the Four Courts, and all the I 
Council, are Benchers of the Hon. Society of I 
Inn. And thus f marked, CommifEoners to hea 
determine Caufes in Chancery, in the abfence c 
Lord Chancellor; » Judge to b« always -one. 

.<!. Chancellor, Ri. 
11. J3. He.vit, Vii". IJiFoicl 
f M.iiier cf the Rolls, 
Hon. Rich. Rigi^y. 
\ (Jicik-; and Keeper^ of 
d Francis PeiT)-, E'q'-s. 
laiteis in Chancei y, 4- 
C. Waiker, Klq;' 
John Tunnadine, Efq; 
K. Vefcy, Efq; 
T. Boiroughs, Efqj 

Six Clerks. 
Deane, Efq; 
imis Kelly, Efqj 
. Drew, Efqj 
jCope, E q; 
ry Pa'mcr, Efq; 
hard Fleming, Efq^ 
C eik of the Crown and 
aper,Ho.He. S.Conway 
!ep. Clerk of the Crown & 
' Regifters, Wills Earl of 

I ilboiough, and George 

)ep. Conft. Cullen. 
u!fiter,Hon.Ja. Hewitt. 
)epWm. MKay,E%i 
leg. and CJ. of the Fa- 
tes, Gavin Lane, Kfq} 

\ lliam Mac Kay, Efqj 
1. of the Recognizances, 

'i Deane, Efqj 
c. totheLd. Chancellor, 

'. , Halpenny, Efqj 
rfe-bearer, J. Hewitt, Ef. 

'jiinBeare,Geo.Lane, Gt. 
ief Exa. W. Ryves,Efq} 

1 Exa. John Gpdiey, Efqj 
p.Exa.T. TenchjEfqj 

I tr and Accountant Gen. 
ich. Power, L. L. D. 
*P"^y» T. Perry 

3 ; 

Tiventf C mm'Jicne-'s 9f 
Bankrupts aptointed bj ihe 
Lord- Chanc-^ilor. 

Ambio'e Smith, Thotnat 
Kingftjtiiy, Sieph. Dicklbn, 
Robeif Paul, J. O'Cc^nnor, 
IJiett Norton, Sam. Forth, 
Ja. Dunkin, S^m. Spencer, 
Edw. Now Ian, Geo. Cart- 
land, Ja.O'H^ra, p.Dobbs, 
Anth. King. JoC.Mubhand, 
Hen. Doyei, Dennis George, 
Ed. Rinsford, Wm. Peicy, 
and Cha. Connor, Efqrs. 

Secretary of Bankrupts. 
John Hewitt, Efq; 

Mefiengers VV. M'Kay> 
and Gawen Lane, Gents. 

Purliiivant, Hugh Rcifly, 

Court of King's Bench . 

Office, Kennedy's Lane. 

Jt Lord Chief Justice- 

Rt. Hon. Ld. Annaly. 
Jf zd Juft. Chrilt. Robinfort 
EC. tt 3d Jurt.W.Henn,En 

X Cierkof the Crown, Pro- 
thon. Keeper of the Writs, 
Fhiiizer, Cl.of the Entries, 
and CI of the Errc rs, Hen. 
B. Carter, Eliqj for Life, 
500I. per an. 

Dep- CI. of the Crown, 
Tho. Tifdal!, Efq; 

Dep. Prcthon. Keep, of the 

Writs, CI. of the Ent.& C!. 

of the Erro, J. Hamilton, Ef. 

CI. to Ld.Ch.Jufl. Annaly, 

Patrick Corbeit, Efq; 

Ci . to Mr.Juft. Robinfon, 
J. FordjElqi 

CI. to Mr. J'lfh Henn, 
Wm. Harrifon, Efq; 

Dep. Philizer, T. Church 

Seal-keeper, Rob, M.??j« 

Ccurf cj CcTrVmCM Fleas, ijohn Cooper, J. Miche; 
Ofnce, Wine Tavei n-flieet- jAfliworih, j. Walker,, 
tt Lord Chjef Justice, Ci.oper, J. Coopei-, jun 
'Ki. Hon. Jf.hii S.Dti.Eicj; J- Kelly, Ej'q'S. 
t f 2'' Ti'lt-.Gotif. Lill, Elq; ' Cierk of the Anny: 
If ^d ja. Rol). H-tlen, El Htn. Standi/li, Efq; 

X Ket-p. <.f ihc Writs, T. I CaniicroiTeilercf ;ht 

Aa n,M Scotr.Ejqr^, jchtq. R H W Cofvng, 

X Pjon;hon. ViT. F;i.r.h;m [ H's Ci. viz. Ca(h-kJ 

Sec<nd:uy, Mtil. G:ahain,rTho. Higinbotlnin, E, 

E;q; j ExamJn. of his Von 

Ph.lizcr, T. DuUuir.ty, Ef. and Keeper i f the Let 

Exioei^r. T.Duihuntv,Er. 'Rob. Wade, E(q; 

CI. of the Wair. R. Fc:v j PCeeper of- ihc H nif; 

r;'.]-, Eiq: Receipt, J-imes Muir.i 

Ci. ot ihc Eiit.Ii'iac Bom- 

CI. of the Efloins, CI. of tt i'^'* ^'i- B.uon, 
the Ei- CIS and Ci. cf th*; I Hrn W.nlt. r Buroh, | 
Jiuies, loHuia C-irrer. Geiu. I tf Second Baron, 

Cieik of ihe Outiruvrics, •; Pi'-^'cr, IS-'^j 
Mcnas O K.-tfe. j Jf Third B;iror>,- 

X ChaiiC. of tlie Ex 
Rr, Han. \V. Hamiiro 

Haniiltor, Ef'q; 

Auditor Gen. Rt.> 
Earl of R den,& Rot 

Examin.H c\o'. Giahnm, 
J hn Carroll, Wm. Lyiter, 
and Ciof. Mai on y, Eiqrs. 

CI. toLd. Ch.'jii. Puer- Jocelyn, Dep.G. Wall<| 
Ton, Tho. Tiidali, Eiq; Clerks, Wni. Bowery 1 

CI. to Mr ju.Li.l, John Bond, Hen. Hardinwy'pil 
Bolaiul, Ej'q; Commiflioners-of Trij 

CI. to Mr. Ju{t:. Kellen, Account, Ld. Chan, ij 
jolMvX:air.-.i!, Eiq; 

Deputy Scai-Kctper, W. 

Court cf Exchtquer. 

Treafuiv r):Tire,DuhiinCaft 

I.ORD Hfoh Ticsfuier, 
Duke ( f Devon/Il're 

Joi' t Vl-ce Tieailirers, 
R:, Ho]-:. Ea I of Shannon 
I.-Tid Chai le> Spencer 
William E».!en, Eiq. 

Deputy Vice-Trcafurer, 
Rv. H );'., H- T. Clement?. I'membrancer's Ofticef. 
Cu ir. tl;c ■rreriiuiv, viz 'Chick. Macartney, 

Lord Chancellor J a Judge 4v u* ^...A^^^m^.. 

of the Exchtq. Ld. Cfi 
icn & Barons of iheEj 

AInagtr of Ireland, 
Sir John Blaquiere, JKj 

Survey. Gen. ofLan^j 
pei vif andValuer of hj 
jcfty's Hon. &c. HoiBj* 
Rochford, De.M.HanJT 
Ei: Ex- Ofticc, Kenm 

ney,E'. Fdac. H.Doy 
Ccimcil to the CJij' 

( ^^5 
^e-, Tolip. Browne. Stcon- 
|!y, Mich. Dally, El De- 
Jy Filacer, Win. Hill, 
■^leafiirers or zd Remem- 
.icer. Rich. Pvloraan and 
rh.Hclv Hii chinlbn.Ef. 
p. And. Carmichac', Elq 
lecond. Dan. Bcere, Rd. 
TC, and Z. D. Wiliiams. 
I. oi'the P!e:is of the Ex- 
•ijuer, Francis Piusivptie. 
Yf D-p. Ciia. PaiTan, and 
ter K-ng, Efqr-. 
Clerk of ihe Fi^e, Hon. 
hn Butler. 

Dep.Tho.Cade, Gent-. 
Chief Chamb. Sit Roger 
imer, B irt. and Wni. H. 
iliner, Efq; 

SecChamb. E.Cooke,Eld 
Coinprrolier ot the Pipe, 
iward Tifcihe, Efq; 
yjhets of the Excheq. D. 
:>rma!.& RJG nmim.Eiqr 
Mirflials of ihe 4 Courts, 
.Dextcr,Ef. &W.hisSon 
Ckrk cf the Pells, Rt. 
on. Cha. Jenkinfun. 
eputy, li. Standifli, Efq; 
Remenv CI. & Receiver of 
le Fit ft Fruits, J aOIaf cock 
;.N!ch. Kemplton, Efqrs. 
Clerk of the Rules of the 
dm. Law, Peti^r Kii'.g, Ed 
hilizer, George Farran. 
CK and Signer of Writs, 

gfep h Farran , Get. 

'King's Council. 
^.rimeSe jt ThoKe ly, Ef 
t Att. Gen.B.irry Ytiver- 
i^t Elq', 

i^Soiicitor General, Hugh 
fcitflttoB, Efi:;; 
n I Second SMJeant, Atte- 
iw«ll Wo'oil,Ertii 

X Third Serjeant, Peer 
Mage, Elq; 
I Ho Jn. HclvHiitciiinloa 
% Geo. Hnrt, Elq; 
I J.a,, Efq; 
X R- H.rr\ , E!q; 
1 Sir Fred. Flood, 
X] hnM-Monen,Erq; 
;|: Maui-.ce Copmoer, Eiq; 
X Anhur W..dfe,Eiqi 
X H !gh Widoti, E.'(]; 
X Henry Di^qw-'fy. Kiq; 
X Widinin Doy'e, Elq; 
X John Tolcr, Hlq; 
X Alex CrockQ) -nk, Eiq-,. 

James Fitzger Id, 

'Charles Oneil, 

Wiiiiam Caldbeck, 

Robcn Boyd, 

]. Ch'AUeiton, 

R. She;)d.4r., 

Jno. Philpot C 
l^e-.irur. to the Hc.n.Suciec 
of King's Inns Rf- Hon Li^ 
Chancellor ;. Steward, John, 

Rohinfin, Gent. __^, 

Km^^hts of the lUuftrious, 

Order of Saint P.itnck 0/ 

Ireland, injliiutidy Fe- 

b.uarv 5, 17S3. 
1 The Sovereign. The L<>'(, 
Lieutenant, or other Chic 
Cjovernor to a6l asGranc,: 
a H'.sR. H. Prince Ed >.van 

3 His Gi-ace WuL. Dul^ 
of Leinlter |. 

4 Henry S.nyth, Earl <. 
Clnnrickard : 

5 Tho Ear', ofWeftmeatl' 
6MuirwUgh,Ea.l of Inch' 


7 Charles ^« ^^ Droghe.j 

8 George de la Pocr, Ei, 
ofiyicne \' 


( a:6 ) 

9 Richard, E. of Shannon j U/her and Keeper of 
lo James, E. of Clarbrafll-l 1 Coun.Cham.Rd Moore! 
ch. E of Morninston 

ti Kich. E 
J 3 j'lm'. s, E. cf Court own 
13 J3?nes, E. of Ch.'uleniont 
1 ; J hon.a-. Earl of Be^ive 


16 Ar htir, Eiil ofArran. 
Aiciibp; of Arm Pr Ord. 
Arci.bp of Di>!>iJn,Chan. 
3")ean of Si.Pattick, Reg. 
Loid Delvin, Secrctery. 
Ch H!.-i..Cooi--^,Elq. General 
.^irWin H.'A\k-ns, KgArms 
J- Freemuiiis, Eiq. Uilur. 

Con (fable of Dublin-c:| 
Hon. H. S. Conway, D 
Rt. Hon. H.T. Clcine<)s 

Chaplain, RtvAlex.Staj 

Haufckeeper & Wardr- 
keeper of Dublin-calile^? 
Lucy Waite 

Ranoer ff the Phcei 
Rob. Ciements, EC- ; 
Ivce^ocia ui tUoiiiixpi 
Vii.cackvjlje, Luk«Gard 
and Hob. Gdidmer, Efqi 

Bailitioi Plicenix-park, 
Ho. Sir jiu liiaquitie, K 

Mui.uxK.cvc.i-, b.DalU,' 

CLERKS of the Rf. 
he Houie of Lords, 


Ld Ainibnc-r, the Primate 

|-'!!n. Sec. of State, Rt. Ho. 
| H.'Jy Hutch. Mifon. 

Ciii' t St'c. !i) ihe Ld. L'eu. 
Kf. lijn. Wm. Wyndh^m . - 

Undei Sec. Colviil, Watts Gayer, L L. D. 

jT.'p. j Edward Gayer, Elqj 

Cki k cf the Council, Vifc. ! ^5. of the Hon. Houfej 
*3ikvi!!e, JJept. H. Upton, CommOT^s,Tho, Ellis, E 
?.nd J Pjttickfbnj E!qrs. 

Strive Phvfician, Rob. Ein- 

r?iett, NL'D. F.R.S. 

Sia:e Surg^eon, Arch. Ri- 
ih riiibn, Efq; 

Compilrr of the Dublin 

Gaze. te, Hon. Mr. Hewitt. 

; U-ltcrK'ng;of Arms, W. 

Ha\kinp, Elqj Dep. Wm. 

Bivan, Kfc; 

I Athloni', i-'uifuiv. at Arms 
T.M. Win (tan ley, Efq; 
' Sv) icitor in Crim. C:uifes, 
Nich. Muniron, Efq; 

Chief Sei j. at Arms, Dixie 
Co Idingron, Efqj Dep. T. 
I/Eitrange, Elq; 

Second Serjeant at Arms, 
Hump. Minchin, Efqj Dep. 
Jul Grifhih'^, Eiqj 

Chaplain to the Ho. Hoi 
of Com. Rev. Wm.Fofl| 

King's l*rinters, Execut 
tlieia.'e Mr.BouIterGrier] 

Cui re6lor & Supervifor 
hisMajilty's Piinting-pnH 
Hen. Mcredyth, Efq} 6$ 
Rev. C. Woodward 

Keeper ot the Parliamej 
Houiir, Mrs. Elia. Moll 

Prerogative CourLi. 

Judge, S. Radcliffe,J. 
Revrs. the Rev. W. ^ 

Frie^id, & Jn. Friend,: 
Marftt. Mat. Graham, (| 
Metropolitical Court 


Radcliffe, J. U,D, 

>;.egifter, Hen. Upton, Efq Boyle, Jocelyn, and Caid- 

(lip. T^mt-sMaculla, Gent., we//. 

itonhltory Court of Dublin ■ Mufter-mafter-gener.-il, Rt 

^,Rev. 1 ho. Hon. DaIv, Dcp. 

^filiin^s, L L D. and Pat. M«tthevv Handcock, E q; 
jiiffcnaui, L L D. | CommiUi -neis Geo. Bxi), 

ickiUer, Geo. de la Peer, Gideon Tahmfau, Uinui 

' ^ Jn. Smith, &Ro!)AVybrants 

Court of Admiralty 
DGE, Warden Fiood, 

is of the Admiralty's Ad- 
cate, Ja. Shiell, L.L- L. 
e^ilter, T.Tifdall, E/qj 
loaor, W. Robinet, Eiq; 
ice- Admiral of Man Iter, 
m. Earl of Befborough. 
of Lei niter, 
of Ullter, Right 
)n. Wm. Conyngain, 
of Connaught 

Adjutaiu Gen. Lieu, Col. 
H. L. Luttrell 

Q^AV. Mait. Gen. Lt. Col. 
D. Dundai 

Dep. Qn^rt. Maft. Gen, 
Charles Eultace, Efq? 

Phyfician Gen. Sir Math. 
Barry, Bait. M. D. 

Advocate Gen. and Judge 
Martial, Walt. H.>re, Elq; 

Surgeon Gen. Wiihaiu 
Ruxton, Efq; 

Provoit Marlh. Gen, Jn„ 
Clarke, jun. Ei<:i; 

Artillery Regiment. 
I Col. in Chief, Lieu. Gen, 
'Chsries E ri of Drogheda , 

Colonel (et. fee.) Lieut. 
Gen. Bernard H^ie 

Lieu. Col. Commandant, 
John Stration 
Maj^Jl . Betterw orth 


Civil Bran.c)i, Maft, Gen.;: 

Mpijor Gtw. Cha. Earl o£. 

Drogheda, 1500!. 

Lr.^Ge. Be..H:i.e, Ef. 600I 


CI. of the Ordnance, J of!' 

U. Wm. Eail of Scfton 

Court of Delegates. 
Legiiler of Appeals and 
lovoGations Spiritual, T. 


G crier at O^utrs 
)ininan. in Chief, R. Ho. 
en. John Burgoync, K B- 
.ieut. Gen. Robert Cun- 
ngham, M^. Gen. Laun.^ 
laj. Gen. J. Gabber, M/y 
en. E. MiiiTey, Maj. Gen. 
:irl of Rofs 

Sec to the Bosrd of Gtn. 
officers, F. Palmer, Elq; 
A des deCamp totheLorls, 
)idmarv Maj.*rHen. Pig-': Keene, Efq; 3001 J 

t, CapcFiecmantle. -Extra- Prmcipai btorcKieeper, i 
rd.n-.'.ry. Capts. Ormbey, Coghlan, Elq; 200I _ ,■ 

r-idock, Byng. Alien. Lof- Clerk of the Dehvene;-; 
'i^.Jones, Wvndham. Lieut. Rob. lighe, Eq; i. 

|;nant Lumley, S.unders, Trcafurer, Ibo. Suigl;^ 
lajor Hancock ardXievu>;»l Efq; sooi ' 

;■' ' 

( tit ) 

Sec. totlicMad. Gen.H. ;Dubhn, Earl of Ho^ 

Meredyth, Efq; 182I los 
Proof-Malte.s, Tlu Tru- 

lock, Win. Stokes 

(J. of\Voiks,VVm. Stoke* 

Laboratory, Coni^'tiollci , 
Ralph VVa:d, Efq} 150I. 

F'.ie-Mafter,Dav. Kobin- 
ibn, Efq; jooi 

Co!.Thn.PiiT(4t,Erq; asL.C. 
Dire6lor, Lr. Col. Charles 
Valiancy as Major . 

Engineers in Oid.nary, T. 
jtinai am! Charles Tarran^ 
Conip. ofBarile-axc-guard^ 
Lor. More, El". Coi. as Cn.p. 
T. Hungei ibid Tow nlend 
O; pt. a^ Lieutenant 
v. Smith, Kf, Cap. as Lt. 
coinii idv.ntrs, &c. ot ali 
hisiVIajefty''s Bnrracks. 
Lt.CTeti. John Burgoyne, 
}lon. ProiOiiby Moore^Th, 
St. Georsjc, T. Ti'dnl , J ;. 
Cavendiib, Wm. Haiiticcck 
Ralph Ward, andFitzher- 
htri Richaid-, Efqrs. 

Supers ifor of Accounts, 
Thu. S;. Gcoige, Efqj 

Sec. to the Couiinillioners 
Richard Thwai e-^, Efq} 

Governors of Counties. 
An^^m, Eail of Antrim 
1 Arm:igh,Earl v f Charietnont 
I Car'ovv, W. Burton, Beau- 
champ Baonal, Clemenl 
Wolieley, & John Roch- 
iwrtj Efqrs; 
< tavan, Earl cf BellamoiU 
] Clare, Earl of Inch quin 
Co:k, E tri of Shannon. 
j Donegal, Earl of Rofs and 
T Rob. Clements, lifq; 
' Down, Earl of HdKb^frough 

Luke Gardii'.cr, and U 
Talbc'i, Efqrs. 
Fermanagh, Vile. Enni 
kn, Vi'^ic.Eine, Rt. I 
Sir Ar. Brooke, 
iSir James CaidwcH, i 
Moryn Aichall, Eiq:! 
Galwav, W.P.K.Tre 
Kerry, Earl ol Kerry 
Kddare, Duke of Lrinl 
Kilkenny, E. ot Belbor* 
Leit'ir.n, Right Hon. 
Wynne, Ro. Clement 
Limerick, Lord Mufkej 
L-ondondirry County 
City, Sc Tov,n of C 
rsme, R;.Ho. T. Co 
Lowth, Eaii of Clanbr* 
Mayo, Cho. Baron Lu 
Sir Roger Palmer, Barl^ 
Sir John Jirown, Birt. 
Ea»l of Airamont, Ei 
Airauj J A. Cuffr, Efq 
Monagtian, E. of Clew 
Meath, E'ul of DiOgh» 
Queen':> County, Vifc, 
low, Earl of Diogl 
Win. Foic, Eiq 
Rol'common, Earl of 

iton, T. M«hon, El 
Sligo, Earl otKingltoj' 
Hon. Ovveil Wynne,; 
Rt.Ho. Jofh. Coopeij 
Tippera-.y, Earl of M 
c; (hel. Sir Coin. M 
Bait. Erancis Matil 
Corn. O'Caliaghan, 
Rich. Peutfi'.hjr, Eiq' 
Tyrone, Lord Weller 
Watertord Ciry and Cot 

Earl of Tyrone 
W#ftiii«»th, Earl of 

mcnth, Eail Bclvidere 
Vexford, E. of Arran, E. 

ofEiy. V.fc. Valcniia, Sc 

Geo. Ogle, Eqj 
^iclclowi E. of AUlborou' 

Earl of Mil. town, Hon. 

K-n. O'Neal Stiadoid, 

Sir Ski tHni;-ton Smith, Bt. 

ai.d Snn;uei Hayes, E(q; 

Jovtinors of Forts Sc Gar- 

rifons &c- 
,or.donderry and Culmore 

Foit, Gov. Lt. Gen. Jn. 
I:; If, il per diem 

Cork, Gov. Co'. T. Pig- 
!r, Elqj 1 1 per diem 

Lt. Go. Jn, Leland, Efq; 

Limtrick, Gov. Lt. Gen. 
ir Henry Clinton, K. B. 

Y'tv diem 

KinlalcGov. Lt. Ge.R. 
unninohame, il per diem 

Duncauncn, Govcr.Jas . 
olmron, il per diem 

Rof^ Ciftie, Gov. Sir F. 

279 ) 
For the Inland Department. 

Sec. Vaug. Montpomery 

FirltC{.Sam.Forra)th, Ef. 

CI. of the Minutes, Geo. 
Waller, and Jn. H-aly, Efq 
For tlie Fort Bufinefs. 

Sec. Tho. Winder, Efqj 

chief C], in the Secretary's 
Office, W. MolefworthjE.'qj 

Clerk of the Minutes, W. 
Morgan, E'iq; 

Council, Geo PonfonbyEf. 

Soiic. G.E. Howard, Efq J 

Solicitor in England, iir 
Robert Wcfton, Bart. 

Clerk of the Q^n't-Rentf, 
Richard Vernon, Elq; 

Regilf. of theForteitures, 
Henry Sand ford, Efq; ' 

Cleric in the Forfeiture- 
Office, Ho. Ri. Bourke, Efq 
Solic. for the King's Rents 
&c. John Bradfhaw, Elqj 

CI. of the Infoimarions in 
Dublin PorL,Ro.StafFord,Gl 

Exam. & Compt. of the 
Col. Accounts of Incidents,, 

^iiriim, Bart. lov per diem 

Ch?-r!emontS Go, Sir Guy] ^[Qoy^'Fiem. F.Kienian^ 

ietop,K- B. i\ per d:em 

GaUvay, Gov. Lt. Col. 
lo. S^indford, lis per diem 

Carrickfergus, Gov. Ne- 
rmiah Donnellan, Eliqj 

Hilllbhorough, Conitable 
liarles E. of Hdllborough 

Athlone, Sec. Constable 
h.ules Ld Vifc. Ranelagh 
CalUeniain, Conitable 
.n<^. Corbfitt, E(q; 

oHimifliuners vt Cultoms. 
Rt. Hon. John Beresford, 
. Monck Mafon, Richard 
ownfend, Ld Ciiefdep,Sir 
cr. Langrifhe, Bart. Rob, 
Qi^<i, John Parneli 

Sir Roger Palmer, Bart. 

Examiner of Corn Pre- 
miums, P. Lebas, Efqj 

Clerk, Wool Accouutf,: 
John \V'etheral), Gent. 

Clerk, Ship Entries, M 
Coppinger. Efq; 

Clerk, Land Permits, Jn, 
Cooper, Gent. 

Clerk, Coalt Permits, Jof. 

Lefanu,Gent. ' 

Cierkof the Com. Chequ<, 

Book, A, Worthington ,", 

Examin. of the CuftomSj 
Henry G'jre, Efq; 

Examinator of the Ezcift,' \ 
Jahn Swan^ £f<|f ii 

( z^d ) 
Examhiator of the Smvcy. (}-'fS and R. Eaton, Efiji 

nnd Land-VVaitors Book';. 
E Kvard Lee, Gent. 

Examin. of the Hcaitli- 
mont y, John Hewit, E q; 

Store keeper, St. Wri-ht, 
Efqj Dep. M. A. Blair, Efq; 
Dublin Port, Colki^tor, 
Rt-Hon. TiK-oj,)hilus 
Surveyors oil the Cultoir 
Houff Qi^ay, Hen.Duquerr) 
and Robert Owen, Elqrs 

Surveyor &c Conipt. in tlie 

Store, Rob, Girdiner, E.'q; 

Sur. k Ganger on Cuiiom 

HoufcQijay, LoveHiat, Ef. 

Jerquer, Con. Norman, E . 

Surv. Afton's Qn,ay, Toby 

Purceli, Gent 

Surv Rogerfon's Qii^y» 
Benjamin Si^an, Gc-nt 

Survey, ct Land-Can iage 
Officers, William O^-en, k 
James Grove, Gents 

Tide Sur. Jervi? Quay,Jn 
Hartley, Gt Sur.oftheNorth 
Wall, Bryan Conner, Gent 
Surveyors Ringfend, John 
White, Bingham Bxirke, J, 
Mac Dermo't, J. Reid, ami 
J. Swift, Gents 

InfpeClor of the Revenue 
Boats and Exaniinaror of 
the Tide Snrvevois Diaiies, 
'Tho. Cau^r, Gent. 

I Cumptroi. R. Tiglie, 

' K. CJemer.t<^, R. Tigtje, j 

Deputy, W. Lar^e^, Gt. 

Craner and Whaifinj. 

Hr-n. Tiifon, Eiqj Depu 

Widow Hincks 

Taftersof Wines, Rt. I 

JJin Beiesford and Mar 

lieresford, Efqrs 

Searher, Packer, 5: G.4u! 

Thomas Clcmenis, Eiqj 

Stamper of Ca-.d.^ Sc D, 

m the Port of^DiibJii>,3;xii 

ville Lovett, Efq; 

AiTAy Mnlter & Recei 
of the Duiies on Plate, 
Nu;ta!l, Efq; 

SmvcyoisGe. D.iv.Jel 
for Uliter, Janes Biaquie 
tor Leiniter, Jno. Gan 
foi Mun(ter,MatScotr,E(l 

I Patentee Officers. 
^ Comptr. &AccomptTho. 
mas Burgh, Efq. Deputy. 
Jno. Smart, Sur. Gen. oi 
the Cuftoms in Leland, L. 
Gardiner, E qj Dep. Rob. 
Gardiner, Efqj 

Cuftomer and Colleflor of 
the Port of Dublin, Jn. Fof 
tcf; Efqj Deputie'!;JtkShep- 

Conmiiffi oners ot tlie 

preit Ofiice, and formanj 

ing the Stamp DuiicS. J 

Henry Lofius, Eci. Tiiij 

Rich. Heiy Hutchin/bn, HJ 

lit] lingham Swan, Efqfsl 

Sir Fred. Finod, B ;rt. if 

Secret :^ry, Hun. JnDawfJ 

Ri-c. Ge. flon. J. Boin 

His Clerk?, W. Hutti 

Wm. D.mici 

Sec. Ra:ph Ward, Efir 

His Clerks Cha.Elte, I 

Smith, Henry Kendall 

Conipt. Per. Holmes, E 

His CI. Geo. L<Eltran,i 

Wm. Kelly, and T. Irwi 

Soiic. Rich. Waller, E 

CI. of the Securities, Wat 

houfe Keeper of Stan 

Goods, &Di(fributor 

Dublin, Mere. Workm 

Teller of Stamps, Sir G( 

M'fTy, K.nt. 

1 . . ( ' 

I fe'ler in, Tho. Finney 

yVairhoufe keeper cfUn- 
npi Goods, \Vm. Leflie 

l'.iclc?r of Coun'.ry Goods 
tjin Shehey 

.j:Tl'pe8:or of the Courts, 
Ji. O'Biien 

/fj^'fier ct" Pamphlets, T. 
J!iil range 

Jupeiviibe of the Stampers 
i^iarhan F.fiuM- 
'(nlpe^ur ui Dies & Plates 
jn Dcher.lvim 
fembei keep. J. F.Schmklt 
lefi'enger and Door-keeper 
^Jch. Sheridan 

Bankers of Duiilin. 


(«n,Bajt. and Co.Caitle ft. 

^Klefirs David Luouche & 

,j|iS; Caitie-ltreet 

I jjchr. Finiay, Eiqj nnd Co 
oper Orinontrs Kay 
John Davvfon Cotes, Tho- 


Hankers of Cork, 
ftfl". Falkiner, Roger*, & 
. ne^r the CuRoin-houfe. 
. Warren, Bernard, Ton- 
1, Jefferys, & Cuihbert, in 
Paul -It: 

len. &:Sam&RichardPike, 
jHoares I me 

)n. Willi .m Williams, 
:wir, and Co. South Mall 
3a! kers of Waterford. 
inon Newport and Son. 
n. H.vyc'icn and B. Rivers 
Bankers of Clonmell 
ni. and Fh.nea. Ryall 

icneial Pofli-Oflicc, Dublin 
|Right. Hon. Wni. Henry 
lu) Cltrroont, Poll- Mailer 

Si ) 

General and Trcafurer 

John Walcot, Efq} Sccre- 
tary and Comptroller 

W. Fortefcue, Accompt. 

Rob. Shaw, Cierk to the 
Poll- M:i(ter General 

W. Maturin.Clejkofthe 

Henry Harrifon, Clerk of 
Connaught Road 

Richard Boulser, Citric 
of rhe North Roa d 

Trin. College, neajDitbim' 
Cir>ncellor, His Royal 

Hij^h. ihe D. of Glonceder 
Vice Chanc. His Grace 

the Loid Piimite 

Viiitor"", the Chancellor, 

Vice Cli mcellor, and Arch ■ 

B'fliop of Dublin 

Provod, Rt. Hon. Tohn 

Hely HutchiHfon, LL.D, 
Senior FeUows. 

Richard Murray, D. D. 
Vice Provoftasd Auditor 
Sen, Leflur.Dr. J. Drought 
Burfar, Dr. H. Ufher 
Regilter and Sen. Dean> 

Rev. Dr. H. Dabzac 
Librarian, Rev. Dr. Tho. 

Wiifon. : 

Catechid, and Sen. Pro^« 

Rev. Dr. Geo.Fitzererald, 
Profeflbrs of the tlniverfity, 
King's ProfefTors. 

Divin. Rev. Dr. Br. Difney 

Com.LaWjDr.Pat.Duigenan . 

Civil Law, Rev. Geo. f itz- , 

gerald,, D. D. ; 'i 

*Phyfic,EdwHil], MD. • 

Greek, Rev. J. Drought 

Ital. and Span, Mr. A. Viv, ; 

cyia, French and German|. i 

A. Defca, L.L. B. ,, ; 

E> afmus Smith's Profeflbn^*': 

' MathematicksjDr.Muiraj' ^ 

( ^ 

Oriental Tung. Mr. Ha ies. 
AflTifts. Mr Hall .vMi.D.iv 

Oratoiv and Hiitory, Di". 
Kearney; Aliift. Dr. Waller 
Mod. H It. Di\ Dabfac. 

Nat. Philof. Dv. Willun 
Divinity,-- Kearney, DD. 

Anat. G. Ceohorn, M D. 


Botany, Ed. Hiii, M. D. 

Clieji^ilt, Par. Haltings 

Law Acrert, Wm. Lv(ter 

The Colieg\: vi Ph; licians. 

Edw.rd HilljM.D. 

" Har/ey, M. D. 


P.4N Piunketr, M.D. Cenfor 
Edii). CulJen, M.D. Cfni\y. 
Conftantine Barbor, M. D. 

Francis Hutchefon, M D. 
Ar. Saund-'i's, M D. 
Clement Archer, M D. 
W. Harvey, M D. 
Fran, Hopkins, MD. 

Honorary Fello*'. 
Patrick. Hewetfon, M D. 
Henry Q^iin, M. D. ^ 
Sir Nat. Bany, Bt. M D. 

Licentiates in Phvfick. 
George Fletcher, M D. 
Robert Emmet, M D. 
John Pnrct-'li, M D. 
Gamt HufTey.MD. 
Daniel Cooke, M D. 
John Michael Daley, MD. 
Licentiates in Midwifry, 
Mat Carter, M D. 
Sir Field. Ould; Kut. M D. 
The King's Profeflbr^, r.c- 
coidingtoiheWill ot thclate 

^ ) 

s:^P..frickDu ,Kr.MD 
Her,. Qjin, Theoiv & Pi; 
iict— Dr. N.B^rry, B-.C 
rurgtry andMidwiirvjPJt 
Materia Medica 

J^ev. DEANb uf Irclan 
John B;^nv, D D. Eiphj 
Srr.Biacket, A M. Lcijl 
\Vt)i /ley Bund, M A. R 
John Brocnp, A M. KiJi 
.-^^rtliur Chanip:ig!.e, A.l 

Robert Clarke, D D. Til 
Ch.Coote, DD. Kilfenc 
Wm. Craddock, D. D, 

Patrick's, Dublin 
Hon. & Kev. Maurice C 

bie, DD. Limerick 
J:imes Dicklbn, A M.Doi 
Wm.Digby, AM. Con 
Rich. Dubbs, AM. Coi 
Joim Hume, A M. Der 
John E-fkine, A M. C: 
W. French, A M. Aals 
Rob. Gorges, LL. B. I 

H. ^'amilron, DD. Arir 
R Hancockj AM. .Ache 
C.Harman, AM. Wateri 
Hon. Jn. Hewitt ,AM.CltJ 
Rt. Rev. Dr. Char. Jackf 

Lord Bilhop of K»W 

Chrilt Church, Dublii 
John Jebb, DD. Caflielj 
James Kin?, D D. Rapr 
Rob.King, D. D. Kiltf 
John Lewis, A M. Oflb 
Rich, Marl.iy, A M. F«' 
Rich. Moore, A M. Bmf 
J. Rvder, LL. D. Lifmol 
Ho/f.Stopfo d.AM.Kill 
RaphaelWalfh, AM.DroiT 
Cul. Keating, A. M.Glojj 
Thj. V/ebb, AM. K-iJinoij 

||<.r:e<n LIlT: of the Baronets cf I clan-i, with the D-ttes of 
Jjeii- Creation', from the firit Inftitut'oa of that Order in 
leiand (by the Letters Patent or Ki-ig Jauies I, Dated Sept. 
, 1619) '•° "^^-^ pre ent TiiTi". Thus marked f by Pr.vy Seal, 
|i FiiZfjea'd Ay mer, of Dmedea, Co. Kildare, Jan. 25 
81 Heniy Lvnch Bioll?, of G.ilway, June 8 
\z George 'i'uite, of the S-^nnagh, Co. Weilmeath, June 6 
Valentine Blake, of Galway, Ju^y 10 

Z PatrickBiirnewall, of'Ci-:ck!,Co. Wcilmcath, Feb 24 

3 Anneflev Srewa't, May ;r 

3 Robert Nevcomen, of Kenraigh, Co,, Dec 30 

7 Alex. Mac Donne', of Mo\e, Co. Antrim, Ni«v. 30 

8 Robert Staples, of Lvflo", Co. Tyrone, July 18 

.3 UIkIc Bourki-, of Grimfk, Co. Ruflcomm n, Aug. 2 
,8 f Tho. But:er, of Ciou-hgrcnnan, Co. Carlow, Aug. 16 
^8 Th mas fc^fmon:], of CKinegali, Co. Wexford, Jan. 28 
19 Wm. 0;l) )rnp, of Bailinraylor, Co. Tipperary, Oct. i^ 
5 K Idare nu;n»\ve-,of G Itii.w!', Co. K.ida-e, Feb. 11 
ji John iVIo res, of Knock -gli, C^. Tipperjry, March 28 
o VV, Pjgot Pier?, of Tri{teivaj;h, Co. Weflmeath, Feb 18 
oThomas G.ff rrt, of C.iHly or^an, Co. Meath, March 4 
'<! Djncrr, of W.itt-rford, Auguli 12 
).5 Richdrd Gerhirg, of Movallnw, Co. C!ork, Augult l . 
5 5 f Henry .O'.Nejie.F-bn'iary 23 '. 

7.1 Gregory Byrne, of Tymoge, Queen's Co. May 17 
77 Wm. Parf-nS; of Parfon's Town, King's Co. Dec. 15 
7? Richard^Reynell, Augu(t 2 

Si Harry Hartfton^e. Apr I-20 « 

81 Emanuel Mvjore, of Roflcarbnry^ Co. Cork, June 29 
83 Ja. Ca'dwe!!, ot Wei (borv,ug-h, Co. Farm anagh, ~June 23 
86 Lucius O'Brien, of Dromi'ien, Co. Cla-^e, November 9 
Patrick Beliew, of Ba'-meath, Co. Lowth, Dec. 11 ' 

04 Rd. Levinge, Ocl. 26 

fi6 Richard Cox, of Dunmanway, Co. Coik, Nov, 21 

BQ9 Robert'Deane, of Dromore, C). Cork, March 10 
11 He'uy E'.-hlin, Knt. October 17 
^3 1 Ho. Bullet, o' Dunm^re. Co. Carlow, July ir 
jO^Capel M'llyneux, of Ceflle Dillon. Armagh Co. July 4 : 
5P Nicholas Baily, of Placenuyd, Co, Angiefea, July 4 , j 
<^ John Cou thirl ft, jun. of Ardrum, Co. Cork, Auguft i| ' 
44 Richard Wolf-iv, ofMount Arran, Co. Carlow, Jan i< • 
^?.James S-.;merv!lls, June 14 ,■ 

•5^ Wm". Eva':s Morre?, of the Co. Kilkenny, April 24 ": ' 
^^-M^i". Lowth. Crofton, More, Co, Rofcommcn, June j;. ' 
3:8 Chai'les Bui'ton, October z 

( 2S4 ) 

1759 Samuel Bradftreet, of Dublin, July 14 

1760 Gcoige RibtoR, of SciUorgan, Co. Dublin, April ; 

1760 Booth Gore, of Attarmon, Co, Sligo, Aujufl 30 

1761 William iVorke, Ap'i'jr^. 

1764 Arthur Bioolcc, of Celcbrooke, Co. Fcimauagh, J 

1766 J--hn Blundcn, of Kilkenny, March 12 

1766 Rich. St. Grorgf, of Athlow, Co. Wetlmeaih, Ma 

1766 John Parnell, of Rathlcague, Queen's Co. 

1768 Richard Steele. 

1768 James Nugent, of Donore, Co. Wcftmeath, June 

1768 Etlw, Loftus, of Maunt LufcuJ, Co. Kilkenny, Ju! 

1768 John F; f ke, of Caftle Frekr, Co. Coi kr, June 21 \ 

I'Jiy. Richard Jjhnfton, of Gilford, Co. Down, July 2 

1774 Hen. Hamilton, Manor Cunningham, Donegal, N' 

1774 John A'len Juhnfton, Co. Dublin, Nov, 22 

1774 Francis Lamm, cj Lumvillc, King's Co. N^y. 21 

1775 Edward Barry, M D. of the City of Dublin, July 
2776 Michael Cromic, of Stacumine, Co. Kildarc, July 
J776 Ralph Fethcrftone, of A'dagh, Co. Longford, Jul] 
J776 Skiffington Smith, of Tinny Park, Co. Widow, J 

1776 Nicholas Lawlcfx, of Abingdon, Co. Limerick, Ju 

1777 Hercules Langrilhc, of Knocktopher, Kilkenny, J; 

1777 Roger Palmer, of Caftle-Lachin,Co, of Mayo, M» 

1778 James Strat. Tynte, of Dunlavan, Co. Wicklow, J 
1778 John Miller, of Bailicafey, Co. ofClare, July 7 

1778 Riggs Falkiner, of Ann-Mouot, Co. of Corke, Ju! 

1779 Charles French, of Cjogha, Co. of Galway, July 6 

1779 Hugh Hill, of Londonderry, July 6 

1780 Fred. Flood, of Newton Ormound, Kilkenny, Ma' 
1780 Robert Waller, of Newport, Tippeiary, May \o 
1780 J. Stuart Hamilton, of Dunnamana, Co. Tyrone, I 
1780 Jn, Tottenham, Tottenham-green, Co. Wexford, 1 

1780 Nea! O'Donnell, of Newport, Co. of Mayo, Dec. 3 

1781 W,Gl.Newcomen,of CarrickgIafs,Co.ofLongfo)d,< 
J781 Barry Denny, of Caftle Moylc, Co. of Kerry, Odloi 

1781 Hugh Dillon Maffey, of Donafs, Co. of Clare, Odoi 

1782 Benj. Chapman, of St. Lucy, Co. of Weftmeath, F 
1782 Boyle, Roche, of Fcrmey, Co. cf Corke, Od. % 
1782 Rich. Mufgrave, cf Turin, Co. of Waterford, OQi. 
1782 Nehemiah Nugent, of Dyfert, Co. of Weftmeath, C 
578a Fraacis Hutchinfon, of Dyfert, Co. of Wicklow, 

5 I N I S. 

Corre^ed to the li^th of May 1783.'. 






For the YEAR 1783. 

1 . 1 

C«rreBed to the it,th of May 1 7 S 3 . j^. 


T O T H E 



For the Y E A R 1783 : 

Being a LIST of all the 

From the Acceilion of the prefent King, 

In OCTOBER 1760, to the PRESENT TIME. 


lA Lift of the late and prefent Houfe of Commons, 


The Changes made in the Members of Parliament, . 
by the General Elcftion in September 1780 ; 
With the Names of the Candidates where the Eleftion , 
.^ere contefted, the Numbers polled, and the Decifion 
fmce made by the Selcft Committees. 

Alfo the Dates when each City and Borough firfl fent R(' , 

prefentatives to Parliament, the Right of Eleftion in eac- ■ 

I feleft Place, and the fuppofed Number of Voters. ' 1 

To which is added, \ 



Printed for J. S T O C K D A L E, ffrom Mr. Almon; 'J ■ 

oppofite Burlington-Houfe, Piccadilly, ' I -^ 

and T. C A R N A N, St. Paul's Church- Yard ,* '."■,'" 

[Price One Shilling.] /' 

4 J 


THIS Edition contains a Lift of the late and prei 
Tent Houfe of Commons, fhewing the Change 
made in the Members of Parliament by the Geners 
Eleftion in 1780. And it is further improved witi 
the Additions of the Date when each City and Borougi/ 
iirft fent Reprefentatives to Parliament, the Right ; 
iEle£lion in each Place, and the fuppofed Number 
Electors. Where the Right ofEleftion has been afa 
certained by a Refolution of the Houfe of Commonsi 
the Date of that Refolution is given. Where there i 
no Date to the Right of Election, there has been n^ 
Refolution of the Houfe upon it ; and the Cuftom' 
which is given, is ftill adhered to. The fuppofetv 
Number of Ele6lors follow. 


Abingdon firft fent Reprefentatives to Parliament h 
he 4th Year of the Reign of Philip and Mary. Th 
Ught of Election is in the Inhabitants not recelvinjr 
\lms, or any Charity, by a Refolution of the Houfa 
.f Commons of the i8th of January, 1708. The fupi 
ofed Number of Voters are 600. 
Refpeaing the Lifts of Changes in all the great Offices? 
leRule laid do-uvn and purfued In this little Book, isi 
1 each Office firft giving the Perfon or Perfons wh<t 
eld that Department at the Acceffion of the prefert; 
ling, and then the Changes, or Alterations, whicl^ 

t ave^been fince made, follow with their Dates. 

,= No Pains have been fpared to be as accurate as poft 
ble : but Notice of any Errors will at all Times b«l 
lankfully received by the PubliftlCrS j together wUl 
>y Hints for Improvementt 


LIST of the late and pieient Members 

of Parliament. 
^* The names in Ro- *** The names in Rom?.n 
ijin chacadters are the charadfrs are the gentle- 
j^ntlemen ele6led at men eieclfd at the General 
I ■; General Ele (ft ion in Eltdion in 1780, and the 
[ 174, and the names in names in Italic charadiers 
ISlic characflers, are the are the gentlemen who were 
|]ntlemxen eleded after- candidates. The figures 
jirds. fhew the numbers who 

voted for each perfon. 
Abhigton, Berks. 4 Phil, and Mary. 

OH N Mayor, efq. IX E-eleded 137 

Vacated in Dec. 17S2 
Thomas M'ooldridge 55 

Henry Howarth, efq. vice 

John Mayor 
Died May n, 1783. 
iln the inhabitants paying fcot and lot, and not re- 
aving alms or any charity. 18 Jan. 1708. — 600. 
Agmondejham., Bucks. 28 Edw. I. 21 Ja. I, 
iiiiam Drake, efq. re-eleded 

illiam Drake, jun. efq. re-elecled ' • 

[ji the inhabitants paying fcot and lot only, ' '''■ 
Dec. 1705. — 130. 'j 

St. Albans, Herts. 35 Edw. I. 7 Edw. VI. "\ 

'Richard Sutton, bart. Wm. Charles Sloper, efq. i ■ 
in RadclitFe, efq. re-eleded 

Vifcoiint Grinifiom : ' 

tn the mayor, aldermen, and freemen, and Aich r ' 
jfeholders only as pay fcot and lot. 27 April, 1714 \ '■'. 

JJdioroughi Suffolk. 3 Eliz. : 

■jchard Combe, efq. P. Champion Crefpigay, '; ) 
j Fonnereau, efq. died efq. " .','., 

jinJ779 ;.;^ 

\artin £ onnereau, efq. re-elexfted ';^:','7 

'In the bailiffs, burgeffes, and freemen not receiving i" |-^ 
ITis. aa Dec. ijoq, — 150. :(-!'5 

! ' ' A '^l^' 

I r t 



( 2 ) 

AUborotighi YorhJJnre, Ult. Phil, and Mary 
Abtl Smith, eiq. va- Sir Richard Sutton, \\ 
cated in 1778 made his eledlon ) 

Hon. William Hanger Hon. E. Onflow, vac 

C Wilkinfon, efq. vacat. Sir S. B. Fludyer, bar 

1777 Charles Mellifh, efq. 

W, Baker, efq. 

Not only in the felefl number of burgefles hoi m 
by burgage-tenure ; but the inhabitants paying 3 
and lot have a right to vote. 17 May, 1690. — la 

A^ulo'vcr., Hants. ajEdw. I. 
Sir John Griffin Griffin, 

K. B. re-eleded 

Benj. Lethieullier, efq. re-ele6led 

In the bailiffs and fele6l number of burgefTes 
18 Jan. 1702. 

Lord Vifc. Bulkeiey re-ele<5l:ed 

Appleby, Wejlmcrdand, 23 Edw. I. 
Phil, Honeywood, efq. re-eleded 
George Johnflone, efq. Wm. Lowther, efq. nl( 
] his elec^tion for Carh 

^ Hon. W. Pitt. Vacate e 

\ 1782, on being appo!- 

,i ed Chancellor of the r 

,( chequer, and re-e;b 

^ Burgage-tenure. — 120. 

Arundel, Su/Jex. 23 Edw. L 
Thomas Brand, efq. Sir P. Crawford, knt. '1 

Q. Lew. Newnham, efq. Thos. Fitzherbert, efq. i 

Hon. Percy Wyndham '9 

Peter W. Baker, efq. :« 

Sir P. Crawford, v^ d 


Only In the Inhabitants of the faid borough pa; g 

/cot and lot. la Feb. 1693. — 200. 

AJhburton, Devon. 16 Edw. I, 
Charles Boone, Efq. re-eledled 

Robert Palk, efq. rc-ek^€d 

( 1 

nthe freeholders holding lanels or tenements of the 
! borough only. 26 Feb. 1707. 
reeholders of the lands and tenements called Hai- 
iger and Hallwell lands, lying within and fubjed 
lay the borough-rent, have right to vote for mem- 
i to ferve in parliament for this borough. — aoo. 

Aj'Ie/burjj Bucks. 1 Mary. 
hony Bacon, efq. re-elected 433 

Aubrey, efq. Thomas Ord, efq. 374 

J.Smith 135 

n all the houfeliolders of the faid borough not re- 
ing alms ; perfons receiving alms, purluant to the 
of Mr. Bedford, difabled from voting. a8 Jan, 
J. jFeb. i6»;8. — 520, 

Banbury, Oxford/hire., I Mary, 
d North ie-ele<Sted ; vacated in 

1778, and re-el«rd:t:d ; as 
alio in 1780 ; vacated in 
r783, on being appoint- 
ed Secretary of State, 
and re-eledted 
1 the mayor, aldermen, and capital bujgefles of 
bury only. 29060.1691. — 19. 

Barnjiaple, Ds'von, 23 Edw. I. ; 

n Cleveland, clq. re-elecled , 

Dcvaynes, efq. Francis BaflTett, efq. 

William Dcvaynes^ efq* 
\ the corporation and burgeffes. — 326. 

Bath J Somerfetjhire. zi Edw. I. 
n Smith, efq. died in Hon. J. Jefferiea Ejratt 

775 . ,".' 

John Stbrighf^ bart* j 

;1 Moyfc^y* efq re-elefted 

,1 the mayor, aldermen, and common council only, 
an. 1706. — 30. • . 'i 

Beaumaris, Anglefsa. -' . 

^ughWilliams, baJt. Sir G. Warren, K. B. j, ' 

fi the mayor, bailiffs, and capital burgefl'es of the {• 1 
borough. 18 Feb. 1700. — 24^ ,"| 

i ^» %^ 

. I 1 

Earl of Upper OfTory re-elefted 

Sir Thomas Hampden Hon. Andrew St. John 

Bedford lo^vn. 23 Edvv* !• 
Sir W. Wake, bait. re-eleaed 42 

Sam. V/hitbread, efq. re-elcdcd 67 

y.Keizrick 3 c 

In the hurgefTes, freemen, and inhabitantSj b<! 

ing houf^holcicis of Bedford, not receiving almr 

IS April, 1090. — TOGO. 

Bed^iin, fVilts. 23 Edv/, I. 
Paul Mcthuen, efq. re-dtctfd j vacated in 178- 

Paul Coi>b Methuen, efc 
\ Earl of CcurlowR vacat. Sir Merrick Burrell, bart., 

' lr,r,a Cranium 

* In the freeholders and inhabitants of ancient burgagcj 
inr.'iriiag:cs. 26 March 1720. — 80. 

Beeraljlon^ Devon. 27 Eli z. 
jSirF. Hen Drake, bart. LordA^gernon Percy ma4i 
*Kan. Geo. Hobai t. his ek6t. for Northurrii 

Lord Vifc. Fielding 

L. Macartney, vaca'.^d 1 7§ 

Laurence Cox, efq. 

^ In the freehold tenants of the laid borough ^ holdinS 

^•y burgage- tenure, ajui piying 3L per annuin, or mot^ 

5 ncient burgage- rent, to the Icitl of tl e laid borougr^ 

^1 nd in them only. 6 June, 17ZI. — 70. 

,( _ ' Bcr-kpyire. 

3., efq. died 1776 

1' . //. liar thy, ^jq. ie-elei5ttd 

^ahn Plvves, e'q. re-ele<ited 

|. e Berqvkk, Nor thurnber land. Hen, VIII. 

|i'^ n. John Vau^hsn re-eledbd 

'' 3 Wilkinfon, efq. Sir J. Hufl\ Dela\;?d, barli 

Stated in the re>)ort to be in the freemen of iierwick 

I3 March, 1605 —500. 

i; Be'verley, Torkjhire. 23 Edv^^ I. 5 Eliz. 
, ■> r J, Pennynaan, bart. re-eleded 

F. Tufnel, efq. Evelyn Anderfon, efq. 

^A the corporation and fieemtn. — ijoo, * 

( 5 ) 

Befjudkyy Worcejlerpotre, James I. 
/ord Wtllcote re-eieded 

ill thebdiliff and twelve capital burgeffes, who ele5l 
ther burgcires to vote with them. —In the bailiff and 
urgeiles appointed by the chaiier 3^ Jac. Primi, ex- 
luiive to all others. 28 April, 1662. — Not in all th& 
^habitants of the laid borough. 27 May, 1679. 

Bijhofs-Cafile, ShropJJnre. 17 El'Z. 
lenry S^rachcy, eiq. Henry Strachey, cfq. Va- 
vacated in 1778 cated in 17S3, on being 

[lex. mdJeriurney efq. appointed Store -keeper 
cnated a peer in 17Z0. of the Ordnance; re- 
{Vm. Clive, efq. re-eledted 

I Agreed to be in the bailiff and all the burgefifes witi'i= ■ 
^ the borough. 13 Feb. 1699. — 100. 

B/ecbingley, Surrey. 23 Edw. I. 
jir Robt. Clayton, bart. re-eledted 
rederick Standart, efq. John Kenrick, efq. 
Relblved to be in the borough- holders, and that the ; 
ailiff had nothing to do with the ekaion. 2z March>. 

723.— 90. ^ : 

Bodmyrti Cornwall. 23 Ed W.I. 
&eo. Hunt, efq. re.eleaed \ ; 

lir Jas. Laroche, bart. William Mafterman, efq. , ^ 

Sir James Laroche ! 

In the mayor, aldermen, and common council. — 36 .■ 

Boroughb ridge, Terk/hire. i Mary. 
\.nthony Eyre, efq. re-eleded 

vViliiam Phillips, efq. Charles Ambler, efq. / j 
In the burgage-holders. — 65. ^ ' 

Bojfiney, CormvalL 7 Edw, VL • ., 
:>ord Moiintftiiart, call- :;J 

ed to the HouCe of ',1 

Peers in 1776 ,r.' 

Hon. Charles Stuart re-eleded _'( 

(ion. H. L-. Luttrell re-elided j: ij 7 

1 lu the fminen in the borough»— »© '^' , ,1 

- A-i • :M - 

- • . " . I I'l 

- • I 

( 6 ) 

"BnJIon^ Lmcohijhire. Edw. VI. 
rx>rd Robert Bertie re ele<5led,died March i:?i 

Chs. Amcotts/efq.died Sir Peter Burrell, vice Lc 
1777. Robt. Bertie deceafed^ 

Humphrey Slbthorp, efq. re-ele-(fted 

Sir ChriJJnpher Wh'ichcot -' 

In the commonalty, and not in the mayor, aider' 

men, and common council. § May, 1628. — Only in th- 

mayor, aldermen, common council, and freemen c 

the faid borough, reiident within the faid borough 

and paying fcot and lot. 20 Msrch, 1711. — Onl 

in the mayor, aldermen, common council, anrl free 

men of the laid borough, refident in the faid borougk 

",! psying fcot and lot, and claiming their freedom b^ 

, biith or fervitude. 2 March, 1719. — 200. 

^ Brack^c}') Northarnptonjh'ire . i Ed. \T. 

1 Wm. Egerton, efq. John Wm. Egerton, efq.i 

iTimothy Cafwall, efq. re-ele<fl:ed. 

*i In the mayor, aldermen, and burgeffes of the fai^ 

Iborough. ao April, 1714. — 33. 

Broitiher^ Stijfex. 23 Edw. 1. 
Thomas Thoroton, efq. re-e!edledj vacated Jar. 

]5ir Henry Gough, bsrt. re-eledted 
X Hon. Fitzroy Stanhope 

5 vice Mr. Thoroton 

i| Agreed to be in theperfons inhabiting ancient houfei 
,(ir in houfes built on ancient foundations, paying feci 
nd lot. 18 Jan. 10 Mar. 1703, i June, 1715. — 10, . 

, '^ Brecon County. 

I ^,yharles Morgan, efq- re-eleded 

^ r Breco'-, Toavn. 

"harles Van, efq. die^l 

' 177S 

^ 'r Charles Gould re-elefled . 

^ In the corporation and free burgefies. 

, t Brldgenorthy Shrcpjhire, 43 Edw. L 

3rd Pigot died in 1777 j 
,and in 1778 

( 7 ) 

im. Plgot \VR5c\td:ed re-elefte^ Vacated in 

i782,on beingappointed 
a lord of the admiralty ; 

homas Whitmore, efq. re-eleded 

In the corporation, and freemen. — 700. 

Bridge'watery Somerfetjhire. 23 Edw. I. 
Ilor. Anne Poulett re-eleaed 

knj. Allen, efq. re-eledied 

John Acland, efq. voted 
i in, vice Mr, Alien. 

Stated to be In the majority of the corpoiauon, con- 
.lling of a mayor, aldeimen, and capital burgelTes, in 
dumber 24. 7 Dec. 1669. — Agreed to be in thofe 
ihat pay fcot and lot, inhabiting in the faid borough. 
o Dec. 1692, 9 March, 1769. — If the mayor, ai- 
Ivrrnen, and capital burgelles, are not inhabitants, '. 
hough they pay I'cot and lot, yet they have no right to 
mte. 9 Mairh, 1769. — The inhabitants of the eaftern 
■nd weltern divifions of the parifh cf Bridgewaterhave 
10 right to vote for repreientatives, but the right of 
lc6lion is in the inhabitants of thatdivifion of tiie faid 
i.inPn which is commonly called the Borough, paying 
cot and lot within the faid diviiion, and in them only, -■ 
4 March, 1769. — 300. , 

Bridporti Bo^fet. 23 Edw. L 

rhojjias Coventry, efq. Thomas Scott, efq, ■ t 

aon L. Fred. Gary Richard Beckford, t{(\. ' 

In the commonalty in general. 12 April, 1628. • ' 

In all the inhabitants notreceivingalms. 5 May, 1715^ I 

Agreed in 1762, to be in the inhabitants, beinj :' 

loufekeepers, and paying fcot and lot. — 250. 

Brijlol City . 47 Edw. IiI. ; 

-len. Cruger, efq. SirH.Lippincott,bart.25ii { 

Ldm. Burke, efq. Matt. Brickdalc, efq. 277' ■•• 

H, Cruger y efq, 127, 

S. Peach, efq, 78;, , 

Edm. Burke ^ efq. declined 1 . \ 
S'rH.Lippincott diedi7?^ 
Geo. Dauheny, efq. sii^'' 
In the freemen.— 50C0. H. Ci nger 17. ' ; 

( 8 ) 


Rt. Hon. R. earl Verney re-eWeted 

Geo. Grcnville,eiq. fuc- 
I ceeded Earl Temple 
"" in 1779 

Hon. Tho. Grewoille re- elected 

Buckingham T'onvn. ssHen.VIII- 
Ja. Grenville, jun. efq. re-ektted-- Vacated in 178* 
Rich. Grenville, efq* ofi being appointed 

lord of the treafury 


Rich. AM. Neville, efq.vav 

cated in Feb. 1782. . 

Hon. W. Wynd.Grenvill^ 

" In tie bailiff and 12 burgefles only. Ji JNovf 

1690, — 13. 

1 CaUivgton, Cornwall. 27 Eliz. 

[vVilliam Skrine, e:q. John Morflicad, efq. 

jfohn Dyke Acland, efq. 

died in 1778 
aeorge Straiton, efq. re-cledted 

In the inhabiuuus 3 years houfekeepers. — 100. 

Cable, Wilts. 23 Ed, Edw. I. 

\t. Hon. I. Barre rc-eieded. Vacated h 

^ * March, 17S2, on beinj 

^ . appointed treafurer 

'< the navy \ re-eledcH.— , 

'« Vacated in 1782, on beoj 

ing appointed paymaf-i 

:i ter-general ; re-eledede 

ephn Dunning, efq. re-eledled. — Created Lore 

V- Afliburton in 178^. ^ . 

a James Townfcnd, efq. vie 

J. Dunning, efq. _, 

^ In the in labitants of the faid borough, having [ 

light of common, and beirg fworn at Ogborn-conrii 

if Dec. 1720. — In the ancient burgefies of the fai- 

)rough ®nly, and the right of returning burgeffes I 

: the guild-Uewards, 25 I^eb. 1723.— 34- 


(9 ) ^ ' — 

I Cambridgeftnre> 

';r Samp. Gideon, bart. Rt. Hon. Lord R. Manners 

lir John Hynde Cotton, died in Apr. 1782 
I bart. Philip Yorke, efq. 14S4 

Sir Samp. Gideon I054. 

Sir Henry Peyton, bart, 
I vice Ld. Rt. Manners - 

All memheT-s of colleges, halls, or corporations, 
aving no fVeehoi is, faving in right thereof; and par-- 
ins, and vicars, having no other freeholds but glebe* 
.luis, are excluded from voting. 28 May, 1724-. 

Cambridge Tonvn* Edw. I. 
[on. C. Slo, Cadogan 
called to the Houfe of 
Peers - 

'cnj, Keene, efq. re-ele5:ed 96 

jame Jenyns, efq. J. VVhos wood Adeane 83 

Chrif. Potter 1^ 

In the mayor, bailiffs, and freemen, not receiving 
li'is. 9 Feb. 1709, — zoo. 

Cambridge TJni'verftty. i James I. 
ichard Croftts, efq. James Pvlansfield, efq, 277 

!id jMarqnis of Gr.j.noy Hon, J. Townlhend 237 
fiicceeded the dukeof Lord Hyde 206 

Rutland, 1779 R. Croftes, efq. 150 

'ames Mansfield^ efq. Hon. W. Pitt 142 

In the do6iors and mafters of arts.— 340. 

Caineifrd, ConicivaJL' Edw. VI. :" 

)hn Amy;u!d, elq. James Macpherfon, efq. • 

rnncid Hcrnc, efq. died - 

\r Ralph Payne John Pardoe, jun. efq. 1 

Stated to be in the freemen ai^d inhabitants paying 
ot and lot. 3 Aug. 1660. — 19. ' 

Canterbury City. 23 Edv^\ J. , 

ord Nt'vvhaven George Gipps, efq. 63;:! ^ 

ii:hard Milks, efq. Coarlcs Robinlbn, efq. '61 

Lord Newhaven ^^'i h 

1 r 



( ro ) 

Sir M'''- H. Dq/hnvood 1 50 i 
M. Lade a8, 

1 In the citizens and freemen. — looo. 
' _ CardifJ". 

Sir H. Mack worth, bart. re-ele(5ied 

In the burgefles of Cardiff, Aberavon, Cowbridge, 
Kleniigg, Llantiifient, Lougher, Neth, and Svvaniey, 

-.ord Lisburne re-ele<fied» 

ir Rob. Smyth, decided 
on petition in favour of 
Kho. Johnes^ efq. John Campbell, efq. 

• In the burgefles at large of the boroughs of Caidlgan, 
\beryftwith, Lampeter, and Atpar only. It was re- 
vived the burgeffes of Tregaron have not a right to 
bte. 7 May, i73o.~i20o. 

\ Carlijle. 3 Charies I. \ 

Jet. Norton, efq. vaca- jj 

'^fd in 1775 ;] 

ier Stanhope, efq. Earl of Surrey vacated in if 

17S3, on being appoint- j 

ed a Lord of the Trea- ,1 

y ] fury ; re-e!e<fted I 

^it. Storer, efq. Wif.i^in Lowiher, efq. '; 

aAgreed to be in the mayor, aluinmen, bailitfs, and [j 

iemen, refident or not lefident. Alfo, that the fons jj 

burgeffts, born after their fath';;rs freedom, and | 

fons feivir.-g feven years withsn the city, iaad'a ri^ht ,| 

be made free. 2.3Feb. 1711. — 500. jJ 

CarmarthenJlAre. jj 

m Vaughan, efq. re-tk-ctcd ij 

ill-; Carmarthe-n. ji 

r'l/i Adams, c'q. George Phillips, efq. ; 

, ! ^ n the burgelfes of the faid borough, 1 q Mar. 1727. k 
Ij, o 0,-7 r 

b Camar'vonjkhe. \' 

i; Aih. Smith, efq. John P.n-ry, efq. ! 

, •, I Lord l^t:i.vborijiv^h • \ . 

Carnar'von. |. 

,nn Wynn, efq. re-ekdted I 


( II ) 

In the burgefTes of Carnarvon, Cnccicth, Pullely, 
Nevin, and Cunway, 

Cqftle Rl/irig, Norfolk. Ult. Phil. & Mary* 
JA Wedderburne, efq. 
i made his eledion for 

Hon. Charles Finch 
Rob. Mackreth, efq. _ re-elefted 
Mr. Finch, vacated in 

1777 to ftand for , 

M ddftone 
J. CheUvj)2d Talbot, efq, re-eleaed.~Jbhn Chet- ^ 

wynd Talbot fucceeded ' 
Earl Talbot, his unclcj 
as B;iron of Henfol 
I Sir James Erfkine, vice 

' Baron Henfol ^ 

In the free burgefTes. — 50. • 

John Crewe, efq. re-elefted 

S.Egerton, efq. died 1780. 
SirR.Salifoury Cotton ^bart. re-eleded 

Chejler City. 34 Hen. VHI. 
Hon. The. Grofvenor re-eled:ed 
Rd. Wilbraham Bootle re-eledted *' 

I Stated to lie in the freemen, a Dec. 1690. — 1000. ' ' 
I Chichefier, SuJJex. 23 Ed w. I. ' 

jHon. William Keppel rc-ele(fl:ed. — Died in 1782 '• 
kt Hon. Tho.*Connolly Thomas Steele, efq. ' •' 

Hon. Percy Wyndham, efc \. 
vice Gen. Keppel 24 1 
Bryan Edavardsy efq. 23 /: 
In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot — 500. 

Chippenham, Wilts. 23 Edw, I. :', ^ 

,)ir Ed. Biyntun, bart. Henry Dawkins, efq. 1 ■ 

Sam.Marfli, efq. Giles Hudfon, efq. died i,' 

Feb. 1783. '"<: 

Geo. Fluvder, efq. vie' "^ 
I G. Hudfon '• I 

I In the burgefTes and freemen, more than 12. An" ^5 
t was refolved, that the new charter altered not thy-' 
luftom, % April, 1724. 9 ibid. — 150. i , ( 

( 12 ) 
Chrt/fchurch, Hants. 

Hon. Th. VilliersHyde 
James H,4rns, efq. 



Sir James Harris, K. I 

re-elcdled. — Died in 178c 

5 John Frederick, eiq. 

In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot. — 70. 
\ Cirencejrer, Gioucejierjlnre. 13 Eiiz. 

t James Whitfhed, efq. re-eledted 
S. Biackvvtli, efq. re elected 

In ail the inhabitants, houfeholders. — 700. — N.I' 

It was refolved, in this cafe, that, whei'e there is n 

j ciiftomor charter for the eledlion, there the jnhabitani' 

(houfeholders) ought to ele6l. 21 May,- 1724. — Th 

].i-' inmates were excluded, 4 Nov. 1690. — As alfo wer 

'y: the inhabitants of the Abbey, the En:iery, and th 

\ Spiringate-lane. 8 Dec. 1709. 

1, .^ Clitberoe^ Lancajhire. i Eliz. 

1: Thomas Lifter, efq. re-elecSl'ed 3 ' 

li John Parker, efq. vacat. 3! 

«, Hon. jljloeton Curzon - _ - j,| 

I J^'hn Lee, efq. vice Mr.-Parki 

In fuch freeholders only as according to the refoh 

tion of 16 July, 1660, ar« defcribed to be frel) 

burghers, feized for life, or in fee, of burgage land 

or houfes 4 Feb. 1661. — '02. 

I, Cockerniotithi Cumberland* 23 Edvv. I. 

J G. Johnftone, efq. made 
his ekdion for Ap- 
'* pleby 

'*Flet. Norton, efq. made 
I his election for Cariifle 
^^james Adair, efq. 
"^'^alph Go^ivland, efq* 
^, Burgage-tenure. — 200. 

ColcheJ?er, E/fex 

3 i:harles Gray, efq. 
;f. Martin Rebovv, efq. 

John Lowtlier. efq. 

J. Baynes Garforth, efq» 

a3 Edw. I. 
Sir Rob. Smyth, bart. 30 

re-eled:ed) died Sep. 

1781 j6 

Alex. Fordyce 12 

Robert Moyne ^ i 

Edmund Affleck, efq. vie 

Mr. Potter, . undul 

deaed, vice Tylr-Rebo'* 

Ai^rsed to be m the mayor, aldermep, c©mmon 
iim:)!, arid free burgcffes, not receiving alms, 
M:iy I" li — '4-00 

N. B. Tile rigiit of making, foreigners (not having 
ight of treedcm) freemen, is in the mayor and irec 
i'2'>-irt:s in comn-ion council aifembled. 

C;rJf'CaJilj Dorfeljhire. 14 Eliz. 
hn Bond, jun. efq. re-e!e6Ved 

'^n Jcnkinfor, efq. Henry Bankes, efq. 

(As in the report) appeared to he in leflses tor years, 
fj icot and lot j and a]C:> in fuch perfons as had [ 
rVeehoId in reverfioii, upon fuch leaft; for years. 

Anil, 1699 Agreed to be in fuch as have aneftale . 

iriheritar.ce, or a leafe for years, determinable up- 
life or lives, paying fcot and lot. a March, 1699.—' 
greed to be in fuch perfons as are feized in fee, in 
ffeiTion or rev'erfion, of any meffuage, tenement, or g 
rporeai hereditament, within this borough ; and in , 
ch perfons as aie tenants for life or lives ; and, 
r want of fuch freehold, in tenants for years, de- 
minable on any life or lives, paying fcot and lot, 
din no others. 21 Jan. 1718. — 14-0. 

:W. Lemon, bart. re-eledted 

r J. Molefworth, bart. -:, 

idled in 177$ !, 

livard Eliot i efq. re-eleded -: 

Co'ventry, U^ar^iv'ick/hire. 2 3Edw. I. >;'.: 

i. Roe Yeo, elq. ij7x Void eledtion in Sept. 1780 •, , 
'alter Waring, efq. ml Eledtion in Dec 1780 
m. Greene, efq. 827 Ed w. Roe Yeo, efq. 1 2, 9 8— j 

Died in January 1783 ' 
T.Waringdied ini78o. Lord Sheffield i29> A 

and J. B. Holroyd was Sir Tho. Halifax, kt, 1172 ..^j; 
eled:ed Tho. Rogers, efq. ii^jy 

William Seymour Conway, ) ' 
vice E. R. Yeo ; > 

In fuch perfons who have ferved feven years ap- ^ 
ienticefhip within the faid city to one and the fan c ' 
'ade, not receiving alms. 1 May, 1708. — But per-/,,] 
ns receiving the facrament or bread money, Sir . 'f ) 

(■ H ) 

Thoraas White's or Sir Thomas Wheatley^s e-if 
were not then djfqualified.-^Members of the Fulle 
company, being freemen, not receiving ahns or wee 
ly charity ; and fjeemen who have ierved feven ye 
apprenticefhip in the city or fuburbs, not receivi 
alms, or weekly charity, have a right to vote. 1 3 Man 

17 1 1. In fuch freemen as have feived feven ye\ 

apprenticelliip to one and the fame tra-de, in the citv 
fuburbs, and do not receive alms or weekly charit 
fuch freemen being duly fworn and enrolled. aoN 
17Z2. — 14.00. 

Cricklade, JVilis. 23 Edvv. L 
Arn. Nefbit, efq. died 

Wm. Eirle, efq. died 

Jchn De<ivar, efq. Paiil Benfield, efq. 

John Macpberfon, efq. re-elecfled, and declail 

by the Houfe unduly- 
Samuel Petrie, efq. 
Hon. Geo. Rd. St. John 
Agreed to be in the freeholders, copyholders, ; I 
leafeholders for three years. 10 June, 1685. — Agr I 
to be in freeholders and copyholders of the boroi i 
houfes, and leafeholders for any term not under th 3 
years, only, i April, 1684, — The committee repc- 
ed, that it was agreed to be in the freeholders, co ■ 
holders, and leafeholders for not lefs than three ye; < 
20 Feb. 1695.-=^! 50. — [Committee) Ordered by theHoi , 
that no new writ do iflTue. 18 March, 1782. — A ^ 
paiTed and carried to the Lords, extending the ri t 
of voting to the freeholders, &:c. of the hundi , 
in common with the freeholders, &c. of the borougl 

Sir J. Lowther, bart. re-eleded 

Henry Fletcher, efq. re-eleded 

Dart7nouth, Devon. 16 Edw. I. 
Lord Vifc. Howe re-eleded 

Bichard HoDkins, efq. Arthur Holdfurorth, ef( 

Mr. C. Brett, vice li 
Howe, created an : * 
gliih Peer - 

I ( "5 ) 

In the freemen of the borough. 28 Nov. 1689.— -I20, 

iW.W. Wynne, bart. re-eledled 

Denbigh To^Lvn. 
jich.Myddelton, efq. re-cle6led 
j In the biirgeffes of Denbigh Leon, alias KcIl rind 
uihyn. — ^500. 

Old George Cavendifh Lord Rich. Cavendifn, died 

in Sept. 1781 
eo. Clarke, efq. died 
[on. Natb> Curzon re-elecfled 

I Rt. Hon. Lord G. Caven- 

I Derby To<iun. 23 Edvv. L 1 

ordFred. Cavcnd-.fn Ld. G. A. H, CayeEdlfh 87^ 
Viznitian Coke, efq. 
made his election for 
Norfolk ' 

)an. Parker Cokey efq. Edward Coke, efq. to 

Dan. Parker Coke., efq.- 7 
In the corporation, freemen, and fworn bvageffes. : 

-700. ^ __ ■,;, 

DenjtzeSi Wilts. 23 Edvv. I. 1 , 

jharles Garth, efq. re-eledted ; died in 1780 - 

':imes Sutton, elq. Henry Jone?, efq. i 

Sir J. T.Long, bart. ■, 
I In the mayor and fele6l niimb';r of burgeiles only. ; 

k March, 1688. r 

De'vonjhire* ■' 
;r R. W. Bampfyldc, 

j bart. died in 1776 Z; 

'■. R. Wfliir, efq. died •- ' 

' 1779 ■) 

\ohn Rolkf efq. re-ele^-ed :■ ; 

thn Parker, efq. re-elected I 

Do4fetJhire. I , 

eorge Pitt, efq. re-ele«fled i,:- 

iumphrey Sturt, efq. re-ekdedl y!,V 
B % ■ ^ J^sr [■ < 

( i6 ) 

Dorche/ieryDorfi^t. 23 Edw. I. 
John Damer, efq. Hon. George Darner 

Wm. Ewer, efq. re-eledtcd 

In the inhabitants paying to church and poor, 
refpecSt of their perfonal ellates ; and in fuch perfoi;j 
as pay to church and poor, in refpe6l of their re 
eftates, within the faid borough. 77 and 18 Ma! 
I72C — 400. 

N. B. Part of the parifn of Holy Trinity, (fomiei 
ly Frcome-V/hitfield parifh) and the tithing of Coll: 
tonrow, v/ere voted to be no parts of the faid boroug' 

Bo-ver, Ktnt. 2 Edw. HI. 

S!r Jno.Henniker,bart. re-eleded 

JohnTrevannion,efq. re-eledted 

1 In the freemen, and free burgeifes, inhabitants 
I Dover. 24 March, 1623. — The non-inhabitant fre 
J men, as well as the inhabitant freemen, and free bu: 
j" geflis, have voice in the eledion of barons toferve'* 
^ parliament. 12 March, 1770, — 700. 

I Donv7iton, JVilts. 23 Edw. I. % 

■ Tho. DuncoEnbe, efq. 
died in 1779 
T. Dummer, efq. died 
I in 177Q 

, Sir Fbilip Hales Hon. H. Seym. Conway \ 

j_ Hon B. Bowve-nCi died in . * 

;," 1779 

Robert Shaftoe, efq. re-eled:ed 

Alexander Hume 
y. Sautiders 
^ In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot. — -60. 

g Drcit^vicb, Worcejlerjbire. 23 Edw. I. 

I 1^1 Tho. Foley, efq. fiicceeded as 
^ Lord Foley, in Dec. 1777. 
Hon. Andrew Foley re-elefted 

u Edw. Winnington, efq. re-eleded 

In the burgefi'es of the corporation of Salt-fpring 
'iOf Droitwich. 11 Nov. 1690. — 40. 

Dunwichi Suffolk. 23 Edw. I, 
Sir G. W. Vaa Neck", 
tzrL re-ckdted 

( ^7 )' 

Miles Barne, efq. vacat. 

in Dec. 1777 
Bame Barney efq, re-elected 

Is not in the freemen of the faid borough romraonly 
called outfitters, as well as in the freemen inhabiting 

ithin the faid borough j but only in the freemen in- 
abiting within -the faid borough. 8 Dec, 1691. — Is 
n the freemen of the faid borough commonly called > 
outfitters, as well as in the freemen inhabiting in the 
faid borough. 25 Nov. 1695. — Was refolved to ba > 
pn!y ill the freemen inhabiting within the faid borough, 
not receiving alms. 5Feb. 1708. — 40, . 

Durham Comity. 
Sir John Eden, bart. re-elcffted 

sir T. Clavering, bart. re-eledted 

Durham City. 30 Cbr.r. II. ^ 

[ohnLambton, efq. re-elected ' 

|ohn Tempeft, efq. re-eledted 

I In the corporation and freemen. — izoo, 

EaJIIaoe, Cornvjall. 13 Eli z. 
|ohn Buller, eiq. re-eled-^d 

^ir Cha. Whitworth va^ 
j cated in 1774 • 

P'o. Gy-a'veSi efq. -vacated , 

.ini-jTS ' [[. 

Will. Gra-ves^ efq. re-elected /,' 

In the mayor, burgefles, aldermen, andfreemen. — 4.9, 

St» Edmotidfbury, Suffolk , 

5ir Cha. Davers, bart. re-eleCt^^d | 

U. Hon. A. J. Hervey, :' 
called to the Houfc' of 

Peers 1775 ,,,'• 

jen. Conway re -elected '1' 

Lord Har'Tjey \ ' 
In I alderman, 12 burgeffes, and 24 common coiinci';/; 

Effex County, i' "5 

ohn Conyers, efq. died j .3 

in 1 775 1;^: 

B 3 johp 

( I§ ) 

John Luther, efq. re-eleded 

M^ill. Har'vey., efq. died in 

T. B. Br?.mfton, efq. re eleded. 

E'-veJhanij Worceflerjhire. 23 Edw. VI. 
Sir John Rufiiout, bait, re-elc-ctcd 43 

H. Seymour, eiq. W. Boughton Roufe 37 

EJavard Rudge 35 

In the common burgeiTes. 22 Nov., 1669. — 600. 

Exeter, Devon* 23 Ed VI. 
J. R. W?dter, efq. va- 

catedin 1776 • ' ' 

\ John Baring, eiq. re-e'^efted 

YsirC.lV,BampJylde,bart. re-eledtd- 
i' - In the freeholders and ft'eemen. — 1500. 

>! Eve, Sujfolk. 13 Eli z. 

': R. Phillipfon, efq. re-ehcted 

\ Hon. Jno. St. John J-imes Arn. Skelton> efi? 

^ vacpaed 1782 ', 

I W. Cornwallis, efq. v'm 

Mr. SVelton ' 
In the"'inhabitantsp33nng fcot and lot. — 200. 

1 Sir Roger Moftyn, bail, re-eleded 

^' Flint To^vn. 

'-'Sir John Glynne, bart. 

'1 died in 1777 

'« fVatkin F/ilUams, efq. re -elected 

In the inhabitants of the boroughs of Flinty Rhyd 

1 3an, Overton, Caerwys, and Caergurley, payLw 

\ I'fcot and lot ; and it was refolved, that the inhabitant 

I e'of Knohon and Overton Foreign have arighttovo| 

j'Hm the election of a burgefs for parliament for the fai 

' 3 town of Flint. 21 May, 1728. — The inhabitantsc 

?:he feveral boroughs of Flint, Rhydhn, Caerwyi 

, b Caergurley, and Overton (including Klnolton an 

i; Sverton Foreign) renting lands or tenements for whic 

1 ht landlords thereof only pay fcot and lot, have 

.ght to vote in the elecf ion of a burgefs for the be 

ajgh of Flint. 5 April, 1737.— The fame have^ 

right, 19 March, 174-1.-1. 

( 19/ 
Fo-zvey, Cornnvall. 13 Eliz. 
Philip Raflileigh, efq. re-elecled 
Lord Shuldham re-eleded 

In the prince's tenants who are capable of being 
portreeves, and fuch of the inhabitants only as pay 
Icot and lot. 5 May, 1701.— Pri-nce^s tenants capa- 
ble of being portreeves of Fowey, are fuch tenants 
only as have been duly admitted upon the court-rolls 
of the manor, and have done their fealty. 5 March, 
1770. — 63. 

Gatfon, Surrey. 29 Hen, I 

Sir Wm. Mayne made 

his ek6lion for Can- *,' 

terbu ry 
Robert Scott, efq. made -; 

his eleftion for Wot- - ' 

ton Baflet £• 

Robert May fie, efq. re-elected J died 1782 ', 

William Adam, ejq. Lord Newhaven _ ,' 

Maurice Lloyd, efq. vie. 
Robert Mayne 

In the inhabitants. The return made by them^ beir : 
I adjudged good, was (by the then petitioner) infifted 
be in the inhabitants not receiving alms, and ;: 
the freeholders having fuch freehold in their own occ^, 
pation. 26 March, 1628.— Was (by the then fitti) , 
member) infifted io be in the freeholders, and inhaH.; 
tants paying fcot and lot j and he was adjudged dvf ;, ■ 
elected. 15 Dec. 1696. 1 ;■ 

St. Germain Si Cornwall, 5 Eliz. ' 

Ben. Lan;2;lois, efq. ,1 

Edward Eliot, efq. va- ':■ , 

cated in 1775 :. . 

John Pownall, efq. 'va- Edward James Eliot, t'; 

cated in iq-^G •, f 

John Peachy, efq. Dudley Long, efq. .• . 

In the freemen .— 50. ' 'f 

Glamorgan/hire. I . 

Hon. G. V. Vernon Charles Edwin, efq. i :r i 


( 20 ) 
Sir Wm. Guife, bart. re-eleded.— Diedin 1783 
Edward Southvvellj efq. 
called to the Houfe of 
Peers in 1776 
W. B. Chejler, efq* re-eleded ; died in 1780.'- 

James Button, efq. 
Hon. G. Berkeley, vice S. 
W. Guile 
GlouceJIer City. 23 EdWa I. , :<^ 

Charles Barrow, efq. re-eie<fted 

G. Aug. Selvvyn, elq. John Webb, efq. 

G A' Sel-xvyn, efq* 
Sir A. Hamond. 
1 In the freemen. — 2000. 

I Grayjipound^ Cornnvall. 7 Sdw. VI. 

,Sir Jof. Yorke, K. B. Sir John Ramfden, bart. , 

■R. A. Neville, efq. Thomas Lucas, efq. 

1^^ In the mayor, recorder, and the inhabitants payw 

ling fcot and lot. — 59. 

I Grantham^ Lincohijh'ire. Edw. IV. 

•Lord George Sutton George Sutton, efq. 

jir Bro. Cuft, created 
Lord Brovvnlovv, 1776 
peregrine Cuft, efq* Fran. Cockayne Cuil, efq;< 

In the freemen of the faid borough not receivings 
^ 1ms or charity, n Jan. 1710. — 400,- 

■ Great Grimfby, Lincolnfhire. 

" ofeph Meilifii, efcj. John Harrifon, efq. 

'* Ivelyn Anderfon, efq. - Francis Eyre, efq. 
. Eaft Grmfieady Sujfex. 1 Ed. 11. 

\ord G. S. Germain re-elea:ed; created Vifc/ 

\. ^ ' , . Sackville, Feb. 9, 1782 l 

^ir John Irwin, K. B. re-eledted; vacated in April 

Hen. Arthur Herbert, e'fq. 
, vice Ld. G. Germain 

Geo. Medley, efq. vice Sir 

^' ^ ^ ^ John Irvi^in 

^ Is in the inhabitants as well as burgage-holders, and 

e boro\]gh is an ancieit borough by prefcription. 

April, 1679. — Is in the burgage-holders only, and 

( 21 T 

not in the biirgage-holders and inhabitants. — 9 Jan. 

Guildford, Surrey. 23 Edw. I. 
Sir Fletcher Norton re-eleded. — Created Lord 

Grantky in 1782 
George Onflow re-eleded 

Hon. Wm. Norton, efq. vice 

Ld.Grantley, his father, 

i Is only in the freemen and freeholders paying fcot 

and lot, refident in the town. 24- April, 1689. — It 

was agreed, that one who had ferved feven years to a[ 

freeman, was ipfofaBo a freeman. 3 Feb. 1710. 

Hambflo'ire. *, 

Sir H. P. St. John, knt. '"Rob. Thiftlethwaite, efq. ' 
Sir Simeon Stuart, bart. 

died in 1779 
yeyvoife Clarke yervoife, re-eledledo ^ , 

efq. <, 

Harivlch, Effex. 17 Edw. III. 12 Ja. I, 
John Robinfon, efq. re-eleded 

Edw. Harvey, efq. died 

Eon. G. A. North re-elected 

In the mayor, aldei-men, and capital burgeffe;.: 

jorheadboronghs, refident within the faid borough,. 

6 April, 1 7 14— 31 I 

Ha/Iemerei Surrey. 7 Eliz. -;, 

T. M. Molyneux, efq. Sir James Lowther, baif ■ ' 
, died 1776 made his eledion £<: v 

Peter Burrell, efq. Cumberland 

Sir Merrick Burrell, bart. W. Spencer Stanhope, ef 

Edward Norton, efq. .:' 
The inhabitant- freeholders only have a voice \ '■ 
eleftions. 20 May, 1661 . — By the word freeholder si] i 
meant only freeholders of meffuages, lands^ or ten' 
ments, lying within the borough and manor of Hafi ' 
mere, whether the fame pay rent to the lord of the f " \ 
borough and manor or not, exclufive of any lands 7: 
tenements, which are, or have been, parcel of | 
wafte ground of the faid borough and manor, or ? :-- i 
melTuages or buildings which are^ or (hall be, ftand!, iTn 

thereV 1 


( 22 ) 

tKereon. 25 April, 1755.— Petition of Mr. Ogle- 
thorpe rejefkd, for not being ligned by himielf, 

3 and 4 March, 1 71 3. — The like relating to Wigan. 

Raftings, Suj[fex. 42 Edw. Ill, 
Lord Palmcrfton re-elefted. 

Rt. Hon. C. Jenkinfon John Ord, efq. 

Is in the mayor, jurats, and freemen refident, and 
rot receiving alms, ao Jan. 169S. — 200. 
Ha'verford'we/li Pembroke/hire. 
Lord Ken ling ton re-eledled 

Agreed to be in the freeholders, burgeffes, and in- 
habitants paying fcot and lot, and not receiving alms. 

4 July, 1715—500. 

Hel/ion, Corn'wall. 23 Edw. I. 
ord Carmarthen, a Peer Philip Yorke, efq. 
'•Fr. Owen, died , Joe. Dean, efq. dead 

l-Fr. Cockayne Ciifi, efq* Lord Hyde 

SFbilip Tor kef efq, Wm. Evelyn, efq. 

j' A double return J 

^ , Philip Yorke, eiq. vacate( 

in Sept. 178 1 
Richard Barwell, efq. 
Lord Hyde, vice Mr. Yorke 
] n the mayor and inhabitants at large. 10 Dei 
»: 1660, — 70. — To which the Houfe difagreed. 
■ a^ Hereford/hire, 

,j The. Foley, efq. created 
,, \ a Peer 1776 

ir George Corn e wall, ;:^f 

-) bart. re-eleded 

y'.t. Hon. 'Thomas JJarley re-ele<5ted 

g . Hereford City. 23 Edw. I. 

j'^iShn Scudamore, efq. re-eledted 

' ^ r Rich. Symonds, bart. re-ele(fted 

In the citizens and freemen. — 1200, 

u, Hertford/Jjire. 

I", ^m. Pltimer, efq. re-eled:ed 

^' ho. Hal fey, efq. re-el e6led 

On hearing the merits of a former eTeftion, it was 

blved, that evidence ought not to be admitted to dif- 

alify an eleilor as no freeliolderj who at the eleclion 

i ( 23 y 

[wore lilmrdf to be a freeholder. 16 Jan. 1695, — Re* 
(blution to the contrary, concerning Bedford county. 
;? June, 17 1 5. 

Hertford T^own. 3 5Ed\v. I. 21 Ja. I. 
ohn Calvert, efq. Thomas Dimfdale 187 

aul Feilde, efq. ~ William Baker, efq. 256 

J. Calnjert, efq> 241 

Is not in fnch perfons only, as are inhabitants 
rhoufeholders) of tlie faid borough not receiving alms, 
nd in fuch freemen, who, at the time of their freedom, 
ranted to them, were inhabitants of the faid borough j 
5r of the pai'ifhes thereof j but in all the fj-eemen inha- | 
^itants being houfeholders not receiving alms. 27 Jan.'. 
701.— ^Is in the inhabitants not receiving alms, 
nd in fuch freemen only as at the time of their being" 
lade free were inhabitants of the faid borough, or the" 
ariilies thereof, the number of freemen living out^ 
f the borough not exceeding three perfons. 5 Dec* ' ; 
705.- — 700. 

Heydon, Tork/hlre. 25 Edw. I. t Edw.VI. 
eilby Thompfon, efq. Chriftopher Atkinfon li? 
t. lion. Sir Ch. Saun- William Chaytor 92! 

ders, died in 1775 

on. L. T. Wat/on B. Thompfon zl 

Is in the burgefles. 3 April, 1746. — 150. 

Heytejburyi Ullts. 27 Hen. VI. -■; 

Wm. A. Aflie, efq. re-elected; died in Auguf ■' 

1781. .! 

JHon. Wm. Gordon William Eden, efq. mad 

his election for Wooc"! 
i ftock ., ' 

j Francis Burton, efq. f' r 

William Pierce A'Coui 
Alhe, efq. vice W. ^: 
Afhe, efq. I 

Is in the burgage-holders. — ^o. 7 

Hicham Ferrers, 'Nonhamptonjhire. 2, 3, Ph- & M - . 
JFred. Montagu^ efq. re-elected; vacated in 1 78 

! on being appointed ck 

of the Lords of the Tre 


( H ) I 

fury; re-e1e<5ted. Va 
cated in ivSj, en i 
fame appoirilmtnt ; rf 

; In the mayor, aldermen, burgdres, and freemep.. 

] being houfehoiders, and not receiving alms. 28 Jais 

I7O2. lOO. 

] ' Hindon, Wilts. 27 Hen* VI. 

Henry Dawkins, efq. Lloyd Kenyon, efq. 

] Arch. Macdonald, efq. I\at.\\^m.Wraxall,efq.\7 

y. Saunders 
\ . , . S- ?each 

3 Is in the inhabitants of hcufts within the faid be 
rough, being houfekeepers and paiiflnoners, not «i 
ceiving alms. 12 April, 1728. 
jT Ho'niton, Devori' 28 Edw. I. 4 Edw. II. 16 Ch. I.i 

'..^ Sir Geo. \onge, bart. re-elected.^ Vacated i 

■^Lawrence Cox, efq. 1782, on being appoinli 

, i ed one of the joint Vic<: 

; Treafurers of Ireland 

! re-tlected 

Alex. Maclecd, efq. 2 j: 
Lawrence Cox 2Z.' 

. Jacob Wilkinfon, efq. vie) 

J Mr. Macleod, voted 01 

V Is in the inhabitants of the faid borough payin 
,i -fcot and lot. 3 Feb. 17x0. — Is in the inhabitant! 
/houfekeepers, commonly called potwallers, not n 1 
'iceiving alms. 18 Dec. 1724.. — 450. 

V. Horfbam^ Sujfex. 32 Edw. I. 

^,'James Wallace, efq. re-elected j 

fjllt. Hon. J. Dyfon, died 

^ Earl of Drogheda Vifcount Lewifliam mac 

his election for Stafforc 

^ y ftiire 

'= J Sir George Osborne, bar 

^ Is in all fuch perfons as have an eftate of inher 
pnce, or for life, in burgage houfes, ©r burgage land 
lying within tlie faid borough. 16 June, 1715.— 6' 
*^ ^ Hmtini 

( H ) 

Hun t'lngdonjh'ire. 
Vifc. Hinchinbroke re-tlecttd 
il of LluUow rtr-ikcted 

Huntingdon' 23 Edw. L 
- G. Wombwell, hart, n-eiefttd ; died in 1780 
3-n Mr. W. A. M^n- Sir Hugh PalHier 
t.igu died in 1775 
:rJ Mul'^ra-ve rc-clected 

In the freemen and inhabitarjts.— 200. 

Hythe, Kent. 42 Ed will. ! 

r Ch, Farnahy, bart. rc-tlected 61 

'm. Evelyn, efq. re-elected 6; 2 

John Ste've??/on, efq. 4e 

Richard 'Ja7nes^ efq. 4: - 

Is in the mayor, jurats, common council, and free 

iii, 27 Jan. 1710. — 70. e 

I'velcheffer^ Somerftt/hire. 23 Edw. I. 
ithaniel Webb, efq. Peregrine Cuft, efq. ; 

• Salusb. Brereton,efq. Sam. Smith, jun. efq. !i 

Alledged to be in the inhabitants of the faid town 
.} ing fcot and lot, which the town called potwallers. 
May, 1689. — Agreed to be in the bailiiF,' capital 
ugeifes, and inhabitants not receiving alms. a8 Jan, 

'O2.--100. ■' 

Ipfcjj'ichy Suffolk. 23 Edw. I. ? 

^m. WoHafton, efq, Wm. Wollafton, efq. %^i^^\. 
ho. Staunton, efq. Tho. Staunton, efq. 341' 

jof. Grigby 25^; 

W. Middleton 24J '■ 

Is in the bailiff, portmen, commonalty, and free* ;' 
en not receiving alms. 3 Feb. 1710.— 600. — Are., 
lutionpafled, that portmen are an effential conftitU',' j 
It part of the great court for making freemen of the" 
id borough, without fome of which portmen being, 
efent, the faid court cannot be held. 31 March, 1714, — ( 

St. I'ves, Corri'wall. 5 Mary. ' 

!dam Drummond, efq. -^ 

died in 1779 ■■'- 

liilip Dehan, efq. ^ Abei Smith V^' 

C Lony^ 

( 26 ) j 

Lord Ne-vjbcrongh William Praed, efq. j 

Is in the inhabitants paying i'cot and lot. 8 De ; 
1702.— 183. 

Hon. Cha. Marfham rtr-elected 

Ttio. Knight, jun, efq. Filmer Honey wood, efq. j 

Klng^s Lynn^ Norfolk. 2,-3 Edw; I. 
Hon. Tho. VValpole re-elected 

Crifp iNIolyneiix, efq. re-elected 

In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot. — 600. 

K'tngfton-iipon-Hulli Tork/Jj'ire. 23 Edw. HI. 
Rt. Hon. Ld. R. Manners re-elected _ 67 

D. Hartley, efq. Died J7S2. 

W. Wilberforce, efq. 1121 

Da-z'id Hartley^ efq. 45; 

\ David Hartley, efq. vic^ 

■ j Lord Robert Manners ■ 

'p In the burgefles and freemen. — laoo. 

Knarefborough, Torkjlnre* 

' 5irAnt.Th. Abdy, hart, 
•died in 1775. 

. Lord G. B.. Cwvendlfh Vifc.Duncannon.--Vacatet 

] in 178a, OH being api 

^: pointed a Lord of tht 

3. ■ Admiralty ; re-elected 

,1 ^j Vacated again in Aprb 

,, ,1 i783> on the fame ap 

\ pointment J re-ele6led 
il Ion. Robert Boyle Wal- 

iS fineham re-elected} loft at fea i) 

^J ^ 1 781 

-'^ James Hare, efq. 

a A'^reed to be in the burgage-holders. 17 May 

690, 1691. — 50. 
b Lancajhire. 

i: ,ord Stanley ; became 
\ earl of Derby in 1776 

;. Stanley , efq. re-elected 

Ir Tho. Egerton, bart. re-elected 

' Lmcafiif 

( 27 ) 

Lant after. 23 Edw. L Edw. VI. 
Sir Geo. Warren, K. B. VVilfon Braddyil, efq, ^ 
Lord Rich'. Cavendifli Abraham Rawlinibn, efq. 
In the freemen and inhabitants. — looo. 

Launceflon, Corn^vall. 23 Edw. I.- 
Rt. Hon. Hum. Morice LordCranburn ; fucceedecl 

his lather as Eul of Sa- 
lisbury in 1780 
John Buller, efq. Hon. C. G. Perciva! 

The. Bowiby, efq. v.-tcated 

in Jan. 1783 
Sir John Jervis. K. B. vice 
T. Bowiby 
j In the mayor, aldermen, and freemen, being inha- 
ibltants at the time they were made free, and net re- 
ceiving pay of the parifh. 17 March, 1723. — -The 
aldermen to be ele6fed out of the legal freemen, 
I24 March, 1734.^ 
I LeiceJlerJInre. 

Hon. T.Noel J a Peer, 1774 ' 

u. F. Hun^erford, efq, re-elecled 
Sir John Palmer, bart. Wm. Pochin, efq. 

Leicejler To<zun. 
Hon. Booth Grey re-elected ■ , 

[ohn Darker, efq, re-elected ■, 

Agreed to fee in the freemen not receiving alms, 
nd in the inhabitants paying i'cot and lot. But per,: 
Tons living in the borough by certificate, not havin. , 
gained a lettlement, by renting id. pound per ann. c,' 
erving in an annual otfice, are not entitled (by payin 
.cot and lot) to vote. 8 Feb. 1705. — iioo. .' 

Leominffery Herefordjhire. 23 Edw. I. 
Lord Vifc. Bateman re-elected 3*, i 

r. Hill, efq. died 1776 

F. Cornnuaily jun. efq. R. P. Knight,- efq. c/^ 

Thomas Mitt on i\ 

Granted to be in the bailiffs, capital burgelTes, ai 7 

nhabitants paying fcot and lot. 16 April, 1725. — 40 . 

Lefkeard, CornnvalL 23 Edw. I. ;:■ 

idward Gibbon, eiq. Hon. W. Tolkmaclig ^ 

^amuel Salt, efq. re-ekctjed , 1 

( 28 ) 

In the corporation, and fworn free burgefTes. — looc 
Left-xuithielf Coj-n'zvall. 33ECIW. I. 4 Edw. II. 
C.Brett, efq.vacat. 1776 

Thomas Potter, efq. Thomas de Grey, jun.efi 

became Ld. Wallinghai! 
in May 1781 

Lord Falrford Hon. John St, John, mad; 

his election for Ncwpoi 
Georgf* Johnflone, efq;. 
Vifc. Maiden, - 
In the mayor, and fix capital burgeffes, togethf 
with the feventeen affiftants annually chofen, and wh^ 
'had a right to vote at the preceding eledlion of a m^y; 
or. 20 Dec. 1709. 
i Lewes, Si'JJex. 23 EJw. I. ' 

I SirThon^ias Mirer, bart. Hon.Henry Pe]ham,efq.9. 
\ Thomas Hay, efq. Thomas Kempe, efq. 9 

i , . Tho> Llay^ efq. 7 

In the Inhabitants, being houftholders, paying fed 
and lot, 8 May, 1735. — 4.00. 
1 Lime Regis, Dorfet. 2 3Edw. I. 

'• Hen. Fane, efq. died 1777 Hon. Henry Fane 
Hon. Henry Fane D. R. Michel, efq. 

■ frauds Fane, efq. Henry Harford, efq. 

Lionel Darell, jun. efq. 
A double return, decided in favour of the, tw. 
'. Infifted to be in the mayoi-, burgeffes, and freehold 
'iers. 21 May, 16S9. — Alledged to be in the mayoi 
/capital burgeffes, and freemen. 28 Feb. 1727. — 50. 
^V IJncolnfbire. 

^.'Lord Brovvnlow Bertie ; 
fji fucceeded Duke of 

3 Ch. And. Pelham, efq. re-elected 
^ir John "tkorold, hart. re-elected 
Lincoln City. 
'' '..ord Vifc. Lumley Sir Tho.Clarges, bart. 62 

1 ^ died in 1783 

'-l. Vyner, jun. efq. re-elected 61 

Lord LumJey 33 

T, Scrope,. efq.^ 


C ^9 ; 

{ _ John Fenton Cawtliorne,. 

[ vice Sir Tho. Clargea 

I In the citizens and freemen. 

L'ltchfieldy Stafford/hire, 33 Edw..I. 
Peo. Anfon, efq. re-elected 

homas Gilbert, efq. ^ re-elected 
Is in the bailiff, magiftrates, freeholders of 40?. a 
ycar, and all that hold by burgage-tenure ; and lucli 
IS are inrolled and pay fcot and lot ; and aho fucji 
fi-eeinen only of the Tailors company as are inrolied 
i-n the new book of conftitutions (and not in the old 
•t)ook) have a right to vote, i May, 1701. — Reibived, 
to be in the bailiffs, magiilrates, freeholders of 40s.' 
per annum, andal! that hold by burgage-tenure;- and' 
n fuch freemen only as are inrolled, paying icot and ; 
lot there. 10.Dec.1718. — 600. 

L'iverpcole, LancaPrtre. 23 Edw. I. '. 

ML- William Meredith, Henry Rawlinfon, efq. 57s , 
, bait. 

JRd. Pennant, efq. Bamb. Gafcoyne, jun. efq., 

' _ . 60?' 

Richard Fenna fit y efq. 46: 
Admitted to be in the mayor, bailiffs, and freenier 
net receiving alms. 5 March, 17^9. — I20q» 

London. 49 Hen. ILL 1 

John Sawbridge, efq. J. Kirkraan, efq. died bci ' 

fore the return 3SC:; 
Frederick Bull, efq. re-elected 3i5--' 

Richard Oliver, efq. Nat. Nevv-nham, efq, ^ot, ;■ 

George Hayley, efq^ re-elected 4c 6 

died Aug. 30, 1781 
i- y* Sawbridge ic)^\ 

' Rich. Clark i8c' '■ 

J. Sawbridge, efq. electefi ; 
■ ' in No^. 1780, vice ' J 

! Kirkman ' 

Sir Watkin Lewes, Kr \ : 

vice Mr. Hayley 267: 

j , Richard Clark 23 ,, 11 

I Inthellverv. Ail of 1725.-- 7000.. ::^ ' 

( 50 ) 

Ludlovj, Sbropjhire. laEJvv. IV. 
Lord Cllve rt-elefted 

Lord Vifcount Viiiiers Fred. Cornwall, efq. die( 

April 1783 
Is in the refiant common burgeffes', as well as th 
twelve and twenty -five. 26 Feb. 1661, — 500, — I 
was refolved, that the fons of burgeffes of Ludlow 
and thofe that marry the daughters cf burgelVes, hay 
a right to be made burgeffes ; and that every perfon 
having a right to be made aburgefs, ought to demam 
the fame by petition, iigned by the petitioner, accord' 
ng to the bye-law in 1663, and not otherwife.— 
I March, 1698. 

Lu^gerjlndly WihJJ?ire. 23 Edw. L 
j Lord Melbu'-ne re-elected 

I Lord George Gordon - Geo. Aug;. Selwyn, ^^c[. 

Is in the freeholders or lealeholders of the faid bo- 
'.rough, determinable upon life or lives, 17 Jaa, 
I 1705-— 70. 

Lymhigtoni Hants. 2.7 El'z. 
! Henry Goodrick, efq. Harry Burrard, efq. 
i Edward Morant, efq. Thomas Dumnicr,efq.died 

in 1 78 1 
Edward Gibbon, efq. 
Refolved to he a corporation by prefcription, and 
:hat the mayor and burgelTes only have aright to eleft 
■'.■nem.bers for parliamen*^. 29 Dec. 1691. — Is not in 
I'^he mayor, burgeffes, and commonaliy 'paying fcot 
I'nd lot, but only in the mayor and burgeifes, exciulive 
}^i the commonalty paying fcot and lot. i,3 Fe}>. 
ii,.695. — -Is not in the mayor, burgefles, and inhabi- 
V-uits not receiving alms ; but in the mayor and bur- 
E'ljiflesonly. 11 Jan. ijio. — So, 

"' Matdftone^ Kent. Edw. YL 2 Eliz. 

^ I'r Hor. Mann re-elected 55g 

Vrd Guernfey ; becanne Clement Taylor 399 
^ .Earl of Aylesford in 

^ ,«. Gh» "Pinch Hon. Ch. Finch 362 

t'Agreed to be in the fi eemen not receiving alii>s or 
itrity. Feb. lyoi. S'Dsc.ijoz. — 700. 

( 31 ) 
Maiden J Ejfex. % Edw. III. 
Hon. Rd. Sav. NafTau, Eliab Harvey, elq, 

John Stnitt, efq. re-eleded 

. Is in fuch freemen as do not receive alms, and re- 
entitled to freedom by birth, marriage, or fervitude-j 
and thatperfons deriving their right of freedom from 
^honorary freemen, and perfons claiming their freedom 
!by purchafe, and exerciiing trades within the borougb, 
have no right to vote. 20 May, 171,5, 

Malntibitry, Wilts ->- -23 EJw. 1. 
William Strahan, efq. Vif. Levvifiiam ; made his 
Hon. Charles-James Fox eIed:ion for Staffbrdfliire ; 

John C'alvert, jun. efq. 

Vifc. Fair ford 

Agreed to be in the alderman and tv/elve capita-- 
feurgefles. 29 March, 1699, 13 Dec. 1722.— 13. 

Maltont Torkfhire. 23 Edw. I. 16 Car. 
Ed, Burke, efq. made his 

election for Briftol ' 1 

\William Weddel, efq' re-elected '1 

Savile Finch, efq. re-eTe6ted; vacatedin 178 i 

Edmund Burke, efq. Vc 
Gated in 1782, on heir • 
appointed Paymafter < • 
the forces j re-eledtec: 
Vacated again in 178;;'' 
onhisre-appointmenti !" 
the fame office 3 re-ele^ 
In-, the burgage-holders. — 1 00. ' 

Marlborough^ Wilts. S3 Edw. L i .' ; 

Flon. James BrudeneU, Earl of Courtoivn \^\ 

Sir J.Tylney Long, bart. William Woodley, efq. 1 
Is in the mayor and 'itltdi burgeffes onfy. 13^ Ma , 
1771- — 2a • ^ • 

Marlonv, Bucks, s8 Edw. I. 21 Ja. I, [\ 

'tym. Clayton, efq^ re-eledted ,";; 

:ir J. B. Warren re-eledied., ,^- ^ 

Fatil Benfisldy efq. 

C ?^ ) 

Is in the inhabitants only, who pay fcot and lob 

21 Nov. 1690. — 216. 

St. Mauu's, Cornnvall. -5Eliz. 
Lord Nugent re-ele<5led 

Hugh Bolcawen, efq. re-e!efted 

In the mayor and refident burgeifes.— 31. 

St. Michael^ s, Cornivalh 7 Edvv. VL 
Jas. Scawen, efq. made 
his election for Surry 
T. Howard, efq. fuc- 

ceeded earl of Suffolk • 
' in 1779 

'Francis Hale, efq. re- elected 

X'^okn Stephen/any efq. Hon. Wm. Hmger 

] In the portreeve, and lords of the manor who am; 
jcapable of being portreeves, and the inhabitants of the! 
/aid borough paying fcot and lot, 20 March»? 
jijoo. — 26. 

'■ Merioneth/hire. 

■fohn Pugh Price, efq. 
\ died in 1774 

•'?%'. Lloyd Vaughan^ efq. re-elected "' 

H. Ar. Corbetfj efq., 
Mtdhurft, Sufjex. 4 Edw. II. 
ir H. Mackworth, hart. 
|. made his elefftion for 
l^j CardiiFe 

I \ le. Tudway, efq, made 
', his eleftion for Wells. Hon. John St. John madei 
; Tow. H. S. Conway his eleftion for Newport) 

^l^bn Ord,efq. Sir Sampfon Gideon 

,!,.! Henry Drummond, efq. 

"■'' In the burgage-hclders. — lOo, 
' Middlefex* 

'|)hn Glyn, efq. died in 


" ':)Qmas Wood, efq. George Byng, efq» 

^' '.hn Wilkes, efq. re-elefted 

Milbourne Forty Somerfetfhire. 26 Edw. I. 
':n. T, Luttrell J. H. Medlycott, efq. 61' 

vacated in Nov. S78K 

t. Wolfeley, efq. John Townfon, efq. 5<5 

•* How. T! Luttrell 44 

y. Hunter z6 

John Pennington, efq. vice 
, Mr. Mediycott 

Is only in the capital bailiffs and their deputies, in 
he commonalty, ftawards, and the inhabitants paying 
'cot and lot. 8 Dec. 1702. 

Minebead, Somerfetjh'we. i Eliz. 
. Fbw. Luttrell, efq. 
- vacated in 1774 
0. PonAjnally efq. Fran. Fow. Luttrell, efq. 

vacated in March 1783 i 

n.Fow. Luttrell) efq. re-eleded ,' 

' Henry Beaufoy, efq. vice- 

F. F. Luttrell 

Ts in the parifhioners of Minehead and Dunfter, be- ; 

ng houfekeepers in the borough of Minehead, and '< 

lot receiving alms. 24 Feb. 1717 — 160. Theprecept: 

be directed to the two conftables, and they to make 
he return. 13 June, 1717. - ' 

ohn Morgan, efq. re-eled:ed 

ohn Hanbury, efq. re-eled:ed 

Monmouth To^iun. Hen. VHI* 
'^ir John Stepney, bart. re-eledled 

JDoth not belong to the burgeffes and inhabitants o' . 
/[onrnouth only, but the inhabitants of the boroug' 
f Newport and Alke have a right to vote. %6 No^ ' 
1680. — 800. 

Montgo77ieryJhire. , 

jEdv/ard Kynafton, efq. 

1 died 1772 W. Mo fb. Owen, efq. 70.., 
W' Moji. O^en, efq. Watk. Williams^ efq. 62 ^ | 
I Montgomery Tonvn- . \ 
V¥hitfbed Keene, efq. re-elected; vacated in 178 , 

on being appointed ^ .' 
Lord of the Admiralt; ''■ ' 
re-reledted ' . 

Jtt in the burgeffes of the faid town only. — 80. j- ' 

Morpeth, Northu7nberlaj2d. i Mary, ■' ^ 

iPeter Delme, efq. re-elefted ; | 

( 34 ) 

Hon.W. Byron, died 1776 
G. Elliot, efq. 'vacated 1ITJ 

J. W. Egertoui efq, Anthony Storer, efq. va 

cated in 1781, and re 
' elefted 

Is only In the bailiffs and free burgeffes of the fail 
borough, 9 March, 1695. — 200. 

Newark, Nottingham. 24 Car. II. ^ 

Sir Henry Chnton re-eleded 51: 

George Sutton, efq. LordG. Sutton jof; did 

^ in 178s 

Robert Forjter, efq. 4rl 

John Sutton, eiq. vice \d 


j Is in the mayor, aldermen, and inhabitants withi! 
., the borough who pay, or ought to pay, foot and lot!' 
I II Jan. 1699. — 800. 

I Neivca/ile-under-Line, Stafforrft:ire, 27 Ed W. Ill 
I -Lord VifcountChewton Arch. Macdonald, efq. 
! Sir John Wrottelley, 
! elected for the county 
;: in 1778 
Vifcount Trent ham re-ele(5ied 

(Before the charter) in the mayor, bailiffs, aniji 
. common council 5, and it was refoived, thar the latl 
eonftitution altered not the former cultom. 9 Apri'lSi 
■ I1624.. — Agreed to be in the mayor, burgeffes, and freC' 
'hien, refident within the borough. 27 Feb. 1705. — 500)! 
'', Ne'wcaftle-upon-Tyne, Ncrtl:umberland. i3Edw.l. 
. i!> r W. Blacket, died 1777 

y^ir M. W. Ridley, bart. re-elecfted 140^ 

^]\\^ir J. 'Tre'vely ant bart. And. Rob. Bowes n-jic 
^ij 'ibonias Delaval io8jli 

' In the corporation and free burgeffes. — 2500. 
^ /, Newport, Cornwall, 7 Edw. VI. 

'.t. Hon. Hum. Morice 
" •; made his eledion for 
'' ', Launcefton 

^ , 'ohn Frederick^ efq. Vifc. Maitland 

• ich. Bull, efq. Sir John Coghill, bart. 

Two vianders, with inhabitants paying fcot anc' 

1 ( 35 ) 

JSfeavporf, Hants . 11 E W/. I. 
j- Rd. Worflcy, bait, re-eleoted 
ins Sloane, eiq. Hon. John St. John 

The mayor, 1 1 aldermen, and 12 burgefles 3 in all 24. 

Ne^jjto7i, LancaJJjue. i Eliz. 
.it.JamesKeck, elq. Thomas Peter Legh, efq. 
■)bert Atherton,erq. Thomas Davenport, efq. 
[n the free burgeffes. — 60. 

Nekton i Hants, 27 Eliz. 
.'r Jn. Barrington, bart. 
vacated 1775 

./, Meux IVorJley, efq. re-eleded j died 178^ 
Mcourt Powell, efq. 
i^acated 1775 
(arks Ambler^ efq. John Barrington, efq. 

H )n. Henry Dundas, vice 
E. M. Worfley ; vacat- 
ed in Dec. 178a 
R» Pepper Arden, efq. vice 
Hv Dundas 

tn the mayor and burgeffes of the faid borough, 
ijiring borough lands within the faid borough, 
April, 1729. — <i2. 

Edw. Aftley, bart. re-eleded 
en. Coke, efq. died in 

\^mas Wm. Coke, efq. re-ele(5led ,'' 

'^orthallertony Torkfhire. 26 Edw. I. 16 Car. I. 
Jmiel Lafcelles, efq. re-eleded ; vacated in 1 780 
1 ^ , Edwin Lafcelles, efq. , 

l^nry Plerfe, efq. re-eleded 

In the burgage-holders. — 180. ,' 

Northamptonfhire. ' i 

]icyKnightIey, efq. re-eledted 
'jiomas Powys, efq. re^eleded 

; Northampton Toivn. 23 Edw. L ' 

f'G.Robinfon,bart. V.Althorpe ; vacated in ' 

1782 on being appointed ,"^ 
j Lord of the Treafury:j- 

l|tn. W. Tollemache George Rodney, efq. 

Lord J 

( 36 ) _ ^ 

Lord Lucan, vice Lotc 

Althorpe, who made hiii 

eleit'on for Surrey, vlcii 

Adm. Keppt'lj created;; 


In the Inhabitants being houfeholders, and not rei 

ceiving alms j and tiie fharing in the charitable giti 

diftributed at Chriftmas, is a taking of almsi 

26 April, 1664. — 1060. ' 

Northumberland i 
Lord Algern. Percy re-clt-dled 

Sir W. Middleton,bart. re-tledcd 

Norauicb City. 23 Edvv. I. 

jSir Harb-Harbord, bart. re-eltcted 138: 

lEdward Bacon, eiq. re-elected 119; 

yob?i Tbu/'/o~iV 1 10' 

fV. JFyndbmn 106;. 

In the freeholders, and fuch freeiiiCn only, as an 

entered in the books, and do not receive alms or charii 

' ty^ 12 March, 1701. — 3000. '< 

iThe Earl of Lincoln 

died in 1778 
qion. T. Willoughby ; a 
c peer, 1774 

M.ord Ed. Bentinck re-ele6ted 

.Kiba, Medoivj, e/q. re-eleded 

1-. Nottingham, T^o^von of. 

I^bn. Wm.Howe 
S'-Sir C. Sedley, bart. died Robert Smith, efq. 575 
|y 1778. Dan. Parker Coke, efq. 34- 

i Abel Smith, efq. died i']']^ y. Cart-wright, efq. i$% 
I Robert Smith, efq. Sir fillliam Ho^ive 

',', Agreed to be in the mayor, freemen and freeholder 
3 ')f4os. per annum. — It was alfo agreed, that the eldeii 
; ,'bns of freemen by their birth, the youngeft fons Ql^ 
, Vreemen who had ferved feven years apprenticefhip 

' 'vtiether in Nottingham or elfcwhere,} and alfo fuel 


( 37_ ) 

.5 IS ferved apprenticefhipto any freeman of Not» 
, - Kim, v/ere well enti.lsd to demand their freedom, 
;June, 1701. — 1800. 

"jokhaniptoK. 28 Edvv. I. 7 Edw. II. 16 Car. I. 
l:h. Vernon, eiq. re-elected 

<* ;x. Weddcrburne,efq. 

.'?vcated in 1778, now ^ ^ 

Id. Louahborough 
I r/iphrey Mulching ejq. re-elecled 

Cha. Fkilip yennlnys, efq» 
Rich. Hea-vf/ule ^ efq. 

'n the feeeholders, and freemen, being made free 
a ording to the charter and b/e-laws of the faid bo- 
1 gh. 24> Feb. 1710. — 400. 

Orford, Suffolk. 23 Edvv. I. ; 

I. Vifc. Beauchamp re-eleded \ 

In. R. Seymour Con- ; 

vay re-ele£ted 

n the mayor, portnien, capital burgefTes, and free - 
not receiving alms or charity. 29 Jan. 1708. — lOOa ' 

l<\ H. Ld. C. Spencer re-eleded 
FJH. Ld.Vif. VVenman re-eiesfted 

Oxford Clt J. 23 Edw. I. 
Fa. Peregrine Bertie re-ele6ted ; 

L d Robert Spencer re-cledied ;' ■ 

Benj. Bond Hopkins i efq^ ] ' ;• 
n the corporation and freemen.— 500. 

Oxford Univer/ity. i James T. ^ 

5 R. Newdigate, bart. Sir Wm. Dolben, bart. e 

FncisPage, efq. re-elected 5,.' 

11 the do6lorsand'a6lualmafl:ers. — '450. t^ 

Pembrokejhlre. '■ ' 

> Hugh Owen, bart. re-elected > 

Pembroke, T'own of. 7: '■ 

^jhOwen, efq. re-elected. loSj .• .' 

Lord Milford 9:2,,;''' 

■ I 


( 38 ) 

In the mayor, balliits, and buigeffes of tlte feven? 
i boroughs of Pembroke, Tenby, and Whifton. 23 Fel 
* 711. — 500. 

Pefzrjn, Cormvall. 7 Edw, VI. 
J Sir G. Ofborne, hart. Sir F. BafTct/ hart. u 
if" Wni. Ch.iytor, efq. John Rogers, efq. ic 

vacated in 1783 
TV. Ciiaytor g 

P. Went^Morth 4 

Reginald P. Carew, vie 
J. Rogers 
In the mayor, portreeve, aldermen, and inhabitant 
paying fcot and lot.— 140. 
rtj; Peterborough^ City of. 1 Edw. VL 

<!| Mat.Wyldbore, efq. James Phipps, efq. 

I ' Rich. Beiiyon, efq. re-elected 

' Agreed to be in the inhabitants paying fcot and loi 
i, 16 June, 1701.'— The execution and return of theprp 
cept was rclblved to be in the bailiif appointed by th: 
' dean, and chapter. 9 April, 1728. — -The right ( 
■i. ele6Ling bargefles to parliament v/as refolved to be' fe 
,the inhabitant's within the precinfls of the minf 
' there, being houfeholders npt receiving alms ; anil 
-the other inhabitants within the city paying fcot ai 
■jiot. 13 May, 1728.-400. 
. 1 Peiersjieldy Plants. 2 5 Edwi, I. 

^'Wm. Jollifft?, efq. re-elected 

■I "Sir Abrai Hume, hart. Tho. Samuel Jolliffe, eft_ 
'<; Is in the freeholders of lands, or ancient dwelling 
fflioufes or Ihambles, or dwelling-houfes or fliambh' 
••■i'3:>uilt upon ancient foundations, within the faid b( 
"ji'V-ough. 9 May, 1727. — 150. 
t Plympton, JJevonJ.bire. 23 Edv/d I. 

, t; 

1'. vacated 1775 

)fobn Durand^ efq. 

/'(jir R. Phillips, bart. 

'■■1 nowLd. Milford, va- 

'. ^ cated 1779. Vifcount Cranbourn ; fif( 

ceeded his father as Ea' 
Gf Salilbury in 1780 

( 39 ) 

Hon. Jimes Stuart 
^illiam '^ullarton, efq. Sir Ralph Payne 
In the mayor, bailiff, and freemen, and in the for.s 
It freemen who have a right to demand their fVie- 
"m. 2 8 Jan. 1702- — 2C0. 

fiy mouthy De^vonjlnre. 26 Edw. I. 20 Hen. VI. 
I. Harrington, vacated 1778 

ord Leqxijlycnn Sir F. L. Rogers, bart. i6j 

r Cha. Hardy, died Georije Darby 123 

1780 y . Culme 7 6 

Sir G. B. RodiT'y 21 

In the mayor and commonalty. 9 June, 1660. — 500. ' 
Refoived, that the word commonalty above-inentioned, 
:tends only to the freen^en of the faid uoj-ough. ; 
' Jan. 1739. 

Pontejracl, Tork/Inre. 23, 26 Edw. I. Ja. I. 
r J. Goodricke, bart. V.Galway 5 v.icatedin I783 ,:' 
harles Melliih, efq. Wm. Nedham, efq.' 

-Nat. Smith, efq. vice John i 
Smith, returned viceLd. ; 
Galway, and voted out 
by petition ' 

Ought to be by the inhabitants (^houfehoiders) refi- 
mt there. ,8 May, 1624- — Is in the perlons having-, ' 
ithin the faid borough, a tjeehold ot burgage-tenuie 
iying a burgage- rent. 6 Feb. 1770. — 150. , ' 

^ Poole, Dorfetjhire. 36 Ed v/. Hi. 31 Jben. VI. 
jr Eyre Coote, K. B. Jofepi! Gulfione,. ciq. 
bfiiuaMauger, efq. William Morton P:U, efq.\', 

yq/Jnia Mauger, ejq, ' 

John Adams, efq. 
In the out-burgefTes as v^^eii as in- burgefies. 1 5 Jiinej 

p6i.-- lOo. — ^ — Refoived by the committee 10 be 

' the mayor, bv.rgeffes and commonalty who pa^. ..' / 
ot and lot. 9 Feb. 1688. — To which the houft ' 1, 
Ia?reed. ■ \^ 

P or tf mouth, Hants. 23 Edw. I. 
rEd. Hawke, K. B. ; ;■ 

: created a peer in 1770 "^ ' . 

LSuc^lmg,e/q. diedi^-jS '^' 

on. R.Monckton re-dected—Died ini''' 


( 4^^ ) 
P. Tnylor, efq. died 1777 

Sir ^y'lTi' Cordon^ K. B, re-elected k 

Sir H. F i 
Sir H. Featherftonhaugh 
vice R. Monckton 
In the mayor, aldermen, and burgefies. 24- Jan. 169 c 

Preficn, Lancajhire. ^3 Edw. I. Edw. VI. 
Sir H. Hoghton, bra-t. re elected 48 

John Burgoyne, efq. re-elected 4.6 

'John Fentcn 20. 

Is in all the inhabitants. 18 Dec. 1661,— 600. 

It wa? determined that the words all the inhabitants 

did not only mean the in-burgefies of the Jaft guild: 

i\j or thofe admitted fijice by copy of court-roll, as ar 

'|j inhabitants of the faid place, but all the inhabitants s 

' iarge. 29 Nov. 1770. 

I ^eenboroughi Kent, 13 Eliz. 

f'' Sir C, Frederick, K. B. re-eleded 
I Sir W. Rav.'linfQn, kt. re-elected 
! In the m.ayor, jurats and bailiffs only. 17 Apri 

:; 1729. — 70. 

Thomas Johnes, efq. re-eled:ed ; vacated i 
'i 1781, and re-ekdted 

iNenv Radnor. 
jEdward Lewis, efq. Edward X^ewis, efq. 

':' John Le^vis, efq. 

'i; In the burgefies of Radnor, Ryader, KnightoT 
i/iKnuckles, and Kevenlice crJy. 12 Nov. 1690. — 60'' 

' .'■ Readings BerkJJjire. 23 Edw. I. 

:1 John Dodd, efq. re-eleded, died Feb. 

■ [ itS^j 31; 

^;Fr. Annefiey, efq re-eleded zs\ 

': H-n.i:. Luttrell 191 

^ % Rich. AldworthNevil^ek; 

' ',- vice Mr. Dodd. 

V 'John Simeon^ efq* 

'^ In the freemen and inhabitants, fuch freemen in 
;cei vine aims, and fuch inhabitants paying fcot ar 

t. a Dec, 1708.— Is in the inhabitants or.iy, payi«g 
ot and lot. 30 May, 1716. — 560. 

Ea/l Retford, Is ottlngh am/hire. 9 Edw. II. 

r Cecil Wray, bart. Wharton Amcotts, efq. 

ord T. P. Clinton 
made his elt6lion for 


on. W. Hanger, 'vacated 

in 1778 

ord y. P. Clinton re-e1e(!^?d,died Nov. 1 781. 

E'=rl of Lincoln 

The younger fons of freemen have not a right to de- 

and their freedom of the faid borough. 17 March, 

701. — In the burgefles, refident ?nd ncn-reiident. 
5 April, 1701 — Perfons not inhabiting in the faid 
:.rough, are incapable of being made free by re- 
emption j and the fons of freej-nen have a right of ; 

eedom. 28 Nov. 1702 — Is in fuch freemen ordy as ,' 
ave a right to their freedwin by biuth, as eldeft fons cf . 

eemen, or by ferving feven years apprenticelhip, or 
lave it by redtmption, whether inhabiting or not in- 
jabiting in tlie bci'ovigh at the time of their being 
lade free. 17 Jan. 1705. — Refolved to be in fuch 
reemen only as have a right to their freedom by birth, 
s eldeft fons of freemen, or by ferving feven vears 
pprenticefnip, or have it by redemption, inhabiting 
1 the faid borough at the time of their being made free. ,' 
I Jan. 17 10. — 150. -I ' 

Richmond, York/loir e. 19 Eli z. -' 

'harles Dundas, efq. SirY^awrenceDnndas, birf. 

made his ekdlion for 
Mirquis of Graham . .' 

iVilHam Norton, efq. Tliorna? Dundas, efq, ^ 

made his ekftion foi ', 
Hon. George FitzwilUan ^ 
In fuch perfons only as are owners of ancient bur "i- 
^ages in the faid borough having a rii^^ht of paftur-^.' 

D 3 i - ' 

i i 

■ \ 

u • 

( 4^ ) 

in a common field called WhitcliiF paftvire. 9 Mar 

1727.— 270. 

Riporti Torkjh'ire. 23 E Ut. T. 
Wm. Alflabie, efq. re-eleded, died in 1781 

William Lawrence, efq. 
Ch. Allanfqn, efq. died 

T^illiam La^i.vrence, efq. Hon. Frederick Robinfor 
In the inhabitants. — 200. 

Roche fter^ Kent. 23 Edvv. I. 

George Finch Hatton, 

e(q. re-elecled 


Robert Gregory, efq. re-ekcled 


\ _ N. Smith 


In the citizens. — 800. 

Ne^v Rom77ey, Kent, 42 Edw. HI. 
SirEdward Bering, bart. re-eleftc-d 
• Richard Jackfon, eTq. re-elefred 

In the mayor, 5"iurats, and 26 freemen. — 32^ 

Thomas Noel, efq, re-elefted 

■Gee. B. Brudenell, efq. re-elecled, S:iJ}x. 42 EJvv, III. 
,1m, Onflow, efq. vacated 
1 ^n 1775 

'\mo7i. "T. Onf.ow ~ re-elecled 

J'^lofe Fuller, efq. died 

'•; 1777 

^yi^'llliam Dlckenfon-, efq. re-elefted 

''.';' la the mayor, jurats and freemen, inhabiting 

',-■'' \ the fajd port, and paying fcot and lot. 19 Dec. 

;''^02.— 100. ^ 

J I Reygatej Surrey, 23E'lw.I. 

';-^on. John Yorke re-elecled - 

, y- Charles Cocks - re-elei:ted 
"1 r,In the freeholders. — 2CO. 

1 V Salop, or Shropfh'ire. 

^^oelHill, efq. re-elefted 

I'larks Baldvvyn. efq. PJchard HHl, effj. 

- ( 43 ) 
Saltajhi Cornwall. Edvv. VI. 

Sir Grey Cooper, bart. re-elefted Vacated in 

1783, on being appoint- 
ed a Lord of llie Trea- 
fury ; re -eleded 
Thomas Bradfhaw, efq. 

died 1778 , . r r 

Henry Strachey, efq. R.Hon.CbaJ^nkinfonjefq. 

Sir IFm. Janies, bart. 
John Btiller, ji-rn. 
In the mayor, recorder, fix aldermen, and twenty 

Sandwichi Ke?7t. 42 Edw. III. i 

Wm. Hey, efq. vacated Philip Stephens, efq. 477^ 

in I ^^5 Sir Richard Sutton, ;' 

bart. ~2 6(- 

^-Charles Brett, e/g. C. Brett 30] [ 

I Philip Stephens, efq. , ^ ' ■ 

In the freemen refiant and non-reliant, except tnof ] 

who receive alms . — 700 . 1 

I New Sarutn^ Wilts. 23 Ed w. I, 

Vifcoiint Folkeftone ; 
Earl of Radnor in 

1776 ' 

Hon. IF. Bowverie re-ele£l:ed 

. Wm. Huffey, efq. re-ele6ted ; 

Is in the fele8: number, i. e. the mayor and corpors, • 
tion, confifting of 56 perfons. i April, 1689. ;- 

Old Sarum, Wilts. 2 3 Edw. I. 
Thomas Pitt efq. re-elefted 

Pink. Wilkinfon, efq. re-elected., ; 

In the freeholders being biirgage-holders of 1 . ,' 
I faid borough. 14 March, 1688. — 7. ,^ 

Scarborough^ Tork/hire. 23 Edw. III. ' 

Sir H.' Pallifer, bart. va- x ■ 

cated in 1779 ""' 7 ; 

'Hon. Charles Pbipps, efq. re-ele£led ' -r « 

lEarl of Tyrconiiel re-ele6ted -c'l 

Seaford, Siffex. A^ Edw. HI. -^ '^ 

Lord Vifcount Gage John Durand; efq. | 

: ( 44 ) ; 

George Medley, efq. John Robrnfon, efq. 24 

John Molef^uorth 12 

George Medley lO' 

Mr. Robinlbn made his 

eleclon for Harwich 
C. D'Oyley ekfted in his 
i Is not only in the bailiffs, jurors and freemen, but 
In the popularity alfo. lO Feb, 1670. 

1 Shaftejbtijj, Dorfetfhlre. 23 Edw I 

jians W.Mortimer, efq. Sir T. Riimbold, bart. 174 
j^eorge Rous, efq. Francis Sykes, efq. 188 

■ ' ^ Hans Wintrop Mortimer, 

(if efq. voted in, vice SirT. 

I Rumbold 171 

1" Sir George Collier i^S 

,i' Not only in the mayor and burgeffes, but in the in- 
i ibitants paying fcot and lot. 29 Feb. 1695. — 300. 

, Shoreham, SuJJex. 23 Edw. I. 

' r John Shelley, bart. Sir Cecil Bisfhopp, b^rt. 

. larles Goring, efq. John Peachey, efq. 

All the freeholders of 40s. per annwji in the rape or 
: ndred of Bramber, in which Shoreham is fituated, 

«ye a right to vote. Aftof 1771. — ^50. 

Shre'vjjhury^ Sbropfhire. 23 Edw. I. 
Hon. Lord Clive 

^ h7i Corbet, efq. ' Sir Charlt. Leighton, bart. J 

V'illiam Pulteney, efq. re-elefted 
rftn the burgeffes inhabiting in the faid borough, 
]nn the fuburbs thereof, paying fcot and lot, and not 
ij ;:;ivlng alms or charity. 20 Dec. 1709. 9 April, 
?,3. — Is in the mayor, aldermen, and burgeffes. 
/,jMay, 1714. — 500. — N. B. Several pari/hes and" 
'liges were voted to be no part of the ancient bo- 
ugh or fuburbs. 9 April, 1723. 

' ,ri. Hip. Coxe, efq. re-elc61:ed 
'; ,'ard Philips, efq. Sir John Trevelyan, barf. 


( 45 ) 

Southampton To<ivn. 23 Edw. I.. 
Rt. Hon. Hans Stanley, 

died 1730 , . , .</. 

John Fuller, efq. re-elected 2H 

John Fleming, efq. Hans S oane, efq. 249 

*^ Jo h7i Fleming, efq. 237 

In the burgeffes and inliabitants. 31 Lee 1689. 
Refolved, that the out-living burgeffes, as well as the 
burgeffes (inhabitants) paying Icot and lot, had a 
right to vote. 17 March, 16^5.— 400.— Mayor and 
bailiffs are the returning officers. April 3, 1735- 

Southivark, Borough of. 23 Edw. I. 
Henry Thrale, efq. Sir Rich. Hotham,kt. 1177 

Kat. PolhiU, efq. re-elected } died ^^^r 

Hen. Thrale, efq. 1^' ' 

Hen. Thornton, efq. 97< ' 
James Adair, efq. 3^' •' 
Is only In the Inhabitants paying icot and lot , 
lO Nov. 1702. — 1500' I 

Stafordfhlre. , 'l 

SirTno.WrottefleVjbart. re-ekaed 
Sir Wm.Bagot, bart. Vifcount Lewilham 

Stafford Torjjn. 23 Edw\ I. 
Rich. Whitworth, efq. Hon. Edw. Monckton 2 ■ ■ 
HugoMeynell, efq. Rich. Bnnlley Shenda. , .. 

efq. ^ , , 

Rich. V/hitnuorth, efq. \ ■ 

Drummond, efq. _ 

In the mayor, aldermen, and burgeffes reliant with 
the borough. 27 Nov. 1722.— 400. ^■ 

Stamford, LincolnfJjlre. 23 Edw. I. ii 

Sir Geo. Hov^^ard, K. B. re-elefted .^ « 

"Henry Cecil, efq. re-elefted ■ 

In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot, and not ;> ; 
ceiving alms or public chanties. 28 March, 17 ^ ; 

—500. • '^, . 

Steynifig, Suffex. 4 Edw. II. :c i 

Th. Edw. Freeman, efq. Sir T. G. Skipwitb, H f 


( 46 ) 
Film. KoneywGod, efq. re-elected ; made his elec- 
tion for Kent 
John Bullock, efq. 
Agreed^ to be In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot, 
and not receiving alms. lo April, 1701. — Ao-ieed to 
be in the conftables and houieholders (inhabitants) 
>A7ithin the borough paying fcot and lot, and not re- 
ceiving alms. 17 Feb. 1710. — So. 

Stockbridge^ Hants, x Eliz. 
Lord Jrnham 
lion. J. Luttrell, vacated 

i" 1775 re-elea:ed 65 

Hon. Ja. Luttrell re-elefted 66 

R. Mayne, efq. 51 

I _ _ Sir Willoughhy AJlon jj 

I In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot. — 70. 

Sudbury-, Suffolk, i Eliz. 
vr Patrick Blake, bart. re-elefted 

■ Sir Wal. Hanmer, bart. P. C. Crefpigny, efq. 

, Sir James Marriott voted] 

in, vice Mr. Crefpigny ■ 
yohn*Henniker, efq. 
Only in the fons of freemen born after their fathers': 
-ere made free, and in fuch as have lerved feven years 
f.^prenticefhip, or made freemen by redemption, 
f' Dec. 1703. 

■i Suffdk. 

■jlpwland Holt, efq. Sir John Rous, bart. 

' r T. C. Bunbury, bart. re-ele£led 

: % . Surrey. ' ' :• 

V'J F. Vincent, bart. SirJ. Ma^Abey 2419 s 

;l>";died in 1775 * Hon. Aug. Keppel, 217-9? 

■i| ;'Scawen, efq. vacated in 1782, on be-; 

■ \f.Mavjbey, barU ing appointed Firft Lord 1 
' •;! of the Adm.iralty 

' Hon. % Onfloiu 150611 

^ '• Lord Althcrpe, vice H. ' 

Aug. Keppel 

^i^i Suffex. 

jVi rd Geo. H. Lenox re-elecled 

'- T. S. Wilfbn Hon. T. Pelhana 

^ ^7 ) 

Tatmoo^tb, StaJordA'ire. S Eliz. 
\g\\\ Thurlow, efg. Ld. 
I Cnancellor, 177S 

tnthony Cbamter^ efq. fe-eleoled ; died in 1780 

^ De Greyjjun. efq. John Calvert, 'efq. 

John Courtney, efq. 
j In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot, and in fuch 
eilons as have freeholds within the borough, whether 
elhient in the borough or not. 17 March, 1692. — 
n the inhabitants, being houieholders, paying fcot and 
pt, and not recerving ahns. 23 Jan. 1712. — 250, 
1 T'a'vijlocky Dd'VGnJnire. 23 Edw. I. 

b. Hon. Rich. Rigby re^elefted 

Ion. R. Fitzpatrick re-elefted Vacated in 

April 1783, en being 

appointed Secretary at 

War ; re-eleded , 

In the freeholders of inheritance in poffeffion, in- , 

,abiting within the faid borough. 13 March, 169^. " 

|. Feb. 1696. 19 Jan. 1702.-110. " } 

ThuntoHi Somerfetjhire. 23 Edw. I, " , 

Mex. Popham, efq. John Roberts, efq. died '1 

in March, 1782 \ 

ohnHalliday, efq. re-ele6led 

Benj. Hammet, efq. vice • 
John Roberts, efq* 
. In the inhabitants within the faid borough being 
botwailers, and not receiving alms or cliarity. 38 July^ ■ 

715.-^300. ^ ;- 

Te^kejhuryt Gloucefterjhire. 12 Jamesl. 
SirW.Codrington, bart. re-ele£lcd 
fofeph Martin, efq. died 

j in 1776 ! '. 

yfames Martin^ efq. ^ re-ele61:ed I ; 

I In the inhabitants paying fcot and lot. — 500. ■ i 

Jhetfordy Norfolk, i Edw. VI. ' 

:ion. Ch. Fitzroy Rich. Hopkins, efq. vax • 

cated in 1782, on beinT: - 

appointed a Lordof th- _'' 

Admiralty; re-ele6le''' 

p-, F. Scudaraore, efq^ re-elefted ; vacated in m'b ^ 

I Earl of Eultoa ' 1 

u' . 

( 4S )" 

In the mayor, burgefTes (which are ten), and In the 
commonalty, or common council, (wliich ,'>r.e twenty), 
amounting in the whole to thirty-one. 7 June, 16S5, 

Tohj^ie, YorkMiire. 23 Ed w. HI. Edw. VI. 
Sir T. Frankland. bart. Sir Tho. Garcoigne, bart. 
T. Frankland, efq. Beilby Thompfon, efq. 

In the burgage- holders of Old Thirlke. 

i'iverton, DevonJ/dre. James I. 
: Nat. Rider, efq. Lord 

Hirrowby in 1776 
^John Wilmoty efq. re-elefred 

•^Sir John Duntzc, bart. re-tlefted 

In the mayor, recorder, burgelfesj and a{rii'i:ants.--2.6,: 

'Totnefs^ Dei)0}i/hire. 23 Edw. I. 
' Sir Ph. Jennings Gierke, 
^ bart. re-ele6led 

^James Amyatt, efq. _ Launcelot Brown, efq, 
' In the freemen not inhabiting, as well as freemen 
inhabiting within the faid borough. 4 Mar. i695.-r-ii;. 

'Tregojty, CornnvalU Edw. I. 5 Eliz. 

lon.G. L, Parker John Stephenfon, efq. 

',<ir Alex, Leith, bart. John Dawes, efq. 

3 Agreed to be in all the inhabitants that provide for;* 
\ lemfelves, whether they live under the fame roof or;j 
lot. 5 March, 1695.— 100. j, 

\ "Truro, Cornnx)alL 13 Edw. I. 

freorge Bofcawen, efq. Henry Rofewarne, efq 
1; amber Gafcoyne, efq. re-elefted 
'i|. In the mayor and fele6t number of burgefTeSta 
f\ May, 1689. — 26. 

■: IVallingfordy Berk /Jure. 23 Edw. I. 

[ r Robert Barker, knt. John Aubrey, efq. 
;! hn Cator, efq. Chaloner Arcedeckne, efq. 

'- In the mayor, aldermen, bailiffs, and eighteen 
";. iftants, together with the Inhabitants of the faid 
V- rough paying feet and let, and not receiving alms. 
/,, Dec, I709. — ici, W,\ 




( 49 ) 

IFarekatn, DorfetJJzh^e. 3° Edw. I. 
) Tljn. Wm. G^irard Thomas Faner, efq. 

.!-::•:. Doyley, efq. John Boyd, efq. 

'.V the mayor, niagiftrates, and freeholders, and all 
t '■ pay fcdt and lot. -5 June, 1661.— Is only in the 
i Y-'r and magiilrates of the laid borough as payfcot 
' i lot and in the freeholders of lands or tenements 
t re, who have been bona^ to their own nfe, in 
1; a'61ual occupation, or in the receipts of the ren^s 

ere marriaoe-fettlement, or promotion to ibme bens- 
s'in the church. 19 Jan. I74.7. — 150. 

JVarvjickJhire. ' 

■ Charles Holt, bart. Sir Robert Lawley, bart. ' 

George Skipwith, efq. Sir Geo.Shuckburgh,bait. -' 

IVarvjick Toivn. 23 Edw. I, .1 

3n. Ch. Fr* Greville re-ekded a©?- Vacat- ,' 

ed on being appointed (, 
Treafurer of tlie Houfe- j 
hold j re-eledted 
3n. Rt. Fulke Greville Robert L?.dbrokej efq. ni. , 

Hon. R. Grevil/e 187 ; , 

In the commonalty of the fa id town. 3 May, 1628. 
Is in fuch perfons only as do pay to church and poor ; ; 
the faid borough. 31 Jan. 172:1.— 500. ., • 

IVells Chy. 23 Edw. I. 
ement Tudway, efq. Clement Tudway 12^ 

abert Child, efq. Ro. Child (diedin 178^)105 

Ihomas Cczvardf efij.. 95 / ' 
G. Loi-el 52i' .• 

John Curtis, efq. vice Mr ' * 
Child ^ 11:; 

Is in the mayor, mafters, and burgefles of the faiifc • 
ty., 18 Feb. 1695. — IL B. The bye-law of I7I217 - 
r infli6ling penalties on the mayor and burgell^i' ^' 
:clared to be arbitrary and iilegal. , 30 May, 1716^5 J 
efolved, to be in the mayor, mafters, and burgeile::' ^ 

4 - ^'^ ^ 

( $0 ) 

and in fuch pejfons as are (by cenfent of the nu 
and common-council) admitted to their freedom |i« 
any ot the feven trading companies, on account 
birth, fervitude, or niairiage. 2" May, 1723.—^'", 
fame refolution. 18 Aprii, I729. — The fame ag: 
II March, 1-34..— 500. 

JFendoi^e?; Bucks. .28 Edw. I. 2'i Ja. I. 
John Adams, efq. made 
his eleiTtion for Car- 
Henry Drummondi efq. Richard Smith, efq. . 
j Jofeph Bullock, efq. va- 

' cated John Manfell Smith, ef 

Thomas Dummer, efq. Sir John Elliot 

- Richard Heai-'ifide, efq. 
i Agreed t® be in the inhabitants (houfekeepers wi 

^ in the borough) not receiving alms. But pcrf 
^] coming by certiiicate to live in the borough have m 
' Mght to vote. 21N0V. I702. — i'6o. 

^ JVenlockyShropJhire. Kdw. IV. 

SirIL Bridgeman, bart. re-elefted 
Geo. Forefter, ef4. Tho.Whitmore, efq. m 

hiseleft. forBridgno. 
George Forefter, efq. 
'. 1 In the burgefTes. — 100. 

V IVeohley, Herefordjhire. 23 Edw. L' ,i6Car.-i 

% J. S.Leger Douglas, efq. re-ekaed, 

;''t Sir W-in. Lynch, K.B. 

^'ijj c vacated in 1780 

\% Andrew Bayntun, efq. _ re-ele61:ed 

, i'ojf Agreed to be in the inhabitants of houfes of ■j 

!'i fer ann* pa-ying fcot and lot. 13 Jan. 1698. • 

'■ . iblved, to' be in the inhabitants of the ancient v< 
i/|i houfes o^ zo%. per <2«77. value and upwards, refid 

' in the faid houfes forty days before the day of e- 
3 i)'i tion, and paying fcot and lot ; and alfo in the owi s 
iiif*!jof fuch ancient vote-houfes, paying fcot and 
1 '■ who fhall be refident in fuch houfes at the timt 

'.' the ekten.--3 March, 1736,— Sc. 
^ Wefth 

( 51 ) 

IFeflbury, V/ilts. 27 Hen. VI. 

Bayley. efq.vacatedivY^ 

m.EJrjuickt efq. re-clecred. Vacated by 

accepting of the Seci^- 
taryfiiipcf Chtrlfea Hof- 
pital ; re-el efted 

)n. T. F. W^man JohnWhalleyGardiner,efq. 

Refolved, that the tenants of buigage-houfes, by 

,fe for years ablblute, have a right to vote, i Dec. 

32,. — Is in every tenant of any burgage-teneinent in 

', for life, or ninety-nine years, determinable upon 

es, or by copy of court-roll, paying a burgage- 

it of 4-c{. or 2d. yearly, being refiJent in the borough, _ 

d not receiving alms. 1 June, I7I5. — 50. 
JVeJIlco, CornroalL Edw. VI. 

m. James, efq. re-elecled ; — now Sir W. 

Ogilvy, efq. vacated 1 775 James, bart. 

bn RogcrSi efq. John Buller, efq. vacated 

in March 178^ •' 

T.-Somers Cocks, efq. ] 

In the mayo,r, aldermen, burgelles, and freemen. — 53. 

IVeJlminjUr City. 1 Edw. VI. { 

Percy, baron Percy, 1 7 76 ; 

r^/Pt-/^r/7«>?i,a peer, 1 7 79 

rd Maiden ' Hon. Cha. James Fox 4878 

vacated in 1782, on be- 
ing appointed fecretary 
of Hate ; re-ek£led— Va- . 
cated 1783, on the fame 
appointment 5 re-eleded ' 

>rd T. P. Clinton Sir G.Rodney, bart. 5298 

May 28, 1782, vacated, 
on being created Lord 
Earl of Lhicoln A~Sl ^, \ 

Sir Cecil Wray, bart. vice \ 
Lord Rodney, elected^ , 
without oppoliticn. '■'" 

Inhabitants pavin^ fcot and lot. The King's menial- ' 

vanrs, having no proper houfes of their own in^,. 

'eftn^iinfter, have no right to vote. 15 Nov. 16 2o.' ' 

uooo. E 2 ■" ^ 

( \?2 ) 

S"r Ja. Lowther, bart. 

made his eleftion for 

James Lor^ther^ efq. re-ele^'^ed 

Sir Mic. Le Fleming, bar. re-elefted 

V/eymmithi 12 E*w. If. and Melcombe Regis ^ 8 Ed. I 
United by Elizabeth iiito one corporation, tho' tw- 
boroughs, and fend four members. 
Rt. Hon. \VcIibore E'lis re-elefted 
W. Cnafia Grove, efq. re-elefted ; vacated in lyS- 

Wi]]. Rich. Rumbold, d( 
Jcbn Purling, efq. re-eleaed 

John Tucker, efq. died 


Gabriel Sle^ivart, efq, Warren Lifle, efq. vacate 

* _ in 1780 

^' Gabriel Stew^irt, efq. 

Agreed to be in the mayor, aldermen, baibfFs, an' 

pita] burgelTes, inhabiting in the borough, andi 

■fons feifed of freeholds within the borough, am 

. ■; receiving alms. 7 May, i730» — 4-00. 

J'/h'ii church J Hampjriire. 27 Ehz. 
;,' .'. "'Ion. T. Town fh end re-ele6ied. Vacated i 
'i ' i732,onbeingapp3inte' 

S fee. at war — re-eleclec 

'^l'' "Vacated sg'iin, on berl; 

appointed fecretary < 
Y ftate ; re-ele£Ved. Crea 

f ' ed Lord Sydney in 17^ 

'■':.ord Vife. MIddleton re-ele5ted 

W, Sclwyn, efq. vice Lot 
1 1 Sydney 

,;!' In the free/holders only of lands or tenements, : 
rig;ht of theinfelves, or their wives, not fplit fin 


;-,i?he 2.51 of the 7th and 8th years of the reign of K.ii 
\:iVViliiani. 2I Dec. I708. — 70. 

!">' Wi/an, Lancq/Iiire. 2^Edw. L i Edw. VI. 
f:'3eo. Byng, tfq. Hon. Horatio Walpole • 

( 53 ) 

r v:. Hotbam, efq. va- Vacated in April 

c:aed in 1775 I783, on being appointed 

Sec. andRegifierofChel- 
fea Hofpital ; re-eleded 
J.2vlorto7i, ^/'^. deceafed H. Samp. Bridgeman, efq. 

died in 1782 71 

Sir R'uhard Clayton 33 
John Cotes, efq. vice 
Mr. Bridgeman ^ 

Jn the free bnrgefies. — 200. 

V/iIici7y IFilts. 2,3 Edw. I. 
3on. Nich. Herbert died 


Charles Herbert, efq. Lord Herbert 

ilenry Herbert, efq. Rt. Hon. W. G. Harniltorr ' 

Agreed to be in the mayor and burgeffes, v/ho- are 1 
to do all corporate afts, and receive the facranieht, i 
i8 Nov. I702. I7 March, I710 — 80, 

WdtMre. . 

Ambrofe Goddard, efq. re-elecled 1 

Cha. Penruddocke, efq. re-elecled '; 

Winc,helfea, Sujfex. 42 Edw. III. 
C. Wolf. Corne wall, efq. re-ekcted 
A.rn. Nesbitt, efq. made ' 1 

his eleftion for. 
iViliiam Nefbit, efq', John Ne&bit, efq. ' ■' 

Agreed to be in the mayor, jurats, and freemeg ' 
7. Feb. I7II. — 4.0. 

V/ifichefier Chy- 23 Edv7. I. 
Henry Penton, efq. re-elected 

Love! Stanhope, efq. re-elefted '■ ' 

Stated to be in the mayor, recorder, aldermen, bal ■ 
liffs, and corporation. 20 061. 1690. ' il 

Windfor, Berks. 5 Edw. I. ^ 

Hon. Aug. Keppell P. Poi tiock PowneV} ef: • 


pon. John Montague ^ re-elecled zi' f ■ 

Hon. A. Keppel i c' i 

In the inhabitants who pay fcot and lot. 4 No f 
1680.— In the mayor, bailiffs, and fek^l number j 
E,3 bu'. 

biirgeff^s only i May, zC^. -Commit tee refolded 
the right oi- eleaion was in the mayor, bailifFs, and 
felea number of biirgefTes only ; but the houfe dif- 
agree.l. I7 May, 1690. Agreed to be in theinhabi- 
tants of the borough paying icot and lot. 14 April 
I7I5.— 450. * 

_ IVood/lock, 'Oxfordfoire, 30 Edvv. I. 
John Skinner, efq. va- 

ca4:ed in 1777 
Lord barker re-ele6]:ed 

William Eden, efq. re-elefted. Vacated in 

April 1 783, on being ap- 
pointed one of the Vice-; 
Treifurers of Ireland \ 
In the ma3'or, aldermen and freemen of the faidi 
borough. 16 March, 17I4. — 400, 
! Worcelicrjhire. 

iRt. Hon. W. Dovvdef- 

well died in 1775 
W. Lygon, efq. re-elefted 

Hon. Edw. Foley re-elefted 

WorceJlerCity, 23 Edw. I. 
r. Bates Rous, efq. re-tlected * 

,j ohn Waim, efq. Hon. Vv m. Ward 

t Sir W: Lewes Y 1 1 j 

1 Agreed to be m the fremen not receiving alms, j 
teb. 7, 1693.^ — In the citizens not receiving alm^, 
nd admitted to their freedom by birth or fervitude, or 
>y redemption, in order to trade within the laid 
'jUy. II Feb. I747. — 2000. 
;: IVotton Bajpty Wiltjlire. 25 Hen. VI. 

I on. Henry St. John re-elefted 

'^obt. Scott, efq. William Strahan, efq. 

lis in the principal inhabitants. — 150. 
''■•' Chipping -V/y comb y Bucks, 28 Edw. I. 

'ph. Waller, efq. re-elefted 

,rbn, T. Fitzmaurice Lord Mahon 
VAgreed to be in the mayor, bailiffs, and burgelTes 
•vl receiving alms. 28 Jan. I702. — 170. 

TartTioiith, Norfolk. 23 Edw. I. 

Townfliend, efq. ie-elefted. ^Vacated in 

iT^i, on being appoint- 

ed Treafurer of the Na- 
vy ; re-ele6ted 
Hon. Richard Walpole re-ekaed 
Is in the burgetfes at large.— 730. 

Yarmouth, liampjhire. 23 Edw. I. 
J. Clark, efq. vacated 1779 

Roht. KingfnnlU efq. . Edward Morant, efq. 
E. Wor{ky,erq.vicat.i775 

James Worjley, efq. Edward Rufhv/orth, efq. 

vacated in 1781 
Sir T. Riimbold, bart. 
The bye-Iavs?, made Sept. 21, 1670, for elefting'' 
free-burgeiTes, by the mayor and five chief burgeffesy 
was a good bye-law. n April, 1717, — 50. 

Tork/hire. \ 

Sir Geo. Savile, bart. re-ele£red , 

Edu'in Laicelles, efq. Henry Duncombe, efq. , 

Perfons whofe freeholds lie in the Ainfty have a righ' 

'to vote. 9 March, I735. 1 

Tork City. 23 Edw. T. 1 

Rt. Hon. Lord John Ca- re-elefted. — Vacated ir, 

vendifh 17S2, on being appoint^ | 

ed Chancellor of th 
Exchequer 5 re*ele6tec, ^ 
Vacated again 1783, o , 
f^me account; re-eledte 
Cha. Turner, efq. reeleded — nowSirCharl^ ■< 

Turner, bart. 
Is in the corporation and citizens. — 1500, 

V^ALES, by an aa 27 Hen. VHT. 
RECAPiTULATiON-^The firft fummons for R-. J 
prefentatives for Counties (and fome Cities) w: ; 
the 4-9th of Henry HI. The firft returns for jliires ( il 
record,' i8th of Edward III. Firft returns for Citi' 
and Boroughs, 23 Edw. I. ; ; 

14.7 Counties, Cities, and Boroughs, fent Reprcfent - 
tives to Parliament at the accefTion of Hen. VJH. ." ' 
31 were added by Henry Vni. — z\ by Edward ^' ' 
— 14 by Mary — 31 by Elizabeth — 14 by James J" 
— 8 by Charles I. — 4 by Charles II. — 4^? by Ani 
for Scotland. SCO'- 

( 56 ) 


AhsrdtenJ/nre. - 
Alex. Gardtn, efq. re-elefted 

Countv of Air. 
David Kennedy, efq. ' Hugh Montgomery 65 

Sir Ad. Fereuffon, bart. 
' votc:d in, vice Mr. Mont- 
gomery -^ 

_, , ■ , , ArgyleMre. 

Hobert Campbe]], efq. 

' .vacated in 1771 

^^dam Li-vingjone, efq. Lord Frederick Campbell 

\ , Aherhrcthock, Aberdeen^ (^c. 

Hon.T. Lyon, died 1778 
Xda77i D/U7?2mondy efq. re-eleaed 

.L K. ja. Duff, Earl of 

^': Fife re-ele(f^ed 

Pringle, jun. efq. va- Hugh Scot, jun. efq. to 
""^"^ i ' ' 9 Sir John Paterfon, bart. 3 5 

^'johnPaierjon, bart. The eleftion declared void 

(' Hugh Scot, jun. efq. 

\. Pate and, Caitlmefsfiire. 

jriiOxi. Stuart John Sinclair, efq.- 

,,' Isaini. and Cromarty Shires. 

'Ivfir.o Gordon, efq. 
'■,vi'r. Gordon vacated in 

I ; in Campbell, e'q. George Rofs 

^, Crailli Kinreriny, <sfc. 

';■}>]. Anftriither, efq. 
•yacattd in 1777 

j']^. George Darner Sir John Anfl:ruther, bart. . 

John Anlh-ather, vice Sir 
; 1 John Anftruther 

Cupar i Perth., ^c. 
I 3rge Dempxter, efq. re-ekaed 

§' Frederick CampbelT 

s -—■■■■I 

( 57 ) 

Sir Arch. Edmcnftone, Lord Fred. Campbell 27 
bai-t. Hon.G.K.Elphinfton, 19 

• voted in on petition 

Ciiirofs, Dumfermiine, ^c. 
James Campbell re-eiefted 

, J. F. Erjkine., efq. 
Sir Robert Laurie, bart. re-ele£led 

H. Dundas, efq. re-ekaed.—Vacated in 

1782,00 being appoint-^ 
ed treafurer of the navy' 
— chofen for Newton 
Hants, which he vacat-" 
ed, and afterwards re- 
eleded for this counts' 
Edinburgh CHy. 
Sir Lawrence Dundas re-elecled ; died in Sept' 

1 78 1 1 

V/ill. Miller^ jun. efq. 
James Hunter Blair, vie' 
Sir L. Dundas \ , 

Hon. Art. Duff, vacated 1779 
Ld. Wm. Gordon re-e1eaed ' ' 

John Scott, efq. died 1776 ., 

y. T'. Qfwald,ejq. vaca 1. 1779 

J. Hendcrfoni efq. Robert Skeene, efq. 

Eirl of Panmure re-eiefted ; died Jan. i*;^ 

Archil:>a!d Douglas, efq' . : 
G!afj:o~Vf Dii?nbarto7iy 'isic 
Lord Fred. Campbell John Crauford ' 

Wm. Fullarton^ efq. \ 
Sir G. Snttie, bart. vacaL.1777 i " ' 

Will. Wiibet, efq. Hugh Dalrymple, efq. j, . 

Iniierjifjflisre. ;, . 

Hon. Simon Frafer re-elecled^ dledinFeb.i ' 

Han.A.Fraf€r,viceS.Frf *" , 

r 5s ; 

Invernefs, Nairyz, ^c, 
Cofmo Gordon, efq. Sir Heftor Monro. 

Ir-vhie, Airs Ro^hfay., zs'c. 
Hon. Fred. Stuart Sir J. A. Edmonftone 

"Lord Adam Gordon re-elefted 

_ Kinrofs mid Clackmatinon Counties. 

*l. Abercrombie, efq. George Graham, efq.. 

Kintore, Banff, <^c. 
>ta. Long Morris, efq. re-ekaed 

James Grant j efq. 
Kirkaldy^ Bruntifland, c£7>. 
Fohn Johnftone, efq. Sir John Iltnderfon, bart. 

Iie7iry Dundas, efq. 
A Kirkudbi'ight 

I ^^m. Stuart, efq. Peter Johnfton, efq. 

1^ John Gordon, efq. 

1. The ticclion decLired void 

Peter Johnltanj efq. 
• , LanerkfJiire. 

|>nd. Stuart, efq. re-eie6led 

r W. A. Cunynghain, hart. re-elef!:ed. 

Lauder^ Haddingto?^, isfe, 
J)n.J. Maitland, died 
tpn 1779 

•| incis Cbarterisf efq. re-ele>?:ed 
. ji Lochmaban, Dumfries.) fe'r. 

jl^m. Douglas, jun, eiq. Sir Robert Herries, knt. 
■' ' Orkney and ZetumdJIiire. 

«i;,.fOmas Dundas, efq. Robert Backie, efq. 
('.i-. Cha. Dundas, efq. voted in^ 

"ifj vice Mr. Backie 

ij - Teehlesfnre. 

'■ ''A Advocate vacated 

■ji. Murray, efq. re-eleded. V^icated In 

1783, on being appoint- 
ed one of the Lords of», 
S: ffion 
A'ex. Murray, efq. vice 
Alex. Munay, efq. 


( 50 ) 

Aii. Hav^ e.fb. .4icd in 1775 

Sir R.'M^Lkki K.B. Alex. Murray, cfq. j 

Hon. James Murray re-elecled 

John Craufurd, efq. John Shaw Stewart, efq. 

Rt.Hn. J. S. Mackenzie Hon. J, Mackenzie 

Rt. Hon. Sir G. Eiliot, 

bart. died in 1777 » 

Sir G.Elliot, his fon re-eleaed^ 

L<,rd Rob. Kerf - .. 

John Pringle, efq. re-elecled ' 

Selkirk, efq, ' 

Selkirk, Lanerk, Peebles, he i 

Sir J^imcsGockburn re-ele6led j 

Scott i efq. 

Stlrlingfhire. ' 

Thomas Dundas, eiq. re-elefted, now Sir Tt' 

Dundas, bart. ,.* ' 

Stranranxjer, Wigto^xm, Whittkorjij ^c. ' 
^ir H. W. Dafliwood W. Adam ; vacated iniy. ' ' 

on being appointedTr*' ■' ; 
fiirer to the Ordnance^ ., 
re- elected 
Suikerlandfhire , * 

'Hon. James Wemyfs re-elecled 

Wigtoqvnfnire. ; 

Hon. Keith Stewart re-elefted '' ■: 

Wicki I'ayn, isc. ' / 

James Grant Charles Rofs, efq. ' 'u 

A Summary of the (whole Hovfe of Commons. , 
' 40 Counties in England fend - 80 knights ■ ■ i 

25 Cities C^^y none] London 4 50 citizens. - 
.167 Boroughs 2 each - - - - 334 burgefl; f ' 
5 Boroughs(Abingdon, Banbu- n '^ 

ry, Bewdly, Higham Fer- > 5 burgef't '^ 
rers, Monmouth^ i each ^ 


( 60 ) 

« ITniverfities - - - - - 
S Cinque-ports, viz. Hidings, 
Dover, Sandwich, Rumney, 
Hythe,and their three branch- 
es, Rye, Winchelfea, and 
12 Counties in Wales - - - • 
12 Boroughs, ditto - - - - 
Shires of Scotland - - - 
Boroughs of ditto - - - 

Sum Total - - ^5^ 

4 burgefies 

16 barons. 

12 knights, 
iz burgefils. . 
30 knights. 
15 burgefies. 


*■ ' 'Elected in 1774. 

Duke of Gordon 
\ Earl of Galloway 

Earl of Dunmore 
» Earl of Dalhoufie , 
'^^arl of Breadalbane 

Earl of Eglington 
^ iarl of Abercorn 

^arl of Loudon 
„^'^arl of ilberdeen 
i'")uke of Queensberry 

i' ^^^arl of Marchmont 
',arl of Rofe berry 
,:"^.arl of Bute 
:. ''ifcount Stormont 
v^larquis of Lothian 
n arl of Caffiiis 


EleS^ed in 1780. 
Duke of Athol 

re-elected ' 

Earl of Lauderdale 
re-el efted 
Earl of Glencalra 
re-el e tied 


ii^ mterhury. Dr. Thomas Seeker died in Augufl- 
1',^' 1768, when the Hon. Dr. Frederick Cornwallis wa 
tranflated from Litchfield and Coventry, who die( 
in I783 : when Dr. John Moore was trani]ate< 
from Bangor in his room 

'.rk. Dr. John Gilbert died in 1761, and th^ 
Hen. Dr. Robert Drummond, tranflated from Salil 


( 6i ) ^ 

tnry to this fee, in his room, died in 1775'? and Dr. 
^^^TJ.Markham tranfiated froni Cheder in his rooir, 

,ondon. Y>\'. Thomas Sht-ricck died in 1761, anu 
was fucceeded by Dr. Thomas Hayter, Bifliop of 
Norwich, who died in 176a, when Dr. Richard 
Oroaldefton was tranll ited from CarJifle, who dieci 
in 1764 5 and on May 22, 1764, Dr, Richard 1 er- 
rick was tranlLited to the ibe or London \ diedApril,. 
1777, andDr. Robert Lowth tianliated Iroin Ox- 
ford in his room, 

^urkatn. Hon. Dr. Richard Trevor died June 9, 
1771, and, was iucceeded by Dr. Egerton, Biiliop . 
of Litchfield and Coventry 

Vi7icheJIer. Dr. Benjamin Hoadley died in 1761, and 
Dr. John Thomas was then tranfLited fVopi Salifoiny, 
who died in May 17S1, and the Pion. Dr. Brownlow ^ 
North was tranflated from Woiceiler in his room. , 

ily. Dr. Matthias Mawfon died November 23, I 770, j 
when Dr. Edmund Keene was tianflated from Chef- 
ter to this fee ; and dying injuly 1781, was fucceeded } 
by the lion. Dr. James Yorke, tranflated from. the , 
fee of Gloucelter. _, 

lath and JVells. Dr. Edw. Willes died in_ 1773? and '^ \ 
was fucceeded by Dr, Charles Mofs, Bifhop of St,'' 
David's. ' , , 

incoln. Dr. John Thomas tranflated to Sali-ljury; ; , 
in 1761, and Dr. John Green, confecrated in hir.' '■ 
room, died 1779? and was fucceeded by Dr. Thonia; •' 

lercford' Right Hon. Lord James Beauclerk. 

ixeter- Dr. George Lavington died in 1762, and th;| 
lion. Dr. Fred. Keppeli confecrated in Ki% rcom^, . 
who died Dec. 1777? when Dr. John Rofs was con' ;, ■ 
lecrated in his room. ,' ; 

"arliile. Dr. Richard O&aldeflon tranflated to Lon j jlj , 
don in 1762} and Dr. Charles Lyttelton confecrate."' 
"in his room, who died in 1769, and was fucceeded b- ; ; 
Dr. iE-dmund Law. ' ; 

alijhnry. Dr. John Thomas tranflated to Winchef , ji ! 
tei- ia i76i> vice Hoadley decgafed, and was fuc'"' J 
F c^edc- i 

( 6. ) 

ceeJed by the Hon. Dr. Robert Drummond, wh{ 
was in the lame year tianllated to York, and Dr 
John Thomas was tianllated from Linco'n to Salif. 
bui)', who died July 20, 1766, and was i'ucceedet 
by Dr. John Hume, Biihop of Oxford, who diec 
in June 1782, and was fucceeded by the Hon. Dn 
Shiite Barrirgton, Bifliop of Landatf. 
Rochefter. Dr. Zach. Pearce died in 1774, when Dr 
John Thomas, Dean cf Wellminlter, was confe- 
crated Bifliop of Rochefter in his room. 
St. Afaph. Hon. Dr. Robert Drumrnond tranflated ir 
1761 to Saliibuiy, and Dr. Richard Newcome tranl'- 
lated flora Landaft'in his room, who died in June 
1769, and was fuc.eeded by Dr. Jonathan Shipley. 
Bifliop of Landsft'. 
■rNor^uicb. Dr. Thomas Hayter tranflated to, London 
r in 1 76 1, and Dr. Philip Yonge, Bifliop of Briftol, 
r fucceeded him, who died in April I783. 
^LitcbfieU and Co'veniry. Hon. Dr. F'rederick Corn- 
Tp vvallis tranflated to Canterbury in Auguft 1768, 
n and fucceeded by Dr. John Egcrton, Bifliop of Ban- 
r-. gor ; who, in June 177I) was tranflated to Dur- 
j ham, and the Hon. Dr. Brownlow North, confecrated 
)Jl in his room, tranflated to Worcefter in 1774, and 
IC fucceeded by Dr. Richard Hurd, who was tranflated 
'7., to the fee of Worcefl:er in July 1781, and was fuc- 
i r, ceeded by the Hon. Dr. James Cornwallis. 
\p)he/ler. Dr. Edmund Keene, tranflated to Ely in 
r Dec. 177G, andDr. Wilh-im Markham confecrated 
i5 </j in his room. The lafl: tranflated to York in 1776, 
%.. ^and Dr. Beilby Porteous confecrated in his room. 
si 'orcefler. Dr. James Johnfon died in Nov, 1774, 
I fucceeded by Dr. Brownlow North, Bifliop of 
("Litchfield and Coventry, who was tranflated in 
4,1 May 1 78 1 to the fee of Winchefter, and was fuc- 
'V/ceeded by Dr. Richard Hurd, tranflated from the 
.' fee of Litchfield and Coventry. 

■ 1 • Da'vid's, Dr. Anthony Ellis died in 1761, and 

' !was fucceeded by Dr. Samuel Squire, who died 

'. "* May 17, 1776* when Dr. Robert Lowth was confe-' 

^krated in his room ; in 06lober following he was, 

- tranflated to Oxford, and Dr. Charles Mofs-confe- 

c rated 

( 63 ) 

crated Bi/hop of St. David's, who was, in 1774., 
tranllated to Bath and Wells, and fiiccesded in 
fee by the Hon. Dr.JamesYcike, tranllued to Giou- 
celier in 1779) when Dr. John Warren was coi'le- 
crated in his room, who in May J 783 was tranflated 
to Bangor. 

Chichefter. Dr. (nowr Sir) William Aihburnham. 

Landaff. Dr. Richard Newconie trariflated to St. 
Afaphinr76i, and Dr.-John Ewer conlecrated iu 
his room, who, in December 1768, was tranllated to • 
Bangor, and was fucceeded by Dr. Jonathan Ship- 
]ey, who, in 1769, was tranflated to St. Afaph, * 
when the Hon. Dr. Shute Harrington was conie- 
crated Bifnop of Landaff, who was in 1782 tranl'- ' 
lated to Salifbuiy, when th; Rev. Dr. Rich.Watlon 
wasconfecrated in his room. ' 

Oxford. Dr. John Hume tranflated in July 1766 ' 
to Sailfl^ury, and Dv. Robert Lowth, Biihop of St, ^ 
D-ivid's, tranflated to the biflioprick of Oxford, In . 
May, 1777, Dr. J. Butlerwas confecrated Bp. of Ox- ' 
ford in the rooin of Dr. Lowth, tranflated to London. ' 

Bangor. Dr. John Egerton tianflated in 06lober' 
1768 to Liichrield and Coventjy j and in Decern-'' 
ber following. Dr. John Ewer fucceeded him^ who 
died in 06tober 17 74-, and was fucceeded by Dr.' ' 
John Moore, who in April 1783 was trau.fl.ited tO'- ■ 
Canterbury, when Dr. John Warren was tranflated , 
from St. David's to this See. 1 

I Peterborough. T}y. Richard Terrick tranflated in' 
May, 1764., to London, and Dr. Robert Lambcon- 
iecrateci in his room. Dr. Lamb died in 1768, ztid 
Dr. John Hinchliffe was then confecrated Bifliop of' . 
l^etei borough. 1 ■' 

ri/rol. Dr. Philip Yonge tranflated to Norwich ir '■ 
1-761, and Dr, Thomas Newton confecrated in hii, 
ruom. He died Feb. 14, 1782, and was lucceeucd Ir. 
D". Lewis Bagot. : • 

louejier. Dr. William Warburton died in I779 ' 
Hon. Dr. James Yorke tranflated from St. David.,' * 
who, in July 1781, being tranflated to the fee o ' 
Ely, was fucceeded by Yyv, Samuel Hallifax. t '^ 

fa . LOR:^ 

'( ^4 ) 

L O R D - C H A M B E R L A I N, 

And hfs Department. 

Lord Chamber la'nts. 
. Duke of Devon/hire 
Nov. 22, 1762, Duke of Majiborough, vice Duk« 

of Devon (liire 
April 22, 17^3, EarlGower,vice P. of MarlborongF 
July 12, ii^Si Duke ofPcrtland, vice Lord Govvei 
Dec. 4., 1766, Earl of. Hertford 
April 10,1782, Duke of Mancheiler 
Apni l^, J 783, Earl of Hertford, 

Vice Chamberlains. \ 

Ri". Hen. V/iiiiam Finch - ' 

1765; Lord Viljiers (now Earl of Jerfey)! 

vice. Finch 1 

177O3 Flon. Tho. Robinfon, vice Earl Ci 


1 771 J Lerdilinchinbroke, vice Hon.Th< 

Robinfon, now Lord Granthan 

1 782? Viicount Cnewton, vice Loid Hui 

cli in broke 

G-'C">mj of the Sioh. \ 

E?.rl. of Rochford j 

2 55 1760, F,arl of Bii/e. vice Fari of Poc^.for 

25, 176:1, E. of Huntingdon, viceE. of Bvitej, 

29, I •770,'E. of Briftoi,. vice E. of Huntingdc^v 

J 7 7 5 , The E-w 1 of Bi i Ftol died ' 

Viiconnt Weyn-iouth 
1775, Er^rl of At/ibvnnha;n 
17825 \i. Weynf.cuth, vice EAfiiburnhaiT 

Ljrdi f'f the Bed chamber. 
D'^ke of Anraiter, Duke of Maachefler (late). Mm 




' Feb. 


\l Feb. 

1 M^y 

/ Nov. 
h Mar 
• I an, 

«, Nov. 10 
.;^.Iay .4, 


''J qi!!S of RockinghaiTi, Enrls of Fauconberg, I 
;\^ coin, (now Duke of N-wcafti-) Afliburnham, H 
^'t f<ir(!, Covenuy. Hynoford, Notthumberiand, (ii< 
. 1 Duke) EiT-X, Oxford, Bnckingharnfhire 

Nov. 25, 1760, Marquis of Caernarvon, E. of Marc 

^ late Eirl of E'i:iingtoun, Vifcount WeymoTith, I 

,? Bruce, Vifc. Do-^^ne, Vifc. Pulteney, and Lord P 

c bcrt Bertie, appointed additicnai Lords of l:he E« 

' U fiia&bey 

( 65 ) -^""^ 

Mar. 25, 1761, Duke of Richmond, vice late Duk 

of Manchefter 
Mar. 25, 1 761 J Earl of Litchfield, vice Lord Fau- 

Mar. 25, 1761, Earl of Pembroke, vice L. Hyndford 
Mar. 25, 1761, Earl of Oxford, vice Earl of Eilex 
Nov. 2i, 1762, Lord Mafham, vice Lord Litchfield 
Nov. 22 J 1762) Lord Bolingbroke, vice Lord Downs 
F.b. • 1763, Earl of Pom fret, vice Lord Pembroke 
Feb. 1763, Lord Willoughby de Broke, vice Ld, 

Apr. 22» 1763, Duke of Manchefter, vice Marquis 

of Rockingham 
Apr, 22, 1763? Eu'l of Denbigh, vice D. of Nor- 
June ^1^S» Duke of Ancafter ceafed to be a Lon 

of the Bed-chamber, on being ap 
pointed Mailer of the Horfe to th 
July 12, 1765, Earl Cornwallis, vice L. Bolingbroi 
Aug. 1, 1765, Earl of Flerrford difcontinued as Loi| 
of the Bed-chamber, on being a] 
pointed Lord Lieutenant of IielaiJ. ' 

1767, Duke of Roxburgh, vice the Eul ' 

Buckingham • 1 

1767) Lord Bottttourt, vice E. of Eglingt. ; 

1768, Vifc. Bolingbroke, vice L. Botteto , 
OS^. 5, 1769, Etri of Jeriey, vice Earl Cornwa!li ' ' 

1770, Earl of Pembroke, vice E. of Cover/ ' 
1,776, Marq. of Carmarthen, vice Ld. Bi 
Feb, 1777J Earl of FauGonberg, vice Ld. Mai 

Dec. 1777, Earl of Winchelfea, vice E'^rl of Je;. ; 

Earl of Aylesford,. vice Marquis, ^ 
Carmarthen • 

Sept, 1780, Lord Onflow, vice Lord Pembiol 

Lord Bofton, vice Vifc. Bolingbr 
Apr. 6} 1782. Lord Rivers, vice Lord Robert Be 

May 25, 1722J Earl of Eflex, vice .' / ' 


< 65 ) 

Grooms of the Bed' chamber. 
Lreiit. Gen. Campbell, (late Duke of Argyll) Lieut. 
Gen. Moftyn, Lieut. Gen.Waldegrave, (now Earl), 
JMajor Gen. Cornwall is, Major Gen. H, S. Con- 
way, Co), Charles Fitzroy, J hn Offley, efq. 
Nov. 25, 1760, Geo. SchiiiZjSir James Peachy, Hon, 
George Monfon, Charles Ingram, Edmund Nugent, 
Wm. Breton, Spencer Compton, (now Earl of 
Northampton), G'^^o.Pitt, Norb. Berkeley, (late Lord 
Eottetoiut) appointed additional Grooms of the Bed- 
May I, 1761, Henry Seymour, vice L. Waldegrave 
Dec. 1762, Jaines (now Sir) Wright, vice Col. 

Dec. 1762, Jn. Mordaunt, vicejn. Offley 

Apr. 22, 1763, Cha. Hothain (now Sir Cha, Thomp- 

fon),vice Cci. Monfon 
Apr. 22, 1763, Aug, J. Hervey, vice L. Northampton 
Apr. 1764.5 General Conway difmilfed 

^ ""eb. 1765, Adm. Keppel, vice Ld, Bottetourt 

1 lug. 1765, Hon. Hen. Wallop, vice Hen. Seymour 

^ Apr. 26, 1771? Colonel Nugent died 

.'larch, 1775, Aug. John Hervey, vacated on the 
I deatli of the E-irl of Briftol 

' 'larch, 1 7 75 J Hon. Wm. Gordon 
'^:^ Hon. Col. Wm. Harcourt, Hon. H. 

IjJ Vei"non, Sir G. Osborne, bart. Hon. 

^^ Col. H. St. John, T. De Grey, 

i_y jim. sir P. Hales 

l,*'^ 1779, Col. Lafcelies, vice Lieut. Gen. 

1^ ' Moflyu 


!.h LordStcnvard. 

I Duke of Rutland 

,..!; ir. 25, 1 76 1, Earl Talbot, vice Duke of Rutland 
j,l ' iy II, 1782, Earl of Carlifle, vice Earl Talbot 
lb. ). 14., 1783, Dukeof Rutland, vice Earl of Carliile i 
'," \\\ I25 i783,E.arl of Dartmouth, viceD. of Rutland j 
' 1 Comptrollers. 

: Lord Edgecunibe (late) 

' 2i, 176 1, Earl Powis, vice Lord Edgecumbe j 
i, 5, 1 76 1, Lord Geo. CaveBdi/li, vice Ld. Powis | 

( 67 ) 
Nov. 22, 1762, Ld. Ch. SpencerjviceLd.G.Cavendifh 
July 20, 1765, ThomasPel ham (now Lord Pclham;, 

vice Lord Ch. Speiicer 
Nov. 10, i7 75> Sir Will. Meredith, vice Ld. Pelham 
D^c. i777» Lord Onflow, vice Sir VV. Meredith 

Nov. i779j Sir Richard Woiiley, vice Ld. Onflow 

.Apr. lo, 1782,., Earl of Ludlow, vice Sir R. Worllcy 

Lord Thomoiid 
I Nov. 25, ,1761, Earl Powis, vice Lord Thomond 
July 20, 1765, Lord Edgecnmbe, vice Lord Powis 
Nov. 27, 17.66, John Shelley (now Sir), vice Lord 


May 1777, Eirl of Carlifl:;, vice Sir J, Shelley , 

Nov. 1779, Lord Onflow, vice Earl of Cailille 

Sept. 1780, Earl of Silisbury, vice Lord Onflow ! 

Apr. 10, 1782, E. of Elfin o ham, vice E. of Salifbury 
April 9, I7S3, Cha, Fi. Greville, viceE. of Effingham 

Cofftrers *. . 

Duke of Leeds 
Apr. 3, 1761, James Grenvllle, vice Duke of Leeds, 1 
^Jov. 25, 1761, Lord Thomond, vice Jameai-Grenvilli 
u)y 20, 176 s, Earl of Scarborough, vireL.Thomon. . 
Dec. 4, 1766, Hans Stanley, vice Lord Scarborcug. ; 
1774, Jer. Dyfon, elq. vice Hans Stanley •, 
1776, Hans Stanley, vice Jer. Dyfon, efq. ■' 
Jan, 17S0, Lord Beauchamp, vice Hans Stanley 

Majiers of the Houfehold. 
J. Harris 

Apr. 19, 176S, Hon. Hen. Fr. Thynne, vice J. Harr . • 
Dec. 19, 177c, Sir Fra.Hcn. Drake, vice H.F.Thyni ' 

Clerks of the Board of Green Cloth. 'm 

Sir Tho. Hales, Sir Era. Hen. Drake, Hoj 
John Grey, Humphry Morice 
Vlar. 25, 1 76 1, Tho. Townfhend, jun. vice Sir Th . ' 
Hales _ jij 

John Evelyn, vice Humphry Morio • 

* This office, together with that of the Clefks oft ^ 
Joard of Green Cloth, was abolifhed by a6l of parliam^. , ,1 
a July 1782, . I 

( 68 ) 

Nov. 25, 1 761, Hen. Bridgeman (now Sir) and Simor 

Fanfbaw, additional Cl^iks 
Dec. 1762, Hon, Henry Fredejick Thynne, vice 

The. Townihend 
Apr. i7<54j Richard Vernon, vice HenryBridgemar 

July 20, 1765, Sir Alex. Gilniour, vice Hen. Fred 
Hon. Geo. Bridges Brudenell, vic( 
Richard Vernon 
Dec. 4, 1766, Richard Hopkins, vice John Evelyn 
Apr. 19, 1768, Richard Vernon, vice Simon Fan ftiavi 
Dec. 19, 1770, Hon. Richard Savage NalTaxi (died ir 
Aug. 178a), vice Sir Francis Heiirj 
June, 1777? Sir Ralph Payne, vice Hon. J. Grey, 
' Dtc. 17773 Sir Rich, VVorliey, vice R. Hopkins 

1! July, i779» ^^^ VVm. Aug. Cunynghame, Bart 
( vice Sir A, Gilmoyr 

- Oa, 1780, Sir W. Gordon, vice Sir R. V/orfie; 

•^ Lovel Stanhope, efq. vice Hon. R. g 

f Naiiliu 


.^ E'^rl Gower . 

?:Nov. 25? 1760, Earl of Huntingdon i 

Mar. 25, 1761, Duke of Rutland 
n. An g. 1 7 6 6 , Earl of Hertford 

I Dec. 13, 1766, Duke of Ancafter, died in 061. 1778 
(]Dec. 8, 1778, Duke of Northumberland 
, i Jan, 1781, Duke of Montagu 

; Captn'tns of the Band of Gentlemen Penjioners^ 

\ Lord Berkeley of Stratton 

"■July 17, 17625 Earl of Litchfield 
;'',.Dec, 8, 1772, Vif, Mount Edgecumbe 
^ ApnJ 6, I7S2, Lord DeFerrars, vice V, M. Edgcumfe 

/; ; Captain of the Teamen of the Guards. 

' Lord Vifcount Falmouth 

, Feb. 13, 1782, The Duke of Dorfet 

; '^yril 12, 1783. E. Cholmondeley, vice D. of Dorfet 


m\ k. 

( 69 ) 


Sufvev or -General. 
Hon. Hen. Finch 
Dec. 20, 176a, Tho. Worfley, efq. vice Hon. H. Finch 
July "^111 i Whit/hed Keene, efq. 

Surveyor of the Private Roads. 
Dec. 20, 1760, Hon. £dw. Finch Hatton 
July 27, 1771J Tho. Whately, clq. vice Hon, E. F. 

Hatton, deceafed 
July 1772? Hen. Fane, ei'q. vice Whateley, de- 


"Paymajler of the Works. 
- Ge( rge Auguftus Selwyn, efq. 

Survs'^or of the Croivn Lands. -. 

Hon. Robeit Herbeit . . 

1768, Peter Buirell, efq. 
Nov. 10, 1 77 J, Hon. John St. John 

Surveyor of Gardens i Waters, O'-C- 
Hon, Tho. Hervey 
Jan. 2O5 1 76 1, Geo. Onflow, efq. (now Lord) vic« 

Hon. Tho. Hervey 
Jan. 2O5 1763, Lord Cb-aries Spencer, vice G. Oiiflcv '' 
IS'l^y 7, 1762, John Manlie Dickenfon, efq. vice Lc* 

.' Charles Spencer • ' 

Apr. 1764, Hon. C. Sloane Cadogan, vice Dick -' , 

Oc^. 5, 1769, William Varey, efq. vice Cadogan , 

Keeper of the Great Wardrobe. 
Sir Tho. Robinfon (late Lord Grantham) 

Kov. 2^, 1762, E^rl Gower 

May 3, 1763, Lord Le Defpencer • . • 

July 20, 1765, E^rl of Afhburnhain 

Nov. 10, 1775, Loid pciham ,, 

Treafurer of the Chamber. 
Rt.Hon, Charles Towhfliend 
Mar. 21, 1 761, Right Hon. Sir Francis Dafnwc 

■(!a':e Lord le Defpencer) j ,| ! 

* The OfHces of the Board of Works, Great Wardrc i 
Treafurer of the Chamber, and Jewel OfEcej were abc' f 
:d by a£l of parliament in July 1782. 


( 70 ) 

May 29, ,762, Rt. Hon. Sir Gilbert Elliot 
Apr. 12, J 7 70, Rt. Hon. Georsce Rice, dead 
^ov. 1775, Loid Charles Spencer 

A%?^r 0/ />?>^ >ei;^/ Office. 
Sir Richard Lyttelton 
Pec. 1762, Eari of Darlington 

At the Eitabh/hment of the Queen's Houfehold, 
Lord Chamberlains. 
1761, Duke of Manchefter 
Earl (now Duke) of Northumberland 
Apr. 2ij 1763, Earl Haicourt 
1768, E-^rl Delawar 
'Dtc. 1777, Marquis of Carmarthen 
^^. i7^j Lord Southamptcn 

jan. 17 I, Eaiiof Ailefbury . 

Vice- Chamberlains. 
Vifcount Cantahipe 
1766, Hon. Robert Brudenell 
1768, Hon. Charles Fitzroy, now Lore 
: 'an. 8, 1782, Hon. S.tephen Dl^by 
MaJJers of the Horj'e. 
) ^ Earl Harcouit 

•;. ^pril 21, 1763, Viicount Wevmouth 
7.]iay, 1^65, Earl Delavv^ar 

■ J^'^tf, 1765, Duke of Ancafter 

|;n/n. 20, 1768, Duke of Beaufort 
' ;]0V. 1770, Earl of Waldegrave 

<, ] 'Treafurers . 

f,; .jndrew Stone, efq. died in 1774, fucceeded by the- 
I 'pEai-l of Guildford 
I' j .J ^Secretaries. 

I,.^ ivid Graeme, efq. (now Lieut. General) refvgned ia- 
li^i774 5 fucceeded by Ja. Harris, efq. who was fuc-1 
v''j;ytedcd in 178U by t'he Hon. G. A. North 


^: , IT. Sewallis Shirley died Oaober 31, 1765, and I 
;• ucceeded by Gen, Giseme, who refigned m 1774.5, 
'.''' ja*^^ ^^'^^ fucceedtd by Ja. Harris, efq. who in 17'ac 
.' V-^s fucceeded by G. /i . No. th 

( 7^ ) 

Attorney - General. 
Richard HufTey, elq. J. Morton, efq. died 1780 

sept. 1782, Charlfs Ambler, elq. 
Solicitor -Genera I, 
lir William Blackftone, deceafed 
Charles Ambler, efq. sppointed in 17 71 
5eo. Hardinge, elq. vice C. Ambler, elq. Ap. 16, 1784. 

~ Prince oflVaks and Prince Frederick. 
tlar. 1 77 1, Earl of Holdeniefs, Go'vefnor 

Bu'hop of Chefter (Dr.M^rkhain) Preceptor 
Leonard Smelt, elq. Sub-^o'vernor 
Cyril Jacklbn, A. M. Sub Preceptor 
-lay 1776, Lord Bruce (now earl of Aylesbury) Gon), 
Bp. ofLich.andCov.(Dr. Hurd) Preceptor 
Lieut. Col. George Hotham, Sub-Governor 
Rev. W. Arnald, B. D. Sub-Preceptor 
Line T 7763 Duke of Montagu, Go'vernor. 

This eftablilhnient continued till January i-^Sj 
;J ,t the accelfion of the prefent King, Lord Henley was 
Lord Keeper 

in. 16, 1 76 1, Lord Henley appointed Lord-Chancel- , 
lor, and. May 19, 1764, created 
Earl of Northington 
ly 30, 1766, Ld. Camden appointed Ld. Chancellor ! 
im. i7> «770> Hon. Charles Yorke. Died Jan. 20, 

1770 •■( 

in. 22, i770> Great Seal put into commifHon, Sir S. . 
S. S my the, Hon. Hen. Bathurft, and 
Sir Rich. Afton, CommifTioners 
la n. 23, 1 77 1, Hon. Hen. Bathurft created Lord Ap- 

fley, (now Earl Bathurft) and ap- } 
pointed Lord Chancellor : refio-ned ; 
in 1778 " i( 

ne 2, 1778, Mr. Thurlow created Lord Thurlow 

and appointed Lord Chancellor ' ; 
jril 9, 1783, Lord Loughborough, Sir W. Hen. Afh- 

hurft, and Sir Beaumont Hotham, conftituted Lords 11 
CommiiTioners of the Great Seal j 


Earl Granville. Died Jan. 2, 1763. Vacant till 
pt. 9, 1763, Duke of Bedford 
!Zi^> 17^5; Earl of Winchelfea 

( 7^ ) 

July 30, 17665 Earl of Northington 
Dec. 23, 1767, Earl Gower 
Nov. 1779, Earl Bathu! ft 

Mnr. 27, 178a, Lord Camden 
April 2, 1783, Vifcount Stormont 

Lord Waldegrave (the late) 
Dec. 20, 1762, Humphry Morlce, viceL-Waldeg-rra' 
Lord Kinnoul 
. 06t. 12, 1 76 1, In commiffion, E, Wefton, W.Sharp 

Jer. Dyjon, CoJTimiirioners. 
^ Dec, 15, 1762, Lord Sirange, vice Lord Kinnoul 
( June 14, 1 77 1, Lord Hyde, (now Earl of Clarendon 
J vice Lord Strange 

Mar. "1782, John Dunning, created Lord Afi: 

burton, vice Earl of Clarendon 
Earl Temple 
0<5l. 12, 1 76 1, In commiffion, E. Wefton, Vr 
i'3, Sharpe, and Jer. Dyfon, commilT, 

1 7 6 1 , Duke of Bedford 
1763, Duke of Marlborough 

1765, Duke of N-v/caftle 

1766, Eari of Chatham 
1768, Earl of Briifol 

1770, Earl of Hallifax 
1 7 7 1 , Earl of Suifolk 

1 77 1, Duke of Grafton 
1775, Eari of Dartmouth 

:' '.:\lar. 27, 1782, D, of Grafton, vice E. of Dartmoul 
■■ Apni z, 1783, Earl of Carlifle, vice D. of Grafton 
1,1 a Lord Sandys, North of Trent 

'^V ' Earl of Breadalbane, South of Trent 

) April ^14, 1 76 1, Duke of Leeds, N. of Trent 
rj' iJov. 5, 1765, Lord M®nfon, S. of Trent 
'• \)ec, 23, 1766, Earl Cornwallis, S. of Trent 
i'' ^'eb. 19, 1769, Sir FL Norton, S. of Treat 
; V; i7 74> Dord Peiham, N. of Trent 

> 1 lov. lO, 1775, Lord Lyttelton, N. of Trent, died'i 
November 1779 



) Ap. 












< June 


i ^ov. 


( 73 ) 

ept. I780, tst^.Hon. C.W. Cornwall, vice L.Lytteltoa 

lttornev and solicitor general. 

At the Acctrilion of the prclent King, 

Charles Pratt, (now Lord Camden) 
>ec. 14., 1761, Mr. Yorke, vice Cha. Pratt 
kiv. 1763, Sir Fl. Norrori, vice Mr. Yorke 
vw>£^. 1765, Hon, Cha. Yorke, vice Sir Fl. Norton 

6, 1766, Wm. De Grey, vice Mr. Yorke 
an. 23, 1 77 1, Ed. Thuriow, vice Mr. Pe Grey 
ily 1778, Alexander Wedderburne, (now Lord 

Loughborough) vice Mr, Thurlov/ 
aig. 1780, J. Wallace, efq. vice L, Loughborough, 
-pr. ao, 17S2, L. Kenyon, elq. vice J^ Wallace, ei(:j. 
,pril ll'^li J* Wallace, elq. vice Lioyd Kenyon, eiq. 
Hon. Charles Yorke 
•ec. 14, 1761, Fletcher (now Sir) Norton, vice Mfi 


:^^c. 16, 1764, William De Grey, vice Sir Fl. Norton 
.ng. 1766, Edw. Willes, vice Mr. De Grey 
ec. 23, 1767, Jn. Dunning, vice Ed. Willes/ 
lar. 1 7 70, Edw, Thuriow, vice Mr, Dunning 
in. 23, 1 77 1, Alex. Wedderburne, vice Mr. Thuriow 
ly 177^? James W^allace, vice Mr. Wedderburne 
?pt. 1780, Jas. Mansfield, vice Mr. Wallace 
.pr. 20, 1782, John Lee, vice James Mansfield 
ov. 20, 1782, R. Pepper Arden, vice John Lee 
pril 15, I7S3, John Lee, viceR. P, Aiden 


Firjl Lords^ 
Dnke of Newcaftie 
[ay 29, 1762, EarlofEute 
pr, 16, 1763, George Grenville 
ly, 12, 1765, Mar. of Rockingh; m, 
ug. 2, 1766, Duke of Grafton 
n. 28, 1770, Lord North 

ar, 27, 1782J M. of Rockingham died July i, 17S2, 
ly 10, 1782, Earl of Shelburne 
pril 5, 1 7553, Duke of Portland 

G ChoLrH" 

( 74 ) 

Chancellors of the Ex chequer » 
Hen. Bilfon Lt.g(ge 
Msr. 2 1, 1 76 1, Lord Banington 
May 29, 1762, Sir F.Dafliwood (lateL. LeDefpence 
Ap!'. 165 1763, Geojge Grenviiie 
I'lJy 12, 1765, William Dovvdefwell 
Aug. 2, 1766, [Latf:] Charles Townfhend 
Sept. 16, 1767, Lord North 
, Mar. 27, 1782, Lord John Cavendifn, vice L. Norti 
|: July 10, 1782, Hon. W. Pitt, vice Ld. J. Cavendi/] 
April 5, ]783,Ld. J. Cavendilh, vice Hon. W.Pitt 
Lords of the Treafuiy. 
James Grenviiie, Lord North, James Ofwald 
Mar. 21, 1761, Gilbert (late Sir Gilbert) Elliot, baj 

vice James Grenviiie 
Apr. 16, 1763, Sir John Turner, vice Elliot 
• Orby Hunter, vice Ofwald 

James Plarris, vice Dafhwood 
July iz, 1765, Ld. J, Cavendiih, vice Sir John Turn 
Tho. Townlhend> jun^ vice Th. Orl 
( Hunter 

George Onflow, vice James Harris 
(Aug. 2, 1766} P.Campbell, vice Lord J. Cavendif 
I J Pec. 3, 1767, Ch. Jenkinlbn, vice Tho. Townlliei 
; 'j Dec. 31, 1768, Jeremiah Dylbn, vice Pryfe Campbe 
7 T Ftb. 6j 1770, Charles Townfliend, vice Ld. North 
^ Dc;c. i77^> Hon. C. James Fox, vice C. Jenkinfc 

r.p 1774; Lord Vil'count Beau champ and Ch 

■J Wolfran Cornwall, efqrs. vice C. 

(T James Fox and Jeremiah Dyfon 

' vjTune 1777) Lord Weftcete, vice C. Tov^^nfhend 
\\JD^c. 1 72 7 , Lord Palmerfton, vice Lord Onflow 

I ;^an. 1 780, Sir R. Sutton, viceLd. ViT. Beauchan: 

j->' 061. 1780, John Duller, kn, efq. vice C.W. Con 
h- wall, efq, 

i'ji'' Mar. 30, 1782, Lord John Cavendifli, Frederick Moi 
ji^ \ tague,Viic. Althcrpe, Ja.Grenvill 

V' g, efqrs, vice Lord Weftcote, Vifcou: 

■ ■) Palmerftone, Sir R. Sutton, and 

^ \ Buller, efq. 

" '1 uly 13, 1782, Hon. W.Pitt, Ricli. Jackfon, apd E 
i l[^ J. Elliot, efqrs. vice L.J. C^vendill 

( 7? ) " ^ 

V. Althorpe, and F. Montagu, efq. 
April 5, 1783, Lord John Cavendl/h, Earl of Surrey, 
Fr. Montague, efq. and Sir Grey Cooper, vice Hon, 
W.Pitt, Richjackfon, and Ed. Ja. Elliot, ciq. 
'Joint Secretaries. 
James Weft and Samuel Martin 
May 29, 1762, Jer. Dylbn, vice Ja. Weft 
Apr. 16, 1763) Cha. Jenkmfon, vice Sam\iel Martin 
Apr. 1764, Tho. Wliately, vice Jer. Dyion 

^ July 12, 1765, Charles Lowndes and Grey (now Sir) 
Cooper, vice Jenkinlbnand Dyfoa 
Aug. 2, 1766, Tho. Bradftiavi', vice Ch. Lowndes 
Feb. 6, 1770, John Robinfon, vice Tho. Bradfnaw 
i^lMar. 1782, Henry Strachey, Richard Burke 

July 17S2, Thomas Ord, Geoi-ge Rofe 

April i7»3, R Burke, R. B. Sheridan 

' : Secretaries to the firji LorcL 

May 29, 1762, Charles Jenkinfon 
"'July 12, 1765, Edmund Burke 
'''Aug. 2, 1766, Rd, Stonhewer 

Jan. 1770, William Brummell 

? Tune 17S2, Rev.. Walker King 

™0a. 1782, John Morin, eiq. 

'"'April 1783, Rev. Mr. O'Beirne 
''' Solicitors to the T'reafury. 

'^ Philip Carteret Webb ■ 

"•^^[uly 12, 1765, Thomas Nuthall, vice Phil, C.We'ob- 
'^'',f/[ar. 1775, W,Chamberlayne, efq.vice T.Nuthali,d. 


H, V-, Jones, efq. 

White, efq. vice Mr. Jones 


Home Department. 
William Pitt, late Lord Chatham, died in 177! 
-3'0£l. 9, 1 76 1, E^rl of EgremoBt 
Sept. 9, 1763, Earl of Sandwich 
Md! xdy 12, 1765, Henry Seymour Conway 
1'^ ill /lay 23, 1766, Duke of Richmond 
■^o Uig. 2, 1766, Earl of Shelburne 
-^ )ft. 21, 1768, Lord Weymouth 
)ec. 19, 1770, Earl of Rochford 
ndl lev. 10, 1775? Vifcount Weymouth 
iodi Jov. 1779J Earl of Hiilfoorough . 

( 76 ) 

Mar. 27, 1782, Earl of Shelburne 

July 10, 1782, Hon. Tho. Townfhend 

April ^, 1783, Lord North 

Foreign Department. 
Earl of Holderneile 

Mar. 25, 1761, Earl of Bute 

IVlay 29, 1762, George Grenville 

Ocl. 14, 1762, Earl of Halifax 

July 12} 1765, Duke of Grafton 

May 23, 1766, Henry Seymour Conway 

Jan. 20, 1768, Lord Weymouth 

bcl. 2 1, 1768, Earl of Rochford 

Dec. 19, 1770, Earl of Sandwich 

Jan. 2Z, 1771, Earl of Halifax 

Jun.. 12, 177 1 > Earl of Suffolk died in June, 1779 

Odi> 27, 1779, Vifcount Stormont 

Mar. 27, 1 7 02} Charles James Fox 

July 17, 1782} Lord Grantham * 

April 2, 1783, Ch, James Fox 
, For the Colonies *. 

Jan. 20, 1768, Earl of Hillfborough 

Aug. 14, 1772, Earl of Dartmouth 

Nov. 10, 1775, Lord George Germain 
' Feb. 13, 1782, V/elbore Eilii, efq. 


; Firjl Lord. 

' Earl of Halifax 

'.'Mar. 21, 1 76 1, Lord Sandys 
MSiar. I, 1763, Charles Townfhend (the late) 

;Apr. 20, 1763, Lord Shelbnrne 

•Sept. 9, 1763, Lord Hilllborough 
'' '^uly 20, 1765, Lord Dartmouth 
jAug. 16, 1766, Lor,d Hillfooi-ough 
. , Uec. 1766, Lord Ciare 

!i';'.Aug. 31, 1772, Lord Dartmouth 
^,^ov. 177 5} Lord George Germain 

J-. ■ *Jov. 1779} Earl of Carl i He 

■ '^eb. 178 1, Lord Grantham 

, j; Lords of Trade. 

; Andrew Stone, Thomas Pelham (now Lord), Soam 

'' * 7^h;s office Avidi that of the Board of Trade were ah€ 
'' sd by aft of parliament in July iyS2. 

( 77 ) 

Jenyns, Wm. Gerard Hamilton, Wm. Slopcr, Ed. 
Elliot, El. Bacon 
Mar. 21, 1761, Hon. J. Yorke, vice Pdliain 
Mar. 21, 1761, Sir Edmund Thomas, vice Hamilton 
Mar. 21, 1 76 1, George Rice, vice Sloper 
Oct. 23, 1 761, John Roberts, vice Andrew Stone 
Dec. 1762, Lord Orwell, vice J. Roberts 

Apr. 20, 1763, Jeremiah Dyibn, vice John Yorke 
Apr. 20, 1763, Bamber Gafcoigne, vice SirEd. Thomas 
July 20, 1765, Hon. John Yoike, vice Lord Or'vell 
July 20, 1765, John Roberts, vice Bamber Galcoigne 
July 20, 1765, Will am Fitzher.bert, vice Ed. Bacoa 
Dec. 1765, Lord Palmerllon, vice John Yorke 
Sept. 1766, Hon.Tho. Rohinf:n (now Lord Gran- 
tham), vice Lord Pahneiiton 
Jan. 26, 1768, Lcrtl Llfburne, vice Jerem, Dyfcn 
Apr. 12, 1770J Lord Greville, vice Hon. Thcinas 

Robinlon (now Lord Grantham) 
Apr. 16, 1770, William Northey, vice Lord Lifburne 
Jati. 26, 1771J Thornas Whately, vice Wm. Noithey 
Feb. II, 1772, William JoUyife, vice W. Fitzherhert ■ 
Aug. 15, 1772, Lord Garlies, vice Tho. Whately 
Aug. 31, 1772, Lord Rob. Spencer,- vice John Roberts ' 
1774, Hon. Charles Greville and WiiuJl^.trd 
^Keene, elqrs. vice Lcrd Greville aad' 
Lord Garlies 
June 1777) Thomas De Grey, vice Whit. Keene^' 

W. Eden, vice Lord Garlies ' 

July i779> Andrew Stuart and Ed. Gibbon, erqr?. 

vice MefTrs. Gafcoigne and JoUytfe 
0;rt. 17-S0, Hans Sloane and Benj. L:inglois, vicf 

Soame Jeeyns and C. F. Greville . 1 
July 1781, Sir A. Fergullon and And). Scorer-" 

vice Mr. Langlois and Mr. D- 

Grey, now Lord Walfmgham ^ ' 
Dec. 22, 17S1, John Chet, Talbot, viceLord Spencei 

Rt. Hon. Hen. Fox (afterwards Ld. Hollancji I 
June 8, 1765, Right Hon. Charles Townfhend ; 
Aug. 2, 17665 Rt. Hon. Ld. North and G. Cooke,ef(^ 

G 3 De 

( 75 ) 

E>ec. 5, 1767, Right Hon. T. Tovvn/hend, vice L'l. 

June 5, 176?, George Cooke, efq. died 
June 14, 1768, Right Hon. Rich. Rigby appointed ible 

Mar. ay, 17S2, Edmund Burke, efq. 
JuJy 27, 1782, Ifaac Barre, eiq. 
April g, I785, Edmund Burke, efq. 


John Jefreries, efq. 
Feb. 1766, Gen. Whitmore 
06t. I, 17715 Robert Pigot, vice Whitmore 

MaJJer and Worker. 
Hon. William Chetwynd 
June 3, 1769, Cha. Sloane (now Lord) Cadogan, vice 
Hon. Wm. Chetwynd 

John Buller, efq. 

Sur'-oeyor of the Meltings, __^c. 
Geo. A. Selvvyn 


Joint Poji-Ma/isrs. 
Earl of Btfborough, Hon. Robert Hamden, 
Lord Trevor 
'.lov. 27, 1762, Earl of Egmgnt, vice E. of Btfborough 
'Jpt. ID, 1763, Lord Hyde, vice E. of Egmcnt 
j\y 2,0, 1765, Earl of Befooroug-h, vice Lord Hyde 
jSly 20, 1765, Lord Grantham (late), vice Ld. Trevor 
pc. 27, 1766, Esrl of Hilliborough, vice Ld. Gran- 
_if/ tham 

',b. 2O5 1768, Earl of Sandwich, tice E.Hillfoorough 
\!f^. 195 1770? Hon. Henry Fred. Thynne Carteret, 
^> vice Earl of Sandwich 

\ Lord Le Defpencer, died in 178a 

!?. 12, 1782, ViJcount Barrington and Hon. Henry 
} Fred. Caneret 

;^r. 13, 17S2, Earl of Tankerville and Hon. Henry*. 
'^ ^ Frederick Carteret 

I'HI 1 1, 1783, Lord Foley and H. F, Carteret ' ] 

79 ) 

Right Hon. Lord Bairington 
Mar. 24, 1761, Right Hon. Cha. TownOiend (late) 
Feb. 27, 1763, Right Hon. Welbore Ellis 
July 20, 1765, Lord Barrington 
June 1778, >Charles Jenkinlbn, efq. 
Mar. 27, 1782, Right Hon. T. Townfhend 
July 10, 1782, Sir George Yonge, hart. 
April izj 1783, Rt, Hon. Rd. Fitzpairick 


F/rJi Lord. 
Lord An Ton 
June 19, 1762, Lord Halifax 
061. 16, 1762, George Grenville 
Apr. 16, 1763, Lord Sandwich 
Sept. 9, 1763, Lord Egmont 
Sept, 16, 1766* Sir Charles Saunders 
iJec. 2j 1766, Sir Edward Hawke 
Jan. i2j i77i> Lord Sandwich 
Mar. 30, 1782, Lord Keppei 
Jan. 28, 1783, VifcountHowe 
April 7, 1783, Vifcount Keppei | 

Lords of the Admiralty. 
Admiral Bofcawen, Dr. Hay, Thomas 0;by Hunter, 
Gilbert (late Sir Gilbert)' Elliot, Admiral Forbesj ' 
Hans Stanley - 

Mar. 21, 1 76 1, Lord Vllliers, vice Admiral Bofcawer' 
Thomas Pelham, vice Giib. Elliot ' 
Jan. I, 1762, Lord Carysfort, vice Lord Villiers 

James Harris, vice Thomas Pelham 
Apr. 16, 1763J Lord Howe, vice T. O. Hunter 

Lord Digby, vice James Harris J 

Hon. ThomasPitt, vice Adm. Forbe 
July 2, 1765, Sir Gh. Saunders, vice Lord Carysfoil.. 
Admiral Keppei, vice Dr. Hay 
C. Townfhend, vice Lord Howe = j 
Sir William Meredith, vice L. Dlgl 
John Buller, vice Hans Stanley ]i > 
Dec. 1765, Hon. John Yorke,vice Hon. The. Pl 

Sept, 16, 1766, Sir George Yonge, vice Sir C. Saut^ 

ders, made jirft Loyd . i 

L ll 

( Bo ) 

Lcl. Palmerfton, vice Hon. Jn. Yorke 
Dec. ij 1766, Sir Piercy Brett, vice Admiral Keppel 
Ch. Jenkinfon, vice Sir \Y . Meredith 
Mar. 19, 1768, Lord Ch. Spencer, vice C. Jenkinfon 
Feb. 1 7 70, Admiral Holbourne, vice Sir G.Yonge 

iFeb. 1770? Ch. Jdmes Fox, vice Sir Piercy Brett 

Lord Lifburne, vice d.. Townfhend 
Jan. 26, 1771, Aug.J.Hervey, vice Adm. Holbourne 
May 6, 1772, The. Bradfliaw, vice Cha. J. Fox 
Dec. 23, 1774, Henry Penton, vice Tho. Bradfhaw, 

Apr. 1775, Sir Hugh Pallifer, bart. vice Aug. 

] J- Hervey, called to the Houfe of 

< Peers on the death of his brother- 

the Earl of Briftol 
Dec. i777> Lord Mulgrave, vice Lord Palmerfton 

Apr. 1779, Admiral Mann, vice Sir Hugh Pallifer 

■'uly 1779? Bamber Gafcoyne, efq. vice Lord C. 

3j>6l. 1780, C. F. Greville and G. Darby, efqrs. 

i vice J. Buller and R. Mann, efqrs. 

i^Vlar. 30, 17S2, Sir Robert Harland, Bart. Hugh Pi- . 

got, Charles Brett, Rich. Hopkins^ 
> Hon. J. Townfliend, Vifc. Dun- 

I , cannon, vice Lord Lisburne, Lord 

^ Mulgrave, H. Penton, B. Gaf- 

coigne, C. F. Greville, and G. 
f ■ ( Darby, efqrs. 

i',.ly lO, 1782, John Jeffries Pratt, and J.Aubrey, 
i,*.ji] efqrs. vice Ld. Duncannon and J, 

1 15] Townfhend 

■ili^gi.- 28, 1783, John Levefon Gower 
• ;['rii 17, 1783, H. Pigot, Ld. Duncannon, J. Town- 
r-L ^^e"^' efq. Sir J. Lindfay, K. B. W. 

|;ii^ Joiiffe, Whitftied Keene,efq. 


I- \ ^ Treafurer. 

■■ :. Right Hon. George Grenville 

\ pe 2, 1762, Lord Barrington 
\ ',^b« 9> 1765? Lord Howe 
J ' ^' i9> 1770* Sir Gilb. Elliot, bart. died in 1777 

( 8, ) 

June i777j Welbore Ellis 
Mar. 30, 1782, Right Hon. Ifaac Barre 
July 27, 1782, Right Hon. Henry Dundas 
April 5, 17S3, Rt, Hon. Cha. Townfhend. 
George Cockburne, efq. 
JulySij 1770? Sir Hugh Pallifer, bart. vice George 

Cockburne, efq. deceafed 
Apr. I77 5» Maurice Suckling, efq. vice Sir Hugh 

.. Pallifer, made a Lord of the Ad- 
July 1778, Sir C. Middleton, vice Mr. Suckling, 
'Joint Surnjeyors. 
Thomas Slade, efq. William Bately, efq. , 
Ocl. 1O5 1765, John Williams, efq. vice WiP.. Bately, 
efq. fuperannuated " 

Feb. 26? 1771^ John Williams (now Sir John) and 
Edw. Hunt, vice Sir Tho. Slade c 
deceafed 'j 

Clerk of the Ads. ' 

Daniel Devert, efq. 

1766, Edm. Mafon, efq. vice D. Devert, e{'q : 
July 1, 1773, G. Marfn, efq. vice E. Mafon, ef . 
deceafed - : 

Comptroller of the Treafiirer's Accounts. ' 

Rich. Hall, efq. : 

J761, Timothy Brett, efq. vice Rich. Hall, efq. di ; 
ceafed i 

George R'^gers, efq. 1 

Comptroller of the Vitlualling Accounts, 
Robert Ofborne, efq. 
June 26, 1 77 1, Charles Proby, efq. vice Robert G 

borne, efq. decealed 
Oft. 24, 177 1, Tho. Hanway, elq. vice Cha. ProH.. 

efq. rcHiOved to Chatham 

061. 8, 1772, G. Marfli, efq. vice T. Hanway, e .; 


1773, James Gambier, efq. vice Geo. Maji > 

efq. Clerk of the A6ts 
1773, Will. Palmer, efq. vice James G'c 
bier, efq, removed to Portfrnout 


( S2 ) 

Extra Comm^Jfioners. 
Hon. Wni. Bateraan. Kone appointed in 

his room 
Digby Dent, efq. 
TimvOthy Brett, efq. 

1 76 1, Sir Ric. Temple, bart. vice Tim. Brett, efq, 

1762, Sir John Bentiey, vice Digby Dent, efq. dec. 
This appointment difcontinued, on Sir John's promo- 
tion to a flag, and only one extra commiffioner, until 

May 1779, SirR. Temple, bart. and Edw. Le Cras, 

S. Wallis, efq. 
! They had lately but 500 1. each, but now they are 
raifed to 800I. 

Z Thomas Cooper, efq. 

^ 1 765} Thomas Hanw^y, efq. vice Thomas 

I Ceoper, efq. Superannuated 

D61. 24, 1 77 1, Charles Preby, efq. vice Tho. Han- 
:> way, efq, appointed Comptrollei 

of the Vi6lualling Accounts. 

^ ^ Port/mouth. 

Richard Hughes, efq. (now Sir Rich. Hughes, 

- ^^^'^'"^ 

' 1773> James Gambier, efq. vice Sir Richard 

/ Hughes, bart. fuperannuated 

\ 177S, Sir Sam. Hood, vice J. Gambier 

I''.. 1780, Henry Martin, efq. vice Sir S. Hood 

■ •1 

Fred. Rogers, efq. (now Sir F. Rogers, bart.) 
b. 1775? Paul Henry Ourry, efq. vice Sir Fred. 
Rogers, bart. fuperannuated 
i''6z> Charles Colby, efq. fuperannuated, 1 
Dan.Tafftl!, efq. 

\} \ ., . Halifax. 

p. :il 1775, Mariot Arbuthnot, efq. fucceeded by Sir 
V And. Snape Kamond 

;!i HI iZf 1783, Henry Duncan, efq. vice Sir A. S. ; 
l\i >]{ Hamond -' 

■••'; - NAV-AL^ 

11 . '. 


( S3 ) 

Vice Admiral of Great Britairii 
Lord Anibn 
t?in. 4, 1763, Hen. Ofborne, vice Lord AnfonjdeceafecJ 
Nov. 5, 1765, Sir E. Hawke, viee H. Olborne, rengned 
Nov. 1781, Sir G. B. Rodney, vice Lord Hawke, dec. 
Rear Admiral of Great Britain > 
Sir William Rowley 
Jan. 4., 1763, Sir Edw. Hawke, vice Sir Wm. Rowley 
]Nov. 5, 1 765 J Sir Charles Knowles, vice Sir K. Hawke 
061. 1770, SirFrancis Holbourne, vice Sir C. Knowles 
Aug. 17, 177 1, Sir G.B.Rodney, vice Sir F. Holbourne 
Kov. 1 78 1. Gfio. Darby, efq. vice Sir G. B. Redney 
Vice Admiral of Scotland. 
Earl Finlater 
. Cec, 2 2) 1764, Jn. Earl of Hyndford, viceLd. Finlater 
Nov. 5, 1765, Earl of March > vice Earl of Hyndford 
1776, Earl of Breadalbane, vice Lord March 

Mtifrer f)/ Green^^vich Hofpltal. 
Admiral Ifaac Townfhend 
Nov. 30, 1765, SirGeo. Bridges Rodney, vice Admiral 

June 15, 177 1, Sir Francis Holbourne, vice Sir Geo, 

Bridges Rodney c 

Aug. 17,1771, Sir Charles Hardy, vice Sir Franci'i 

Holbourne, deceafed ; 

Sept. 17S0, Sir Hugh Pallifer, vice SirC. Hardy 

deceafed i 


Mafter General. 
Lord Ligonier j 

May 14, 1763, Marquis ofGranby, vice Earl Ligc ' 

Oft. 18, 1 770, Marquis of Granby died, and no Maj.. 

ter General was appointed till 
061. 17, 1772J Lord Vifc. Townfliend, vice Marqu j 

of Granby 
Mar. 30, 1782, Duke of Richmond Lenox and Ail 

bigny, vite Lord Townfhend 
April 12, 1783, Vifcount Townfhend, vice Duke 

Duke of Richmond 


W!^ — 

( 8+ ) 

Lleutetfant General. 
Kiarquis of Grariby 
May, 14.J 1763, L.V. Tovvnfhend, vice M, of Gianby 
Oft. a4> 1767, Right Hon. Henry Seymour Conway. 

vice GeOi Vifc. Tov\'nfhend 
Oft. 22, 1772J Sir Jeiiery Amheril, now LordAm^. 

herft, vice H. S. Conway 
Apr. 23, 17S25 Sir WjUiam Hqwcj vice Lord Amherft: 
Charles (now Sir) Frederick 
Apr. 23, 1782, Hon. T. pelham 
Apri] 29, 1783, Charles Courtnay, efq, 
Cic)k of tht^ Ordnance. 
William Rawlinfon Earle, efq. 
Dec. 18, 177S, Sir Charles Cocks, bart. vice Willlana 

Rawlinfon Earle. who refigned 
Apr. 23, 1782, John Aldridge, efq. 
Apr. 30, 1782, Cyibbs Craiifurd, efq. 
)April 29, 1783, Humphry Minchen, efq. 
Andrew Wilkinfon, efq. 
Oec. 1762, Sir Edw. VVinnmgton, vice Andrew 
Wilkinfon , 

iept. 7, 1765, And. Wilkinfon, efq. vice Sir Edw. I 
i uly 1778, Benj. Langlois, eli^. vice Mr. Wilkinfon 
;■ )ft. 1780, Henry Strachey, efq. vice Mr. Langlois 
i- .pr. 30, 1782, John Aldridge, efq. 
i- pril la, 1783, Henry Strach.ey, vice John Aldridge 
< ■ Clerk of the Deli'veries 

\ Charles (now Sir) Cocks 

-i|-ec. i8> 1772, B. Langlois, elqi vice Sir Ch. Cocks 
'ply 1775, Henry Strachey, elq. vice Mr. Langlois 
•''! ft. 1780, John Kenrick, efq. vice Mr. Strachey 
.1 : ■ Treafiirer. 

}', Francis Gafliry, efq. 

' '< ne I, 1762, Charles Jenkinfon, efq. viceF. Gafhry 
•' .'ay 14, 1763, John Pvofs Mackye, efq. vice Charles 

" ^'l. 1780, William Adam, efq. vice Mr. Mackyc 
' r. 30, 1782, William Smyth, efq. 
- ril 13, 1783, W, Adam, efq; viceHv, Smyth-, efq. 

( 85 ) 

IN G R E A T-B R I T A I N. 

■}rf- Augj'Jtns and Fort G-rrrzCi near Innjernefs. Sir Ch. 
Ho-vaiiid'cd in Sept. 1765, and was iucceeiicd by 
Gq^"^. Studholine Hodglon, 

r^juick and Holy IJlond. Ger.erri! John Guife died In 
June, 1765, and was fiicceederi by Gen. Monckton ; 
after him Sir John Moidiunt, who was iucceeded 
by the Hon. John Vaiighan." 
lacknefs. Hon, Chai-les Hope Weir, who was Tuc- 
ceeded by the Dnke of Hatmlfon. 
rr/Z/Zif. Gen. Sranwix, loll in his paffage to Ireland, 
and was iucceeded by the Enrl of Darlington. 
■)efter. E^ri Cholmondeley ditd June lo, 1770, and 
was fucceeded by his brother, Gen. Cholmondeley, 
who dying in 1 77 5, was fucceeded byC.Rainford, efq. 
uqiie Port^. Duice of Dorfet died 061. 9, 1765, and 
was fucceeded by the Earl of Roldeinefle, who 
died in 1778, and was fucceeded by Lord North. 
artmoutb. Arthur Holdfworth, 
umbarton. Earl of Eglington. 

dinburgh. Lieutenant Gen. Humphry Bland j then 
the Earl of Loudon ; who dying in May, 1782, 
was fucceeded by Major Gen. Cha. Grey. 
■a'vefend. Lord Cadogan, who was fucceeded by 
William Faucitt, efq. 

uer7ifej. Lord Delawar died March 14, 1766, and 
was fucceeded by Sir Richard Lyttelton, who died 
October i, 1770, and was fucceeded by Sir JefFery 
(now Lord) Am her ft. 

ill. Gen. Pulteney refigned in July, 1766, and wa« 
fucceeded by Gen. Honey wood. 

ois (vft. Sir Henry Bellenden j at prefent, Robert 
Sloper, efq. 

rfey. General Hufke, who died in Jan. 1761, and 
was fucceeded by the Earl of Albemarle, who died 
OSt. 13, 1772, and was fucceeded by Gen. Con- 
ndguard. Lord George Beauclerk died in May, 

■,;rt 1768 J then Gen. Armiger, and, March 19, 1.70! 




■ . ( 86 ) 

Gen.Clavenng 5 after lum, the Hon. Alexandei 
fc-yidennh. Col. Arthur Owen died In 1774., and 
was iucceedeJ by Cwl. Beaucierk, who died in 1775; 
and was fucceeded by M. Gen. Robinfon. 
rlyyv.outh. Gen . Waldegrave ( now Earl ) , 
Forijniouth. Lord Tyiawley died Julyj 1773J anc 
was fucceeded by Gen. Haryey, Who died m 177^ 
and was llicceeded by Gen, Monckton 5 who dice 
in 1 7S2, and was fucceeded by the Earl ofPembroke 
$ciUy. Lo)-d Godolphin. 
Sheerncfs. Sir John Moi daunt 5 at prefent, Lieut. Gen 

Stirling. Earl of Loudon 5 at prefent, Sir Jamei 
Campbell, bart, | 

Tynmotfh. Sir Andiew Agnew died Aug. 14, i-]n% 
and was fucceeded by the Hon. Maj. Gen. Aiejd 
IVIackay | at prefent. Lord Adam Gordon. 
XJpnor. Col. Deane died in 1775, and was fucceede 
by Lieut. Colonel James Murray .5 at prefent, Wrtl 
Browne, efq. 
IJle of V/ight. Earl of Portfmouth 5 then Ld. Holmes 
then Hans Stanley; Dec. 23, 1766, Duke of B 
ton ; and in 1770, Hans Stanley, who in 1774. h 
a grant of it for life, and died Tan. 1780 j then 
L Rich. Worlley, bart. and April 6, 1782, Duke 
) Bolton was agsin appointed. 
FortlVilliam. General Kin giley died in Nov. 176 
and was fucceeded by Gen. Burgoyne, who refigni 
in 061. 1 779, and was fucceeded by Major Genej 
Vaughan. At prefent, Hon. J. Murray. 
., Wind for. Earl of Cardigan ; now Duke of Montag 
.', -'Cbi'lfea Hofpkal. Sir Eob. Rich died Feb. 1, 17J 
v< and was fucceeded by Gen. Moftyn, who was it 
I ceeded by Gen. (tiow Sir Geo..) Howard, K. B. 


Bedford. Duke of Bedford, S-'cceeded at hisdc 
f; in Jan. 1 77 1, by the Earl of Upper OHbry. 
'ji Berks. Duke of St. Albans. He was fucceeded! 
LordVercj and July 19, 1771, the Duke of] 
"■ '^^nsi T^'ss ?.gain aoDointedv. 

( 87 ) 

Bucks. Earl Temple. Succeeded, May 9, 1763, ^y 
Lord Le ,Defpencer, who died Dec. u, j.'7Si,,/4nd 
was fu<:ceeded by Lord Chfcltei field. M^irch 37, 
17S2, E.^i"! Xemple was appointed. 

Canihridge. Vifcount Roy fton, now Earl of IT3 1'dwicke, 

Chefter. Earl Cholmondeiey. Died June lo, I'/'jOf 
and was fucceeded by his grandlbn, the pr^icnt E^ri. 

Corn^vali. Lord, now Vifc. Mount Edgcumbe. 

Cumberland. Earl of Egremont, Cui't. Rot. Died 
Aug. 21, 1763, and v/a?; li.cceedcd by Sir James 
Lowther, fince appoiiited Lord Lieutenant. 

Derby. Duke of Devoni1iii-e, Febuary 21, 176:, 
Marquis of Granby appointed in 'his room ; and 
June 17, 1766, Lord G.C<^vendifh. June xS, 17S2," 
Duke of Devonfliire, vice Lord Geo. Cavendiih. 

De'von. Duke of Bedford. Succeeded a: his death, in 
Jan. 1771, by Earl Powlctt. 

Vorfet. Eari of Shafttibury. Died April 21, 1771, anc 
was lucceeded,. June 7 following, by Lord Digby' 

Vufbam.. Bp. of Dur. Cuft. Rot. E, of Darlington 
Lord Lieutenant. 

EJfex. E^rl of Rochford. Died in September 1-78. 
and was lucceeded by Earl Waldegrave. 

Gloucejier. Lord Chedworth. Succeeded in 1763, I ;J 
Nprb. Berkeley, efq, afterwards Lord Eotetourt5ai 
on July i, i76&;5the Earl of Berkeley was appointe , 

Hereford.^ Vifcount Bateman. ',' 

Hertford. E94*l Gowper. Died Sept. 18, 1764. Ocl:. 1 
17S4, Earlof Eiiex was appointed ; and March 
1771, Vifcount Cranburn, now Earl of Salifbu 
vice the Earl ot Effex. '^ 

Huntingdo?2. Dvtkt oi, Manchefler, who died May.' 
1762, and was fucceeded by the preient Duke 
Man chefter. 

K^nf. Duke of Dorfet. Died Feb. 9, 1769. 
prefent Duke of Dorfet is now Lord Lieutenant. 

Lancajier. Lord Strange Died June i, 1771, ard V 
lucceeded July 19 following, by theEa,ii cf Deif 

lUeuejler. Duke of Rutland. 

r 88 ) 

Lincoln. Dtikeof Ancafter. Died 1778, and was fiic 
ceeJijd by the prefent Duke. 

Middle/ex. Duke of Newcaftle. Succeeded, 1 763, b; 
theEari (now Duke) of Northumberland. 

Monmouth. T. Morgan, efq. At prefent, the D«ke o 
Beaufort. - - 

l^orfulk. Earl of Orford. 

Northampton. Earl of Halifax. Died June 8, 177,1:' 
and on July 19, 1771, Earl of Northampton ap 

J^orthamberland. Eari of Northumberland (novs 

Nottingham. Duke of Newcaitle, Succeeded, Jan. lOj 
1763, by the late Duke of Kingdon 5 Sept. 7, 176^1 
]aie Duke of Newcadle ; and on Dec. 16, 1768, th( 
prefent Duke of Newcallie appointed. j 

Oxford. Duke of Marlborough. I 

Rutlatid. Earl of Exeter. At prefent, E. of Winchelfea, 

Salop. Earl Powis. Succeeded 176 , by the Earl ol 
Bath, who died Jul) 8, 1764, and was fucceeded, 
Aug. 17, 1764, by Earl Powis, who died in 177a, 
and was fucceeded, Oft. 9, 1772? by Lord Clive, 
who died in 1774, and was fucceeded in 1775 by his 
fon, Lord Clive. 

Somerfet. Earl Powlett. Died Nov. 3, 1764, anc 
Nov. 30, 17&4, Earl of Thomond appointed, wh( 
died in 1774, and was fucceeded by Lord North. 

'Southampton. Duke of Bolton. Died 1765, and was' 
fucceeded by the Marquis of Caernarvon ; and on, 
[■ Aug. 21, 1764, the Earl of Northington was ap 

' pointed; and on Jan. 23, 1771, the Marquis o 

|l Caeinarvon (naw Duke of Chandois) was agai 

i' appointed; then Lord Rivers; and April 6, 17S2 

■ Harry Duke of Bolton was appointed, vice Lor 

;,: Rivers. 

'j' afford. Earl Gower. 
f \<.ffolk. Duke of Grafton. Succeeded, Feb. 8, 1763,' 
'(• by Lord Maynard, and on June 3, 1769, Duke of 
." Graf to ~ again r.ppointed. 

' i rrey, Loid Onflcw died in 1776; Geo. Lord Onflow, 


(' sg ) 

Sujfex. Duke of Richmond, appointed Ofl. 18, 1763* 

Warccjick. Earl of Hertford. 

Weftmoreland. Sir James Lowther 
'? Wilts. Earl ef Pembroke, lucceeded by the E^rl of 
Ailefbury, March 27, 1782, Earl of Pembroke, 
again appointed. 

Worcefter. . E^rl of Coventry. 

Torkjhire, IVeJl Riding. Marquis of Rockingham... 
Succeeded in 1762 by the Earl of Huntingdon j and 
on Aug. 17, 1765, the Mnrqiiis of P.ockingham was- 
again appointed; who dying in 1782, was fucceeded- 
Sept. 28, 1782, by the E^a-l of Surrey. 

Ditto-, North Riding. Earl of Holderneill-, Lord Lieut. , 
Marquis of Rockingham, Cult. Rot, re-ap;ointed 
Aug. 17, i765» At preient. Earl B'auconberg, Lord 
Lieut, vice Earl of Holdernelle 5 and Sept. 28, Cull. 
Rot. vice the Marq. of Ruckinghani. 

Diif'O. Ea/i Riding. Earl of RoldernefTe died in 
1 778, Maiquis of Carmarthen appointed ; fiicceeded 
by the Earl of Carlille. March 27, 1782, Marquis ' 
of Carmarthen again appointed 

Ihwer Hamlets. Earl Cornwallis, who died in 1762,. 
Succeeded by the late Lord Berkeley of Stratron, and 
oivDec. 8, 1770, the prefent Earl Cornwailis was 


Lord Jujiice General. . ' 

Marquis of Tweedale (late) 
Apr. i&, 1 763, Duke ofQueeiifberry, vice Marquis oi 

Tweed ale, deceafed 
I-n 1778 the Duke of Queenfberry died, and Lord Storj \ 
mont appointed 

Keeper of the Greaf SeaL 

Archibald (late) Duke of Argyll 

May, 1 76 1, Duke of Queenfberry 

Apr, 16, 1763, James Duke of Athol, vice Duke c^ 

Queenfberry . 

Jan, 28", 1764, Earl of Marchmont, vice D^ike c 

Athol, deceaTed 



Sept 8, 

( 90 ) 

LordPri'vy Seal. 
. James (late) Duke of" Athol. 
Apr. 16, 1763, Rt. Hon. J.S.Mackenzie, viceDuke 01 

■Apj". 30j 1765* Lord Fred. Campbell, vice J, Stuan 
5, 17^5' E^rl of Breadalbane, vice Lord Fred,; 

30, 1766, Jas. Stuart Mackenzie, vice the Earl 
of Bread a] bane 
Lord Regijrerj* 
Earl of Morton (late) 

176S, Lord Fred, Campbell, vice late Lorcf 
LGrdTrefidmt of Police. (Aboliflied in 1782) 
Earl of Marchmont 

17649 Lord Cathcart, vice Earl of Marchmom 

1776^ Lord March, (now Duke of Qq^eenf. 

berry, vice Lord Cathcart 

Vice AlmWaL 

Earl Fin later 

Dec. 22, 1764^ J. Earl of Hynd ford, vice the Earl 

Fin later 
Aug. 30, 1766, James Earl of March, vice the Earl o i 

■ Sept. 1776, Earl of Breadalbane, vice Ld. Marcl 

Ma. ao, 1782. Ld. W. Gordon,, vi.ce E, Breadalbai 
Secretary to the Order of the Tuifle- 
^ George Drummond, efq. 

Apr. 13, 1765, Sir H. Erficine, vice G. Druaimonc 

1765, George'Dempfter, cfq. for life, vicj 
Sir Harry Erfkine 

Lord Lieutenant 
; Duke of Bedford 

,Mar. 20, 1761, Earl of Halifax 
•^pr. 20, 1763, Duke of Northuniberlarfd 
\pr. 30, 1765, Vifcount Weymouth 
Aug. i, 1765, Earl, of Hertford 
;;ept. 26, 1766, Earl of Bristol . 
'^ug. I a,- 1767, Lord Viicoaut Townfhend 

( 91 :) 
061. 9» i77-» Earl Harcourt 
Dec. i8, 1776, Earl of Buckinghamfhire 
061, 13, 1780, Earl of Carlille 
Apr, 10, 17S2, Duke of Portland 
July 31, 1/82, Earl Temple 
April 30, 1783, Earl of Northington 
Clerk of the Pells. 
George Dodington (afterwards Lord Melcombe) 
1763, Rt. Hon: Henry Fox (afterwards Lord Hollaiv 
for life, and alfo for the lives of his two fons, St 
phen and Ch-arles-James, died in 1774, and luccee' 
ed by his eldeft ion Stephen, late Lord Hollan 
who alfo died in 1774, and was fucceeded by 1 
brother the Hon. Cba. James Fox, who religned O.' 
1775, and was fueceeded by Cha. Jenkinibn., efq.,j 
'Joint Vice-^reafiw^rs. 
Earl of Sandwich, Rt. Hon. VVeibore Ellis, Rt. H 

Robert Nugent (now Earl Nugent) 
Dec. , 1762, Rt. Hon. Rich. Rigby, vice W. E 
Feb. ig, 1763, Rt. Hon. J. Ofwald, vice E, Sandw 
July 12, 1765, Rt. Hon. Weibore Ellis, viceLd. C-; 
Dec. 20, 1765, Rt. Hon. Lord George Sackville ( 
Germain), vice Richard Rigb} 
Aug. 1766, Rigbt Hon. James Grenville, vice' 

George Sackville 
Oft. 1766, Rt. Hon. Ifaac Barre, vice Welb. 

Jan. 20, 1768, Rt. Hon. Ric. Rigby, vicejas. Of 
June 14, 1768, Ld. Clare (now L.Nugent), vice]', 
Lord Edgcumbe, vice Ifaac Bar 
Feb. :z, 1770, Rt. Hon. Wei. Ellis, vice Ja.G:./ 
Dec. 8, 1 7 72, Rt, Hon. Charles Jenkinibn, vie 
Edgcumbe [ 

Oa:. 1775, Rt. Hon. H. Flood, vice C. Jenl- 

1777, Rt Hon. C. Townihend, vice W 
Dec. 14, 1781, Earl of Shannon, vice Mr. Floor 
Apr. so, 1 782, Earl of Scarborough, (died May i . 
Sir Geo. Yonge, vice Earl ^5 
and Mr. C. Townftiend 
May 25, 1782, Lord R. Spencer, vice Earl oi 

Nov. 17^2, Lord C. Spencer, vice Ld. Rob. S 
April 9, i78'» ^_^jn, Eden, vice Sir Geo. Yonpr, 



idm'tralty 79 

lttor?2ey and SoHcGeH' 73 

uJJiops 60 

nard of Works — 69 
oard of Trade — 76 
bamberlainr Lord, his 
I'. Department — 64 
mnaellory Lord — 71 
' mncellbr of the Duchy 
y of Lane after — 72 
\.\\ieffujlices in 'Eyre 72 
\\ptain of the Band of 
'■ '^Gentlemen Penf oners 6S 
\\'htain of the Teomen of 
\'''^-\he Guard 6S' 

tmijjtoners of the Na- 
. c ,y. — — 80 

pernors of Forts Ss 

I jel Office — — 70 

I'.' and — — 90 

lY 'tenants of Counties §6 

'i4r \ 

\ I- , 

Majler of the Horfe 68 ' 
Mint — — 78 

Na'val Department 83 
Ordnance — — 83 
P ay mafter -general of the 

Forces — — 77- 
Fojlm after -general — 78 
Prefident, Lord. — 71. 
Pri-vy Sealt Lord — 72 
^een^ s Houfhold — 70 
Scotland — — 89,; 
Secretaries of State — 75 
Secretary at War — 79 
Ste^ward, Lord, his De- 
partment 66 

T'reafury — — 73 
'Treafurer of the Chamber 69 
Warden, Lord, ofStanne- 

ries — —72 

Wardrobe 3 Great 69 

JVaks» — 55' 


I N D E 

BDY 26 

Abercorn 60 
Abercrombie 58 
Aberdeen 60 
Acland 7, 8 
A'Court 23 
Adair 12, 45 
Adam ig, 59, 84 
Adams 10, 39, 50 
Adeane 9 
Affleck 1 2 
Agnew 86 
Ailefoury 42, 70 
Aiflabie 38 
Albeinarle 85 
Aldridge 34 
Allanfon 42 
Allen 7 
Althorpe35, 36,46, 

74? 75 
Ambler 5, 35, 71 
Amcotts 6, 41 
Amherft 84, 85 
A my and 9 
Amyatt 48 
Ancafter64; 6q, 68, 

70, 87 
Anderfon 4, 20 
Annefley 40 
Anfon 29, 79, 83 
Anftruther 56 
Apfley 71 
Arbuthnot 82 
Arcedeckne 48 
Arden 35, 73 
Armiger 85 
Argyll 66, 89 
Arnald 71 
Afhburnham 6;^., 

64, 69 
A 111 burton 72 
Aihe 23 
Afhhurft 71 
Allley 35 
Ailon 46, 71 

X O F 

Atherton 35 
Athol 89 
Atkinfon 23 
Aubrey 3, 48, 80 
Aylesiord 6^ 
Aylefbury 71, 88 
Backie 58 
Bacon 3, 36, 77 
Bagot45, 63 
Baker 2, 23 
Baldwyn 42 
Bampfylde 15, i8 
Bankes 13 
Barker 48 
Baring 18 
Barne 17 

Barre 8, 78, 81. 91 
Barrington 35, 39, 

62, 63, 74, 78, 

79, 80 
Barro-w 20 
Barwell 22 
Baffett 3, 38 
Bately 81 

Bateman 27, 82, 87 
Bath 88 

Bathurft 71, 72 
Bayley 51 
Bayntun 11, 50 
Beauchamp 37, 67, 

Beauclerk 61, 85,86 

Beaufort 70, 88 

Beaufoy 33 

Beckford 7 

Bedford 71, 72, 86, 

87, 90 

Bellenden 85 

Benfield 14', 29 

Bentinck 36 

Bentley 82 

Ben von 38 

Berkeley 66, 87,89 

Bertie 6, 28, 37,64, 

Belborough 78 

N AM E S. 

Bisfbopp 44 
JBlacket 34 

Blackftone yt 
Blackwell 12 
Blair 57 
Blake 46 
Bland 8^ 
Bolingbroke 6j 
Bolton 86, 88 
Bond 13 
Boone 2, 11 
Bootle 11 
Bofcawen 32, 48,, 
Bofton 65 
Botetourt 6g, 66, . 
Bouverie 16, 43 
Bowes 34 
Bowlby 27 
Boyd 49 j 

Braddyll 27 
Bradfhaw 43,75:, 
Bramfton 18 
Brand 2 
Breadalbane 60, 

83, 89, go 
Brereton 25 
Breton 66 
Brett 14, 28, 43 ; 

81, 82 
Brickdale 7 
Bridgman 50, 5 
Briftol 64,66,7 
Brown 48, 86 
Bruce 64, 65, j 
Brudenell 31, 

68, 70 
Brummell 75 

^4' 65, 91 ^ 
Bulkeley 2 ■* 
Bull 29, 34 J 
Buller 17, 2 7_ 

51, 74=78,: 
Bullock 46, 5 
Bunbury 46 
Burgoyne 40, ' 


Burke 7, 31, 75, 78 
Burrard 30 
Burrell 4. 6, 21, 69 
.Burton 23 
BuCe.6o. 64, 73; 76 
Butler 6^ 
Syng 32, 52 
8yron 33 
?adogan g. 69, 78, 85 

"aermarthen 22,65, 

_ 70= 89 

'•'aernarvon 64, 88 
'.'alvert 23, 29, 47 

amden 71, 72, 73 
' jampbell 10.56,57. 
' 66, 74, 86, 89, 90 

Vantalupe 70 
, i.ardigan 86 
' i'^rew 38 

{iriifle 66, 67, 72, 
Xj6, 89, 91 

Wry 7 

irysfort 79 - .^ 
;rteret 78 
rtwright 36 

I .ffilis 60 ~ 
»' .fwall 6 

!? .:hcart 90 
;or 45, 48 
' ,5,66,67,74,75,87 
''; < vthorne 29 
i| .il4i 

|.;' ■ imberlayne 75 
;j • .mier 47 

,., 'ndois 88 
, I rteris 58 
': ; :. tham 72 
_\'^ ytor 23, 38 
aworLh 87 
Iter 20 
»,'■ fterfidd 87 
■ ' wynd 34;64;78 
vton 34, 64 

- i 49 

mondely 85,87 

( 94 ) 

Clarendon 72 
Clare 76, 91 
Clarges 28 
Clarke 15, 29, 55 
Clavering 17, 85 
Clayton 5, 31, 53 
Gierke 48 
Cleveland 3 
Clinton 34, 41, 51 
Clive 5, 30, 44, 88 
Cockburne 59, 8i 
Cocks 42, 51, 84 
Codrington 47 
Coghill 34 
Cooke 77, 78 
Coke 15,35, 36 
Colby 82 
Collier 44 
Combe 1 
Compton 66 
Conolly 11 
Conway 13, 16, 17, 
Conyers 1 7 
Cooper 43, 75, 82 
Coote 39 
Corbett 32, 44 
Cornwall 22, 27, 

3o> 53> 73> 74 
Cornwallis 18, 60, 

62, 65,66, 72, 89 
Cotes 53 
Cotton 9, 11 
Coventry 7, 64,65, 

Courtney 47 

ourtown 4, 31 
Coward 49 
Cowper 87 
Coxe 4, 24, 44 
Cranburn 4; 27, 38, 

Craig 88 
Craufurd 59, 84 
Crawford 2, 57 
Crefpigny 1, 46 

Crewe 11 
Croft es 9 
Cruger 7 

Cunynghaine585 68 
Curtis 49 
Curzon 15 
jCuft 20, 22, 25 
jDalhoufie 60 
,Dalrymple 57 
Darner 16, 56 
Darby 39, 80, 83 
Darrell 28 
Darker 27 
Dartmouth 7 2, 66, 7 6 
Dalhwood lo, 59, 

69= 74 
Daubeny 7 

Davenport 35 
Davers 17 
Dawes 48 
Dawkins 11, 24 
Dean 22, 86 
De Ferrars 68 
De Grey 47, 66, 73, 

Dehan 25 
Delaval 4, 34. 
Delme 33 
Delawar 70, 85: 
Dempfter ^6, gOu 
Denbigh 65 
Dent 82 
Derby 86. 
Dering 42 
Devaynes 3 
Devert 81 

Devonfhire 64, 87 
Dewar 14 
Dickenfon 42, 69 
Digby 70, 79, 87 
Dimfdale 23 
Dodd 40 
Dodington 90, 
Dolben 37 


( 90 

Dorfet63, 85, 87 |Effex64, 65, 87 
Douglas 50, 57, 58 Eftwick 51 
DowdefwelJ 54, 74'Euilon 47 
Downe 64, 6^ jEveiyn ^^.^^.Gy.GS 
D'Oyley 44, 49 jEwer 16, 63 
Drake 1, 4, 67, 68 Exeter 88 
Drogheda 24 (Eyre 5. 20 

Drummond 25, 32,|Fairford 28. 31 
45, 50, 56. 60, Falmouth 63 
62, go Fandiaw 68 

DufF56; 57 JFaue 28. 69 

Dumnier 16. 30. ^ojFarnaby 25 
Duncan 82 jFarrer 49 

Duncannon 26, 80 Faucitt 85 
Duncombe i6, 55 Fauconbcrg 64. 6^^ 
Dundas 35, 41. 57, P'eatheritouehaugh 

29' 4' 


58, 59' «i 
Dunniore 60 
Dtimiing 8 J 72 
Duntz^ 48 
Durand 38, 43 
Dutton 20 
Dyfon24, 67, 

74' 75' 77 
Earle 14, 84 
;Edeni7, 23, 54, 77 
EdgecuiTibe66j 67, 

68, 87, 91 
Edmondftone 57,58 
Edwards n 
Edwin ig 
Effingham 67 
Egerton 6, 11, 26, 

34, 61, 62, 63 
Eglingtoun6o, 64^85 
Egmont 78, 79 
Egvemont 75, 87 
Eliot 13, 19 
Elliot 34,50,59,70, 

74' 77' 79' 80 
Ellis 52, 62, 

79, 81, gi 
Elphinftone 57 
Elwes 4 
Erfkine ii; 90 

Fencon 40 
Fcrguflbn ^6, 77 
Feilde 2.3 
Fielding 4 
Eire 56 
Finch 11, 30, 31 

64, 69 
Finlater 83, 90 
Fitzherbert 2, 77 
Fitzmaurice 54 
Fitzroy 47, 66^ 70 
Fitzwilliam 41 
Fitzpatrick 47 
Fletcher 14 
Fludyer2, ii 
Fleming 45, 52 
Flood gx 

Foley 16, 22,54,78 
Folkeftone 43 
Fonnereau 1 
Forbes 79 
Fordyce 1 2 
Forefter 50 
76, Forfter 34 

fox 31, 51, 74, 76 

77, 80, 90 
Frankland 48 
Frafer 57 

Frederick 1- 
Freeman 45 
Fullarton 39, ^j 
Fuller 42, 45 
Gage 43 
(ralloway 60 
Gahvay 39 
Gambier 81, 8« 
Garden 56 
Gardiner ^^i 
Gar forth 12 
Garlics 77 
Garth 1 5 

77, 80 
Gafhry 84 
Gerniaine 20, 76 
Gibbon 27, 30, 

deon 9, 32 
Gilbert 29, 60 
Gilmour 68 
Gipps 9 
Glencairn 60 
Glyn 32 
Glynne 18 
Goddard 53 
Godolphin 86 
Goodrick 30, 
Gordoii 23, 30 

56, 57, 58/ 
66,68, 86, 

Gonng 44 

Gough 6 

Gould 6 

Gower 64, 6i 
72, 80, 88 

Gowland 12 

Grafton 72,7 

Graham 41, t 
Graeme 70 
Granby 9, 8 



/ /J 


jrant gg 
y'l-anthara64. 69.76, 

jranviiL; 71 
graves 17 
X-rey 12, 85 
jieen 13, 61 
1 gregorv 42 
Qieiiville 8, 67, 73, 
•. :74j 76: 79; 805 

■eville 49, 6/5 

I'.ljey 27, 28, 67 
[v'i iJmfton 1 
1 1'< jffin 2 
I \V ffith 4 

./ agin- 25 

; ave ,52 
', -i dford 70 

J iitone39 
lie 20, 85 


r 16, 66, 67 

, 1 i^^ 13' 63, 72, 
.< ,f 79, 88, 90 

, ■ 1 -.'lay 47 

^■|'%V/22 - 

I..1' jlton 49, 53, 

! ';.«.' 85 . 

.let 47 
ind 20. 82 
ien 3, 78 


f 2. 32, 41 
Kr 46 
.' vy 81, 82 , 

^ ■: (d 35 

^ ' ;rt 66,70.91, 
',' icke 87 

■ 39' 83 
( . i 80, 

( 96 

Hare 26 
Harford 28 
Harley 22 
Harris 12, 

74' 79 
Harnfon 20 
Harrowby 48 
Hartley 4, 26 
Harvey 18, 21 

3I' 86 
Hatton 42, 6q 
Hawke 39. 79. 
Hay 28, 59, 79 
Hayley 29 
Hayter6i, 62 
Heaviride37, 50 
Henderfon 57^ 5 
Henley 71 
Heniiiker l6- ii6 


Hood 82 

Hopkins 14. 47j 6S; 

67, 7o,;Hotham45; 52, 66, 


ouard32;4,5, 85, 

>V ^ 

3 '1 

Howarth 1 
29. Howe 14, 36, 7Qj 
80, 84 

Hudfon 1 1 
83 Ilughcs 82 

Hume 16,38,62.65 

Hungerford 27 

Hunt 5, 8i 

Hunter 33, 7.-, 79 

Huntingdon 64. 68, 

. 89 

Hurd 62, 71 

Herbert 20, 53^, 69 Hiiflce 85 

Heme 9 
Herrics 58 
Hertford 64, 65, 68, 

88, 90 
Hey 42 
Hill 27, 42 

Huirey 43, 71 
Hyde 9, 12, 22,72, 

Hyndford 64, 65, 

83- 90 

Jackfon 42, 71, 74 
Jervis 27 

Hillfborough 75, 76 Jones 25, 43, 51 
78 fjefferics 78 

Hinchliffe 63 
Hoadley 61 
Hobart 4 
Hodgfon 85 
Hoghton 40 
Holbourne 80, 83 
HoIdernefTe 71, 76. 

85' 89 
Holmes 86 
Holroyd I3 
Holland 77 
Holdfworth 14, 85 
Holt 46, 49 
Honywood 2, 26, 
' 46; 85 

Jenkinfon 13, 22, 
84, 91 

Jennmgs 37 

Jenyns 9, 77 

Jervoife 2 t 

Jerfey 64, 65 

Ingram 66 

Johhfon 62 

Johnftone 2, 12, 28, 

Johnes 10, 40 

Jolifi'e 38, 77, 80 

Jones 15, 75 

Irnham 46 

Irwin 20 

Keck 35 

( 97 ) 

Keene 9, 33, 6i,iLenox46 

62, 6g, 77, 80 

Keith 59 
Kemp 28 
Kennedy 56 
Kenrick 4, 5. 84 
Kenfmgton 22 
Kenyon 24, 73 
Keppe] 11, 36, 46, 

LeUiieullier 2 
Lewes 2g, ^j. 
Lewis 40 
Lewifham 24, 

.39' .45 
Ligtmier 83 
Lincoln 36., 41 . 51, 


53, 61, 66, 79, 8o|Liridray 80 

Kerr 59 LiiDpincott 7 

■^^^^to 75 LilbuiTi lo, 77, 8c 

Kingflcy 86 Lific 52 

Kingfmill 55 Lifter 12- 

Kingfton 88 Liichfield 65, 68 

Kinnoul 72 |Livingltone 56 

Kirkman 29 jLloyd 19 

Knight 26, 27 Long 15, 19, 31 

Knightley 35 Lothian 60 

Kn@v/les 83 j Loudon 60, 85, 86 

Kynafton 33 jLovell 49 

Ladbroke49 iLoughborough 37. 

Lade 10 7i; 73 

Lamb 63 Lowndes 75 

Lambtan 17 Lov/rh 61, 62. 63 — _,_, .^ 

Langlois ig, 77, 84 Lowther 2. lo, 12, Mawfon Gi 

Laroche 5 i 14, 21 ; 52, 87, 88 Maynard 8 

Lafcelles 35, 55, 66 Ltican 36 

Macpherfon g, 14 
Macreth 1 1 
Mahon 54 
Mairland 34, 58 
Maiden 28, 51 
IMancheftcr 64, 65, 

70, 87 
Mann 30, 80 
Manners 9, 2.6 
Mansfield 9, 73 
r\Iarch 64, 8;^, 90 
-Marchnioiit 6u, Sg, 

Markham 61,62, 71 
Ma rlborough64. 7 2 5 

xMarriott 46 
Marlh nf 82 
Marfliam 26 
Martin 47, 75, 8?' 
Mafliam 6^ 
Mafoa 8i 
Mailcrman 5 
Mauser on 
Mavv'bey 46 

Lauderdale 60 
Laurie 57 
Lavington 61 
Law 61 
Lav/Iey 49 
Lawrence 42 
Le Cras 82 

.Lucas 20 
Ludlow 25 
Luniley 2 8 
Luther 10 
Luttrell 5, 

40, 46 
Lynch 50 


32j 33' 

LeDefpencer 69,74 Lygon 8, 54 -,56 

Lyttclton 61, 70: 
^2, 73' 85 

7«' «7 
Lee 12, 73 
Leeds 67, 72 
Le Fleming 52 
Legge 74 • 
Legh 34 
Leighton 44 
Leith 48 
Leraou 1 3 

Macartney 4 
Macdonald 34 
Mackay 86 
Mackenzie 59, 89 
Mackworth 10, 32 
Mackye 84 
Maclcod 24 

IMayne 12, 19, jj^ 
Mayor 1 
Medows 36 
Medley 44 
Medlycott 32, 33 
Meiburne 30 ; 
Melconibe 90 ^i 

iMelliih 2, 20, 3' 
Meredith 29, 67.7 

Methuen 4 1 

Meyncll 45 
Michad 28 
Middleton 25, ■; 

52, 81 
Mil lord 38 
Milkr 2H, 

J.Iitton 27 

Minchin 37 
] Molefworth 13, 44 
1 Holyneux 21, 26 

Monckton 39, 4^. 
( 85, 86 
"( Monro 58 
'5 Monfon 66, 72 
■: Montagu 23,25,53, 
€S, ;j, 74, 75,86 

Montgomery ^6 1 

( 98 ) 

jNorth3, 21, 61, 62 

7o,73^7'h 765 77: 
78. 85, 88 

Northcy 77 

Northampton 66;88 
Northington 71,72, 

Northumberland 64 
65,68, 88, 90 

Norton 10, 12, 21; 
4I5 72, 73 

Nugent 32, 66, 

ViMoore 60,63 iNuthall 75 

;c Morant 30, 55 [Offley 66 

;.Mordaunt 66, 85, jOglethorpe 22 


^ 86 
•i Morin 75 
' • -Moreton 90 
^IjMorgan 6, 33, 88 
,eMorice27, 34, 67, 
f ^ 72 

Morris 58 
^;<VIortimcr 44 
I' ^V'Torton 53, 71 

i? ;Mofs 61, 62 
Moftyn 18, 65, 86 
r '/-lountftuart 5 
' . 1/Ioyfey 3 
; , lulgrave 25. 80 
j' I'lurray 59, 86 
J' ■ I'lvddleton 15 
'• >^affau3T, 68 
_, ,\edham 39 
.j'Wefbitt 14, 53 
jij^,,:Jevile 8. 20, 40 
l^'fTewcaftle 64, 72, 

:l '<73. 88 
, ^'ewborough 10,26 
' lewcome 62, 63 
' i'ewdigate 37 
j ' ;ewhaven 9, 19 
jj iewnham 2, 29 
ewton 63 

Ogilby 51 
Oliver 29 
Onflow 2.2i.42;46, 

Pelham 28, 46, 671 
^ %' 72,76,79,84 
Pembroke 6^, 8^ 
Pennant 29 
Pennington 32 
Pennyman 4 
Penruddocke 53 
Penton 53, 80 
Perceval 27 
Jercy 4, 36, 51 

Petri < 


Peterfham 51 
Peyton 9 ' 
Philipfbn J 8 
Philips 5, 10 
Phillips 38, 44 
Phipps 38, 43 
Pierfe 35 

65,67,69,74, 83 Pigot 6, 7, 78, 80 

0»"d 3, 32, 75 
Orford 88 
Orwell 77 
Ofbaldefton 61 
Ofborne 2.1. 38, 66. 

81, 83 ^ 
OlTory 4, 86 
Ofwald 57, 74, 91 
Ourry38, 82 
Owen 22, 33, 37.86 
Oxford 64, 6^ 
Page 37 
Palk 2 

Pallifer 25,43,80,82 
Palmer 27, 81 
Palmerfton 22, 74. 

77> 79' 80 
Panmure ^y 
Pardoe 9 
Parker 12, 15, ^ 

Parry 10 
Paterfon 56 
Payne 9, 39, 68 
Peach 7, .24, 

Pict2,9, 15,39. 43 

06, 74' 75:76,7 
Plumel- 22 
Pochin 27 
Polhill 45 
Pomfret 6^ 
Popham 47 
Porteus 62 
Portland 64, 73, c 
Portfmouth 86 
Potter 9, 12, 28 
P0ulett7, 87, 88 
Powell 35 
Powis66, 67, 88 
Pownal 19, 33 
Powney 53 
Powys 35 
Praed 26 
Pratt 3, 73, 80 
Price 32 
Pringle 56, 59 
ProbySi, 82 
Pulteney 44, 64, 6, 

Purling 52 


Radcliffe: 1 
Radn(?r 43 
Rainford 85 
Ramfden 20 
Rafhleigh ig 
Rawlinfon 27, 40. 
Rebow 12 
Rice 70, 77, 
Rich 86 
Richmond 65, 75) 

83, 88 
Rider 48 
Ridley 34 
Rigby47, 78, 
Rivers 65, 88 
Roberts 47, 77 
Robinfon 9, 21, 35, 

42, 44, 64, 69 

75> 77> 86 
Rochford 64, 75, 

Rockingham64, 65, 

Rodney 35, 39,51, 

Rogers 13, 38, 39, 

5i> 82 
Rofe 75 
Rolle 15 
Rofeberry 60 
Rofewarne 48 
Rofs 56, 59, 61 

P.OLIS 44, 46, 54 

Rowley 83 
Roufe 18 
Roxburgh 6s 
Royfton 87 
Rudge 18 
Rumbold 44, 52, 55 
Rufhout i8 
Rufhworth 55 
Rutland, 66, 68, 87 
Sackville 91 

( 99 > 

Sandwich 75, 76 

78, 79' 91 
Sandys, 72, 76 
Savile 55 
Saunders 16, 23, 24, 

79 . 
Sawbridge 29 
Scarborough 67, 91 
Scawen 32, 46 
Schutz 66 
Scott 7, 19, 55, 56 

57' 59 • 
Scrope 28 

Scudamore 22, 47 
Sebright 3 
Seeker 60 
Se.dley 36 
Selkirk 59 
Selwyn 20, 30, 52, 

69' 78 
Seymour 18, 66 
Shaftefbury 87 
Shaftoe 16 
Shannon 91 
Sharpe 72 
Sheffield 13 
Shelburne 73, 75, 76 
Shelley 44, 67 
Sheridan 45 
Sherlock 61 
Shipley 62, 63 
Shirley 70 
Shuckburg 49 
Shuldham 19 
Sibthorpe 6 
Simeon 40 
Sinclair 56 
Skelton 1 8 
Skeene 57 
Skinner 54 
Skipwith 45, 49 
Skrine 8 
Slade 8x 

Salifbury 38, 

67, Sloane 1,35, 45,77, 
I 78 

Smelt 71 

Smith 1, 3, 10. «5, 

36, 39, 42, 50 
Smyth 10, 12, 84, 
Smythe 71 
Southampton 70 
Southwell 20 
Spencer37, 67, Gg, 

70, 77, 80, 91 
Squire 62 
Standert 5 
Stanhope 6, lo, ij 

53> 68 
Stanlev 26, 45, 6' 

79' .86 
Stanwix 85 
Staunton 25 
Steele 1 1 
Stephens 43 
Stephenl'on z^.-^il 
Stepney 33 
Stevenfon 48 
Stewart 52, 59 
St. Alban's 86 
St. John, 4, 14, 

21, 28,32,35, 

66, 69 
Stone 70, 76,77 
Stonehev/er 75 
Storer 34, 77 
Stormont 60,72 

Strachey 5,43,7 
Strahan 31, 54 
Strange 72 
Stratton 8, 68 
Strutt 31 
Stuart 5, 21, 3 

58' 77 
Sturt 15 

Suckling 39, ; 

Surry 10, 75! 

Sutton, 1,2, 

^ 34',43'57.- 
SufFolk, 72, • 

, Symonds tz 

' Talbot 11 J 66, 77 

' Tankerville 78 

• Taylor 305 40 
J Tempelt 17, 90 
ijj Temple 8, 72, 82, 
. ■• 87, 91 
■ -.^rerrick 61, 63 

Trhilllethwayte 21 

■j,; Thomas 61, 62, 77 
j( V^homond 67, 88 
•'hompfon 23, 48, 
, \ 'hornton 45 
. ,'horold 28 
' horoton 6 

I ', hrale 45 
^ 'jhurlow365 47,615 

".■i7i, 73 
I ^ ^.Vynne 67, 68 
iiJ-llemache 27, 35 

f \vnlhend8,9, 52, 
N34!67,68,695 74, 

5 .v6;77, 78, 79580, 
1,1 \\\i, 83,84, 90 
i. a .vA'nfon 33 
^ ] Vntham 34 
tl'lJr |y,vanion 16 
^P ; t/velyan 34, 44 

(100 ) 

lyor 61, 78 
,1' y^ker 52 
''.';■ I'lway 32,49 
^.'■: :sPnel4 
-',., vner S5' 74 

i i,.-edale 89 
^.. ;', :r,onnel 43 
';^^ hwley 86 

/leck 16 
1 i y 69 
,' irhan 4, 10; 32, 
., 8d 
. i. 

Vera 86 
Verney 8 

Vernon 19, 37, 66 

Villiers 30, 64, 79 
Vincent 46 
Vyner 28 
Wake 4 
Waldegrave 66, 70, 

72, 86, 87 
Wallace 24, 73 
Waller 54 
Wallop 66 
Walpole 26, 52; 


Walfh 54 

Walfmgham 26 
Walter 15, 18 
Warburton 63 
Ward 54 
Waring 13 
Warren 3, 27, 31, 

Watfon 23, 63 
Webb 20, 25, 75 
Weddel 31 
Wedderburnej, ii, 

37> 73 
Weir 85 
Wemyfs 59 
Wennian 37, 51 
Went worth 38 
Weymouth 64, 70, 


Weft 7j 

Weflcote 5, 74 
Wefton 72 
Weymouth 64, 75, 

Whateley 13, 69, 

75. 77 




[Whichcot 6 
White 13 
Whitebread 4 
Whitmore 7, 

WhitOied 12 
Whitworth 17, 
Wilberforce 26 
Wilkes 32 
WiIkinion2, 4, 24, 

43' 84 
Willes 61 , 73 
Williams 3, 18,33, 

Willoughby 36, 65 
Wilmot 48 
Wilfon 46 
Winchelfea 6^, 
Winnington i6, 
Wollallon 25 
Wolleley 33 
Wombwell 25 
Wood 32 
Woodley 31 
Wooldridge i 
Worfley 34,35,55, 

66, 68, 69, 86 
Wraxall 24 
Wray 41, 51 
Wright 66 
Wrottefley 34 
Wyidbore 38 
Wyndham 2 

Wynn 10 
Vv''ynne 15 
Yeo 3,3 
Yorke g, 20> 22, 42, 

61,63, 71j73>77> 

Yonge 24, 62, 63, 

79, 80, 91 



r I N I S;